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Dominika C

Dominika C Profile

Dominika C
Name: Dominika C
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 50kg
Height: 163cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Model

Natural Talent

Dominika is what can only be described as a great girl - accomplished, sexy and with a stunning body. She is half Italian and speaks Italian perfectly.

The mother of a 5 year old son, Dominika was on the national team for her country in swimming and gymnastic. Despite her tiny frame she has a strong and very flexible physique. She just oozes sensuality and also tells us that she loves to hang out on nude beaches!

Dominika started modeling as little as 3 months ago as previously her ex-boyfriend stopped her from doing any kind of modeling.

Small but perfectly formed, this newly born model is a natural in front of the camera!

Click here to meet her in person!

Dominika C Galleries

Dominika C Loves American Apparel June 2nd, 2015
Dat Labia!
Love the girls with fat labia minora! Gives you something to suck on while they suck on you!
Dominika C
Dear oh Dear oh Dear....
The lovely Dominika, from her beautiful eyes to her glorious body and playful style. I always enjoy her pictures and performances as I take in her lovely breasts, near perfect body and nearly always wet pussy lips. Nice to see her again.
Love her pussy!
Yes for some meaty lips down there! Something to suck on! Please more of this!
Dominika C !!
Yeah!! Dominika is such a great girl to watch... and indeed... now I cannot stop smiling everytime I think of her ....
Hands and fingers of Dominika C
As I would want that the hands and the fingers of Dominika c were my hands and my fingers. This way I could massage her pussy as her it handles her, it touches her, it palpates her and it plays her.
This photo shoot was an excellent view & to see it come alive on film is a real delight. Dominika, I think is so beautiful when she is smiling & she just cant seem to stop during this shoot. Love this girls smiling face, she is so good to look at.
All the film Dominika C American Appareil
I have seen the film Dominika C American Appareil. Formidable. But we go with order. Before been seen and later he strips. While he dresses and it inserts the pink stockings, it makes to see her narrow pussy among her coscies. An attractive and pleasant image. there it is begun to see the beauty of the pussy of Dominika C. Then it puts on the bra. And here its soft breasts are seen. Then he strips and it reaches the apogee of his strip slowly removing itself the slipses and while if it removes from them show, moving the slipses her pussy. Then he finally removes completely the briefs and it plays with the great lips of her pussy. It stretches her and it releases her, for then to stretch again her and to release again her. Then it opens completely her pussy and here the whole tenderness is seen, the polposity, the elasticity, the abundance,the carnality of the amazing her pussy. A game of really beautiful pussy, meddler and stimulant that it makes of Domenika C the erotic queen of this site, flooding it some beauty. Beautiful film, especially in the end where Dominika c also extends once more the great lips of her pussy and show the vagina, doing so of her pussy an erotic masterpiece. Beautiful film all to be looked and to taste with attention and intensity.The smile of Dominika C that it accompanies his strip in the most important points, make of this strip-tease a friendly and sweet strip-tease.
Superb pussy
Dominika ist the hegre pussy star...wow...now she starts opening her giant labia wide...good way...go on...
Dominika C.... always so incredibly hot!
What a great film to start my day off and, of course, Dominika can jump start my day better than a strong cup of coffee. Her elegant disposition, happiness in what she is doing, and extremely high natural sexual/sensual qualities, makes her one of THE hottest models on this planet. She will remain a strong choice Hegre model of mine always. I hope we will see more of her new work here, as her past shoots and vids will forever endure in your quality erotica.
Where have you been for so long?
Perfect pussy
Aside from being elegantly beautiful Dominika has one of the most memorable pussies I have ever seen. I like all shapes and sizes. Her's is fantastic. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Dominika C American apparel knee socks May 16th, 2014
Dominika's Feet
I want see her feet, so lovely! I don't like her with socks.
pics are from 2010 ...
Don't get overexcited
The timestamp of the pictures says January 23rd 2010. I'd love to see new pictures of Dominica, too.
Oh so nice to see the lovely Dominika return after a year's absence. Her perfect body and most beautiful pussy are tops on this site
Thanks for bringing this back. Dominika is even with my favorites; the smile tops off the perfect woman.
Welcome back Dominika! We've missed you!
lovelier than ever!
one year
I agree, it was exactly one year without Dominika, and that's way too long. Lovely images of one of my all-time favorite models. She was one of the reasons i made my first subscription here. Watching her in films is special and very exciting, the interview and the unforgettable massages come in mind, and so much more. Those are true highlights, not only on this site but for the whole genre of erotic art. So, i hope you get her back for more. Any chance for a second "Dominika Day"?
