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Silvie Profile

Name: Silvie
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 52kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Model


Meet Silvie - a crazy, lanky, fun girl from Prague who lives life to the maximum.

Silvie is the ultimate free-spirit and not one to follow the rules! For example, you may have noticed Silvie prefers a more natural look. She tells us that she loves her bush, and says it makes her feel like a lioness; raw and animalistic. Silvie’s lifestyle reflects her unconventional personality, not only is she bisexual she is also a naturist.

She has a typical fashion models body: long skinny arms, long legs and a petite structure but she still has a full bust and curves - which is very rare, a rare gem you could say. All blessings from her mother apparently!

Nothing is taboo when it comes to Silvie!

Silvie Undressed And Unshaven December 3rd, 2013
beautiful bush.
Music request
Does anyone know the name of the song or artist at the beginning of the striptease? The drumbeat is used elsewhere on the site too. It is good for a striptease!
She is so hot and sexy! She definitely needs a male companion. I would love to mate with her. Can I meet her?
Sylvie undressed and unshaven
'To shave or not to shave?' Let's do the science, and then the art. Pubic hair is one sign of sexual maturity, and I personally find the shaved, 'prepubescent' appearance sexually un-stimulating. I am an adult, and find only other adults turn me on sexually. I think this is a good thing, on many levels. I like my women as I do my cheese and wine, MATURE! One beauty of pubic hair is the way it hides our view of that magic place that is the female pudenda, the site of such wonderful physical sensation, and the finest thing I know, true love-making. To bare all, legs akimbo, is tasteless and demeaning, and really does this site no credit at all. Pubic hair acts like a veil, as in 'the dance of the seven veils', so to speak, and tantalises us to wonder what delights are within. The absence of pubic hair also gives the model an unbalanced appearance, 'top heavy', that might be corrected by a shaven head as well, and while you are there, why not take the eyebrows off too? That would be truly 'shaven'. Not for me, thank you! Bring back real women who look adult, credible, and mysterious, and wonderfully attractive. I know you're out there, ladies! Also, the illogical, uncoordinated gymnastics towards the end of the film are just embarrassing, what were you thinking of?!
Isn't it ironic
Everybody seems to go crazy about her untamed pubes. Yet the video that is viewed most at the moment is the one in wich she gets rid of them.
L'érotisme et au delà
Je pense qu'il doit toujours rester une part de mystère dans l'érotisme.A cet égard le jeu de Sylvie , grâce à son"hairy pussy" , est une parfaite réussite.En revanche le final ,avec la vue en gros plan du vagin de Sylvie ,me semble dépasser les limites de l'érotisme et appartenir à un autre genre. Merci pour 95% de ce magnifique show .
An absolutely stunning film. Silvie is so natural. Love every bit of it and her.
Delightful un-dressing
Silvie shows us the true meaning of un-dressing! And in a truly delightful way. She's a totally natural and uninhibited girl and it really shows in this video. Of course we're all aware that Silvie knows a thing or 2 about sex and porn, and that only adds to her ravishing allure. She teases me to the point where I can no longer resist: YES girl, I really need to fuck you, right here and right now!
Nude vs. naked. I love the first part of the film - the dress, the music selection, the suggestion, the attendant desire. Silvie was more naked with that dress half on/half off, than she was without it and completely bare. Then, she was merely nude despite the ribald frolicking. Desire and imagination are more potent emotions than fulfillment (or, in this case, voyeuristic fulfillment.)
Dream Date
I love everything about Silvie, absolute everything. Would love to spend a day with her just to look into her beautiful eyes and experience her delightful playfulness in person. Her long legs and even long fingers and slim beautiful body turn me on and her smile! I keep saying I should go back to the Check Republic for the women there are stunning beauties like Silvie or at least from my experience there. Keep up this kind of film...
Silvie is the best. She's the top model on this site, imo, and the main reason that I am a member of this site.
Wild and sexy! Those long legs and labia are incredible! If only Ayla could be so uninhibited.
Silvie !!
I'd like to bury my face in that bush !! Beautiful !1
Beautiful bush! Love that bush!!
She looks a lot like Kristen Stewart except she smiles, which makes her prettier. I could use a little less bush but still a great film and I'd watch again and again. Hope to see much more of her in some action shots, soon.
Silvie Undressed
Its great when, as in this film, the model visibly enjoys herself during a shoot.
Silvie the bushy days May 10th, 2012
Silvie has disappeared
