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Foto von En


Foto von En
Name: En
Land: Russland
Gewicht: 53Kg
Größe: 167cm
Alter: 25
Beruf: Künstlerin

En. Russisch und Frei.

Es gibt viele Wege, auf denen unsere Models zu uns kommen, aber keinen, der so ungewöhnlich ist, wie der, auf dem En zu uns kam. Sie war in Deutschland um zu heiraten, bekam kalte Füße und fuhr stattdessen einfach nach Barcelona, um sich für uns auszuziehen.

Vielleicht passierte es, weil sie das Gefühl hat, dass “die Kamera sie liebt”. Das Gefühl beruht auf Gegenseitigkeit. Sie liebt das Posieren und wir lieben sie.

En kommt aus Moskau. Sie steht auf traditionellen Tanz und das Ballet und hat zugleich eine Vorliebe für American Apparel Kleidung. Damit ist sie ein typisches Kind des neuen Russlands. Die kreative En malt beindruckende Bilder, die genauso erotisch und bunt herüberkommen wie sie.

Sie entspringen ihrer leidenschaftlichen Art. Das mädchenhafte Rosa, das ihre Lieblingsfarbe ist, vermag die rote Hitze ihrer sexuellen Intensität kaum zu verbergen. “Meine Vagina ist ein Instrument der Lust” erklärt sie, und ihre Fetische und Genüsse seien dazu da, um mit uns allen geteilt zu werden.

En Galerien

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En goldenes Mädchen | July 31st, 2012
En goldenes Mädchen

golden? I would saay platinum!!

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Always beutiful

Nav Vereinigte Staaten

Amazingly hot fit.

Tom Deutschland

More of En! En is so hot. Not so boring like some of the new models. Let us see more new pics of her, please.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Stunningly Sensuous En has that very indefinable sex appeal that many girls on this site don't possess. They may be beautiful but they fail to provoke passion, whereas En always arouses my senses. Another example of Hegre at his best, a blank canvas, a breathtakingly sexy girl and artfully nuanced posing. And I mean "artfully" in the true sense, in other words, mischievously or cunning, not artistically. I long for her seductive mouth, lips like crushed raspberries, her exquisite nipples and her achingly desirable pudendum. Utterly ravishing...

En erotische Massage im Hotel | July 12th, 2012
En erotische Massage im Hotel
Racek49 Schweiz

EN Erotic Hotel Massage En is very beautiful (as usual, but WITHOUT an AK47 or other gun !!). I hope that there will be soon a film about this massage !!

finderweb Italien

Beautiful Nice babe, I like .. and I love her butterfly. Sexy shooting

big Vereinigte Staaten

very nice!

VJ Vereinigte Staaten

A Tease Can't wait for the video .... still, would have enjoyed seeing more than just cleavage from the masseuse

Rick Vereinigte Staaten

Mmmmmmmmmmm Cant wait for the video.....

Jacky Deutschland

RE: Mmmmmmmmmmm There is already a video: check the massages, no. 35

Flesharrower Australien

You gents need to look harder... ...this series is from an already existing massage film: La Petite Mort Massage in the massage section...thank me later...

The Doctor Australien

RE: Mmmmmmmmmmm It already is, been available for a while now, it's called 'Petit Mort Massage'

Charles Vereinigte Staaten

En There's already a video

En Kamerafetisch | May 17th, 2012
En Kamerafetisch
Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Photo number 68 I love En, she is very sensuous and gorgeously voluptuous, her mouth so appealing. But the imagery, whilst engaging and pleasant on the eye, leaves one disappointed. She is pleasuring herself in so many images but the camera angles deny the voyeur her moments of sexual arousal. 68 is the exception! You have to turn back the clock a year to Valerie and her delicious orgasm... Need I say more!

Justbill Vereinigte Staaten

Very Pedestrian

Makings Vereinigtes Königreich

I just love her she is absolutely beautiful and the most flexible young lady .more of her Please

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

En Absolutely pure and beautiful. En completely nude from head to toe in every shot. A pure nude study in which to appreciate En's beauty. Gorgeous!

En schießwütig | April 28th, 2012
En schießwütig
Tom Deutschland

A GUN???? En is quite a nice looking girl, but wtf is she doing with the gun, and why did anyone took pictures of it? Sorry, but this is the opposite of sexy or erotic pictures! The gun makes this the worst gallery here on Isn't there already enough pain in the world? Is it really necessary to play down war and crime? Sorry to say, but shame on you Hegre!

paddy Australien

en What on earth is erotic about a piece of equipment designed to kill people? En is a beautiful girl and she is defiled by posing with this instrument of death. What can we expect next? A hand grenade protruding from the vagina? A noose that has actually been used in an execution wrapped around a model? Peter, your work is fantastic but you degrade yourself with this.

K._Strider Vereinigte Staaten

mmm. Huns with guns. Nice spokes Model for the NRA.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

EN ILL USED It would have been much better to have shown EN FULLY NUDE AND OILED DOWN with a javelin in her hands to emphasize that the London 2012 Summer Olympics is less than 100 days away. (Why again use the theme of "assault weapon as phallic proxy"?)

Shaun Kanada

Don't get it I know some people enjoy the whole "girls and guns" thing. I don't get it. But then, En could pose with a sack of flour, and she'd still be amazing.

Jonathan Schweiz

not sexy A woman in army boots and a gun is simply not sexy - my personal opinion

willmore-2 Kanada

nice model but not a gun fan. I don't think I like this set at all. Guns are not sexy at all. She is! loose the gun

midnite Schweden

nahhh. why use this stupid weapon for this nice model--- I prefer flowers or other positive things as rekvisita to show the beaty of your models... please !

32hour Vereinigte Staaten

This is unpleasant Surely there is some better way to pose and present this lovely girl than with a gun.

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

The gun Lose it.

Twobe1 Vereinigte Staaten

Puss 'n Boots Women+guns, just add alcohol for the perfect trifecta of trouble.

Samuel2000 Schweiz

Disgusting Disgusting....

tdonna5 Vereinigte Staaten

Lose the gun!!! It has no place on this site!!!

Farnorth Australien

Fuck the gun Waste of space

Steve Vereinigte Staaten

I'm not anti-gun... but I agree that this is disgusting.

Kevin from Hertfordshire Vereinigtes Königreich

Hi Petter. This is SO SO wrong. Considering all the 'props' that you presuably have available to you, you choose to use a gun. In this day and age it isn't right. No one want's to see such a gun where it isn't necessary (such as an airport) because they are (quite reitely) scary NOT sexy.

focuspuller Vereinigte Staaten

Mistake She should be sucking on a cock, not a gun barrel.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

well, here's a first! looks like it's more or less unanimous!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Offensive I am so pleased to read these comments against the weapon, I had not anticipated such a response. Even though you lost the plot Hegre, you demonstrated honesty in posting these comments...

