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Foto de Yoko


Foto de Yoko
Nombre: Yoko
País: Vietnam
Peso: 45kg
Altura: 162cm
Edad: 20
Ocupación: Modelo

Exótica y Erótica

Les presentamos a una persona especial: Yoko es nuestra primera modelo de un hermoso país del sudeste asiático, Vietnam.

Es una belleza poco común, de complexión ultra-compacta, largo y sedoso cabello negro y piel suave. Tiene una tímida pero encantadora sonrisa que te robará el corazón al instante.

Yoko comenzó hace muy poco con el modelaje de desnudos pero, afortunadamente para nosotros, ¡dice que la pone caliente! Adora la sensación de estar desnuda y la libertad que siente al modelar su cuerpo al natural. ¡Ella misma se sorprendió de lo mucho que le está gustando!

Yoko espera mostrar al mundo la belleza de las mujeres vietnamitas, ¡nosotros creemos que ya lo ha hecho!

La hermosa Yoko es la última incorporación al equipo de modelos Hegre, ¡seguro que te va a encantar!

Yoko Galerías

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Yoko Yoni | December 19th, 2011
Yoko Yoni
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

always nice tosee lovely yoko!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

The Simplicity of Nude Beauty I love the graceful simplicity of this series: the purity of the total nudity, the relaxed expression on Yoko as she poses for our joy. Thank you Yoko! You have a gift of effortlessly showing your nude beauty. In this series in particular you show so well and in such a relaxed natural manner the beauty of your adorable cunt. Thank you dear Yoko!

Scofield Estados Unidos de América

Nice shots. Content-aware fill in photoshop is a wonderful thing...

Laurie Reino Unido

Eastern Promise Yoko, so petite and utterly exquisite. A delicacy of the exotic east, she haunts the landscape of my mind.

Frcat Holanda

I have to agree with Roger... ..and may I add that I love the fact that she never lost eye-contact with the viewer? (bar one shot, granted) Extremely personal set, and I adore that.

another fan Estados Unidos de América

more like this so beautiful. more like this please.

Pete Reino Unido

Nude A great simple set in the art of the nude. Love Yoko

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: I have to agree with Roger... Thank you Frcat!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Eastern Promise Laurie, you are back! Fantastic! I remember your intelligent excellent comments and looking forward to reading more!

Laurie Reino Unido

Roger Thankyou Roger, I have been keeping my eye on developments and was intrigued and very excited when oriental girls began to appear. Nikola's more recent presence here simply proved to be totally irresistible and stiffened my desire to return. I love the changes, a more open and relaxed ambience and the exquisite eroticism is so wicked. I remember when I was last a member, I had suggested fisting and was roundly shouted down. Whilst on the subject, I watched the fisting film featuring Silvie and experienced the most explosive orgasm. Fucking brilliant.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Roger Thank you Laurie. I am sorry you were shouted down. There is a broad spectrum of female nude eroticism, and there is plenty of room of this sumptuous table for many diverse views and appreciations. Excepting violence and disrespect of course, I have always believed that we, fellow viewers, should support and reinforce each other as fellow connisseurs of the female nude.

Yoko juventud | November 16th, 2011
Yoko juventud
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

yoko is lovely, as always

paradygma España

Little piece of heaven...

Simon Suiza

Lovely Yoko, but wrong order. Unfortunately, the series order was 1-3-2. So all the tension is gone after the last set.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Sweet, petite, perfection.

Pete Reino Unido

Great body Yoko is always good value and I think she would do a great joint set with Lulu..Petter any chance?

Rez Estados Unidos de América

wonderful smile I would love to have an evening meal with Yoko so I could take in her wonderful smile for hours.

Yoko desnudos de estudio | October 12th, 2011
Yoko desnudos de estudio
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I cant get enough of this woman!!!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

WELCOME BACK, YOKO! YOKO is yummy. And here she is shown to fine effect, fully nude and unfettered by shoes.

Nav Estados Unidos de América

Beatiful woman; perfect posing. Just would have preferred the focus in #14 to be on Yoko's sweet anus that she is spreading for us.

kamaloka Japón

perfect shoot Mr Hegre ! I love it !

Roger Estados Unidos de América

As a butt-man, I must say I loved the opening of this series! Fourteen bare naked straight on butt shots-with the asshole proudly shown!-in a row! Can't do much better than that!

etx España

RE: what about #13, you fool

vtb Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful smile! There is nothing so wonderful in the world as a beautiful woman enjoying sharing her beauty with us. Thank you, Yoko.

Pete Reino Unido

RE: WELCOME BACK, YOKO! I agree Yoko is always great value, lovley body and a delicious pussy shown to perfect effect here.

Kiki75 Francia

Hiii Hi guys ! Hello the boys! I come to the site and look pictures! Which pleasure to see beautiful girls.... But the pleasure is in your comments. I feel so beautiful by reading your small words. Thank you very much because I feel beautiful thanks to you. Love you ;) hihi ! Your yoko

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Hiii Hiiii Yoko! You have made my day....I flatter myself to think that you have also read and enjoyed my words! But my words pale to your nude beauty!

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 32 You are so beautiful when you smile! Your smile lights up the room... And your body is fantastic!!!!! WOW!!!

another fan Estados Unidos de América

more Yoko We need more Yoko. Fav is #20.

Laurie Reino Unido

Simply Stunning Yoko sizzles with sensual intensity...

ffnloveruk Reino Unido

Yoko Beautiful lady indeed; some lucky devil is dating her and sadly it's none of us! Absolutely stunning.

Yoko violeta | September 27th, 2011
Yoko violeta
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

purple...the color of royalty! very appropriate for lovely Yoko

B Estados Unidos de América

now I know why John Lennon fell in love

Gon Canada

Yoko my favorite New subscriber here. There's something about Yoko that drives me wild. She's what made me finally decide to join up. The other asian girls are also great. Keep 'em coming.

Laurie Reino Unido

Simply Stunning A stunningly simple gallery of delightful close-ups. The sequence 35 - 40 are enchanting, Yoko's visage in profile, hair in gorgeous disarray, so heart-warmingly beautiful.

ffnloveruk Reino Unido

Yoko Absolutely stunning - liked the panties too!

