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Stasha Profile

Name: Stasha
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 47kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

Feminine and Feline

Welcome along Stasha, a petite young beauty who, lucky for us, is a self proclaimed exhibitionist!

Stasha was born in the Ukraine but grew up in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic. With her doll-like features and perfect proportions the camera just loves Stasha. Petter Hegre described her sleek, graceful form as being like ‘a lazy cat on a hot summer day’!

Stasha loves to eat juicy, grilled prawns with her fingers and another love in her life is her little, white car with tinted windows, She is very proud of her car!

Stasha may look innocent but she knows for sure the effect she has on men – so watch out! You have been warned!

Stasha Finger Frenzy April 16th, 2013
OK, I actually liked this film, despite the lack of orgasm and some oddly gymnastic poses, but the goose bumps, lack of nipple erection, and her vulval dryness, plus her occasional glances at the camera rather spoil the continuity, as does her full facial make-up (just woken up?) and a set of finger nails badly in need of a manicure. A hint of pubic hair, always a winner in my book, is a good sign, but this was more of a porn shoot than an art film. In that context, some of the images are very erotic indeed, nice one!
Masturbation of Stasha
Splendid long and soft masturbation!!!!!!!
Finger orgasm
Perfect body and pussy ...but fail to be natural
RE: Ass shots
I agree. Love the penetration and great butt and butthole looks especially the open butthole around 0800-820.
Nice show, superb lady. But I prefer a real orgasm.
Fantastic movie! Stasha is one of my favorite models, and i missed her so much! Hope soon, we get more pics and movies from her!
Stasha it is a privilege to see these close ups of your lovely pussy. This movie shows you at your best.
Stasha is one sexy model OK but some parts of this movie look awkward to me. Do women really pleasure themselves from behind kneeling. It looks strained to me.
Ass shots
Thank you Stasha for a great show. Loads of lovely ass shots as a bonus too.
Beatyful Girl with a hot Body. I like her and I like what she is doing very much. It will become a great day! Please more of these films - great work.
stasha The pretty girl got perfect body nice pussy I love your orgasm
Stasha Hegre workshop session July 27th, 2011
Great new look
Loving the new look, wicked pussy and great body, but does 21 images really count as a set Petter???
Stasha is lovely, but I prefer the natural look better.
Straight shots!
Love your new look Stasha!
I think Stasha looks great as a blonde. More please.
lovely...if WAY too short!
STASHA, What Gives?
I confess that I do not like this new look at all. Stasha appears gaunt and borderline anorexic, not at all like the sensual and alluring BRUNETTE she was a short time ago.
Stasha Neon Light July 26th, 2011
How I would love to wake up int the morning with her beside me.
beautiful girls..
peter u have some of the most beautiful girls in the world exposeing their most private parts to the wourld ,but is greatley appreciated by more than me.
purple rain
look, the amazing choreography. Solid post video production. creative idea.....hegre....never stops amazing. user since 1998 i would say light should come out from her vagina....squirt as a fountain of purple rain. solid!
Quite simply " inspired" work from Petter the natural conclusion to this would have been a glow in the dark dildo that Stasha could insert, perhaps that could be the sequel.
Yum...she is sweet like spun honey!
In every sense of the word. Stasha is so cool and I loved the film...
found the neon light too harsh. light polution: today's world with too much noise and light for a peaceful living and clear thinking.
Outstanding in every way!
a fantastic film, this super light and shadow effects, erotic art in outstanding quality, bravo!
Hope there gonna be a long version with half a dozen of models (or even more) ! Absolutely amazing !
great job
so creative peter thx
great video
very good and creative concept THANKS peter
This is terrific visually. The way she looks like she’s making love to the tube gets me going bigtime.
to short
I could watch Sasha all day and I have been known to. It’s a pity this one is a bit short, but hey whos complaining when we get Sasha dancing.