Paradygma Spanien

Easy guys. There have been lots of attempts to create art (even erotic) out of weapons, and more will come. It's not my cup of tea (I prefer swords) also but, somehow En with that naughty russian background seemed to be the right girl for this 'experiment'. Maybe next time Marvel's Black Widow cosplay would work better...

Marcusa Niederlande

Peace! I don't like being shot at, not even if En is the gun"man"

Newtown81 Vereinigtes Königreich

Guns Horrible. Not remotely arousing OR funny. Please don't use guns again.

SageArcherII Vereinigte Staaten

AMEN...ENthusiasm, To that, expressed by Wheeler! "May there be PEACE, and LOVE, and PERFECTION,...throughout all CREATION, O' GOD!" No more Guns...Petter?

kristof666 Irland

This is totally wrong! Don't like it at all... :(

abby Vereinigte Staaten

You all restored my faith... I had enjoyed a couple of months with Hegre-Art then discontinued for a bit, but this controversy motivated me to join up again! En is fabulous and so free, but the gun imagery isn't sexy among the regulars here. That's a compliment! I'm glad to be back.

Timo Vereinigte Staaten

This my rifle, this is my gun... One of the first things I was taught in the military was "never point your weapon at someone unless you intend to use it". I don't like being threatened, even if it is supposedly in "fun". I live in the USA where guns are embedded in the culture and I'm sick of seeing them everywhere. Please, Petter... no more killing machines.

mobetaman Vereinigte Staaten

Put down the AK Rifle Hoist UP your ASS, from the front, back, side, face forward, REAR, etc..., count on your beauty - not on your rifle. As a war-torn veteran, that rifle was in the cross-hairs of my enemy. Talk about confusing emotions! I hope you get the picture.

snowblindfriend Vereinigte Staaten

This would be more interesting if it wasn't an Airsoft. The bottom of the magazine and screw in the forend aren't correct for a Krinkov. I certainly don't object to the material like EVERY other comment I see...

randyleo33 Vereinigtes Königreich

Great set - Warm sexy model and the cold steel of the gun go so well together. Remember all you objectors - its not the gun that does damage - its the idiot who pulls the trigger. Grow up you lot!!

En Feuer aus dem Innern | April 12th, 2012
En Feuer aus dem Innern
Dante_Hicks Australien

So Hot Right Now.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten


Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Enfant Terrible En is one of the few caucasian girls who stands comparison with the Oriental girls. She is naturally sensuous, wickedly raunchy and her rapport with the camera is faultless. Exquisite imagery of an exceptionally charismatic creature...

Fract Niederlande

En-mergency! Into the fire indeed! At the border between light and shadow she dwells. Gosh, this is one seriously interesting girl and a super-set! Can I have her phone-number? ;))

1dalphamand Vereinigte Staaten

Fire Within? To bad that the fire within didn't transfer the fire without. Beautiful woman - huge potential - lost opportunity. If only she'd shown more of her passionate privates, I wouldn't feel as if there was such a waste of effort.

Mazungu Vereinigtes Königreich

En She is one fire that does not go out as she discovers the fire within her more and more

En so spitz | March 24th, 2012
En so spitz
finderweb Italien

More view! I like EN, and I love her pussy. I hope for look more pictures. Ciao

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

En so horny likewise!!!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

En gorged En's sex appeal haunts this delicious romp. Utterly wicked...

Fract Niederlande

ENcore! God, this girl is so hot. If she were any more free than this, she'd be in orbit. I feel she gives off a distinct French vibe, she'd love it there. This is one of many sets where I totally adore the direction of the site: a back-log of sets that were, perhaps, deemed a little too explicit or even too personal before, now becomes available for us to enjoy. Love it!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

The Art of Erotica These stunning images are far more sexually suggestive than the usual in your face stuff. Subtle and deliciously nuanced, the sensuousness of this beautiful girl is so gorgeously arousing. Simply exquisite...

damazta-2 Deutschland

petter - you DOG! ;-) why must you dribble out sets of this fascinating woman in such small portions? you are torturing me. PLEASE keep more of her coming, and bring her back for more! like the sensational yana, EN alone would be a reason for me the renew my subscription!

En außer Kontrolle | March 6th, 2012
En außer Kontrolle
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lovely! more like this, please! nice veriety in poses, from a lovely lady, on a simple non-distracting while background

blackflash63 Australien

En out of the box En, you are an amazingly stunning young lady. your sweet yet shy smile down to your delightful toes. totally stunned by your charm. however, this shoot is nice abit more action or another model would have been nice to highlight all your charms and style

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Out of control? From the women who mounted a hood ornament, this seems mild.

denis Frankreich

bravo tout simplement merveilleux, le modèle est magnifique, très centrée, très présent, il ne recherche pas à faire de l'effet, c'est très rare et très beau, bravo EN et bravo monsieur Hegre pour cette très belle séquence,

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

The Pout I would love to feel the passion in her luscious lips, delight in the delicious tease as they flutter softly against my burning desire...

Fract Niederlande

Very personal Beautiful, natural set. En exudes a combination of vulnerability and determination that is so attractive. And her display of sexual energy is, well.. quite arousing. Is it my imagination or did she turn a little bit 'distant' in the last phase of the shoot? Whatever, it's a great set!

En Homie | December 26th, 2011
En Homie
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

would love to be En's homie!lol

PinkPanther21 Vereinigte Staaten

I love En - great to see another set of her - something so sexy to me about her

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Love En and this set is great. I do miss seeing her beautiful pussy tho

Hans Dampf Deutschland


Philippe Belgien

En I miss this girl: she has a sensuality others don't have and she misses the vulgarity others do have

En heiß in einem Hot Rod Teil 2 | November 17th, 2011
En heiß in einem Hot Rod Teil 2
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

sweet torture abounds!!!

finderweb Italien

EN Sexy and nice! She's Dominika II ....

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

Belle huitre a manger.

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

Sparkles Which sparkles more, the finger nails or the peach?

Alex Wilhelm Vereinigte Staaten

In a word: yes, oui, ja, hai, and et cetera

Michelle Vereinigte Staaten

A plump Vulva is a wonderful thing.....

En Körpernetz | October 14th, 2011
En Körpernetz
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

always nice to see lovely En

Thytte Dänemark

She is so fantastic because she does not have a model body size XXS, but at nice rounded body with fantastic attributes. Womens fat is the stuff mens dreams is made of!!

Sean Vereinigte Staaten

I really like En. She is very sexy and real. I like the way she moves and poses, and I especially like seeing her in all those tight little outfits.

nate Vereinigte Staaten

"Body web" Where can you purchase a "body web"??

En Style | September 22nd, 2011
En Style
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

En looks all dressed up for the cold!lol super sexy!!!

BleuKat9 Vereinigte Staaten

En Portraiture...SUBLIME!

