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名前: スターシャ
国: チェコ共和国
体重: 47kg
身長: 168cm
年齢: 19
職業: モデル








スターシャギャラリー コメント

スターシャ ヘグレワークショップセッション | July 27th, 2011
スターシャ ヘグレワークショップセッション
KOMET アメリカ

STASHA, What Gives? I confess that I do not like this new look at all. Stasha appears gaunt and borderline anorexic, not at all like the sensual and alluring BRUNETTE she was a short time ago.

wheeler アメリカ

lovely...if WAY too short!

John 英国

Blonde I think Stasha looks great as a blonde. More please.

Danden カナダ

Straight shots! Love your new look Stasha!

Voyeur アメリカ

Stasha is lovely, but I prefer the natural look better.

Pete 英国

Great new look Loving the new look, wicked pussy and great body, but does 21 images really count as a set Petter???

ヘグレワークショップ瞬間 | May 21st, 2011
wheeler アメリカ

awesome!!! This wannabe Photog would pay extra just for a video of this!!!

c.m. オーストラリア

Awesome! I hope I can join one of the next Workshops!

sad144 アメリカ

Thank You As a photographer myself, this is a godsend. Thank you for showing us a glimpse of the process.

intoit アメリカ

Absolutely facinating Thanks for the glimpse "back stage". Some terrific stuff. You guys have the World's Best Job for sure. Would love to see more of these and especially like to see a film of a shoot or compilation of shoots. Keep up the great work.

Jeff アメリカ

Class That looked like a real cool classroom experience. That would be fun to be a part of.

Snowpig アメリカ

I knew I was in the wrong business. I should have continued in photography. Do you have any job openings?

James Michaels アメリカ

The Shoots What is obvious here is that with all these people involved in the shoot, my standing out of the way during the next Silvie shoot would never even be noticed. Do you need my phone number?

Roger アメリカ

You guys aren't hiring are you?

Carne Asana アメリカ

Although I know nothing technical about photography, I'm fascinated by glimpses of not only how consummate professionals work, but how they teach. This is a real treat. Congratulations on these ongoing workshops.

tintin2200 オーストラリア

WoWWW! Petter! this is simply awesome!! it is inspiring to see beautiful erotic photography with so much class. i hope you guys would come to sydney one day soon, it would be my pleasure to attend such a workshop. i look forward to your beautiful updates...cheers.

Jan Erik ノルウェー

Lucky guys! :)

Kevin from Hertfordshire England 英国

I too know absolutely nothing about photography. This set was really great. We got to see how informally these girls are getting naked in front of these blokes with cameras. Petter, your site seems to suggest that every photo on your site was taken by you that is why it is so sucessful and world winning. This set has lots of men with cameras. Simple question Petter: Is every photo and video put on your site taken by you??

Petter Hegre スペイン

Hi Kevin! I can assure you that every single image on the site are taken by me personally :)

Joan スペイン

uooooo Jajajaja.... now I see me on this post... it´s great!!!! very very very and very funny.. a most impressive experience, good people, good master, good. Joan

rog.skar ノルウェー

Good team work

Alf オーストラリア

great studio it is my dream to have a studio again one day, i think i woud even do one of the work shops, just the break i would like to have.... great work.

S99 英国

There is a very abridged version of the video of the workshop photoshoots in the workshop section. Could we please have a long version of the behind the scenes video of the workshop photoshoot's. Indeed could we have more behind the scenes videos and photographs of the Hegre photoshoots.

エン、シルビー、ターシャ、ワークショップセッション | May 15th, 2011
Marck スロベニア

Where is Stasha?

Pete 英国

Nice Idea Nice idea but should have been Valerie, Yoko and Lulu for me.

wheeler アメリカ

lovely! Ms Stasha has a new hair do!

the moose アメリカ

thank Silvie for shaving

Nick 英国

Stasha I can see why "Marck" is asking about Stasha, see looks so different with lighter hair and no tan. I think see may have lost a bit of weight as well.

KOMET アメリカ

THE 3 MUSES REUNITED A lovely photo series. I hope from time to time that Hegre will continue, from time to time, with this theme. Suggestions for a future 3SOME: MURIEL, VALERIE, and KONATA --- with oiled-down bodies. (In answer to your questin, Marck, Stasha is in today's photo series, but as a Blonde.)

Memphis アメリカ

Stasha This Stasha sure looks different, has she changed that much? She was much more sexy before.

James Michaels アメリカ

Silvie & Stasha I am so stuck on Silvie that I almost don't care about her bush. But I have to admit that I think I do prefer the landing strip now that I get to see her with it. And I agree with those who were a little shocked to see Stasha as a blond and pale. She seems to have lost some appeal.

Mark アメリカ

En Silvie Stasha: Workshop Session Bravo! Tremendous! Each lovely lady could not look any more beautiful! Boy, do I wish I would have had the pleasure of being at this workshop and having the privilege of photographing these three wonderful ladies! I love photo sets such as these where you can truly capture the beauty of three wonderful women. More, more!

wheeler アメリカ

RE: Stasha must agree (always loved brunettes)

wheeler アメリカ

RE the moose I also agree...I like the little "tuft" style!

Dan アメリカ

Stasha This is not Stasha. Somebody has made a mistake.

スターシャ 親密マッサージ | April 22nd, 2011
スターシャ 親密マッサージ
KOMET アメリカ

STASHA IN REPOSE I trust that an accompanying erotic video will soon be forthcoming (?)

Nick 英国

Live seeing Stasha, one of my favorites Re KOMET video is already on here in the massage section.

Sparrowhawk 英国

Many thanks to all concerned - a sublime set and video! Stasha you are a walking, talking reason to live!

Martin ドイツ

Masseuse naked What can be done to see the masseuse as a naked Hegre model?

スターシャ コルテンスチール | March 29th, 2011
スターシャ コルテンスチール
mostrum イタリア

thanks Hegre, beautiful gallery, Stasha is great awesome... thanks from a person that have problems to see a woman... like you

B アメリカ

Stasha is a star.

KOMET アメリカ

STASHA OFF THE WALL This would've been a much better photo series if Stasha were barefoot.

Mark アメリカ

Stasha Great nudes of beautiful Stasha. Love her butt naked in the heels!

Guffree アメリカ

Stasha Beautiful gallery

wheeler アメリカ

Absolutely smokin hot!!!And, once agin, I live the little bit od shadow in the set. it gives it a bit more of an artistic look

wheeler アメリカ

lol oops!!! crazy keyboard! Let me translate: "agin"= again, "live"= love, "od"=

スターシャ 高くたって | March 12th, 2011
スターシャ 高くたって
alex 英国

stasha one amazingly beautiful woman,stasha always looks fantastic.

KOMET アメリカ


Flav アメリカ

Stasha the Glorious Yet another extraordinary tribute to the world's most beautiful woman

Mark アメリカ

Stasha Stasha looks fabulous standing tall nude in those heels. Would love to see her in a set totally nude in a pair of killer black stiletto pumps.

Guffree アメリカ

Stasha Barbie doll The long legs gives her a Barbie doll look. I would like her hair brushed back off of her sholders, but over all, its a nice nude art set, I like it, thank you!!

jumbo1147 アメリカ

stasha SKINNY

Sam アメリカ

Fit as a fiddle. Nice.

Dante-Hicks オーストラリア

So good. So very god.

hawkeeye1967 アメリカ

I saw some samples of this set on another website and ended up joining Hegre just so I could see the rest of these. Simply perfect!



