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Foto de Olga D


Foto de Olga D
Nombre: Olga D
País: Ucrania
Peso: 47kg
Altura: 171cm
Edad: 18
Ocupación: Modelo

Criatura Joven y Sabia

Puede que Olga sea una jovencita, pero está dotada de una determinación de hierro y sabe perfectamente lo que espera lograr en la vida.

Podría decirse que posee ‘una cabeza sabia sobre unos hombros jóvenes’ y en cualquier caso su actitud es muy madura para tratarse de una chica de su edad. Quizás se deba al hecho de que Olga abandonó la seguridad de la vida familiar rural a la tierna edad de 15 años. Se marchó en pos de las luces de la gran ciudad y sentó sus reales en Kiev, ayudada por familiares y amigos, para proseguir su carrera como modelo.

Sabe que la competencia será dura, pues para una modelo que mide tan sólo 171 cm de altura es muy difícil triunfar en la industria de la moda; pero al igual que todas las modelos de la antigua URSS, su sueño es tener éxito en el extranjero.

Con su hermoso cuerpo esbelto y compacto y sus finos rasgos faciales, esperamos que el sueño de Olga de triunfar como modelo se haga realidad.


Anna S Olga D cama ardiente | May 9th, 2009
Anna S Olga D cama ardiente
nutcrackr Australia

nice these two beauties go together perfectly.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

dont be shy ladies!!!hehehe

luv_yanna Estados Unidos de América

Nice stuff. Image 23 is Anna S in all her glory; makes me want to make that stack 3 high.

olga fan Singapur

is this a old version?? any new update from olga ?? pls bring back this two icon in a new workout.... thks...

Paul Mcg Estados Unidos de América

They look like they are having a good time. Very nice. Paul Mcg

DANIEL Estados Unidos de América


Pete Reino Unido

42 and 57 Anna S is clearly a very attractice woman but Olga D tends to shine again here, just look at 42 and 57 with that smouldering look into the camera. I'm sure this is old material but you need to get Olga D back. Prefer her shaved and blonde, but she has a great body that I need to see more of.

Kevin Reino Unido

Bed on Fire Hi Guys. Wouldn't you bet your last dollar that Petter has made a film of this as well as this. I can't wait to see it. Petter, since I joined I must admit that the site is getting better everyday. O.K. it costs me more than my mortgage each month but Anna S and Yanna and Patricia are worth it. Kevin.

Paul Reino Unido

Anna & Olga - bed Utterly exquisite - the best couple-set so far, for me. What makes it particularly so, is the fine precise bush on Olga. Oh Petter, marvellous!

JP Estados Unidos de América

Anna S and Olena O? How about an all-star meeting between Anna S and Olena O? That would just be the hottest pair ever. Aren't those two both from the Ukraine anyway? Shouldn't be hard to make it happen, right?

w m Nueva Zelanda

Olga D From your previews during your photo session in Ukraine 2007, there looks like you still have more photos of Olga D and Anna S together fumbling in bed, please publish them soonest possible, thanks. Olga D is simply superb!

ardunbye Reino Unido

Anna & Olga bed on fire I am not a trained fire-fighter but I definitely have a 'hose' I could put to good use in this situation.

Robert Lee Estados Unidos de América

more sex it would be nice if they got into it a little more.

Anna S, Olga D bañera | June 17th, 2008
Anna S, Olga D bañera
Ortis Reino Unido

my god these two are so beautiful together

Blake Reino Unido

warm water When I become ruler of the world, I want a bath like this. This water is on fire.

wm Nueva Zelanda

Olga D & Anna S in 'bathtub" Thank you for the latest set of Olga D and Anna S in ‘bathtub’; beside the very limited variation of this set and the previous sets ‘lover’ and ‘girlfriends’, I reckon you still have photos of more amorous action of the two, but we run out of names, may be we can name it ‘love affair’, any chance of seeing this photo set soon? Olga’s slender alluring body, sweet and gentle facial complexion reminds me my teenage sweet heart in my high school years, marvellous. I really want to see more of her solo set if possible, but I think you have run out of her material, she hasn’t been featured solo in 2008. While you are introducing new models; there are a few existing ones in your line up, that due to their unique beauty and body built, I consider them are timeless beauties and warrant to be a more regular feature in your update (say at least twice a month); I am talking about the two Ukrainian models, Olga D and Alya, their slender and graceful statue resemble the most beautiful stage of human female form, a stage borderline between a late teen and a young woman. And these two are seemed unique; their body forms stay that way. (They will be in perfection if having the same Brazilian waxing treatment that Anna S had.) I strongly suggest Olga D and Alya to be featured in your next photo session in Thailand; and possibly with one or two new comer, but must as beautiful and with comparable body built. I have seen these two photographed together else where (I know we are not suppose to mention names of other sites here); and they are indeed breathtakingly incredible; but sadly that other site failed to capture more on camera; I consider Herger Art is extremely fortunate to still have these two in your line up; please produce more material of them, either solo or together to grace the pages of the site and for us member to enjoy; you won’t regret it, and more likely to thank me in the years to come. And if they are more regular featured here, I will be tempted to be a long term member. W M HA member

