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Foto de Nikola


Foto de Nikola
Nombre: Nikola
País: República Checa
Peso: 42kg
Altura: 156cm
Edad: 18
Ocupación: Estudiante

Saliendo del caparazón

Nikola ha llegado hasta nosotros directamente desde su República Checa natal y lo ha hecho llena de frescura.

Es tan refrescante como una brisa al amanecer. Con 18 años posee un encanto frágil. Puede ser a la vez misteriosa e inocente, lo cual es una cualidad poco común. Sus sesiones de foto con nosotros son las primeras en las que ha participado. Hasta ahora se había concentrado en sus estudios en una academia de negocios. Recientemiente se percató del valor añadido que representa su belleza, combinada con su inteligencia. Gradualmente se ha ido dando cuenta de lo poderosa que es su aura sexual y está decidida a explorarla.

Nikola es como una potranca recién nacida. Tropezando incómoda en un principio, pero rápidamente desarrollando su gracia y su poder lleno de pasión. Nikola se transformará: veamos como avanza este proceso extraordinario.

Nikola Galerías

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Nikola Galerías COMENTARIOS

Nikola pequeña mística | May 28th, 2012
Nikola pequeña mística
blackflash Australia

Nikola is a mystery oh my Nikola is amazing, with deep dark eyes that draw me in and follow me. Such a lovely lady with long hair mmm my kind of woman, beauty, mystery in her eyes. and the last picture shows fully Nikola's total charm and beautiful firm arse, long legs and hair. i am indeed intranced and held by such beauty.

Laurie Reino Unido

Sextraordinary Some repetition in the opening sequence, whatever, this exquisite creature is simply breathtaking. No oil, no water, natural beauty delightfully presented, Nikola resides comfortably at the top with Ryonen and the Oriental girls.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Another fine totally nude set from lovely Nikola. Love the way the series opens up, if you will, starting with photo 16.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA - LIONESS IN REPOSE NIKOLA is the embodiment of feline grace and an understated sensuality. Fully nude, she exults in her freedom, occasionally snarling in a teasing fashion.

Damine Estados Unidos de América

I hear music... I can hear it... Music, like stardust, like inspiration, in each image NIKOLA creates. She's like a song in the nighttime, sweet sensuous breezes, freshening, so lyrical she moves her body making poses into her personal art. Each pic as intimate as a lover's whisper, as a lover's wink, laughing, toying, surrendering but never passive, sharing the moments, entering while she's entered. I never thought I'd live long enough to feel this good vicariously -- thanks, Petter.

geroki Alemania

in general Okay, Nikola is a model who thinks her face looks only good in half side-face, lol. Anyway, a cutie.

Pete Reino Unido

Smouldering Kinda agree with Geroki, I think she is trying to do "smouldering" but this often comes across as sad. Shame cos she is really cute

Laurie Reino Unido

Captivated by the Smoulder The streets and coffee houses are full of smouldering girls with gorgeous arses and I love 'em. Nikola is simply stunning...

jd Holanda

Nikola is actually the only girl on this website that really does it for me. Came across some stills of her elswhere and just signed up to get to her. She is so stunning it hurts.

Tyrion Estados Unidos de América

Please smile Nikola So incredibly beautiful I just wish she would smile...

Nikola gimnasia en la cama | April 30th, 2012
Nikola gimnasia en la cama
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

here we go!!! this is what I'm here for! nikola makes me wanna go to the gym!

Laurie Reino Unido

Repetitive and Unflattering And lacking in imagination, this pretty girl surely inspires a better outcome...

Snowpig Estados Unidos de América

RE: Repetitive and Unflattering You are so correct.

adorer Suiza

not unflattering hi, cannot understand that you think she is unflattering! Not at all. I like these pictures very much - especially her pussy is so great (when taken from behind even more). Very arousing.

Variable-43 Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful Bungholeful! Sweet little Nikola! She has such a tasty little bunghole, but it always looks greasy. She must always be ready for a hot tongue I think!

Farnorth Australia

Gorgeous Nikola let down Lovely girl, and loved the smiles but why the unflattering,demeaning poses? Please give us some good missionary "I'm having a great screw" positions. Let's steer clear of these semi-perverted artificial poses. Why not aim to attract mainstream not perverts ... there are many more of us!!!

paul Estados Unidos de América

Nikola One of the many things I love about Nikola, she always brings it home.

damine Estados Unidos de América

If the main sex organ is the brain then what kicks it off for me is the main sexuality of Nikola's face, her eyes, her lips, her subtle expression changes. She makes even the most banal poses, the most trivial, average, everyday pose seem burning with sexuality. I have trouble sometimes figuring out where Petter's focus is in the closeups, where he wants to take us, but luckily anywhere on Nikola's skin is sensually intimate. My brain gets the message.


RE: Photo number 27 as an asshole lover, this shot is pure ecstasy!

Nikola playa azul | April 3rd, 2012
Nikola playa azul
Laurie Reino Unido

"23 Exclusive" Images Can I be bothered, seriously!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA - THE SEXY WOMAN WITH THE ENIGMATIC SMILE NIKOLA, a mermaid marooned, pines for the sea. Only the night before, she with a bold stroke of her large, dully florescent tail, broke the surface of the sea, dazzled by a train of falling stars in a darkly azure sky.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

very nice, if WAY too short!!!

N Estados Unidos de América


Guest Estados Unidos de América

RE: "23 Exclusive" Images Still more than "photo of the day" :) stay cool !

damine Estados Unidos de América

Again, it seems as if you and Nikola are getting warmed up and ready for something, the edge of something real and new, and then it's over... She is so lovely, mysteriously erotic and yes, enigmatic, and so my curiosity is aroused... but it ends almost too soon for anything else. Knowing you, Petter, I know you have more... Knowing her, I know she certainly does too. Please...

Nikola rayos de sol | March 22nd, 2012
Nikola rayos de sol
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

anothet WAY too short set!though, I must say I love the trend of natural light, lately!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA - ON THE RISE She, with body full nude, oiled-down, sleek and in repose, fangs and claws bared, arises with the thought: 'Who will be my prey today?'

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Nikola So great to see sweet little Nikola back again appropriately fully nude. Exquisite series. Wonderful cunt looks in this series, bathed in sunlight. I heartily agree with Wheeler: I too approve of the natural lighting trend. Thank you Nikola and Petter.

Pete Reino Unido

Yum yum Mm, yum yum, tasty pussy

damine Estados Unidos de América

I like how you have brought her to light. She is like tabula rasa, my desire written fully upon her, all my wishes and regrets, she is promises and corners not yet turned. In your work with Nikola, she is like a leashed wild creature, so full of things we can only guess, of things glimpsed just beneath a divine surface. There's a sure art to doing that. Thank you, both.

