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Foto de Kiki


Foto de Kiki
Nombre: Kiki
País: Ucrania
Peso: 46kg
Altura: 168cm
Edad: 22
Ocupación: Escritora

Dulce para la mente

Kiki se ha unido al personal de nuestras LiveCams. Ella combina un encanto sexy con inteligencia. Siempre elegante, siempre con estilo y super inteligente: eso es Kiki.

Esta belleza domina el inglés así que puede compartir tus deseos así como aportar los suyos. Kiki está llena de ideas frescas y no puede contener su talento creativo. Está causando revuelo en la música ucraniana. Sus letras llegan a lo más profundo. Sus poemas publicados dan una nueva dimensión a la frase "poesía romántica". Nos faltó sólo un segundo para ver que Kiki es sofisticada y astuta. Su pasión está a flor de piel.

Ella está lista, aquí y ahora, para compartir todo esto contigo en la intimidad.

¡Clic aquí para conocerla en persona!

Kiki Galerías

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Kiki retratos oscuros | August 15th, 2013
Kiki retratos oscuros
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

yet another "short, but sweet". kiki is lovely!

Rico Portugal

classic Can't go wrong with KIKI .... fabulous body

Max Tailandia

Great set of shots and a stunningly beautiful Kiki. Love her new pubic hair style too.

Lion_01 Holanda

Kiki's an absolute Goddess. This set proves it yet again. Almost as usual, it's not nearly long enough. But then again, I could watch 1000 photos of her and still be wanting more...

Lion_01 Holanda

Oh and it could be due to my legs fetish, but I feel an irresistible desire to fuck her creamy white thighs...

Herr Lich Alemania

It could be due to my skin-fetish but I do prefer Kiki clean shaven. The shrub down there looks pretty scratchy! Other than that I totally agree: Kiki is a goddess. As soon as I am rich I will build a temple for her. A big one.

Sandy Reino Unido

ouses sex! Still a hypnotically beautiful girl who can do no wrong

Kiki exhibición | July 11th, 2013
Kiki exhibición
GEERT Alemania

Kiki Hallo Kiki, herrlich deine sich immer weiter öffnende Möse mit einen tiefen Einblick in das Feuchtgebiet. Weiter sooo!!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI STRIKES A POSE KIKI ascends the pedestal, where she will assume the pose and be transformed into a bronze statue.

Rico Portugal

statue I wouldn't mind to have a statue like this on my leaving room .... perfect vulva kiki :))

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Kiki is always a favorite of mine; the close ups in this set were so inviting.

androcles Canada

I'm always grateful for more close-ups of Kiki's beautiful pussy. Gets me up and ready for a new day.

pier_hart19 Italia

The pussy of KIKI Splendid,marvellous,wonderfull pussy.YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAA

Tom Alemania

Pussy The perfect vulva!

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Mmmmmmmm Kiki is can see her wet white cum......

Mike Suiza

Kiki Wunderschönes Mädchen, schön kleine Brüste, offene Scheide, mir gefallen auch ihre strammen Schenkel...

Kiki monumental | June 26th, 2013
Kiki monumental
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I suddenly wanna be a stool! lol

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI VITALIZED Newly emerged from what had been a freshly cast statue of bronze, KIKI awakes as if from a long sleep fully nude and free.

Herr Lich Alemania

The Rough Being attracted by a woman's body always means wanting to enjoy the scent and taste of her nether regions to me. I am VERY attracted by Kiki. Yet I would be very afraid to hurt my upper lip and my nose! Thank god there is an attractive backside to be tasted, too.

Josh Estados Unidos de América

RE: The Rough I think the peach fuzz is sexy

Kiki Valerie fricción de vulvas | June 23rd, 2013
Kiki Valerie fricción de vulvas
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Pussy Friction I hope there will soon be a film of this encounter between Valerie and Kiki.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Pussy Friction yes, please!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América


windmill Holanda

Valery & Kiki You are great together. There is beautiful passion between you two. Many thanks for the pure joy in all touches and caresses.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

These lovely ladies truly enjoy each other and all that for the pleasure of their fans. Fantastic!

josef77 Austria

wow spitze geill

ailefroide Bélgica

Kiki and Valerie As beautiful as desire.

Kiki cuerpo bomba parte 2 | May 31st, 2013
Kiki cuerpo bomba parte 2
Sinful Reino Unido

Kiki What can I say? A truly amazing vision of beauty!

soletaster Estados Unidos de América

Kiki's Feet The most perfct soles on those beautiful feet. I would clean those wrinkles forever if she would let me! Anthose legs going up to that perfectass.... oh jeeeeez, makes me want to make her cum, over and over

Rowdy Tailandia

looks tasty indeed wow.... LIKE too Much.. great work KIKI

Erekhart Alemania

Great Great Series! I especially like no. 52, the way she looks at us while spreading her legs.

Kiki Valerie pura pasión | May 24th, 2013
Kiki Valerie pura pasión
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

O...M...G!!! PLEEEEEEASSSSE tell me this is gonna be a video!!!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

VALERIE & KIKI EN CELO Two beautiful women, livradas da roupa, consumed by a fiery, all-consuming passion, taking special delight in each other.

Zeppelin Alemania

My dreams fly... tasting one godesses juices from the mouth of the other goddess, joining in on them and creating a blend of their tastes while playing with them is what I dream of.

Valerie crema a Kiki | May 12th, 2013
Valerie crema a Kiki
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice that these ladies have changed places...still needs a video!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

VALERIE & KIKI - EXTASE "Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive" when the sailor espied from the spyglass as the ship sighted the distant sun-baked shore. Where 2 Women, majestic in their mutual nakedness, teased and caressed each other's sleek and oily bodies, their laughter a bewitching melody.

