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名前: ラナ
国: ウクライナ
体重: 52kg
身長: 179cm
年齢: 18
職業: 学生





ラナギャラリー コメント

ラナ デニムスカート | February 4th, 2009
ラナ デニムスカート
magoo4 アメリカ

Lana looks good in denim. Very nice. magoo4

wheeler アメリカ

simple... but,nice!very pretty girl

silenus 英国

enjoy watching your athletic girls but should like to see some more mature ladies with more curves.

ラナ ベットタイム | January 15th, 2009
ラナ ベットタイム
wheeler アメリカ

lovely! so nice to see Lana again!It's been too long!

wheeler アメリカ

BTW... would LOVE to see some more video of her!

Nidaros アメリカ

Fresh Face Looks like another great new face added to the Hegre family. Would love to see more of her.

Magoo4 アメリカ

Petter, you never let us down. Thank you. magoo4



ラナ ミニスカート | September 19th, 2007
ラナ ミニスカート
sirstefanofb オーストラリア

More.... Please Petter, we need more of the sweet Lana and her wonderful attributes.

terminus_h スロベニア

beautiful. period.

ラナ エレガンス | August 31st, 2007
ラナ エレガンス
lamoid アメリカ

Lana Elegance I hate boots. They cover up my favorite parts of the model. Frustrating, it is.

Rob 英国

Panties cover up my favourite part ;-)

ラナ 窓の光 | May 20th, 2007
ラナ 窓の光
Doug アメリカ

Not interesting or exciting. Not erotic or sexual at all. Like he took shots of his sister.

adam hendrickson アメリカ

this photo shoot lacks any artistry what so ever. the model conveys no emotion or narative nor does the photographer express any point of veiw or originality.

ラナ 細身 | January 13th, 2007
ラナ 細身
monkey アメリカ

alms for the poor Lana is incredible. She has that great quality of a true everyday woman mixed with that untouchable stunning model essence; cotton with the allure of silk. More please.

Alonzo Stagg アメリカ

Lana Lanky Lana Lanky very Lovely but, wanna see her with a full, lovely, trinagle-blonde-BUSH!

Bill アメリカ

Lana Lana has the perfect feminine form. Absolutely beautiful.

Pete 英国

Shy Stunning slim body and Good luck Lana, at the moment you seem very shy

ラナ ベッドで | February 11th, 2007
ラナ ベッドで
alexx チェコ共和国

LIPS ....the most beautiful lips on this side....and not only them...

Ralph アメリカ

Sweet Very nice gallery with a sweet and innocent looking girl.

Pete 英国

Confidence Lana has a great body, slim and tall and her confidence is definately growing. More Lana please in some exoctic location


Wonderful blonde teen!

raoul アメリカ

Ingres' Revenge? If only all those critics who gave poor Ingres (the Petter Hegre of his day?) such a hard time for La Grande Odalisque could see some of Lana's poses in this set. It's hard to see how she does it — but there it is. Lovely!

BayJay47 アメリカ

Buttholes Another pretty girl, but the sets are bland. Artistic photography and explicit porn aren't mutually exclusive; it's the artist who fuses them together that really creates something good. Teasing and hinting and "leaving something to the imagination" is a buildup, but if you don't show every part of her in exquisite detail, then you leave the viewer, well, at least you leave me, with aesthetic blue-balls. Yes, I want to see elegant photos, but the true art is the human body, the photographer is showing it. If you hide something, you aren't appreciating the full wonder of the human body. So specifically: If I don't see a clear picture of her butthole, I'm not going to look at the set. I'm sure there are other guys like me, and probably with other bodyparts too. It isn't necessarily lewd, it's usually beautiful, but that's the artist's job, not mine.

ラナ ベッドの側で | April 7th, 2007
ラナ ベッドの側で
ben アメリカ

lana very nice

mark 英国

Nice but too shy!

gareth アメリカ

nice, tall figure

ラナ 淑女 | March 2nd, 2007
ラナ 淑女

Nice, but that's all.

ラナ グローブ | November 17th, 2006
ラナ グローブ
Glenn アメリカ

Lana gloves Sweet, sexy thing dancing on a table-top ! Nice wardrobe for an angel ! Great pics, Petter.

jtarockstar アメリカ

Lana is sweet and sexy need a video of this girl

ラナ 鏡 | August 20th, 2006
ラナ 鏡

Despite the reflexions in the mirror and a ninc looking young girl, eroticism is misssing. Please do better next time.

レナ 18回目のハッピー・バースデイ | July 20th, 2006
レナ 18回目のハッピー・バースデイ
Jason Chang アメリカ

Great Closeup I really love the closeup of the pictures. She is a super new young and beautiful model. She reminds me of Oksana, Laren, and Sofie. I am glad that you have many new beautiful models at 6000 px. I hope to see more.

ben アメリカ

18th okay model has a very nice standing and sitting profile... she needs a good orthodontist (who is not color blind) and match color on her front teeth i rate her as a 6 or 7 but could be a ten very cute any I should complain?? nice

Larry フランス

Too slim for my taste Well, I know Peter likes this kind of model but I think the latest updates features quite a lot of those very slim models which unfortunately are not my favorites - to childish, doesn't look like a woman for me. Besides, the model is not so expressive in this series... and it seems there is a white balance issue (red tone too important I think). Peter did almost a perfect set with Dasha by the window... this is not the case here.

timatits アメリカ

Soft andSexy and Presented Just Right I think on of the makes of a good photographer is that they know how muck “help” a model needs so that they appear most erotically in the shots. Few girls can pull it off with zero cloths, zero props, and no phony expressions. But with Lana Petter Hegre knows that she looks her best just that way. Get the lighting right, set off the skin tones with the right shade of white and let her take over. Lana is full of natural youth. The small soft breasts and the big teethy smile show the girlish-like nature of Lana.

ラナフィルム コメント

ラナ ファッションショー | November 27th, 2007
ラナ ファッションショー
Gérard フランス

Lana fashion show Très belle ! ...trop belle pour moi...

Chris - Switzerland スイス

lana - sunshine superb legs....sexy smile....

laurie goodison 英国

Lana What a delightful girl. Laurie