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Valerie Profile

Name: Valerie
Country: Mauritius
Weight: 45kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

Black Avatar

Tall, with silky chocolate skin and very smart, this girl has it all. And now she shows it to us...

This was Valerie’s first time posing nude, and we can thank her boyfriend for encouraging her. In school they call her the gazelle, and with those long legs it’s not hard to see why. Beautiful features and big, wild hair make her look like an untamed animal!

Originally from Mauritius, she now lives in Germany, where her dark beauty has to inspire second glances on the street. She speaks English, French and German fluently. Strict about her diet and work-out regime, she runs like the wind– helpful for a spirited gazelle like her!

Strikingly attractive in so many ways, this woman of colour now shares herself with you, only here on Hegre-Art.

Click here to meet her in person!

Valerie ass and afro February 11th, 2015
I Love Her Va-a-a-a-lerie
La plus belle. By herself she makes the subscription worthwhile
Valerie is in her own PHENOMENAL ZONE! There is simply NONE to compete!
Valerie, in total
Valerie has always been, and will always be, my #1 Favorite Hegre model of all time. She delivers so naturally and totally in every shoot and vid, never ever to disappoint. She is not only very beautiful and radiant, inside & out, but extremely sexy and erotic to the max!! I am so happy to see her being featured more frequently again, which I hope never ends. I appreciate the great job Hegre does in capturing her in all her many ways. She will definitely keep my membership continuing here....
ass and afro
yes... that's what it is! lol
Great set as usual
Anytime Valerie is posted I get my moneys worth, I think pic 14 is the best one Ive seen of Valerie ever. Great job, please put up some more of her soon.
Valerie lots of lust January 24th, 2015
not really - she keeps her hand to cover it
Valerie's enduring lust... and natural beauty
Over the years, I have been a loyal, and very satisfied follower of Hegre-art (under various nicks) and have had the opportunity to view and observe your never ending array of quality models. You have set the bar extremely high in beauty, glamour, art, sexuality, sensuality, and sizzling erotica to the max. I think Valerie possesses all these qualities and much more. I will never tire of her exciting poses, dynamic style, and versatility. She is hot is so many ways. This is another fine example of capturing her as she is meant to be. Please continue to feature her forever....
Still one of the best
I think that Valerie (next to Luba) is still one of the best Models you have, please show her more often.
lots of lust
yes...that's what I have for Valerie!
Valerie is still the sexist lady and all her curves are a mystery to explore and boy she does now how to tease
These Photo's are Great But,We Need Some New Video's of Valérie Too
Valerie lost ....
Valérie, seuls votre visage, votre sourire, votre regard, vos yeux, me passionnent. Quoique ... (en référence à Raymond Devos). Et c'et Georges Brassens qui a écrit : Tout est bon chez elle, rien n'est à jeter. Comme chez vous. Soyez heureuse, et merciiiiiiiii !
Bottom Line Up Front (pun intended) She'll Git'R-Done Every time!
Val fan
She's as beautiful as the Mona Lisa.
Valerie at her best !
Valerie is so pretty that she doesn't need a lot of makeup. Nevertheless, with this haircut and makeup, she is at her best. What a beautiful woman ! Definitely one of the most gifted models ! As usual, congratulations to both the model and the photographer !
Valerie is very beautiful.... but could we be seeing too much of a good thing?
Sleek, dreamy, and deliciously au naturel, VALERIE leaves tongues wagging wherever she goes.
Valerie grace of a Gazelle January 7th, 2015
The reason I have an account is due to Valerie. And Dominka and Emily and Milena and Alya and Yanna and Nikola and Noody and Mirabell and Ksenia and Kasia and now Patti too. What beauty! Your shots are tastefully erotic. Thanks
Valerie ...... more, more, more
Thanks for getting us another set of the incredible Valerie, I love it. Please give us more.
Valerie ... gazelle
I do love black ... eyes !! Bravo au photographe. Formidable. Congratulations to both Valerie and the photographer.
Bold Pioneering Spirit
Marvelous is what she is, and bold is who she projects. Pioneering is that she has no boundaries and isn't afraid nor ashamed of the beautiful body that she examples. Very unfortunate that the other women of color lack her zealous character! This is her trademark and definition! The Eagles fly and the Tigress prowl alone, and though they both be apex predators - it can be lonely at the front: seeking new boundaries or uncovering new frontiers. But this is what they live to do, and few there be who dare to follow! You Go Woman!
Valerie, are you reading this?
Come back, please! You cannot have this kind of beauty just for your own. Or just for your man. God gave you this body to share the beauty with us. Don't you think so?
can never get enough!
Thanks Valerie
Thanks for this stunning set of pictures and for sharing again your beauty with us. We love you. Congratulations to both the model and the photographer.
Powerful and lithe as the lioness she is, VALERIE in womanly form exudes grace, beauty, and charm as she struts, au naturel, across the quiet room.
valerie grace of a gazelle
Valerie is breathtaking, i am going for a cold shower
Valerie Samba December 29th, 2014
Keep Valerie!
She is so beautiful. Thank you for continuing to feature Valerie. I must admit this set is a bet tame and disappointing but so good to see the beautiful one back!
Ebony Beauty Always!
Valerie you will always be beauty by definition, but I feel that the photographer just lacks the vision to properly expose the foliage you have and are so willing to share! Such a massive waist of time and effort is all but futile. I only hope you will eventually meet someone that respects your true beautiful assets. next year.
Valerie Samba
Great set! Hopefully it's a part 1 of many. Valerie is one of my all time favourite Hegre girls.
Valerie samba
D'accord, vos seins sont exceptionnels. Comme le reste d'ailleurs.
Valerie Samba
Boo! Beautiful girl, but all covered up down below. Get the girls naked, for Heaven's sake!
are always special. Hers drive me insane!
do we get to see her dance next? :P lovely to see her anyway!
Valerie black soul November 10th, 2014
RE: pog
well said
Valerie is an incredibly beautiful woman. One of the sexiest women on this site. This is an incredibly redundant set of pictures that must have taken all of two minutes to shoot. Okay Valerie, lay there. Spread your legs. Rub your crotch. Roll on your side. We're done. Please !
RE: Valerie Black Soul set
Strikingly beautiful. And the dark leather sofa is a perfect canvas on which to display the lovely piece of art known as Valerie.
Valerie Black Soul set
What a fantastic set. Beautiful, erotic, enticing. Brilliant!
RE: set
I adore Valerie and this set is magnificent!