Dave Francia

Anna S, Olga D, total beauty, total contrast, total respect. Cheers!

terminus_h Eslovenia

great set, and one would think Anna S would be just shining next to Olga D. In this particular one, it ain't so, and Olga D is clearly stealing the show.

Pete Reino Unido

Olga D Olga D does shine here against a very attractive model but it was her last set, Petter can you get her back for a final retirement set, she was a great asset to your site?

Anna S, Olga D amantes | May 28th, 2008
Anna S, Olga D amantes
sirstefanofb Australia

Wonderful..... Petter you are the best. Thank you for bringing us such deligtful images upon which we can each build our own fantasy... and then spend the next 3 months endeavouring to live out that fantasy!

Luclaf Canada

Anna Olga set Very cute girls, nice pic set, but... some variety of poses would have been more appreciated.

JP Estados Unidos de América

Outtakes Can we see the outtakes where Olga puts her mouth on Anna S's left nipple and just sucks it? God, that would be awesome!!

wm Nueva Zelanda

Olga D & Anna S in lovers Smashing, one of the prime reasons I joined your site is for these two, more please, I reckon from your promotional material, there are more photos in the set. Also I like to see more of Olga D. I think she is the best in Hrgre art; 10 out of 10.

terminus_h Eslovenia

Olga D has yet again outshone Anna S, who appears uninspired in this one

ville Finlandia

I could stare at picture #18 forever. Those eyes..

Anna S. Olga D. baño para dos | January 25th, 2008
Anna S. Olga D. baño para dos
JP Estados Unidos de América

Smokin' in the Shower Anna S. is definetely one of the hottest Hegre models. Would love to see her with some wet bush like Olga D.

Michael Canada

That last photo makes me want to get in on the action for sure.

Rainman Canada

pure beauty. What sweeties!

Dragon India

A film of these two girls in the bath is very much desired. And as always a jaw dropping set. Dragon

craig hepburn Nueva Zelanda

two absolutely natural girls and O how i would love to be in a chair just watching and then putting the cream on and helping washing it off. O please can we have more.

SKATER DUDE Estados Unidos de América

not to be rude but this gave me a big woody also pure beauty A+

terminus_h Eslovenia

Olga D has pretty much led the show all the way until the end, when Anna S picked up to show her beauty - tie

HEH313 Alemania

ANNA who else I´d easily marry Olga D. (if she agreed of course), but I would die for Anna if need be!

Anna S. Olga D. más que amigas | April 24th, 2008
Anna S. Olga D. más que amigas
Crozzers Reino Unido

Strewth!!!! Petter, could we swop jobs for a couple of weeks?? Life can be so unfair!!!

Igor Reino Unido

Great shoot with these two models as ever - oh and let me throw in my usual request that I do every two months (sighs always ignored) - it'd be soooooooooo sexy to see these two ladies undressing each other.

JP Estados Unidos de América

Anna S. - S is for Sensual I just love Anna S. lesbian flavored galleries. How about one with Anna S. and Linda L. I just loved their fondling of each other in the "Midnight Pool Party" film. Anna S. is certainly not only one of the most beautiful models on Hegre, but also one of its most sensual.

sirstefanofb Australia

Petter.... THIS is waht 'Dreams are made of'... So, if you don't mind I will just 'dream' for a while and see what pops up... Zzzzzzzzzzzz and on arriving home, late one night, as I climb the stairs looking forward to finally resting my weiry body... I turn on the light to find these two lovely girls gracing my four poster bed... suddenly sleep no longer seems important and all my aches and pains simply melt away.... and then I wake up... Damn!

Luclaf Canada

Anna & Olga Olga little tiny breast drive me nuts. Too close models prevent us to appreciate their total beauty, but ... nice set anyway. We also need variety :)

jay Estados Unidos de América

Anna S Can you show Anna S doing some stretching videos/pics and doing the splits like a cheerleader.

alex Reino Unido

anna/olga two incredibly sexy women.

sirstefanofb Australia

I'm with you Jay.... Anything that would result in the 'gap' betwwen Anna's legs being ever widened.... is Ok by me!

robin Estados Unidos de América

Olga and last pic... love the set, Olga is really turning into a beautiful young woman.. and the last pic in the set is friggin gr8! =P

terminus_h Eslovenia

Anna S is more stunning in this one

Hannes Alemania

Olga D& Anna S This beauties are the best,thank you Petter, for the shots of Anna S and Olga D. Each of the girl has her own incredible beauty. Amazing!