Nikola lineas de belleza | February 15th, 2012
Nikola lineas de belleza
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

a beauty, indeed!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA RE-EMERGES With her doe eyes and slim body, NIKOLA subtly teases and beguiles the ones she fancies with feline grace.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Nikola: Excellent! Oh excellent! Nikola totally nude wearing only a pair of black pumps! Beautiful! This is how I like to see the models presented.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Nikola just sizzles. Appropriately totally nude save for a pair of black stiletto pumps

randyleo33 Reino Unido

Nikola Very beautiful model - pity she can't manage a smile - would have made such a difference!!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Nikola: Excellent! I figured you were going to like this set with the pumps Mark! Nikola is always such a treat. Love the total nudity: it suits Nikola so well. She has that irresistable appeal of the 18 year old nude. Delightfully and thankfully she doesn't know boundaries as she spreads her legs without a care, as in photo 7. Love her gorgeous buns (what a pair!) in photos 4 and 5. Thank you Nikola and Hegre!

paul Estados Unidos de América

Nikola God she looks great wearing those shoes, especially foto number 4. Yikes!!! Her ass and legs make me crazy. and yes a smile would be nice.

Pete Reino Unido

Smouldering I think her style is smouldering but agree a smile would be good ocassionally

Laurie Reino Unido

Bad Girl Mystique I love the wicked aura of sinfulness that glows, like a fragrant cloud, about her charismatic mystique. I love her wilful, capricious demeanour. For purely selfish reasons I do not wish the slightest hint of a smile, it would break the spell that captivates my soul. Nikola is pure magic...

Mark Estados Unidos de América

RE: RE: Nikola: Excellent! You know me well Roger! I love the ladies totally nude wearing only a kick ass pair of pumps! Nikola looks fabulous here. She gives you great nudes and is not shy. She does have a great little butt!

Dave Finlandia

Crude Love the shots 18 and 19, they should be in every gallery, in high heals squatting with her hands on the floor, with her arse open revealing her anus........very crude!

Nikola lenguake corporal | February 1st, 2012
Nikola lenguake corporal
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

and a lovely language it is!

Laurie Reino Unido

Feral Cunt Nipples, like ripe berries, I lovingly savour till rudely dark and achingly brisk. Her moist labellum deliciously engorged, shades of cinnabar, my tongue fluttering about her lustrous pearl, her scent sinfully sensuous in my head as I gorged on her rich creamy ambrosia. The food of gods...

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA - LA PRINCIPESSA NIKOLA always looks at her best when allowed to be fully nude and preferably covered in scented oils from shoulders to feet.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Ah Nikola! What an adorable 18 year-old nude you are! So satisfying to see you penetrated! Fantastic series with great cunt looks...a cunt lover's paradise! Thank you Nikola!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Friggin hot

Pete Reino Unido

RE: Friggin hot Agreed

Nikola calma azul | January 24th, 2012
Nikola calma azul
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice day for a swim!

Ahmet Turquía

Real Hegre girl. She's one of the real Hegre girls. She's not have any limitations.

Laurie Reino Unido

Imagine Imagine the senses slowly focusing as you stir from a deep slumber, gorgeously swollen, too sensitive to touch. The taste of her exquisite anus lingering on your lips, the tongue savouring the shade of her rich piquancy. Imagine...

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA DE LAS AGUAS Was there a sea creature more lovelier than NIKOLA? She is both woman and amphibian.

Pete Reino Unido

Nikola Would like to see her in a joint set with Kiki

Frank Estados Unidos de América

Nika Like to know if Nika could do pictures in black or white nylons . Please .... You have very lovely ladys on your site . Keep up the good work. Please . Thank you.

Nikola masaje profundo | January 14th, 2012
Nikola masaje profundo
Rick Estados Unidos de América

Ahhhhhh Thank you again Hegre-Art for providing this young and very cute girl to more sets. I'd like to be the therapist touching her beautiful ass.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Little Nikola Gets her Cunt Fucked How fitting satisfying and appropriate to see our little bad girl Nikola get her cunt penetrated. She has, after all, been showing her little 18 year old cunt all over the place. If a girl shows her cunt naked so much, (bad girl!) sooner or later she's going to get fucked! What else could Nikola expect? Love it!

passthurn Alemania

Nikola deep massage I like this strong hands, these powerful arms; i'd like to see more of that tough woman; the girl beneath is just a very nice decoration.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA RECIBE MASAJES DIVINOS Very photo series. Perhaps in future, a dual massage session featuring NIKOLA and VALERIE could be featured, both in a photo series and in a massage video.

Estados Unidos de América


intoit Estados Unidos de América

HOT Great shoot, but the photos of her face showed NO expression at all. How can that be?

Pete Reino Unido

Video please Video please

553617 Indonesia

feet please

Nikola conan mujer | January 6th, 2012
Nikola conan mujer
Alph Estados Unidos de América

Nice work I really enjoyed the shoot, the full view of this woman. From the face and eyes to the full body to her most private areas and back again. I would love it if every modle you had on this site had at least 1 shoot with this type of full coverarge.

swingplay Noruega

Nikola What a beauty. When will we see her in a film or a massage movie?

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA RETURNS What a delightful photo series! It shows NIKOLA in her undiluted glory: FULLY NUDE and oiled-down.

Laurie Reino Unido

Main Attraction This utterly irresistible creature was the lure, the temptation, the inspiration for my return. The theme may have its appeal, but I prefare the intimacy where her exquisite beauty fills the canvas...

Rick Estados Unidos de América

She looks so cute with wet hair and naked too! I can't wait for her next set.

muskie Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Nikola is one of the best reasons to sign on for 2 more years. Love the close ups and the way she is so comfortable with herself in her photo's.

Max Australia

Perfection, absolutelty beautiful. If I was to describe what my perfect woman would look like then these photos would be the illustration. Nikola is my favorite.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

conan??? Nikola is much prettier than Arnold!lol (would love to see this in video!)

erick Noruega

The best picture I hope Mr. Hegre will start a voting among the members to fin the best, singel, pickture of the year. Because som of the picture of Nikola will be a wery strong candidate for year 2012. ( sorry for my bad english writing )

Aaron Estados Unidos de América

Underarms Beautifully shaved armpits and privates!!

Sandy Reino Unido

unrivalled seduction Nikola has started to fast take the place of my all time favourite Yanna. Please can you get her to show Ryonen how to be as comfortable with her body as she is, and then we would have 2 irresistable beauties to savour.

Reino Unido

excellent! more Nikola...more like this please!

Nikola shorts violetas | December 22nd, 2011
Nikola shorts violetas
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

hehehe very cute!

