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Foto de Ira D


Foto de Ira D
Nombre: Ira D
País: Ucrania
Peso: 49kg
Altura: 171cm
Edad: 18
Ocupación: Estudiante

Tímida y Juvenil

A Ira le encanta bailar; sobre todo le gustan los bailes tradicionales. Según Ira el movimiento rítmico del cuerpo humano es tal vez el acto más sensual del planeta.

Aunque no lo creas, Ira no deja de tener un lado práctico. Está estudiando farmacéutica, y si bien ésta no es una carrera demasiado galamourosa, Ira es una de esas chicas que se sienten orgullosas de estar ayudando al mundo, aunque sólo sea un poquito. Ira tiene una hermana mayor que le lleva apenas unos minutos; es tímida pero sabe perfectamente que su figura juvenil lo dice todo.

Ira ha debutado como modelo de desnudo en Hegre-Art.com, ¡ojalá regrese para darnos más!


Ira D. al aire libre | March 18th, 2007
Ira D. al aire libre
salvador rios México


Pete Reino Unido

Ira Ira has a pleasant figure but theres not much happening in this set and I think she deserves a better location.

Dragon India

A Beautiful Girl Ira D has a seriously beautiful face and a killer body. But she never smiles. Petter please , ask her to smile. Tell her a joke if necessary , but make her smile. :)

Badga Reino Unido

Ira D. D for Delightful This girl is absolutely gorgeous, what a stunning figure, and a face I could never tire of looking at those eyes could take you on a journey you would never forget, Ira has everything. Lots more please. Badga.

Ira D. oro sobre oro | February 14th, 2007
Ira D. oro sobre oro
g man Estados Unidos de América

Ira A very nice series, simple yet delightful, this series allows Ira to be the focus. She is amazing and has what I think is one of the sexiest figures I have seen. She is beautiful!

salvador rios México

the best for me she es the pretiest and sexy woman I ever see, coul you please send me more of her

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful! Great series. Ira finally shows some expressions and she looks great.

rnixon Estados Unidos de América

IRA: The New Goddess! Bring Back IRA-D!

ardunbye Reino Unido

Ira D gold on gold Her loveliness is way beyond my limited vocabulary to express. Suffice to say, I re-visit this set time and time again.

Ira D desnudo danzante | February 1st, 2007
Ira D desnudo danzante
Dan Estados Unidos de América

Ira D dancing Ira D is a real world class beauty!

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

Smile Can someone please teach Ira how to smile?

Pete Reino Unido

Stunning One word...Stunning!

Laurie Reino Unido

Fucking Gorgeous Are all Ukrainian girls so fucking unbelievably beautiful.

Ira D. ballet | April 6th, 2007
Ira D. ballet
salvador rios México

she´s wonderful but she has to smile,she es so beautiful i love the way you take her, I guess that she could be betther, thanks for this pictures, and great job

alex Reino Unido

ira d not to keen on the ballet dress,ira looks fantastic without it.

Andrew Islas Caimán

A pert, and delectable swan

ivan Irlanda

dichotic? This girl is so perfect when she looks in the mirror you wonder which is the real her! amazing

Dave Canada

Ira Please - more!!

Justshai Reino Unido

Ira D Like Salvador says-a little smile would be killing on this sexy kitten !She has good pout. It would also have tikkled many admirers if she had bent down and posed with the ballet dress still on her-with or without undies !!

Laurie Reino Unido

Ballet Fan I love the ballet and Ira deliciously naked on the barre is so erotic. She is stunning - love her hair - Hmmm. Bring her back soon please.

ardunbye Reino Unido

Ira D ballket So tasteful, tantalizing and titillating, I bet even Nureyev would change his ways.

Ira D. jabón | December 1st, 2006
Ira D. jabón
Pete Reino Unido

Nice tits Gorgeous slim body and the nicest tits Ive seen for a long time (Well as nice as Yanna's!) More please

Colin Reino Unido

Ira D. Soap Ira D - the 'D' must stand for delectable ! What a girl !

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Ira D. Soap Absolutely Stunning photos! I love the 6000px resolution. The only thing better would be being there!

Andy Reino Unido

Labia As well as being gorgeous and a stunning body, her generous labia are fantastic.. don;t know about you Petter, but big labia on women I think are great, make things down there a bit more interesting. Let's have more models with pussy like this.. :)

jimmy Estados Unidos de América

Ira, I love your face, I love your hair, and I love your incredible body.

Ira D. prima ballerina | November 1st, 2006
Ira D. prima ballerina
ben Estados Unidos de América

pretty and nice buns but can she dance oh never mind who would care aNYWAY

elciel Reino Unido

A magnificently provocative theme — a beautiful woman almost literally dancing her ballet dress off! I loved it.

Ira D. bañándose | December 21st, 2006
Ira D. bañándose
Matt Estados Unidos de América

Ira D. so serious... I was wondering if Ira D. would be willing to smile in some of her poses. She look a bit nervous or too serious. Would like to see she is having fun. With a beautiful face like her a smile would knock me over. Incredible eyes too! Just a thought! Matt

Jeff Noruega

wow..what a beatuy!!!

rudi Alemania

wonderful that is fantastic, such a sweet babe

Gareth Estados Unidos de América

bathtime... a favorite pasttime

jason chang Estados Unidos de América

i only like it when she wipes herself dry. The pictures then become excellent.

Xayleth Estados Unidos de América

Okay this girl is 8 up with hot!

