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Orsi Profile

Name: Orsi
Country: Hungary
Weight: 56kg
Height: 175cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Student/Model

A Class Act

Welcome along Hungarian model Orsi. Petter Hegre had to spend a good amount of time pursuing Orsi to bring her here to Hegre-Art.com. But we are sure you will agree it was a worthwhile process!

Brunette Orsi is an experienced model but very rarely poses nude. And even then it is usually for top publications such as Perfect 10, FHM and Matador. With her perfect proportions it is easy to see why she is in such high demand.

Orsi is a very calm, confident and classy girl. She is intelligent and refined and is presently in her third year at university studying architecture. They say that men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses but when Orsi puts on her spectacles she looks like the sexiest school teacher you could ever wish to meet!

The perfect combination of brains and natural beauty, Hegre-Art is proud to have this exquisite model join the team.

Orsi white bikini September 24th, 2009
Tits... or Ass?
The only thing sweeter that Orsi's spectacular tits is her sweet ass. I would have difficulty deciding where to shoot my steadily increasing load.
White Bikini
The material of her white bikini fits so snug it creates a perfect camel-toe.
Great shot of her from behind her bikini bottoms.........perfect ass!!
Where'd you go?
I really miss this model.
Je vais le dire en français. Votre site est vraiment exceptionnel. J'y suis seulement depuis quelques heures. Je vous fait compliment de votre niveau d'excellence. Nous sommes bien au-delà d'un site érotique. C'est de la photo, de l'art. Ce modèle est de tout premier ordre. Encore bravo à Hegre, à Orsa et au photographe. Merci.
This is very hot stuff! Still on top as one of the best models Hegre-Art.com has to offer sensational!! Orsi you are beautiful!
always nice to see orsi
Dr. No
Orsi is channeling Ursula Andress in that white bikini. Nice!
Best set yet from this model... nice nipples and perfect pussylips.
Classic Orsi
Looking relaxed and happy in a familiar role ~ and very sexy too. I love the mound of her voluptuous vulva seductively covered by those gorgeous panties.
Orsi white bikini
I know it's putting the Orsi before the cart but I'd love to have her displayed on a wagon to show the world how majestic and beautiful the female shape is.
Orsi is like fine wine, always enjoyable.
When are we going to get some videos of this magnificent woman?
Orsi massage part2 July 30th, 2009
A paragon of perfection
Oh to see every voluptuous curve of Orsi's body glistening!! What a treat! I think this has to be the first shoot in which she has spread her legs this wide. I have long desired to see the full beauty of her pussy, and oh my, what a glorious pussy she has! Thank you Orsi!
didn't see the other set....
OK......the front looks nice....
what about turning over?
Orsi thank you for the close-up tour of the erotic landscape of your body. I thoroughly enjoyed your every small crease, fold and curve. For me there is nothing crude in the close-up view of perfection. Your body is far from expressionless to me:-) You are a vibrant celebration of womanhood.
God's gift
Orsi is such a stunning woman and is my ultimate dream girl. She is an extremely beautiful woman....a very gorgeous face and an absolutely stunning body with all the perfect womanly bits. I especially like this set where she reveals her complete beauty...I am dying to see more of her...Jason
Loved this set. You looked sexy and beautiful, just wished there more shots of your lovely face.
Getting better and better every time. Thanks. Paul Mcg
Sold your Soul
Orsi what have done! You had style and a subtle erotism which you have abandoned for this crude and unimaginative posing. You teased and flirted with your eyes and expressions, you were modest but alluring and so classy. Now you expose yourself, prone and expressionless, for the gratification of the prurient.
Orsi reminds me of a classic model, stunning, really stunning, sensual body, 100% real, all of which make her über and then petter has to go and make her shiny! OMgosh. Orsi must have felt sexy, because it shows in the shots. I would imagine it was memorable for our man behind the camera. Orsi, thank you, you are without question, one of the best. Petter, I still want your job! ;¬)
Orsi is hotter than ever
With a new batch of hot models like Domenika, Ama, Brigi, Suzie and Christiana, Orsi still shows them that she is one of the sexiest, most voluptuous babes on the site.
shiny Orsi...
even sexier...if that's possible!
Orsi blue nudes July 3rd, 2009
orsi, why did you disappear?
RE: Photo number 31
Blew my load on a close up pic of tits. AMAZING!!!!
Cette fille est vraiment géniale! Elle est par ailleurs hongroise et mérite donc pleinement qu'il soit parlé d'elle en français.
Orsi: Exquisite!
This photo set captures the essence of Orsi. She is completely nude in every single photo and the simple blue background keeps the focus solely on her. This is nudity of a woman in its purest form. No props, no clothes, no jewelry, no body art, nothing on at all. Everything stripped away and a true look at Orsi. The first shot in the set says it all: an intimate, beautiful photo of a woman in her most honest and natural state. She has great eye contact as if she is looking into the camera saying that this is the true me in every sense of the word. Great set!
What perfect nudes of Orsi! She is absolutely beautiful. Great nudes showing off that gorgeous body!
wow...wow..wow! I can't think of any other words for Orsi's body!