HEH313 Alemania

ANNA and Olga Olga, I´d still marry you; Anna I´d still die for you!

Mal C Canada

Anna and Olga are stunning girls in their own right, but look like they are just going through the motions for the camera in these pics. They don't have the intense chemistry of my favorites, Marlene and Olena...those two are really into each other in my mind:-)

Anna S. Olga D. besando | November 14th, 2007
Anna S. Olga D. besando
igor Reino Unido

A much looked forward to gallery. So rare on any website to see two such lovely models paired up. Great to see how at ease they are with each other. Misgivings about their decisions no longer to bleach their hair. I think we have slipped back from stunning to merely gorgeous. :)


Where are the kisses? Just showing fakes.

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful!!! A beautiful and erotic set. I think the darker hair looks great on both of them, especially Olga, who has always been one of my favorites.

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

two of the most ..... Two of the most beautiful women in the entire world. Even with the silly cream iamgery aside; still a wonderful gallery.

michael Canada

a waste my friend,......2 fantastic women,.... about as erotic as a postage stamp,.....where is the heat???

Tre Reino Unido

Disagree with Igor both look stunning as Brunettes - much better. Awesome gallery.

IR Estados Unidos de América

So sexy! These are now my favorite girls!

Mark Reino Unido

Brunettes Wow, even more gorgeous as brunettes. What a stunning pair of girls. It's amazing how much prettier and more natural they look. I love the way they and smiling and laughing.

Olivier Francia

A bit dissapointed... Sensual, very nice Girls but no really kiss...

Dave Reino Unido

Wow Both girls look fantastic as brunettes. Olga in particular looks like a different woman. Sorry Igor but fake blonde just doesn't cut it, and thank the Gods Olga and Anna have gone back to their natural color

jtarockstar Estados Unidos de América

igor is wrong. They are so much better looking as brunette's. Oh how I wish I was the meat in that sandwich

KJS Estados Unidos de América

OlgaD as a brunette vs blonde ... Wow, I really like OlgaD as a brunette. Really dramatizes/frames her lovely eyes in a way the blonde look does not.

Kevin Mc Manus Reino Unido

You label this as kissing. They are touching lips.Thats NOT kissing. When you are good, you are 101% excellent. I love Yanna. Why do so many of your models not actually show their vagina. What are your rules regarding this.

terminus_h Eslovenia

another nice set, with Anna S this time around coming on top

HEH313 Alemania

Anna and Olga, you are leaving my knees weak!

Olga D. resplandeciente | September 4th, 2007
Olga D. resplandeciente
John Verpaalen Holanda

Olga D. Shining Beautiful girl, horrible background....

David Estados Unidos de América

Olga D. shining What a wonderful woman! Olga D.'s delicate arms and superbly slender thighs, beautifully captured in her rear view photos, display what a genetic masterpiece she is. These features are properly appreciated when not distracted by Olga D.'s sophisticated face, adorably cute, perky, perfect breasts and stunningly attractive and satisfying-looking pussy. I love that sexy blonde hair down there. What an amazing tummy - impossibly perfect in its flatness - and a cute belly button one couldn't possibly resist poking. I will treasure these pictures, along with those taken in the same room in February, before Olga D. applied the oil. Thank you very much. (Be sure to download photo #6 in xxxl. It's one of the all-time greats.)

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Olga D The young and lithe beauty of Olga D stirs great emotions in me, Petter. Your camera seems to captures her essesnce with each set. You are the Master. Thanks again.

Mister Alemania

shave this Girl

Mister Alemania

Pleas, shave this nice Girl, Thanks!

FastEddie Estados Unidos de América

Nice ! definately not my mother's baby oil

Michael Canada

Olga D. shining What a beautiful woman and what a professional work. It's wonderful to see a woman how's not shaved but trimmed in this time period, who everybody want's to see shaved girls. I would like to see of them here at Hegre. Thanks

JP Estados Unidos de América

Peter, don't listen to the people out there who constantly demand your models to shave. These are women with individuality and maturity. Stop trying to make them all look like they're young by asking them to shave.

rj Estados Unidos de América

I just love these sets with Olga and also love the oil! and I agree with David about #6! perfect pose. And JP I agree with you too about the shaving, let the girls do as they wish with such personal things. Thanks Petter and thanks a lot Olga!!