B Vereinigte Staaten

Really hot girl

jp Vereinigte Staaten

happy 3000th gallery! Congratulations to Hegre-art for their 3000th gallery. En is so sexy with her tight, juicy pussy.

Simon Schweiz

Wow. Some very interesting pictures (like 73).

Schwei_s5qmv Deutschland

En Nice Collection.--More.

micbrutus Bahamas

en style do a film

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Exquisite Minge En is probably the most sensuous white girl on this site. After a slow surge my cock assumed a most joyful nodding pose, throbbingly hot and teasingly on hold...

En verrücktes russisches Mädchen | August 6th, 2011
En verrücktes russisches Mädchen
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

En seems to be one of your more playful models...always nice to see a good mood!

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

EN JOLIE EN epitomises vivaciousness.

damazta Deutschland

finally, one more set of en... petter, please post more!? :-)

PinkPanther21 Vereinigte Staaten

En is back! More En, please - I adore her!

En heiß in einem Hot Rod Teil 1 | September 3rd, 2011
En heiß in einem Hot Rod Teil 1
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

super uuummm...who's watchin the road???

bbfont3 Brasilien

Top. So many memories

Adam Vereinigte Staaten

Slide inside like it's painted with Armor All Two seats, two beats And a shifted gear to roll En inside with nothing to hide And a gifted dream to hold

Raziel Vereinigte Staaten

Awesome photo shoot. Great lighting and En is her usual very sexy self. I love the contrast and the pink top with purple bikini bottom. This is art.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

This should have been a video.

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Rich Decadent Tones How I so desire the luscious plumpness of her sensuous lips, whispering intimately about my achingly hot vigour. To slowly tease, urge my passion and indulge my sweet essence, and to share the ecstasy. Stunningly sexy and so utterly fuckable...

Hegre Workshop Momente | May 21st, 2011
Hegre Workshop Momente
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

awesome!!! This wannabe Photog would pay extra just for a video of this!!!

c.m. Österreich

Awesome! I hope I can join one of the next Workshops!

sad144 Vereinigte Staaten

Thank You As a photographer myself, this is a godsend. Thank you for showing us a glimpse of the process.

intoit Vereinigte Staaten

Absolutely facinating Thanks for the glimpse "back stage". Some terrific stuff. You guys have the World's Best Job for sure. Would love to see more of these and especially like to see a film of a shoot or compilation of shoots. Keep up the great work.

Jeff Vereinigte Staaten

Class That looked like a real cool classroom experience. That would be fun to be a part of.

Snowpig Vereinigte Staaten

I knew I was in the wrong business. I should have continued in photography. Do you have any job openings?

James Michaels Vereinigte Staaten

The Shoots What is obvious here is that with all these people involved in the shoot, my standing out of the way during the next Silvie shoot would never even be noticed. Do you need my phone number?

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

You guys aren't hiring are you?

Carne Asana Vereinigte Staaten

Although I know nothing technical about photography, I'm fascinated by glimpses of not only how consummate professionals work, but how they teach. This is a real treat. Congratulations on these ongoing workshops.

tintin2200 Australien

WoWWW! Petter! this is simply awesome!! it is inspiring to see beautiful erotic photography with so much class. i hope you guys would come to sydney one day soon, it would be my pleasure to attend such a workshop. i look forward to your beautiful updates...cheers.

Jan Erik Norwegen

Lucky guys! :)

Kevin from Hertfordshire England Vereinigtes Königreich

I too know absolutely nothing about photography. This set was really great. We got to see how informally these girls are getting naked in front of these blokes with cameras. Petter, your site seems to suggest that every photo on your site was taken by you that is why it is so sucessful and world winning. This set has lots of men with cameras. Simple question Petter: Is every photo and video put on your site taken by you??

Petter Hegre Spanien

Hi Kevin! I can assure you that every single image on the site are taken by me personally :)

Joan Spanien

uooooo Jajajaja.... now I see me on this post... it´s great!!!! very very very and very funny.. a most impressive experience, good people, good master, good. Joan

rog.skar Norwegen

Good team work

Alf Australien

great studio it is my dream to have a studio again one day, i think i woud even do one of the work shops, just the break i would like to have.... great work.

S99 Vereinigtes Königreich

There is a very abridged version of the video of the workshop photoshoots in the workshop section. Could we please have a long version of the behind the scenes video of the workshop photoshoot's. Indeed could we have more behind the scenes videos and photographs of the Hegre photoshoots.

En Hegre Workshop-Session | June 5th, 2011
En Hegre Workshop-Session
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lovely new addition, indeed!

Femjoy Fan Vereinigte Staaten

En: Wonderful! I love En! She is a great addition to Hegre! What a fabulous, curvy and natural body! I would love to have been a part of that workshop session and had the opportunity and privilege to photograph her nude.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

En is toooo lovely Why has no one commented more on En for this set? She is so lovely, and so sexy. This may be a simple studio set, but En's charm and sexiness comes through in every frame. I just love her. Thanks Pete

paul Vereinigte Staaten

En En is great. Lovely body and face. Would have loved more shots of her amazing, perfectly plump ass.

pascal Belgien

girls and boy shooting... Hi Peter, great like usualy may i have a request?Can you sometime have a shooting session with a nude model and a elegant clothed guy? Its is not common on nude photography and i find this very erotic and interresting. Also please more travels report and behind the scenes (with of course clothed people around your nude girls. Pascal from Belgium

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

En-ticing Images A very understated beauty but she oozes sex appeal. Her face is her fortune, especially her wickedly sensuous mouth...

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

54 - 49 = 5 En has a gorgeous derriere but only the last 5 priceless images feature her extraordinary asset...

En Silvie Stasha Workshop Session | May 15th, 2011
En Silvie Stasha Workshop Session
Marck Slowenien

Where is Stasha?

Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Nice Idea Nice idea but should have been Valerie, Yoko and Lulu for me.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lovely! Ms Stasha has a new hair do!

the moose Vereinigte Staaten

thank Silvie for shaving

Nick Vereinigtes Königreich

Stasha I can see why "Marck" is asking about Stasha, see looks so different with lighter hair and no tan. I think see may have lost a bit of weight as well.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

THE 3 MUSES REUNITED A lovely photo series. I hope from time to time that Hegre will continue, from time to time, with this theme. Suggestions for a future 3SOME: MURIEL, VALERIE, and KONATA --- with oiled-down bodies. (In answer to your questin, Marck, Stasha is in today's photo series, but as a Blonde.)

Memphis Vereinigte Staaten

Stasha This Stasha sure looks different, has she changed that much? She was much more sexy before.

