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Alena | Ukraine Galleries: 6
Photo of Alena


Photo of Alena
Name: Alena
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 51kg
Height: 169cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

New and Fearless

Alena knows that being a model isn’t just about having the right look; it’s also about walking the right walk.

Perhaps not the most stunning model on; Alena certainly knows how to compensate with loads of sensuality and body language that reads like an erotic thriller you only bring out when alone and tucked under the covers. At first she comes off as innocent, but deep down she has the heart of a fearless vixen.

Alena smiles easy and prides herself on her easy going personality. She grew up under the open skies of the countryside but now lives in the big city and studies computer landscaping full time. She loves her perky breasts and admits with a smile that they have taken her far in life.

Alena is brand new to the modeling business and we certainly hope she decides to stick around!

Alena Galleries COMMENTS

Alena Coke | April 25th, 2007
Alena Coke
gozo United States

vry sexy

alex United Kingdom

alena alena is hot.

Ralph United States

Voyeur Alena always does well in the voyeur-type galleries. You should offer this style of photography a little more often. Very erotic.

Russell United States

Like they say, "Things go better with coke". Very sexy model.

luv_yanna United States

The girl just can't keep her hands off of her breasts, who can blame her. Sexy girl, sexy set.

Zero United States

Coke Alena is hot; I would like to drink that Coke right out from between her legs.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Alena Coke For certain, it's the 'Real Thing'.

Alena alone | June 21st, 2007
Alena alone
Dave Grenada

Alena alone Wow - being with Alena alone is my description of heaven!! Thanks Alena!! Thanks Petter!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Alena alone Some girls have the 'IT' factor and Alena is such a girl. I really would like a little piece of IT. No, I really would like a BIG piece of IT.

quiet United States

Alena alone BOMB

Alena skin to skin | August 28th, 2006
Alena skin to skin
jd United States

a very hot series.

MrQuick France

Sweet leather Sweet all skin on leather dream. Alena so mmmmm…

christo United States

Right on Now that's what I'm talking about!

FastEddie United States

kept coming back to this set trying to determine what it is that make alena so...and now i know to paraphrase it's in her eyes

Andrew Cayman Islands

Alena's eyes convey intent

Alena kitchen setting | November 6th, 2006
Alena kitchen setting
alex United Kingdom


Ralph United States

Great for voyeurs Great gallery for voyeurs. I loved the idea of being able to look down Alena's dress or up her dress. Great body on this model.

Karl Ireland

Wonderfully sexy; dress exciting


Wonderful pics of the breast. I should have like to see a little bit more of whats below the dress, but ... Next time may be.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Alena kitchen setting TOTALLY SEXY.

Alena hot bath | December 11th, 2006
Alena hot bath
alex United Kingdom

alena one ultra sexy woman.

Tom United Kingdom

I agree, this is a very hot set of pics! Alena looks to be really enjoying herself...particularly towards the end of the set!

Raymond United Kingdom

Alena Very sexy, love the movement of the water between her legs, very erotic.

Tyler United Kingdom

I love this series, love the way she looks coyly at you with a naughty look in her eyes!

Michael United States

exquisitely sensual and at times deeply erotic. Very arousing. More of Alena please

sirstefanofb Australia

Nice clean pussy... well soaked, I would like to give it a polish for her!

luv_yanna United States

It appears that Alena really enjoyed her little wank session in the tub.

Alena table dance | May 29th, 2006
Alena table dance
Greg United States

Alena table dance Alena is very attractive and has a very nice body, which photographs beautifully. Nice addition Petter! You continuously find gorgeous girls. Where is Alena from?

Sean United States

This set would have been so much better without all the sideways shadows over the best parts of her body.

ben United States

alena what table omg ! one look from her and icbergs would melt mountains would fall men would tremble and yours truly would go completely insane

Walter United States

I'm speeachless, what beauty!! The heavens are smiling on you Alena

FastEddie United States

she's so fine gee i wanna make her mine

luv_yanna United States

Excellent use of a thong as a prop. The thong does not hide her pussy here, it only increases the allure. And Alena already has a very alluring pussy (her eyes tell me that she knows it too).

ardunbye United Kingdom

Alena table dance I'm still waiting for the table to dance but if I were the table I'd be fearful of Alena getting off.Conversely, if the table was me, it'd be hopeful of Alena 'Getting Off'.