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Bieta Profile

Name: Bieta
Country: Germany
Weight: 56kg
Height: 180cm
Age: 27
Occupation: Model

Stylish and Chic

Bieta is a highly experienced model with over 10 years experience in the business.

Feminine and classy, her strong interest in fashion means she excels in her job as a part-time fashion consultant, where she helps some of the wealthiest ladies of Hamburg choose their outfits for the upcoming season. Bieta herself prefers the timeless fashion designers Valentino, Cavalli and Gucci and her eye for detail means she always looks elegant.

Bieta’s sophisticated tastes run into her choice of men too, she prefers to date refined, mature men, particularly those aged over 50. She finds them more suited to her quiet and dignified personality
Bieta is tall with an athletic yet curvy figure. A classic cool blonde but with warm and inviting blue eyes, above all Bieta is devastatingly feminine.

Bieta tuscan bath January 30th, 2009
Finally a Women.
Petter,where have you been hiding this beautiful creature. Please, may we have more of Bieta. Thank you much. magoo4
Why only..
..3 galleries from this beautiful woman in the last 3 years. I guess I'll have to wait for 2010 for the next one.
ThaNK you for bringing Bieta back, she has the most wonderful hourglass figure.
Someone asked for a tub in Orsi's last set...now all it needs is a little more WATER!!!LOL
Bieta red bed July 30th, 2007
Bieta is incredibly Beautiful, but the pictures are too much alike, not enough variation in posture and she's keeping her legs together too much.
Oh Oh MY!!
Oh My, I can't handle it anymore!! Too much Beauty!! But I'm very glad to be alive!!! I wouldn't wanna miss this for the world!! Oh My GOD!!!!
I hope hegre is NOT listening to this weirdos who want fat over 35 models. I find it HARD to believe they are not trolls. You know not everybody in society wants these kinds of pictures to exist. Feminists who are ugly as sin for instance.
Bieta Red Bed
I'd like to see more models over the age of 25, maybe even up to 35. Bieta is hot.
beautiful face perfect skin
Bieta reclining November 16th, 2006
Pretty younglady, I would like to see much more from her
great series. not into the waxed arms though, cute fuzzy stomach
I did not think that Yanna had competition in the flexibility department, but Bieta comes close. Pretty model. Maybe you can do a photo gallery with both Bieta and Yanna limbering up or demonstrating their incredible flexibility skills.