Akerfeldt México

Nikola has the best... galleries... I just wish the other models had more similar galleries to this: more explicit and simple locations. Plain awesomeness!

ScorpioNC Estados Unidos de América

Great You have a beautiful body. I love your beautiful soles.

Laurie Reino Unido

Forbidden Fruit Today my soul is deeply touched by the pure beauty and sublime sensuousness of a nubile young girl. But I also am possessed of dark desires, an obsession with the ultimate ecstasy, the erotic thrill as waves of pleasure course her slender body, my tongue seeking the decadent delights of her sweet anus...

Mike Bélgica

Stunning pictures especially when looking at the quality of rendering. These Phase One cameras are better than best. Nikola is definitely my favourite model too.

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Stunning Another great set of this almost perfect beauty! Keep her coming.

simon Suiza

Still not my type of girl. The positions are explict, and from time to time, that's good. But the ones here are too mundane for me.

more feet please Canada

I wish you would do foot shots like that, but also some of the top of the model's feet

kamaloka Japón

RE: Photo number 52 nice shoot... i like back shot.. thanks nikola

Pete Reino Unido

Cute One of the cutest models currently on your site, another great set, agree keep her coming.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Such a lovely young women, I can't get enough.

hole in one Singapur

nikola need to have more of her...

hole in one Singapur

nikola best poses: 63, 73. innocent yet stunning...a natural

Nikola macro mágica | December 13th, 2011
Nikola macro mágica
tuls Australia

comments awesome pics.........

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA DESERVES BETTER Don't care at all for the close-up, anatomical shots of Nikola's vagina in this series. They tend to de-personalize her. NOT GOOD.

andrea-1 Australia

Sorry to disagree Komet but I love the cunt close-ups. A real turn-on for me. Each to their own, I guess. Thanks, Nikola for sharing these very personal shots of your lovely pussy!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I like the mix.I must confess,I found these art nude sites kinda by accident, while looking for hard stuff.but, I STAYED because I like it!though, I hope hegre-art doesnt loose hold of the "art" aspect!

Nick Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA Ah yes. As I kissed her lips she crossed her legs and broke my glasses.

egrise Estados Unidos de América

Nikola As I wonder about resubscribing, I have conflicting thoughts. I love the models and much of the photography. On the other hand, and I am no prude, I find both yesterday's bondage and today's anatomical detail neither beautiful nor arousing. This is single minded male depersonalization and usage of the worst kind. I can't imagine that the models like it themselves. You do a wonderful job of glorifying women. Please stick to the subject!

jee Noruega

I have to say I love this series. Nikola's pink, tender pussy is a real turn on! Love the fresh color and how it looks so soft to the touch. Her pussy is stunning :)

James Michaels Estados Unidos de América

Nikola The only thing better than this series would be to watch a skillful vulva massage and the resultant orgasmic cream. I am not a bit put off my this photography--it makes my tongue twitch.

Mike Estados Unidos de América

Don't see the need for that many close ups. would have enjoyed some variety in poses maybe. Love Nikola btw

Mikeyman Estados Unidos de América

RE: Nikola I agree with Andrea in could look at those close up photos and automatically assume that it is "depersonalization of the worst kind" IF there were no photos of the woman that this beautiful pussy belongs to. A woman's genitals are wonderful and mysterious....and its the lovely core of her womanhood. The close ups are honoring that core, rather than objectifying it.

Grllvr001 Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Beautiful pictures! I think it makes me feel really close to the model. I don't think it depersonalizes the girl as long as one knows whose lady parts we're enjoying. I would love to see such a series with Ryonen...please, Petter :)

panzer969 Estados Unidos de América

a delight... We have woken late in the morning in our room on the Spanish seaside. I'm returning after going out for coffee and my lovely Nikola has pulled up a chair in the sun out on the balcony. She gives me a sultry look as I set the cups on the table just inside the room. I come out and sit in the chair opposite her and take in the delightful view in front of me. She knows I love to see all of her and she spreads her legs so I can see a bit better. Lifting one leg and then the other, she is completely open to me. She throws her head back to relax and I'm becoming aroused. I slide off my shorts and move my chair closer to her. She begins playing with her delicate pussy, pulling herself apart for me so I may see her glistening opening. I push my chair back and take a seat on the floor just in front of her. She playfully manipulates herself with her fingers as she drives me wild! I stand in front of her for a moment, looking deeply into her eyes... "You are incredibly delicious looking today, My Dear!" I sit back down in front of her and she is becoming as aroused as I am. She continues to play with herself and her cunt and asshole pucker and flower as she clenches and unclenches her pussy muscles. I've had enough! I stand and, taking her hand, lead her back into our room...

BMA Estados Unidos de América

Heaven!! Photo #47 and onwards, all the pictures are gateway to Heaven!!

BMA Estados Unidos de América

...and Heaven it is....! Whether you sink your teeth into this or slide your "bone" into it, either way it is THE gateway to Heaven! ...."Slurp"!!!

kamaloka Japón

RE: Photo number 72 delicious shot !!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Great exchange of opinions, showing the diversity of opinion. Keep pmthe good work Petter. I personally found these erotic, Nikola gives us the excitement of a very naughty girl. I'm sure she is able to distinguish if it is depersonalizing.

Pete Reino Unido

Depersonalising Clearly Nikola has the final say over what parts of her body we see and how much detail we see. Its her choice to show us is so much detail and its one hell of a pussy!

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Nikola, what a gorgeous girl! She is the reason why I signed up and I'm hoping she will get twenty more sets. Great work Hegre-Art for finding this beauty!

Poetlaurie Reino Unido

Sweetpea Nikola has encouraged my return, her and the oriental girls too. I am completely smitten with Nikola and her ambrosial quim. So fucking exquisite..

Laurie Reino Unido

Flower Ambrosial I have often considered returning and this delicious creature was the sweet persuasion...

Sandy Reino Unido

What's the problem?? When I read some of the comments I sometimes wonder what some people join your site for if they have these hang-ups. I personally love the variety, and that includes spreads like this and Konata's which are extremely erotic. It is a pity some of your models keep their legs welded together, but I live in hope with models like Ryonen and others. I love your site, that is why I have been a member for years, keep the different, fetish and explicit variety coming I say!!!!!!!

Yperion Estados Unidos de América

Like it a lot The people who complain just have to move to the next gallery then, I love both the tender and personal full body shots and the more close-up stuff. Wished she exposed her clit too, that really turns me on :-). But I like cute faces, pretty boobs, gorgeous feet and fantastic curves too. Thanks for adding one like this every once in a while!

onomaz Estados Unidos de América

Yes, she's the "sweet persuasion" I, too, joined for the sake of this girl. Had to wait till I sold some work, for months, but she's so worth it... and will be every time a new set of hers makes me renew. Yes, she's the "sweet persuasion." I'm thankful Nikola's got courage and wants to explore her body and see what it feels like to be so appreciated - by the camera, by us... I do wish she'd smiled a bit. Her slight smiles say it best, uniquely her own. Of course her body itself shows us she enjoyed it... Mmm. Such a precious, delicious touch, that. Depersonalized? Balderdash. She becomes more of a person to me, this way, when all of her sets are considered together. And, you know, the camera does nothing more than I do myself, loving a woman so worth loving as to merge with her, in every detail. Thanks.