The question is not anymore Bush or No Bush Where is Silvie? We miss her: wild bush, well trimmed or fully smooth, it doesn't matter.We need Silvie
would really to see more of silvie's asshole.
Was für ein schöner, behaarter Nackedei, mein Spatz wird ganz steif...
If you like Silvie with her natural pubic hair, why not let her grow the hair at her armpits and legs. It is ALL natural isn't it.
Beautiful girl however still too skinny.
Silvie labia
Silvie is the second queen of the labia (Dominika is unbeatable). We need another massage with close ups of Silvie's gorgeous lips - and the hair adds an old fashioned touch. Any male masseurs want to take on Silvie in a massaging duel? You rub me and I will rub you
Carlo, you are so right. This photo series provides a fine example of the unassailable beauty of a NATURAL, FULLY NUDE, WOMAN. (Those members who decry the showcasing of women with a hairy/furry pubic area have no reason to complain because 99.9% of the women on this site sport a bald pubic area. Let those of us members who love to see SILVIE (or any other woman on this site) with a full bush enjoy this rare moment.
RE: Silvie the bushy days
Yeas, the few times we get fur it would be nice to have good closeups
I wouldn't want to be rescued :-)
Really feminine
This is the way a real female is. Shaved pussy are dolls. Real women are this way. This does not mean they do not have to take care of their pearl. A real woman sex is bushy, without being masculine, smelly but not stinky : a real nature masterpiece made to be kissed, appreciated and licked as the most sophisticated champagne.
Silvie the bushy days
They miss in this gallery of the photos with the pussy in close up, in all the his extension, as instead they are present in the gallery of Dominika C, "Labia and leather." They are the photos in close up of the pussy of Sylvie and his bush of soft-hair that I wanted to see. Make to be done, Petter!!! You can do of better!!!!
lovely as always!
I need rescue to come out from the bush !!
Silvie bush is beautiful April 25th, 2012
Just want to say that I agree with previous NZKiwi comment. As I said before, meat is more attractive than salad for many guys.
Petter the lighting is awesome. I was working with a photographer and the studio lighting was so harsh. She told me to fix it with photoshop. I prefer to take good photos and not worry about fixing it with photoshop. I have photoshop cs5 and light room but I want to take great shots not shots I can fix in photoshop. Silvie is beautiful as all your models are. I enjoy looking at your photos as an amateur photographer and a person who enojoys feminine beauty. I miss your site and I wrote a poem a long time ago for Luba and received an autographed picture from her a long time ago on your web site. I miss your exquisite art. Thank you.
I don't even look at Silvie's galleries: she is a very attractive young woman, but her bush is such a huge turn-off
I love seeing bush
I vote for a switch in the amount of bush versus totally shaved postings. I prefer bush, but it's a rarity here.
RE: polarised
I agree with u my man.Cover Dominica C with some bush.What a glorious sight that would be.I luv Bush.
She has the prettiest bush I have seen in along time. More of your models should keep their bush in tact.
i love the bush
i love the bush Slivie is a very beautiful lady with the longest sexy legs ive seen and at the top of those legs is a bush a bush id love to get lost in. i for one dont mind smooth but bush thses days is a pleasent surprise. she looks after her bush so why not keep it.
RE: Legs from here to there and back!
agreed!I've said it before. it's not that I don't wanttosee a vagina every now and then. but, a womanis so much more than that! I want the whole package!this is the whole package! thank you!
Also Dominika C in bush
I would like to see Dominika C with all of his down to the natural one. A complete gallery, with the pussy totally covered of soft down in close up
Please no more bush, we want to see the delicate and wet folds of a woman's vagina, not hair.
Awesome set, Silvie is totally beautiful
All right people - we all had a good laugh. Now let's forget about the bush-thing - some might actually take it for real. My wife's comment when she saw these pictures: yuk!
I agree totally. I too would like to see Dominika C with a full bush.
RE: gray
I once had a girlfriend who had a streak of gray hair down the center of her black bush. I thought it was sexy. I called her "skunk woman", for the look. She smelled great.
i have discussed this pubic hair thing with my wife recently and i must say i like variations. i like when she is shaved and when she have a big bush. there is something very erotic about a big bush. anyway....the discussion led to her asking what todo when it becomes gray as she has noticed a hair here and there that is already gray.....what i prefer when its all gray...i have never thought about it....and now im not really sure. is it as sexy with a big gray bush as a big black bush? what you think?
Silvie and pubic hair