Yoko venus de Vietnam | August 12th, 2011
Yoko venus de Vietnam
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

a goddess indeed!!!

alex Reino Unido

yoko one incredibly sexy woman

Lars Dinamarca

Smile Great, fantastic. She smiles!! On more than just one shot. That changes the whole series, from: I do this for money, and i do not fell to well, to: I do this for money, but is is fun as well, and I do not fell I am being used. Thanks Yoko - and Photographer - Petter?

kamaloka Japón

perfect! what other words should I have to say other that it?

tobsch Alemania

Die Haare sind ein Traum! Großartige Frau!

D.L. Estados Unidos de América

And they say Asians are short on the reverse side... Sorry, but this girl has an incredible backside. I salivate just thinking what it must be like to taste her. Just hot and great and beyond perfect...

paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko That face and that fanny. It doesn`t get any better.

Pete Reino Unido

73-79 Is 73 the best ever photograph shown on Hegre. I don't say that lightly as I have been a member going back to 2003 ish, but what a great rear end shot, and 74- 79 of similar quality. Don't think we see enough of Yoko and this is a really top set.

bn6 Reino Unido

Wow! Yoko, I salute you. Whilst standing to attention - but that's another story... :-)

BB México

Perfect Spiral This girl has the perfect spiral on her back entrance. Amazingly sexy. Should focus her photoshoots there. Any chance you boys can setup an massage focusing on her spiral?

ajiram Australia

What magnificent shots from behind of Yoko's brown crinkle-framed pussy and arsehole! One of the most tastefully erotic sets in ages.

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 11 What a beautiful pussy and ass!!!!! Perfection in the model and photography..

steve Estados Unidos de América

perfection her body is perfect in every way...

Ray Nueva Zelanda

Can shag her 24x7

Yoko estudio parte2 | May 2nd, 2011
Yoko estudio parte2
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

worth the wait!

Pete Reino Unido

Return? Great to se the return of Yoko, her first set since February, although this is only the second part of the original set shown back in September last year. Petter please confirm there will be more to come from Yoko as she is an absolute gem.

alex Reino Unido

yoko cute/fun/sexy

Newtown81 Reino Unido

Lips Nice to see an oriental girl with meaty flaps for a change. Well done.

B Estados Unidos de América

loved the pussy, loved the heels, loved all of the pics, love the back bends and ass shots, love the girl. thanks

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Lovely model, lovely body, lovely pussy, great shoot all around.

Hot4Jeans Estados Unidos de América

East meets West Hey Petter...how about an East meets West, where sweet Yoko starts out wearing tight Jeans. This woman has a smokin body, and I'd love to see her sweet ass in some tight jeans before they are discarded.

Laurie Reino Unido

A Riotous Splash of Erotica The energy and intensity of this free-spirited girl is utterly breathtaking. Yoko unashamedly and lasciviously splits her legs in sinuous eroticism, her cuntish fingering so deliciously arousing and brilliantly depicted. I would love her to straddle my hot cock and thrill to her rhythm as she slowly slid up and down, contracting and relaxing. A wicked gleam in her eye as she thrust a finger deep into my anus and teasingly brought me to a peak of ecstasy...

dave Estados Unidos de América

yoko absolute beauty. awesome body. hope to see more.

Yoko braguitas rosas | February 22nd, 2011
Yoko braguitas rosas
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Yoko is lovly as ever. But, IMHO, there was a bit too much "tease", and not enough "strip" in this set.

B Estados Unidos de América

She is sexy fun. Great smile.

The Guy Estados Unidos de América

Yoko is undeniably hot but I would like to see more of her. Both more sets and more pink! ;-). Wheeler, What is IMHO? I feel stupid for not knowing. Petter, When are forums going to be up?

Stefan Bélgica

IMHO = in my honest opinion ;-) I'm also looking forward to both forum and shop :-)

Roundabout Canada

A beautiful Yoko in a promising, but ultimately, boring set.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

IMHO "In my humble opinion"

Yoko top negro | February 1st, 2011
Yoko top negro
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful smile!!!(among other things) I hope your new Japanese girls follow suit!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

YOKO - Indochine A deliciously delightful photo series

Rob Estados Unidos de América

There seems to have been a higher than usual proportion of figure only shots recently. I hope we will soon get a corresponding period of more "intimate" shots to compensate :)

Lars Dinamarca

Pic 37 - she smiles! Lovely, more of that. Much more of those smiles.

B Estados Unidos de América

She is gorgous and great sexy smile, She is as nice a model as I have seen. She has a great asian build that kills. Love her pussy gap. Great body, face, eyes. She has it all. Nice Peter.

D.L. Estados Unidos de América

#64 is nice but that's about it. One of my favorite models of all time but a lackluster set; I enjoyed picture #64 though.

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Asian Invasion Hegre's Asian invasion starts and ends with Yoko. She started it all and set the bar pretty high. Others have come close, but the winner and still champion is Yoko, by a mile!

Pete Reino Unido

Yoko Would love to see Yoko do a joint set with Saki. Petter any plans?

Yoko equilibrio | December 13th, 2010
Yoko equilibrio
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

WOW!!! not only gorgeous, but, quite the acrbat!!!I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!

alex Reino Unido

yoko magnificent

Gerald Australia

RE: Photo number 18 This photo captures the essence of pure relaxed sensuality and an attitude that defies the so called morality of this stuffed up world we have to defy every day in the name of liberty

Big Holanda

Suspended:-) Very nice balanced japanese girl! I suppose she could do some nude gymnastics as well next time:-) Beautifull round tits as well:-)

roller57 Noruega

Fantastisk, beste jeg har sett hittil, (Peter du må få mer underslys, mange mørke områder spesielt i ansiktet)

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Great set. More to my liking anyway - love that she is shaved.

Man Estados Unidos de América

Body Fantastisk Not sure what roller57 said, but incredible body....amazingly taut.

chessnutrob Estados Unidos de América

yoko She is so very fine.. I just wish she would show different expressions.. Perhaps, smiles etc... Rob. U.S.A.

Pete Reino Unido

Fine Yoko is a great model, would love to see her do a joint set wiht Lulu

Alex DeLarge Estados Unidos de América

Yoko balance Sweet, beautiful, hairless! You should pair her up with one of your hung studs for a gallery or film!