スターシャ ハードライト | February 14th, 2011
スターシャ ハードライト
wheeler アメリカ


Scofield アメリカ

delicious Stasha could make ANY light look good. She is simply gorgeous, beautiful eyes, beautiful face, killer body.

alex 英国

stasha simply amazing,one incredibly beautiful woman.

KOMET アメリカ

STASHA the She-Beast She bestrides the world like a panther poised to strike its prey. Once Stasha has had her fill, she will be on the prowl, with fangs bared, tongue lolling, eyes wide open as she detects the scent of a man on the far side of the darkened room.

Mark アメリカ

Stasha Beautiful, pure nudes of lovely Stasha.

Mark アメリカ

Stasha Beautiful, pure nudes of lovely Stasha.



halopalm 台湾

Perfect proportion Best set of February 2011. Stasha truly has perfect proportion body but no remarkable art works yet. I crave a favor of Hegre Petter shooting Stasha some galleries like........ (1) Jula horizontal (2) Luba fine art nudes (3) Tereza fitness

スターシャ スター | December 22nd, 2010
スターシャ スター
wheeler アメリカ

I am addicted to Stasha's lovely rear end(among other things)!

Big オランダ

Panty:) Very nice to see sometimes also some clothes before getting naked and the 2 stars are well an understatement for this beauty on the panty:) It has to be at least 5 * there :)

Tuco 英国

RE: Photo number 52 Thank you for so many photos of such a such a beautiful bottom and those long legs!

Flav アメリカ

None greater than Stasha Philosophers in search of the concept of perfect beauty need look no further than Stasha and your photos of her. I look forward to each new set. I have never seen anyone like her. As I've said before, words alone can't convey any real sense of just how beautiful she is.

Pablo アメリカ

Damn Sexy Stasha is a very sexy woman; excellent set. The first photos in the series are incredible.

Dante-Hicks オーストラリア

Stasha How good is this chick!

Drew B. アメリカ

Intensity Each shoot Stasha commands the scene. Here her confidence is undeniable.

スターシャ 座り | December 6th, 2010
スターシャ 座り
wheeler アメリカ

Lucky chair!!!

HerveD フランス

I am in love with the beauty of that woman. I am watching everything in XXXXlarge! Shis is worth the entire year subscription. More please...

roland, Italy イタリア

stasha seated sweet, tender, and immensely desirable

Eddie アメリカ

Rookie of the Year Anna is still my favorite, but Stasha would clearly get my vote for 2010 Rookie of the Year. I fall in love with every set. Thanks.

Mark アメリカ

Stasha Well done! Outstanding nude study of lovely Stasha! Great poses showing off her terrific body. Bravo to photos 29 and 30, what a great angle and intimate perspective to capture the beauty of her butt!

Tuco 英国

RE: Photo number 31 Wow! Beautiful, seductive and explicit image of a gorgeous bottom! Christine Keeler eat your heart out! ;) Sorry, an old joke for anyone from the 60s or fans of the movie called "Scandal"!

D.L. アメリカ

If you love a good anus... This is the gallery for you!

Pete 英国

derrière If you are looking for a great study in the art of the derrière this is the place to come, and for models wanting to show a bit of pussy fur this is the way to do it . Very classy

maggada アイルランド

What a delicious, delectable ass!

scottw アメリカ

Stasha Stasha is so beautiful! I think she's the best!

スターシャ メークチェアー | November 21st, 2010
スターシャ メークチェアー
George カナダ

Yeah! More Stasha! Stash is so full of natural beauty inside and out, and her beauty shines through the camera.

Lars スイス

Lips would like to color her lips!

Flav アメリカ

Stasha makes my day....week...month Stasha is so glorious and her beauty is so breathtaking that even the most simple set -- a studio photo shoot with a make-up chair -- can seem radiantly erotic when she's in it. And with each new Stasha series, Petter goes from triumph to triumph.

wheeler アメリカ

Stunning, as always! (And, that was quite a balancing act in those first few pictures!)

KOMET アメリカ

STASHA EN CELO Stasha sits proudly like a panther in heat.

Eddie アメリカ

Wow Nothing more need be said. She's perfect.

Steve アメリカ

I don't know anything about her inner beauty but the outer part is nice.

Voyeur アメリカ

Stasha is quickly becoming my favorite. Hooray for exhibitionists. Can't wait to see her wet.

HerveD 英国

I find her so beautiful, so naturally sexy, particularly after hearing her on one of your videos, that I would like to just watch pictures of her face. I would like pictures of her fully clothed or a video where she is just talking about herself. There is something about her, her personality, that comes across my screen in a different way. It is magnetic to me. Then again, her body is so perfect that also want pictures of that.

スターシャ ベットセッション | November 6th, 2010
スターシャ ベットセッション
wheeler アメリカ

stunning, as ever! my kinda girl!

rami イスラエル

stasha stasha is veri beautiful end sexe .end perfect pussy

George カナダ

Photogenic Stasha is so photogenic. The camera seems to love her so much. I would feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph such beauty.

Voyeur アメリカ

You gotta love an exhibionist, especially one so lovely as Stasha. A perfectly proportioned young lady that loves and is loved by the camera. Thank you Stasha!

Eddie アメリカ

Always Beautiful Not as top-dog of a set as usual, but still, any series with Stasha is a beautiful series.

bruce 中国

I love her boobs

JB アメリカ

Most beautiful face Stasha has such a sexy body and I believe the most beautiful face of all the Hegre models. Her face just elevates her to another level.

Flav アメリカ

Stasha the Glorious I keep saying it: There is no one as gorgeous as Stasha, not even close. She redefines beauty, and she raises sensuality to a new level. She is perfect beauty personified.

D.L. アメリカ

So inviting. It doesn't get more heavenly than this, and I gotta add, she has such sexy feet. They look so good next to her inviting pussy and anus. Again, inviting is the word that comes to mind.

Dante-Hicks オーストラリア

Feel the heat. She's so hot right now.

スターシャ ハイヒール | October 28th, 2010
スターシャ ハイヒール
Dante-Hicks オーストラリア

TASTY The hottest girl on Hegre-Art.

Flav アメリカ

Infinitely Beautiful Stasha Each new series is a revelation, a new and exquisite exploration of Stasha's indescribable and literally breathtaking beauty. I especially like numbers 32 and 33 in this wonderful series. It is nice to know that we share the earth with the perfect beauty that Stasha embodies.

pierart1954 イタリア

Stasha heels As is erotic to have a woman that wears the jeans in this way!!!

Roland, Italy イタリア

Stasha Stasha, so sweet, so actractive

etxegoyen スペイン


Bojo アメリカ

Stasha Stash This is completely smashing folio of poses.She is phenomenal model,fearless understands male fantasy and desire obviously but there is something that makes her unique. She is self pocessed and tad reckless. Understand herself as subject ;form light shadow and mood

スターシャ デニムホットパンツ | October 19th, 2010
スターシャ デニムホットパンツ
Dante-Hicks オーストラリア

Stasha One. Hot. Woman.

Flav アメリカ

Stasha the Greatest The most beautiful woman on this earth in the most alluring series yet.

