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Masha Profile

Name: Masha
Country: Russia
Weight: 51kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Model

Angelic Beauty

Masha has been living in New York City since she was 18 and is signed to one of the cities top modeling agencies. Originally from St Petersburg in Russia, Masha has modeled all over the world and for some top deigners. With her slim figure, small breasts, ivory skin and beautiful delicate face Masha is made for the fashion industry.

Unbelievably Masha tells us she is having a hard time trying to find a boyfriend in New York. Hanging out with the male models she meets isn’t for her. She prefers to stay at home with her cat in her small downtown apartment. Masha shares the apartment with 3 other emerging talents who are all trying to make it big in Manhattan.

Masha has the most lovely, positive personality and is always smiling. A loving and very sweet young model.

Masha mirror October 30th, 2007
No. 151 is an especially fun picture, makes me smile.
Masha mirror
What a sweetie! Masha's stunning eyes grab you from a block away. I have never seen more beautiful lips. Wonderful, graceful arms and a cute, feminine body. Masha's breasts are adorable. She has a look that can at once be very sophisticated, and very innocent. Thank you for including this lovely young woman. I wish her the best in her modeling in New York.
Masha Manhattan shower October 9th, 2007
NewYork Series
I think all the New York loft galleries featuring Masha or April are excellent - very stylish, great models. Something a bit different.
Masha Manhattan window May 17th, 2007
Finaly, a set that do justice to this beautiful model. One of the bests in the site. And NO artsy, just beautiful and fresh flesh.
lovely wisp of hair, above the lips 8)~ i like her low-cut tanline, too. Very simple, elegant physique.
Simply the Best
The most beautiful model on this site, case closed.
Mashe Manhattan Window
What's nice about this gallery is the many levels on which it can be viewed. Take the picture as a whole and marvel at Masha. Curves, femininity, beauty - gasp! Then dive in and appreciate how Petter's photography brings out the delicate texture of her skin: with a little patience one could count the hairs and goose pimples. Then step way back and imagine the office workers opposite who, looking up from their PC screens get a sudden blinding glimpse into heaven. Lovely!
Masha NY window
I disagree with Dave. I liked this set of poses very much. Lots of leg. Petter sometimes ignores the beautiful legs on his models. I like it when he features them.
The series getsa points becauce 1) the model is beautiful and 2) well... it's Manhattan! But loses a point because a lot of the poses were um.. dopey.
Masha American kitchen April 10th, 2007
Best set of April 2007. Brilliant combination!Masha looks so delicate and tasteful in the white kitchen.
winter sun
Masha glows against the white.
NICE eyes! lovely physique!
Great to see an 'indoors' set of the very beautiful Masha.
Masha Manhattan water tower March 13th, 2007
Perhaps the most unerotic set of them all! And risked the model to get arrested for that too, for nothing.
nice skyline, pretty model...
Way too much metal and not enough Masha