Yoko playa nudista | November 25th, 2010
Yoko playa nudista
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

simpley sweet! Nice to see this lvely lady just lounging around!

tooterooter Nigeria

Not good for her I really like Yoko's dark skinned labia majora, but too much sun may be overdoing it a little.

Ricardo Alves Portugal

What a beautiful scenery , great capture of the surrounding

undertaker1 Estados Unidos de América

body Yoko body is so beautiful to look at nice and very sexy Yoko keep up the nice work

daniel Estados Unidos de América


daniel Estados Unidos de América


wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Not good for her nice way to ruin the mood!lol

Ebenezer Reino Unido

Please stop using the oil. This would be a really lovely set of pictures if Yoko was not smothered in oil.

Stuffing Lover Estados Unidos de América

Good. Very Good. But if the beach were crowded with Turkeys it would be better. Maybe an American point of view?

Frederico21 Reino Unido

yoke nude beach what a waste of time

Pete Reino Unido

Perfect Perfect model in a perfect setting. Yoko has a great body, delicate nipples on perfectly formed tits and I always think the beach locations your models the most fexibility. Especially appreciated as it was -9.5c last night here in UK!

zhuxiu Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Unencumbered Yoko in pure form, finally. No silly shoes or corsets or tights.... Just beautiful!!

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

So Hot! Yummy!

Yoko cuervo negro | November 17th, 2010
Yoko cuervo negro
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Gotta love yoko! she just gets sexier, every time I see her!

Samurai Japón

MAXIMUM LIMIT LIPS x 2 Yoko is one of a kind woman !! Beautiful, very sexy lips, sexy eyes and pussy lips too(Runner up follows to Dominica). Keep us posted, Pleeeeese !!!!

Samurai Japón

MAXIMUM LIMIT LIPS x 2 Yoko is one of a kind woman !! Beautiful, very sexy lips, sexy eyes and pussy lips too(Runner up follows to Dominica). Keep us posted, Pleeeeese !!!!

egrise Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Delightful and delicious. MUCH better without that distracting penis!

Rob Reino Unido

Very nice, but where are the close ups?

Manuel from silky paradise Francia

shaven asian woman Hi, this is the perfect Yoko's example of smoothest skin! Petter , take the same way for your japaneese models, PLEASE!! Smooth pussy for ever

chessnutrob Estados Unidos de América

Oh, such a fine speciaman of womanhood! Only if she could smile or even a sneer would be a change. She just needs to show more emotion like Dominica C. or Amadine... They are truly the best in my books!! She is sooo fine! Just show emotion. It won't fall off!!!!!!!!

chessnutrob Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Sorry, I failed to mention that I was from U.S.A. in my post earlier. Anyway, Yoko, show more emotion.. You are simply awesome!! You need to romance the camera. Geez, what a fine body!!!!!

chessnutrob Estados Unidos de América

Yoko The essence of beauty!!!!! She is my dream girl!!!! Keep em coming, Yoko!!!!!

Pete Reino Unido

RE: shaven asian woman Agreed this ais a great set, I love Asian models, shaven even better, lets see Lulu this way please

Yoko corsé negro | October 24th, 2010
Yoko corsé negro
alex Reino Unido

yoko one incredibly sexy woman,i`m in love with yoko.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

get in line, alex!lol

alex Reino Unido

RE: yoko ok wheeler,can we share her?

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

LOL better ask her!

Pete Reino Unido

Yoko Petter, bet yo uare glad you finally got into oriental models, Yoko looks really hot here.

Sean Estados Unidos de América

I can't believe that nobody commented on her beautiful ass. We need more of these kind of hot and sexy shots.

Laurie Reino Unido

Images 34 - 41 I always find these images tasty. I do love the change in culture since I was last a member, the oriental girls are a wonderful attraction. The eroticism is breathtakingly edgy, and some of the films are utterly brilliant. Where am I going to find the time to check out the archive treasures!

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 51 so beautiful

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 88 Another beautiful, sexy pose and photo Yoko!! I love how your gorgeous nipples and breasts are peeking out through your hair and behind your left arm!!! and we just get to see a hint of your lovely butt and pussy!! A very sexy photo indeed!!!

Yoko ceremonia de purificación | October 11th, 2010
Yoko ceremonia de purificación
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

you sure do love to pamper your models, don't you, Petter?

Roundeye Estados Unidos de América

Good Gawd Where is the video of this? There must be a video.

Jade Estados Unidos de América

Heavenly,.. PLEASE give us the video.......this is almost painful!!!! Why teasing us with the pictures?! This is like the fifth massages added in the gallery but none has yet been shown in the video section. These are kind of massage videos we would like to see not the "Erica First Massage" or "Sunset Massage", etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Pete Reino Unido

Limited Yoko is one of the best new models of the current crop but this set does not do her justice. The images are restricted by the need to massage her body and I do not find this at all erotic. More Yoko but in better setting where we can appreciate all about her.

jeff Alemania

like many recent galleries: too many almost identical pics.

Tuco Reino Unido

RE: Photo number 2 I guess we are all different, but I really enjoy the massage pics and videos. I love seeing the beautiful naked girls so relaxed. I also like the similar pics - is a chance to really study the subtle differences and have a sense of how the photographer works - like old-fashioned contact sheets.

marl Suiza

RE: Limited I totally disagree with Pete: the athmosphere of a caressing massage, the light, the gorgeous masseuse (can we have a set with her??), the relaxed beautiful body of Yoko, all this creates a highly erotic situation and photoset! thx Petter

diane Estados Unidos de América

who to choose Use the man from the penis massage video and this masseuse or the woman in the penis massage video, but sans clothing.....Please no more Spanish Tantra annoying masseuse!

Yoko Yoni masaje | September 27th, 2010
Yoko Yoni masaje
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

here's hopin we get a video of this one!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

YOKO IN BLISSFUL REPOSE Simply a delightful photo series. Am now awaiting the extended video version.

Martin Alemania

Masseuse Want to see the masseuse naked... :-)

RoundEye Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful So where is the movie of this one. I hope it's in the works.

nat_pavitt Estados Unidos de América

God YOKO is amazing looking! Just one word.. Amazing

GokW Reino Unido

Only half done! Poor old Yoko must be feeling a bit short-changed: she didn't get massaged on the inside, like the other Hegre girls, Sylvie, Dominika, Erica F...