Olga D hairy Please give her a razor!!!

DANIEL Estados Unidos de América


ardunbye Reino Unido

Olga D shining How will you 'de-shine' Olga, with sand-paper, emery cloth or can I do it bare handed?

Steff Estados Unidos de América

Olga beauty shine She is a very beautiful elegant slender special model.

Olga D. menudita exhibicionista | October 5th, 2007
Olga D. menudita exhibicionista
justin Observr Estados Unidos de América

A natural Olga! perfectly porportioned. especially like the trim - it shows vitality, adds maturity and even some mystery (shaved just seem so baren and common - and Olga is neither). thanks for keeping all the beauty everywhere, Olga.

fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

a pulcratue of posing purrrrfection SWEET

Jackson Reino Unido

Olga she is so beautiful

Will Reino Unido

Olga D The sweetest face on the site for sure.

Corey Reino Unido

I love the delicate, skinny models. And Olga doesn't disappoint. Give us more!

David Estados Unidos de América

Olga D. petite poser I'm looking at #27 at 6000 px, and oh, what a privilege. Stunning and incredible are appropriate words for Olga D.'s beauty, but not strong enough. Olga D. is incomparable. This set is outstanding photography of the world's most beautiful woman. The pictures really show off Olga's beautiful blonde hair and her flawless skin. I love all the profile shots, with her butt up in the air, ready for intercourse, showing off her superbly skinny, delicate body. What an incredible shot of Olga's face in #7! What a lovely, sexy pussy Olga has! Please add pictures of Olga every week. Thank you.

Ron Estados Unidos de América

beautiful I would surely pay double to see more pictures of Olga. Regardless the new girls I always return to Olga. For me the most beautiful by far. Is there a way to find out what she is up to now?

Olga D. cocina | November 26th, 2007
Olga D. cocina
Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Olga D kitchen Great set of photos! Olga looks prettier, healthier, and happier! She is flawless and more beautiful than ever! Her youthful good looks and health are really sexy!

Tony loves Alya Puerto Rico

A woman's place A woman's place is not in the kitchen. Although Olga in any room is just fine with me. Maybe Olga could visit Alya. Now that would be worth a few billion mega pixels.

lamoid Estados Unidos de América

olga in the kitchen Petter, you are an incredibly talented photographer. The detail in your photographs is reminisent of Ansel Adams. But I prefer your "landscapes" to his. Most of your models are exquisite. I especially like the very slender, long legged ones like Alya, Janina, Caro, Gislane, Anias, Eva S., Anne (the Norwegian girl, who you have not featured in years) and, of course, Olga, who is fantastically beautiful. Perhaps it's because the first girl I fell in love with from afar was Lesley Hornby, a.k.a. Twiggy. But along with that love of long-legged skinny girls came an especially intense attraction to their long legs. Apparently legs are not of much interest to you. That's fine; to each his own. However, I am so disappointed when one of your photosets from one of these lovely models does not have a single shot of her legs, all the way from hips to toes. Would you consider, please, for those of us like me (although I have a somewhat unusual thing for legs, many more guys are into feet) would you please consider putting in one or two legs & feet shots into most, if not every set?

David Estados Unidos de América

Olga D. kitchen Thank you for these stunning, amazing pictures of the most beautiful woman who ever lived. Olga D. is my dream. To lamoid: make sure you look at the sets Olga D. Petite Poser and Olga D. Standing Tall for a breathtaking look at Olga's exquisite legs. I can't fail to mention Olga D.'s adorable breasts. They are so cute! Finally, Olga D. has between her legs the most stunningly attractive pussy. I would love to have more intimate photos of Olga D. Yanna can show her the way.

Luclaf Canada

Olga to improve Cute little thing, but please moist her lips and shave a little better.


Oh My God!!! I wanna be that chaire!!!

Ron Estados Unidos de América

Olga D Olga continues to bring beauty to her pictures. Her beautiful smile poises bring feeling of warmth. Please continue with your pictures as your modeling grows. You are my favorite model.

ardunbye Reino Unido

Olga D kitchen A lovely and natural beauty but but where did Olga 'de-kitchen'? I could bring a hamper but would have no eyes for food other than this delicious morsel.

Ron Estados Unidos de América

Olga D. Wish we could have another look at Olga D. Of all the models she is the most beautiful.

Olga D. rubia y hermosa | October 22nd, 2007
Olga D. rubia y hermosa
sirstefanofb Australia

Olga D is a very beautiful Girl... but I wish she would shave her quim

alex Reino Unido

olga d olga always looks fantastic,such a beautiful woman.

