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Ally | Czech Republic Galleries: 5 Films: 1
Photo of Ally


Photo of Ally
Name: Ally
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 52kg
Height: 174cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Creative but Fragile

Welcome to the fold Ally - an auburn haired beauty who hails from the Czech Republic.

Posing for Petter Hegre marked her first time ever posing nude and wow was she like Bambi on ice!

Lanky and awkward but completely adorable, Ally bravely took to posing before the camera. Her only modeling experience prior to this was as a hair model for a show – but once she relaxed Ally slowly proved herself as a budding nude model in the making!

With a genuinely sweet personality, Ally studies at art college and specializes in making jewellery – medallions in particular.

An innocent and fragile young girl – we are so pleased Ally made the jump from hair model to nude model!

Ally Galleries COMMENTS

Ally red | July 16th, 2010
Ally red
ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Welcome back Ally! It's nice to have you back Ally!

Tuco United Kingdom

Hear, Hear! It's so good to see the lovely Ally again! A wonderful showcase of her beautiful long legs and oh-so-cute bottom! Thank you!

Voyeur United States

Lovely set. Ally does a great job and her growing comfort in front of the camera is evident.

DANIEL United States


Carne Asana United States

Delectably on display. Ally is first in show on this podium!

wheeler United States

very nice! nice to see the "art" come out in hagre-art!

JP United States

Delicious little pussy I love Ally's cute little pussy. Such a beautiful girl!

Pete United Kingdom

Girl next door Girl next door looks reminiscent of the much missed Janina. Set is too short, but Ally's confidence is growing as she leaves litle to the imagination here.

Eddie United States

Ally is so beautiful. She really has that girl next look which knocks me out. Please keep her as a regular. I agree with previous comment, this set needed to be longer.

Pete United Kingdom

Where is she Petter despite favourable reviews for Ally this is her last set. What happened, would be good to see her return

Ally massage | May 24th, 2010
Ally massage
ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Heaven!! Heaven!! I could do with a massage myself!

Carne Asana United States

Ally and friend are just what I kneaded! This gallery universally rubs everyone the right way I'm sure. BTW can anyone tell me what's the tatt on the woman's hand? Ally really is storming HA, that sweetness just doesn't get in the way of totally baring it all!

JP United States

Masseuse The masseuse looks pretty sexy, too. Will we see her naked in part 2?

Pete United Kingdom

Massage Never been a big fan of the masage sets and dont think this does Ally's great body justice.

Perry United States

Video of the Massage Hello, Where is the video of these massages? Great pics, let's see the videos.

patrice_78 France

Ally's fmassage film When can we see the film?

Ally futon | May 5th, 2010
Ally futon
wheeler United States

short, but sweet! I like that there's not too much background to distract us from the lovely foreground!

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

More please! The photo set is far to short but the photographs are of a high standard & that is to be commended. Ally really is sweet young thing very nice!

Carne Asana United States

A tiny but delicious morsel served on a huge plate. Ally is a special gift, capable of softening the most industrial of rooms.

Pete United Kingdom

Far too short 20 and 26 stand out in a classy but depleted set.

MJ United States

Oh. My. A fabulous woman, superbly photographed.

Ally bikini | April 25th, 2010
Ally bikini
wheeler United States

you "wear" that bikini very well, Dear!

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Bikini pleasure! Ally what a sweetie you are! These photographs are very seductive very sexy indeed WELL DONE!

longtimefan United States

Ally, warming up to the camera Raw. genuine. beautiful. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all.

Mark United States

Irrestible Ally We've only seen her in 2 sets, but oh my she's sexy and already daring. Again, I can't wait to see more of her. Petter, please don't make us wait so long this time!

Torval United States

More Please I agree very much with 'Mark', Ally is terrific and more of her should come sooner than later.