Kiki Valerie mujer de venus | April 29th, 2013
Kiki Valerie mujer de venus
Cosworth Alemania

Kiki and Valerie I like it. Beatyful women with beautyful bodies.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

VALERIE y KIKI EN CELO Together they make F-I-R-E.

Guest Estados Unidos de América

Three's Company Beautiful couple! There is only one person missing to make this the best photo set :)

Herr Lich Alemania

VIDEO Please!

dexter Estados Unidos de América

C'Mon why won't you just show it. Otherwise it's just fake! Give us out memberships worth. More Valerie please.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

loved what I saw! although, I must say, it looked as though they were just getting into something more exciting! here's hoping they continue! and hopefully, on a video soon, too!

Dan4Hegre Estados Unidos de América

A Valerie Comeback? It's been forever since we've had the erotic pleasure of seeing Valerie. When will she be coming back???

Kiki crema sobre Valerie | April 16th, 2013
Kiki crema sobre Valerie
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

VALERIE & KIKI - A PERFECT COMBINATION Together once more, VALERIE & KIKI blend well together like hand in glove. Both bodies sleek, sexy, and well-oiled. Sigh!

Guest Estados Unidos de América

Valerie's legs!! Valerie's legs, Kiki's eyes, Clover's tight pussy and Engelie's smile...the new Girls show!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

yet another set that MUST be a video!!!

silmir71 Francia

RE: Photo number 48 Jamais....mais jamais je n'ai vu une femme aussi belle et un corps aussi parfait. Mon Dieu ,faites beaucoup de filles aussi belles.....merci Valérie de nous laisser te contempler !

Herr Lich Holanda

It is unfair to place anybody next to Valerie. Even lovely perfect goddess Kiki looks like a frog next to her.

Kiki Valerie poder femenino | April 9th, 2013
Kiki Valerie poder femenino
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, it seems you now have a little something for everyone! hope we get a video of this!

TuriyaRaver Australia

Please tell me... ...that there's video of this coming soon to the site!?

Casanova9 Bulgaria

Kiki & Valerie ... milk & cocoa ...:-)

gvmffx Bélgica

...I like it.....

Pecten Estados Unidos de América

Amazing Incredible- where's the video???

Byron1820 Australia

More! The contrast between black and white skin is wonderfully erotic, as several sites have shown; this set of pics is delicious, and I must say a video would be extremely welcome.

Ahmet Turquía

Perfect Picture doses are always increasing, perfect and please continue.

Variable-43 Estados Unidos de América

Very erotic. I only wish Valerie would have licked around Kiki's sweet, dark rim...

jordanit Estados Unidos de América

Best set in a long time. Fantastic! Get rid of the sets with men altogether and give us more of these, please. Thank you.

Starscout Estados Unidos de América

More, please I fantasize of a video series with Valerie and Kiki...imagine the erotic episodes...69...massage...tribbing...breast play and deep kissing...heart be still! In the meantime, bravo for outstanding pictorial with these two incredible beauties.

dexter Estados Unidos de América

video? I wish that Kiki actually would put her tongue inside of Valerie's pussy

HBO Noruega


Dan4Hegre Estados Unidos de América

More of Valerie? This was such a hot and erotic shoot. Both gals are huge turn-ons. When will we see Valerie again? She is such a sweetheart, and one of the most exciting models ever featured here... or anywhere. She is why I became a member of Hegre-Art in the first place. Please bring her back.......

Kiki 50 sombras de gray | April 4th, 2013
Kiki 50 sombras de gray
MojoMa_55 Suiza

50 Shades of Grey It doesn't really work with stills, unless what is in the book is enacted in the images. Even then, a film is far better than a series of still pictures because the latter are too obviously 'posed' and therefore lack emotional dynamism.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI EN CELO Who says that Reading isn't sexy? KIKI, livrada da roupa, shows how it is.

Guest Estados Unidos de América

Fully nude and free Lovely Kiki :)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Fully nude and free I see someone else is a fan of the "fully nude and free" lol if anyone knows a better way to describe it, do tell!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

This women is so damn sexual. I didn't think there could ever be a replacement for Anna S , but she does it.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

anna s' match? hmmmm...not quite, in my book. nothing wrong with lovely kiki! but, she aint anna!

Herr Lich Alemania

Match or not I`d rather not have to chose one over the other. I want them all: Anna S. AND Kiki AND Valerie AND Flora!

Kiki la poeta | March 26th, 2013
Kiki la poeta
Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Even eith panties on Kiki exudes sexuality

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

poet? we get to hear kiki reading poetry next? anyway...she's lovely!

Herr Lich-1 Alemania

As always, your pictures boost my appetite for tasty goddess. Yet I am used to be the scratchy one, in your case I'd be afraid to get hurt while nibbling on your sweet parts.

simon Suiza

Nice panties :-)

Tanster Estados Unidos de América

Luscious and delectable While Kiki is already luscious sans makeup, with it on, it makes her just so much more delectable, especially in the picture where she pulls at her hair just clad in an alluring half smile and her colorful panties. And those haunches are to die for... I also love her accent in the video where she reads from Fifty Shades of Gray. What languages does she speak aside from English, Ukrainian and possibly Russian?

Mike S. Estados Unidos de América

Kiki is Truly Missed Kiki, IMHO, is one of the most beautiful and truly desirable young women that has ever graced these pages! I, for one, miss her very much and wish with all my heart that she would consent to return. Kiki, if you ever read these comments please come back! It would make your loyal and loving fans (me included) so very happy! All the very best to you lovely goddess!

Kiki y Valerie juego de roles | March 22nd, 2013
Kiki y Valerie juego de roles
harpoon Holanda

where is the strap-on dildo?

