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Dasha Profile

Name: Dasha
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 56kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Student

Full Figured Beauty

Dasha would like nothing better then to build a time machine and experience the glamour of days gone past.

A self professed lover of all things retro, Dasha hopes one day to have the star power of Bettie Page. She loves the sexual innocence associated with early kink photography and hopes to convey that in her own modeling. With her long, curvy, full figured body, and a winning smile she is most certainly on the right track. Dasha is currently studying theater in the south of Ukraine and hopes to use her acting skills to future her modeling career.

Dasha will jokingly admit that her perfect breasts come from her mother. There must be some good genes in that family.

Dasha darling September 24th, 2007
Dasha is the reason I subscribed to Hegre Art. Wife went nuts about Dasha last week when she watched some music vids of Nikita (the girl band) on Youtube, so I had to research a bit to find out who she was going nuts about. I can see why wife was impressed. Dasha is a prime, modern day example of classic, Greek beauty of the sort that sculptors and painters modeled. I'd love to sculpt the young lady and wife wants to eat her up.
Dasha darling
YES, I would like to 'dash her darling' PURE FEMININE BEAUTY.
I agree with all the previous comments except one. An ending with full frontal nudity would not have been in tune with the whole piece, which is perfect as is. But then again, in the hands of the Maestro and the Goddess, nothing would seem impossible... Petter, if you are reading this, what's up with Dasha?
Dasha is a gift from God.
Gorgeous, classy, sexy - Dasha is the woman of my dreams.
Great Start with Dasha -- poor ending --- why not at least 1 shot of full frontal nudity???
For me, this what Hegre Art is all about: voluptuous location and model = Haute Art!
Best of Dasha!
Dasha fireplace August 20th, 2007
Without a doubt the finest posterior on this site. I wish there were more of her. Absolute perfection.
Dasha Fireplace
Petter, Dasha is exquisite, and your camera does the lady justice. These are some of your best photos IMO, and Dasha has to be one of the most photogenic models on the planet. I feel I know her just from the way you captured her eyes. What a beautiful creature. Sensuality personified! Thank you both. And more please... --Lawrence from NY
Looks great with her clothes on. After taht, it only gets better!
the muse Dasha
Very,very,very beaultiful. The best of the best.
Voloptuous Lady
Dasha harmony July 7th, 2007
Incredible Dasha
Now this is the way you exhibit a butt naked work of art! Dasha is the finest nude work of art that you want to display so proudly in a prominent place like this and just enjoy!! Just the perfect female body to study nude. White porcelain skin, gorgeous dark hair, the most incredible ass, great hips and fabulous full breasts. An exquisite nude beauty!!!
Dasha - Harmony
To put it in simple terms, Dasha is mother nature's finest moment!
How can a woman be so perfect? You are exceptional Dasha! The pictures are so beautiful, like the most beautiful 'statues from the past'. All together it's a real work of art! Thank you.
An absolute Goddess and in my opinion she has a perfect body. She has been a monthly feature for over a year and hope she continues to be featured. My only request is to change the backdrop, I'm kinda getting tired of the same indoor backgrounds.
nicely done focus/sharpness exceptional
Harmony in all things desirable
So many moments captured in this portfolio that go above and beyond expression.
Scalpturistic photos of the epitome of Femininity.
Dasha piano May 23rd, 2007
Dasha Piano
Dasha is an absolute treasure! This set is nude art at its best. Complete nudes from start to finish. Love that! I would just worship her beautiful soles and kiss them from heel to toe! Dasha is so beautiful!!
Best set of May 2007. No one can play the piano, if a goddess just like Dasha lies on it!
Just right
This model is hard to describe. I can't even understand why I like her so so much. Is she great, or what!
Dasha is sublime! My favourite model (along with Luba) ;) Can she play a "secretary" one day, Petter?
Beautiful Brunette Dasha
This girl is really beautiful, eyes, hair, skin, breasts, figure,... all. And she has karma that makes her more attractive than the other models
Dascha Piano
Voluptuous, charming.
Dasha Piano
As always, it is absolutely delightful to behold the figure of this remarkable woman but I'm disappointed that there were too few of the more classic woman-piano poses.
Dasha blue nudes April 5th, 2007
Dasha Blue Nudes
A beautiful and seductive enchantress surrounded by my favorite color. Could life not be more wonderful? Thanks for making my day!