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Lulu Profile

Name: Lulu
Country: Japan
Weight: 39kg
Height: 150cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

A living doll

Let's all give a deep bow to Lulu. She's one of our Japanese models and our most petite one.

Lulu looks so fragile – only 150 cm. tall and weighing in at 39 kilos – but she's up for her new adventures in nude modelling.

There's lots about her which is in the traditional Japanese manner. She moves with the slow grace of a cat.

She's very polite, very proper and a bit dreamy – until she gets in front of the camera when a different girl takes over.

Then we see the simmering desire that hides behind the prim facade and it's all action – until she can get back to her beloved Nintendo games.

Konata and Lulu The Sushi Shoot April 2nd, 2013
Awesome video and photoset, but I'd love to see something love that by a beautiful shaved Japanese girl, too!!!
Very odd!
There's no getting away from it, the Japanese have some very strange customs! I can't say I found this even slightly erotic - but it's certainly comic. I was waiting for a few little curls of pubic hair to make part of the banquet - it wouldn't have surprised me at all. I'm afraid those thick bushes do anything for me, either - nicely trimmed public hair can enhance a cunt; but the Japanese girls usually manage to make the space between their thighs look like unkempt hedges!
So so great to see Konata and Lulu again! Great to again see their beautiful hairy cunts. Wonderful looks at Lulu's cunt. I can't get enough of Konata. What a beauty! And what tits she has! Love how they hang down, plump full and perfect, as she leans over Lulu. Love the peeks at Konata's bare buns and butt crack too! Please Hegre, bring these girls back!
my two fav ladies are back
I like Sushi and I like both girls but the combination was kinda weird.
beautiful girls...finally hairy pussy
Lovely bushes, especially Konata.
You should be a photographer for the Food Network. I appreciate your attempts at eclectic art but this one is pretty far out there. Go back to what made you great.
Mixed feelings
I have got mixed feelings about seeing all the chopping, slicing etc. that goes on. Is it all that erotic?
Slow down
When all the sushi is laid out like it is the effect is great. But we do not see enough of that because it goes too fast. Why not slow down a bit?
Wanted more
The best bits are when the eating is happening. I wanted to see a lot more of that than there was.
it's not often you make me hungry, petter! so, are they gonna trade places?
Back again
Great to see these two back again. They have been missing too long.
Konata And Lulu A Day On The Beach August 21st, 2012
wonderful closeups of bushy cunts - so cute.
Bush is Beautiful
Bush is beautiful, i am glad these two women went natural, and did not shave there pussies, this site need more women who do not shave there pussy..
Nice video of two nude Asian women on the beach
Nice video of two nude Asian women on the beach
Konata and Lulu
Thank God, proper pubic hair at last! They look like real women! I would change their dentist, though.... The oil application was the best idea here, so it was a shame it was relatively brief and in short bursts, with both models a little camera-conscious too. Maybe try re-working that? It was apparently a nudist beach, so for extra impact, a similar tableau in an area not obviously nudity-allowed, non? Oui!!
The Beauty of Cunt
Simplicity Gentleness Naturalness Nudity and Laughter. The simple pure joy of the unadorned female nude, not a stitch on, bathed in nature's light. Naked on the beach for all the world to see, relaxed, smiling, laughing, jumping, skipping, tits bouncing free, paired dark hairy cunts (cunts do look better in pairs!) set off against lovely porcelain white skin. What joy! And what joy to see Konata again! Such incredible tits. 2:14 a high point with the full beauty of Konata's cunt on display. Thank you Konata Lulu and Hegre!
Unlike a sizeable number of members of this site, who have a fear or dislike of pubic hair/fur on women, I LOVE PUBIC HAIR/FUR ON WOMEN. It enhances a woman's sexiness. That is one of the reasons I love seeing KONATA and LULU here. FULLY NUDE & NATURAL.
I'd like to see Konata return...
This IS old stuff! The photoshoot of this is from 2010 and my guess is this was shot at the same time. I think it's high time to see the return of some of the old time girls, Konata in particular along with Anna S...
