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Darine Profile

Name: Darine
Country: France
Weight: 42kg
Height: 162cm
Age: 23

Embrace the Exotic

Born in France with a mother from Egypt and a father from Tunis, it’s no small wonder that Darine is one of the most unique looking models to ever pose for Petter Hegre.

Petite, exotic, and unquestionably beautiful, Darine is a rare breed. She is a solid mixture of all the best that comes from two worlds coming together. Armed with a big brilliant smile she has that certain mystique men find irresistible and swoon over.

Like all interesting women, Darine lives an active lifestyle. She loves photography, traveling, and oriental dance. She is a playful and carefree woman and believes strongly in keeping a positive attitude. After all, if you aren’t having fun with what you’re doing, it’s easy to move on and do something else!

Dark, sexy, and passionate Darine is a true original.

Darine Grapes December 1st, 2007
My wine will never taste the same again....!!!
too green/brown for my eyes.... drab colors, but hey - i'm color-blind...
Darine Whine
Lose the "covering grapes" and maybe roll over.
Darine stripping October 18th, 2007
Sexiest woman on this site
Marine and mirta are my absolute favorites on this site. Unlike sirstenfanob, I think her think bush makes her all the more sexy and *real* sexy and God made her.
This woman is very, very attractive. Absolutely brilliant.
Great model a natural poser natural body-un shaved and very sexy, looks hot with or without clothes........more of Darine
Darine stripping
Fantastic! Not much to actually strip off, which I think is the perfect way for a beautiful woman (like my wife) to dress.
hate to say this but.... I would prefer that Darine kept her knickers on.... that thick bush scares me!
Darine sweet taboo September 22nd, 2007
Keep the bush
I love the bush, it completes the woman, I don't understand why some men like it shaved, I'm not into the little girl look.
I don't like hairy girl...
very beautifull girl but I'd like to see her all shaved and I'd like to see more her pussy... PLEASE !
Big Fan
I adore the allure & beauty of the models. The Czech models are my favorite. Much thanks to the work of Mr Hegre & the fall of the Iron Curtain. Mitch...San Diego
Please ask her to shave. Sorry but I hate hairy women.
What a great attitude. I bet that she is a hot ticket. Gorgeous too!
I never thought body hair on a woman would turn me on, but the dark hair on her belly is very sexy.
+2pts for award winning attitude; however, the Lollipop Guild deducts 0.5pt for "Wizard of Oz" stockings.
These are some nice pictures of Darine who is stunning. Probably my favorite one of hers.
Darine is probably the most underestimated model on Hegre-Art. In the same set of photos she can go from fun loving to sultry just look at pages 1 and 5. This is actually my favorite set of photos of Darine.
Stunning looks, lithe body, great hair, beautiful smile.... but, IMHO marginally 'devalued' by the 'fuzz' (i'm a smooth all over guy)
nice !
Oh Lovely Darine
This girl is heavenly, she has a gorgeous face as well as superbly toned body, she really has made my day. she you again, soon I hope, Badga
a pleasure
These are some fine pictures.
Darine blue March 10th, 2007
very nice girl, so cute and lovely smile
She maybe wearing blue, but others will wear GREEN to have what she has!
Darine once again knocks me over: beautiful personality, beautiful body. But here I would like to pay tribute to the skill of the photographer: Look at page 10 the last photo: The light coming from the side picks out the contours of her body and the texture of her skin to perfection. She stands out magnificently against the blue background which her shadow nonetheless saves from excessive uniformity. It looks easy but.....
Really Hot
Forget pages 1- 4 and then enjoy. Darine is another slender model that I find really attractive. She is both sexy and fun and I think her personality really shines through in these pictures. Much more of Darine please Petter
I did not care for this gallery very much but at least Darine finally seems to be getting comfortable with the concept of nude modeling. First time she did not appear completely wooden.
Darine is hot
Wow. She's hot. And charismatic. What a smile! Can't wait for the next Darine gallery.
very playful/sexy set of pictures.
Darine is beautiful. She should pose with Luba...
yay - very good girl, loads of quality pictures, full strip ....ace. More of this type please!
Darine spa February 13th, 2007
Darine spa
A message for GERBOU:- 'Brown' is as relevant as you being green with yellow spots. What is relevant is that Darine is a beautiful girl with a superb figure.
Wonderful setting for this brown beauty.
the most sexy girl
Darine is the most beautifull girl I have ever seen
Super sexy
Darine is super sexy, so cute and has a first class arse. Great setting Petter but hope the next set of Darine is much more up front and personal
pretty girl, great body! I love the marble bath--
Great contrasting textures
the escenary is excelent, the model wow¡¡ and the photos, great. thanks
Darine is one smokin' hot female. She has a beautifully exotic appearance, and her figure speaks for itself. She is definately one of my favorite models on Hegre.
Darina spa
Wow! She is really a beautiful woman. I love to see her posing. Her skin colour and the green of the water. Very nice! But, Petter, tststs! Shame on you! You did the same again as in almost all your photoshoots: Cut of the feet of the model. I think you don^t like them, isn^t it? ;) Greetings Ulrike