David Estados Unidos de América

Olga D. blond and beautiful Olga D. is your cutest, most beautiful and sexiest model. Her face and silky hair are amazing. I can't go any farther without mentioning Olga's stunning, wonderful eyes. (See pictures #6 and #41.) The setting was great to show off her flawless skin. I love her delicate arms, beautiful hands and slender fingers. Olga is superbly slender, yet with lovely curves. Oh, that cute, flat tummy! And how could I not mention Olga's lovely, cute, adorable pussy... so beautiful and satisfying looking. Olga D. is the world's most beautiful and cutest woman. Thanks to Olga and Petter for perfection!

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Olga D I really like Olda D. She is so lovely and delicate. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Tansterman Estados Unidos de América

Adorable Pictures of her laughing and smiling are what make her particularly adorable!

steve turner Australia

Natural Beauty Beautiful unshaven- beautiful skin-beautiful face -beautiful body -beautifuly photographed.....

SE Estados Unidos de América

Nice to see a model with fur and long hair who doesn't look like everyone else.

Steffen Braun Estados Unidos de América

Olga D Really beautiful elegant slender girl. Great in front of the camera. I'm in love!

Lars Suiza

Olga ist ein bildhübsches Mädchen, tolle Ausstrahlung, schlank, kleine Brüste, schönes Gesicht, wundervoll

Olga D. cama roja | June 14th, 2007
Olga D. cama roja
fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

there isnt an extra ounce on olga's body ! she is very attractive. Nice shoot ! I'll take one of those. What a doll

Lucababy Canada

Olga She's really a marvel. Congratulations to the photograph for these, outstanding quality and poses.

steve turner Australia

Hair hair is sexy, a model who can pose

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Perfect Absolutely gorgeous. Perfect face, perfect body, perfect bush.

Christo Estados Unidos de América

Olga Bed A beautiful girl spread out on a bed, waiting and willing. What more could you ask for? Well, perhaps a little gentler lighting to set the mood, and it would be perfect?

Alya Lover Estados Unidos de América

Twins Please give us a set with Olga D and Anna S. together. A little twisting and turning. A little touching and tingling. Come on Peter. Let it be your 4th of July present to America.

Fifty 50 Reino Unido

Olga d Nice to see a slim girl with a perfect body with a little bush hair left on. More bush please. 50/50

fotoman Estados Unidos de América

Possibly the best photoshoot I've seen. Incredible model, incredible photography... and thanks for not ruining the work with Photoshop, like so many other sites do!!!

phboy4 Estados Unidos de América

She has a cute little bumm and you need to add a few more bumm shots to this lovely mix, thanks!!!

John Estados Unidos de América

Cute, sexy and perfect bush! Need more like this with hairy pussy!

Olga D. posando en aceite | August 3rd, 2007
Olga D. posando en aceite
sirstefanofb Australia

A truely beautiful creature, such a gorgeous face and magnificent breasts, damned shame she sits facing us, naked with knees wide apart, yet we are none the wiser with regards to the beauty of her pussy... Petter, I would pay double my annual subscription if only you would present Olga D, spread wide and fully shaven.... Sir Stefan

tomcat Suiza

i think we need an olga d. "oily" special MONTH...:-)

jason evans Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful girl!But, WTF was that look in the first pic about???!!!LOL

David Estados Unidos de América

Olga D. oily sitting you need to see Olga D. red bed from June 14. I must emphatically disagree. It would be a crime against nature for Olga to shave her stunningly beautiful pussy. Olga D. is the most attractive and perfect woman I have ever seen. Please don't oil her up anymore, by the way. Petter, please start an all-Olga D. site.

baudolino73 Alemania

I agree with the shaved spread thing! Same with Alya and Caro please!

Chief Thunder Alemania

That´s not beautiful! Look at her arms! They are thin like matches! Give her something to eat!

Jozua Canada

Olga Too Thin!!!

Perfectionist España

Guyssssss, thanks God Petter is not listening all of your orders...."please shave her", "please oil her", " please spread her legs"....like she is a doll or something.....She is a person and if she chose to be skinny and not shaven we just have to respect that.

Chief Thunder Alemania

@ Perfectionist: What you say is totally ridiculous!!!

Tony Estados Unidos de América

Look if you are a feminist I don't care what they look like it's their personality type why are you here?

wolinbert Alemania

Olga D, oily sitting At last an unshaven girl. Would like to see more of her.

FastEddie Estados Unidos de América

olga d i am truly mesmerized , by olga hypnotic beauty. shaven or no what care I ? So So sweet !!!

