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Photo de Jane


Photo de Jane
Nom: Jane
Pays: France
Poids: 55kg
Taille: 181cm
Age: 22
Profession: Mannequin

Prélassement d’une blonde classieuse

Si Helmut Newton était encore en vie, il serait tombé sous le charme de Jane, notre nouvelle mannequin. Grande, roulée à souhait aux cheveux blonds platine, Jane respire l’élégance et la classe.

Il est vrai que Jane a un air de princesse Viking nordique, pourtant elle vient de Paris. Comme de nombreuses françaises, elle est terriblement classe et sexy ! Ex mannequin de l’agence Elite, Jane a laissé le milieu de la mode derrière elle, fatiguée de voir les portes se fermer à cause de sa poitrine généreuse. Nous savons que vous serez d’accord avec nous sur le fait que le monde de la mode a essuyé une grosse perte qui pour nous est loin d’en être une !

Elle adore danser et est bien consciente que la mannequin qu’elle est doit prendre soin de son corps. Ses sublimes tablettes de chocolat sont la preuve flagrante de sa dévotion pour son art ! Elle travaille à temps plein en tant que mannequin mais nous sommes les premiers à jouir de sa nudité totale...

Élégance et classe bien à elle, Jane fait son entrée dans le nu sur !


Jane collant partie 3 | November 26th, 2009
Jane collant partie 3
ardunbye Royame Uni

Jane pantyhose Pt.3 Pantyhose: A device for putting fires in knickers out. Pt.3 a definite improvement on 1 & 2 as it shows what might cause that fire. She is beautiful, they are not.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

Seamless and sexy complement to May 10 and August 12. What I love about Jane is that she's so not next door. She exudes unattainability.

feddy Etats Uni

jane definately not a plain jane !!!

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Just as good as parts 1 and 2. I love Jane. Thanks. Paul Mcg

ArtiZen/ArtSavor Etats Uni

Playfully Erotic... This is JANE's signature gallery...and it is just so charged with EROTIC ENERGY because of our (long) anticipation of seeing her teeth...not her pussy! She's the epitome of the 'drop-dead' GORGEOUS (but icy) BLONDE, and PETTER gets her to 'LOL' by tickling her feet out those accursed pantyhose! The "TAKE IT OFF...take it all off" uber-blonde has held sway in my head for quite a while- JANE's just kicked her out of my BED!

toto Singapour

last post?? is a long long wait for us to have a sneak preview of her pussy...sad to say she is leaving us... pls make a come back with more stunning n open view to your fans....

Jane Top modèle française | October 26th, 2009
Jane Top modèle française
ardunbye Royame Uni

Jane French top model Jane is very sexy with a superb figure. All that's lacking is confirmation that she actually posses a 'pussy'.

loanstar Etats Uni

What is going on in this website? Most of the recent galleries are showing little or nothing of the model. The Luba gallery, this one, the seals gallery, most of the ones from Mexico, all are as someone else said "chaste". We are not paying for soft, soft, soft photos. I can see more at some bikini retailer websites.

Ken Casey Etats Uni

Jane Peter clearly loves this girl despite her fake hair, plastic boobs, absence of a vagina and homely face. How else can you explain why she keeps reappearing on the site.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

I still think Jane has the face that belongs on the cover of Vogue. I think she is very stunning and beautiful. Very nice Petter thanks as always. Paul Mcg

petter hegre Espagne

to ken 1. I have said it before and I will say it again: her tits are real ! too bad for you that you can not recognize true beauty. 2. please understand that top models like jane, luba and others, that exclusively chose to bare their naked body for hegre-art, are not the average "internet-porn-girl" that just spread their legs. there is enough of that out there already... and there is actually plenty of pink on this site as well... so what you get here is a variety. take it or leave it :-)

Laurie Royame Uni

Whoops Petter Whilst I do not condone Ken's comments, I do feel he has incurred your wrath because the two previous comments and several posted on Luba's gallery were all posing the same question and I can understand your sensitivity regarding Luba. Obviously you could not contain your frustrations and Ken was the final straw!

Ken Casey Etats Uni

Although Jane may have real breasts, may have, there's no denying that she has dyed hair and a homely face. Jane is no Luba.

loanstar Etats Uni

I agree that her tits are real. They are beautiful, and so is she. My frustration is not that the all models don't spread wide, but it would be nice if the ones that don't would at least do a full frontal so we could see their full beauty. Luba is a gorgeous woman and it is very understandable that we would want to enjoy her fully!