James Michaels Estados Unidos de América

Unnecessarily covered up Two pair of sensational breasts. Why not share all of them? I too await the film.

Adam491 Estados Unidos de América

Lets get the masseuse naked! As much as I love Yoko, I kept getting distracted by the masseuse's large breasts, I wanna see a set with that masseuse getting naked while massaging.

ejunkiebr Brasil

Lesbian massage I also wish to see the masseuse naked, it would also be nice to see the masseuse getting some action. There is an upcoming video with a naked male masseuse. Still waiting for the female :-)

Bayou T Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 35 The masseuse is also very beautiful. In fact several of the masseuses that have been in these shoots and videos have been beautiful. I agree that it would be nice to see them naked or in something a little more...comfortable. Yoko as always is a beauty. Looking forward to the video!

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 8 Two pair of great breasts! Too bad the masseuse isn't nude too.. Yoko has great nipples!!

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 21 Wonderful photos of a gorgeous and sexy woman.. You're fantastic Yoko!!

Yoko estudio | September 12th, 2010
Yoko estudio
LSBNMan Estados Unidos de América

YOKO for breakfast YOKO for Lunch, YOKO for Supper. I could eat her on a daily bases and not tire of YOKO Supreme. Shit add whipped cream and I'd get tongue cramp's.

Michael Alemania

Wonderfull Yoko is absolutley fantastic! I love her!!

stahlratte3 Alemania

Fantastic She is beautyfull. I love Yoko!

paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Wow, finally a set that really shows off her amazing ass and killer legs. Of course I still love that perfect face and long black hair that hangs down to the top of her sweet ass crack. Can`t get enough of this girl.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Great studio nudes of Yoko! Love her buck naked only in her heels!

Pete Reino Unido

Yum Yum Yoko is very cute with a sweet little shaved pussy which I could lick for every. Much more Yoko please

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Yoko my sentiments exactly!

SNS_UP Reino Unido

love konich wa i am in love yoko san has a very nice ass

Nav Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 23 Perfect pose.

Sean Estados Unidos de América

Great set. I always like shots where the model is square to the camera and not at strange angles. The only negative is that it looks like it would virtually kill her to crack a smile. The hint of a smile is so much more visually appealing than a depressing expressionless stare.

Yoko negro | September 1st, 2010
Yoko negro
Pete Reino Unido

Sexy How sexy does Yoko look in image 57? Wow! My only complaint is there is not enough action or variety in this set.

Nigehug Reino Unido

Yoko I agree with Pete completely that you have a superb nude women with a lovely petite figure and she stands there taking off black clothes etc. Image 57 is a start, but why not use that bald pussy and those lovely nipples! Nigehug.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

LOL @ 44-49 don't hide your pretty face, sweetie! :P

paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko This set needs a part 2. This beauty was just getting started. Loved it all the same though.

Rob Reino Unido

just a thought, but can we have a set of extreme vulva close ups (ideally with some form of fingering, opening) of Yoko? Her pussy is a truly superb specimen and would greatly benefit from a detailed photographic study.

Yoko taburete de bar | July 1st, 2010
Yoko taburete de bar
Andy Reino Unido

Yoko's Hair I know everyone is going to be commenting on Yoko's body but don't you think Yoko has a stunning head of hair? Its wonderful! (Great body too ;-) )

KOMET Estados Unidos de América


Tuco Reino Unido

Lithe Yoko There is something particularly delightful about the slender, lithe Asian female body! And her rich, black hair too, of course! And thank you so much for those final five images of Yoko's perfectly pert bottom! :)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

it's all good! Hair, and everything else!(although, I would venture a guess that the reason that you don't read too many coments about it on here is because you can see hair any time!unlike what's under her clothes)

jax Estados Unidos de América

I love her anus, so flawless and inviting

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

That bottom It's so unfortunate that towards the end of the shoot, Yoko's little rosebud appears to be soo dry. If I had been there, I would have very politely offered to moisten it for here, like a proper gentleman.

DANIEL Estados Unidos de América


Pete Reino Unido

Petite and Slender Yoko has a great little body, love the arse pictures towards the end, Petter please consider a joint set with Marlene or the delightful Thea.

Danny Estados Unidos de América

Everything Wow! Just, wow! There is nothing about this young woman that isn't perfect. Her skin, her body, her hair, hell even the bottoms of her feet. She gives Anna S a run for her money for the perfect woman on Hegre-Art in my book.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Her sexiness is just off thew hook. Those last 5 shots were the best, showing perfect butt cheeks and sweet puckered little anus.

Yoko trenes | June 21st, 2010
Yoko trenes
Adey Reino Unido

Haha! Love it when the train goes passed her face is so adorable! Yoko is hot and her body is hot she is very cute indeed

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I'm gonna start taking a train more!

geRRy Reino Unido

Yoko and the train Great series I love her facial expressions. It would be great to have seen the drivers face. I bet he missed the next signal!

paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Love the shots of her outdoors in the bright sun. Really shows of her amazing beauty. Would love an outdoor set of her taken at the beach. Hint Hint

Rob Reino Unido

I love the beautiful contrasting tones of her pussy (clit hood vs labia minora). Asian girls have the lovleiest pussies and Yoko's is a real masterpiece.

Pete Reino Unido

Yoko Yoko's best set to date, I love the contrast of this set between her cute tiny body and the enormity and hardness of the structurse around her. Great setting, next the bus depot or the airport?

JMH Estados Unidos de América

Aww. Her smile is so adorable. In fact, if I were to offer one criticism of the site, it'd be that the girls don't smile enough. Also, I agree with Pete about the setting and contrast. I love it. I'd like to see more original settings like this.

Yoko rayo de sol | June 11th, 2010
Yoko rayo de sol
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

voyeur's dream... there's something unusually voyeuristic about these "laying out in the sun" sets...me likey!!!

Rob Reino Unido

this girl's vulva is spectacular! Pure textbook example morphology. In fact all of her is just wonderful!

paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko This girl has it all. Beautiful face, breasts, sweet little pussy. And though she didn`t show it, a perfect round little ass. Love this girl.

