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Thea Profile

Name: Thea
Country: Germany
Weight: 44kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

Active Athlete

Her name may mean goddess in Greek but it is German and American blood that Thea has running through her veins. And don’t be fooled by her fragile appearance - this 21-year-old powerhouse has will power and determination in spades!

Described by Petter Hegre as ‘An iron will in a small body’ Thea takes her health seriously, and is what you may call something of a fitness fanatic. An Olympic champion in self-discipline - sports, green tea and red wine are her recipe for a healthy mind and body. She also follows a strictly no-carbohydrates diet to keep her figure lean and toned!

Hegre met Thea during a dinner party in Cape Town and with her fine features and super-toned body immediately spotted her potential as a model. The rest, as they say is history…

With her stunning looks, vibrant personality and her steely determination, Thea is certain to succeed in whatever she puts her mind to!

Thea stranded June 19th, 2014
Hey, Thea. Lighten up!
Thea better than ever
Thea just looks totally amazing here better than ever before . Perfection in body and tits .
Thea stranded
Hi Thea: I have missed your delightful freckles and your rock-hard nipples. A warm welcome back!
Why does Thea want to kill me?
Nice to see Thea again
Thea, it's nice to see you back; it has been a while. Let us see more of you real soon.
From the depths of the sea, THEA RETURNS!
ok...THIS is art! LOVELY!!!
Thea Indian ocean October 18th, 2013
Thea indean ...
Great. Thanks.
She is so beautiful, as always!
Looking at Thea staring back at me, well, I blinked first.
I just can't get enough of this woman. Her kind of beauty is eternal. I hope she shares it with the rest of humanity for a long time to come.
The Girl with Nipples
Nipples, freckles and a bad attitude. Very nice...
Always a lover of the sea, THEA took to heart the incantation she learned from the old sailor-shaman, which transformed her into a sleek and far ranging sea lion, thus allowing her to swim with ease the farthest ocean depths. Now with the rising of the sun on the Indian Ocean, she emerges from the waves a Woman anew - beautifully majestic.
hmmm...nice start. would've liked to see a bit more of the front (out of the water). it appears as though Thea has put some meat on her bones! lovely, from what I could tell!
Coxy Flora Thea Zaika beach fitness June 6th, 2013
beach fitness
Discrimination ? Why is our friend not nude ? Nevertheless, Thea, Flora, Coxy, and Zaika, that's paradise on earth.
Awesome setting, awesome setup, how can I get this guy's job. Looks better than mine.
Spice it up
I like the idea and the setting very much. However, I would have appreciated if you had added also some much more voyeuristic pictures to the series. E.g., when the girls are on all fours and lift their legs sideways, shoot from behind, from a low perspective.
Let's keep it in focus
Quality subject matter, but maybe stop down the aperture a bit; there's no reason why one person should be out of focus when they're three feet from the other person. It CAN be artistic, but in this case it's just annoying.
Thea Thailand by Alya May 21st, 2013
Thea has the most perfect butt I have ever seen and her thighs really turn me on.
I'm no photographer, but how is this "by Alya", when Alya is in a third of the shots?
nice work, Alya (and, thea) keep it up! <3
Alya painting Coxy and Thea May 3rd, 2013
love thea e coxy pussy
Iwould like see more of thea e coxy pussy, two marvelous ladies
Sorry, but somehow this reminded me of Castaway! The shots of Coxy sans paint job were spectacular, though. Wish I was stranded on a desert island with her...
I like the photoset
Even though I think color on skin looks much better than color on hair. But I don't want to nag on...
running out of ideas Petter....
Alya painting
Bravo Alya: again we see beauty, colors, joy and humor Congratulations
looks like alya was having a bit TOO MUCH fun there! lol
This would have been a much better, more inspired canvas had both COXY and THEA been painted thoroughly from head to toe. (Remember the photo series "ERIKA & KAROLINA BODY PAINTING"???) What we have have here is little more than a tease --- and a poor one at that.