Laurie Royame Uni

Laws of Gravity When a woman lies on her side or back her more fleshy parts are subject to gravitational forces and this changes her shape. On her side she appears to have more pronounced hips, on her back her hip bones protrude as her stomach sinks. Her breasts flatten and spread if they are natural, if surgically enhanced they retain the shape of pomegranates whatever position she adopts. Have another look Ken.

Carne Asana Etats Uni

I'll Take It The biggest reason I'm a member here is because of something I call curated variety. I enjoy the range of models while at the same time appreciating they nearly all fit a certain aesthetic. Jane is wonderfully no exception. As her profile states, there is that powerful Helmet Newton appearance. It's her beauty, it's the fringe, it's that stoicism.

Raoul Etats Uni

Her terms I have to agree with the assessment that Newton would have loved Jane. Every time one of her sets comes up, my first inclination is to give it a pass, as I don't think the Bettie Page hair works for her, I don't care for the overabundance of eyeshadow either she or the make-up person prefers, and there's a hint of androgyny that I don;t find particularly appealing (something I suspect is a result of my first two dislikes, but perhaps not). But she is compelling, just as I find Newton's photos. And suddenly, I'm downloading another set. In other words, Jane challenges me every time, and, over and over again, I have to accept her on her terms. When I look at these shots, I have to wonder if Petter feels the same. (I suspect he does.)

Jane préliminaires françaises | September 1st, 2009
Jane préliminaires françaises
Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Jane is a hit and what a beauty. I have said it before and I will say it again, she has a face that belongs on the cove of Vogue. What a body, can't get any better then that. Thanks to you all. Paul Mcg

Dan Etats Uni

Very sexy girl but all of her sets are a little boring. Lets see her having fun.

wheeler Etats Uni

agree with Dan Jane always looks bored.would love to see her smile more

Lee Royame Uni

Stunnig model! The most stunning model on Hegre-Art! wow! we want MORE! MORE! MORE! A natural godess!

Jon Doe Royame Uni

Jane is amazing! The best girl on the site. We want more of Jane, a beautiful model.

ardunbye Royame Uni

Jane French opening The girl is beautiful, the photo's are very sexy. So what's new? This is the Hegre standard, although it gets better and better with each set.

heinrich Irelande

black and pink; sexy and exciting; great idea and lovely images of framed desire

Trey Etats Uni

I think my penis just totally exploded.....WOW what a gorgeous perfect beauty!!

polarcat Etats Uni

Jane Love the lingerie, not enough variety of poses.

Jane collant partie 2 | August 12th, 2009
Jane collant partie 2
Harry Etats Uni

Jane is always welcome, but for me pantyhose is a complete turn-off, as is the stunt French lingerie used on April 13. Of course, opinions may vary.

Marcel C. Etats Uni

Are we ever going to see such intimate poses of Jane "sans" pantyhose?

Zeppelin Allemagne

Fetish I'm very glad to see no positive response at all. Petter, face it: Your subscribers are addicted to the female body. To skin, hair, nails, teeth etc. Even to pimples and scars. If you want to try another fetish, have an extra site for that: www.hegres-ultimate-pantyhose-pictres.whatsoever

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Jane looks good anytime anywhere. Thanks. Paul Mcg

wheeler Etats Uni

opinions may vary and often do.but, I'm with Harry

Jane de Paris | July 15th, 2009
Jane de Paris
JP Etats Uni

What a great Ass. I hadn't realized how awesome Jane's ass is until this gallery. So round and shapely.

wheeler Etats Uni

Paris was lucky that day!! and, thanks again for smiling,my Dear! its so lovely!

Fabian Portugal

this girl as something special ;) and i love her boobs, so perfect ! are they natural ?! it looks like !

paul Etats Uni

Jane Really love this set from Jane. Her body is so amazing, especially her ass and long legs. I would sure love to see her without the bangs, I could really see more of that beautiful face.

geroki Allemagne

a good fashion model, I'm sure ;)

DANIEL Etats Uni


TasteTester Etats Uni

REAR-VIEW MIRROR... The out! JANE's 'REAR-VIEW' (ass and pussy) COMBINATION is what makes her uniquely exquisite! It appears that the 'PARISIAN SCHOOL-of-THOUGHT' regarding the derriere has prevailed in this gallery. With JANE,...LOOKING BACK (over her shoulder) certainly has made a 'WORLD of DIFFERENCE for me. "VIVRE la DIFFERANCE!"

ardunbye Royame Uni

Jane(all) Jane is a statuesque, flawless beauty but that is the norm for Hegre girls

Jane après le massage | July 6th, 2009
Jane après le massage
wheeler Etats Uni

Hot stuff!!! was very nice to see her smile once!

