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Stella Profile

Name: Stella
Country: Hungary
Weight: 48kg
Height: 164cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Gentle Soul

Young, shy and with a fragile personality Stella’s first session with Petter Hegre very nearly didn’t happen.

This was to be her first time ever posing for full frontal nudes. She almost got cold feet at the very last minute but thankfully changed her mind and decided to jump in with both feet!

For this we are grateful, as it’s impossible not to notice that she has the look of a young Bo Derek or Sharon Stone! Stella has the silkiest and smoothest skin imaginable and yes those implants you see, which came as quite a surprise to Petter when she arrived for their shoot in Paris.

Stella loves to chat and can spend all night with her laptop in bed. She is not yet sure about what she wants to do in life. During her time in Paris she demanded to eat only at McDonalds. What is it with these Budapest girls?!

Sweet, sexy and youthful - Stella is one to watch!

Stella black stone December 20th, 2008
Stella black stone
Stella is so SUPERFICIAL I'm surprised Petter thought her worthy of a dozen (wasted) galleries.
What a shame - these fake breasts... :-((
Stella is such an overall beautiful women from her great body, wonderful smile, absolutely pretty face. It would have been nice to see her before she made the mistake of artificial breasts.
Stunning Stella...
Love it!
Stella Accessories November 25th, 2008
Very white
She is very white/blonde. I love that. She should come back and do some intense interracial scenes!
hot hot
Stella is so hot and her moves is so sexy
Stella - a Luba will-be
Nicely done video. Stella a Luba-will-be, but on a sleeky scale. I would love to see Luba in this kind of video!
I think Stella is positively beautiful!!!!!
there is no doubt that stella is beautiful,but she seems a little nervous in front of the camera.
nice and simple, great job
sometimes you just need to put the right lady in front of the camara and let her show her stuff. nicely done
Lovely Stella
very nicely done
beautyfully done movie, but the wrong model!!
Stella stardust October 28th, 2008
Nice girl well photographed as always. Although, as I am not american, I don't like her implants. I have often written here that I wish the models smiled occasionally. Am I the only person here who prefers girls to look happy? I find it much sexier.
Stella by Starlight
So nice to see Stella again. Very beautiful. Loved Ira's new film. Thanks again Petter for all you do for us. See ya. Magoo4 from New York
Stella Stardust ....
Lovely lovely lovely young woman. As close to perfect as I will ever see.
Stella sensuality part 2 September 18th, 2008
Stella is a great subject to photograph. She has such wonderful linear definition in her body and terrific curves. She makes such a great nude! Fantastic nude figure study!
Stella, your more beautiful every time. Loved your willingness to share more of your intimacy.
Stella sensuality 2
Indudablemente esta segunda parte es mucho mejor que la primera y Stella está aquí realmente bonita. Stella ha demostrado que sabe estar ante las cámaras y dar lo mejor de ella.
Stella stool August 18th, 2008
Stella Stool
As Fernando said, "Stella does not show it all..." Which is too bad. One great thing about her is Stella's smile. It rivals the inigma of the Mona Lisa. A beauty to be sure!
Despite her fake breasts, Stella is a knock-out. We need to see more of her and more frquently.
Petter .... the more I see of Stella the more I love Stella. She is so hot it hurts!
Stella shows
¿Por qué Stella no hace un 'shows it all' like Ira, Evi y otras apreciadas modelos? Ello mejoraría, sin duda, su valoración.