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Monroe Profile

Name: Monroe
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 56kg
Height: 183cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Model

Naked ambition

She conquered her home country when she carried off the title of Miss Blonde Ukraine. That quickly led to demand for her in Paris and New York.

Monroe sees herself as the natural successor to one of the leading icons of the 20th century. For that, you have to be very self-confident. And you have to deliver the real deal. Monroe scores on both counts. When this 6 foot (183cm) beauty puts on her five inch heels she dominates all the men around her. That's the way she likes it. Like Marilyn, she believes "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."

What Marilyn said goes for Monroe too. "Beneath the make-up and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world." Money and the champagne lifestyle are what she desires. The route to them was also shown to her by Marilyn. "Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature."

Therapeutic Thai Massage November 6th, 2012
Monroe Wanting More?
It seems that Monroe wanted more than she got from this massage. Like most viewers, i suspect!.
Re: Re: In the room
I do not think you can generalise. It depends on what turns you on. Personally I do not like it when the model smiles at the camera etc. because it makes it seem artificial somehow. I like to think that I am looking on unobserved. I guess that make me a Peeping Tom. That’s fine with me.
Re: In the room
’m with Verne on this one. I like it when the model looks at the camera because it is just like she is looking at me so I feel involved.
love how monroe beckoned to us at the end! more to come? a shower, perhaps?
RE: Reason?
most likely because she doesnt want to be seen
Is there a reason why the masseuse is blurred? I like to see the woman giving the massage as well the one receiving it.
In the room
I love the way you smile at the camera Monroe. You have a way of making me feel I am in the room with you.
Turned on
Great ending. I enjoy the way that she has been turned on by her massage.
Monroe the black sea November 12th, 2011
Monroe is one of the most beautiful models i've seen on the site. Her amazing body and beautiful face are simply magnetic. It would be great to see her in more of Peter's work.
Monroe into interracial
Monroe is one of the best looking models on this site. I would pay double membership fee to see her do some interracial sets with Mike or some other real dark black men. Wow...
RE: Monroe
Butt naked indeed! Shots 14-17 are fantastic with 15 my favorite. Monroe really has an ass! Mark you are a fellow appreciator of the female nude, and I have always enjoyed your intelligent well thought-out comments. I would love to hear your reflections on my comment on my favorite model Mona "Mona in Bed" shot #34.
Perfect in her heels butt naked! What a great ass!
RE: Perfect Butt Awards
Pete: Thanks for the butt tips! Yanna's butt is indeed extraordinary. Love the way image 40 is all butt.
I do still want to visit those wonderful areas you photograph, and images like these just make me want to go across the pond more!
RE: Perfect Butt Awards
Pete, thanks for the Perfect Butt entries. I will check them out and give you my opinion. We should all be commenting regularly on these beautiful girls' butts. The least we can do to express our appreciation for their showing their bare butts to us! Love Monroe's butt. Shots 14-17 are extraordinary with 15 and 17 the best. Here is my entry for Perfect Butt: http://www.hegre-art.com/galleries/show/820?back=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hegre-art.com%2Fmodels%23countries%255B%255D%3D7%26all-hairs%3D1%26all-tits%3D1%26all-tags%3D1%26commit%3DSearch%26action%3Dshow%26id%3D91#image=34 Happy to contribute my entry for Top Butt Awards: my favorite model Mona in my favorite photo of her. Also feel free to comment on my comment on the "Mona in Bed" series from which this photo comes.
Beautiful, just beautiful! Another appropriately fully nude set! Great work Monroe!
Incredibly sexy girl with a wonderful body and face. Just too bad it's sooo difficult to get a girlfriend... mission: impossible anyone?
Perfect Butt Awards
Another classic http://www.hegre-art.com/galleries/show/1554?back=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hegre-art.com%2Fmodels%23all-countries%3D1%26all-hairs%3D1%26all-tits%3D1%26tags%255B%255D%3D21%26commit%3DSearch%26action%3Dshow%26id%3D151#image=48
Perfect Butt Awards
Here is a classic entry http://www.hegre-art.com/galleries/show/1772?back=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.hegre-art.com%2Fmodels%23action%3Dshow%26id%3D90#image=40
more and more stunning, every time I see her!
Monroe top model October 31st, 2011
RE: Photo number 46
What a delectable, perfect pussy this girl has!
RE: Photo number 27
oh..... my godness perfect!
I can't look
I've beaten Wheeler to it!!
Hegre-Art Herald Headline: Top Model Shows Cunt and Anus!
Top Model Monroe shows all in another stunning fully nude not-a-stich-on series! Unlike some too proud top models, Monroe is by shot #6 already spreading her legs widely to show all of her glorious full cunt lips! Butt lovers, itching for her to turn over and show those buns, are also richly rewarded with straight-on looks of her butt, ass-crack and anus! (With lovely cunt lips peeking in from below!) Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than shot 42, shot #46 knocks your socks off! Thank you Monroe!
Good balance...
Of tits, snatch and ass...
top model, indeed!
Monroe miss blond October 18th, 2011
Sexual . . .
Cannot overemphasize the sexual beauty of her pussy and thighs.
She is gorgeous.
Monroe, you are simply gorgeous. Your eyes penetrate the camera. And your sexy elegant body is so exciting/arousing to witness. As as result I feel my yearning and wanting. Thanks for being so open and sharing yourself in this intimate with us. I look forward to seeing more of you, your eyes and incredible presence.
lucky neighbors!
Monroe 1 2 3 4 September 28th, 2011
Has anyone seen my watch
Dear Mr Hegre
I swear that your decision to photograph this deliciously sexual act was flawed. I find the images erotic but repetitive, moving pictures would have captured all the nuanced finesse of her self pleasuring, provoking a profoundly deeper arousal for the voyeur...
God made her perfect
For you all who had never been with a girl like this... I would say... you dont know... the perfect genre!
Graham from the UK: First to comment, last to get laid!
Just wonderful.
Oh for one more... you know where
0 0 0 1 Would have been far better!
a bit too much time on your hands???
yet another one that MUST be a video!!!
Woohoo i am the first to leave a comment! :)