Pablo ギリシャ

Beautiful I loved this photo set, Stasha is sexy, pure and simple. Damn.

ernie from NYC アメリカ

Suggestion: Stasha with jeans Petter, I love all of your series of Stasha. She is AMAZING! COuld you do a series of her similar to one you did with Orsi, where it is Stasha wearing only a pair of jeans, and she playfully takes them off over a series or two. I love her personality as shown in your Original Orgasms video. I'm sure you'd get great pics of her trying to take off her jeans...

Jamies Michaels アメリカ

Stasha As bodies go, Stasha is simply unbelievable. I especially like it when she smiles.

スターシャ キャジュアル | October 1st, 2010
スターシャ キャジュアル
wheeler アメリカ

no need for formalities Stasha is stunning!! casual, or otherwise!

Dante-Hicks オーストラリア

Breakfast So edible.

Flav アメリカ

Stasha's perfection I am running out of words to describe Stasha, other than to note that she is the perfect combination of perfect beauty and perfect sensuality. She transcends all the usual categories that we use to describe human beauty.

Ulfgeir アメリカ

Stunning A stunning photo set. Stasha has an incredible sense of casual sensuality, and it comes out beautifully in these photos.

nat_pavitt アメリカ

Just Perfect She's Perferct.

Voyeur アメリカ

I don't think I will ever not want more of Stasha's exhibitionism.

RoundEye アメリカ

Perfect Stomach The perfect female would be Stasha's Stomach, Luba's Breasts, Dominika's pussy.

robotruud オランダ

RE: Photo number 42 she is casual

Mark アメリカ

Stasha Great nudes of Stasha! I love totally nude and intimate photos that give the viewer a wonderful perspective of the beauty of Stasha's body. I especially enjoy the series of four shots showing her lovely behind and adorable bare feet. What a beautiful little butthole!

Sean アメリカ

43 through 46 are particularly notable. Very nice. Thank you.

スターシャ ツーフィンガー | September 18th, 2010
スターシャ ツーフィンガー
Norm 英国

sexy!! oh Stasha! What thoughts must be running through your mind as you playfor the camera! You are a very sexy girl!

wheeler アメリカ

yet another set that BEGS for a video!!!

Flav アメリカ

Stasha the Perfect Yet another evocation, perfectly photographed, of Stasha's perfect beauty. I could look at her forever, and never even remotely begin to tire of her. And wheeler is 100% right: these photos beg for a video.

alex 英国

majestic magnificent,an awesome spectacle of majestic perfection.

Eddie アメリカ

Assistance Beautiful, beautiful girl. Please advise if I can ever lend a hand or, a finger.

Jim アメリカ

Stasha As always, the photos are done with grace and style. Very hot series.

don アメリカ

two fingers More of that would be just fine with me!!!

daniel アメリカ


nick 英国

Let's have a Stasha week, and a video of this series.

Pete 英国

Two Fingers Stasha is a model I can't make up my mind about, but she certainly has a great attitude and this set is absolutely begging for a video

brienx 英国

Stasha Beautiful, stunning! Horny, very erotic..and artistic.

brienx 英国

Stasha She has a wanton look, smoky and definitely looking for a good time!

Voyeur アメリカ

Damn, that is about all I can say while I try to get my breathing back to normal.

Wookie アメリカ

Wow! About time we get a little finger play. I have waited years for this type of thing.

Roger アメリカ

Bravo Petter and Brava Stasha! Strong work! Let us hope more Hegre girls "take the plunge!"

JSR スペイン

hot !! Stasha is a truly smoking hot girl

George カナダ

Beauty Stasha and the camera seem to be in some wonderful love affair! I would feel honored to be the one to photograph her. Du må være en ære å få jobben., Petter!

D.L. アメリカ

The action starts with Picture #58 Now this is what I'm talkin' about. No more beating around the bush. No more pussyfooting around. ;-) Just getting right into it. I love it, and Stasha is, indeed, one intoxicating sight.

BleuKat9 アメリカ

Stasha...RETROspective Stasha...Two Fingers, is so fucking 'delicious' that I've just Super-Sized her!



shawnisalk アメリカ

need some airbrushing Unfortunately, in one of the up close shots, her labia shows a mono sore. Which is not the end of the world (she's still incredibly stunning), but I'm surprised the photographer didn't photoshop it out.

スターシャ 最高ヌード | September 9th, 2010
スターシャ 最高ヌード
qwily イタリア


KOMET アメリカ

STASHA - The Sexy Beast She strides forth tender in her majestic nakedness, unencumbered by clothes and shoes.

wheeler アメリカ

WOW!!! another set that falls inder the catagory of "not only hot...but COOL"!!! This is the kind of set that puts the "art" in Hegre-art!AWESOME!!!

Nigehug 英国

Stasha Nude Set At last a fully nude set! Delightfully erotic showing nearly the lot. Oh please when will we have an erect clitoris poking out from those succulent pussy lips? A good start. Nigehug.

Stunning! アメリカ

I am in total lust with this girl! Keep posting sets like this and she will surpass Anna S in popularity.

Voyeur アメリカ

The uninhibited Stasha is fast becoming one of my favorites. Great body, cute face and willingness to share her most intimate self - wow.

Jim アメリカ

Stasha Whew. Outstanding.

Eddie アメリカ

This is an example of how you can be the best. Stasha is stunning and this set is stunning as well. It doesn't get any better than this.

roland, Italy イタリア

stasha extreme nudes a big compliment to Petter for magistral use of the lights and interpretation of the feminine body.This is art. The girl is simply adorable

daniel eaves アメリカ


Victor Double カナダ

Based on her film, we know what she's doing in photo 28 on! :)

Rob 英国

A truly AWESOME set!! Thank you. Now can we have one like this starring the lovely Luba please? Then I can die happy :)

Tuco 英国

RE: Photo number 9 What a beautiful view! We are very lucky Stasha is so courageous! Thank you for so many shots of Stasha's beautiful bottom! :)

Pete 英国

Hot set This is a hot set with 37, 59, 64 and 73 the highlights for me.

Flav アメリカ

Stasha the Greatest I was away for a few days and came back to find the most breathtaking series yet of the divine Stasha. Nobody -- absolutely nobody -- combines sheer beauty with intense sensuality the way she does. As I've said before, mere words cannot do her justice. She is the embodiment, in every sense, of perfect beauty. And, even better, she always seems to be having fun!

スターシャ ベッドでの情熱 | August 29th, 2010
スターシャ ベッドでの情熱
wheeler アメリカ

stunning as always! Thank you for a wonderful look at Stasha's gorgeous rear end!

Flav アメリカ

Stasha the Perfect I sound like an old-fashioned broken record, repeating myself over and over, but Stasha is as close to total perfection as any human being I have ever seen. Thank you for the close-up portraits. I could lose myself in her eyes forever.

Eddie アメリカ

I agree. You can feature Stasha as much as you want. She's beautiful to look at. A few full-length shots interspersed with all the close ups would be my only suggestion.

Tuco 英国

RE: Photo number 23 A wonderful bottom! love the sexy expression as she looks over her shoulder! :)

スターシャ おばあちゃんの下着 | August 16th, 2010
スターシャ おばあちゃんの下着
wheeler アメリカ

well, that was definately a throwback!nice to see Stasha can be a little goofy too

Voyeur アメリカ

Deliciously sweet and playful. Love this model.

Flav アメリカ

Stasha the Stunning Yet another triumph, and another opportunity for us to enjoy the world's most spectacularly beautiful woman, this time in a way that combines sensuality with whimsy. Many, many thanks.

