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Photo of Krista


Photo of Krista
Name: Krista
Country: Russia
Weight: 51kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Model, Dancer

Wild Little Firecracker

Take a walk on the wild side with Krista. She is what you might call a sexy troublemaker! A female black widow spider...

Only look but don't touch because this gorgeous girl just got married. Krista’s gift from her husband on their wedding day fully reflects her unconventional nature. Not the usual ring on the finger for this girl; Krista’s husband’s present to his beautiful wife was a gold ring pierced into her clitoris to mark the occasion!

Krista is known as playboy centerfold girl in her native Russia and also performs as dancer complete with flame throwing in Moscow. Well we did warn you that she was a bit wild!

With her lithe physique, sexy good looks and intimate piercing, Krista is the kind of girl your mother warned you about!

Krista Galleries COMMENTS

Lysa Krista and Ruslana between palms | February 3rd, 2009
Lysa Krista and Ruslana between palms
geroki Germany

pretty, but... pretty Ladies, pretty ambiance, but noticable that there was not the best mood on the set

magoo4 United States

All good things do come in threes. Thanks. magoo4

DANIEL United States

3 girls lokk beautiful holding hands 3 girls look beautiful and sexy holding hands i gave a perfect 10

Lysa Krista and Ruslana 3 nymphs after sunset | January 20th, 2009
Lysa Krista and Ruslana 3 nymphs after sunset
wheeler United States

nice... but,too short!!!lol oh well...better a few GREAT pics than ALOT of so-so pics!

Ortis United Kingdom

Nice!!! I wanna be in that pool too!!!!

rye United States


blake United Kingdom

Spice of life These girls are an interesting variety.

Krista Lysa Ruslana oiling up | December 21st, 2008
Krista Lysa Ruslana oiling up
wheeler United States

Gotta love oil!!!...again!!! Would've liked to see a bit more with all three of them...but,hot anyway!another one I'd love to see a video counterpart too!!!

Mike United States

Oil Those poor dears shouldn't have to oil themselves up, therefore I volunteer my services. I'll be the new Hegre-Art Oil Boy.

Magoo4 United States

Beautiful One of your best. Nicely done, thanks. magoo4

art United States

Love, love loved it, until the end. It ended to soon, but there's probably more where that come from, if I know you.

California dude United States

Art is right...this set ends just when it's starting to get really interesting! :)

Krista black lingerie | November 28th, 2008
Krista black lingerie
wheeler United States

Lovely Krista!!! simple,but sexy gallery!very nice

kcasey United States

Krista is in a word spectacular. Beautiful face, athletic figure, a woman every single guy would love to take home to meet his Mom.

HEH313 Germany

Krista could be a pretty girl, hadn´t she mutilated her genitalia. Genital piercings = total turn-off! No match, no competitor for Anna S.

Krista Lysa Ruslana big rock | November 19th, 2008
Krista Lysa Ruslana big rock
wheeler United States

ooohhh ladies!!! I always said three is better than one!!!hehehe

Luke United Kingdom


Magoo4 United States

WOW, that was good. See ya. magoo4

Krista white on white | November 12th, 2008
Krista white on white
Mike Canada

Krista By far the best of the best in a long time. Classy, beautiful, sexy and down to earth. WOW! More of this model will never be enough.

Voyeur United States

Krista looked like she was having a good time during this shoot.

Dan from Texas United States

Krista white on white Amazing photos of a beautiful woman! I like all three of these Russian models but Krista seems to have that certain something extra in her smile! Beautiful fresh face and skin!

Sandy United Kingdom

Krista oh Krista Please don't keep looking coy and posing like you've just been caught taking your clothes off. please give us some Yanna erotic poses, you may enjoy it! I would like to pull your ring and expose your inner secrets

Krista Lysa Ruslana waves | October 12th, 2008
Krista Lysa Ruslana waves
Fernando Spain

Trio Muy buena esta galería, por los primeros planos del busto de las modelos. Buena labor, Peter. Gracias.