James Michaels Vereinigte Staaten

Silvie & Stasha I am so stuck on Silvie that I almost don't care about her bush. But I have to admit that I think I do prefer the landing strip now that I get to see her with it. And I agree with those who were a little shocked to see Stasha as a blond and pale. She seems to have lost some appeal.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

En Silvie Stasha: Workshop Session Bravo! Tremendous! Each lovely lady could not look any more beautiful! Boy, do I wish I would have had the pleasure of being at this workshop and having the privilege of photographing these three wonderful ladies! I love photo sets such as these where you can truly capture the beauty of three wonderful women. More, more!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Stasha must agree (always loved brunettes)

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE the moose I also agree...I like the little "tuft" style!

Dan Vereinigte Staaten

Stasha This is not Stasha. Somebody has made a mistake.

En Massage-Höhepunkt | May 12th, 2011
En Massage-Höhepunkt
Pete Vereinigtes Königreich

Film Some nice pussy shots but probably works better as a film

finderweb Italien

EN Nice shooting, very nice EN. I love her open legs!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Film agreed...films work best for massages, baths, showers, and such. but, this is smokin hot!

Dan da man Vereinigte Staaten

En massage climax hope we get to see the massuse face in this video more when it comes out on May 24th.....its very erotic to see them do their magic on the models makin them cum!

rb Vereinigte Staaten

It's nice to see something more of the Masseuse, too.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Delicious cunt lips! Love the wide open legs and so good to see En penetrated.

En gefangen im Netz | April 14th, 2011
En gefangen im Netz
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

Get ready to call the pun police! I am definately caught in En's web!!!

Steve Malawi

En Caught in the web Enraptured

En verrückt auf dem Schlachtross | March 31st, 2011
En verrückt auf dem Schlachtross
Dante-Hicks Australien

Nice Very Nice.

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Very naughty, I like that in a girl. Especially one of En's beauty and sensuality.

Guffree Vereinigte Staaten

Supper Charger Excellent display of beauty grace and creativity !!! (Vintage Hegre) Great job,Thank you.!!!!!

Chaz Vereinigte Staaten

Lucky little skull.

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

Lucky Stiff!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

lucky car!!! I love the see-through! even sexier than the nude, IMHO! (Didn't the girl in your "day in the life of a naturist" video say something about that? it's SOOOO true!!

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Photo number 135 Man, I love this shot! What an ass! En's soles are killing me too. Boy, I wish I was that little skull hood ornament!

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

RE: RE: Photo number 135 Good eyes Mark! My favorite shots have always been the straight-on butt shots with buns, butt-crack and asshole shown fully, and cunt lips peeking in from underneath. What a pair of buns this girl has! What a face!

finderweb Italien

EN Wonderfoul session ... I love EN, she's very nice and sexy. I hope to see her in other session, maybe also in "Massage"!!! Ciao

Laimy Deutschland

WOW! Realy Great Job! I love it. More of them. :-)

CONNOISSEUR Vereinigte Staaten

AUTOMOBILE ADVERTISEMENT Sex has been used to sell things for a few decades now. Automobile sales have been standard subjects. This one starts out looking like a proof sheet of slightly risque photos for one page ads you might see in a magazine. Then the photographer & model get REALLY carried away. Or maybe the client intends to sell ads to a WIDE variety of magazines! I love it!

freerd3 Vereinigte Staaten

Little Head En just further proves what we all know -there's nothing like a little head on the hood of your car!

Guildenstern Vereinigte Staaten

Astroglide Perhaps a bit of Astroglide would have been helpful when Lynne was attempting to push the hood ornament inside her. :)

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

This Gallery Sizzles So far some of the archive stuff is a cut above the recent galleries. An exception being "En so Horny"which was brilliant as is this gallery which has everything. It has a dramatic narrative, variety, intimacy and is stunningly sensuous. This girl is simply exquisite and an absolute professional, her posing is so accomplished and I must find time to review her other galleries. Some of the sets of the Japanese girls from this time are a revelation too, especially when compared to that ghastly show yesterday...

En Spiegelungen | March 21st, 2011
En Spiegelungen
Philippe Belgien

En Très très très beau

B Vereinigte Staaten

Loved it... “My pussy is an instrument of pleasure” she proclaims. Her fetishes and delights are there to be shared. Thank god she chose to share. She deserves to be worshiped. Great set.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

a star... Other women may have better bodies, or better breasts, or whatever, but En exudes so much sexuality that I think she's the Hegre's star of the moment. She appears to be completely in control, completely in control of the camera, as though the camera does what exactly she wants. And those lips! En is amazing. I can't wait to see more of her, and I look forward to her film next week. Thank you En, you're beautiful.

MrFitz Vereinigte Staaten

I Love This Model! The more I see her, the more I adore her. I love, love, love this model! Keep posting her, please

intoit1234 Vereinigte Staaten

En is spectacular Terrific shoot. Absolutely love En. You've captured her sexuality perferctly.

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten


wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

A STAR IS BORN!!! (do those light bulbs taste good, honey?lol)

Q Vereinigte Staaten


En klassischer Akt | March 11th, 2011
En klassischer Akt
Guffree Vereinigte Staaten

classic is best This kind of set is why I joind this sight. The only thing that could make it better, is to take it out doors. Thank you !!!

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

It takes a lot to top Anna S, but this girl is a very close 2nd. Love her lips (both sets).

drmac1000 Vereinigte Staaten

En Classic Nudes Hott!!!

The Guy Vereinigte Staaten

Not En just doesn't do it for me. Other than the Angelina Jolie lips she's pretty plain. If she's 2nd to Anna S there must be a couple planets in between. Voyeur, did you not see Iriska? Or Elvira, or Erica F? All much closer to Anna S' league.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

En: Classic Nudes Outstanding! Another true essence of nude photograpy photo set: the model totally nude. Excellent! Next time put her in a pair of killer pumps.

Chaz Vereinigte Staaten

En is a beautiful model. It would be great seeing her and your other models pose in sexier and more provocative positions. Like someone else already stated, seeing a model just basically stand there and twiddle her thumbs while looking at the ceiling, so to speak, doesn't really do much for me either.

PinkPanther Vereinigte Staaten

En Is Still Entrancing En doesn't need to do much to totally enthrall me. She just needs to be - and that's what's so good about your photographs of her is they just let her be and let her beauty engage the viewer. I'm entoxicated.

En Autonärrin | March 2nd, 2011
En Autonärrin
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

super sexy! looked like she was hiding frm cops in some sort of lover's lane (Back seat, Petter! Back seat!)

Vespuccio Niederlande

Nice Shoot Great work, from the both of you...

artistpg Vereinigte Staaten

En might be even sexier without clothes...

KirtStrider Vereinigte Staaten

Makes me look back to my younger days and all the girls I had in my back seat. En was a nice choice for the shoot and I enjoyed the session along with the trip down memory lane that you two provided. Thanks Petter.

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Hot, hot, hot. Did I mention hot!!!!!

W.W.Winkie Vereinigtes Königreich

En is very nice indeed.

