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Miri Profile

Name: Miri
Country: Japan
Weight: 45kg
Height: 163cm
Age: 25
Occupation: Nurse

Exotic and Charming

She showed up for casting in a bunny outfit and a big smile, and took everyone by storm!

Though striking as a bunny, when she said she was a nurse we knew we had to work with her. She eagerly agreed to appear in (and out of) her uniform. She loves the impact the uniform has on people - her patients in particular - and takes her nursing very seriously.

She had a little experience modelling for fashion and advertising but this was her first time posing for erotic photographs. Her performance was amazing. At one point as she played on the bed, her excitement became obvious as the wetness escaped from her natural bush.

She couldn’t hide how aroused she was taking her clothes off for Hegre-Art. Can you hide yours looking at her?

Tokyo Total Madness March 3rd, 2015
I just joined the website as a life member, wonderful stuff.
Wonderfull job you did Peter! Very nice to have a look behind the scenes, and seeing the final results which are true masterpieces!! Please show us more of stuff like this!
Excellent film. I love these travel docus. Awesome ladies, great story. Thanks Peter. BTW what is your shirt size? I need to send you some new T-Shirts, you appear to only have the one ;-) Beo
Simply a masterpiece, I am convinced that Japanese women are some of the most beautiful in the world
I'd love to see that nuru gel in use in a massage! (Mr Tina Turner there is kinda scary! lol)
Tokyo Madness
Hurrah, unshaved models!! (Well, mostly....) I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the balance of adult female sexual characteristics from head to toe is so much better to behold when they are all there. Please leave them in place more often!! Particularly Heidi....
ooooohhhhh!!! I miss these ladies!!! so nice to see them again!!! yes I do envy you petter! thanks for another wonderful bts peek! and I do hope this is a hint about things to come!
Tokyo total madness
Nice, very nice, Peter you did damn good ! Thank-you...
Miri wet in bed August 2nd, 2011
perfekt diese herrliche Landschaft-zeige dich doch auch mal rasiert?!Danke
What a beautiful smile!
She comes across as enjoying the camera, not just posing for it. This is a very erotic set, as a result.
Just the perfectr, natural look with just the right amount of hair for Miri to be delicious.
RE: "wet"
The wet relates to the ice cube i suppose...
The title is in obvious reference to the fact that Miri is quite wet (vaginal secretions) while in a bed (that object upon which she lays), thus creating the title: "Miri wet in bed." And I agree: super hot!
Like it !!!
Awesome hairy ass !!!
I'm not digging the hair
another one for which I don't quite understand the tittle...super hot, anyway!
Miri pink lips July 5th, 2011
Miri indeed
Absolutely spiffing set of a beautiful girl ..............
WOW, Miri your beautiful ,all over, your lovely!!!!!!
RE: RE: Hairy
Very funny Wheeler! Viva Miri!
I'm sorry but I would absolutely slide deep inside of her, very slowly, and take my time feeling that wet, amazing pussy.
RE: Hairy
I can't help but wonder, when I see comments like this, do the guys shave their crotch? lol
Hair on a woman (apart from the head) is never good, this does not work for me.
I love that it focusses on the one area,and yet, doesn't totally neglect the rest of Miri's lovely body!
lovely indeed!
another one begging for a video!!!
Miri, you are simply stunning! What a beautiful face and a winning smile. And how do you do that thing with dilating your ass?!
I hope she didn't forget to brush her teeth as well!
One of my favorite sets ever! I love the look of those coarse, black pubic hairs around her very tight anus. Very special!
There certainly was no...
Beating around the bush getting started with the "main event" for this spread (all puns intended).
Pure Nudity
Ah pure Nudity! Love it: the simplicity the purity of the naked girl freely displaying herself. Excellent cunt series! A celebration of the beauty of cunt! And of course, love the fantastic asshole looks as well! Great series! Thank you Miri!
What a joy to see this lovely woman so open and alive. Her beautiful smile and the laughter and warmth as she gives herself to us completely. Amazing, Petter. Very nice work. Thank you, Miri, for sharing yourself with us so wonderfully!
from the word go..
That first shot took me by surprise with its glorious 'openess', and I wasn't to be disappointed. Just an amazing set. These lovely Japanese girls have gorgeous hairy pussies that are just so interesting, sexy and inviting!
Miri pink May 29th, 2011
Perfectly Natural ~ Naturally Perfect
Her feminine delicacy floats in the landscape of my mind like the light fragrance of cherry blossom...
lovely bush! I prefer all natural like Miri!
Pitty about the bush
Really nice set from Miri but would be ten times beter if she was shaved
RE: simon
indeed...nice to see that lovely smile!
Wow. I like her expression in the face and she's very 'open' for a Japanese girl.
Miri shaving Anri April 18th, 2011
Tokyo film remembers to this legendary shaving scene
Thank you for remember this legendary shaving scene . It's one of the best and most erotic scenes on hegre-art ever! Please show us more cunt shaving.
Celebration of Cunt
Outstanding! A cunt lovers paradise. The pure simple beauty of cunt, naked for all to see. Great clinical erotic duality at play. I agree with Greggori that Miri was the right girl to do the shaving. Maybe another girl could shave Miri in turn? Video would be fantastic. Outstanding finale with Anri's newly shaven cunt shown off repeatedly in all its glory. Excellent work Petter Miri and, of course, Anri!
absolutely incredible! i love how Anri displays her freshly shaven cunt from pic 89 to 108 for us to inspect. downloading the 8000px set for a extreme close up inspection.
So nice to see Anri getting shaved. Especially nice to take the time to admire her freshly shaved cunt at the conclusion of the picture series. Anri is a delightfully beautiful girl and Miri was the right girl to do the shaving.
That is one sweet little pussy. love to see Miri get shaved next.
Very erotic - to be repeated wirh other models, best, when unshaven before!
What a gorgeous little pussy.
O...M...G!!! what I wouldnt give to do that!!!I love how you zoomd to hr crotch just as the water came down on it! (was that your way of hiding her "OMG THAT'S FUCKING COLD!!" look?lol)
A good logical follow on from the medical examination I hope the video will follow soon.