Ray Nueva Zelanda


MojoMa_55 Suiza

Beautiful pussy.

Essar Estados Unidos de América

Something not suitable for a Disney production! Finally!

don Estados Unidos de América

good pussy pics

nogasm Estados Unidos de América

Nikola's juice Her milky juices betray her sexual excitement.

Nikola tomas de cuerpo | December 6th, 2011
Nikola tomas de cuerpo
Akerfeldt México

Perfect gallery! This gallery has one of the best shots I've ever seen... Simple, yet very very hot... Keep this positions coming! (p.30 and p.31)

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Butthole Counting You are right Akerfeldt: Indeed a perfect gallery! I have always been an overwhelming fan of the straight-on butt shots, where we see the butt crack straight-on as opposed to at an angle. This series has an incredible 38 straight straight-on butt crack shots! I'm in heaven! I am also very much a butthole fan. Here we see lovely Nikola's butthole in 47 out of the 60 shots! (It was fun to count.) An amazing 78%! Nikola is amazing: so pretty, so 18, blessed with such a sexy ass, and so delightfully naughty pulling her bare-naked buns apart to show all! Good girl Nikola! and thank you and Petter for a perfect gallery!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Cunt Lip Counting ah show that cunt girl.... 100% Cunt Lips Positive photos...Indeed a perfect series! Nikola is amazing: so pretty, so young, and such a good girl for dutifully showing her cunt. And it is such a pretty 18 year old cunt, so tight and pink and demanding to be fucked. Why shouldn't a cunt like that be shown off? Favorite photo: 33. (or all of them!) Thank you Nikola!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely body, indeed!

BBmex México

Great butthole Beautiful ass. I luv it when puts her ass up and presents it in such an inviting manner. Only suggestion I have is that it would be great if the girls played with their buttholes as well as pussy. So hot. Keep it coming

paul Estados Unidos de América

Nikola She is a perfect example of why I love to lick pussy and ass, especially a beautiful 18 year old.

Intoit Estados Unidos de América

Marvelous Wonderful series. Loved the whole thing. More. More. More.

Haba Alemania

It#s breathtaking beautiful...and so sexy! Great serie!

Fract Holanda

A very candid set... but I do miss a genuine smile on that girl so much. Until then, sorry Nikola.

hole in one Singapur

nikola what a doll! favorite poses: 14 and 31. also like 46 but would have loved it if she was stretching her butt hole.

hole in one Singapur

butt hole diva A diva who has an incredible butt and the sweetest butt hole.

Rainer Alemania

Herrlich, wie schamlos Nikola ihr nacktes Fötzchen zeigt, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Incredible work Hegre! Your sets of Nikola are the best i've seen of her. This set is one of my favorites as i love my models totally nude from head to toe and with shots showing off the models pretty bare feet! And i have to say Nikola has some of the sexist bare feet of any nude art model i've seen. I love the detail you captured of those prefectly shaped, incedibly sexy, wrinkly bare soles! Please contunie to provide some sets of all your models showing off there pretty bare soles!

Nikola toque sensual | November 4th, 2011
Nikola toque sensual
zaubade Estados Unidos de América

OMFG! speechless!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely!!!only thing still missing from this lady is a smile!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA - A SEXY BEAST GRROWL!!! One gets the feeling from viewing this photo series that NIKOLA with her sleek, fit body is lying in wait like a leopard ready to pounce on its prey.

JohnTest Estados Unidos de América

Lost in Nikola I look at Nikola and just want to melt into her... From her eyes to her anus, everything is lovely, warm and inviting... She is an almost supernatural beauty. Incredible.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Another appropriately fully nude set from lovely Nicola. There is something so delectable in an eighteen year old girl opening up and showing her cunt as Nicola does starting with photo 8. Photo 30 is a joy as she turns and shows her famous pert bare butt. An excellent butt series follows. Also great series for cunt looks. Thank you Nicola!

Coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Made me cum I just log in everyday, just to see the models but this morning Nikola excited me so mush, much like Kiki does me, they are both so beautiful and see Nikola like this this morning was exciting to say the least. Thank you Nikola

B Estados Unidos de América

Peter you and your women just keep getting better and better. Thanks Nikola for sharing your beauty with the world.

Pedro60 Australia

RE: Photo number 1 Lovely young model, flawless skin, or good post production!

BluecatIII Estados Unidos de América

"SensualTouch"... Indeed! Purely...exquisite...erotica! I came away from viewing this sublime gallery with the sincere desire to fuck Nicola. "Merci Beaucoup!" to Petter and Nicola, for such a deliciously sensual 'invitation'!

Pete Reino Unido

Nikola & Kiki Tow smouldering young models who should really be seen together. Any chance Petter?

panos Grecia

comments easily spoted fake nails that spoil the perfection image!!

Letti Alemania

Nikola sensual touch This girl is a goddess! Not only the touches are sensual, the photographer has taken this pictures with lot of sensuality. Thank you

Sandy Reino Unido

exquisitely naughty Another blistering set from this gorgeous model. I think that she is absolutely stunning and would love to get her pussy in the vicinty of my tongue. Any chance of another massage set with her having multiple orgasms? Blown away member!!!!

Rick Estados Unidos de América

What a cute girl. Far the best I've seen on this site please add more of her.

Laurie Reino Unido

Deliciously Decadent Nikola ~ a compelling presence, unique and exquisitely precocious. Please don't let her go, I love her...

Ray Nueva Zelanda

OH baby! I want to shag her all night right now

Laurie Reino Unido

Old Leather and Sweet Musk I love your joyful body, slender, flowing femininity, fresh purity of innocence. The dark pools in your eyes, luminous, your lips, bruised raspberries sweet as wine. The plump fruit, purple/dark skin, velvet blush, perfumed, the bouquet of love...