Always a pleasure to see the gorgeous Orsi :) And what an ass! The sweetest rear on all of Hegre Art?
This looks like every other set I've seen of Orsi.
Oris is a beautiful woman with a great body and one of the most gorgeous face here.There are many extremely pretty models here but this is one of the few that are beautiful. Her face with a smile would be fine the rest is extra.
Hello Dan
I have just had the same treatment regarding similar comments made about the artistic merits of this gallery. As Michael says what a waste. Orsi is a very classy and sophisicated young woman who is an artists dream because of her outstanding beauty, her skin tones, bone structure and so importantly because the camera loves her. I mean this gallery is alright, its amusing but this girl has so much potential for say, classic black and white studies. Two galleries in particular stand out "Orsi Light" & "Orsi Shadows" which is brilliant and allows creative scope to move between the aesthetic and erotic within that genre. Wish me luck as I post.
Women have always looked sexier when laughing.
Lovely goofball!!!it's ok to be silly once in a while. I like it!
A perfect ass, gorgeous smile an great body. Or
Orsi has such a beautiful body but she is too tight with it. She has such potential but she needs to loosen up a lot more ala Anna, Yanna and many others fine models. If she could let her hair down, so to speak, she could soar!!!
What a beautiful smile and of course her gorgeous butt too! well worth looking at.
Stupid shots. What a waste considering her beauty and all the great possibilities for photographing her.
You know, if you spent the next month just taking pictures of Orsi, it would be all right with me.
What a beautiful woman....
Orsi black thong June 16th, 2009
Mounds of Joy
Would love to see the natural curling around the curtains.
why no movies!!!
She is fantastic!
This hungarian girl is son lovely, so kind... Thanh you very much Oris. Have a guess.
the all purpose appitizer Beautiful
Orsi looks sexy but uncomfortable in this gallery. Wedgey maybe?
Orsi black thong
Sorry, she's just not 'thinging my thong'. I was bored to tears. I realize we all have our own fancies and I certainly have mine. I do not wish to disparage this girl or her fans and I know my 'Fave's', Gislane,Evi and Dominika C may fall below your standards. So each to their own and Good Luck to Orsi.
what thong???LOL hot and sexy Orsi does it again!!!
She so Cute and kinky .... humm love that dirty look she gives me :) , for sure one of the best Hegre models of all time . keep coming more from her Petter .
Fullsome and gorgeous
A tiny sheer thong, worn backwards and barely concealing her holy of holies, is all Orsi needs to spread those wonderful thighs. The result, a beautiful and very erotic set. Bravo!
To Bare or not To Bare
I just love the way Orsi's inhibitions to spread fly out of the window when her flower is discretely veiled. I am happy because she is quite exquisitely erotic and arouses my emotions. Lovely gallery ~ and a very alluring and beautiful young woman.
Big meaty pussy
I've always loved Orsi stripping off clothing and hope there is a part two to this gallery. She got such a beautiful, voluptuous body with a big meaty pussy just bursting through that black thong. She'd be even sexier with a hairy pussy.
Always loved to be teased by the lovely Orsi.
I Love Orsi! She is so hot....more from her! Keep it coming
Orsi is probably my favorite model...got the love her tits and horny body! Only on this site we can find girls like this...i can only thank you Petter!
Orsi jeans off June 5th, 2009
For me Orsi is the real beauty, you can't get better than her, she is so feminine that you just want to touch her and kiss her mmmmmm, and I am not a lesbian
Beautiful Brunette
What boobs, brunette, and beauty. Do it Orsy. Pic 30 is an amazing shot of those 2 incredible boobs.
Orsi is one of the finest models on here. She is naturally beautiful, and has fantastic breasts!
Orsi is such a cuttie. I love her body and her smile. Thanks to all. Paul Mcg
Jeans - Off
I am sure that many of us have been waiting for you to publish the second set to “Jeans”; what wonderful work! Both yourself and Orsi deserve to share the Pulitzer Prize this year for Journalism in at least 5 categories - Breaking News Photography (the year's top news story “Orsi – jeans off!), Spot News Photography (You have “hit the spot”), Photography (best of the year; an obvious understatement), Investigate Reporting (your photos say thousands of the most elegant words one could put on paper) and Public Service (for putting smiles on the faces of everyman that gazes in admiration upon Orsi and your “jeans off” set)! Thank you and please consider publishing another video of Orsi as you have done in “Orsi – White”.
I always thought Orsi looked best stripping off clothing rather than appearing stark naked. I love her inventive use of the jeans, reminds me of an Anna S gallery a year ago when she wore a shirt upside down, exposing her pussy. Orsi is so sexy because she seems to be enjoying the photo shoot. She is also one of Hegre's most beautiful models. Amazing eyes. Still love those cute button nipples.
LOL the girl likes her jeans!
(everywhere except on her butt!)
Fragrant Orsi
I think Orsi is such delightful young woman with a gorgeously fragrant body and she is a great classical nude model. But I am under the impression she is not comfortable revealing herself. However, one of the most erotic galleries is Orsi Tiny Whities - July 08. This gallery was profoundly arousing, she is and relaxed and clearly enjoying the occasion. The very tiny sexy panties gave her the confidence to express herself so sensuously.