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

VALERIE & KIKI - SIRENAS EN CELO VALERIE & KIKI. Together, fully nude and free, both of them are as a raw flame, burning bright and fierce. Their howls of passion echo everywhere.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

here's hopin to see a continuation! (and, a video)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: harpoon LOL I dont wanna see a she-male either!

Guest Estados Unidos de América

dry run preview of an amazing video :)

Jeff Alemania

RE: VALERIE & KIKI - SIRENAS EN CELO And, of course, fully nude and free

circus3000 Estados Unidos de América

why only side angle shots? Would have been great to see behind or front shots.....just saying.

Sandy Reino Unido

RE: position I agree! The set really got me going as I expected (probably like everyone else!!!) that the next picture was going to be from behind. What a wasted erotic experience as some of the pictures would have been mindblowing!

Kiki masajista turbo | March 7th, 2013
Kiki masajista turbo
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

yet another set that MUST be a video!!!

flashblack Australia

RE: yes please a long vid thank you

meon here Reino Unido

eatable Nothing short of eatable. That's what I'd call it!

Anakos96 Estados Unidos de América

How unbelievably exciting would it be to see Kiki just touch the masseuse with a hand just a few frames expressing the sexual tension that must exist between them, and in the last frame she reaches up with her face and their lips just touch - a show of appreciation for what she has just given Kiki. WOW

kasey22 Reino Unido

I want her so badly... video please.

Canchahel Francia

Zana/Dana Our gracious Zana hasn’t lost the knack, with men or women. Maybe, one day, we’ll see the four hands of Zana and Fabi in action at the same time.

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Mmmmmmm Her pussy is so deliciously swollen....

Star-3 Japón

oh why she is not live-cam

Kiki Exámen Ginecológico | February 28th, 2013
Kiki Exámen Ginecológico
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice start...when do we get to the "exam" part?

TuriyaRaver Australia

"Genealogical"? lol I don't think Kiki is going to find out much about her family history doing this!

Canchahel Francia

Gynecological examination It’s the beginning, of course; I hope that Kiki will be examined by a nurse (Engelie?). The confusion of "genealogical" with "gynecological" is interesting because maybe it’s not impossible to find out some family connections from the observation of the genitals and not only of the face. Both are probably the most specific morphological expressions of the genes.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Love the naughtiness of the woman.

Slider Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Yes! Let's get to the real thing!

egrise Estados Unidos de América

Kiki genealogical examination Some family tree! Looks more gynecological to me, but hey, what do I know! You can examine my family tree any time Kiki.

Tom Alemania

This is posing - no examination.

Timo E Estados Unidos de América

Kiki exam title Nice save!

Erekhart Suiza

Follow this idea more consequently Kiki's basically playing with the chair. I think it would have been much more erotic if she really had to lay down like for a real examination, legs deep in the stirrups, pelvis on the edge of the char, spread wide...

Mike Suiza

Kiki Kiki ist wunderschön, flacher Bauch, kleine Brüste, glatt rasiert... Bild Nr. 36 auf welchem das Mädchen mit weit gespreizten Beinen auf dem Stuhl sitzt und die Arme über den Kopf streckt ist besonders erotisch... Fehlt nur noch ein Spekulum.

Kiki follando a Valerie | February 17th, 2013
Kiki follando a Valerie
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

smokin hot! though, I wonder where the "shag" part comes in. nice start, though!

rsmitty Australia

I love that Kiki is sexy enough to hold her own space with Valerie. Some of the other models were dominated by her.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

VALERIE & KIKI REUNITE VALERIE and KIKI find ecstatic joy in being together again, fully nude and free. Son dos mujeres apaisonadas en celo.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Im Mont that small group of guys that likes man/ woman more than woman / woman. But this set is highly erotic.

Matt Suiza

Bodies Awesome to see how similar and different her bodies are. I would love to see a picture similar to the first one, but where they stand up. Really sexy set by the way!

PPete Australia

Great Photo Set This is really well done ! Would love to see this a movie. Who agrees ?

Guest Estados Unidos de América

Gorgeous Girls!! Kiki has the best pussy and Val has beautiful legs!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Great Photo Set agreed!

Sandy Reino Unido

left me wanting Great subject title but lacking in delivery. Disappointing that the camera angle was fixed I kept on thinking it would pan soon, to no avail. A couple of pictures of their excited pussies would have rounded off this set, I was left wanting as to what the set could have been from a promising title

ailefroide Bélgica

Kiki and Valerie It looks like happiness

Kiki cuerpo explosivo | February 6th, 2013
Kiki cuerpo explosivo
Zeppelin Alemania

New? Is this a new set? Does that mean she's actually grown a beard?

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI RE-EMERGES What was a young kitty with tawny fur is soon transformed by the wizard's wave of the hand into a young woman, brunette and fully nude. KIKI arises from the floor of the darkened room.

Letti Alemania

Kiki....... Dear Petter, Kiki is my absolutly favorit and you has the right feeling for her beauty. Also I admired since many years your Luba, the most beautiful women you had photographed. Thank you very much for so many nice pictures

Lubafy me Estados Unidos de América

awesome this is just awesome. I love Kiki. This is the kind of set and poses I want to see Luba in. PLEEASE shoot something of Lube like this!

peron Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 35 Despite the other heavenly parts of her anatomy, I think it's this angel's face that makes her so irresistible.

Kiki corta y guapa | January 16th, 2013
Kiki corta y guapa
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

breath honey! no need to suck it in so much!

MM Estados Unidos de América

Cut and Cute is right. Kiki looks fantastic with her torso stretched out, hanging onto the overhead lattice. The set brings out how lean and mean she is.

Stevieay Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 21 Fresh, innocent & stunning!

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Very nice Kiki is getting to thin....

