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Valerie Profile

Name: Valerie
Country: Mauritius
Weight: 45kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

Black Avatar

Tall, with silky chocolate skin and very smart, this girl has it all. And now she shows it to us...

This was Valerie’s first time posing nude, and we can thank her boyfriend for encouraging her. In school they call her the gazelle, and with those long legs it’s not hard to see why. Beautiful features and big, wild hair make her look like an untamed animal!

Originally from Mauritius, she now lives in Germany, where her dark beauty has to inspire second glances on the street. She speaks English, French and German fluently. Strict about her diet and work-out regime, she runs like the wind– helpful for a spirited gazelle like her!

Strikingly attractive in so many ways, this woman of colour now shares herself with you, only here on Hegre-Art.

Click here to meet her in person!

Valerie black soul November 10th, 2014
RE: pog
well said
Valerie is an incredibly beautiful woman. One of the sexiest women on this site. This is an incredibly redundant set of pictures that must have taken all of two minutes to shoot. Okay Valerie, lay there. Spread your legs. Rub your crotch. Roll on your side. We're done. Please !
RE: Valerie Black Soul set
Strikingly beautiful. And the dark leather sofa is a perfect canvas on which to display the lovely piece of art known as Valerie.
Valerie Black Soul set
What a fantastic set. Beautiful, erotic, enticing. Brilliant!
RE: set
I adore Valerie and this set is magnificent!
Girlfriends Massage October 28th, 2014
RE: RE: They say you know it when you see it
What I don't get is that you whine a lot in these picture sets and videos and try to white knight these models and hoping that you will something in return from them for your selfish need. And you want people to agree with you so you can create a gang start a war against this site on your hating. man you are toxic, ruining the moments for everyone.
RE: They say you know it when you see it
if you read other comments on here, you'll find alot of these guys care about the cum shot! (myself NOT included!) I don't get it either! sites like that are a dime a dozen!
nipple erection
Nice to see the girl giving the massage is getting off on it too, it displays the love involved in giving this kind of pleasure to another person and it is something so missing in our society today with everyone being so up tight, it is so nice to let go of all the tension and just relax and renew our senses.
They say you know it when you see it
What separates art from pornography, the loving touch that is so missing in our lives today! Your films are done with love and taste the porno films are all about the cum shot and who really cares about that? We so need love in our world today this really touches our hearts with the tenderness shown between the people you are portraying. It lets me know the whole world has not gone crazy when you see this kind of love great job THANK YOU!
It is what is so lacking in most porno films if you pay careful attention you may notice the nipple erection or the spreading of the vaginal lips the photographic detail says it all the girl giving the massage was getting off more than the girl being massaged you saw it in her nipple erection. Great filming!
These are the same scenes as form a photo series from a few years ago. Recycling material thus. No problem, however, the video quality has been improved over the years.
RE: Finally...
Lynne has a PERFECT BODY, FLAWLESS SKIN and a BEAUTIFUL FACE. I am in love !!!! What I wouldn't give to give her a massage like that, only longer and to give her a happy ending. AWESOME !!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL.
...a new massage film! Thanks! Why did it take so long?
Girlfriends Massage
A gentle, slow, sensuous massage between intimate friends. As such, enjoyable to watch.
Finalement un nouveau film de massage
I’m very happy. At last a new massage film, thank you Petter. It’s a pity that Valerie is no professional masseuse, because I prefer Lynne gets one or more sexual eruptions. The combination black skin with the white skin is nice.
No interaction
Absolutely gorgeous girls but unfortunately not a great video (IMHO). Lynne look as if she is passed out on the bed. What makes the massage videos interesting is the passion and interplay between the two parties. In this case Lynne doesn't look physically aroused or even vaguely interested in Valerie (at odds with the back story). Compared to the ultimate penis massage of the last couple of weeks this unfortunately does not come close. Key to a successful video (IMHO): Gorgeous people At least one sexually aroused and preferably both A sense of interplay (or sexual attraction) between the two parties Preferably some form of orgasm
long time no see...
New massage videos in months!
Valerie bazooka booty October 25th, 2014
Lethal Lady
Valerie's stunning "assault" on my senses leaves me totally shell-shocked!
definitely a booty (among other things) to die for!
Valerie unique
Vous êtes la plus belle.
Valerie unique
Valerie, vous êtes la plus belle. The most beautiful.
Awesomeness in Perspective
I only desire for Valerie and Simone to do a shoot together. NOT as a battle of the beautiful black booties, butt more of a symphony to the color of black; moreover a tribute to the beauty of their butt romp in a wet hot tub, jacuzzi, or even an oily bed!
Awesome glad to see new pics. Valerie is the best!!! keep them coming.
VALERIE - DEUSA e muito mais
Goddess. Sereia. Shapeshifter extraordinaire. Woman of mystery, light, and shadow. All hail to thee, VALERIE, in your majestic nakedness.
valerie bazooka body
valerie you are truely Valerie i hope your boyfriend knows how lucky he is.You really are something special.
Valerie white dress September 24th, 2014
RE: Valerie Art Book
would be a best seller, for sure!
Valerie Art Book
I (and many others, I'm sure) would love to see a large format art book dedicated to photographs of the sublime Valerie. What do you think? I'll place my pre-order now!
Vivid Valerie
"Black & White" photos were never more vibrant. Exhilarating!
Valerie is retired
Hegre, please show us everything you have on Valerie. I know that she is retired and that all of these galleries are old. Stop making us wait a year for them. Just show them to us now.
Always a pleasure to see more of Valerie. It's been too long. That's the only problem with a site like this one (or any other featuring nude models) -- you get to where you really love a particular model, and look forward to her sets, and then one day the model moves on and they stop coming. I don't know whether Valerie is still shooting with Hegre, or whether this is just an older set that's finally seeing the light of day. I hope it's the former, but I'll take what I can get either way.
What a delight to behold VALERIE as always --- freed from the tirania da roupa. (Photo # 79)
Candice Caprice Valerie Threesome August 26th, 2014
O...M...G!!! nuff sed!
Extremely intimate and erotic. Caprice and Candace are very beautiful, but the only thing that could make it more erotic is Valeria with Alya doing the same thing.
Candice etc
Tenderness is beautiful
Beautiful young women playing together are always a marvellous sight to behold, especially when they explicitly act out their romantic fantasies. This can easily provoke hard reactions from those lucky enough to watch them. The excellent photography adds to the viewers' enjoyment of the erotically ludic scenes.
Beautiful threesome
I love a threesome with three very beautiful girls. And wowww it’s really perfect one black girl and two white girls. But it’s a pitty the film in bed is muchhhhhh too short. I want to see more! Hopefully the next time a very long threesome? And maybe with one beautiful Asian girl (Yoko)?
love the contrast between the skin colours!!! magic movie!!