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Jenny Profile

Name: Jenny
Country: Finland
Weight: 49kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

Fabulous Finn

Jenny is quite a find – Hegre-Art’s first model from the land of the sauna, Finland!

She looks like a young Pamela Anderson but all natural of course and just oozes sex appeal. With doll like features, pouty lips and big expressive eyes Jenny moves like a lazy cat... slowly and sensually.

But she’s so young and still unaware of what a walking sex-bomb she really is. How something so hot came come out of such a cold country is just incomprehensible!

A young, blonde ingénue - Jenny is all set to turn up the heat a few notches!

Jenny Black Stockings August 4th, 2009
peter, i hope you release jenny anymore... i miss her soooooo much.. i like her sexy shy face...!
Hello Petter, I must say that I really do like Jenny very much. I'm glad she is part of the family. I hope you will be able to find more girls from Finland. Thanks so much. Paul Mcg
cute,sexy,beautiful,jenny is fantastic.
LOOOOVE that sloooow strip!! sooooo sexy! Thank you Jenny...and Petter
Jenny purple and pink June 10th, 2009
Perfect Pussy Panties Puffies
Jenny purple and pink
Purple & pink, not the most masculine colours but if any paint supplier is reading this, I'll buy 100 gallons of each PROVIDING Jenny comes free.
"way hot" INDEED!!!
I agree with Paul - Jenny's beauty caught me by surprise. This shoot was, as would be said in the school yard "way hot".
I never realized how beautiful Jenny is. I think this is her best gallery. Thanks again to you all. Paul Mcg
sexy stuff, love when girls play with their panties, did she get en orgasm playing with her pussy?
Saucy Snugglepuss
Super gallery of this gorgeous little sex kitten. Snowdrop has me purring with pleasure at the thought of getting into her panties.
Jenny Leopard June 9th, 2009
nice model..a bit shy on crotch shots
Jenny, one of my preferred models. that face she makes, it makes me crazy... nice movie love it
Jenny seems to be more comfortable with the camera in this film than in her earlier work. Great little movie.
Sexy Snugglepuss
Snowdrop tantalizingly sensuous.
Petter, I think this is one of your better films. Jenny is perfect in this one and oh so beautiful. I never realized how beautiful she is. Thanks and hope to see more of Jenny. Paul Mcg
Jenny white nudes May 20th, 2009
Jenny white nudes
Jenny is as lovely and sexy as any girl on the site. Simply mouth-watering.
Jenny is so sweet, I like her more each time I see her. Nice stuff.
Jenny is quite the cutie pie. Hope to see more of her. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg
simple and gorgeous!...simply gorgeous!
What an arousing set of pictures. Jenny is so sexy in this photoshoot. She's almost painful to watch, since I am a 34 year old virgin. I am too old now to start a sex life - especially with sexy young girls. But anyways, sexy photoshoot.
Sassy Snowdrop
This little piggy eager to snuffle your cute truffle.
Jenny youth March 23rd, 2009
Not sure what else to say about Jenny!! Stunningly sexy and beautiful.
Wow! This gallery really has it. A pretty face. Goose pimples! Jenny you are magnificent!
a piece of work
i keep coming back to this one- i'm using jenny for character reference... youth is right, and it's great to see it not wasted! or maybe she is wasted? so absent, resentful those eyes... it's my favorite part, besides the pout, but it makes me wonder... why?
Snowdrop - Fresh as a beautiful Spring Day
Delightful gallery - delightful girl. I detect subtle signs of her blossoming femininity. Delicious, especially the reverse shots.