Tansterman Estados Unidos de América

Love that first picture I love her expression in the first picture of this series. It's hilarious and shows a more human side to a model's personality that's rare in many of these types of photo shoots.

Lars Suiza

Olga is very cute, nice small breasts, a wonderfull girl

Olga D. en la cocina | August 22nd, 2007
Olga D. en la cocina
Alya Lover Tony Estados Unidos de América

Competition In my humble opinion, Olga D is Alya's closest competition. She beautiful and stunning to look at. She has charisma and charm. She's got a beautiful face and perfect body. Any body that gives her less than a 10 is blind or somehow mentally handicapped.

Dan from Texas Estados Unidos de América

Olga D in kitchen.... Wow! Olga D is a jewel! I can't wait for more of her .... without oil too!

Nelson Noruega

olga vs. alya guys... nothing can compare to Alya!!!! if i was not a married man i would send in the mr right form right away. would be a honor to meet Alya in person!!! check it out: http://www.hegre-art.com/mr_right/Alya_2.html

fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

olga d in the kitchen perfect

sirstefanofb Australia

Well I sure aint blind, nor mentally handicapped, but its a 7 from me.... That dont mean that Olga D does not have one hell of a great body, fantastic hair and beautiful face, but I have seen better 'packages'and any 'hirsute' girl, will struggle hard to earn a 10 from me... SirStefan

Franco Italia

Supersexy! Normally I feel denim is sexy but in this last series there is an outstanding sexiness in every photos. Olga D is always a great model and here she is so hot and lovely she looks a wonderful dream.

gareth Estados Unidos de América

great smile, nice physique - i'd like to see more of her body! get friendly with the camera, Olga! :)

Olga D, aceite para bebé | July 18th, 2007
Olga D, aceite para bebé
FastEddie Estados Unidos de América

stunning beauty

Barney Australia

Thanks god Olga is going natural, very sexy!

alex Reino Unido

olga d incredibly sexy

Lucababy Canada

Olga beauty Mr. Hegre, I know that I have been quite severe commenting some of your shootings, but this time let me tell you that you have surpassed yourself. Stunning beauty model and outstanding poses and pictures quality. Thanks for your piece of art.

Jan Holanda

She's so tangible it's almost unbearable.

JP Estados Unidos de América

Nice Glistening hairy pussy I like a little hair down there and Olga D has got the sexiest moist snatch I've seen in a long time.

Olga D impactante | March 3rd, 2007
Olga D impactante
alex Reino Unido

olga d fantastic body,what a beauty.

Rolf-Dieter Lettenmayer Alemania

Olga_D A new wonderful face and a arousing body, thanks for these beautiful photos

Ralph Estados Unidos de América

Olga Very nice. Very sexy girl with an incredible butt.

Hawkeye Estados Unidos de América

Olga D Stunning wow....

Ivar Getz Estados Unidos de América

kaboom wow. I havent been shook by a blonde since, well i cant remember the last one. Cute girl-great smile.

Pete Reino Unido

Definately Stunning Olga is a gorgeous girl, great attitude, lovely legs, skin tone and one hell of agreat slender body. Very very sexy and can I request an Olga D week please

gareth Estados Unidos de América

cute model. nice, petite body.. GREAT booty, when bent over :)

jimmy Estados Unidos de América

Perfect. Slender. Blond. Pretty face. Fantastic ass.

FastEddie Estados Unidos de América

olga d olga rules! She is drop dead beautiful ! Boy fantasy ....nibble on that lower lip uh huh!!!! Olga's face says okay boys lets have some fun. Nice

Franco Italia

Work of beauty. Wonderful series, this is a creation of work of beauty! If art is emotion you will find plenty of emotion in this Olga's series. Warmness and hotness as well as cuteness and beauty, yes Olga is a perfect model, very gorgeous.

Dutchman Canada

Olga D Stunning Stunning indeed! How refreshing to see a beautiful model with her pubic hair intact.

terminus_h Eslovenia

beautiful model; no wonder that in some sets, she is outshining one of the top models of the site Anna S

Hannes Alemania

Olga D Fantastic only a sweater, a very sexy serie!! And how she look,sweet,innocent or inquiringly... absolut great! She and Anna S are my favorite :-) Thanks to Petter & Team, and of course Olga D ! Hannes

gordie Estados Unidos de América

this is if not one of the most beautiful set of photos on the site where is olga she is most stunningly beautiful as a blond

Al Botswana

Olga D is absolutely gorgeous!!! My favourite model by far :)

Mal C Canada

One shot of this gorgeous girls sexy labia is hardly enough for me!

wamba Reino Unido

I know where I want to spend the evening

Ron Estados Unidos de América

Olga D. Of all the beautiful women on your site Olga D. is still my favorite. Each time I must look at her before I leave. Please try to get her back. I want more of her.