Krista Lysa Ruslana beach art | September 26th, 2008
Krista Lysa Ruslana beach art
wheeler United States

oh yes!!! more wet and messy stuff!!!THREE girls together ain't bad either!!!hehehe

Pete United Kingdom

Ruslana wins it I'd definatley like to make this a foursome, 3 really great looking models wiht Ruslana topping it for me. This set also continues Petter's fascination with sand

Krista table dance | September 22nd, 2008
Krista table dance
ardunbye United Kingdom

Krista table dance Krista is such an unconventional personality that I fully expected to see her make the 'Table Dance' P.S. Have you got the number so I can 'ring' other parts?

Krista cabana | August 24th, 2008
Krista cabana
MAGOO4 United States

Krista Petter, How do you do it. One woman more beautiful then the next. Thank you and Krista. Magoo4

Pete United Kingdom

KLR Shes is a pretty model with great tits add I love the intimate piercing but cant help remebering from the KLR set that Ruslana is jsut that little bit cuter

Mike Canada

Krista This model just doesn't take bad pictures. Every picture is awesome, she is beautiful beyond words. Such a natural beauty only comes by once in a very long time.

RAMI Israel

היי אני פשוט אוהב אותך את הכי יפה בעולם

Krista Lysa Ruslana trio | August 9th, 2008
Krista Lysa Ruslana trio
daniel eaves United States

Sweet as cherry pie! Krista, Lysa and Ruslana being together look sweet as cherry pie!

alex United Kingdom

trio great set of pics.

mchuelio Australia

All 3 are very Yummy! Hard to split them, but I would try!

chris United States

trio I found choosing one from these three impossible. All quite enchanting.

terminus_h Slovenia

beautiful girls, but Ruslana's beauty radiates strongest

Mike Canada

Krysta, Lysa, Ruslana The cream of the crop. Three of your best models. Absolutely fantastic.

Mark United States

Trio This is pure art! Absolutely beautiful! Each lady is wonderful and beautiful in their own special way. Each brings something unique to the table for this set. One tall, lithe and statuesque, one girl next door looking with a piercing and a curvy black haired beauty. It all adds up to great nudes.

Krista gold ring | July 6th, 2008
Krista gold ring
kw United States

very nice looking women. I wish you would have shown her bare bottom.

daniel eaves United States

Krista has a beautiful belly! Krista has a beautiful belly!

wheeler United States

I second KW!!! there is a little bit.But,not enough,IMHO!!!

Baldy United Kingdom

Krista Lovely model,a shame about the ring.

terminus_h Slovenia

beautiful girl, nice idea with the ring, I hope he pierced his as well and is also wearing it.

HEH313 Germany

Intimate piercings, what a turn-off!

Krista Lysa Ruslana beach bums | June 28th, 2008
Krista Lysa Ruslana beach bums
Luclaf Canada

KLR pic set Buuts don't light me up. I need more than than. But, at least good pic quality.

Krista stranded mermaid | June 22nd, 2008
Krista stranded mermaid
tdonna1 United States

Krista Very nice beautiful model!!! When can we see more of her pussy ring?

PhotoBob United Kingdom

What a shame this model didn't have the right attitude. She has a beautiful body and poses really well.

don Canada

she looks crabby!

Mike Canada

Krista Once again, awesome. Just one thing to add... a smile... she has such a great one.

Krista Films COMMENTS

Krista Lysa Ruslana Photosession | September 30th, 2008
Krista Lysa Ruslana Photosession
mandingo United States

threesome very fine form old jonny has been given a jolly good workout looking at these fine specieman...........mmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love them so infact i am addicted to their form, delicious and sensual.

Krista Lysa Ruslana Beach Babes | July 8th, 2008
Krista Lysa Ruslana Beach Babes
cedoncmoi France

fun in the sun nice but not sensual at all

terminus_h Slovenia

ruslana is superior in this one as can be expected, however, if she were in a company of Paulina, Linda L, Anna S, and Angelica, she would need to try much harder

MAGOO4 United States

FUN IN THE SUN Petter, Thank you for that beautiful art work. Magoo4

thumper Australia

island madness wouldnt you love to trapped on a island with these godesses?