Nikola box y everlast | October 22nd, 2011
Nikola box y everlast
jee Noruega

Those glutes! :) I just can't get enough of Nikola's round, smooth buns. They're so incredibly arousing to behold. Spooning her would simply be heaven, with my cock snugly resting between those firm, silky smooth cheeks.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I coulda told ya nikola was a knockout! :P

BingK Holanda

Glorious Super shape!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA DELIVERS A K-O! Jee, you are soo right about Nikola's derriere. It's ABSOLUTELY YUMMY!!! Small, firm, and shapely.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Those glutes! :) I couldn't agree more jee! I too love Nikola's smooth round buns. Such a treat to see them bare! As I have written before, one of the great things about Hegre-Art is seeing all these wonderful bare butts on all these beautiful girls! There is something so arousing about seeing an only 18 year old girl naked, her innocence and coming out to show herself is a major turn on. I love seeing 18 year old firm pert butts, and Nikola's pert round butt definitely says "18 year old girl!" My other favorite butts (and girls!) are Mona Muriel and Gislane. Fellow members please comment. As fellow admirers of nude female beauty, let's get a dialogue going!

darth neo Estados Unidos de América

So yummy!! She looks so beautiful and yummy! I would love to do a threesome with her and my Thai masseuse! Also I would love for her to get a two women massage here on Hegre Art!

jee Noruega

You're right, Roger! Nothing beats a young, firm female ass. It's the most arousing part of the female body. But you forgot Evi on that list :) She's my no. 1 when it comes to young derriere. Nikola comes as a close second :)

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: You're right, Roger! I just checked out Evi and all I can say is "Thank you Jee!" What a butt! Definitely first class and I like the way she shows all. Do me a favor and check out "Mona in Bed" photo #34 and respond to my comment. I know Mona doesn't have the "perfect ass" but there is something arousing in her imperfection. Thanks.

Pete Reino Unido

Perfect butt Happy to contibute to the perfect butt awards and her is my first entry from previous top model Thea. More to follow

daftnhappy Reino Unido

Top Butt Here is the fantastic Olena, her butt matched the rest of her body, equisite, Petter perhaps you you set up the annual butt awards for 2011, would be great fun researching the contenders

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Top Butt Yes, Top Butt Awards. An excellent idea. My votes would be 3) Nikola 2) Muriel and number 1 Butt: Mona

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: RE: Top Butt Happy to contribute my entry for Top Butt Awards: my favorite model Mona in my favorite photo of her. Also feel free to comment on my comment on the "Mona in Bed" series from which this photo comes.

hole in one Singapur

top butt My number 1 butt award would go to Nikola and she knows how to show it. Can't get enough of her cute face and butt.

Nikola body american apparel | October 7th, 2011
Nikola body american apparel
Pete Reino Unido

Buttocks When Nikola is fully naked she looks great, showing off her perfect buttocks. The last image is imense, what a great body!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely Nikola does it again!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

SET NIKOLA FREE! Liberate the sexy NIKOLA from the crushing confinement imposed on her in this photo series by clothing and shoes. Perhaps in the near future, NIKOLA will be paired (fully nude) with Mike, LYNN, MURIEL, or TEREZA.

B Estados Unidos de América

When she realizes what a beauty she is she will not be so shy. She has a great smile and fantastic body. What a gorgeous girl.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Nikola My favorite picture is the last when she is just standing there nude in her black pumps. Beautiful!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

The Butt Love the full Butt Shot that greets us with the intro to this series. One of the joys of Hegre-Art is the variety of gorgeous butts we see on such beautiful girls. Nikola certainly has a butt that should be shown, a "pert butt" that says "18 year old girl" Erica F a finely toned long-bunned butt. Gislane a lithe slender butt. Maria Ozawa, Konata, and Mayuko have lovely and surprisingly rounded butts that, to me anyway, seem a delightful bonus given their Japanese heritage. Tereza has the sculpted butt of a marble statued goddess. Then there are butts, my favorites, perfect in their imperfection: Muriel with perhaps a little too much width that says, in a most carnal way "Fuck me!" and Mona, her lovely full rounded buns, slightly less than perfectly toned, that say unaffected pure girl, one that did not strain herself to hone her beauty but comes to us, fully nude, as nature made her. Fellow Hegre Members, if so inclined, please reply! Let us enjoy dialogue about the butt and any other "asspect" of nude female beauty.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: SET NIKOLA FREE! I agree Komet! Bring back Muriel!! Ain't too proud to beg Petter!

Goldie Noruega

Nikola and her rear Beautiful, the shoes enhance her legs and lead your eyes all the way to heaven. She poses and smiles very naturally, obviously relaxed and makes it look easy.

Laurie Reino Unido

Images of Compelling Beauty Nikola is achingly beautiful, her vulnerability and sensuousness intensely irresistible...

Dave Finlandia

Body Suit Thanks for this gallery, she looks great in the body suit, always nice to see her ass in it photo number 8 is a good one.

Nikola la jaula | September 23rd, 2011
Nikola la jaula
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA - SLEEK & SEXY Standing proudly, fully nude and body well-oiled, NIKOLA boldly surveys all that fails to escape her steely gaze.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Nikola is very motivating!lol

jee Noruega

Oh my - that body. Nikola would be the ultimate dream fuck. Tight, tones buttocks, firm stomach, pert breasts and a shaved pussy. And let's not forget her angelic face.

kw Estados Unidos de América

I love her sweet little bottom.

adorer Suiza

perfect shape wonderfully shaped and a very lovely pussy

Pete Reino Unido

What a body Nikola has a truly great body, I love her buttocks and the fact that she is shaved, the only thing lacking is a smile

Laurie Reino Unido

Decadent Desires Somewhat repetitious, but hey ho this astonishingly pretty young creature pouts in a fragrant cloud of intense sensuousness. I would love to lavish her exquisite nipples with my essence and indulge my tongue...

RayNZ Nueva Zelanda

I just want to shag Nikola all night and day long non-stop.

Nikola desnuda | September 9th, 2011
Nikola desnuda
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

on goddess should be!!!

James Michaels Estados Unidos de América

Juicy I am a big fan of Juicy Couture and I don't mean clothes!

Simon Suiza

Just a little more smiling would do good

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA REIGNS SUPREME Nikola is always shown to best effect when she is au naturel and unencumbered by shoes. Sleek and sexy.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Nothing could be finer than Nikola in all her naked glory.

xtrabigballs Australia

Naked..... nature intended, and blissfully free of props, gimmicks and other distractions, so the model's beauty sings more sweetly...... and I like Nikola's tune.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA REIGNS SUPREME Nikola is always shown to best effect when she is au naturel and unencumbered by shoes. Sleek and sexy.

kamaloka Japón

RE: Photo number 13 delicious, i like this pose, please always make this position to all of your models

Pete Reino Unido

RE: Nikola Could n't agree more

Gcm747 Australia

Hottest girl to date! What are the chances we could see Nikola in a massage video? Her photo shoots are stunning! A video would be phenomenal!

mike Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 13 yum

hole in one Singapur

nikola most delicious. naturally erotic. best poses: 34, 11. more nikola please...

