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Foto von Dasha


Foto von Dasha
Name: Dasha
Land: Ukraine
Gewicht: 56Kg
Größe: 174cm
Alter: 21
Beruf: Studentin

Vollschlanke Schönheit

Am liebsten würde Dasha eine Zeitmaschine bauen und in die Vergangenheit reisen.

Dasha ist eine vollblütige Retro-Königen und wünscht sich, eines Tages die Star-Power von Bettie Page zu besitzen. Sie ist ein Fan der sexuellen Unschuld, die in alten Kitschfotos herüberkommt und ist ganz erpicht darauf, diese Art Unschuld auch mit ihren eigenen Posen zu vermitteln. Mit ihrem langen, vollschlanken Körper, der genau die richtigen Rundungen aufweist, und ihrem einladenen Lächeln ist sie sicherlich auf dem richtigen Weg. Dasha absolviert zur Zeit ein Schauspielstudium im Süden der Ukraine und weiss ihr Schauspieltalent gut in ihrer Model-Karriere einzusetzen.

Dasha gibt bereitwillig zu, dass sie ihren perfekten Busen von ihrer Mutter geerbt hat. Gute Gene in der Familie, kann man da nur sagen!

Dasha Galerien KOMMENTARE

Dasha Harmonie | July 7th, 2007
Dasha Harmonie
Jozua Hattingh Kanada

Scalpturistic photos of the epitome of Femininity.

Trikorfo Vereinigte Staaten

Harmony in all things desirable So many moments captured in this portfolio that go above and beyond expression.

Gary Vereinigte Staaten

style nicely done focus/sharpness exceptional

Jay Indien

An absolute Goddess and in my opinion she has a perfect body. She has been a monthly feature for over a year and hope she continues to be featured. My only request is to change the backdrop, I'm kinda getting tired of the same indoor backgrounds.

Erwin Niederlande

How can a woman be so perfect? You are exceptional Dasha! The pictures are so beautiful, like the most beautiful 'statues from the past'. All together it's a real work of art! Thank you.

Wally Kanada

Dasha - Harmony To put it in simple terms, Dasha is mother nature's finest moment!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Incredible Dasha Now this is the way you exhibit a butt naked work of art! Dasha is the finest nude work of art that you want to display so proudly in a prominent place like this and just enjoy!! Just the perfect female body to study nude. White porcelain skin, gorgeous dark hair, the most incredible ass, great hips and fabulous full breasts. An exquisite nude beauty!!!

Dasha Darling | September 24th, 2007
Dasha Darling
Dan from Texas Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Best of Dasha!

Andrew Kaimaninseln

For me, this what Hegre Art is all about: voluptuous location and model = Haute Art!

tdonna Vereinigte Staaten

Great Start with Dasha -- poor ending --- why not at least 1 shot of full frontal nudity???

Bob Vereinigtes Königreich

Dasha Gorgeous, classy, sexy - Dasha is the woman of my dreams.

Patrick Vereinigte Staaten

Amazing! Dasha is a gift from God.

Marcel C. Vereinigte Staaten

I agree with all the previous comments except one. An ending with full frontal nudity would not have been in tune with the whole piece, which is perfect as is. But then again, in the hands of the Maestro and the Goddess, nothing would seem impossible... Petter, if you are reading this, what's up with Dasha?

ardunbye Vereinigtes Königreich

Dasha darling YES, I would like to 'dash her darling' PURE FEMININE BEAUTY.

CptNemo Kanada

Statuesque Dasha is the reason I subscribed to Hegre Art. Wife went nuts about Dasha last week when she watched some music vids of Nikita (the girl band) on Youtube, so I had to research a bit to find out who she was going nuts about. I can see why wife was impressed. Dasha is a prime, modern day example of classic, Greek beauty of the sort that sculptors and painters modeled. I'd love to sculpt the young lady and wife wants to eat her up.

Dasha Kamin | August 20th, 2007
Dasha Kamin
sirstefanofb Australien

Voloptuous Lady

joao henrique queiroz ferreira Brasilien

the muse Dasha Very,very,very beaultiful. The best of the best.

Wally Kanada

Looks great with her clothes on. After taht, it only gets better!