Olga D. en las alturas | February 8th, 2007
Olga D. en las alturas
Ted Canada

Lithe Olga D. Beautiful face, enticing eyes, perfect fine complexion(skin),kissable mouth, nice slim body. I love her natural pubic hair, but don't like her claws(finger nails)

Rolf-Dieter Lettenmayer Alemania

Olga_D Olga is miraculous beautiful, a joy for everyones eyes and a very talented naturally model

ben Estados Unidos de América

tall ? so are the giant sequoias, grand teton, sear/eiffel tower, empire building so i guess theres beauty in "tall"

Pete Reino Unido

Wow How many adjectives would uou like to describe Olga's stunning beauty. First she is extremely pretty. love the long blonde hair, super slim body, great skin tones, cute tits, great arse, natural personality and add to it all she smiles. Lots lots more of this great model please.

David Estados Unidos de América

Olga is my dream woman. Where do I start? How about the cutest, most perfect body I have ever seen? Olga is superbly slender, with amazing curves, flat tummy and long, delicate arms, yet she doesn't look underweight. Her side views, such as 020, show off her tiny waist and stunning legs. Olga's face has a beauty that will last for decades. Her features are perfect and inviting. It must be an amazing pleasure to kiss her full lips. I could not write this without commenting on Olga's silky blonde hair, which is complemented wonderfully by her gorgeous, natural pussy hair. I absolutely love Olga's pussy!

dennis Estados Unidos de América

More of this stunning woman. I would like her to model lingrie. Prefer white on a thin body and back on a fully body. She is so slim that white would look very alluring on her.

DANIEL Estados Unidos de América


Olga D aire libre | May 16th, 2007
Olga D aire libre
gozo Estados Unidos de América

too beautiful to photograph !

Blake Krosse Reino Unido

the eyes have it Cool pics, she looks cold, but it does suit her piercing eyes.

koelner2309 Canada

What a dream Olga is a real dream Girl. Thanks, for the wonderful Photo Serie.

Dave Francia

A very nice gallery. With such a pretty face one would almost prefer that Olga D. kept her clothes on so that we could concentrate on just that (I'm joking of course!).

gareth Estados Unidos de América

WOW - the eyes face & hair take Olga to the front of the race! Just need some waxing, down below, and she'll take 1st place!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

OLGA KEEP THAT NATURAL, FURRY LOOK BETWEEN YOUR LEGS. Unlike Gareth, I find women with wholly natural bodies (i.e. with fur between the legs) to be VERY SEXY.

Olga D rubia aceitosa | January 17th, 2007
Olga D rubia aceitosa
richard Estados Unidos de América

Olga's modeling She is great. Olga is a perfect model and the fact that she appears here is proof of that. I have never seen a more beautiful woman even though it is true that I have seen many many beautiful women. Olga has a presence neverbefore seen and in the imagination she is really 'my girl'. Ok Olga I admit it. I love ya darling. Other than that I think Olga can make it as a supermodel worldwide. I hope she don't realize that cause I would like to see much much more of her here photographed by Petter...maybe one of those weeks of "her" "A week of Olga". All I can say is 'Olga...I love ya baby!' You are a great lady and I appreciate you very very very much. I give to you all the thanks and admiration any person can give to another. Richard Gerhardt

Pete Reino Unido

Wow Wow! Definately into Yanna territory here, Olga is pretty with a great slim, slender and sexy body and a real gutsy attitude just like Yanna. Lets see lots more of Olga and if she is as flexible as Yanna we might have a challenger to Yanna's title of the body perfect

Dave Francia

I must be the only man on the face of the earth who does not like like oil - Help I need therapy! Nonetheless Olga D is nice.

Aaron Estados Unidos de América

more greasy women please

geroki Alemania

give me more GREAT!

Nicko Estados Unidos de América

I agree, love the sexy oily photos. There is something about a greased up nude woman that is so incredibly erotic. Love the pixx, now, hopefully more of her, especially showing her hot spot.

Benny Suecia

Olga D oily blondy I love that Olga isn't shaved. A cute dark (or blonde) triangle above the pelvis is a rel treat with the only purpose to mesmerize and tease, it also shows that this is a mature woman and not a child.