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie fiesta en la piscina | December 19th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie fiesta en la piscina
KOMET Estados Unidos de América


Zeppelin Alemania

Boredom? Loathing even? Candice's face is a turn-off in most of the pictures. As soon as she smiles things are completely different. Does she really hate what she's doing most of the time? And while we're at it: her tiny patch of pubes doesn't fit the scenery. If you need a helping hand to get rid of it - I'll be available. Anytime.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

The Multiple Cunt Effect There is something about seeing four cunts open up, as in photos 24 and 25, that is greater than four times the pleasure of seeing one. Call it a mystery. Call it the Multiple Cunt Effect.

ailefroide Bélgica

pool party hot temperature in the pool

Kiki tan apretada | December 13th, 2012
Kiki tan apretada
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

another nice start! a bit short!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI - SENSUAL & ENIGMATIC Who wouldn't want to run and dance fully nude with KIKI?

MM Estados Unidos de América

so right, awesome abs

kasey22 Reino Unido

More! I just can't seem to get enough of this girl. So so beautiful... Does anyone know of any other site which she might be on?

janezs Polonia

RE: Photo number 28 Mmm...

Sneddly Australia

Too skinny She could afford to put on a couple of pounds.

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Tasty Pussy Would love to lick her sexy...

Mike Suiza

Kiki Bei so schön schlanken Mädchen kommen die Brüste besonders schön zur Geltung, Bild Nr.22 Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmh...

Armpitfetish Canada

Just WOW Marvellous set of pics. Magnificent poses.

Kiki clit | November 27th, 2012
Kiki clit
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Yet another dry tub-tease! nice start. But, I hope she gets wet soon!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI EN CELO KIKI amply shows here why she is a sexy beast. Purrrr.

Chaotic Estados Unidos de América

Sexy eyes

Voyeur México

I love this model. Kiki shows us all of her most beautiful self and has a most desirous pussy to taste.

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie equipo de ensueño | November 23rd, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie equipo de ensueño
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI, VALERIE, CANDICE & ENGELIE = DREAM TEAM Lovely photo set, though far too few photos.

kasey22 Reino Unido

I can't get enough of Kiki and her delicious sixpack. Please make another video of her soon. I'd love to see the sweat run off her, straining and racked with desperate pleasure as orgasm after orgasm are ripped from her wet little body.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América


Kiki dicha corporal | November 15th, 2012
Kiki dicha corporal
Nick-9-2 Estados Unidos de América

"Kiki" (I know that's not her real name but I'll call her that for convenience) has an absolutely beautiful face but I think she could gain a bit of weight, she is looking bony and angular. It's a shame, a girl like her could carry a few curves very well.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI AL AIRE LIBRE KIKI is teasing and beguiling with her doe-like eyes --- fully nude and free.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: nick glad I'm not the only one put off by skeletal remains!kiki is not quite there yet, imo. but...

oldergent2 Estados Unidos de América

Kiki body bliss I agree about Kiki's weight. She seems to have slimmed down quite a bit since she started on Hegre. Her stats say she's now 5'6" and 97 lbs! It's almost like she's in a competition with Flora (who also lost quite a bit of weight compared to her pictures on Hegre-Art a couple years ago).

Nando Colombia

I agree with Nick that Kiki has pretty face but the body is way too thin, to the point where she looks unhealthy. Would like to see more curves on an athletic body like Coxy´s.

jacob Bélgica

kiki i find her fgur perfect look outside and you see more heavy girls this is perfect for me well done

simon Suiza

Nice girl as always. It would have been even better, if the focus point would be on here rather than on the ropes :-)

Kiki y Valerie fuerza femenina | November 7th, 2012
Kiki y Valerie fuerza femenina
Nick Estados Unidos de América

pictorial Ah yes. As I kissed her lips, she crossed her legs and broke my glasses. To beautiful ladies professionally and superbly photographed. Valerie, you are still my site favorite. No offence Kiki.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice tease! here's hopin the fun continues!

barrabooka Australia

Kiki and valerie Oh how I would love to be Kiki looking down on Valeries georgeous ass hole and cunt..What a delicious sight from so close.

cameron Estados Unidos de América

Duo Your both my favorites. I see why peter choose them because of there beauty and similiarity in #67. Simply amazing shots.

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie bellezas durmientes | October 27th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie bellezas durmientes
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

RETURN OF THE FAB 4 How sweet they are!

abby Estados Unidos de América

four beauties They're all gorgeous. I especially like the last two shots, they look like they're having fun together!

Laurie Reino Unido

Unexceptional This egocentric photographer consistently shows little imagination...

The Chef Suecia

Boiling pool Ahh! The girls are so hot that they almost makes the pool boiling! They looks so sweet and relaxed. Feels warm to look at, here in Sweden the winter has arrived. This site will make me survive the winter, looking at all the exotic places with sweet girls laying basking in the sun.

gator Estados Unidos de América

4some Some of the most imaginative photos I have ever seen of four naked women in a swimming pool. Well done !

jamu Singapur

RE: Photo number 26 what beautiful feasting...

delavignette Bélgica

Valerie, Kiki, Engelie and Candice I'll never forget ...

Kiki casa del árbol | October 19th, 2012
Kiki casa del árbol
Anakos96 Reino Unido

Kiki Petter - your tasteful presentation of the perfect body and particularly breasts is amazing! Thank You! God Helg!

Zeppelin Alemania

She is not real is she?

jacob Holanda

what a girl Petter a great job this is a girl i want to have in my class

teddyr Estados Unidos de América

Kiki When will you bring Kiki and Flora together in a video?

simon Suiza

I need to build a tree house and wait for such a bird to settle. Nice. And i like the blue 'something'.