Pete Reino Unido

Asian Beauty Agree with Rob' comments and Yoko should encourage Petter to add more Asian models to the site, especially Chinese and Japanese models.

gordie Estados Unidos de América

more please

Joe Estados Unidos de América

Again I love this voyeuristic style and Yoko was a perfect subject

RoundEye Estados Unidos de América

Yoko I paid for this membership entirely based on seeing a picture of Yoko in one of the promo-free pictures. For goodness sakes, please get more Yoko on here. Absolute dream of a girl.

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 1 You have such beautiful nipples Yoko!!! Love the outdoors photos of you!!

Yoko ninfa del bosque | June 6th, 2010
Yoko ninfa del bosque
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely! more, please!

toto Singapur

a prefect performance by yoko...pussy well spread!!cheers!!!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

must agree... I've always had a "thing" for "ethnic" girls!would love to see more!

Bleukat Estados Unidos de América

KISSES KISSES...for you YOKO, everywhere it is obvious YOU LOVE them to be! KUDOS to PETTER...for putting YOKO in a ~position~ to be in a place where she (obviously) LOVES to be!

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

The Missing Link The one thing that's been missing all these years has been a shortage of hot Asian ass. Petter is making up for it in a hurry with Yoko! This girl is fantastic!

Pete Reino Unido

Yoko rocks Yoko looks great here with 71 to 82 being very hot and certainly not typical of a moodel new to the site. Agree with Jeff's comments we need more Asian models on Hegre. Petter I am sure you will do us proud.

CGC Reino Unido

Exquisite Yoko, you are simply stunning!

Joe Estados Unidos de América

Yes more

Dred Reino Unido

Wow, how wonderfully hot! I love Yoko! - Dred

Frederico21 Reino Unido

lovely pictures Thank you, Yoke. It was a pleasure wondering at your beauty in this shoot.

Sam C Estados Unidos de América

Delightful gallery! This is a delightful gallery, and tells a wonderful story. A hiker comes across a lovely lady resting nude in the forest. At she seems not to notice him, and with his voyeur instincts takes pictures of her. As the gallery progresses her poses become steadily more revealing. Certainly about frames 62 and 63 she knows he is there. Events then proceed to a climax with her showing extreme intimate closeups. This is just how a gallery should tell a story, leading up to a climactic ending. Unfortunately the corresponding video is a complete bust, not worth watching even the first time.

Yoko tigresa vietnamita | May 22nd, 2010
Yoko tigresa vietnamita
paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko That was insanely hot. So beautiful and sexy and I loved that tan line. Peter thanks for bringing her to your site.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Very arousing! Yoko reminds me of an Asian girl who used to visit me for one reason and one reason only- thanks for the fond memories! However, looks like there's more to this gallery - is there a Part 2?

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

My Fantasy Come to Life Incredible! Thanks for sharing this lovely creature. To celebrate, please take your camera crew on a trip to Asia. And include a stopover in Brazil while your at it!

DANIEL Estados Unidos de América


wheeler Estados Unidos de América

WOWSERS!!! waiting anxiously for this eastern Goddess' video debut!!!

Pete Reino Unido

New Yoko may be new but there is no holding back, she knows what Hegre punters like. Fantastic pussy best displayed by 21, 72 and 73. Much more of Yoko, wiht Yanna, Thea or Olena would be great.

gert mauersberger Alemania

Yoko Füchsing Auch vietnamesische Mädchen sind nicht verklemmt.Besonders die beiden letzten Einblicke von hinten. Sehr schön!

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

RE: My Fantasy Come to Life This gallery was posted on my birthday this year. What a gift!

Yoko masaje erótico | May 30th, 2010
Yoko masaje erótico
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

once again... here's hopin' for a video!!!

paradygma España

Good idea to take erotic advantage from the massagist. Great outfit.

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Hits keep comming Naomi, Gislane, Gabriella, Dominka C, Anna S., Mellissa, Brigi, Muriel, Patricia... Just when you think it can't get any better, Petter finds Yoko!

impressed1 Estados Unidos de América

another superb set the massage sets are far and away my favorites, i feel they really allow you to appreciate the simple wonder of the models' fantastic bodies, i've downloaded every massage set and vid and shall continue to do so...bravo.

campbell Reino Unido

I could do that job.

ED BYRNE Reino Unido

Massage! What is the obsession with massage's at the moment there seems to be a lot of photo sets about this subject. I know it can be erotic but there is a lot of them with the girls not doing anything there not even really posing for the camera are they!

toto Singapur

hotel basico mexico hi master hegre, is has been a long long waiting since last year u travel to shots your great fantastic 5 at hotel basico.....pls upload it as it should be the best group shooting of the year!!!!hope we don have to wait anymore...reveals it!!! thank you master!

Pete Reino Unido

Masssage! I agree with Ed's comments, Yoko has a great body but this set does not do it justice for the reasons he states. There is never any emotion in the massage sets. Petter are we also heading for a series of "window light" themed sets with Stasha and Tasha?

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

I'm a big fan of that white, transparent wrap worn by the woman giving the massage!

CGC Reino Unido

Massage I LOVE the massage sets! I can't wait for a long, sensual video. Penetration essential of course!

Doumat Canada

Absolutely wonderful beautiful woman. Please post more Yoko and other asians. The Europeans are great but variety is the spice of life !

Gordon C Lawrence Reino Unido

RE: Massage Great photos, when will we see more of Yoko. Also how about more asian beauties. especially Japanese and Chinese. Once again superb heres hoping

toesucker Alemania

It is amazing to see how a girl is very open stretching the lipps open them show al the other girl has to offer.. great!!

ThikMik Estados Unidos de América

YOKO This model is a spectacular find. Thanks

Dan da man Estados Unidos de América

Video of this??? Was there a video of this made??...so freakin hott!

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 14 great photo of the masseuse massaging Yoko's sexy breast & nipple!!

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 24 Great photo of a pair of beautiful legs, derriere and pussy!!

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 33 A very lovely, sexy behind!! Great shot!!

Yoko de Vietnam | May 16th, 2010
Yoko de Vietnam
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

YOKO - LISSOME & BEGUILING What an utter delight! I hope we see more of Yoko in future.