MrBrownFFM ドイツ

There's nothing that disfigures a beautiful woman! :-)

Norm 英国

Stasha and dear grandmama Great joke! Hot girl, cold pants! A fantastic turn off and fun for all that! As a widower of 70 +, the pants have definitely dissuaded me from signing on with an over 65's dating agency! Like the pants best when on Stasha's pretty head!! My dear late wife would have laughed her head off at these: "That'll teach you to surf these websites for sexy girls!""

Sean アメリカ

Actually might have been sexy if they were tight and fit right....god forbid that ever happens on here.

スターシャ ベービーブルーバス | August 2nd, 2010
スターシャ ベービーブルーバス
Flav アメリカ

Stasha the Great I know that I'm getting boringly repetitive; but Stasha is surely the most magnificent, the most beautiful human being on this planet. And this set really evokes her personality as well, a personality that seems to be impish, slightly mischievous, and a lot of fun.

Pete 英国

Smile Great cheeky smile, fantastic pussy but I dont think her body is as toned as it used to be

ovva ノルウェー

amazing image i have only one word to say about photo 37 its AMAZING!!!!

wheeler アメリカ

she looks amazing to me! (omg! 24-29...don't fall off of there, sweetie!)

panzer969 アメリカ

personality! Thanks again for the "Year Ago Today" feature. Yes, this set really brings out Stasha's obviously delightful personality. Quite the character here. I'm sure it would be fun to share a bath with this lovely young woman...

cameron アメリカ

RE: Photo number 42 I love this photo the look of her beautiful face and genitals together in an unusual way. Great pose.

スターシャ ピンクストライプ | July 6th, 2010
スターシャ ピンクストライプ
wheeler アメリカ

STUNNING!!! I would love to see what she was doing inside those panties!lol

Flav アメリカ

CHRISTMAS IN JULY This is like Christmas in July! Stasha twice in one day, in a glorious video and a magnificent gallery. I wasn't born yesterday, and Stasha is the most breathtakingly, exhilaratingly, jaw-droppingly beautiful human being I've ever seen. I'n not kidding or exaggerating. She combines her beauty with profound sensuality and kittenish mischievousness. I've never seen anyone quite like her. More, more, more, please!

Alex Wilhelm アメリカ

Pink stripe At the risk of talking about the obvious, my favourite is the one juicy pink stripe Stasha is sporting in the last few images!


Racing stripes! I agree with Wheeler but we boy's will have to use our imagination never mind! A ver sexy set of photo's nevertheless nice one Stasha!

Brandon Scofield アメリカ

Beautiful All of her is beautiful and sensuous, but Stasha's face is exquisite!

CGC 英国

Stash What a beauty...

Carne Asana アメリカ

This gallery is an ode to over the top special occasion panties. Sometimes enticing, sometimes a bit tacky. But Stasha can pull off anything and what a fortunate treat for us by Page 3 she literally pulls them off. As for Stasha herself, she's gorgeous and her goddessy-locks hair just complete the picture!

スターシャ ネオンビキニ | July 26th, 2010
スターシャ ネオンビキニ
wheeler アメリカ

smokin hot!!! another sexy voyeuristic shoot! (btw...about the new layout: sometimes I really can't think of anythig to put in the subject line. is it ABSOLUTELY necessary?)

Flav アメリカ

Stunning Stasha Thanks for another superb evocation of Stasha's perfect beauty! My own poor words could never adequately describe her perfection; so I'm grateful to Petter for using his camera to announce Stasha's glorious sensuality to the world.

Jim アメリカ

Stasha Sweeter than wine.

Hank 英国

Wonderful!! Quite delicious set this. But the naughty girl should be severely puished for polluting herself in this shameful way.

sillyrab アメリカ

Spying I love "Spying on Stasha"

スターシャ ホテルベット | July 18th, 2010
スターシャ ホテルベット
KOMET アメリカ

STASHA PERCHED ON THE BED She strodes forth like the sexy beast she is. GRROWL!

Flav アメリカ

Stasha hotel bed Once again I have to gasp for breath ;-). You've brilliantly evoked the literally breathtaking beauty and subtle -- yet overwhelmingly powerful -- sensuality of this truly remarkable young woman. Stasha's beauty transcends mere words. I have never seen anyone to match her or compare with her.

wheeler アメリカ

STUNNING!!! Nuff sed!

Voyeur アメリカ

Beautiful and inviting

Bruno アメリカ

Stasha hotel bed Incredible!

toto シンガポール


paul アメリカ

Stasha Those shots of her lovely ass up in the air, showing off her beautiful pussy and anus were mind-blowing. Stasha totally rocked this set.

Carne Asana アメリカ

The frozen moments in time are made even more spectacular now that post-film I know what went on here! Stasha is a miracle.

スターシャ ビーチ ベーブ | June 28th, 2010
スターシャ ビーチ ベーブ
KOMET アメリカ

STASHA - DESNUDA DE LA PLAYA She's an absolute gem. It is always a delight to see a SEXY NUDE WOMAN WITH CURVES (sans shoes) on a sunny beach.

wheeler アメリカ

I must say... That was pretty smokin' hot! Always love the beach scenes (if they are close enough to see)


Sexy beach bum! Wow! you defiantly have raised the temperature Stasha you are a true treasure very erotic & unbelievably sexy!

Tuco 英国

Lovely Stasha It is always a great pleasure to see such a beautiful woman naked outdoors, enjoying her youth! Thank you! One tiny little request - please can we see more of Stasha's lovely bottom next time?

Carne Asana アメリカ

Stasha's sculptured physique is astounding. Summer galore, she captures it perfectly.

CGC 英国

Stunning If only women like this existed in the real world!

jax アメリカ

She is so hot, the photos of her in the "push up" position are fantastic. I agree with Tuco, I too would love to see more of this girls amazing ass.

Pete 英国

Push up Agree with Jax the push up shots are amazing

davo オーストラリア

on the beach A beautiful girl - I'd love to see some pussy thoughj

シーア 官能的ヌード | June 10th, 2010
シーア 官能的ヌード
KOMET アメリカ

STASHA from the Czech Republic What a delight for the eyes this photo series is! Stasha is so sexy and displays a feline-like grace and sensuality.

qw イタリア

breathless !!

wheeler アメリカ

komet... hit the nail on the head!(nail Stasha? I wish!)

Voyeur アメリカ

Stasha is a perfectly proportioned beautiful lady. She shows a natural ease with the camera and is highly sexual. Love it all.

paradygma スペイン

Komet is definitely right. This girl, besides her natural born beauty knows how to pose and charms the camera in every shot. The artsy way her hair lays on the floor has been noticed also.

Carne Asana アメリカ

Leave it to Stasha to pose in the most submissive of ways but actually turn that into dominance by enchanting us all. She, like so many HA women, is on top.

JMH アメリカ

I agree with Komet. Very feline. And I love her sultry and mischievous smile. Out of the new girls, she and Ally are my favorites. Anyone catch the tiny silver filling in one of her teeth? I think it looks cute.

mandula オーストラリア

Stasha's charm If only all your models were aware of the magic difference a straight look into the camera, accompanied by a smile – like Stasha does on some of the shots in this series – makes in the “melt the heart of my viewing public” department... Thank you Stasha...

wheeler アメリカ

filling? you have better eyes than me, JMH!lol

toto シンガポール

Best hegre model of the year! cheers to stasha!!