Jean-Pierre Luxemburgo

RE: She is not real well, it's she. Unfortunately she became much more skinny than her earlier photo sessions. I wish she eats more, because she used to be so hot.

HJ Reino Unido

divine Elf like beauty shines, shines, naughty,

archcon212 Estados Unidos de América

Kiki I really, really lust for you.

kasey22 Reino Unido

I love her lean look. I want more of her six pack, and please, make another film of her where she sweats again; she's even sexier covered with sweat.

Kiki masajista mágica | October 8th, 2012
Kiki masajista mágica
KOMET Estados Unidos de América


pierhart15 Italia

Massagge of KIKI Exicitant, one's own much excitant

pierhart15 Italia

Kiki Very exciting. All the photos son exciting moo. And then I would want that my penis it was the dark object with which Kiki rubs his clitoris. With these photos I desire that my penis both to direct contact with the clitoris of Kiki to enjoy with her

AM Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 36 Such a beautiful woman to admire.

rob Estados Unidos de América

Mike is waiting for kiki....lets get these 2 together please!

gator Estados Unidos de América

Kiki This is what I signed up for. In a word : Awesome ! Why aren't all the sessions like this ?

kasey2 Reino Unido

This set would've been so much better if you took photos from the actual film where she was drenched with sweat.

Kiki silueta definida | September 18th, 2012
Kiki silueta definida
ThoRn Estados Unidos de América

Damn hot!!!!!


smokin hot, indeed

HJ Reino Unido

Ribs No. 17

kasey22 Reino Unido

Abs Such a beautiful girl. I love her abs; can we see more of them...pleeeeeaasse!x

rvd Estados Unidos de América

I think it's time kiki meets mike

MooMan Reino Unido

Amazingly Hot Whatever that magic is that makes a woman sexy, this one is full of it.

Kiki bañera thai | September 8th, 2012
Kiki bañera thai
kasey22 Reino Unido

I love her six pack. Please, please can you make another video where she sweats?

truth2012 Estados Unidos de América

OMG, Kiki is absolutely awesome!

Nav Estados Unidos de América

Bring it home, Kiki :) Gorgeous lickable anus.


RE: Photo number 52 what a beautiful asshole...

Armpitfetish Canada

Kiki perfect body Kiki have magnificent soft lickable armpits :)

Kiki and Valerie 69 sexy | September 3rd, 2012
Kiki and Valerie 69 sexy

PLEEEEASE tell me there's gonna be a video of this!!!

H Reino Unido

Prefect Moves nicely to another level but still retains the innocence of curiousity

Tantricinafrica Chipre

Wow Wow, just beautiful

Guest Estados Unidos de América

Wet & Hot Valerie I've rarely seen wet Valerie except a few times on the hot!!

abby Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful! Just gorgeous! Love the shots of them rubbing pussies, too!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

VALERIE & KIKI - SIZZLIN' HOT Both women enwrapped together are a perfect blend of passion and Sapphic release.

Dext Estados Unidos de América

The Best Yet! Valerie is the most beautiful woman on this site. Please keep them coming. Also, I really hope you have a video of this. If not, pleeease make one of Valerie in lesbian action!!

simon Suiza

Valerie is good at spreading other girls' pussies. What about the other way round? Very nice set though.

Fract Holanda

Nothing gets my heart racing more than a shoot with some good tribadism in it. Just... incredible!

alalrik4th Canada

SEXY 69 Now we're talking! superb!

Abi Francia

Beautiful !!! Strong congratulations ! This set is really intense and beautiful ! And thank you to have gave up false fingernails, high heels, false eyeslashes, pantyhoses, garters, or anything that usually used in what could have been beautiful sets and changed them into huge disppointing and frustrating ones. Here is absolutely beautiful and everything is perfect. Just one thing though : Kiki should avoid to watch the camera, and should prefer to watch her girlfriend Valerie.

tdonna5 Estados Unidos de América

I would much rather see a guy and a girl than this!!!!

Laurie Reino Unido

Stunning The erotic intensity is deliciously arousing...


RE: tdonna5 to each their own, I guess

Mink Holanda

Movie! Pleaseeeee

Le Chef Suecia

Sweet! Valerie is the reason I joined this site. This set shows why. Her long slim figure close to Kiki almost makes me speachless. Thank you Petter!

greatness Estados Unidos de América

contrasting beauties Wow, what a hot set, video please, love the pussy spreading, valeries nipples are unbelievable, she should wear tight shirts without a bra, and you should take a video of peoples reaction to that, haha.

mondo Estados Unidos de América

Breathtaking The incredible controlled intensity of this set almost took my breath away. These women's enjoyment of their partners' body is total, and entirely unfeigned. One of the rarest erotic experiences I've ever had.

mondo Estados Unidos de América

Breathtaking The incredible controlled intensity of this set almost took my breath away. These women's enjoyment of their partners' body is total, and entirely unfeigned. One of the rarest erotic experiences I've ever had.

gr8hitr Estados Unidos de América

this should be on film

Mike Holanda

RE: RE: tdonna5 Yeaahhhhhhh I agree 100% Movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

pierhart15 Italia

The pussy of Kiki Petter you have been fantastic with this gallery. He/she wanted us a 69 among two women. The most beautiful photos are the number 22 and 23, in which Valerie widens the pussy of Kiki but also Kiki would have had to widen the pussy d Valerie when they are the ona above the other. The pussy of widened Kiki and all rose it is stupendous. Beautiful gallery

Rainer Alemania

Endlich zeigt Valerie ihr nasses Fötzchen, mein Spatz ist ganz steif...

Nav Estados Unidos de América

Quality, genuine set.

Dex Estados Unidos de América

movie please! Please tell me you will be making a movie of this. Valerie and Kiki 69 video, a masterpiece!

j841 Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 22 Kiki has an absolutely delicious hot anus.