En, Sklavin der Kamera | February 24th, 2011
En, Sklavin der Kamera
wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

Another sexy acrobat! (hope there's a part 2!)

Raduga53 Schweiz

En This gallery shows that En is a very nice young lady, but only without an "avtomat kalashnikov" !

Bojo Vereinigte Staaten

Reluctant Slave Unbelievably beautiful.Not a lot of phony gym muscle either.Her movements as provoked are fetching.

Bojo Vereinigte Staaten

Reluctant Slave Unbelievably beautiful.Not a lot of phony gym muscle either.Her movements as provoked are fetching.

alterwolf Deutschland

En slave . . . quite boring, dont you think so too?

Moose Vereinigte Staaten

eN Boring?!?! WTF? En is beautiful and this is a great set. However it is a big tease and I hope there is more, and I mean more explicit, of En in the near future.

Chaz Vereinigte Staaten

Great the outfit.

BeeDee Vereinigtes Königreich

Another example of the perfect combination of model, photographer,costume,pose. Great work. If only there were more model/photographer combinations like this.

Sponge Vereinigtes Königreich

That is exactly what we want. Please show these poses to your other photographers. Does not get much sexier than this.

En AK47 | February 17th, 2011
En AK47
geRRy Vereinigtes Königreich

A very pretty girl but what a bizarre prop. The theme could have been better using a walking stick with a round phallic handle.

Ulli Deutschland

Theme Yes, or better in the catalog by a vendor of weapons ...

bobc Vereinigtes Königreich

Oh dear. This is very, very wrong. Guns are NOT sexy and should not be encouraged in any form, certainly they are not sex toys. Bad choice of prop and theme, Petter.

Sasquatch Vereinigte Staaten

Gun First, I hope for En's sake that this was a truly non-functional replica of an AK-47. Secondly, I visit this website for aesthetic appreciation. This does not fall under that category as there is nothing, in my view, more aesthetically displeasing than a gun. Lastly, and the most distasteful part of the composition, in the insertion of the muzzle into En's beautiful body. At that point, the model ceases to be the subject. Wrong website Mr Hegre.

Ajetpilot Vereinigte Staaten

Inappropriate I love guns, and I love beautiful women. But, I don't like anyone handling guns in an inappropriate manner. Disturbing!

Cloudy Schweiz

Disgusting Disgusting. I am wrong here

gareth Vereinigte Staaten

EN AK Petter - LOVE the AK layout! Girls + Guns are HOT and yours is the best layout of this kind I've ever seen. Lots of ill-attempts out there, but En's ability to make the AK- sexier than ever before is unmistakable! many thx-

Jim Vereinigte Staaten

en - AK47 I certainly hope she thinks of something different next time. Please keep weapons out of your artwork.

bigdaddy Vereinigte Staaten

Gun LIghten up! Chicks with guns are sexy. Get a life. En is supersexy.

B Vereinigte Staaten

Interesting. Liked it. She came across as rough sexy.

Scofield Vereinigte Staaten

Delicious I don't have a problem with the gun. That said, I didn't pay that much attention to it because her gorgeous, sexy, delicious pussy kept calling my name. I could feast for hours there...

Egrise Vereinigte Staaten

En AK47 Horrible and quite inappropriate juxtaposition of beauty and mayhem. Whatever were you thinking?

mw Vereinigte Staaten

AK It is sexy if En thinks an AK is sexy. They are Russian after all.

Dave Schweiz

Great pictures ! Gratulation ! Guns in combination with a sexy woman are very explosiv, erotic ! Please more erotic shootings wie En !

tdonna4 Vereinigte Staaten

DISGUSTING!!!! - The use of the gun is wrong and not sexy at all! Please never do this again. I love your work but this series is WRONG!

Tuco Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Photo number 91 Plenty of gun, but not enough bum! :) For my liking, anyway.

KOMET Vereinigte Staaten

EN com canhao: Uninteresting Theme DULL AND INSIPID.

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Make luv not war Unexpectedly sexy. Would like to see a series of different guns rubbing against pussies. Just make sure their not loaded because the model is already loaded to Kill.

The Guy Vereinigte Staaten

ART The "girls and guns" thing (which I thought was a particularly American fetish) has been done to death. While this set doesn't really turn me on or off, I think all you moralists out there need to get over yourselves and concentrate on the aesthetics. If you live in a country where you have freedom and human rights, at some point in history it was weapons that made that possible. I'm not a fan of guns and don't own any but I do believe that as long as governments are allowed to have fire arms their citizens should be allowed to as well. Also remember, intolerance and religion have killed many more people than guns have.

James Michaels Vereinigte Staaten

En & Gun This will be my first somewhat negative comment ever on this site. I have been around guns all my life. I am not put off by an AK used as a prop. I agree that properly handled and in the hands of the right female, there can be a sexy element. But, I cannot understand why En was permitted to have the muzzle pointed at her body and worse yet--in her mouth. In her mouth means suicide and the layout went steeply downhill from that point. I hope if this prop is used again, someone with gun knowledge coaches the shoot (no pun intended)

Steve Vereinigte Staaten

I'm not anti-gun but I find these shots offensive

The Guy Vereinigte Staaten

last comments on this set. There isn't a gallery on this site that wouldn't be found offensive by someone. Isn't that kind of the point here? To assume Petter is so reckless as to have a model pose with a real and functional weapon is just further proof that you can't underestimate the intelligence of the American public. Sex and violence? Americans certainly don't go for that sort of thing! LMAO!!!

Raduga53 Schweiz

En AK47 The next gallery with En will be a SS-20 weapon with the nude En as operator. Is Mr Hegre sure that the Russians are so agressiv ?

Kevin Vereinigtes Königreich

Petter I love you and your site. But this photo shoot just starts the stream of messages seen below. Petter, it isn't as even that you need to do these shoots that will provoke controvosy. Petter, you can simply pick one of your numerorous models and take her to a caribean beach and you have your photo-shoot. No controvosy. We all love it. No complaints. When is Yanna coming back??

alterwolf Deutschland

En AK47 well, I find this is simply bad taste!

Pete and Maggie Vereinigte Staaten

One More Kalach Comment It is interesting to read the comments. Almost all the people who knew about weapons found the Gallery a turn off. First, the Kalachnikov is an automatic weapon that is meant to kill people. It is doing its job all over the world as we look at these pictures. Treating it as a sexy prop is an exercise in trivialization. Handling a weapon so carelessly makes those of us who know about them nervous. Trying to be 'aesthetic' with such a serious prop, that is so freighted with violent overtones, is fairly trashy, I have to say. I'm sorry to be so critical. Your work usually celebrates human beauty and lust. But when you approach your work with thoughtlessness, it becomes just as cheesy as most of the stuff out there.

Bruno Vereinigte Staaten

En Nice boots.