Pete 英国

No Set no props Great models dont need a set or props, they just carry whole shoot themselves and this is what Stasha does. Favourite 55, Tasha too is also a great addition amonst the new set.

slash6bomb フランス

Stasha is so good Stasha est véritablement canon. Une belle petite frimousse, un corps bien proportionné, un sens de l'humour éloquent (voir ses vidéos), la copine idéale ?

スターシャ 窓の光 | May 31st, 2010
スターシャ 窓の光
wheeler アメリカ

lovely!(albeit short!) agreed...the light helps!only 29 pics? :(

unhappy 英国

the photos much beter, looks as if on a few of these pictures you manager to stitch a few photos together to make up a almost fully focused stasha, from head to toe. very good, looks great. it has also improved the exposure (she looks less washed out)WHY didnt you do the same for all the pictures ???? they would have been much better for it


Very nice! I agree with Wheeler I am with you on your comment mate! Very nice but far to short!



impressed1 アメリカ

agree wheeler very nice pics, would love to see more than 29!

Carne Asana アメリカ

The serenity of Stasha in the fetal position is a masterpiece of calm.

スターシャ 星とストライプ | May 21st, 2010
スターシャ 星とストライプ
wheeler アメリカ

HOORAY!!! for the red, white and blue!!!


Summer is here! Wow I am seeing stars but that is just her pants! Superb photographs to come home to brilliant! many thanks Stasha you beautiful creature!

Carne Asana アメリカ

George Balanchine would definitely approve. Stasha is magnificent and beautiful. This gallery is all about her attitude especially in perspective shots 47 to 51 and all of Page 5 with the absolute pinnacle of chutzpah being Photo 69. These types of pictures jump off the screen!

toto シンガポール

wow !! a combination of annas n christian... a STAR is born!!

Pete 英国

Page 5 Page 5 rocks and agree pinnacle is 69.Promising new model.

paradygma スペイン

Another great model Love the way you took advantage of her lovely legs when she's pulling down her pants. The perspective is great. But I missed some more standing frontal shots to enjoy her pussylips. Great work.

Voyeur アメリカ

What a deliciously lovely new model Stasha is.

スターシャ ヌーディストビーチ | May 26th, 2010
スターシャ ヌーディストビーチ

Beach bum! Life's a beach! I would love to rub sun tan lotion Stasha's soft skin great stuff very nice photographs.

wheeler アメリカ

nice day to get a long as she joins me!

Joe アメリカ

I actually feel like a beachvoyeur taking the photos. By far your best beach work Peter! One or more of this style per week please?

Andrew 中国

thats what we need!!! you are totally right Joe!!! that is exactly what this site needs..more voyeur style photos like Petter made in his early days!!! on the beach - anywhere outdoor and dont forget in the models home :) this is super sexy and will make me a lifetime member!!!

wheeler アメリカ

agree about "outdoor"...there's just something about it!

Carne Asana アメリカ

Wonderful to be treated by the film then the gallery, now that's a combination! Stasha brilliantly shines in the sun and we're there to see all the action. Count me in the public setting camp, it's great!

paradygma スペイン

Nude in public is cool!! Yap. More amateurish exhibitionist beach pics would be good. Was that a nude beach? Because she seems to be the only one naked. That's even hotter, I think.

Pete 英国

Im a fan too Yep, nice set, great model, reckon its the Algarve?

HEH313 ドイツ

Stasha Yes, definitely a Hegre girl. Great body, nice. But something is lacking. I do not know what. No Anna S.!

diabolisis アメリカ

wow DAMN! even her armpits sweating is a turn on!

Moose アメリカ

Love Stasha FANTASTIC set!! Loved it. Thank you Stasha for showing off at the beach.

スターシャ コンクリートヌード | May 6th, 2010
スターシャ コンクリートヌード
Laurie 英国

Busy as a Bee Rosebud fragrantly pink reveal your concealed delicacy, that I may alight on your stigma and indulge your sweet secretions. Stasha is edgy and exciting. Cool.

qw イタリア

very nice and erotic!


Another new girl! Very erotic and arousing can we have more please much more cos Stasha looks fantastic! What a superb figure she has. These new girls are coming thick & fast at the moment great stuff keep them coming but can we have some models back as well like Kira! Is there any possibility that she will be coming back soon!

wheeler アメリカ

gorgeous!!! I must say I love the trend that you seem to be getting into here...nothing to distract from the lovely subject!

Laurie 英国

Kira Now Kira is one girl I really like ED. But I fear we may well not see her again, driven away by a number of nasty unsolicited comments.

Mark アメリカ

Stasha I love Stasha totally nude in every picture. As pure, beautiful and honest as she can be. Very beautifully done.

Carne Asana アメリカ

One of my favorite things about HA is the excitingly consistent mix of introducing new women (Stasha, Ally, Tasha), presenting gallery after gallery of established elites (Olena, Anna, Muriel) and re-connecting with yesteryear's favorites (Karolina, Amandine). This is the finest curated collection of the type of beauty I most enjoy. Today's debut, Stasha, is a wonderful addition. Her brown hair, long legs and somewhere between cute and enticing features make her a winner.

Laurie 英国

Camera Distortion My only argument with the artistic merits of these lovely images is the very disproportionate length of her legs, especially in the last six shots.

Voyeur アメリカ

Welcome back Wow what a dramatic reentry to HA. I love this girl with her perfect breasts and wonderful pussy.

Dave スイス

Just a perfect body ! Wow ! Congratulation ! Please show us more from Stasha. I'like to see her standing nude, just from behind. I guess her ass is just perfect ! Wonderful pics from an angel !

JP アメリカ

Stasha I'd love to stash my stuff in Stasha

CGC 英国

Gorgeous What a début! Look forward to lots more...

JMHthe3rd アメリカ

Out of the new batch of models, I think I like her best. Perfect body, and something about her face. That little smirk. I find it enticing.

Lagirlfreak88 アメリカ

Stasha! Damn this girl is amazing. Easily my favorite on the site.

Sam C アメリカ

beautiful poses I love these beautiful poses of Sasha, just what I joined Hegre-art to see.

スターシャ ニオンライト | May 11th, 2010
スターシャ ニオンライト
KOMET アメリカ

STASHA An interesting interplay of light and shadow.

wheeler アメリカ

WOW!!! not only hot...but, COOL!!!

JFH カナダ

Amazing. Where do you get all this new ideas?

longtimefan アメリカ

one of the best push this direction. like the more abstract, less literal. go go go! Bravo.

Carne Asana アメリカ

Brilliant! The eerie Sith lightsaber glow makes me think Stasha is both deep inside an underground club and capable of inflicting serious damage in the sexiest way imaginable. I support the comments of my fellow members thus far especially longtimefan's observation of the abstract.


Red light district! I like the effect of the fluresent tube and the pinky red in the highlights superb! Stasha is so cool I love her!

Dom 英国

I love this it's brilliant. thanks for shaking things up and continuing to be innovative.

Pete 英国

Less is more Fantastic set, ok maybe you see less of the model but this is definately more erotic. Excellent idea and worth trying with other models, Thea would of course be my first suggestion.

tdonna3 アメリカ

I am sorry but I really think this distracted from the natural beauty of Stasha. Lets see the same thing withOUT the light sabre!

