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Foto de Reina


Foto de Reina
Nombre: Reina
País: Japón
Peso: 52kg
Altura: 175cm
Edad: 20
Ocupación: Modelo y cantante

Fusión japonesa

Reina es una chica con ambición internacional y estilo para ello. Combina la delicada apariencia oriental con la sugerencia de un cuerpo occidental. Esto trabaja a su favor, pues busca hacerse conocer más allá de las fronteras de su Tokyo natal.

Ella ha dado ya el primer paso, sus talentos incluyen el modelar, el baile y el canto. Ha sido protagonista de los videos musicales de su propio grupo y espera hacerse solista algún día, ¡pero no se lo digas al resto del grupo!

Ella tiene un estilo muy particular. Tiene piernas largas y es alta para ser japonesa, pero puede parecer un poco tímida e introvertida.

Así que nos toma por sorpresa cuando descubrimos que adora la velocidad. No como pasajera sino conduciendo coches rápidos de la manera que se hace en Japón. Reina es una chica acelerada en más de un sentido.

Reina Galerías COMENTARIOS

Reina Yuuki vividora de Tokio parte2 | November 20th, 2011
Reina Yuuki vividora de Tokio parte2
bjordi Suiza

what an exiting mixture of colors, surface an mood....

Roger Estados Unidos de América

What a tramp! Bad girl Reina shows all! (as any tramp would!)

Abracadab Uganda

Wow... Her pussy is so beautiful and Japanese-y!

Laurie Reino Unido

Fucking Wicked These Japanese girls are unbelievable ~ decadent, sophisticated, an acquired taste. I don't care for some of the comments leveled at these beautiful creatures, and its a real shame they no longer feature...

Hank Viet Nam

Once U Go Asian Renia is the perfect example, "Once U Go Asian U Forget Caucasin"..an American in Asia for 17 years now..no Christian Hang Ups..Cheers

CF Estados Unidos de América

She has such a beautiful behind. I can't believe nobody commented on the last few pictures. There should be a whole photo set just dedicated to her stunning derriere.

Reina Yuuki vividora de Tokio parte1 | September 1st, 2011
Reina Yuuki vividora de Tokio parte1
GT640 Estados Unidos de América

first one First one here! Yummy

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

looks seriously dominatrix!!!lol super sexy!!!

alex Reino Unido

reina delicious

Chinaski Estados Unidos de América

Tokyo tramp What is it with your Japanese models and their abundant pubic hair? I've owned cats that were less furry than this girl! This isn't the 1970's...Tell them to shave!

simon Suiza

The culture and taste in Japan is just different. Once in a while this is o.k., but not for a living.

Pete Reino Unido

RE: Tokyo tramp Very hot set and love the bikini, but agree with Chinaski this is a european sites presumably appealing to mainly western tastes. She would look so much hotter shaved.

blackflash63 Australia

Reina wow WHAT A LADY i am sure she has a little sister in australia cause ive seens her. reina such beauty, what a smile, small firm boobs with rock hard nipples. and her pussy, well i did enjoy seeing the deep rich chocolate like color of this beauties pussy, all very tasty and wanton. a lot of ppl say that the ladies should be shaved, not me i enjoy smooth and natural.

Laurie Reino Unido

Candy Floss My tongue lavished in thick brush-strokes her fragrant hot vulva, chewed on her sticky sweet hair. My finger sought her warm anus and I thrilled to her tightening spasm as she whimpered in ecstasy, arched her back and spread her burning flower, her exquisite pearl hot and salty between my lips...

Reina Yuuki corredora rosa | June 23rd, 2011
Reina Yuuki corredora rosa
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

she sure gets my motor running!! (more so WITHOUT the pink!)

alex Reino Unido

reina very sexy

B Estados Unidos de América

one hot lady

Snowpig Estados Unidos de América

Reina has a very dark spot on her labia that should be looked at by a dermatologist, if it hasn't already been checked out. I'm not a doctor, but I have had two melinomas.

lawdog Estados Unidos de América

Reina I would love to see Reina do a massage session with Mike !