ED BYRNE Reino Unido

Hot stuff form Vietnam! Very nice to see mixing it up with sexy girls from the far east not just the girls from Europe very nice!

ED BYRNE Reino Unido

Welcome to the fold! Welcome Yoko!!!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

OH YES!!! my kind of woman!!! I've always had a "thing" for asian girls! not sure why! they are just BEAUTIFUL! ALL OF THEM!!!hope to see much more! (my only gripe is that there was no butt shot!)

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Yoko is beautiful! I love watching her drop those panties!!

JP Estados Unidos de América

Hot new Asian babe Can't wait to see her pussy up close!

Bruno Estados Unidos de América

Yoko from Vietnam More Asian Beauties, Petter! An untapped resource, Asia.

Steve Estados Unidos de América

Lovely, I hope to see more sets of Yoko soon.

HEH313 Alemania

yoko it is okay, but nothing more.

emacs Canada

Lovely Yoko Yoko is truly a beautiful woman. Not too sure why she has a Japanese name, though. I hope to see more women from East and South East Asia.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Stunning, beautiful and sexy as hell. Hope for more very soon.

Pete Reino Unido

Little Girl Big Star She may only be just over 5ft but Yoko is going to be a big star. I love Asian models and this has been an area of wekaness on Hegre. Great to see a shaven Asian model as well, lots more of Yoko please. Great debut. Well done both.

Scott Salbo Estados Unidos de América

Yoko very beautiful. More ethnic diversity is always appreciated by this subscriber.

Simon Reino Unido

Yoko A beautiful model and superb pictures as ever - if only there were some photos of here rear....

gordie Estados Unidos de América

Wow what a beauty love set 4 beautiful face beautiful breast petter you sure know how to pick them

Carne Asana Estados Unidos de América

Not into her at all.

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Love it! There are a dozen or so Hegre models that could have their own site and be featured everyday. I would certainly subscribe to www.yoko-is-hot.com!

Moose Estados Unidos de América

Yoko I could've understood better if this Yoko was the one who broke up the Beatles...

Yoko Películas COMENTARIOS

Yoko Neon Light | November 4th, 2014
Yoko Neon Light
Bernard Holanda

Une très belle fille vietnamienne avec un corps magnifique A very beautiful Asian girl with a gorgeous body. I only would like to see some more, more, more …………

mobetaman Estados Unidos de América

Yoko's Fire! This is a very small package with a TREMENDOUS BANG! She is THE bomb that explodes ALL over your screen! She's utilizes that floor marvelously and struts her gorgeous stuff flawlessly. I would only ask for more rear-end doggy-style poppin' views as I love her rear-end profile! Besides that, she's ALL THAT and a pleasurable cup of TEA! I missed her ~ promise there will be more of her soon, please!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I do so love this little bundle of joy! more please!

Yoko Ninfa del Bosque | February 1st, 2011
Yoko Ninfa del Bosque
Ethan H Canada

A bit Boring She is a beautiful woman, and very sexy, but the film as a whole is not that interesting. I did love the long shots from the trees though, where it almost seemed as if I was a hiker who just stumbled upon her!

Hershel Israel

Captivating I do love the more active films here, but this held me in awe just for its simple beauty. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you they don’t like this!

Abelardo España

Looks Familiar I think I may have walked in that forest! Why am I never so lucky to find this??

Konrad Austria

Beautiful and Serene Yoko I have never really appreciated, but this is a very nice film of her. It shows her beauty in a way I, as someone not at all attracted to asian women, can see. Good work, petter, keep it up!

Bennedetto L. Italia

Belly Button Ring I love this, it is very nice, but two things bother me: the towel seems to have too much color and take away from the serene feeling, and the belly button piercing also seems not to suit. Am I being too harsh? She is a very beautiful woman, but these things stand out for me.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, I love it!not only is Yoko gorgeous.But, like I said about Muriel's "In the woods" picture set, I love th voyeuristic aspect of it!

D.L. Estados Unidos de América

There is a part 2, I hope. I mean at least that's what the poster suggests.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Absolutely beautiful. A lovely sight of a beautiful nude woman letting the sunlight bathe her. Love the last few moments of the film where you can see the adorable soles of her feet. Love that!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Very graceful...full natural nudity in nature. Hegre gives us loving caring camera caresses of her cunt, and wonderful raised butt shot to finish off. Well done...just too short!

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Tease The only thing wrong with this film is the length. I could easily go for an hour or more of this gorgeous girl. Yoko started the asian invasian. She set the bar super high, and none of the others can touch her. I love that body, that ass, that pussy, those pouty lips, and those just the right size tits! Please don't take too long before launching part 2!

alf España

RE: Tease I totally agree

FresnoMikey Estados Unidos de América

Agree and her name/origin I agree with all of the comments: should be 20 minutes with an all-out masturbation and similar lady tonguing her into total orgasmic oblivion with lots of thrashing. Why not? Real Art has no limits like Hegre has put on these video. Yoko is a Japanese name, not Vietnamese. Though it fits my fantasy. Ha!

lovejill22 Estados Unidos de América

waste of film pretty girl, no content of anything

steve Estados Unidos de América

great It may be a short film, but HARDLY BORING!! Yoko is a beautiful, sexy, gorgeous woman with a fantastic body! Any film of her nude outdoors is great!!! Sometimes a film of a beautiful woman just relaxing and sleeping nude outdoors in the sun is the best cause it lets your imagination take over and makes you want to see more!! Great film!! You're wonderful Yoko!!

El Viaje de Yoko | August 3rd, 2010
El Viaje de Yoko
Roo Holanda

Yokoooo Gosh she is just too cute for words, please please can we see more East Asian and South East Asian girls on Hegre-Art?

CJM Noruega

flashing Ha! Brilliant I love it. Can you imagine being on one of those trains?

Mikey Reino Unido

Great film! Yoko is hot!

Kav Canada

Flasher!! Nice stuff, sexy girl flashing why does that never happen to me?!!. I wish we could have seen the drivers face!

Tommy Estados Unidos de América

beautiful Yoko is beautiful and her body amazing. I hope we will be seeing more films and photo galleries featuring Yoko.