Jim Estados Unidos de América

This is the way Nikola should always be, Naked! Displaying that delectable body in all its glory, from here beautiful pert breasts and nipples all the way down to her sexy, shapely, bare soles! Super work!

Nikola gran delantera | August 9th, 2011
Nikola gran delantera
3dpan Nueva Zelanda

Lovely lady, but .... Boring, boring !

Steve Estados Unidos de América

Such a cutie...

Zeppelin Alemania

awesome I think I'm in love.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

LA NIKOLA PUISSANTE While this is a fantastic photo series, far too few photos of NIKOLA have been posted here. I trust that, in the offing, much more extensive photo series showcasing NIKOLA (including videos) will be featured here.

Jewel Reino Unido

Clean and jerk. Off! Now if Nikola were at my local gym I might go a little more often! Gorgeous. (Not one of Petter's best shoots though; she deserves MUCH more.)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Lovely lady, but .... it is a bit monotonous.(and short).Hope to seee much more extensive sets of his beauty in the future!

paul Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Such a sweet , tight, amazing little body. God her ass makes my head spin.

drew in USA Estados Unidos de América

LOVE the shoot, love her body all stretched out and displayed. What a sexy little woman!

yxc Reino Unido

I like all shoots of the women showing their well shaved armpits

Jan Noruega

Gotta love her toned buttocks in this photoset. She's clearly been working her glutes -I wouldn't mind bouncing off that ass... in bed :)

Nikola verano caliente | August 15th, 2011
Nikola verano caliente
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

must say I love the trend that seems to be happenning here! very nice!

Shadow64 Reino Unido

Nikola A gorgeous and very sexy girl... Definitely want more of her...

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA IN REPOSE NIKOLA, displaying a lightly oiled and firm body, basks contentedly in the summer sun. What a hot and sexy photo series! How much longer must we wait til NIKOLA is featured in a video which further compliments her beauty?

Zeppelin Alemania

Nikola and Ryonen are exactly what I am here for. Keep their updates coming and I am going to be a lifetime subscriber.

alex Reino Unido

nikola very cute,very sexy.

Max Australia

Perfection Her beauty is pure bliss, she is definately my favourite, more please.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Her sexiness is way over top, so hot and not shy.

Pete Reino Unido

Nikola This is Hegre at its best, stunning model, cute and sexy at the same time, with a great body, much much more of Nikola please and I see Tasha is back tomorrow. Hooray.

John Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Nikola is stunning beyond words. She is what brought me to the Hegre-Art web site which I now really love. Is there any chance of featuring her in a massage video!! That would be heaven to see.


RE: Photo number 42 Absolutely stunning set.

Laurie Reino Unido

Girls that Fuck your Head Nikola is that very rare breed of girl that not only fucks physically but with a precosity that is exquisitely aesthetic and mentally stimulating. Perfect...

Ray Nueva Zelanda

Very shaggable indeed

Nikola primera sesión | August 3rd, 2011
Nikola primera sesión
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

VITEJTE NIKOLA! What a delight this photo series is, for NIKOLA is a very beautiful and sensual woman. To be fully nude and unencumbered by clothes and shoes suits her well.

izzy Reino Unido

VITEJTE NIKOLA לא יכול לחכות לראות יותר מכם, ואני מקווה שסרט עיסו Beautiful Can not wait to see more of you, and i hope a massage film

kw Estados Unidos de América

perfect bottom. it could not be any nicer.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Another am,azing discovery by Petter. Nikola is ravishing, perfectly proportioned, fantasic ass, delightful pussy and probably the most beautiful hands of the models on this site. Can't wait to see her more.

coreysurfer1 Estados Unidos de América

Nikola beautiful body get her into a massage session, love to hear and see her orgasm

alex Reino Unido

nikola very cute,very sexy,more of this incredible young woman.

Max Australia

Wow Fabulous, beautiful, I think I have a new favourite, more please.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Nikola When I saw her preview picture the other day, I knew she was going to be very special. She is simply stunning.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Beautiful, beautiful and bravo to Hegre! Nikola is lovely and could not look more beautiful. She is introduced the right way in her most honest and beautiful state. Pure nudes!

VOYEUR Australia

What a great first session -great lady -very natural and confident about showing her body -lovely pussy lets seem more please

Pete Reino Unido

Welcome Nikola Excellent new addition to Hegre, a joint set with Valerie is a must.

zaubade Estados Unidos de América

lovely new young lady. can not wait to see her masturbate. i want to watch as she fingers that hot little cunt of hers.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, I didn't get here first, this time!lol (went away a couple days) Lovely new addition! can't wait to see more!

JUSTIN Estados Unidos de América

i'm 20. she's beautiful.

adorer Suiza

perfect pussy wow! what a beautiful girl and what a perfect pussy

bandots Indonesia

good body her pussy is very invitation lol

Bill Holanda

RE: Photo number 61 This girl is it, really astonishing beautiful. Wished I was still 20!!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Reply to Mark Love Nikola! I have been away for a few weeks, wanting to catch up on the new girls from Hegre, and Wow! Nikola is a doll! Agree with Mark that it is very appropriate that her debut is a fully nude set! Love her pert bare bottom! There is truly something special in a new 18 year old beauty! Thank you Nikola and Hegre!

Nikola a la playa | August 22nd, 2011
Nikola a la playa
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA A LA PLAGE Seeing NIKOLA thus (i.e. fully nude in the midday sun) makes me wish that summer could be prolonged. Sigh!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely lovely!!! (you need any help with that lotion, hun???)

kamaloka Japón

RE: Photo number 18 i like this shoot very much, i wish some day i could joint with her....

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

pretty pretty body i love Nikolas hair and nice body and legs, very nice fiqure among other things haha hope see her in massage orgasm thank you

B Estados Unidos de América

luv Czeck girls. She is great and has a great smile when she shows it.

Jonnie Estados Unidos de América

Nice Nikola is a gorgeous model and has a nice figure to boot! Love the beach for her poses! I would love to see a girl like her on my local nude beach! Would have to wait in line as young pretty girls are rare here, but once in a while one or two show up. Then with all the single men on the beach, ALWAYS one of them who is not shy or knows how to communicate will pick one of them upQ

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Pert Butt and other Butt Types Another outstanding series! Once again, heartily endorse the appropriate total nudity throughout. One of the joys of Hegre-Art is the variety of gorgeous butts we see on such beautiful girls. Nikola has a "pert butt" that says "18 year old girl" Erica F a finely toned long-bunned butt. Gislane a lithe slender butt. Maria Ozawa, Konata, and Mayuko have lovely and surprisingly rounded butts that, to me anyway, seem a delightful bonus given their Japanese heritage. Tereza has the sculpted butt of a marble statued goddess. Then there are butts, my favorites, perfect in their imperfection: Muriel with perhaps a little too much width that says, in a most carnal way "Fuck me!" and Mona, her lovely full rounded buns, slightly less than perfectly toned, that say unaffected pure girl, one that did not strain herself to hone her beauty but comes to us, fully nude, as nature made her. Fellow Hegre Members, if so inclined, please reply! Let us enjoy dialogue about nude female beauty.