Pete Reino Unido

Nice body Reina has a great body, lovely cute tits but somehow seems a little awkward in her shots, I think you need to build her confidence Petter, but she has great potential.

delta Japón

RE:フォトナンバー27 チャーミングでセクシー!!

Laurie Reino Unido

The Mystique of the Orient I love the tight focus of these crisp images, they fill the canvas with a breathtaking eroticism. I believe Hegre must have been inspired by the extraordinary exotic beauty of Reina to produce these brilliant galleries, and I am too, seduced by this stunningly delicious creature...

Reina Yuuki chica veloz | May 11th, 2011
Reina Yuuki chica veloz
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

never was much of a race fan...until now!

Newtown81 Reino Unido

Bum She's got a lovely bum, but generally the Japanese girls don't do it for me.

tdonna4 Estados Unidos de América

I have to agree with "Bum". I think there are too many Asians showing up lately over the last few months; lovely but not my cup o' tea.

Laurie Reino Unido

Wickedly Delicious I would love to take her deep up the arse, then let her pretty mouth deliver the coup-de-grace...

Laurie Reino Unido

The last 17 Images are so fucking ravishing, I just can't help myself. What is it, they are not explicite but they have such a torrid effect on my libido. I just want to bury my face between her fragrant cheeks and savour her exquisite anus with my tongue. Reina is simply irresistible...

Reina Yuuki chica de garage | April 9th, 2011
Reina Yuuki chica de garage
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I wonder if she can fix wheelchairs! (mine suddenly needs a tune-up!)

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Very cute young Japanese girl! Great butt series starting with photo 41 and the series really takes off with 54 with Reina "opening up" to show all. Shots 57 and 62-63 are especially rewarding. There is something extra special when Japanese girls show their assholes, clean and tight, and so erotic and submissive. Thank you Reina and thank you Hegre!

Chaz Estados Unidos de América

Not sure what turns me on more...the girl or the car.

Nav Estados Unidos de América

I'd probably f**k the girl first.

Pete Reino Unido

Boots Love the boots, Reina is really hot in this set, could be another up and coming star for hegre.

Duffman Estados Unidos de América

The sexiest thing i have seen on this site. Great body, Beautiful curves. The girl is nice too.

Laurie Reino Unido

Exotic Desire What impresses me about this gallery and others of Japanese girls I have so far seen is the astonishing imagery. I am almost tempted to question the origin because of the difference in style and presentation which is breathtakingly intimate and features the derriere more than Hegre usually does. I love the freshness of detail and sharp definition, all the right notes in this stylish rhythm of stunning images. The erotic intensity is achingly arousing and Reina is utterly delicious...

Reina Yuuki minimoto | March 24th, 2011
Reina Yuuki minimoto
shad Estados Unidos de América

where are the closeups

BRUNO Estados Unidos de América

Petter! This site just keeps getting better and better and better. Keep kicking-A, Petter!

Laurie Reino Unido

Eastern Promise She is so fucking delicious, I would love to spray her exquisite nipples and slowly lick them until achingly stiff...

Reina Yuuki bólidos japoneses | February 25th, 2011
Reina Yuuki bólidos japoneses
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I'd buy one! (and, I can't even drive!)

alterwolf Alemania

reina and cars no thank you.

tdonna4 Estados Unidos de América

Way too many clothed pictures.

kevin Viet Nam

you must be joking! This is terrible photography of a terrible model.

DanDen Canada

Nice set Love the colors. Much more cute when she smile!!!

Pete Reino Unido

Reina Some very curious expressions but love the boots, she has great legs, cute tits and a nice smile so looking forward to much more from Reina.

Estados Unidos de América

I really like this set. Really cute girl, and I like the tight outfit, and I like the pics where she looks like she wants to kick some butt.