cool stuffs!!! very sexy!!! (But, stasha alwys is)
lovely pussy
All this looked a bit dangerous to me. We don’t want any harm to come to Stasha’s lovely pussy do we? It’s too nice to take any chances with.
That’s quite some phallic symbol but it never fazes Stasha
Get it on
I reckon her and Luke Skywalker should get it on together LOL
Hegre workshop moments May 21st, 2011
There is a very abridged version of the video of the workshop photoshoots in the workshop section. Could we please have a long version of the behind the scenes video of the workshop photoshoot's. Indeed could we have more behind the scenes videos and photographs of the Hegre photoshoots.
great studio
it is my dream to have a studio again one day, i think i woud even do one of the work shops, just the break i would like to have.... great work.
Good team work
Jajajaja.... now I see me on this post... it´s great!!!! very very very and very funny.. a most impressive experience, good people, good master, good. Joan
Hi Kevin! I can assure you that every single image on the hegre-art.com site are taken by me personally :)
I too know absolutely nothing about photography. This set was really great. We got to see how informally these girls are getting naked in front of these blokes with cameras. Petter, your site seems to suggest that every photo on your site was taken by you that is why it is so sucessful and world winning. This set has lots of men with cameras. Simple question Petter: Is every photo and video put on your site taken by you??
Lucky guys! :)
Petter! this is simply awesome!! it is inspiring to see beautiful erotic photography with so much class. i hope you guys would come to sydney one day soon, it would be my pleasure to attend such a workshop. i look forward to your beautiful updates...cheers.
Although I know nothing technical about photography, I'm fascinated by glimpses of not only how consummate professionals work, but how they teach. This is a real treat. Congratulations on these ongoing workshops.
You guys aren't hiring are you?
The Shoots
What is obvious here is that with all these people involved in the shoot, my standing out of the way during the next Silvie shoot would never even be noticed. Do you need my phone number?
I knew I was in the wrong business. I should have continued in photography. Do you have any job openings?
That looked like a real cool classroom experience. That would be fun to be a part of.
Absolutely facinating
Thanks for the glimpse "back stage". Some terrific stuff. You guys have the World's Best Job for sure. Would love to see more of these and especially like to see a film of a shoot or compilation of shoots. Keep up the great work.
Thank You
As a photographer myself, this is a godsend. Thank you for showing us a glimpse of the process.
Awesome! I hope I can join one of the next Workshops!
This wannabe Photog would pay extra just for a video of this!!!
En Silvie Stasha workshop session May 15th, 2011
This is not Stasha. Somebody has made a mistake.
RE the moose
I also agree...I like the little "tuft" style!
RE: Stasha
must agree (always loved brunettes)
En Silvie Stasha: Workshop Session
Bravo! Tremendous! Each lovely lady could not look any more beautiful! Boy, do I wish I would have had the pleasure of being at this workshop and having the privilege of photographing these three wonderful ladies! I love photo sets such as these where you can truly capture the beauty of three wonderful women. More, more!
Silvie & Stasha
I am so stuck on Silvie that I almost don't care about her bush. But I have to admit that I think I do prefer the landing strip now that I get to see her with it. And I agree with those who were a little shocked to see Stasha as a blond and pale. She seems to have lost some appeal.
This Stasha sure looks different, has she changed that much? She was much more sexy before.
A lovely photo series. I hope from time to time that Hegre will continue, from time to time, with this theme. Suggestions for a future 3SOME: MURIEL, VALERIE, and KONATA --- with oiled-down bodies. (In answer to your questin, Marck, Stasha is in today's photo series, but as a Blonde.)
I can see why "Marck" is asking about Stasha, see looks so different with lighter hair and no tan. I think see may have lost a bit of weight as well.
thank Silvie for shaving
lovely! Ms Stasha has a new hair do!
Nice Idea
Nice idea but should have been Valerie, Yoko and Lulu for me.
Where is Stasha?