Em Irland

Well its a AKS-74U or a Bulgarian Krinkov, not an AK-47. And given what else is going on in the world at the moment, getting all worked up about a pretty girl posing with a gun (designed to stop people shooting at you, not necessarily "kill" them as claimed in an earlier post) seems a little absurd. Guns are widely interpreted as phallic symbols, so what is the problem with exploiting this?

Ivan Vereinigte Staaten

En "AK47" I liked the pictorial, I think girls & guns is a great combination. Girls shooting guns on video is even better, Brilliant! That gun is not an AK47, they have been obsolete for 1/3 of a century and are only used in third world counties these days. The gun in the pictorial is an AKS-74U, a more modern gun, still in production, but in the process of being replaced by the AN-94, the most up-to-date Russian battle rifle. Note that these numbers refer to the year in which they were first adopted.

Greggor1 Vereinigte Staaten

Happiness is a Warm Gun The Beatles song 'Happiness is a Warm Gun' quickly comes to mind. Bang Bang, Shoot Shoot. But just what kind of gun were they taking about?

cpthenner Vereinigte Staaten

Safety First The pictorial is nice and the girl is beautiful, but years of gun safety training made me cringe at seeing her finger on the trigger in so many shots. I know I am missing the point, and perhaps despite my love of firearms, this was not the pictorial for me.

shawnisalk Vereinigte Staaten

Perfection The only thing that could be better would be to see the muzzle in her beautiful pussy.

shawnisalk Vereinigte Staaten

Hot stuff I honor the sentiments of the other commenters, but as former US Marine, I'm able to appreciate the hot fantasy of the gun and separate out the reality of it. I can talk about the reality of it, too, but for me it's not one or the other, but both. Sexy and dangerous.

En paddelt im rosa Kanu | February 10th, 2011
En paddelt im rosa Kanu
Recoil Thailand

Great! Promising debut!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

super sexy!! Can't wait to see more!

diesel Vereinigtes Königreich

Brilliant! Hope theres a video to follow. Need to see more of this where girls really let go and enjoy themselves please!

damasta Deutschland

petter - you have made a wish come true! En is well known to me. seeing her appear on YOURS is going to be FANTASTIC! she has always been one of my favorite models. she is natural and sultry all at once. a non-standard beauty with stunning sex appeal, she is one of my all-time favorites. let me lay on the pressure here: petter, i am expecting high things from you with her! :-) thank you for featuring her. this alone would be a reason for me to renew my membership.

tooterooter Nigerien

About the... right amount of pink canoe and the associated "paddling"!

finderweb Italien

pink canoe Very nice (and very sexy) ... I hope for see other galleries!

JP Vereinigte Staaten

Nipples Lover her beautifully erect nipples.

Jeff Vereinigte Staaten

En She is beautiful, I look forward to seeing more of her

coreysurfer Vereinigte Staaten

Wow! Gosh so pretty and so teasing through that sheer..It made me orgasm, without having to stroke about third set just barely seeing her of the hottest sets here, I love the nude but this is more erotic somehow if that makes sense

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

Wowza. Very nice. Can';t wait to see more of her.

artistpg Vereinigte Staaten

An improvement would be a naked En.

Antoon Belgien

Astonishing girl !! Incredible nice model, with a high sex appeal. I like the pictures a lot. I appreciate sharp pictures of her face also. A first step to a kinky photoset is already given with the blindfold. Would like to see a bondage photoset with rope.

Wookie Vereinigte Staaten

Wow, I love all the finger action!

yar Israel

Wow She is amazing.....

Moose Vereinigte Staaten

En En you are such a beautiful woman. Very good set Peter, LOVE the masturation setup.

The Guy Vereinigte Staaten

Promising... Super sexy lips, the ones on her face, I mean. Stunning smile! Maybe you could have her talk to Anna S, explain that smiling in a shoot is a good thing!

lorerre1 Vereinigte Staaten

me sexy but horrible hands!

gareth Vereinigte Staaten

freakin' HAWWWWT! LOVE the sheer teddy, LOVE the sleep mask, LOVE her paddling the pink canoe!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

You Sexy Cunt Simply stunning and beyond compare, this girl would touch off a wank fest in a rugby club shower room...

BeeDee Vereinigtes Königreich

Please show this set to your other photographers and models. This is how it should be done. Excellent


En, Charger Cabaret | March 29th, 2011
En, Charger Cabaret
CliffR Vereinigte Staaten

A star Hey I got a great idea. Howzabout a remake of The Dukes of Hazzard with En as Daisie? That'd be one hell of a show.

Mikey24 Vereinigte Staaten

Va Va Voom She's really sleek - loved it. Car's pretty hot too.

Spike Vereinigtes Königreich

Better all the time En is really getting into her stride with these. Let's have more.

Carlospau Spanien

The formula Fast cars, fast women. All I need for a great time.

Marcus Vereinigte Staaten

Bring it on If she can do all this with a car I'd really love to see her on a motor bike. How about it?

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

En, oh En All I can say is, this film is way too short. You could have edited this up to 15-20 minutes and we all would have been mesmorized. En is one special little lady, so so sexy. I would have loved to have seen what more she would have done with that hood ornament, and sans music. Wow. More more more of En, please. She is amazing.

rsb Vereinigte Staaten

I love the ending. I wish there was less of her with the clothes on and more of her naked and then especially fcking that skull. Oh my God, when she took that in! More of that, please!

tito Mexiko

gooooooooood great work out $$$$$$$$

Rico Portugal

wan to be that skull ... Fantastic work Petter :) , amazing performance from En... super sexy ... i just want to be that skull badly

panzer969 Vereinigte Staaten

NICE! Wow! En is certainly wonderful. I was enjoying the show when it crossed my mind that you wouldn't have been able to do this shoot with a recent model car, the hood would cave in. She didn't even put a dent in that car! Then I thought, had I been there with her I'm sure we would have caved in the hood of the Charger! Thank you, Petter. This is a really great site you have here.

Voyeur Vereinigte Staaten

I hope to get my breath back shortly - that was amazing.

paradygma11 Spanien

Congrats Well, I don't know what to say. Once again an amazing state of the art creation. EN is so beautiful, and definitely another HG's jewel, eventually one of the best. Hope to see her frequently.

Mark Vereinigte Staaten

En: Charger Cabaret Great film of delightful En. Best part is when she gets totally nude. Nothing like a beautiful naked woman and a cool car! En's pussy and soles of her feet were driving me crazy. I also loved how she was working that hood ornament!

intoit Vereinigte Staaten

Wow Does it get better than En? Great stuff!

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

WOW!!! TWO of En? That was a neat litle bit of trickery!

lee Vereinigte Staaten

en en's pleasure is magic

IJP Vereinigte Staaten

ENcredible I really didn't know if this was going to be something I'd find to be a turn on. However, I found myself pleading with her to use that hood ornament to pleasure herself. I'm only disappointed that she didn't climax, but that was one of the most erotic things I have ever watched!