JP アメリカ

Impressed!!! This is where Petter shows off his artistic virtuosity.

wheeler アメリカ

granted... I would not get in the habbit of it...but, it's a cool change of pace!

dieter ドイツ

Neon Great Idea

machado70 ベルギー

the best genious of Peter! That's simply brillante absolutely fragance of genious it's marvelous!!!!!!

スターシャフィルム コメント

Stasha Finger Frenzy | April 16th, 2013
Stasha Finger Frenzy
rami イスラエル

stasha stasha The pretty girl got perfect body nice pussy I love your orgasm

Cosworth ドイツ

Stasha Beatyful Girl with a hot Body. I like her and I like what she is doing very much. It will become a great day! Please more of these films - great work.

Zak アメリカ

Ass shots Thank you Stasha for a great show. Loads of lovely ass shots as a bonus too.

Chas オーストラリア

Awkward Stasha is one sexy model OK but some parts of this movie look awkward to me. Do women really pleasure themselves from behind kneeling. It looks strained to me.

Dan アメリカ

Privilege Stasha it is a privilege to see these close ups of your lovely pussy. This movie shows you at your best.

Yaply ポルトガル

Fantastic movie! Stasha is one of my favorite models, and i missed her so much! Hope soon, we get more pics and movies from her!

walpar ベルギー

orgasm Nice show, superb lady. But I prefer a real orgasm.

Roger アメリカ

RE: Ass shots I agree. Love the penetration and great butt and butthole looks especially the open butthole around 0800-820.

Hannoush エジプト

Finger orgasm Perfect body and pussy ...but fail to be natural

pier_hart17 イタリア

Masturbation of Stasha Splendid long and soft masturbation!!!!!!!

Doc 英国

Stasha OK, I actually liked this film, despite the lack of orgasm and some oddly gymnastic poses, but the goose bumps, lack of nipple erection, and her vulval dryness, plus her occasional glances at the camera rather spoil the continuity, as does her full facial make-up (just woken up?) and a set of finger nails badly in need of a manicure. A hint of pubic hair, always a winner in my book, is a good sign, but this was more of a porn shoot than an art film. In that context, some of the images are very erotic indeed, nice one!

スターシャ ネオンライト | July 26th, 2011
スターシャ ネオンライト
Mickey 英国

Terrific This is terrific visually. The way she looks like she’s making love to the tube gets me going bigtime.

waterman アメリカ

to short I could watch Sasha all day and I have been known to. It’s a pity this one is a bit short, but hey whos complaining when we get Sasha dancing.

GerryNumberOne アメリカ

Get it on I reckon her and Luke Skywalker should get it on together LOL

Marius 南アフリカ

Phallic That’s quite some phallic symbol but it never fazes Stasha

Hanzi ドイツ

lovely pussy All this looked a bit dangerous to me. We don’t want any harm to come to Stasha’s lovely pussy do we? It’s too nice to take any chances with.

wheeler アメリカ

cool stuffs!!! very sexy!!! (But, stasha alwys is)

bandots インドネシア

great video very good and creative concept THANKS peter

bandots インドネシア

great job so creative peter thx

PhetS ドイツ

Fantastic Hope there gonna be a long version with half a dozen of models (or even more) ! Absolutely amazing !

Rabenherz ドイツ

a fantastic film, this super light and shadow effects, erotic art in outstanding quality, bravo!

Ramjet777 アメリカ

Outstanding in every way!

harryjoe 英国

found the neon light too harsh. light polution: today's world with too much noise and light for a peaceful living and clear thinking.

Jewel 英国

Brilliant In every sense of the word. Stasha is so cool and I loved the film...

buzzard アメリカ

Yum...she is sweet like spun honey!

Pete 英国

Inspired Quite simply " inspired" work from Petter the natural conclusion to this would have been a glow in the dark dildo that Stasha could insert, perhaps that could be the sequel.

superwurst メキシコ

purple rain look, the amazing choreography. Solid post video production. creative idea.....hegre....never stops amazing. user since 1998 i would say light should come out from her vagina....squirt as a fountain of purple rain. solid!

lovejill222 アメリカ

beautiful girls.. peter u have some of the most beautiful girls in the world exposeing their most private parts to the wourld ,but is greatley appreciated by more than me.

スターシャ クレージーインベット | February 15th, 2011
スターシャ クレージーインベット
DannyF. カナダ

She has the moves This movie had me laughing out loud with her. She knows how to fool around OK.

Mark 英国

Love those closeups Pretty little asshole. Good of her to share it.

Damien 英国

Keep it quiet Stasha has the place jumping alright. But I just dont believe that music.

Trailerman アメリカ

Tits for ever I was right there with her when she was pulling at her nipples. Felt it all.

Leroy. LA アメリカ

Real cute So spontaneous. It suits her real well.

wheeeler アメリカ

hehehe cuteness!!! Nice to see lovely Stasha just goofing off, and being silly!Although, it looked like she was gnna fall off the bed for a second, there! :( I like the music! it adds charachter!

gareth アメリカ

remind me of a girl at work (whom I'm infatuated!) :)

blue アメリカ

film What a sweetheart, thanks for that one ;)

lovejill222 アメリカ

puirty girl nice clit love to watch her play with it

strobelight スイス

wow you are very beautiful Hi Stasha I want to sleep with you, you're so cute and very sexy much love kisses Strobelight

Jonnie アメリカ

WOW! So excited and frisky this girl is!!

fred 英国

Stasha Crazy in bed A very nice film.I really enjoyed it.Thanks to Stasha and crew

frankiki フランス

cool cool c'est pour ce genre de video que je me suis abonner a ce site :)

スターシャ プライベートショー | August 24th, 2010
スターシャ プライベートショー
William 英国

naughty naughty She’s one naughty girl I just know it!

ORtis アメリカ

Private Dance Stash can private dance for me any day of the week!!!

VLB ノルウェー

so sexy stasha mmmm she is so cute I just wish I could get that dance from her for real

Nav 英国

Private Dance Film Very nice indeed especially the male perspective shots from between the legs wickedly good fun!

Andre スウェーデン

Stasha HOT!!!!!!

wheeler アメリカ

can only dream about getting a lapdance from this lovely lady!

norm 英国

Stasha puts the message over OH, Gorgeous Stasha. When out of grandma's pants (Last shoot) you are so beguiling. I've watched you before driving 400 miles - just off- Something to think about all the way there! Petter, slightly longer sequences of the rolling hips or total body to get the complete view would be a possible improvement I think, but it is so good anyway! I just get into the rhythm when the angle changes. Incidentally, do you actually find time to read these comments I wonder?

Flav アメリカ

Stasha dancing Perfect beauty having a perfectly good time. What more can one ask for? A 100 on a scale of 1 to 10! :-)

Guy アメリカ

Beautiful girl, perfect T&A. Someone should explain to her that slower is sexier.

Eddie アメリカ

Pretty good stuff and Stasha is such a beautiful girl. Sometimes the editing gets a little choppy. We can handle it if you want to stay focused on one scene for a while. Gives us a chance to really embrace how beautiful this girl is.

Mark アメリカ

Stasha Another great exhibition of a beautiful woman nude wearing only her heels. Stasha is long, lovely, lean with gorgeous smooth tan skin. She has the irresistible combination of girl next door and pure sexy vixen with her dance. A truly lovely beauty!

Bobertbobert アメリカ

Frozen Complexions. On seeing and enjoying Dominika C's smile light up the display page I did some looking and very few ladies had a smile for their audience. Atta Girl Dominika! Your personality is a winner and you are delicious!