Dan da man Estados Unidos de América

massage video???? This would be the perfect girl to shoot a massage bout an early Christmas present Mr. Hegre!

Estados Unidos de América

Wow .... Rodger...You know and have studied at Hegre. Fantastic. I must now check out the other butts decribed. I'm more of a face man. Melissa, Nickola, Ryonen ...Butt hey I will look .....up the others

Laurie Reino Unido

I am Profoundly Moved By her fragile sensuousness, a mounting joy that spreads through me with a warm glow. Irresistible...

Nikola alfombra peluda | August 30th, 2011
Nikola alfombra peluda
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA - La Sirena Tranquila Sexy, demure, HOT.

Panzer969 Estados Unidos de América

Who among us would deny we are members of this site so we could closely observe the sometimes naughty delights the incredibly gorgeous young ladies Petter has so generously brought to our attention? In that respect THIS gallery is among the most delightful in the entire collection. The smoldering beauty of the final shots make all that preceed exponentially more erotic. Once again, thanks Petter...

alex Reino Unido

nikola one incredibly sexy young woman

B Estados Unidos de América

What a great ass. Enough said.

paul Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Wow!!! I thought her last set was hot,this one is way over the top sexy hot. I thought beautiful Nikola might be too shy to show off her perfect ass like that. Some of the best poses ever.

Pete Reino Unido

Wow Wow, a great set and loving the rear view shots from 40 -53, Nikola is a great asset to the site, one of the best rears we have seen for some time. What about a joint set with Valerie.

hole in one Singapur

nikola cutest eighteen year old. she loves to show us her butt love and we love to see it. definitely want to see more of her, including closeups.

hole in one Singapur

nikola photo 39 is the most excellent pose...all the other beautiful models can learn from this young girl.

Dave Finlandia

Her Bottom The end half of the gallery is great..what a perfect arse, and her anus that is so well shown of in this set is just flawless.

Nikola Películas COMENTARIOS

Nikola Power Rack | August 12th, 2014
Nikola Power Rack
patric Estados Unidos de América

nikola now she may have never been with a man before but I find it real hard to believe that at 18 she has never rubbed one out. great video though but I am pretty sure she already knew what her clit was for and how to make herself cum

archcon212 Estados Unidos de América

Nikola Welcome back Nikola !! You have a perfectly proportioned body. Wow You are beautiful and sexy woman. Wow, one more time.

Evie Reino Unido

models Very nice, but not much shown of the power rack isleading title should have been called naked on the beach

Sandy Reino Unido

superb erotica I'd forgot how beautiful Nikola was and this film must rank as one of the most erotic on the site albeit a little disjointed! More please especially showing her aroused pussy whilst working out and an erotic massage where she is not in control of her arousal. Superb film all the same.

greg Reino Unido

Nilola Nikola is the most beautiful, natural girl on your site ... let's have some more videos of her soon. Some of the photo shoots taken in 2012 were great - were videos taken of these ? if not what a waste !

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely! I do love the day-in-the-life type vids!


Primer Masaje Erótico | October 11th, 2011
Primer Masaje Erótico
Victoria Reino Unido

Lasts longer These massage films show me so much. What I do now is stroke myself the way I see it being done here instead of the way I used to do it. This way it lasts a lot longer and is so satisfying.

Aaron Estados Unidos de América

Feet I loved the way the masseuse spent all that time on her feet. I could watch that all day. How about some feet movies, especially massage ones? There’s a whole load of possibilities that are just waiting for a showing.

Malcolm Canada

More dressing up wanted Best thing for me was the uniform that the masseuse is wearing. Crisp and white and a bit severe like a nurse. That’s the way to do it. I think we should see more role playing and dressing up to go with the massage. How about it?

Cy Mónaco

Thanks! Big breakthrough at last. My wife finally asked if she could join in watching this film with me. I have been trying to persuade her for a long time but she never agreed. This was a great one for us because it is slow and gentle and I think the title helped as well. Anyway she really saw the point of it and you can guess where it led. The thing was that we both learnt a lot from the movie and from each other. Thanks guys!

Becky Luxemburgo

New direction That description of the film is exactly me. I have been thinking those same things for months now ever since my last relationship finished. I think I need to go off in a completely new direction if you know what I mean.

Panda Reino Unido

Massages Whilst the masages are a delight, knowing the models name would be great. Who's the model in "First Erotic Masage" please?

webmaster Noruega

model name Hi Panda! the model in this massage movie is Nikola.

peterswiftt Estados Unidos de América

missed opportunity All in all this was a beautiful massage film. My only comment is what many of us have pointed out in the past. That is as the tiny piece of the puzzel thats missing. The one that would have maae thist a perfect film. As up close and personal as these are they are missing digital ANAL ENTRY! When are we going to take this to THE NEXT LEVEL? Or am I wrong?

slavefour Estados Unidos de América

RE: missed opportunity i agree with peter, why not a nice finger in the ass? she already close!

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

All this anal stuff... For those of you dying for anal penetration, first, go look at the Dominika C massage video. You'll get to see just what you want, and she just about squirts all over the table when she comes near the end of the movie. Then, go look at her interview video, and she discusses how she enjoys anal sex. So, in this case, it's a question of the model's personal preferences. I can only imagine that each individual is asked what they are comfortable with before doing one of these videos. For example, what is your personal position on appearing on the Internet with someone's finger in your anus while you orgasm? Frankly, tantric massage of the male involves prostate massage in this manner, while in women, the equivalent tissue is accessible at the front of the vagina. I am of the personal opinion that all this anal stuff in contemporary porn is a projection of male desires through a Freudian censor of homoeroticism. Women don't have prostates. To the extent that this site is showing authentic trantric therapy, you want the "cleansing the lingam" ceremony, not the "cleansing the yoni". IMHO, it is neither surprising nor necessarily homosexual for a man to experience extreme pleasure from prostate stimulation; but men incorrectly assume that women will obtain the same degree of pleasure from anal penetration that they themselves have secretly experienced. Porn actresses may do this on camera for suitable amounts of money; they may even convince you that it's a great time. That's the acting part. But if you had a vagina and an anus, and could choose where you wanted to be stroked inside, I think you'd prefer the former to the latter close to 100% of the time. OTOH, if you have a circumcised penis and a prostate, a hand, mouth, or vagina wrapped around the former and a finger up stroking the latter is guaranteed to blow your mind and your load. The tantric secret is that the erectile tissue in the penis and the clitoris are equivalent, the clitoral hood and uncircumcised penile prepuce are equivalent, and the G-spot (not so much a spot really) and the prostate are equivalent. To massage a G-spot or P-spot, you best go inside through the appropriate portal. To get to the G-spot, enter the vagina. To get to a P-spot, enter the anus. Back to Dominika C's massage video, note that when she finally comes big time, it's with clitoral and vaginal, not anal, stimulation.

