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Foto von Chiaki


Foto von Chiaki
Name: Chiaki
Land: Japan
Gewicht: 49Kg
Größe: 165cm
Alter: 22
Beruf: Studentin


Es war einmal ein hübsches junges Mädchen, das lebte in Kyoto. Sie wußte, dass sie Talent hatte und attraktiv war, aber sie langweilte sich und war immerzu rastlos.

Aber jetzt ist alles anders. Chiaki wagte den mutigen Schritt zur Lebensveränderung und wurde Aktmodell. Und sie bereut ihn nicht. Sie liebt ihren Job sogar so sehr, dass sie ihre anfängliche Schüchternheit schnell überwinden konnte. Und seitdem ihre Mitdarstellerin Chiaki auf einfühlsame Weise zeigte, wie sie sich so richtig entspannen kann, kennt sie vor der Kamera keine Zurückhaltung mehr.

Früher einmal überlegte Chiaki ernsthaft, eine lange, traditionelle Geisha-Ausbildung zu absolvieren. Als sie noch das “Mädchen von Nebenan” war, hätte diese Rolle auch gut zu ihr gepasst. Aber Chiaki ist schnell erwachsen geworden, und so wie sie es sieht, übernimmt ein Aktmodel im 21. Jahrhundert genau die Rolle, die früher von den Geishas übernommen wurde. Für sie ist das alles ein Abenteuer. Du hast es wirklich weit gebracht, Chiaki.

Chiaki Galerien KOMMENTARE

Konata massiert Chiaki | September 12th, 2011
Konata massiert Chiaki
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

Another super sexy,but super SHORT set! I DO hope there will be a video of this!!!

Martin Deutschland

I hope, this is only part one. I am keen to see part two.

jim Vereinigte Staaten

Konata massage that would make a great video

Danden Kanada

RE: Photo number 9 Love Konata face on this one!

Dan da man Vereinigte Staaten

massage video Wasn't this supposed to become a massage video??....hope it does!

fpr5505 Mexiko

Movie ?????? Where is the Movie ??????????????

Mike Vereinigte Staaten

I wish Konata would shave. she soo sexy nonetheless

Chiaki Kimono | May 31st, 2011
Chiaki Kimono
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

super hot!!! and, one of the more artistic of late!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Two Finger Girl An extraordinary series! A slow burning cresendo until Chiaki asssumes the supremely erotic pose: on her knees, head low, back arched, bare-naked butt in the air. Then on top of that, to watch her masturbate and penetrate is such a satisfying treat! Somehow it seems appropriate that it takes two fingers to satisfy this girl! Good girl Chiaki!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Darkly Elegant This is a stunning gallery, distinguished by the exquisite beauty of Chiaki, the detail and atmospheric dream-like eroticism that teases the emotions. Achingly sensuous...

Chiaki Geisha Zuhause | March 4th, 2011
Chiaki Geisha Zuhause
Big Ungarn

Natural This is a very nice serie about a beautifull natural hairy japanese girl! I hope a film will follow soon about her!:)

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

cool(and hot!lol)!!! very artistic! my only gripe is that we didn't get a butt!lol

artistpg Vereinigte Staaten

She is looks like she has a beautiful face as well, but it is not naked, so we can't see it!

adorer Schweiz

arousing pussy what an arousing pussy. very hot.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Geisha Girl Sure beats Jerry Lewis!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Welcome Chiaki! Wonderful addition! Excellent pussy looks! Love that Chiaki gets so wet posing.

The Guy Vereinigte Staaten

I agree she has an enticing pussy but DUDE! mow the lawn!

Rob Vereinigtes Königreich

Absolutely wonderful! BRAVO!!

karibu Vereinigte Staaten

What a lovely wet pussy! I love the hair framing it, too.

karibu Vereinigte Staaten

Geisha Pussy Those wet labia drive me crazy. I'd crawl a hundred miles to taste that.

Farnorth2 Australien

Keep the bush Great that the Japs keep the bush to remind us we are dealing with mature women!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Orient Attraction No oriental girls have featured since I joined this site late 2011. A crying shame since I love their petite bodies, flawless skin and lustrous hair.

Chiaki Massage KOMMENTARE

Tokyo Lesben Massage | October 25th, 2011
Tokyo Lesben Massage
Party Guy Vereinigte Staaten

Spectacular OMG what a show these babes put on!

Groblet Australien

Let Konata loose Wonderful film of a passionate encounter between these two beautiful women. Hopefully there will be many more naked massages to come. Now we can ask for Petter to let Konata be let loose particularly in a video with Valerie or also with Mike. From her previous massages we know she will enjoy it immensely.

Taffy Schweden

They rock When they get it on they really rock. It was like something took them over in the second half and it all took off from there.

Mitch Brennan Vereinigte Staaten

More nipples All that with the breasts and nipples did it for me. Let’s have lots more of this g on g action and lots more nipple pinching please.

Polydor. Norwegen

Good reaction These Japanese girls have such a calm air about them so sometimes it is hard to work out what they are thinking. The end of the film showed that that clear enough though when they were really reacting.