JP Etats Uni

A+++ body Would love to see Jane outside the studio, maybe on the beach or stripping off clothes.

jeff Bell Etats Uni

Jane Jane has an incredible body, very toned and sexy. I'm craving to see more close ups. You know the kind that make individuals stand at attention. I'll bet too that if this girl smiles she will melt a room :)

Jessica Etats Uni

Just Jane Jane is probably my favorite of the current models (other than Jenny and Patricia) because she's such a work of art. It would be hard to paint something so perfect. But the monotone makeup and severe hair in every set really deters from her obvious potential. Unless this is her secret identity, or she's on a show the requires the consistent look, it would be so cool if she mixed it up. I have to wonder if Petter had only one session with her? Would be no surprise, as the bombshell that is Jane must be in demand.

Style Royame Uni

Would love to see more of this Model. She is the most beautiful here.

Jane lumière et ombre | June 25th, 2009
Jane lumière et ombre
Laurie Royame Uni

Perfect Eroticism A perfect opening sequence of seven erotic images ~ just another seven from the reverse angle would have completed the consummate gallery.

JP Etats Uni

Wouldn't mind.... shining a flashlight between her legs.

DANIEL Etats Uni


Pete Royame Uni

Tummy Love the light and shade across her tummy highlighting the tightness of her muscles.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Jane never looked better. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Paul Mcg

Stuart Royame Uni

Extremely beautiful and erotic. Thank you!

wheeler Etats Uni

beautiful! love the use of shadow here! it really, enhances her muscle tone! gorgeous girl!

Jane huile partie 2 | June 15th, 2009
Jane huile partie 2
Suzie Portugal

I wanna massage her . Excellent and curvy update . Thumbs up Petter .

Steve Portugal

Fantastic Set From Jane. Love her sets and this one is one of my favorites! Her body is sexy and hot! I would love to give her a massage myself. Keep it like this Petter! Hope to see more like this!

JP Etats Uni

Oil = sexy I have always loved all of the oil galleries. Jane's version of the oil galleries is so erotic. I like how the oil accentuates the goosebumps on her breasts. Her nipples look so hard and aroused.

Ortis Royame Uni

Got to love Janes gorgeous boobs!!!

chris Etats Uni

jane Janes hips and butt are excellent.thanks !

Lumberman Etats Uni

There is something about that honey wood floor and certain models skin tone. Evi looked hot on it and Jane looks terrific too.

wheeler Etats Uni

WOW!!! once again, I almost forgot about this set!you really like to stretch it out!worth the wait though!

nick Etats Uni

love it! Jane is a nude Goddess!

Jane baignoire | June 4th, 2009
Jane baignoire
JP Etats Uni

Amazing Chest I love Jane's amazingly tight bod.

wheeler Etats Uni

LOL...uuummm...ok you went backwards! "after the bath" BEFORE the "bath"? hot stuffs!

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

I would like to do her back. She is the best. Thanks. Paul Mcg

Bob Espagne

Jane she is such a hard one, hard face, body, look scandinavian, that is my bigest fantasy to have a women like her, a fighter! great photos!

Jane sculpture lumineuse | May 29th, 2009
Jane sculpture lumineuse
wheeler Etats Uni

PRETTY hot... although, I would LOVE to see her SMILE ONCE!!!

ST Royame Uni

This is a beautiful set of images and use of light and shadow Petter. I hope the male members(!) will appreciate the photography. No doubt everyone will complain about Jane's hair. It has always been a disappointment to me that men don't appreciate high fashion or an 'edgy' look in women! (All said tongue-in-cheek guys!!)

wheeler Etats Uni

to each his own, I guess!

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

I love this woman. Can not get enough. Thanks to all of the team. Paul Mcg

JP Etats Uni

Light sculpturing I love it when Petter really shows off his virtuosity with his photography. All too often, we focus on the body parts and don't really pay attention to the craft involved. Petter is so skillful that he makes the models look their best without making it look like he is trying to. I love his studies in shadows and hope more models have galleries like this. It truly shows off their individual beauty as we get too see the uniqure landscapes of their bodies.

Jay Australie

The hottest I think Jane is the hottest model on this site. Jane's body has a perfect balance femininity and strength. Jane is beautiful just the way she is.

Pete Royame Uni

Tomorrow Cant wait until tomorrow, Thea and her oil massage and she has a new hair cut!!

russ Etats Uni

Top Work Jane......... Your just showing off girl, and oh yea, Petter you did a good job, too. really nice set.

laveau Etats Uni

the lighting is beautiful. Jane looks like a sculpture in every pic! 9, almost a 10 for the set. Jane really needs to grow those bangs out.