Larry Hayes Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Fireplace Petter, Dasha is exquisite, and your camera does the lady justice. These are some of your best photos IMO, and Dasha has to be one of the most photogenic models on the planet. I feel I know her just from the way you captured her eyes. What a beautiful creature. Sensuality personified! Thank you both. And more please... --Lawrence from NY

jd Vereinigte Staaten

Without a doubt the finest posterior on this site. I wish there were more of her. Absolute perfection.

Dasha Klavier | May 23rd, 2007
Dasha Klavier
Hawkeye Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Piano As always, it is absolutely delightful to behold the figure of this remarkable woman but I'm disappointed that there were too few of the more classic woman-piano poses.

cookin Vereinigte Staaten

Dascha Piano Voluptuous, charming.

Julio Guatemala

Beautiful Brunette Dasha This girl is really beautiful, eyes, hair, skin, breasts, figure,... all. And she has karma that makes her more attractive than the other models

Mark Irland

Dasha is sublime! My favourite model (along with Luba) ;) Can she play a "secretary" one day, Petter?

Adam Vereinigte Staaten

Just right This model is hard to describe. I can't even understand why I like her so so much. Is she great, or what!

hp Taiwan, Chinesische Provinz

Goddess Best set of May 2007. No one can play the piano, if a goddess just like Dasha lies on it!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Piano Dasha is an absolute treasure! This set is nude art at its best. Complete nudes from start to finish. Love that! I would just worship her beautiful soles and kiss them from heel to toe! Dasha is so beautiful!!

Dasha erste Reihe | February 23rd, 2007
Dasha erste Reihe
Hawkeye Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Front Row A beautiful, charmingly magical woman who projects a simple, innocent beauty rarely seen in models today. Dressed or nude she is always captivating. Hawkeye - USA

EF Vereinigte Staaten

I fully agree with Hawk. She is the most naturally beautiful flower I have ever seen; I would traverse the world to find a woman like her, although it would be a fruitless search.

Julio Guatemala

Daha is the Best She is perfect, she no need anything else. I have seen many of your models, but, this girl is the best. Please more galleries of this beautiful brunette!. Julio-GUA.

Dasha schneidig | March 22nd, 2007
Dasha schneidig
Hawkeye Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Dashing A genuine woman blessed with natural beauty and expressive talent. She should pose in traditional Betty Page fashion to complete her ideal. I can only imagine... Hawkeye, USA

SeptemberBug Norwegen

Smashing! Classic beauty, lovely feminine curves. She's high on my list of Hegre girls. Me like! Awaiting next week's movie with great anticipation.

paolo Schweden

dasha Best of your girls, more closeup of her fabulous butt

Raglanlad Australien

Smashing Jugs!

sailor Kanada

Dasha Classic beauty....amazingly beautiful. One of the most beautiful women series I have seen. Thanks, photography excellent.

GERBOU Frankreich

Wonderful Dasha: Nice face, nice dark hair, splendid boobs, nice small ass,.. A beauty: 10 +++++

Adam Vereinigte Staaten

She doesn't smile, why not? its the butt, she has an amazing butt.

Alberto Spanien

DASHA una mujer ¡¡¡ESPECTACULAR!!!!! Qué cuerpo y qué belleza.............

nene13 Spanien

DASHA Una mujer ¡¡¡ESPECTACULAR!!! Qué cuerpo.... Qué belleza.....

heywood Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Dasha is modeling royalty. She was Playmate of the Year 2007 for Playboy-Ukraine, and 55th Anniversary Playmate of the Month for Playboy-USA in January 2009. (She was also Hefner's number 1 girlfriend for a while, displacing his silicone blondes.) But your photography of her is far better than any of Playboy's. Breathtaking beauty!

Dasha blauer Akt | April 5th, 2007
Dasha blauer Akt
Hawkeye Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Blue Nudes A beautiful and seductive enchantress surrounded by my favorite color. Could life not be more wonderful? Thanks for making my day!

Dasha rot blau und grün | October 26th, 2006
Dasha rot blau und grün
Larry Japan

Still one - if not my - favorite model Well, thank you Peter to continue with your great series of Dasha. The location is nice and you are showing a very big variety with her. She is still so charming - even if she seems to interact a little less with the camera on this series compared to some others... one of the first ? But her curvy body is such a joy to look at. The body of a real woman ! I hope we will have much more series with her... maybe in an outside location (there is already a video... so I hope to get the corresponding set ;-) Keep on the good work with her... bring her back in front of your camera next time you go to Ukraine please !

Curzio Anonymer Proxy

bottom perfection -:) thanks

James Kanada

Modern Day Marylin What great curves and sex appeal.

