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Polina | Russia Galleries: 7
Photo of Polina


Photo of Polina
Name: Polina
Country: Russia
Weight: 55kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Model

Swanlike. Noble. Poised.

Polina has a long neck that she holds high with all the dignity and grace of a swan, those most royal of birds.

WITH HER straight black hair that gleams with its own mysterious fire and dark probing, intelligent eyes, you get the feeling as you look at her that you are in the presence of nobility, a curious sense what you see her in profile that she is the model for the Queen of Spades from a set of playing cards.

If Polina is on a high it's hardly surprising. The day she turned 18, she marched into one of the super agencies in the heart of Moscow. "Here I am," she said confidently, and they got some test shots done before the day was out.

Three years later, Polina is one of the most sought after models in the Russian capital and we were privileged indeed to capture her naked for Hegre-Art at the Hotel Sovjetsky.

Polina Galleries COMMENTS

Polina in bed | July 31st, 2004
Polina in bed
ronan Pakistan

real beauty wow boobs with sexy erect nipples cute face and satin like skin

raoul United States

What is it... What is it about some of these dark-eyed Russian girls? So beautiful, and such a moody sadness in their eyes. I keep wanting the model to smile in this set, knowing she'll break the spell, knowing there's laughter and mischief hiding in there, too, but she never does, (well, almost, but not quite) and the sadness remains. Excellent work, by both model and photographer.

Polina in the lobby | March 20th, 2003
Polina in the lobby

POLINA IN THE LOBBY POLINA; She has a very beautiful pair of up-turned nipples. They don't get the gorgeous when they are BIG. Polina, don't ever change you look sexy just the way you are.

tobasco777 Canada

landing strip I like the landing strip.