Jane fille branchée | May 21st, 2009
Jane fille branchée
wheeler Etats Uni

uuummm... so,where's the "fashion" part?lol HOT set,though!

spike Canada

hair attractive woman - gotta do something about that hair though. those bangs kill me.

russ Etats Uni

The Best Fashion ever..... is Definitely Jane's Birthday Suit, and what an incredible suit it is...........;)

JP Etats Uni

Would look so much sexier... ..with long curly hair without the unflattering bangs, which hides her face somewhat. Great body though.

wheeler Etats Uni

Don't know about curly... but,I agree about the bangs!

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Jane is the best just as she is. Hot very hot. Thanks again to you all. Paul Mcg

paul Etats Uni

Jane I have to agree with the others about those bangs. Have always felt woman look best without them. Still she is very beautiful.

Jane collants partie 1 | May 10th, 2009
Jane collants partie 1
egrise Etats Uni

Jane Yesterday was far, far better.

Ken Clancy Etats Uni

Of all the beautiful women you might have picked for Mother's Day, God only knows why you selected the homely Jane, the least attractive gal on your site.

Jeff Daniels Etats Uni

Overdressed Great pose, but drop the hose!

luv_yanna Etats Uni

Probably Jane's best set to date. I hope to see her pose like that without the pantyhose some day (probably won't though).

Gerard France

Galery Jane pantyhose Sorry, but today, it's not really original and interesting gallery. It's howevzer only my point of view.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Must have been a tight fit for her. Jane is still looking good to me.Thanks. Paul Mcg

JP Etats Uni

This girl has potential but she should really change the hairstyle. Those bangs are not very flattering for her.

Laurie Royame Uni

Poor Girl Pantyhose just has to be the most unattractive item in the female wardrobe.

Sandy Royame Uni

depression!!! Come on Jane loose the pantihose and give us the same view, mindboggling!!! I live in hope! ( ask Yanna how it's done and how she enjoys it!)

Jane crème | April 30th, 2009
Jane crème
wheeler Etats Uni

Another very video worthy set!

JP Etats Uni

Love those Sexy eyes Her body o.k. too.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

I think Jane is the best. What a find.Thanks Petter. Paul Mcg

petter Espagne

100% real those tits are 100% real !!!

Ken Clancy Etats Uni

Dyed hair, plastic boobs, homely face- Jane must have a special relationship with Peter

wheeler Etats Uni

only thing I would change... loose the bangs! (I think you call it "fringe" in europe)...BTW...they look real to me!!!

Ken Clancy Etats Uni

Petter. Talk to her plastic surgeon. They're as real as her hair is blond.

Gérard France

Jane Perfect body, perfect pictures (as usual)but this is the kind of girls you'll find in Madame Claude's catalogues... She give me the creeps!

Jane modèle d’élite | April 24th, 2009
Jane modèle d’élite
DANIEL Etats Uni


Jay Australie

Full body pics This is the series I've been waiting for. At last, photos that show Jane's entire magnificent form

Jane corps de rêve | April 18th, 2009
Jane corps de rêve
Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Jane is as perfect as you can get. What a find. What a woman. Paul Mcg

Fredo France

French ? Simply beautiful french girl,Jane and Marlene are my favourite,they're french like me ;)

DANIEL Etats Uni


JD Etats Uni

Perfection Flawless Beauty.

Dave France

As simple as it gets! The model. A wall and the photographer's objective. And the result is breathtaking. (Apparamment tu es Française Jane. Ce pauvre mortel te salue et te trouve magnifique!)

Jane lingerie française | April 13th, 2009
Jane lingerie française
Ramon Royame Uni


Paul Mcg Etats Uni

Jane has the face that should be on the cover of Vogue. Beautiful woman, makes want to learn French. See ya. Paul Mcg

chris Etats Uni

jane lovely smile ,lovely lady.........

wheeler Etats Uni

kinda monotonous! hot girl and hot "outfit" though! (what there was of it!)

Dave France

Nice. A little bit off the beaten track. Kinky even. Not sure the strange lingerie really sets off Jane's beauty as it should. All the same I salute the experiment!

heinrich Irelande

Lovely neck, body and just gloriously framed pussy which moves me too.

highwaytrews Royame Uni

Jane I hope she kept the receipt, her underwear's got major holes in it ...