Styles Reino Unido

Feet "Sensual Oil Massage" (number 13) has a nice bit of foot massaging in the middle. I'm not really big on feet myself, but it's Anna S in that one and it seems pretty much every part of her body is just sexy as hell - I love that bit in that film.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: missed opportunity I too strongly agree with Peter! Anal entry is so incredibly erotic and would a glorious addition to the already high quality Hegre site! Well put Peter and thank you for taking the lead on this!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

NIKOLA & The Masseuse While this is a nice sensual massage video, I think to say that it is "erotic" is an overstatement. Were this a massage video like the ones featuring DOMINIKA, SILVIE, TASHA, and THEA (all 3 women were brought to orgasm), then this one could be considered erotic. I trust that there will be more videos featuring NIKOLA fully nude.

maggie and Pete Estados Unidos de América

The last several massage videos have been fabulous! Hot, beautiful, sexy girls -- and beautiful orgasms as well. Now it is time for another guy, please! just to keep things in balance.

ROTP Estados Unidos de América

relaxation..... time well spent over through the ether, would lovve to meet her in person, nice moves.....

James Michaels Estados Unidos de América

Nikola's 1st Numerous thoughts: This is the best and most erotic "technical" massage I think we have seen. This therapist knows the moves and strokes. Loved the attention to anus (finally) and connective tissue in the groin--both super-responsive areas of the body. Had the therapist lost the bandeau under her shirt, this film would have been considerably more provocative--nothing overt; just glimpses. Cool shorts, though. Considering this was her 1st, I guess it is understandable how Nikola could have so much self control. We will have to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope for more response in #2

bobbob Estados Unidos de América

Thea training film All massage models should watch Thea on the table before entering the water!

Johnny-4 Estados Unidos de América

Really enjoyed seeing Nikola on film. She is an incredibly beautiful model and to see he on film was a real treat. Hoping there is another massage video featuring her. It would really add a lot to see her moving with the massage strokes and audibly sharing the pleasure of the experience.

lv21 Estados Unidos de América

I agree. A little anal play would go a long way :-)

sedphx Estados Unidos de América

AMAZING massage therapist. In my humble opinion, she is what made this video special. Truly hope we see her at work again! :)

Cristhian Brasil

First Erotic Massage FANTASTIC!!!

Cristhian Brasil

RE: I agree!!!! The therapist let this video hot....

Groblet Australia

Alex. I agree totally Have to agree totally with Alex. There seems to be a preoccupation with anal entry by many people who leave comments here. As a masseur. gentle stimulation of the outer section of a female anus is fine but penetrating digital stimulation is not physically required unless requested by the recipient. Lets stop presuming what is good for the gander is good for the goose. If you gentleman want to stimulate your prostate for statisfaction, then by all means do so. But don't presume that it is a necessity of female massage and sexual satisfaction.

FresnoMikey Estados Unidos de América

a gander Women have as many nerve endings in the anus as men. The model could have rejected this in advance if she wanted. As a regular recipient of happy-ending Swedish massages (and a rare deep finger) from an attractive Laotian woman, I vote for all pleasure. Having received massages from more than two dozen tech's for more than 35 years, I vote for a nude and pretty masseuse.

John Suecia

Next level? This was a great massage movie, thanks! Slow and gentle sex is always very arousing. But, as a slight critiscism, these wonderful movies are all very much the same. Always shaved girls; what's wrong with massaging a girl with a full bush, at least sometime? Pubic hair brings out the womanhood in a girl! And why not bind the model down on the bench for massage once in a while? We who have tried it IRL know that it magnifies the experience and arousment. And about anal: why use the rear entrance when there's such a lovely main entrance...? :-) That's just my 2 cents, everybody has their own taste. Well, but that's my taste anyway!

peterswifttt Estados Unidos de América

don't ask don't tell There seems to be a lot of misconceptions over anal. Anal delivers great pleasure to the woman, period! No one, including me asked to have the modle approve or disapprove of it. The best way would be for the masseuse to slip it in totally by supprise and unannounced. What is the recipient to do? get up and leave the filming? I think not. In the throws of this kind of passion it would be GREATLY welcomed. As our model nears climax, the finger should be S L O W L Y withdrawn and as for us the viewer (customer) , art would be taken to the next level. I feel that if we were to put it to the vote, the number of us sensible viewers would be OVERWELMING. Another added plus would be for the masseuse to slip the naturally moist finger from the vagina under the models nose for a while then into her mouth. What a turn on, not for the squeamish.

Groblet Australia

RE: a gander Mike It is the stimulation of the prostate gland that provides the sexual gratification for men. Women don't have a prostate gland therefore the sensation is not the same. Stimulation of the prostate causes penile erection and ejaculation. Last time I checked most women don't fit this catagory. Certainly there may be the nerve endings around the anus that you refer to but that is not a case for anal entry unless, as I said earlier, it is requested by the recipient.

Geoff Estados Unidos de América

kudos The masseuse is absolutely amazing - wow - could not take my eyes off her hands and motions - strange and surprising - she's vastly more interesting than the girl getting the massage !

Darkman Estados Unidos de América

Oct 11th video Did she achieve orgasm? Did I miss it. Great sensual massage but I don't think she released.

chaparral Canada

très jolie je bande à te regarder nue apprécier ce massage sensuel, j'aimerais te toucher

Fract Holanda

Pretty girl! The hotness is in the details, but she does seem a bit.. erm.. 'Maguro'.

Frank Estados Unidos de América

For me, the excitement of the massage videos is the model, who begins as a passive recipient and eventually becomes aroused into an orgasmic state. However, in this case, the very attractive model never goes past the passive recipient condition, making the whole exercise boring and pointless.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Unresponsive Monika The recipient is certainly passively unresponsive to the eye, but perhaps she's one of those women who have undemonstrative orgasms. Or, maybe, (as it was her first massage of this kind), she didn't relax enough to allow her feelings to take over.

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Incredible Massage Video What a great massage video, Petter! As a lover of Nikolas beautiful body, especially her pretty super sexy bare soles. I love the attention paid to her lickable bare feet in the Video! My manhood is at full mast every time i watch it! I wish all the massage videos were just like this!

fixi Alemania

video bitte ein von Nikola