Alan Vereinigte Staaten

Awesome Dasha continues to amaze. She is incredibly beautiful. About the only thing I could add would be a little more of her dark pubic hair against that magical porcelain skin.

Hawkeye450 Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha RGB Dasha exudes a level of classic sensual feminimity that most women are incapable of. She is in an elite class of naturally stunning and heart stopping elligance whether clothed or exposed. Dasha is never disappointing. Well done Peter and thank you very much Dasha! Hawkeye ~ Texas

Jeezy Vereinigte Staaten

Great Ass This girl is... wow! What a nice ass she has, if only you would concentrate on it more... and may a little more umm, lower-frontal. Sorry if that was rude, just expressing. ;-)

Dasha liegender Akt | October 7th, 2006
Dasha liegender Akt

NEW ARTISTIC SHAPES Dear Peter: I've followed your site near from the begining...I have some "sugestions" about new original photo serie.These could be called "nature flowers", "wild animals", "wonderful nature" dressing the models like flowers,animals etc..., with clothes,naiked painting JORDI from Barcelona

Hawkeye450 Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha reclining This lady is remarkably enchanting regardless of where she exists in space and time. True to her bio she does have a Betty Page quality that captures the spirit of that early pioneer, as well as the imagination of every male in the universe. I could not be in the same room with this woman without making a complete fool of myself.

allen Vereinigte Staaten

all time fav Ah, Dasha. Wonderfully shaped - a real woman. Certainly one who doesn't need her breast retouched for the cover shot. Perfection made...slightly more perfect? (very nice series. The higher res is nice, thanks Petter)

John from Canada Kanada

Dasha! Always a treat to see Dasha, my favourite. Please shoot more!

CHAZ99 Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha-classic beauty What a wonderful photoshoot of a classic beauty. Good use of lighting and surroundings to highlight her wonderful features.

Dasha Schlosstreppen | December 10th, 2006
Dasha Schlosstreppen
John Stewart Kanada

Dasha palace stairway Thank you, thank you, thank you for the early Christmas present.

Hawkeye Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Palace Stairway Dasha is simply amazing. A delight to behold from any perspective, I am forever entranced by the allure of her face and eyes and the strength of emotion they invoke.

Raymond Vereinigtes Königreich

This girl is beautiful both face and body.I love her eyes and and full lips. She has a gorgeous feminine body, curvy but slim and her breasts and bottom are amazing...I could go on and on about Dasha! Thanks for another visual treat!

PhotoBob Vereinigtes Königreich

Dasha Stairway What a body! Those breasts defy gravity and the setting is classy. I don't always find the models on the site traditionally beautiful, not that I don't mind looking at them and each of them has something I usually like! But this girl is a classic beauty.

Julian Parsons Kaimaninseln

Dasha A beautiful full-figured goddess. WOW!

Nicko Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha is one sexy girl !!! What a real sexy girl !! > I love her body and her breasts are extremely beautiful to gaze at.

Xayleth Vereinigte Staaten

One word! Wow! Nice Nice Nice

Joseph Thorpe Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha a classic lovely need for weightlifting to enhance the body; naturally perfect. Also I like her face, beautiful in a very natural way, not "hollywood" looking!

Johnny D Japan

Art of Nude I would assume not only photographers but also painters and sculptors will love her because of her lovely figure.

paolo Schweden

dasha Best of your models, perfect butt, more closeup of it in outdoor natural posing and hdv videos

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha! Dasha! Dasha simply is the perfect female nude! A classic nude form! Perfect figure, perfect breasts, perfect butt, just perfect! You sculpt, paint, do any type of work artistically to immortalize her nude! Just fabulous!

Tareen Bangladesch

Heaven on earth Perhaps the most beautiful female at Hegre-Art. This one surely hand made by God.

Dasha Königin im Schloss | January 28th, 2007
Dasha Königin im Schloss
Hawkeye Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha PG Stills Dasha is in her element when surrounded by elegance and thanks to your keen eye there is no mistaking this lady's charm, elegance, grace, and poise with every series. Bravo! Thanks for setting out more shots from the video.

elciel Vereinigtes Königreich

I am totally in agreement with the comments on Dasha by P.G.Stille, registered on 28/1/07, and cannot improve on them.