Been So Long...
It's been so long since we've had a set from her and now that she's back its like being back home, just wonderful and those sexy legs and gorgeous pussy lips make it all the more inviting.
Wooooow !!!
You never know, how much I have been waiting to see dominica C. She is one and only,,,,,,,,, Love her !!!!
Dominika C pussy model part2 May 16th, 2013
Please paint her toes Red or Black! She has perfect feet as well!
Dominika C
18/20. Amazing and erotic.
Missed you,,,,
So, you have been left us since April. We have been missed you so much and any other new faces don`t replace you at all. Peter, you better think about it !!
Dominika C is the MOST delectible woman in the WORLD! And I don't like shaved! Between that mesmorizing smile and the sex I am LOST!
Applause Dominika & comment to Peter
Dominika C., I will never get tired of applause to my favorite woman at Hegre-art com. Perfect body and each parts and particularly great smile. Peter, small request for us please ! We would like to see one of a kind woman,like Dominika C, starting with smart casual outfit at daily scene like she is walking in public enjoying window shopping etc.,. Naturally, we will fantasy her naked body and that`s what make us interesting and turn on. Then you can tease us by taking off her clothes one after. Finally, we will find Dominika`s fat pussy lips are sticking out from her under wear, which is slightly find her love juice. Last few shots will be her lovely and sexy pussy with her gorgeous face is positioned behind them. What you guys think about friends and Peter !!
McPussy To Go Please...
Okay, #38 is exactly what I would want if I was at the drive-thru and ordered a McPussy. Yes. I do expect it in a box...one of my "always" favorites...Dominika C. The C stands for Cunt...in a very, very nice way.
The retourn of Dominika C
Finally Dominika you have returned. I have attended here is with anxiety and joy the return of one gallery of yours and finally you are here: beautiful as always, scheming as always in a splendid series of images, the most beautiful of which they are those in which you arch your body handing in close up your pussy and your sides. Really six all to be loved. Im astonished and enraptured from YOUR beauty
Awesome! Dominika is the most gorgeous woman. That smile is stellar!
lovely surrounding areas too!
Dominika C pussy model part1 April 21st, 2013
Please paint her toes Red or Black! She has perfect feet as well!
Dominika C pussy model part 1°
Dominika is always Dominika. The images of this gallery are takings in positions inusuali, but equally erotic. The pussy of Dominika is always a warm flower beethwen its legs. Particularly the photo n° 17 and the preceding ones are inusuali: in fact the left hand grabs the wrist of the right hand underlining so I strive her and the tension to lift the left leg that so it shows a splendid pussy from behind. The great lips of the pssy of Dominika are always evident and well leaning.Only the last four photos of Dominika are some disappointing ones, because She covers with the hands the beautiful his pussy. It had to remove the hands instead and to leave well in show all of his pussy.
Dominika C
Oh my, what lovely lips. My fav gal online
this set proves that (despite the title) Ms C is so much more than just a pussy!
Missed you,,,,
Great as usual !! She is the only one, I go into the sight.
Dominika C extraordinaire April 8th, 2013
Dominika C.
Great Photo set, sexy Beef Curtains, and the sexiest girl on Hegre-Art!
Again up Dominika extraordinaire
The body of Domnika is very beautiful.In these photos every single muscle can be read by the breasts to the pettoralis, from the abdomen to the basin, to the hips.You can be read very well the muscles of the gluteis and the legs, of his open legs, with in mean that commuter of the great lips of his pussy, that can be compared to the commuter of a jewel set as drips pearly in the ribbon of the necklace of his pussy. And then that marvelous smile of his that every photo accompanies that unites him to the light that languidly crosses the whole surface of the meat of its body, underlining every single particular muscle doing yes that all the muscles of Dominika are beautiful and erotic, inclusive and not only its pussy.The bottom and the anus are very beautiful, This last is a further gem set among the buttocks. Truely these photos are also marvelous because they show a defenseless Dominika that exposes without modesty everything of its body, free from every inhibition and bidder its beauty as gift for the one who looks at her. A liberty to see, to look, to penetrate him with the look in the body of Dominika and to know so his simple and deep beauty.
Dominika extraordinaire
This gallery has a only name: or her "perfect beauty of Dominika C". Other words are wasted. Silence and to admire
something new?
Dominika is great, but it's time to show something new of her. What's about vaginal and anal insertions, girl/girl set, girl/man set etc.?
ah yes! this is what I'm here for! lovely!