Carne Asana United States

I agree it's been a long time since April 3. Ally's freshness comes from her adorable body and cutely confident face. The aqua color bikini is the perfect touch. She really can pose. Photo 1 is poster-like, 10 playful, 11 explicitly powerful and 14 so long and lean.

Pete United Kingdom

Long and Lean Ally is a great addition to the long and lean Hegre family that inlcudes Yanna, Thea, Olena and the much missed by me Antonina

Ally white innocence | April 3rd, 2010
Ally white innocence
wheeler United States

"Welcome to the fold" INDEED!!! I can't wait to see more of this delectable creature!!!

Carne Asana United States

Cute! Ally's milky skin, expressive eyes and wonderful body make a for a most welcome adorable bundle. Such an innocent look, right before I click on the next page I'm convinced there's no way she'll show everything. And then... pow! It's a great introduction, complete with wedding night white lacy lingerie and little smiles. Thumbs up!

Alex Wilhelm United States

Ally, innocent? Is it overly rude of me to declare my desire to enter this young woman with my own, now increasingly inelastic member of sheer lust?

Mark United States

What a turn-on! All I can say is Wow. This being Ally's first time posing nude, and under the heading of 'white innocence,' I wasn't sure how far this young stunning beauty would go. But with image after image, she became bolder, and of course hotter. I could drink her up. Can't wait to see more.

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

New girl! Nice to see new sexy girl's here so welcome Ally!

Paul United Kingdom

Ally You know what Petter......after Luba the other day too, I really think some of these knickers-on sessions need more research......obviously they have to come off too, otherwise the guys would be up in arms. But, please lets have some more......remember that oh so sexy scene in Thelma & Louise when the camera goes down her flat tummy ..............

Pete United Kingdom

Innocent? If Ally was shy and innocent about he first nude shoot, she took to it really well. 25, 42 and 45 surprised me as she really gets into this set. 25 she looks a littel coy, her first fully naked shot but after that she laps it up. Great debut, she can be your next big star.

paul United States

Ally That was so hot of a debut set, especially considering she has never posed like this before. Ally is so hot and beautiful, love it. Thanks

Dan United States


Greg United Kingdom

Absolutely stunning! Wonderful work.

Jesse United States

Ally is awesome! I do love the way she poses and such a beautiful young woman. Make some videos, Ally is perfect and so natural. I can't wait for more!!!!!!

Moose United States

Ally, you are robosexy. Thank you for sharing and being vulnerable with your sexuality. Great set!


Ally Polishing The Pearl | May 11th, 2010
Ally Polishing The Pearl
Bart United States

work great work-- loved the spread in Playboy this month, you really know how to capture the beautiful essence of sexuality in a woman

diesel United Kingdom

simply the best yet!! More like this please, thank you!

thedude United States

best. video. ever.

Akira Japan

When the model gets so wet, Peter, stay focus on her pussy (close up) and you shoud not move the camera so much because the gradual pussy wetting like that is really rare to come by. by the way, did you or she wiped off her juice in the middle of the shooting ??

Carne Asana United States

Spectacular! Less than two minutes in and all the windows in my office are fogged up. Ally is completely uninhibited and this film captures her unbridled heat to the fullest. As sweet and innocent as she looks, she's just as full of passion and lust. I think this is an incredible film, beautifully shot and thank you for including Ally's own sounds. Throughout the years the level of explicitness on HA has been discussed: keep it the same, lower it, increase it. I'm totally pleased and satisfied in all the directions Petter leads us. Some days it's a classical nude in a grape vineyard, hands coyly covering certain parts; other days it's a full on, up close orgasm. The variety (not just in gorgeous women) of presentation is astonishing here. Yes, I do like to see galleries and films of these amazing models taking it further and further. And yes I do want to see an abstract, only partially visible Stasha bathed in florescent red light. Basically, I want it all. And that is what I get on HA. BRAVO.

Laurie United Kingdom

Hey Wiseacre Its just a girl having a wank for goodness sake!