Dasha Krankenhaus grün | January 10th, 2007
Dasha Krankenhaus grün
Hawkeye Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Hospital Green I am always impressed with this remarkably beautiful and classy gem of a woman. She could charm the gold from a leprechaun, melt butter with a glance, and has definately stolen the heart of this old man. Bravo Dasha!

Blake Krosse Vereinigtes Königreich

Rock on Awesome pictures, loads of varied composition and shape.

alexx Tschechische Republik

Posing Her posing is the magic of the pictures (...and her beauty of course)! Great colours!

Fernando García Martínez Spanien

Dasha hospital green I Like Dasha and I like this galery. Than you Dasha . Thank you Peter. Me agradaría que ustedes entendieran español, así podría expresar mejor mis sentimientos. I would like express my opinions in spanish.

Jake Kanada

Hospital Green? I'm sorry. The only thing good about the hospital green was that Dasha looks good on anything.

Nicko Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha has the most amazing big boobs. I think she looks better upright. Never the less, love the photos, wish she would be willing to have a set of photos taken like Yanna's most revealing photos earlier this week.

jo Italien

i fallen in love i really fallen in love for Dasha. BYe from Italy

hans May Australien

Dasha Dasha is for me the most beautiful model/woman. She just makes me going back to the website looking at her again and again which slowly becomes a mixed feeling of pleasure and pain. In the beginning I looked at her gorgeous body and wonderful face and sometimes I had to pleasure myself. But now I feel an incredible longing to see her really and asked her if she would allow me to touch her very gently. If she says no (hopefully because she has a wonderful lover)I will tell her simply that I adore seeing her in all the many excellent photos. Big kiss to you Dasha.

mark Australien

Dasha is stunning and i particularly like her fine derire, but she always seems to hide it.

Allen Dobrynin Vereinigte Staaten

Excellent photo shoot... Some of the most expressive photos I've seen in a long time. Facial shots are great, because Dasha's benevolence shows through her eyes, right into the camera, captured so beautifully. Her entire self is thoroughly beautiful, yet what's behind her eyes is absolutely ethereal and mesmerizing. Would love to see more. --- Allen

Bert Deutschland

She's a very good poser and I like her way of "moving". The technical realization of the shooting is also very good and you can see that in front of and behind the cam there is a hot wire... Pls more shootings of this kind.

bob Vereinigte Staaten

dasha the most beutiful woman i have ever seen.

frank Belgien

dasha Indeed, dasha is the most beautiful women on earth. Please let her smoke a cigarette for us. Smoking women are so sexy!

Jesse Mexiko

beautyfull How can she be so perfect? body, face, eyes... how can she be?

Patrick Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha - Life Affirming Beauty Wow! The look of a woman who could be anything she wnats. Sensual in a Betty Page playfull way with curves from God, Dasha's honest beauty seems like the kind that could grow even better with age; I pray she lives a life that's a work of art to help that along - May the Lord hold her in the hollow of His hand.

ardunbye Vereinigtes Königreich

Dasha hospital green A valuable lesson for any convalescents out there 'Always eat your greens and any scrap of Dasha contained therein'.

Dasha schwarz und gold | September 10th, 2006
Dasha schwarz und gold
Larry Japan

Peter and Dasha did it again This is once again a wonderful set with Dasha. This woman seems so natural, so easy in front of the camera and she has a real woman body, with curves. Maybe she can't pretend to be a supermodel... but I don't care. Here body is just wonderful as it is, her smile so charming... she is becoing one of my all time favorites ! Keep on the good work !

jason chang Vereinigte Staaten

Nice Jugs There are many close up pictures. I like her large jugs.

Hawkeye450 Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha G&B Incredibly photogenic. Delightful to look at in all of her sets but once again, Peter has forgotten that women have legs, that they are more than the sum of their butts and breasts. THANK YOU DASHA!!

drummer boy Vereinigte Staaten

What can I say?.. or rather, What can I say that would cause Dasha herself to want to meet me? hmm, I'll ponder that.

HER FAN NUMBER 1 Frankreich

where is she¡¡¡¡ we want more¡¡¡

raoul Vereinigte Staaten

Bettie? Dasha did remind me of Bettie Page in this set, especially in the photos where she's three-quarters turned with that tiny smile on her face. No offense to Mr. Hegre, but I think if Dasha found the right photographer, this similarity in 'feel' could be further emphasized. I don't think that particular kind of playful is quite the Hegre thing. On the other hand, I do wonder what Petter could have done with Bettie Page in her prime. Ah, if, if, if. P.S. Bettie, we miss you. Please watch over us all with the other angels.