Art9 スペイン

What a body!oh my god!

eiei スペイン

really sexy video. Stasha is definitely a very hot and natural model!

jaybird アメリカ

Private Dance Excellent work between the model(Stasha) and the camera man/women. She really knows how to play up to the camera...inticing, inviting, and of course erotic. This is a genius video.

Benpath アメリカ

Sasha What a sweet and provocative darling! I MUST get to the Czech trip was interrupted by the volcano eruption in Iceland.

game インド

She gives a complete show .....I like her

fred 英国

stasha private show Model moved too fast to give a good show and the cameraman moved his camera to much.Slow done both of you

peter_2012 スイス

very sexy

freestyle 英国

wow My god what ever happened to Stash and Caprice? 2 of the prettiest girls I have ever seen.

スターシャ オリジナル オルガズム | July 6th, 2010
スターシャ オリジナル オルガズム
wheeler アメリカ

well, that was ...uuummm... different!!!lol lovely lady!

Andy 英国

Brilliant! That technique has got to come in useful during boring meetings, flights etc!

Erik スウェーデン

Thank you! Thank you Stasha, for sharing this with us! So honest and fresh! However, I think you should learn to switch between legs or you might wear out your hip... sex is kinda dangerous that way ;o) /E

Brandon Scofield アメリカ

So beautiful and so totally sexy!

Carne Asana アメリカ

Stasha's cousin is the Johnny Appleseed of this technique, bless that kid. I particularly love these interview-type films for their intimate and often humorous candor. This one is very much no exception. Stasha is so open but every now and then she gets a bout of shyness that's just too precious. Great job on the editing too.

Schneelippch ドイツ

Stasha Thank you Stasha for this intimate film. Thank you for sharing your secret with us. You are so natural and cute. I hope to see more of your films here. And thank you Petter as well. Give us more of these confessios. What about having a confession-film every week or at least once a month.

Calo&Nat イタリア

Candid It has been a curious and arousing moment watching you, with my girl friend! And the funny thing is that I do something similar too (you're right, man can do that too :p ). But I want to teach this to her, thanks to you ;) Thousands of this movies... and good luck for the future!

JMH アメリカ

I love these kind of videos I love these kinds of videos. It's always a pleasure to get to hear the girls talk about themselves. She's very open, and very adorable and beautiful. I love her cute accent. She seemed kind of embarrassed at the end though.

RoundEye アメリカ

Wowza Nothing sexier than seeing a girl in her natural element. No posing or performing. I love to see how a woman is when nobody is watching. This is a very real video. Makes me feel like a fly on the wall observing.

Kenji オーストラリア

Awesome Amazing

Hervé フランス

Stasha vidéo Incredibly intimate. I learned more about women and orgasms. I had no idea! She is sweet, real, stunningly beautiful and natural. Outstanding work, the best really. I have never seen anything like this. This alone is worth the entire year subscription.

echoblues カナダ

beautiful Unhibited and passionate .... What a beauty who is in touch with her senses!

Brandon アメリカ

Stasha is one of the most sweetest and adorable girls I have maybe ever seen. She is by far my favorite model. Its totally worth being a member just to watch her.

Cazador メキシコ

Stasha Stasha es la chica mas linda de todas en internet. Es tan dulce, como un bombón. Que daría por contactarla.

nada デンマーク

Wow! Wauw! Unique girl, so beautiful inside and outside

polymorph アメリカ

similar experiences I used to do something similar by crossing my legs sitting up. It was refreshing to hear her say that she used to do this at school - I remember doing it during a test when I was 8 years old and also in a public library! I get the same way when I get nervous too or have to be somewhere soon - it's much easier. Despite being a straight woman, I love watching other women do this. Sexuality is not a straightforward thing... thanks for the videos.

Operaguynb カナダ

Stasha's Orgasms This is so intimate and personal. I found this really touching and real. Thanks You Stasha.

bw ベルギー

orgasmus.. so cute how she sais it.. Nice movie: verry openharted

Huub オランダ

Orgasms Thank you Stasha I have enjoyed your performers. I love your spontanious behaviour, thank you!

Sunburst オランダ

Please give me back my breath... Stasha is such an incredibly magically beautiful woman of an irresistible attraction who knows how to maintain the playfulness of a young girl, despite to her undeniable femininity in all facets of her being. You, are a real treat. I'm breathless...

bigkaz カナダ

Stasha ...a great intimate moment shared with us members...fantastic..nice to know these little secrets ...very erotic and exciting. Thank you for sharing.....

maleheart アメリカ

Ejaculating This was very candid, revealing, and intimate of her to share. I hope she knows about ejaculation, so that she knows it is normal, and not just peeing, and a bit advanced, because it takes true relaxation in her body. Very sweet.

civicabuser アメリカ

Cuddling Seeing her cuddle with that pillow (or was it some sheets) made me wish I could take its place. She is not just stunningly beautiful, in that moment, she was adorable. All I wanted to do was hug her.

スターシャ ビーチでの一日 | May 25th, 2010
スターシャ ビーチでの一日
paul アメリカ

Stasha Stasha looks her usual example of female perfection, but from someone who lives at the beach, but with no nudes it is just amazing. Thanks Stasha

allan スペイン

stasha very beautiful! I don't think you can have a better beach in Eurpe than the beaches of Spain, the best beaches are by little towns like sitges. and stasha was perfect and elagant. (sorry for my bad english) Allan from Barcelona

Carne Asana アメリカ

Perfectly Beachy Not a whole lot I can add to paul and allan's comments about beautiful Stasha in a beautiful setting other than bless the vendor who risks falling on the rocks and spilling his wares at 08:09 all for the chance to check out Stasha's backside.

surfrider008 アメリカ

RE: Perfectly Beachy I would like to get her to destin florida. I would show her more than an excellent time at the beach

スターシャ マッサージ コメント

膣マッサージ | January 25th, 2011
Ronnie S 英国

Stasha Is So Lovable In the one film where she shows us how she masturbates she captured my heart. I love seeing such a charming girl open herself up so intimately.

Rocko アメリカ

Love These The massage films never get old. It’s a thrill to watch how different Hegre-models’s all real-life and real orgasms, and that is the sexiest thing to see.

Lauren オーストラリア

Yummy! I love the way the other woman uses the oil, and builds up to massaging her vagina. It is SOOOOO incredibly arousing!

Stewart アメリカ

The Spa I don’t know why everyone thinks Stasha is so much the average girl next door. The girl next door to me is over 90kg!

John Smith カナダ

Love Those Lips When she tries to catch her breath and her mouth opens, you can almost tell she’s trying not to react but can’t help it. You can especially see this in the long shots when her legs open up. You know she’s doing that without thinking about it!

LOL 英国

RE: The Spa I know what you mean - and the girl next door to me is about 75 years old!

wheeler アメリカ

super hot! But, wha happened in the last 2 minutes?lol

tide アメリカ

fuller experience These are minimal experiences. My women friends share with me that these women show very little of the full rainbow of sensuality, sexual expression, and full involvement. The type and nature of stimulation, positions, and lack of involvement of the person touching them, has much room for improvement. Sometimes having the person touching them be in a relationship with them and becoming involved in mutual exploration is another avenue of authentic portrayal.