Dan4Hegre Estados Unidos de América

And also, Valerie deserves an equal complimentary comment on her adorably hot anus... two very exceptional bodies here... very erotic shoot.

Kiki expo | August 30th, 2012
Kiki expo
Laurie Reino Unido

Subtle Variations Its a pleasure to comment on images with a narrative. Erotic and deliciously intimate with nuanced shades...

peterswift Estados Unidos de América

RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX! Wow! How refreshing to see her wetness right from fraim one. The cream and a little crust, all natural and nothing mechanical here. What a pleasantry after seeing so many dry ones on models that just go through the motions. This one really enjoys what she is doing as much as I like to look. Just wish that I could taste.

Guest Estados Unidos de América

once in 100 years... to me...Kiki is the girl comes to earth only once in 100 years...

Guildenstern Estados Unidos de América

impish and alluring Kiki is beautiful, impish and alluring. And her obvious arousal makes this set even more so.

Geert Alemania

kiki HalloKiki, Schön - wie ganz sanft der Saft aus deinen Pfläumchen hervor Läuft. Weiter sooo!

slick willy Estados Unidos de América

Kiki is so appealing but she often looks terribly bored.

Guest Estados Unidos de América

RE: not bored at all if you have chatted with her, she is funny and rolls her eyes when you tease cute :)

archcon212 Estados Unidos de América

Niki Niki is my favorite. Awesome body, no flaws anywhere. She is my fantasy.

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie cuatro fantásticas | August 29th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie cuatro fantásticas

four statuesque beauties in all their glory! what could be better? well, maybe a bit more variety in poses. but, it's worth the wait! I can make due, for now, with skimming over past sets.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

VALERIE-KIKI-ENGELIE-& CANDICE: THE FIERY 4 In a word, together these 4 fully nude women are SMOLDERING!

Egrise Estados Unidos de América

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie 4 fab females Don't just STAND there. DO something!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Isaac Newton's Law of Naked Girls It was Isaac Newton who first postulated that the visual pleasure of watching four beautiful naked girls is greater than the sum of watching each girl singly. By formula: VP(visual pleasure)=kn squared where k=coefficient of naked girl pleasure and n=number of naked girls. Newton also said (or was it me?) that similar formulas can be used when seeing their butts, tits and cunts, except that for tits n is preceded by a "2"

Roger Estados Unidos de América

4 Beautiful Nudes Hegre you hit the jackpot is this series! There is something curiously additive in the erotic pleasure with multiple models. Excellently choreographed with the changing poses of the girls complementing each other. (Sort of reminds me of synchronized swimming!) Having all four girls totally nude throughout is most appropriate, and we lack for nothing in the posing: all four girls' tits butts and cunts are well displayed. The models are all lovely but my favorite, of course, is Engelie. Thank you girls and Hegre!

HJ Reino Unido

FOUR It's seems to me one of these girls is being a bit naughty

Laurie Reino Unido

Underwhelmed I am hard pressed to stifle a yawn...

Roger Estados Unidos de América

The Butt Crack Dance Great to see the girls' four butt cracks move side to side in photos 22-26! Very erotic! Of course bit naughty Engelie does us the favor of opening up and pushing her butt out a little further than the other girls! Thank you Engelie!

Kiki Valerie interracial intenso | August 22nd, 2012
Kiki Valerie interracial intenso

ebony and ivory, go together in...well... you know the rest!lol

Egrise Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Valerie intense interracial Stunning. Seemingly spontaneous and joyful. A huge turn on and much more erotic than some of the earlier frozen poses we have seen. More, more!

Cameron Estados Unidos de América

Wow i am speechless with amazement. I delight with every photo how each model is similiar to oneother. My eyes are smiling well done Peter.

Scorpio Estados Unidos de América

Awesome I love the contrast of skin tone. And there's touching. I wish Coxy & Mike could have shown one of them touching the other more than just propping up and lifts. I don't expect sex, but at least look like they want to be in the pictures together. These two at least look like they want to be here.

dave Estados Unidos de América

beautiful awesome pics. valerie my fav model.

Vashti Australia

Film? Ah, if only this was a movie! - really, increasingly beautiful the more fami8liar they are with each other's bodies.

green Hong Kong

would love to see the other remaining shots and films from Mauritius trip too

Lakeshore22 Estados Unidos de América

I love how wet & creamy Valerie was throughout this shoot...

Kiki contraste | August 15th, 2012
Kiki contraste

the bear died for a good cause!lol

barrabooka Australia

Kiki What a delightful and so so natural young lady. WD Peter!

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Just beautiful.....Kiki and Caprice.....just delicious women

Max Australia

Beautiful Her best set yet, stunning as always.

machado70 Bélgica

amazing butt and awesome she has a wonderfull butt and pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kidstone Canada

a summer snack Sweet satisfying flavour on the outside. Delicious creamy filling on the inside. A fresh delight in every bite.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Kiki, this set is way high up there. Such a beautiful body, butt, breasts and a most inviting pussy. Would love to taste you.

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Part 2 of Shades ( Dec)? beautiful body and smile, Kiki is always a delight to see

HJ Reino Unido

:} Met KiKi on the beach, really nice, genuine, thoughtful, had time for me and I thought what a nice girl, little did I know she would become super sex goddess. And still the heart shines, Ah, until next time x ps where can one read her poetry

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

Pic 90, wow what a great pussy!

Variable-43 Estados Unidos de América

I just love this set! Kiki puts her ass in the air, seemingly saying "This ass is yours, do what you will! Lick it, suck, fuck it -- but slowly..." Wonderful.

kingd Estados Unidos de América


Kiki ducha al atardecer | August 8th, 2012
Kiki ducha al atardecer
jacob Holanda

thanks a perfect body with e perfect smile mmmm


oh pleeeeeease tell me that a video is coming of this!!!