Foxton Vereinigtes Königreich

The film The skull and the pussy was an interesting idea! - I can't say I found the body-stocking much of a turn-off, though!

Chaz Vereinigte Staaten

Sexy Great movie. Would have been better and seemed more natural without all the quick cuts though.

graham Vereinigte Staaten

sexy thing That is the sexiest thing i have seen in a while. En is quite good looking too.

cg Vereinigte Staaten

RE: ENcredible I think the climax was inferred. The way the film cut and jumped so much. Or maybe she meant for her man to finish it. Got to use your imagination.....

Sunburst Niederlande

Expensive masturbation toy She has a good and little expensive taste of masturbation toys ;) but I like her choice. She's georgeous, just like her.. eh.. 'toy' :P nice vid, liked it very much! btw, is it your car, Petter? Nice one! ;)

GS Vereinigte Staaten

This is one one of the most sensual videos i have ever seem...Charger reminds of be as being ape in Savannah and En reminds of having time machine to look at 21st century beauty... I may just die looking for time machine....

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Fanfuckingtastic The closing moments were achingly sexy and provoked a gorgeous erection.

En, American Apparel Modeschau Höhepunkt | March 1st, 2011
En, American Apparel Modeschau Höhepunkt
Kenny6 Vereinigtes Königreich

More is better I love all that room full underwear of hers.

DannyGG Vereinigte Staaten

Keep talking Great idea to have her talking. Hows about a follow up one about what turns her on?

TexasDude Vereinigte Staaten

Way to go Great accent.

MrBJ. Vereinigte Staaten

Gimme I'm wanting more of En. Like real soon

Hoppy Deutschland

Tell it like it is This is a very charming girl. I like way she talks about everything honestly.

Paul Portugal

orgasm!! she is having a orgasm at the end!!! what a magnificent girl!!

Ovva Norwegen

she is attending the workshop next week!! one thing i can say for sure is...after seeing this playful movie...and her beautiful orgasm at the end i even more look forward to the hegre photo workshop next week where this model is attending!!! En..looking forward to meet you!!! anyone else of you guys attending next week?

wheeler Vereinigte Staaten

very cool! love to hear these ladies talk!

Jewel Vereinigtes Königreich

Erotica A terrific film and it's made all the more sexy by En talking to us throughout. Great stuff!

dgt99x Vereinigte Staaten

En--so nice! What a delightful film! En, you are truly charming. And Petter, please let us hear more of your other girls talking as well!

mach30 Vereinigte Staaten

Your Beauty Flows With Your Grace ! En, you must be one of the most beautiful girls in all of Russia! Your beauty is enhanced by your very graceful movements. I also enjoyed your comments and your very attractive personality. You are also so sexy! Thank you for the fantasy that you gave me ! I shall relive it often !

Roger Vereinigte Staaten

excellent video. love this girl, her naturalness, her beauty. When she masturbates it is the cherry on the cake!

myron Vereinigte Staaten

sex i would love to see you in person please

Jimlinsa Vereinigte Staaten

En Congratulations! I haven't seen a 20 minute sex video that held my attention all the way through in a long time. Outstanding!

Laurie Vereinigtes Königreich

Mound of Venus Last night I was unable to find the deep slumber I sought, so in the dead of night I found the solution watching En stretching flimsy garment after garment over her beautiful pudendum. I slowly became aroused as she danced her way through each delightful change teasing me to a gorgeously hot eruption as her fingers fluttered teasingly on her sweet moist lips. I slept like a baby...

sedtus Vereinigte Staaten

Paintings I would love to see more videos like this as well as the one of Anna that starts with her walking on the street in jeans. Also, does En have any of her paintings online? I would very much like to see her work.


Intensive Orgasmische Massage | May 24th, 2011
Intensive Orgasmische Massage
Chester Lee. Vereinigte Staaten

Right on Intense is the word man.

Hans 734 Deutschland

Good time girls These girls they know how have fun and give also.

Mitch Vereinigte Staaten

Oil and water The sprinkling with the hose was nice but it’s the magic oil that does the trick every time.

Parliamo Italien

Encore Many many more like these massages please for my pleasure.

Richard Kanada

Does you good Don’t know about her but this massage sure soothed away all my aches and pains.

greg Vereinigte Staaten

sexy massuse this tantric massage therapist is not only one the most skilled at the temple she is also amazing looking. love to see her do a naked body to body massage. could you imagine her and gabriella together. with your brilliant photography petter that would be sexyness overload. I am also learning a thing or too. I am mainly subscribing to this site because of these videos. I also love the japanese girls.

Rocky Vereinigte Staaten

More of this Masseuse I love this masseuse.. She is the best one of all your videos.. Please have more videos with this masseuse..

intoit Vereinigte Staaten

Maybe best yet Just spectacular. Love these shoots. Best site on the web, by far.

dog with a bone Australien

delectable! delectable peter! hot, wet, oiled and shaved! delectable! wot more can we ask of u! the raw naked uninhibited slapping sound of a woman indulging in primal sexual satiation. i agree with all the other voyeurs, this is without doubt the most erotic stylistic and etherel site on the net. the hottest babes, damn hot in fact! revealing what most of us can only dream of. my girl gets so turned on she cums within seconds when shes watching these films! AND SHE CUMS BIG! can we ask tho, one more favour of u, king peter. as a gesture of thanks to us all who support you and your bevvy of babes, can you do ONE massage session with high definition filming, and close up viewing, of the cut and thrust of oiled up fucking, culminating with the male model unleashing his load all over the beautiful models back or stomach? can i suggest MUTUAL MAGIC MASSAGE - PART 2? and even include two girls and one guy? may i suggest olena o? or anna s? to join in. just once, and i know its not your style, and i wouldnt want you to reduce your site down to a simple fuckfest, but oh how i would love to see you film this just once, and give us all what we now desire SO MUCH.

Rocky Vereinigte Staaten

Masseuse Spotlight Peter can a profile be done on the masseuse? She is the main reason I keep my membership. She is the one that makes this video spectacular.. Who is she? How can we learn more about her? Can you do a photo session with her? I would love to see her massage a man the same way she did in this video..

Petey Vereinigte Staaten

OMG - when she glanced over at ME - wow

alice Vereinigte Staaten

one of the best yet peter wow this is one of your best yet peter. my friend and i really got into it watching together. thanks for such a different sort of website. ciao, alice

Jan Erik Norwegen

Model Does anyone know who the model is and if she's got any photo sets here on Hegre Art? She's got on of the prettiest pussies I've seen. So plump and ripe! :)

Hegre Lover Australien

RE: Model The model is En - yes there are more sets and films of her. And yes you are right.

