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Nicole Profile

Name: Nicole
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 48kg
Height: 169cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model and student

Nicole. Hidden depths

Nicole has enchanted us here at Hegre-Art with her sultry beauty. We are sure she will do the same for you.

Her striking good looks and breast-length brunette hair are only the start. Nicole has a degree in psychology. She has a wisdom and an understanding of the human heart not often found in a woman of only 22 years. Perhaps that is why she has that haunting smile. A touch of mystery mingling with sensuality.

But in front of the camera there are no secrets. Everything is laid bare.

Those famous Ukrainian looks and figure come to perfection in Nicole. From her amazing long legs to her raven hair - and everywhere in between - she excels.

Gloria and Nicole the kiss December 7th, 2011
I so wish Nicole would do a set without feeling the need to augment her perfect body with any make-up. It is specifically the need to paint her toe-nails, though she also has beautiful finger-nails, but has decided to have false acrylics stuck over her already perfect natural ones. For me she is gorgeous and I want to lick her from head to toe but, from these pictures (as alluring as they are) I imagine the smell of cologne, nail-polish and fake tan would make me cough instead of come. I love the real scent of a woman, from the oily, sweaty smell of her hair to the pungent and rather spicy aroma of her feet. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....................................
RE: pure joy
Absolutely agree. Very exquisite
pure joy
Love the way these girls are enjoying themselves in your shoots.
nice start.doesnt seem finished!
Nicole high key November 29th, 2011
Movie s'il vous plaît !!
after seeing those hot pictures, I'm still waiting for her first movie. Well, there is one where she gets a massage, but that doesn't satisfy my hunger :)
I agree wheeler. I have always enjoyed Nicole, and I applaud her removal of her very cute white panties for a fine cunt series, but Nicole has a butt that should be shown! Nevertheless, thank you Nicole for sharing your beauty.
Definitely has the lips for it...
nicole is lovely, as always.just need a but shot! :P
Gloria and Nicole perfect bodies November 24th, 2011
Agreed NEVER ONE WITHOUT TWO! Nicole has such beautiful feet. Wish she'd get rid of the nail polish and go COMPLETELY NATURAL
OMG, what a study in contrast. Can't help looking at your intimate parts, ladies... Gloria, are you a virgin, by any chance?
A bit more perfect
Gloria looks just htat little bit more perfect too me, a great slender and sexy body
i love the creamy pussy nice natural wetness
Gloria and Nicole
Gloria and Nicole look perfect butt naked in pumps!
Gloria/Nicole Gallery
LOL, it looks like Nicole enjoyed this shoot !
Nicole you have a nice body and perfect cup
Glo and Nic
They have such luscious pussies.
Beautiful Girls
as always beautiful girls and poses, Gloria is always wonderful and not seen Nicole as much but great body too, love they way they mimick each other sexy and swet they look like twins
Why the SHOES?!!! They spoil what otherwise would have been a wonderful photo series.
perfect indeed!but, dont forget their lovely rear ends!
Gloria and Nicole double trouble November 9th, 2011
These are two of the most beautiful women ever to cross Petter's lens. He knows it, and so do we. It's why they're photographed together all the time!
I love these two. When are we going to get some videos?
must say,I'm lovin all the twofers lately!
Gloria and Nicole skin and leather October 29th, 2011
Nicole und Gloria
Warum nicht mal mit einem kleinen Dildo.
Film with gentle kissing and gentle licking would be so hot
do a film,please with some eating
Superb is about the only word to describe this set - lets have more like this.
Nicole and Gloria
Wow. Erotic.
My favorite set so far, very hot
ooohhh...this simple MUST be a video!!! btw...I guess the seduction twins have decided against doing the cams? bummer!!! :(