Johnny D Japón

Breathless! It is totally amazing that Olga is bold enough to flash her beautiful genital. Looking forward to seeing lots of her lovely and sexy nude photos from now on.

jimmy Estados Unidos de América

What a hot erotic photo shoot. I love all the ass shots. Olga has a very hot bottom.

fasteddie Estados Unidos de América

there are blondes, pretty blondes, beautiful blondes and then there is olga d a drop dead speechless blonde and ditto for all the other photo shoots... this is olga d and this is a beautiful world

ardunbye Reino Unido

Olga D oily blondy #Oil-ly one mor-orning, just as the sun was ri-ising# Sorry, she just brings a song to my heart.An absolute DISH.

Steff Estados Unidos de América

Olga D I am me3smorized by this beautiful and very elegant model.

Olga D Películas COMENTARIOS

Anna S y Olga D Bellezas Naturales | December 18th, 2007
Anna S y Olga D Bellezas Naturales
alex Reino Unido

duo two fantastic,beautiful women.

steven kanor Estados Unidos de América


Tre Reino Unido

Two of the hottest girls on sitein one of the hottest films ever. Awesome stuff, keep the two girl films coming.

dude Reino Unido

Anna S looks great as a brunette, much better than as a blond.

Dave56 Francia

How many of us out there dreamt that we were the lucky guys applying the cream! Ahhh! if only!

peter Reino Unido

annas an olga yes two real beauties, lovely bodies too, love to be able to give them a massage too, also thought they both look hot

terminus_h Eslovenia

wonderful film with two beautiful ladies: Anna S is stunning, yet Olga D is on a par with her

dennis Estados Unidos de América

name of the song these women are incrediable. who sings the song in this video it's driving me nuts cause i can't figure out who it is...

oyvind Noruega

music the artist singing is named Dahlia

HEH313 Alemania

"Music and beauty" A true sample of worship to woman! Thank you Petter! Olga, I could fall in love with you! Anna, I have fallen in love with you!

Artfinder Estados Unidos de América

Olga cut short - why? If I had been the photographer, I would have stayed focused on Olga being massaged by Anna S. at the beginning. What an opening scene that was!! The angle; Olgas gorgeous bottom. Why the photographer cut short (edited) such a great view is beyond me.

panzer969 Estados Unidos de América

Great Video This is a nice gem to have unearthed. Thanks again.

strungout1 Estados Unidos de América

RE: Great Video sexy but it would be even better with the natural sounds instead of the music!

Olga D Jacuzzi | July 3rd, 2007
Olga D Jacuzzi
FastEddie Estados Unidos de América

join her heck yess

steven kanor Estados Unidos de América

sianfilm more...this was one of your best

steven kanor Estados Unidos de América

sianfilm more...this was one of your best...sian is incredible steve

nutcrackr Australia

Incredible film, a fine example of the quality of hegre-art.

Hannes Alemania

Olga D Wonderful film ! It shows how cute and lovely she is in reality. I love her sweet nose:-)

Olga D En aceite | February 6th, 2007
Olga D En aceite
alex Reino Unido

olga d great movie,olga is terrific,one incredibly sexy woman.

ben Estados Unidos de América

olga d exquisite movie yeah!! and the combination of pink breast and oil have always kept my engine running... this movie is sick... and olga is more than enough to get anyone kranked... this movie is certainly a treasure Nice job everyone !!!!

SeptemberBug Noruega

Slippery and sexy Olga D is absolutely adorable! I love watching your models soak themselves i baby oil, and Olga D is no exception. Yummy! The music is cool too, by the way. And when she made those gestures towards the end of the clip, my eyes opened up a little wider... This is a good one, Petter! I hope to see more of her.

Ron Estados Unidos de América

Olga Thank you once again Johnson & Johnson. I'd love to see more films like this. The music was a good choice.

bob Estados Unidos de América

wanna see these lovely slavic blondes with full blonde bushes please!

Nikita Estados Unidos de América

Olga D More, more, more!!! What a beatiful girl!!

ric México

olga d very cute girl and a sexy video, but maybe she would look better with 5 lbs. more of weight

bruno Suiza

OLGA D show her feeets the are nice !!

Mac Alemania

Olga D. Olga is one of the cutest girls I've seen in a long time and after just 3 sets and 1 movie already one of my favourite models here. She seems so delicate and shy, yet very confident and comfortable in front of the camera. Very good work from the both of you and rest of the team, of course. I hope we will see more of her in the future.

lécole jean-marc Francia

olga d olga is perfect

Ron Estados Unidos de América

Olga D OlgaD is the prettiest model. I enjoy her beautiful smile. Also her perfect body. Please tell her hello and I wish her the very best in her career.

Steff Estados Unidos de América

Olga D Very erotic and beautiful model. My heart is beating faster!