Petter Spanien

RE: Model this is "en". you can see her here:

Petter Spanien

RE: Masseuse Spotlight sorry, but the masseuse prefers to stay anonymous.

Delighted Vereinigte Staaten

RE: RE: Masseuse Spotlight I have no problem with the masseuse remaining anonymous, but it would have enhanced the video if she, too, was naked, as we've seen from the other tantra massage videos.

dnbro123 Kanada

Dominika The most prominent labia are those of Dominika...just amazing

Rocky Vereinigte Staaten

RE: RE: Masseuse Spotlight I wish the masseuse didn't want to remain anonymous. She is gorgeous and as you can see she has a huge fan base. She doesn't have to be naked, but it would be nice to just see more of her. No other masseuse in these videos even comes close to her. What she does to these models is incredible.. I'm looking forward to seeing her do a man like this too..

Rebecca Vereinigtes Königreich

I wish I was the one receiving this massage...

Sue Vereinigtes Königreich

RE: Massage I agree totally, you and me to-gether. Sue

peterswiftt Vereinigte Staaten

Great Anal is in order now and the, don't you think? I would love to see a pinkie or thumb gently slipped into the bumb for added pleasure to both the model and the viewer.

slavefour Vereinigte Staaten

massage i agree i would love to see alittle anal stimulation

Emily Kanada

This massage is very exciting ! The masseuse is wonderfull, she has the right touch, a lot of experience and knows where to stimulate her partner. I was watching secretly that videos in my bedroom, I was getting wet and exciting, my hand did not resist and I was beginning to masturbate myself during I was looking them. Suddently, my girlfriend has gone in my bedroom at the moment I was reaching my orgasm! Thank Peter to do such beautifull videos that carry us at the top of pleasure!

Can_Rebel Kanada

There is such a thing as prostrate massage. Both men and women enjoy this technique. It is not disgusting at all. Please record one and see the veiwer's ractions.

xdarkhorsex Kanada

RE: well....... prostate massage works on men, but damn it's hard to find on a woman

t47 Vereinigte Staaten

Oil What kind of oil is that? It almost looks like olive oil or almond oil...

lo0vejill222 Vereinigte Staaten

beautiful lips. some of the most pretty lips on a woman, would give dominick a good battle

VJ Vereinigte Staaten

Creamy I watched this again and seem to have not seen her cream at the end. My ex-wife used to do that only more so. It was a really thick cream like this one at the end .... yummy

Timo Vereinigte Staaten

Keepin' it real... I love it that you didn't edit out the queef!

david8_jw Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Oil it not oil its jell

Tony07011967 Vereinigte Staaten

Love the cum at the end. Nice pussy too! I want to see more of En!

Oscar Schweden

With male masseuse This scene, with a handsome, well endowed and naked man as masseuse would have been an absolue treat and the HD version of the fantasies of many men and women. Imagine seeing your woman receiving this treatment!

ishmael46 Vereinigte Staaten

Beautiful orgasm at 35:18. This was a real one no faking. Bring her back please for many more. Just lovely

Vereinigte Staaten

RE: Agree, very much real. More More More please

La Petite Mort Massage | March 8th, 2011
La Petite Mort Massage
Marcus Deutschland

More to come Let us see lots lots more of En. I am sure she can be wilder when she gets hot.

Ribera Vereinigte Staaten

Inside job This masseur knows her job inside out and I mean really inside.

SamW Vereinigtes Königreich

She's the boss I love the way she is so much in control even when she is cumming.

Bushbaby Australien

cool These Russian babes are real ice maidens.

Ritzy Frankreich

From back best She likes so much to be stroked from behind I can see

pia Italien

very nice. but a question: why male masseurs are naked and female masseuses not?

teacher Vereinigte Staaten

bring back dominika c

Jewel Vereinigtes Königreich

Well she's certainly having fun but Petter why have you spoiled some of the massage shots by failing to capture the true essence of the masseuse's fingers penetrating En's beautiful pussy? Particularly when she's on her tummy - all we see is a hand somewhere between En's legs. A wasted opportunity methinks. And why do Auditory Sculpture get a music credit? Apart from En's moans the film was practically silent.

rick1501 Vereinigte Staaten

Too Short I lovedit, however it would be have much better if we could enjoyed her taking it much longer than almost 22 minutes.

rick1501 Vereinigte Staaten

Short Massage's The beauty of women pleasuring other women, its the duration of the video, and short video's are not as enjoyable as the longer strokes of pleasure. Please stay away from under 30 minutes!

MrFitz Vereinigte Staaten

En Is Entrancing When I first saw En on your site, I was thinking, Eh. Then I went back and looked at the pics a bit closer and she sucked me in. Then I realized how lovely she really is and I've been an increasing fan since. Beautiful girl - keep shooting her, please

Charles Vereinigte Staaten

En's Massage I liked it. It took a little time to get going but she did it. Am I the only one that noticed that whe she started cumming her nipples gat hard. That was so hot.

intoit Vereinigte Staaten

Wonderful En is spectacular, the massuese really skilled. Thought it was a good length - prefer to the overly long ones. Still think mic for the model's breathing would enhance the experience.

LondonGent Vereinigtes Königreich

Amazing website This site is amazing, I'd thought about joining for a while, but discovering the massage sessions swung it for me and I really like it. Couple of suggestions (which I believe echo those of others) I'd like to see more of the girls doing the massage. Not necessarily their naked bodies (although that would be really good), but if they're unwilling to strip off, I'd also like to see their faces. I'd like to see their reactions to bringing the model to orgasm. Please don't stop using real masseuses though, they're fabulous (and what gives this site a real edge over others).

Max Mexiko

Great Vid, I wonder if you could show some foot massage techniques and back massage. that also will be great please

conarch Vereinigte Staaten

Massages Please more male and female erotic massages. They should all end with the orgasm.

lovejill222 Vereinigte Staaten

beautiful model would like to see more of the masseuse face & her nude when giving the massage

Jackson Vereinigte Staaten

En Such a gorgeous woman! One of my favorites. It really hot to literally see her nipples get so hard in the seconds before she can see her excitement right there!

circus3000 Vereinigte Staaten

Real masseuses + Live sessions = Win!!! I agree with Londongent. The real masseuses are what sets this site apart from other sites. I apologize if this is a repeat but the entry of a LIVE massage session, i believe, would defiantly set this site far above others.

Murriman Australien

Not only a PRETTY face but LOVINGLY cheeky : )

Frank Vereinigte Staaten

Wow! watching her chest puff out, her nipples harden and her belly muscles contract as she feels her orgasm ripple through her cunt at about 20:20 makes my erection throb and erupt every time!

Hans Dampf Deutschland

Man müsste die orgasmischen Kontraktionen der Pussy und des Anus sehen.

Whatsupdoc Vereinigte Staaten

sensual massage Yes, I loved this massage. Very good masseuse and I think the model had a good time.