I totally agree with Komet. Bring back pubic hair. The shaved look reminds me of nappy changing. Mature women ready for sex are meant to have pubic hair. It is a turn on. Who'd want at a bald woman?
Legs from here to there and back!
Silvie is gorgeous and has the best legs ive ever seen. And Hegre, you got this one right by showing this beauty from head to toe. Reminds me of why I joined this site a long time ago. I believe it was Yanna in a set showing her standing tall and showing her entire magnificent physique. Lately I have been disappointed by photo sets that show 60-80 crotch shots without ever seeing the entire woman. More like this please.
As ever, members views will be polarised on pubic hair. Some hate it, some - like me - love it. And what about getting Dominika to grow a nice full bush? to see those gorgeous huge lips pouting through a full bush - that would be something!
Oh come on, don't be so pedantic, does it really what the title says? I bet you place your food on the plate in a certain way yeah?
Another nice set with Silvie but can we please try to be a bit more original with the set names. Seeing bush this and bush that is getting a little old. We know shes got a nice bush but come on and show a little more originallity. Like I said tho the pic set is nice as always.
Were it not for the shoes, this would be a perfect photo series. Frankly, it would be soo nice if Hegre-Art would showcase for ONE, SOLID WEEK FULLY NUDE WOMEN SPORTING A FULL MANE OF PUBIC HAIR/FUR. (Think about it, Hegre, and make it happen!)
Silvie no makeup all natural March 29th, 2012
ARRRROOOO!!! C'est magnifique! SILVIE: au naturel, puissante, PRIMAL et SEXY.
My preferences in models
I think the two worst things to hit the adult erotic market are false breasts and shaved pussies. Hairy pussies evolved for the major purpose of arousing the male. I find that all these shaved pussies look like dress shop mannequins. How sterile and boring. I like your site very much. Another criticism that I have though is that your models seem to fit one stereotype, i.e. slim and petite. I like slim and petite, but I also like to see big women and a whole larger range of body types. Thanks and keep up the good work. Jim S.
Beautiful Sylvie
Sylvie is my favorite model on this site because she chooses to be natural. I don't understand why women want to completely remove pubic hair. Nature put it there for a reason, and nature doesn't make mistakes. I would like to see hair on every model, all the time. And Sylvie is a true, natural beauty. I really like her with no makeup. Wonderful photos. Thank you!
fantastic. just what she would look like waking up next to you in the morning. with that view greeting you, the day can come! ;-)
I vote for more bush on this site. Silvie is amazing and perhaps the main reason why I'm a subscriber.
Still my favorite by a margin. I would love to have dinner with her to learn if she is as smart as she is beautiful. If anyone knows of other bodies of her work on the internet, I hope they will respond and I hope she stays with Pedder for many more years.
Observation up the gallerie
Dear Petter, has finally put a gallery with a model with the pussy to the natural one. But you have made a mistake: You had to frame only well the pussy, the whole pussy, in close well open up, with the well open legs of the model and not standing. Standing the pussy cannot be seen. IT is the pussy in close up to the natural one that I like.!!!!
Bravo Miss Naturelle Enfin une fille sans silicones ou plastic etc.
Bravo miss Naturelle
Sylvie. Keep your bush. As I've posted on here many times before : Sylvie, your bush is NOT like any other girl I have ever been with. Your bush is not the normal 'short and curly'. Your bush is lucrurious (yes I know that's spelt wrong). Really luccruilious. Keep the bush. For those who keep saying 'shave' I'd say that there are more than enough Hegre models who are shaved. So leave Silvie alone.
Such a hot body. Only one thing missing, seeing those beautiful vaginal lips....SHAVE!!!
Really beautiful. The purest of pure nude studies, Silvie totally nude from head to toe and as natural as can be without makeup. She is being as honest and revealing her true self as you can be. Lovely presentation.
no make up needed!why mess with perfection?
She is really good looking, but if I would undress her, I would start screaming when I would notice her bush. To me that is disgusting :-( Marcus
Silvie fun on a futon March 12th, 2012
I fucking love that bush!
absolutely love this model. She just radiates sexuality & beauty. He naturalness, if there is such a word makes her seem more real and like the girl next door. This is very appealing
Hell NO!
I agree, Silvie is beautiful, but that winterbush needs some grooming!
Silivie's bush
oh my what a lovely sight to see, is Silivie's bush. so rich and thick. i myself enjoy ladies who are smooth or natural but it is to my enjoyment to see a nude model with such natural beauty. Silive you are indeed a breath of freshness.
Silvie is perfect shaved, trimmed or all natural.
What a delight to behold SILVIE thus, with that delicious thatch of pubic hair/fur! LOVE IT-LOVE IT-LOVE IT!!!
silvie is stunning, as always!