AJ Reino Unido

Yoko She is absolutely adorable.

ovva Noruega

flashhhh man i wish i was on that train!!!

spacydick Tailandia

yoko train Every time I see this little stunner I have to check for a small scar to make sure My Laos girlfriend is not posing for Hegre Art. I think I am the luckiest old fart in the world.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko Loved this film, especially the beach scenes. That perfect little body with that long black hair, add to that a beautiful face, seeing her strolling on the beach, it was like I died and gone to heaven. Wished it could have lasted longer.

dick Estados Unidos de América

Explore with Yoko Everytime I see Yoko I think she is a beautiful Japanese girl pretending to be Vietnamese! But she has a great body whatever her nationality.Thanks.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I LOVE YOKO!!! I wish I could have helped her with that oil! You probably offended half the people on that train, and thrilled the rest! I also would love to see more "ethnic" girls, if you can do it.

cyberspace Estados Unidos de América

Public Nudity Flashing the train really makes this film fun. Thanks.

Greggor1 Estados Unidos de América

Delightful film, fun and erotic. Yoko is a doll! The film captures the essence of some of my own passions. To enjoy a walk amidst beautiful nature. To enjoy self pleasure naked in the sun. The exhileration of public flashing. All very much to my liking and a pleasure to watch in this film.

Yoko en la Cama | June 15th, 2010
Yoko en la Cama
JMH Estados Unidos de América

Oh my god, she is so cute.

stu Estados Unidos de América

Yoko is a doll baby. She has a sultry look that is very erotic.I want to watch her bring herself to orgasmic bliss.Absolutly sexy.What I would like to do with her I will keep to my self.

emacs Canada

Beautiful! More Asian women please! :)

paul Estados Unidos de América

Yoko God that was pure hottness. Thanks again Petter for bringing her to the site.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

what "emacs" said!!!lol

paradygma España

She looks really sexy and gorgeous, even more than she does in shots. I'd like to hear more of them all in the films. Just a short laugh, a moan, or simply a 'Hello'.

Jesse Estados Unidos de América

Yoko is a natural!!! She does everything perfectly, and enjoys it. She's a winner and I want see more of her. That's fair isn't it, she enjoys showing off and I (we) enjoy watching her? More! More! More!

Norm Reino Unido

Sexy Yoko The best way to watch this video is lying naked in bed in the early morning with the lap-top on the bedside table and 'joining in the action.' That is good because you can share being with this lovely girl as she plays with herself. I really enjoyed the way you flirted with me all the time too Yoko.

squ1shy Estados Unidos de América

O-M-G All I can say is WOW! Beautiful face, smokin' hot body, sensuous long black hair, perfect ass and black stockings. She exudes sexuality in a way that doesn't feel faked. What's not to lust after? But what seals the deal for me is her infectious smile. OMG! I sure hope to see lots more of Yoko.

jeffersk Singapur

Yummy Yoko She is divine, beautiful and orgasmic...more, more, more Yoko please..

Jeff D Estados Unidos de América

Love Yoko! Wow. I love Yoko, and I LOVE this film. Sweet, gorgeous, playful, and sexy! I glad to see that Hegre is beginning to address other flavors. But this one will always be one of my favorites!

dgt99x Estados Unidos de América

Yoko - so perfect! I am in full agreement with the earlier comments here: Yoko is simply wonderful! She has a perfect body, lovely face and heart-melting smile. The quiet bedroom setting induces the fantasy of private time together, and her black stockings are a major turn-on for this viewer. I would enjoy hearing her voice too, but most of all, please keep the pictures coming. Thank you Yoko and Petter!

Greggor1 Estados Unidos de América

Classy and Erotic I've only been a member of this site for a short time yet Yoko has quickly become one of the stand-out models. I love her long hair, cute face and fine body. She is a delight to see in both pictures and films. Her posing, touching and eye contact in this film are enticing and provocative, classy and erotic. I agree with the comments of Norm. It is nice to be naked and 'join in the action' while watching this film. I look forward to seeing more of Yoko in the future. For now I will click 'replay'.

Amigdalia Grecia

Speechless!!! Yoko is sooo beautiful...I can't even begin describing her! She is something else, she is a Goddess.

Laurie Reino Unido

Yoko Sleek, slender Yoko, a nymphet of ineffable signs. The feline silhouette of a cheekbone, slender soft downy limbs. And teasingly conscious of her exquisite sensuousness, the magic spell that thrills the eye and draws a gasp of pure delight. The ache remains, haunted by her ambrosial essence. I am smitten to the core!

Lustie Estados Unidos de América

More Asian woman please . Yoko was charming Please more Asian .

johnnyp Estados Unidos de América

Yoko It's great to see a girl like Yoko who so enjoys touching and playing with herself and sharing with us. One sexy person. Cute pussy too.


Yoko Masaje Yoni | July 19th, 2011
Yoko Masaje Yoni
Chuck Estados Unidos de América

so exiting Gary I agree. It’s the way she lies there so still just lets the masseur do whatever thats what makes it so exciting. Lets have more like this and maybe masseur going in more.

Gary Estados Unidos de América

Submissive Just love the way these Japanese girls do submission. They say that it’s what they are brought up to but I think they get a whole lot of kicks from it.

clive Reino Unido

to quiet Yoko is a lovely looking girl but she takes all this a bit too quietly for my liking. How about a bit more response from her? But getting near the end her nipples do show she’s on her way. That’s nice, liked it.

Gordon Canada

A star I think this is the same girl giving the massage that I’ve seen in other films as well. She is a star too. The way she gives all that attention to Yoko is a big turn on for me.

Laurie España

Great combination Good to see Yoko back again. The thing about her is that she looks so small and demure but she is real well developed down below and that’s a great combination.

Zogg Francia

@Gary: Yoko is vietnamese.