Dasha rote Rose | August 13th, 2006
Dasha rote Rose
Larry Frankreich

Great set with Dasha I really start to like a lot this model, so to come among my favorites. This set is very simple : a simple dress, no make-up... yet, this model as a very strong presence I think. And what a nice body ! Please, continue the good work and I hope you still have many more sets to come with Dasha !

David Vereinigte Staaten

A woman among girls Dear Dasha, you are a voluptuous icon. You make me crazy! You truly are a rose. Please share your pink petals with us?

Pedro Niederlande

Hint of freckles Oh my she's perfect.

Aaron Australien

High High heels are pointless, take them off and if you need high to make you look better then there is an issue. My Girlfriend say's "High heels are harsh, painful, unhealthily, $$$ and does not show a woman's true image", they are purely a gimmick.

David Britton Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Dasha is a natural in front of the camera. And Ive been in California long enough to favor dark haired beauties like Dasha since this is the blonde state. Nice job!

Hawkeye450 Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha - et al Unconditionally remarkable in every way. I could love this woman.

Dasha Palastfenster | July 13th, 2006
Dasha Palastfenster
timatits Vereinigte Staaten

Lighting Dasha Petter is on a role with another great series. In addition to the full-figured Dasha, in this set he shows his photographic skills in making a girl look luscious with the way he uses light. Lighting is one of the most powerful and temperamental tools a photographer can have. Natural lighting, i.e. sunshine, is the best and the worst of these two traits. Here Petter lets the sunshine light Dasha such that her skin looks creamy and textured in a wide range of light intensity. Because her body is so wonderfully shapely, the sunlight moves over her in interesting patterns as she undresses and then stands nude at the window. The photos on the last page, where Dasha is sitting on the widow sill, show this best. The top of her right breast is almost bleached out by the sunlight, but it also casts a darkening shadow over her stomach, in addition to giving a dark-side-of-the-moon appearance to the breast’s underside. The balance between the light and shadows has to be perfect for us to enjoy all of Dasha. And we do. I don’t know if the goose bumps all over her body were intentional or the palace was just cold that day, but the total look here is wholly believable—you can imagine any woman at this window! Fortunately for us it is Dasha.

Rolf-Dieter Lettenmayer Deutschland

Gallery "Dasha palace window" This gallery is one of the most beautiful serie. The location is top and the model a great class.

Jay Vereinigte Staaten

more dasha please. the window set was amazing. how about a set in a big fluffy bed, with bra and panties.

Philip, Colorado, USA Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Dasha is an absolutely STUNING woman. A work of art. More please. Great set.

barry Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Dasha is simply AMAZING! Love the window setting. I would like to see a series at a beach in the evening. Again, please keep her in heavy rotation.

Larry Frankreich

Great set for a wonderful model Well, the first set with Dasha (as Ronaldinio) presented a very nice looking girl but was not very inspiring. This set does real justice to Dasha, who is a really stunning model ! Everything is great in this one : lighting, place, scenario (that strip-tease is nice and we don't see so many unfortunately !), attitude of the model... That set is great, Dasha is wonderful, I hope we will see much more of her in the near future - she deserves all your talent !

J.D. Stewart Kanada

Dasha Dasha is my new favourite.

zolo Ungarn

Great! Only I'd like to see a closer face shot in every set about girls if it is possible.

will94485 Vereinigte Staaten

Wonderful set and model - hope to see moch more of her on your site. What a great body!

Aaron Australien

Take two Would like to see another take on her because she is still missing something.

Aaron Australien

Hair Grow some hair on you're tush and you would better and besides that it is more lady like to have hair.

Eddie Schweiz

Dasha - Woman This is what woman are all about! And this is what excellent photagraphy can do. Thank you Petter, only real life is better.

Ron ~ New Mexico Vereinigte Staaten

Perfection Dasha's beauty is what made early man draw on the walls of his cave! She can come home anytime now!

Hawkeye450 Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha - Palace window Truely remarkable beauty. She can grace my palace windows anytime.

WhoBeBilly Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha - Butt beauty Dasha's butt is the best I've seen in ages, please sir can I have some more?