Certainly two beautiful young ladies on whose bodies anyone would be pleased to graze; especially, for my money, the one with the smaller and more exquisitely-shaped breasts. Who wouldn’t have been delighted to help with applying the sun-oil? But I must confess the thickets of hair put me of, personally – for one thing they are a deterrent to oral sex – all those hairs between the teeth! Interestingly, they had clearly shaved around the edges of the forest, and taken great care with the rest – but though it may delight some men, not I’m afraid for me. Incidentally, am I wrong, or did they have a hair-trim halfway through the film?
RE: Pussyhair
apply your fav shampoo...you get the perfect smell and lick the sweet lips...speaking from many exciting experiences :)
Thanks for bringing these two back!!
These two girls are perfect examples of what I luv about Japanese girls. Perfect bodies, not too petite or thick. Just right. I gotta agree with the other comments. They have perfect pussy hair! Beautiful!!
Wondefull Pussys. I would like to shave both pussys. The pussyhair is to long. I like it totaly shaved.
RE: Re: Fat old guys
it's called a nude beach!ufortunately, most people that frequent them are those you dont want to see naked!
Re: Fat old guys
I guess it is an ironic contrast. Beauty and the beast sort of thing.
Okaeri nasai
It's good to see our two sweet geikos again. The morning light is marvellous. Moreover, this movie is full of freshness and, at the same time, often focuses on the two "burning bushes"; the result is a very well temperate film.
Re: Pussy hair
You are right about that. They say Japanese girls take a lot of pride in their pussy hair. You can see why.
Eastern Promise
I hope this is a return of these exquisite creatures and not a film from the past. Delightfully feminine, and how I've missed them...
Fat old guys
The girls are great. What are the fat old guys doing there though?
Pussy hair
What beautiful pussy hair you both have. I want to see lots more of that.
missed you
I am glad to see you both back again. I have missed you Konata and Lulu.
A bit boring, maybe...
nice to see the japanese girls again!thought we lost them!
Konata and Lulu Tokyo pleasure November 15th, 2011
Konata and Lulu
I find it not so sexy when the models look constantly at the camera(man) instead of looking to eachother!
RE: Look again...Happy Anus!
Good eye Panzer! And thank you! I had misjudged this as a tame set. Now have changed my appraisal! Indeed a thrill to see lovely Lulu's anus made happy by the ever so wow Konata! Thanks again!
Extraordinary ~ a compelling performance
Deliciously nuanced images that tease the senses. The girls are persuasively exotic and utterly exquisite, the eroticism hauntingly beautiful...
Look again...
This set is more naughty than I first realized. From about shot 51 to about 60 Konata has her fingers on Lulu's anus. A pleasant discovery... The look on her face as she's doing it... The look of pleasure from Lulu... I'm checking these sets out in anticipation of tomorrow's Konata set. The past couple of days have been rather dry around here. I'm sure tomorrow will be a turn for the more exciting!
What a great slender body Lulu has, shame we dont see more of her
I agree Wheeler. Although it is great these two beautiful girls pose totally nude, and although I am a huge Konata fan, this shoot does beat around the bush.
LULU & KONATA - Back Together Again
two lovely ladies...not much happening.maybe it will get my attention better in a video.
Konata and Lulu Tokyo sex dolls June 27th, 2011
Konata and Lulu Sex Dolls
Great shot. Tongue kissung an showing the black bushes.
Sensual Drama
I love the visual narrative as the suspense leads to the headily sensual finale from image 52. Teasingly observed...
Konata and Lulu
Fabulous totally nude set of Konata and Lulu. They look amazing together. Love the series of shots of them kissing. Really hot!
Art of Total Nudity
Love the purity of the Total Nudity. It is all here: two lovely young Japanese girls fully nude, showing their natural glorious beauty. I simply cannot get enough of Konata's full tits. Love the way they are out in front leading off this magnificent series! Also love how the girls spread their legs to show proudly their full-bushed beauty!
A great set and for one moment there I thought we were going to be treated to our first Hegré tongue shots! Tongue on pussy that is :-)
Konata & Lulu
what can i say ? just that i hope to discover one of these days the evident sensuality of such amazing asian ladies...
two amazing women.
definately video worthy!
Konata and Lulu geisha girls June 6th, 2011
The Kiss
To kiss or not to kiss, so intensely sensuous, the faint brush of lips, a sudden tingle of excitement. Touches the source of sexual desire...
Love these girls! Love their bushes!
super hot! (especially the almost kiss!lol)