James Michaels Estados Unidos de América

Yoko This video should be entitles luscious nipples. Yoko's are beautiful and the lovely masseuse's are a serious bonus. Three cheers for her new "work outfit" that finally shows us a tiny tease-peek of the attributes we have all recognized and admired for a long time.

xena288 Singapur

Sound Lovely Video lovely girls but would be nice if she had some expression and was more vocal it would add greatly to the experience . Would Love Japanese model especilly those with lots of Pubic Hair Expression and Sound of Joy please

Xena Singapur

Erotic If she would share her moment of pleasure with us by letting us know when sne comes is a turn on. Also if her cunt discharge is shown as it oozes out would be nice

jon Australia

Hot... but need more updaets All of these vids are great, but there needs to be more massage vids uploaded more frequently. I'd also like to see more M/F vids less F/F vids. The F/F vids are more geared towards lesbian porn whereas the M/F vids are more sensual. I would also like both the masseur and the recipient to be completely naked - there's nothing sensual about it when one of the two is either partially or fully dressed. It's not relevant to this vid (others have posted comments against the m/f vids), but I agree that sensual penetration and ejaculation are artistic. Hardcore porn has a different focus, is filmed differently and is rarely, if ever, sensual or artistic.

George8892 Canada

Yoko Yoni Asian girls are fantastic. More F/F and less M/F please. Even more interaction between the masseuse and the girl being massaged would also be nice.

blindpanic Australia

missed opportunity a beautiful girl in see through white massaging another.... Yoko's right hand could easily have moved to reciprocate the pleasure. That would be perfect

Massage Lover Estados Unidos de América

Peter, these massage videos are so incredibly sensual and unbelievably erotic. I very much prefer the way you have done these videos. I like the lady being massaged to not touch or interact with the masseuse. Part of the eroticism is watching the lady doing her best not to react, but ultimately becoming helpless to the beautiful sensations of the masseuse's fingers stimulating her vagina. This subdued reaction is much more erotic than artificial moaning, screaming, and exaggerated body motions.

Eric S Estados Unidos de América

Masseuse Both women are absolutely beautiful, but this masseuse seems to have the softest touch. I would love to see more of her in action although it looks like she has done 2 other videos sessions.

geminial Australia

Yoko Men want more penetration, women want more teasing. What a lovely body and cunt, it opens to reveal all. I love it. BOTH should be naked.

geminial Australia

RE: Yoko Are you M or f ? A lot of what you said I agree with. Men want to get to the climax, women do not, it is the journey for them. Like you I liked the suble moves of the girl and such a wonderful pussy. WOW. Allan in Sydney Australia

HegreArtViewer Estados Unidos de América

RE: Hot... but need more updaets In my opinion I disagree with what was said about F/F being geared to Lesbians. Women know what a another women want. I have a female friends who agree. They don't think of themselves as Lesbians. They just love to see the bond between to women. One of them just seems to get more pleasure than the other. It is a massage that bonds to people together. Its good to see women can do that. Its beautiful.

Masaje Erótico Asiático | December 1st, 2010
Masaje Erótico Asiático
April Dinamarca

Just Lovely I cannot tell you how much I enjoy watching your massage films. In fact I look forward to them more than almost anything else. She seemed nervous at first, but she seems to enjoy it nonetheless!

John2293 Estados Unidos de América

Educational! I’ve actually tried some of these techniques with my wife. I think she might not mind that I subscribe to your site now :-)

Lonny Reino Unido

Who’s The Masseuse? She’s got quite a cute figure on her too! I loved how she tried to hide her panties (or lack thereof) when she pulled down her pants. Maybe you should do some pictures of her. When is Zana coming back?

Klaus Alemania

Good Orgasm Wow! This is really exciting and very hot.

NormJ Estados Unidos de América

Superfluous Magnificence An overabundance of terrificness, an extra portion of wonderousness and a surplus of erotic beauty. Watching a woman have an honest-to-goodness orgasm in such a beautiful setting is so incredibly arousing I can come up with big words all day to describe it. I have seen quite a few of these films, and despite that they all may seem the same on the surface, they are all unique to the girl and that is splendiferifously splendid!

Frode Noruega

just gotta love those breasts!!!! and where can i get a massage like that for my wife in norway????

Knightwing49 Estados Unidos de América

Massages Besides the fact that I would love to give one of these beautiful women a massage myself, I would love to see tiny little Ira and the African goddess Naomi get a massage in one of these videos. With orgasm of course. I love these videos. Keep them cumming.

usaguy Estados Unidos de América

ok... yes, this was a really good one because she twitched a heck of a lot and for a very long time. But, unless I was too busy beating my meat at the time, I didn't really see that explosive orgasm that others mentioned. Can someone tell me at what time it happened? Thanks! Oh, and by the way... watching an explosive orgasm while the girl tries to hold back but can't, and might be a tad embarrassed because of it... would be awesome!!

samurai Japón

I wonder if,,, Yoko is a sexually sensitive girl I LOVE it. She kept her legs twitching and I could tell her big wave orgasm is just around the corner. But also I can tell she didn`t get there. Why not brought her to the summit ? It must be anguish for her and frustrated !! Peter, I wonder if you could do it again with A to Z.

Tony Holanda

Een prachtige vrouw Wat een ongelofelijke mooie vrouw, en zo beheerst zoals ze met haar orgasmen omgaat. een woord geweldig en sensueel.

Hankx Alemania

Funny ... Did anybody notice that dude speaking in a german accent at 6:24 saying "let's take some phoddos"? I didn't get what he said at 7:18. But it perfectly destroyed the illusion for me. And later on somebodies shadow walked through the picture? That's kinda cool cause it shows that there's a bunch of people at the set, all doing their thing, sound and light and camera and whatever? No wonder the models won't come. I wouldn't come either if you massaged me at Piccadilly Circus :-)

birdhead1 Estados Unidos de América

reaction i'd love to see a little more of a physical reaction from these beautiful women.

dgt99x Estados Unidos de América

Yoko's massage ... WOW ! ! ! That was incredibly hot, intense, suspenseful; thanks to all of you for letting us share such an intimate scene.

Rocky Estados Unidos de América

Masseuse Name? This masseuse is beyond beautiful. Any chance you can do a spotlight on her? She is the reason I keep my membership. Can we have more of her face shown? I would love to see her massage a man like this..

kiltdoc1 Estados Unidos de América

RE: Funny ... Yes, the male voice and the shadows were distracting indeed. Its likely that what prevented her from reaching orgasm. Too bad, because overall, it was a fantastic video. The model and the masseuse both are exceptional.

Marie Dinamarca

orgasmic? Was she orgasmic?