Guest Estados Unidos de América

Oh, my Kiki... perfect body & beautiful mind!

Flesharrower Australia

She's getting too skinny!

Tantricinafrica Sudáfrica

Kiki I love the shadows

HJ Reino Unido

Wonderful KiKi rocks

maxin55 Tailandia

Kiki Sunset What a stunnning beauty. I like these shots especially as Kiki has no make up and the water flowing adds to her sensuousness. She has a great pair of legs too.

J8 Estados Unidos de América

Kiki's Ass I just need to say that Kiki's ass looks so delicious, I would love to lick it !

Kiki caudal de pasión | July 16th, 2012
Kiki caudal de pasión
Racek49 Suiza

Kiki Really one of the most beautiful Hegre ladies !!

Rainer Alemania

Herrlich, wie sie ihr feuchtes Fötzchen zeigt, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...


lovely! best set I've seen in a while!

finderweb Italia

WoW Simply ... WoW!

owen scott Australia

at last superb , thank you a beautiful kiki , getting visibly hornier by the photo, smiling even laughing and all the time looking beautiful . thank you , please more of the same.

star Japón

Strictly... Amazing...


EXCELLENT !! WOW, I didn`t know KIKI gets such a dripping wet pussy !! She is definitely turned on in front of Peter and his shooting crew and that`s in a same time, turns me on !! Keep doing this. Even more dripping wet one.

paradygma España

Yep. Best set in a while.

lovejill22 Estados Unidos de América

sexy stilumatling as hell.very sexy like to see more of kiki

fredsig Suiza

More different girls I think you should bring more different girls! Thank you!

machado Bélgica

she's one of my favorite!!!!!

archcon Estados Unidos de América

Kiki I want some of that pussy juice !

Abracadab Estados Unidos de América

Totally hot What an exciting girl, and what a hot photo set!

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

I find it kind of gross

erro08 Estados Unidos de América

Got Milk? Milk does a body good, drink up!!

big Estados Unidos de América

fluids pretty sure that's semen....

intoit Estados Unidos de América

Just plain AWESOME!!! Holy shit is this one sexy shoot!

benjomy Italia

sperm or pussy juice?

Doctor Estados Unidos de América

for guys that's vaginal discharge...not sure if you guys really want to lick or drink it...

Geehrt Alemania

Kiki Liebe Kiki, wie machst du das- so eine Menge Mösensaft!? Wunderschön!


Discharged... hummm I wonder to lick ! Muts be delicious... of this girl !

cameron Estados Unidos de América

Kiki sharing This is the most amazing set of pics Ive ever seen thank you Kiki.

Rainer Alemania

Herrlich, wie Kiki ihr feuchtes Fötzchen zeigt, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

rowdy Estados Unidos de América

I want some I want to Kiki some of that....... NICE ;)

AnthonyManetti Estados Unidos de América

Cream of Kiki I'd lick it all out and swallow Kiki's delicious juice.

J8 Estados Unidos de América

Such a delicious girl, I want to lick her asshole !

Kiki monumento | July 2nd, 2012
Kiki monumento

venus returns!!!

penguin Estados Unidos de América

Mmmmm OMG, I love how you can see her white, creamy vaginal juice in some of these shots! Mmmmm.

jubee Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Monument Milky Kiki, yummy!

Penetrator Alemania

RE: Photo number 55 No. 55 is really my favorite. Everything in this picture is concentrated on Kikis pussy. And in her face you can see a slight embarassment about that. HOT!

Sean Australia

Kiki I like that you can see her apparent state of arousal. If that rings your bell, definitely check out Agnes' private show on CamGirls. Well worth the spend.

penguin Estados Unidos de América

RE: RE: Photo number 55 Agree! This could very well be the hottest pic on the site currently! I just love seeing Kiki's milky juice and also her clit poking its way out of those lips. Wow!

Engelie Kiki Valerie trío coqueto | June 28th, 2012
Engelie Kiki Valerie trío coqueto
wheeler Afganistán

looks like valerie's having fun!

Marcus Estados Unidos de América

Heaven Highest quality photos + Engelie & Kiki biting Valerie's radiant butt = heaven.

A Estados Unidos de América

Petter are you in the pool with them?

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

MUSAS EN CELO I'm especially partial to the photos in which KIKI & ENGELIE avidly suckle at VALERIE'S breasts.

Lion01 Holanda

Funny and naughty! Mmm mmm mmmmm!!! The 3 hottest girls currently on Hegre-Art put together in a funny and naughty series. It's more than I hoped for, but still, not enough... not nearly enough... ;-)

Engelie y Kiki 69 | June 26th, 2012
Engelie y Kiki 69
gooz Estados Unidos de América

Bravo ! This is what we want. Let's turn things over to Kiki and Engelie for a week and see where they can take us !!!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

well done

Rick Estados Unidos de América

I hope this was video recorded for our future viewing. This was sooooooooofucking hottttt.

jagau Francia

69 Wonderful

pdrabbit Estados Unidos de América

Such loveliness... Torture...beautiful, exquisite torture.

Yes Suiza

so exciting!

erro08 Estados Unidos de América

Perfect Pair Who says the colors pink and brown do not look good together? These photos show both colors are exquisite together.

kimkimgo Taiwan, Provincia de China

the best ever!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

oh pleeeeease tell me there's a video coming of this!!!

Majormarvel Camboya

Engelie & Kiki 69 Yes, this shoot definitely blows the mind as well as other things, but could I (ahem), possibly request a little bit of clit as well? I don't want to sound greedy, because this spread is already awesome, but some clit (accidentally revealed, perhaps?) would be a generous gesture, gratefully received.