RandallPink アメリカ

Masseuse Only way this could be better is if the masseuse was nude as well. I've seen her from the neck down on several of these and she appears to have a beautiful body herself.

birdhead1 アメリカ

RE: fuller experience i agree. i wish these women would not act like human statues. i know in the japanese massage the girls scream and moan as if they are in pain, but a little middle ground would be nice. seems like the girls here hold back too much

ghr アメリカ

massage tide, in case your wondering, the videos are sensual or tantric massage especially this one done in the tantra temple in spain, if your want loud orgasms, moanin and grinden ,watch a porno. I love the massages and have experienced them by tantricas. The masseuses are very talented. the videos are outstanding, there is not anything like it on the net shot in the way they shot with an exception of the japanese massages on dailymotion. The models are reacting natually, the massages are very relaxing and soothing vs sexual, they seem to enjoy it, i would.

Sandy 英国

detail Love the new massage videos and they got off to a great start. I think the close up detail is getting less and I must have blinked and missed the scene shown in the still. Please can we see more video with the lips parted as in the still and the massage of her erect clitoris. I don't know about everyone else but you seem to cut the scene just as it looks like it is getting interesting. Too much choping and changing of scene especially when capturing the expression on the face. I would like some of the models massaged by the masseuse who massaged Dominika to her explosive orgasm, now that would be something if the model was Thea. Look forward to the updates and love the theme, I would have joined the site just for these superb videos. Just would like them a little more explicit sometimes with the legs fully parted. Please please some more detail and full focus on the orgasm. Although I am not into men I also think you should show the ejaculation from the masseuse's labours. Keep up the good work and groundbreaking themes. SANDY

jip1313 アメリカ

sandy's comment i agree with sandy. if you are going to show all that caressing, what is wrong with seeing the end result. that's nature. that's what is supposed to happen, after so much rebbing and teasing. as for the women, they are fabulous, but there again i agree that you cut things off too soon. it is highly erotic to see a women in the grip of a true orgasm. i happen to have a screamer, and i wouldn't trade her for anyone else in the world.

birdhead1 アメリカ

dominika i completely agree. the chick who does dominika is the best!

Atlas66 アイルランド

RE: sandy's comment Sandy, I agree with your comments and you are a lucky man !!

Ray アメリカ

Agree With Sandy Absolutely agree with Sandy, below, and could not have said it better myself.

tide アメリカ

full experience is not same as loud or porn please people Full sexuality is the integration of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Wearing earphones, eyes closed the whole time, no connection between massage person and the person being touched makes it more like being a voyeur or porn like for me and my friends at least. The idea of beautiful models that we get to see nude and now in orgasms, is a bit classist, sexist, etc. Humanize this by having them connected to someone, themselves, and the person they are with please. This is not so much to ask. Or, perhaps, it is the way the models cope with this situation, to not have this be meaningful, connected, etc. If they were really happy doing this it would be more playful, joyful, etc. Some of the films with two women appear much more this way and we find them much more fun and sexual.

eiei スペイン

yes, the masseuse has beautiful hands and body, its adds excitement!

HappyShopper 英国

Just do what you want to do, Petter. And show whatever you and your models are happy to show. My imagination might need a little prodding but it's fully functional and shows me stuff your videos never could and never should.

froggy ドイツ

Wrong title! This is a clitoral massage. Just to those who mixed up anatomy in this case. The vagina is the entrance and tunnel to the uterus. So Lady Longfinger would have to put her oily fumbletools inside Miss. Libidolow to make it a vaginal massage!

Samurai 日本

RE: detail 100% agree with you SANDY

Fr4 カナダ

RE: Wrong title! At last someone that knows a womans anatomy. Strange that so many people is so wrong with such important anatomy!!

ktag アメリカ

Massage While interesting and warm these videos, depending upon the model receiving the massage, seem somewhat mechanical. Perhaps as previous comments allude, it may be the jumpiness of the video cuts. A longing look at building excitement changes quickly to an anatomical study and then back. Also, in all my personal experience I dont think I have ever witnessed such subdued reaction to sexual excitement. While Dominika like responses may seem the ultimate in video arousal, I find that type reaction to be fairly normal when the person being excited is a willing participant. I dont know that I have ever seen a grouping of women that so quietly, at times virtually without movement and interest, approach what is often described as multiple orgasms or explosions of passion.

HappyShopper 英国

RE: Massage Many of the models on this site are beautiful women with beautiful bodies. But they are models, not actors. And though modelling is a form of acting, it is a very specific form. It seems to me that the models whose massage films are the most "satisfactory" (to some) are those who are at ease performing in an openly sexual way for the video camera in the Films section, rather than simply looking moody for photo sets. It is one thing to take your clothes off for the camera; it is quite another to - let's face it - be masturbated by a stranger whilst being filmed. This isn't modelling. And it shouldn't be acting. This is something quite different. Some are comfortable enough to "perform"; some are not. But I have no doubt that I've seen real orgasms in these films. And it's partly because they're not accompanied by the clichéd reactions of porn that I can believe that. But even if I haven't - so what? There's something intimate and real here. If women wouldn't really be so impassive in this situation then, what, are they acting impassive? Are they holding back? Maybe so. Because there's a camera there. Because they know we're watching. Isn't that how any normal person would react in this situation? Isn't that more "real"? I for one am incredibly grateful for what these models are prepared to let us see. The massages are beautiful. To demand more of them seems churlish. But more than that, the criteria by which these women (as much as these films) are being judged seem plain wrong to me. Sorry for waffling. I'll say just this again: the massages are beautiful.

Frank アメリカ

Anatomy? This is not a science class. It's about pussy! Hey, I just found the perfect title. "Pussy Massage". You can't argue on that one.

Jumpinjetta アメリカ

Could have been perfect! I so badly wanted to see her climax! I loved seeing her get so excited she couldn't keep her body still. I imagine her involuntarily clutching the masseuse as she finally orgasms! THAT would have been the perfect video! I can't help but feel I was a little cheated at the end.

polymorph アメリカ

RE: Massage Ktag, I am a young woman who enjoys being massaged and manipulated like the women featured in these videos, and I can attest to the fact that many women do not naturally moan, pant or writhe around when having an orgasm. I can have 5 incredible full-body orgasms in a row and I don't make much of a sound or movement, I just enjoy the moment. My breathing and facial expression are more of an indication of how I'm feeling. I certainly would not be able to be my complete self if anyone else was watching other than my partner. That being said, Stasha (the model in this video) said recently that she doesn't experience orgasm by being rubbed in this way (look for the original orgasms video featuring her), so it may be true for her that she didn't experience orgasm in this video.


unclothe the masseuse Do you think we can please have the masseuse get naked also.Jeez, she has devastating boobs.

straightarrow アメリカ

RE: RE: Massage It is, what it is. :)

MojoMa_55 スイス

Sexual Massages I greatly admire these beautiful young women who allow themselves to be publicly finger-fucked to orgasm. I also admire the great skill, patience and stamina of the masseuses -- most of whom, from the glimpses we get of them, are as beautiful as the recipients of their attentions -- who work on them.

Cosmo Topper アメリカ

RE: Sexual Massages I think you are a woman, so I am replying as a male. Chances are you know what it feels like to be finger fucked, it may hurt after awhile, I really do not know. I am downloading the video, so I have not seen it yet. I hope to enjoy.

TopoGigo アメリカ

Vagainal Massage As a male I very much enjoyed watching the clit being stimulated. Well done.

justplaying アメリカ

Very sensual lady's. Thank You