Zak Norwegen

More ass Let’s have more of this ass stroking they do. I want!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

Best yet!Ironic that if this film were made under Japanese jurisdiction, their crotches would have to be blurred out! :(

newfinder Italien

RE: Spectacular Very spectacular, yes .... sweet and exciting

melly56 Vereinigte Staaten

mmmm... Its about damn time Peter! thanku for this unforgettable video. I love to see to women exploring each other, especially when it involves the tongue!

robbie Singapur


Nick Vereinigte Staaten

Wow; your best massage video to date. Very erotic!

intoit Vereinigte Staaten

WOW Are you kidding me! If this didn't turn you on you have no pulse! Wonderful film. Love to see more like it.

mikeisit86 Vereinigte Staaten

my saint bernard is less! bring a gps unit before going into that

Vereinigte Staaten

Is there a part 2? If yes please upload. Thanks.

willmore Kanada

about time its about time. We need to seem more of this type of interaction. Great work girls would like to see more of this

Robert Lee Vereinigte Staaten

number one Why can't you get the American girls to do like the Japanese girls?

Burner69 Vereinigte Staaten

Long Waited AWESOME!!! I've been waiting for this video, since the BTS clip in travel. WELL WORTH the wait and 1 year renewal. Keep up the AWESOME WORK.

kay Schweiz

lesbians more, more, more - es ist ein Fest für alle Sinne!!!

another fan Vereinigte Staaten

beautiful Yes, I'd like more of the same. This is absolutely beautiful.

Thytte Dänemark

It is Konata, but who is the other beauty? By the way, I would like to be her. Konata is fantastic, although her stomach could need a few hours of work out.

Rick Australien

Dream team Konata and Engelie. Please. Or eiither one with CaPrice or Dominique.

FresnoMikey Vereinigte Staaten

So good this was the soonest and So good this was the soonest and longest I've orgasmed in years.

Dynamo02 Vereinigte Staaten

Very beautiful! I loved the intimacy. Also I liked the fact that the girl receiving the massage didn't sound like she was being xx, she sounded like she enjoyed it. A lot of the Japanese porn sounds like the girl is in pain and it totally turns me off even though I think Asian women are very beautiful. But this was great! That nuru gel sure is something : P

Hangdog Irland

So sensual This was a georgeous, erotic scene, such a gentle slow build up to the climax; at fitst the slow and deliberate oiling and carressing of the legs, one by one...... then the constant electrical connection of touching the sex while licking the nipple reminded me of the last time I had a tantric massage and that is a happy memory. I shall revisit this often. Thanks to you and these two beautiful women.

Csure1234 Kanada

Dl Download possible of any massage vids? wow so good

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Sapphic Harmony Breathtakingly nuanced with acute sensory touches. Passages of aesthetics that captures the common ache of desire and lingering arousal. The symbiosis is tender, deliciously sensitive, without course to explicite narrative, an eloquent dream-like quality that haunts the landscape of my mind. So evocative of Murakami's emotionally engaging novels, especially "Norwegian Wood" ...

lovenuru Australien

one of the best this is one of the best and most erotic massage videos I've seen ... the cunnilingus was magic ... I loved that you could hear the wetness of the kissing, interspersed with such beautiful moans - fantastic!

Gary Australien

May God What a beautiful clip, I have never been so turned on in my life. I only wish it had ended with an explosive orgasm.

Matthew Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: about time Totally agree. I always find lesbian content far more erotic than boy-girl, especially in cases such as this video. My ideal choice would be Thea and Valerie: any chance of this being arranged?

geminial Australien

RE: one of the best It really was great. I loved the sound from the cunnilingus part. Two beautiful and very sexy bodies to produce a very erotic vid. I am new here and love it, I did not know if I should reply to you or not, you are the first. Allan from Sydney

Vashti Australien

My view Yes, one of the most erotic scenes on the site. I'm not a fan of pubic hair, but happily there was not a real forest on either lady - and in any case their enjoyment of each other was so transparent and thorough that nobody could have objected! The lesbians scenes on the site are very often among the most delightful, and make up for those massage scenes which would be so much more erotic if both ladies were naked. Scenes like this do however beg the question: what is the difference between seeing a woman licking another woman's cunt or a woman sucking (with great enjoyment) a man's cock, when we are not allowed to see man licking a lady's cunt? Think on, Peter! - and thanks, again.

love_3 Vereinigte Staaten

one of the best everything on this great is grade-a material, but this one is definitely head of the pack. perfect transitioning

b Australien

Girls, girls I'm not in love with the bodies of either of these girls (given their sexual orientation, it's just as well, I guess); but the pleasure they give each other and the way they really give into each other's pleasure zones is great and a real turn-on. No, the public hair doesn't do it for me, but there wasn't a great deal of it, and the whole erotic thrill of the thing carried it forward.

nudist281 Vereinigte Staaten

love that movie The two ladies, even though they are not shaved bare, do a great movie, and I would have wanted to be part of it when it was made.

Vereinigte Staaten

RE: love that movie Although they are not shaved bare? they are women....not girls