Snowhounds Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Im sure I could find three favorites in this exhaustable plethora of beauties, and Im sure Dasha would make the list. Im not sure why she attracts so much of my admiration. A mixture of physical beauty and sheer essence. Where are her films? And does she speak!

carlos Vereinigtes Königreich

Page 2 of 'Dash at Palace Window' is quite outstanding, due not only to the model, who is Venus herself, but the moulding (almost into 3D) due to the side lighting. I refer in particular to Pics 1 & 2. Indeed where are her films? - but with the same standard of photography, please!

Alain Polen

Congratulations!!! Petter, that is what it sholud be! Perfect use of light, model is POSING, not just showing what she has, this is the style I love most and why I am here. Congratulations again for your great work.

Julio Guatemala

Dasha Precious I have seen a lot of girls in many web sites. Many beautiful girls but Dasha is really beautiful, she has a perfect body, beautiful eyes and hair. Her skin seems like silk. I see a lot of karma in her. Thanks Hegre for giving us the opportunity of see this incredible girl. Julio.

Inamaru China

WELL DONE. photography art at maximum expression Dasha you are one of the goddess to me

cyril Vereinigtes Königreich

Dash and jennifer galleries I really think these are the most superbly seductive that you have — oh, and I AM looking forward to your promised free DVD on re-signing on your excellent Hegré site, movies and stills. 11/02/08

cyril Vereinigtes Königreich

Dasha Along with the equally seductive Jennifer, this gallery is one of your best. I'm certainly looking forward to whom you have chosen for my free DVD— many thanks!

Jon Australien

This is high quality stuff

HER FAN NUMBER 1 Frankreich

one of the best series¡¡¡ incredible¡¡¡ she is amazing...

SouthernMstr Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Photo number 44 Truly a magnificent rump.

Dasha im Himmel | November 18th, 2006
Dasha im Himmel
Hawkeye Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha In Heaven If this is heaven, sign me up! Beautiful, engaging, naturally charming and always an absolute delight to behold. Thank you for making my day. Hawkeye ~ Texas

bryan Vereinigte Staaten

smouldering look If looks could melt you, I would be a puddle. Her eyes, her breast, Ohh!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Dasha is exquisite! What perfect breasts and the best, perfectly shaped butt! Incredible woman! My favorite model thus far. Nothing better than seeing her nude in high heels. Please do more photo sets putting her nude in stiletto pumps!

Dasha Ronaldinho | June 29th, 2006
Dasha Ronaldinho
Sean Vereinigte Staaten

It would be great seeing 12 pages of your crystal clear XXL pics of a sexy girl like this doing something other than standing around wearing a set of guy's gym clothes.

Lee McDowell Vereinigte Staaten

today's update Great idea with the model and the jersey. Now how about Luba as Shevchenko? That would be fabulous. Thanks.

ben Vereinigte Staaten

dasha sorry uninteresting... nice face... but hair doesnt fit

A long time fan Vereinigte Staaten

Bravo Dasha is amazing! Models like this are such a treat to shoot. Sexy and very fun. She made this shoot into something special. Hope to see more of her. Kudo's to Petter and Dasha

murguia Mexiko

dasha Excelent, but the worldcup started begining june not at the end. A liltle late. I´ll love that hegre do more tematic themes like this.

Ken Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Ronaldinho Wow! She is my new favorite. She has the face that reminds me of Natalie Portman, one of the roundest fannies that I have ever set eyes on, cute legs and a gorgeous shape! This is an amazingly beautiful woman...

Alan Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha She has the perfect body. Beautiful curved hips and breasts that are pleasing to the eye. Living art.

turkalp Türkei

wow! dasha is so beautiful more of her please!

Jimmy Vereinigte Staaten

What a fabulous ass! I wish all sets had this many photos.

Hawkeye450 Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Ronaldinho Energetic and entertaining from the first shot to the last! Dasha is a natural beauty that brings anticipation to a new level. Hawkeye - El Paso

WhoBeBilly Vereinigte Staaten

Nice butt, but can she tan?

salvador rios Mexiko


bryan Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha is on top of her game! she is hot hot hot!

EF Vereinigte Staaten

Why would you want her to tan? Her skin is a most delicate cream, it wouldn't do to scorch it. Besides, tanning is one of the most harmful things women do to look beautiful these days; as men we should be ashamed that we pressure them into it.

Paul Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Dasha is so sexy and beautiful. Her perfect breasts leave me panting, however nothing can compare to her blushing red plump perfect ass.