Jane soumise | April 7th, 2009
Jane soumise
wheeler Etats Uni

YUMMY!!! My kind of photoshoot!!!

luv_yanna Etats Uni

This is Jane's best set to date. I still don't like her bangs, but this time I was definitely enjoying one of her other (hairless) features.

Robt Etats Uni


stevie Suisse

great - show just a little bit nore pussy and it would be perfect.

Jane après le bain | April 1st, 2009
Jane après le bain
wheeler Etats Uni

WOWSERS!!! smokin hot!!! (looked cold,though!Please dont catch pneumonia on our account,Dear lady!)


she is just one of the best...she is awesome¡¡¡...perfect body, amazing ass and great tits¡¡

Ortis Royame Uni

Awesome body!!!

art Etats Uni

Rockin body! The gift just needs to have the blonde bow reworked on top. When that happens, she's the perfect gift. other words, the hair doo isn't working for her and hasn't been. I don't think it shows her true personality. Can you help Hegre?

blake Royame Uni

fringe Wet is wild, loving the fringe and eyes, something savage about the look.

wheeler Etats Uni

true... please loose the bangs (fringe),Dear!

Gordie Etats Uni

I agree the hair don't do her justice its too long and thick?

mark Etats Uni

Most perfect, gorgeous, beautiful girl ever on this planet period!!!!!!!!

Jane huile | March 26th, 2009
Jane huile
wheeler Etats Uni

ooohhh Jane!!! Simple and delicious!I guess that makes it...simply delicious? lol

Pete Royame Uni

Evi S and Olga D If you like "oily" then check out Evis S November 2006 as this set is a remake of that original and Olga D July 2007 very similar set and for me both are even better versions of this very sexy set of pictures. Long live baby oil

Dave France

Sorry to be a killjoy but I am not really in to oil. I think it spoils the texture of the skin in the photos. All the same my respect for those that like it.

russ Etats Uni

i'm ready to get oily , call me jane

Jane blonde platine | March 18th, 2009
Jane blonde platine
Ortis Royame Uni

Truly fantastic tits!!

art Etats Uni

I 2nd that emotion. I think the best her shape has looked, just wish I saw more of it. Fabulous looking breast in this series.

luv_yanna Etats Uni

I think Jane does not photograph well when her head is tilted back like in many of the images in this set. Her body is beautiful and nicely toned and she has superb breasts. Her hair color, I like; her hair style, not so much; those bangs are just not attractive.

Joe Etats Uni

Jane She's beautiful. I wish she would smile! :)



DANIEL Etats Uni


Dave France

Jane has great style. Must be something to do with the sultry look and the 60's haircut.... plus a body to die for! Mes respects Madame!

Joe Etats Uni

Total dream girl.......very,very pretty.

Jane fauteuil bulle | March 9th, 2009
Jane fauteuil bulle
Thom Royame Uni

Jane Very nice new model with a strong look. I will be interested see more of her sets.

JP Etats Uni

Nice Debut Nice looking breasts, although some poses a little repetitive. Maybe Anna S. can give her some pointers.

Guy Etats Uni

Stunning! Can't wait to see more of her

Moro Royame Uni

She is hot!

Jay Australie

New Jane This is a lovelly series for a new model. I would have loved to see more of her figure - some poses where she is standing so we can see her shape or photo's from behind so we could see her bum would have been a great introduction. I hope in future sets we will be able to see more of Jane's assets.

laveau Etats Uni

woo-yeah, it's the Bubble Chair!


Jane En coulisses | August 11th, 2009
Jane En coulisses
wheeler Etats Uni

YUMMY!!! There's something about watching these girls just GET READY (put make up on...whatever), that I find extremely HOT!

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

I think Jane is a perfect 12. She is so good and so nice to look at. She is just the best, this was one of your best. All I can say is Viva LaFrance. Thanks so much. Paul Mcg

wheeler Etats Uni

btw... thanks again, for the B.T.S. look!

Jane Lingerie | April 28th, 2009
Jane Lingerie
JD Etats Uni

Body Perfect Jane body is perfect the modeling industry must be blind. I love the way she moves. The only flaw in this video is that it could have been longer. Keep up the good work.

Paul Mcg Etats Uni

I think Jane is very beautiful and this was done very well. Thank you Petter and I do hope to see more of Jane in the future. Paul Mcg

art Etats Uni

Wonderful debut! Super Slinky and Superbly Sensual. Hot stuff, nice job Petter and Jane.

TS Etats Uni

Very Sensual Nicely done..Very very sensual...Great body moves with music..Hopefully see more of this kind of stuff..