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Ira D

Ira D Profile

Ira D
Name: Ira D
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 49kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Shy and Youthful

Ira loves to dance; especially traditional folk dance. For Ira the rhythmic movement of the human body is perhaps the most sensual act on earth.

Believe it or not, but Ira also has herself a practical side. She is studying to be a pharmacist and though it may not be the most glamorous career, Ira is the kind of girl who takes pride knowing that she is helping the world; even if only a little. The younger of two sisters by only a matter of minutes, Ira is a little shy but knows full well that her youthful figure can speak for itself.

Ira makes her nude modeling debut on Hegre-Art.com and we certainly hope she’ll come back for more!

Ira D. ballet April 6th, 2007
Ira D ballket
So tasteful, tantalizing and titillating, I bet even Nureyev would change his ways.
Ballet Fan
I love the ballet and Ira deliciously naked on the barre is so erotic. She is stunning - love her hair - Hmmm. Bring her back soon please.
Ira D
Like Salvador says-a little smile would be killing on this sexy kitten !She has good pout. It would also have tikkled many admirers if she had bent down and posed with the ballet dress still on her-with or without undies !!
Please - more!!
This girl is so perfect when she looks in the mirror you wonder which is the real her! amazing
A pert, and delectable swan
ira d
not to keen on the ballet dress,ira looks fantastic without it.
she´s wonderful
but she has to smile,she es so beautiful i love the way you take her, I guess that she could be betther, thanks for this pictures, and great job
Ira D. outdoor March 18th, 2007
Ira D. D for Delightful
This girl is absolutely gorgeous, what a stunning figure, and a face I could never tire of looking at those eyes could take you on a journey you would never forget, Ira has everything. Lots more please. Badga.
A Beautiful Girl
Ira D has a seriously beautiful face and a killer body. But she never smiles. Petter please , ask her to smile. Tell her a joke if necessary , but make her smile. :)
Ira has a pleasant figure but theres not much happening in this set and I think she deserves a better location.
Ira D. gold on gold February 14th, 2007
Ira D gold on gold
Her loveliness is way beyond my limited vocabulary to express. Suffice to say, I re-visit this set time and time again.
IRA: The New Goddess!
Bring Back IRA-D!
Great series. Ira finally shows some expressions and she looks great.
the best
for me she es the pretiest and sexy woman I ever see, coul you please send me more of her
A very nice series, simple yet delightful, this series allows Ira to be the focus. She is amazing and has what I think is one of the sexiest figures I have seen. She is beautiful!
Ira D dancing nude February 1st, 2007
Fucking Gorgeous
Are all Ukrainian girls so fucking unbelievably beautiful.
Can someone please teach Ira how to smile?
Ira D dancing
Ira D is a real world class beauty!
One word...Stunning!
Ira D. entrance January 7th, 2007
Simply Stunning
A gorgeous little beauty creatively framed and sensitively photographed. Simply sublime.
The Best
In my opinion Ira D is the best model on your site and that this gallery is also, in my opinion the best set of photos - when are going to see more of her?
Ira D.
As a professional photographer, I have worked with many beautiful models. Your work is fabulous, and as beautiful as your Luba is, I will not be surprised if some day she moves behind the camera, as well. Ira D. is a natural with posing,(dancing background perhaps ? ), has wonderful facial bone structure and eyes that can hynotize. All my best to you and yours and thanks for this opportunity to comment. Please keep this great work coming. woody wood
Ira D's young downy skin marries well with the deliberate lighting and seemingly hasty venue selection adding to the eroticism and forbidden nature of this shoot. You can almost hear the din of the dinner party that may be going on in the adjoining room. Well done!
sinply the best
the most beautiful woman I ever see
Ira D. Entrance
Pure seduction
She has entranced me with her beauty and grace. She is perfect forever in your photos.
beautiful woman, incredible lighting