Patrick Vereinigte Staaten

Work of Art Dasha is a living, breathing, expression-filled eclipse of the moon - God damn! Wolfmother wallpaper, why cavemen claw at walls, Betty Page eyes, fun, sexy, strong - Yeah, she's a good-looking woman.

roger Vereinigte Staaten

too much too much dick tease

ardunbye Vereinigtes Königreich

Dasha Ronaldinho Can she stroke 'balls' with both feet the way Ronaldinho can? I love her,she's such a womanly woman.

The Grey Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Dasha's ass is a dream come true! 104,122-132 are just flawless. When I first joined this site she and Luba were and still my favorite models.

hardon Vereinigte Staaten

"Ass"tastic!!!! One of the best derriere's out there! Blazing hard on is aching!!


Dasha Goldenes Mädchen | March 27th, 2007
Dasha Goldenes Mädchen
EF Vereinigte Staaten

Wow, this is her most sensual video by far. My heart was pounding really hard, and as the description suggests, it was over way to soon for me. I want her to have her own site.

Ron Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Nice. I prefer her previous film, but one thing I like more in this film is the close ups of her face. She looked more comfortable this time. I'd like to see her with her hair pulled back and all oiled up next time. Thanks

paolo Schweden

dasha Perfect model, perfect ass. More hdv video of her ass outoodr and indoor natural posing

Hawkeye Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha Golden Girl Dasha has no equal. Her greatest asset is her ability to mezmerize with a glance, a look, the wink of an eye. Sure, she is well formed and beautifully proportioned, but the lady can make a grown man humble with just one look.

Olavski Niederlande

Dasha has it all! Great curves, beautiful breasts, long dark hair and a lovely face. When she smiles, I melt like an icecube in the hot sun. What an attractive woman!

Gérard Francillon Frankreich

Dasha Golden Girl 5min 14sec! Sure it's no waste of time...

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha is Perfect Dasha is absolutely killing me with that ass!!!

Resat Türkei

Amazing Girl+Amazing Video God, that video was a REAL exprerience..My mind got completely stopped for that 5 minutes..For me this one is a classic, a masterpiece..

nene13 Spanien

Bellísima Dasha Una mujer ¡¡¡¡espectacular!!!!! Qué cuerpo,que rostro más bello.... Perfecta.............

Dasha auf der Terrasse | October 10th, 2006
Dasha auf der Terrasse
Larry Japan

Great video Wow, I really like and I like her even more after this video. She seems so natural, easy in front of the camera. Wonderful model !

Chris Frankreich

Dasha on the terrace I really love this movie. I think Dasha is an extraordinary model. She is so womanly woman. She has so many perfect curves that it is a real pleasure to watch her move her body and her face is so lovely. She was stunning in the palace movie but in this one she gives a bit more fun which makes her more attractive. Thanks for the great job and I hope we will see more of Dasha, she's a queen !

Ron Vereinigte Staaten

Finally! Thank you for doing another film with Dasha. Ever since I saw her in the palace film it only left me wanting to see her more clearly. I wanted to be able to see her in a film that shows off her beautiful-curvy butt. And lo and behold here it is. Well done.

skip winter Vereinigte Staaten

dasha Very nice...she has all of the right stuff in all of the right places! Her flat belly is incredible given all her other excellent hour glass curves.

Hawkeye450 Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha on the Terrace Beautiful and naturally talented, Dasha has me stumbling all over my keyboard searching for the words to describe my delight. All I can think of is BRAVO!!!! Hawkeye - Texas

Gisella Barreda Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha BAareda Very nice...she has all of the right stuff in all of the right places! Her booty is incredible given all her other excellent curves

Andreas Deutschland

Beauty Beautyful body, beautyful hair, beautyful smile. Thank you for this godess beeing down here on earth

Simon Rosenberg Vereinigtes Königreich

There's something very Monroe-esk about Dasha's pose at 2:43, could this be an example of reincarnation?? ;-)

pezón Peru

mamacita esta muy linda tiene un cuerpo perfecto y una mirada coqueta ademas de unos senos firmes y nalgas redondas sin indicios de celulitis ni le vi bien los labios pero creo q los tiene rosados,en resumen una diosa!!!

Dasha - Göttin im Schloß | August 8th, 2006
Dasha - Göttin im Schloß
Larry Japan

Great video Dasha is definitely a very nice woman, one of my favorites. But I was expecting more from the new video format... to be more clean and crisp. Is it linked to a high compression rate used to keep the files small ?