Ira D. entrada | January 7th, 2007
Ira D. entrada
mjollnir Estados Unidos de América

beautiful woman, incredible lighting

Glenn Estados Unidos de América

Entrance She has entranced me with her beauty and grace. She is perfect forever in your photos.

erofot Suiza

Ira D. Entrance Pure seduction

salvador rios México

sinply the best the most beautiful woman I ever see

Andrew Islas Caimán

Ira D's young downy skin marries well with the deliberate lighting and seemingly hasty venue selection adding to the eroticism and forbidden nature of this shoot. You can almost hear the din of the dinner party that may be going on in the adjoining room. Well done!

Woody Wood Estados Unidos de América

Ira D. As a professional photographer, I have worked with many beautiful models. Your work is fabulous, and as beautiful as your Luba is, I will not be surprised if some day she moves behind the camera, as well. Ira D. is a natural with posing,(dancing background perhaps ? ), has wonderful facial bone structure and eyes that can hynotize. All my best to you and yours and thanks for this opportunity to comment. Please keep this great work coming. woody wood

peter Australia

The Best In my opinion Ira D is the best model on your site and that this gallery is also, in my opinion the best set of photos - when are going to see more of her?

Laurie Reino Unido

Simply Stunning A gorgeous little beauty creatively framed and sensitively photographed. Simply sublime.

Ira espectáculo en la ducha | July 30th, 2006
Ira espectáculo en la ducha
timatits Estados Unidos de América

Ira's Icy Shower I could have stopped after the first photo and have been satisfied. There IS something about a woman taking a shower that is truly erotic. Most likely it is because she has an every-day excuse to touch and expose every part of her body. But it is also the water itself; here it glistens like ice on the near-perfect Ira. Look at how Petter’s lighting of the shots in the middle of the third page give the effect of sheet of ice covering Ira’s torso. The photographs capture the water falling off her body as if frozen in a crystalline form making it appear that icicles are hanging from her breast, tummy, labia and legs. Then (at last) you notice the expression on her face, which does not fit the ice scenario at all. All of this from a girl taking her morning shower! And what is that last photo suggesting we will see in the near future?

Dan Estados Unidos de América

Oh My.... I can not seem to catch my breath! My heart is racing uncontrollably too! Beautiful!

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

Very nice Very sexy and very sensual, but why do most of the models have a fear of smiling?

Ira D. en el balcón | October 12th, 2006
Ira D. en el balcón
seann Estados Unidos de América

mmmm...there's just something about ashtray mouth that turns me on. yum.

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Ira outdoor Ira is the most beautiful Hegre model in my opinion and I'd love to see more of her. Sadly, in this set, the stink of the cigarette kills any possibility of eroticism for me.

Jorge Murguia México

Ira outdoor Ira is so sexy. Sometimes be sexy is matter of actitude.

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

No smile Pretty girl with beautiful eyes and a nice figure, but Ira has really got to learn how to smile once in a while.

Hugh Jarse Reino Unido

Glamorising smoking again, Petter. How tragic. I hope she doesnt die of cancer.

Gareth Estados Unidos de América

Ira's gorgeous, very exotic! This page-and-a-half is not doing her any justice. Please show more of her, and sans cig... VERY beautiful, natural girl!

Daniel Canada

What's up with the smoking? I dont understand why people find smoking attractive... it's a terrible habit that causes death...

Nik Estados Unidos de América

Smoking woman smells like an ashtray. You think it is sexy?

Ira Shakira | July 8th, 2006
Ira Shakira
Knut Conrad Alemania

Ira Shakira Hallo, I like this pictures. Hope to see more with this woman.

Brent Estados Unidos de América

Perfection I have been on this site for years now and this is the most beautiful girl you have put on here. Please post more of her.

Jason Chang Estados Unidos de América

Perfect Model When I saw this girl in the small size photos of the pictures published couple years ago, I knew she was very hot. But I would not have guess she would appear again, because she already worked for you when you have the lower technology. You do still continue to recruit the best model. I love her tan skin. Morever, the color of the 6000 px is exact and not washed out.

Sean Estados Unidos de América

Ditch all the clothes already. Geez.

David Estados Unidos de América

Ira Shakira Please don't use that gold curtain in the future.

hotphotoz Estados Unidos de América

When I decide to comment on a model or picture set, my comments are usually directed towards the artistic or sensual side of the shoot/model, but I must take a different direction here...DAMN I'd LOVE to do a tequila shot out of that belly button!

bernard foucambert Francia

superbe ,beautiful models bravo ,superbe models and pretty body merci à pette hegre for the shoots

Glenn Estados Unidos de América

Ira Shakira stunning. her breasts are flawless, as well as the rest of her, but I am afraid that if I got too close I might fall into her eyes and disappear!

james wharton Estados Unidos de América

Ira This is one of the most incredible women i have ever seen..i realy hope to see a lot more of her

Bob Leavitt Estados Unidos de América

Ira D "Youthful body," indeed -- Yes, yes -- lovely! But that face -- she mesmerizes me .. it's hard to look at ANY other of her other parts when those eyes are boring into mine. Incredible, or as they say in Paris, encroyable! A rare sight and I dare say, nearly without peer!

Dave Grenada

Ira It's all in the face - 10/10!!

Ira bailarina | September 6th, 2006
Ira bailarina
ben Estados Unidos de América

gives good face... body is nice ... okay more

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Ira ballerina in heels? Beautiful woman! Beautiful photos. Heels on the dance floor? Ummmmm.... Oh well, Beautiful Ira! That is all that really counts!

jason chang Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Face Beautiful face. Love her closeup of the face. Wish there's more.

Laurie Reino Unido

Five / image 3 Tutu delicious ~ you ravishing little nymphette.