Dom United Kingdom

I watched this yesterday but only commenting today. Just want to say I agree with Carne Asana. LEss explicit more explicit , keep on shaking it up . It makes everyday interesting not knowing if we will get a shy girl, an arty photo series or a full on orgasm like this. ITs why HegreArt stands out. Great work please keep surprising us.

Pete United Kingdom

Sophisticated Where would this site be without Laurie's sophisticated comments?

Laurie United Kingdom

Its my parting Shot Probably better off Pete. Its time to move on, I enjoy a challenge. Two years of Hegre-art is enough, I am bored and seek to regenerate my creativity which has suffered since introducing a computer into my life some 2 years ago. For months I have willed it to malfunction because I fear becoming trapped in a mind numbing nerdishness that is an obsession for some. My membership has expired but when I saw your comment I was prompted to respond. Cheers mate and look after the girls. By the way don't take my comments about Tasha seriously. Its not my style to criticise the girls, I was simply trying to wind someone up. Silly really!

intoit United States

Spectacular Simply great stuff!

jay United Kingdom

very sensual, lovely girl and great camera work

dan United States

vastly erotic, very powerful, nicely done. I am in awe of how Petter can get these performances.

pierart1954 Italy

Polyshing the pearl I had neglected this film, because the image of the poster was not very attractive. Then I have opened the tape and you/he/she has been a continuous surprise: Beautiful model and beautiful pussy: All the images of the pussy are in close up. A marvelous pussy, soft, elastic, soft pulpy, from the pink meat as the petals of a rose, deep as the wine glass of the nectar of a flower and the fingers that sùs go and down lingo the auction of the clitoris. A sweet and warm, slow and continuous masturbation and the humor that he/she is sometimes seen and at the end it goes out as a warm brook of water of the source of the pussyCome I would have wanted the fingers of the fotomodella to be my fingers. !!!! Beautiful film.

gentelman Netherlands

film and erotica so beautifull and lovely to look at honey for my eyes never seen such a girl like herself.your the best Petter thanks.go on with it..luba perhaps?

Idle Gods United States

You people need to get jobs... First, she's not exactly that good looking -- nice heat rash... Second, she' just not that good looking. So, do we simply worship the ground the Petter stands on? Or do we provide a discerning perspective of his work. It ain't all THAT great, boys and girls....

Jack Man France

So great She is so great in pleasuring herself. Every woman should look at that video !

dgraham United States

RE: I agree theres really nothing that great, her one finger motions were not all that impressive... Not to mention she barely makes a sound till just about the end of the video so i seriously doubt even she was all that thrilled.

Dremar United States

Ally I thought she was on her way to becoming one of my favorites. Then poof! She was gone. Lovely pussy.

mach30 United States

Beautiful ! It was beautiful ! Ally, you are also beautiful !! Thankyou!

ned United States

Let It Flow Nice long easy rhythm, glistening pussy lips. Totally edible.

lovejill222 United States

RE: Let It Flow love to see her wetness coming out of her pussy

Greggor1 United States

Beautiful Self Pleasure Ally is a treat in this film. Her slow and easy technique is a delight. Her wetness proves the effectiveness of her methods. Ally's breasts look wonderful if one can take their eyes off her wet pussy long enough to have a look. I especially like the point in the film when Ally turns over. It's a delight to view from behind as she works her wet pussy closer and closer to orgasm. Masturbation shared with others is very hot. Hot to see and hot to do. I would enjoy seeing more films of this kind.

Jacko Australia

More visible anal and vaginal contractions at orgasm would be great

Qoo Taiwan, Province of China

Her pussy's so wet. She must be actually enjoy the moment! Great shot Hegre!

lovejill22 United States

climax love the final climax exciting.

Straightarrow United States

Wow! Her body slowly responded to her touch, and it was so sensual! Attaboy, Hegre!

Pixie United Kingdom

Lovely and wet!