Petter Portugal

HDV... still learning. hi larry, thanks for your reflective feedback. I have to say that I agree with you... so I had a serious talk with my film editor today. he explained that the low lighting conditions during filming (I just used natural light coming through a glass dome) produced some noise. in addition we added some noise as we warmed up the color balance slightly due to the cold indirect light (shadow gives blue light) coming through the skylight. and the H264 always makes things a little paler... so all together I must agree it did not quite turn out as razor sharp and rich as I was hoping for. but we will definitely learn from this production. it is only 2 weeks till our next HDV film, and then we will tweak compressions and other settings to achieve an optimal result.

Paul Bernard Portugal

FANTASTIC!!! Hey, what are you guys crying about. The film is FANTASTIC!!! I have seen her go up and down the stairs over a 100 times now and I've still not had enough.

Jim O. Portugal

Widescreen I like widescreen.I like Dasha. I like her tits.

Martin Portugal

My Palace WOW, what a location. I could live there with Dasha.

Fredrico Portugal

Great production! Nice cutting, just like a real movie. Less compression next time please. Use some video lamps next time Petter. Good job. Ciao.

John Stewart Kanada

Dasha HDV More Dasha please!


Spectacular staircase. What a stunning setting, I seriously hope there is a still set to accompany this. Dasha is a great choice of model to work with here. Complementary curves.

Larry Japan

Thanks for th detailed explanation Hello Peter and thanks for your feedback. I definitely look forward the next video in high definition ! And just like Andy, I hope there will be a photo set to go along with that video !

Jazz Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha, the Essense of True Beauty Before anything, I'd like to say that I only give feedback to the absolute best. This film, 184 , Dasha Goddess of the palace is the absolute best. The combination of the music chosen and the location brings out the true essence of her beauty. It would be great to see more of this Goddess of the world. She is absolutely stunning. Petter, I congratulate you on this one.

David Japan

Dasha Incredible...I'm speachless. Petter you are a god, Dasha is a goddess and the music selection is superb. The lighting fits the mood of the film perfectly. Thank you all!

Gene Kanada

More Dasha

Joseph Vereinigte Staaten

Thank God for the lady above Honestly, if I travel the globe I don't expect to find another girl on Dasha's level. I'm glad that she has a good amount of material here, because if not, I might have to complain ;-).

John Gerster Vereinigte Staaten

Locale The model is breathtaking, poised, sensual. The locale is an incredible museum of mill cabinet work, baroque surrounds beyiond imagination: where and what is this Palace?

Hawkeye Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha - Goddess of the Palace Spectacular demonstration of beauty and elegance. My truck is named "Betty" after Betty Page...I'm naming my motorcycle "Dasha".

Julio Guatemala

Best Girl This is the best girl. God video.

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Name of location I also want to know the name of the palace, is it open to the public for tours, are there any publications or photo tours of this palace?

Otis D'Souza Indien

A True Blue Blood STUNNING!!!!

Gérard Frankreich

Goddess of the palace trop belle !

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

Dasha There is nothing better than seeing gorgeous Dasha descending that palace staircase totally nude with only a pair of high heels on! Isn't that the way it should be? Imagine her making the perfect entrance like that! It would be amazing and she would look better than anyone else there, considering that everyone else has clothes on. The only thing she needs in her wardrobe is those heels! She is exquisite. Please bring Dasha back completely nude in high heels!

roger1940 Israel

THE mst beautiful ass almost not from earth , her breast too

aCONNOISSEUR Vereinigte Staaten

The Goddess Descends Like a Goddess descending from on high, Dasha, with her rare, exquisitely delightful beauty and astounding proportions, makes her way down that magnificent staircase with leisurely, graceful elegance. It could also be said that she steps out of the imagination of wet dreams. She's just that movingly sexy! I'm a fellow who almost always sees a greater beauty in the entirety of a woman's body, rather than just a part of it. So I applaud Hegre-Art in making a large part of this film show Dasha's entire body, rather than a more cropped, partial view. The film is much more beautiful because of it. And, for that reason, it will always be one of my favorites. Dasha's body, from gorgeous face to beautiful feet, is a human work of art, a jewel, and her setting is one, as well. I've tried, but these words simply do not convey the degree to which this film of Dasha has moved me. Thank you SO much!