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Mayuko Profile

Name: Mayuko
Country: Japan
Weight: 44kg
Height: 159cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model and dancer

Hip-Hop Flexi Girl

She is the perfect example of a fresh and delicious Japanese girl in a school uniform.

Stunningly beautiful, Mayuko can also be so incredibly cute! Famous as a hip-hop dancer, she has a background in classical dance and performs striptease at VIP events when not acting at a local theatre. Did we mention how flexible she is?

Despite a petite frame, she has gorgeous puffy nipples, which she doesn’t mind showing off for our camera, and for you.

Mayuko from Tokyo, a unique treasure discovered in an exotic land – and a perfect Hegre-Girl.

Tokyo Total Madness March 3rd, 2015
I just joined the website as a life member, wonderful stuff.
Wonderfull job you did Peter! Very nice to have a look behind the scenes, and seeing the final results which are true masterpieces!! Please show us more of stuff like this!
Excellent film. I love these travel docus. Awesome ladies, great story. Thanks Peter. BTW what is your shirt size? I need to send you some new T-Shirts, you appear to only have the one ;-) Beo
Simply a masterpiece, I am convinced that Japanese women are some of the most beautiful in the world
I'd love to see that nuru gel in use in a massage! (Mr Tina Turner there is kinda scary! lol)
Tokyo Madness
Hurrah, unshaved models!! (Well, mostly....) I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the balance of adult female sexual characteristics from head to toe is so much better to behold when they are all there. Please leave them in place more often!! Particularly Heidi....
ooooohhhhh!!! I miss these ladies!!! so nice to see them again!!! yes I do envy you petter! thanks for another wonderful bts peek! and I do hope this is a hint about things to come!
Tokyo total madness
Nice, very nice, Peter you did damn good ! Thank-you...
Mayuko and Saki dragon hot spring part2 December 18th, 2011
Bring back Mayuko!
Can you please bring back Mayuko and have her in shots with some if the European women? She's a world class beauty!
Mayuko's Buoyant Tits
Mayuko is such a goddess! Beautiful doe eyes and such wonderful big full tits! Love photos 2 and 3. What a beauty! Here Mayuko is: totally nude, her bare tits out in the open and lovely natural hairy cunt shown proudly for all to see! What a wonder nude photography is that we get to see such beauty! Also love the "buoyant tit shots" 27-30 and others where we see Mayuko's beautiful tits buoyed up in all their plump full glory! I am glad to hear she is a stripper in a VIP club: nude beauty like Mayuko's should be shown and enjoyed as much as possible.
If only I could have been there beside them both. Sigh! MAYUKO and SAKI make for a perfect pairing in this photo series. (Hegre, a video is forthcoming, no?)
Highly erotic series :) Love her nipple just protruding from the water. And the girls' skin looks sooo soft :)
hmmm...was hopin they'd get deeper into it this time around.any room for a third in there?
Mayuko red scarf part2 November 6th, 2011
A Different Class
This gallery and the Nikola feature on Sunday are so brilliant they shade most of the other stuff. Creative presentation, variety and lush vibrancy is extraordinary. The sexual intensity is breathtaking, alluring and ultimately beyond reach. Beautiful eroticism that haunts the mind...
This set is much about Mayukos Vulva, and it is a pleasure to see her spread wide and open. However, usually much of her sexyness comes from her face, her way of making eye contact with the camera. Couldn't we see more of it (like in the schoolgirl sets) and combine it with the openness of this shot? That would be sooooo hot!
Moons Over Japan
Love the moon shots 89-96! Mayuko is such a sex goddess! What a face and what a butt! Tis comforting to know that when she is not posing nude she is stripping naked in a VIP club! Naughty beautiful girls like Mayuko should be showing themselves naked as much as possible--it is only right and proper!
Can we please see her in videos and massages?
Mayuko Owning Her Gorgeous Vagina
Mayuko thank you for owning and sharing with us your amazingly gorgeous and steaming hot vagina. I must say the moment I say your first spread wide open photo my cock stiffened. And your the way you look at the camera makes me want to your pussy wrapped on my cock in a big way, and suck on your hard clit. (I want that guys job). Keep feeling your sexiness Mayuko and allowing Peter to snap your beauty. You and your body is sooooo pleasurable to see.!
such a wonderful photo shooting with Mayuko! She's very cute!
Delightful girl but some of the posing is a tad too gynecological for my taste
nice,the body a bit over exposed to light
beautiful, love that pose looking back while exposing your intimate parts. Your bottom is to die for-
subarashii !!! wonderful, lickable both pussy and ass...
Great series! Especially love shots 90-96! Thank you Mayuko! Such a dow-eyed beauty!
I adore seeing a lovely girl's exposed clitoris. It's the most personal and erotic sight possible to me and guaranteed to make me instantly hard. Mayuko's clitoris is beautiful and a wonder to behold. Thank you for showing it to us Mayuko!!
That erect clit and such a high resolution make for a great combination...
very nice!(who was the lucky dude at #9?)
Cocomi Sakura and Mayuko double trouble September 6th, 2011
Sakura and Mayumi
I find it sexier, when the two models not look constantlyto the camera(man), but to eachother!
2 hairy that i never saw??????
A Work of Arse
The aesthetic curves of Mayuko's arse are indescribably ravishing and stir irresistible sexual feelings. Extraordinary girls...
Stylishly Chic
The decadence is breathtaking and my cock is achingly robust, my juices, sticky sweet and pleasantly exquisite...
I sure don't like the hair style .... rest is quite delicous.
I love that jet black, straight, spiky pubic hair that Japanese girls have. Wish they had gone all the way with the tribbing though. Anyway, how about a good tribbing session on video?!!
my kinda trouble!
Mayuko Tokyo flexi doll July 17th, 2011
A Different Class
Mayuka and the other Oriental girls are so sensually graceful, Caucasian girls appear clumsy by comparison. Exquisite images, the rich tones create a decadent ambience, the perfect canvas for this bewitching creature. Utterly inspirational...
I am the President of the bring back Mayuko club
Boots made for Walkin'...
Yes, those boots and Mayuko bring to mind Nancy Sinatra's one-hit claim to fame...
So underrated
Mayuko is amazing. She must be in more galleries and some videos!
She is damn beautiful woman..
She always leaves me wanting more.
Nipples are very "chewable".
An Homage to Strippers
A perfect part II to Mayuko Tokyo Nightclub. I have always loved strip clubs and strippers. That a girl would be willing to take off all her clothes in front of men is such a turn-on. The fact that Mayuko is in real life a stripper just adds to the fun! I love the opening shot and her smile. When looking at a girl nude, a lot of the joy for me comes in the girl also enjoying posing. I love it when a nude girl smiles. It is a miracle: here she is, all nude, with her tits hanging out and cunt shown fully...and yet she smiles! Love it! Thank you Mayuko! Such a pretty girl. Were I in the club, I could not stop myself from getting lots of dances from you. P.S. Love the hairy cunt!
flexi indeed! (she could be lots of fun!)