RE: Photo number 32 beautiful shot of asshole

Ajetpilot Estados Unidos de América

Favorite Two years later, and still one of my favorite galleries.

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie chicas en bikini | June 16th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie chicas en bikini
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

diggin kiki's leopard print! that's a lovely menagerie you have there!

Ben Brasil

Featured models Caprice ? Sheila wasn't there.....

jap582 Reino Unido

The end of the series is the perfect illustration of why bikinis should be prohibited

Zeppelin Alemania

A Quantum Solace I usually complain about every picture set not featuring Anna S. I have to admit, though, that Valerie, Engelie and especially Kiki are soothing my pain over the obvious loss of Anna S.

Nav Estados Unidos de América

Kiki may be petite, but she was hurting me with her poses in the background.

jamu Singapur

RE: Photo number 23 would have been more tantalizing if valerie just pulls her panties slightly to her side to expose her asshole to all her admirers.

Kiki belleza escandalosa | June 9th, 2012
Kiki belleza escandalosa
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

mind blowing, indeed!

Guest Estados Unidos de América

body&soul indeed, blowing my mind & my little buddy :)

Pete Reino Unido

Top 3 Currently I would have Tasha as number 1, Valerie as number 2 and Kiki as number 3. Number 3 in this company is a great performance. She is such a natural beauty with a really cute smile and great body. I'm a fan of shaved but this pussy looks good.

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

Definitely more than just mind blowing

Fract Holanda

Nude studies.. ..blow my mind. Best set of Kiki so far, in my opinion. Wow!


RE: Photo number 32 what a sweet asshole

Kiki piel de oveja | May 29th, 2012
Kiki piel de oveja
stever Reino Unido

Lovely set Again, the perfect set. sexy and beautiful.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

it's official...Ms kiki has an awesome ass!!!

smarty Estados Unidos de América

#59 beautiful smile :) safe wallpaper on my office computer!

SageArcherIV Estados Unidos de América

Kiki...onTheCarpet, Is...simply...SHAGaLICIOUS.

finderweb Italia

Kiki - SSN Siply ... Sweet, Sexy & Nice

gr8vour Estados Unidos de América

what an opening shot! Pleasantly surprised :) Thank you for the show

gr8vour Estados Unidos de América

Surprise! What an opening shot! Loved it. Thanks for the show. :D

Raynz Nueva Zelanda

oh baby! what can i say apart from the fact the kiki is soooooo shaggadelic!

Pete Reino Unido

On fire Kiki is on fire at the moment , someome great rear view shots, loving this girl

Jim Estados Unidos de América

Great Feet Shots! Great work petter, some super shots of kiki's incredibly sexy wrinkly bare soles! Love when you get detailed close ups of the models pretty bare soles! Keep up the great work.

Peron Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 15 Decisions, decisions. That sweet, dark inviting anus, or those lovely inner lips peeping out. What a smokingly sexy woman.

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Posturas | May 21st, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Posturas
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

A FIERY 4SOME (Sapphic Bliss) Among the 4 (VALERIE, KIKI, CANDICE & ENGELIE), there was much joy in their reunion. Passion sparks anew. Free from the chains imposed by clothes, they rejoice together in being free and fully nude.

Racek49 Suiza

Candice, Engelie, Kiki and Valerie This gallery is really one of the best of your galleries. But I hope that there will be also a film about it !!

Laurie Reino Unido

Uninspiring Lacks tension and cutting edge. I should be hypnotised, and I'm not. They should shimmer sensuously and they don't. They may as well be forming a queue!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Hegre-Art Panty Pull-Down Contest And the winners are...Kiki and Valerie in a tie! Followed by Engelie who won the bronze and Candice fourth! A Thank you to all the girls who competed, and remember girls, even if you didn't win, you are still a Winner!

Flesharrower Australia

Those legs! Damn, Valerie's legs are soooo long! And Kiki has been doing a tonne of crunches by the look of those abs these days...

Guest Estados Unidos de América

Valerie's legs admire her legs more among the four pretty pairs :)

Egrise Estados Unidos de América

Museum piece I find myself viewing marble statues in a museum. Beautiful but quite unexciting. I prefer the models in pairs, touching and stimulating that inner fire.

Nakolo Estados Unidos de América

Awesome Awesome pictorial. I love it when the subject is presented clothed at first, then strips. It makes seeing her naked way sexier. And I love that all the girls were completely shaved. Anytime I don't like a feature, I blame bush.

simon Suiza

A very nice surprise. I like the setup. When are part 2,3 & 4 coming?

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

definately some lovely specimens.

Damine Estados Unidos de América

I love the way their various personalities are revealed this way, side-by-side, watching how they do it. I stew here, watching what they do to me. Four flavors of desire and sexuality. One knows she's got me, confident and powerful. The others spice it up like chills on the rampage.

johnbeck7 Estados Unidos de América

Thank God... ...for making woman.

Rainer Alemania

Herrlicher Moment, wenn alle vier sich ganz nackig ausgezogen haben, mein Spatz wird ganz steif...

Kiki cielo azul | May 16th, 2012
Kiki cielo azul
wheeler Estados Unidos de América


MM Estados Unidos de América

Love them when they stretch themselves out. Nice set.

VTB Estados Unidos de América

Wow! Talk about sky-clad!

Pete Reino Unido

Far too short Great body but far too short

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Thailandia | May 9th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Thailandia
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

Where There's Smoke, there's VALERIE, KIKI, ENGELIE & CANDICE TOGETHER 4 EROTIC, SENSUAL FULLY NUDE WOMEN AMID A THAI TABLEAU. GRROWL!!! How soon will the video version be available?

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

ok...pretty hot...but, why did candice leave in the middle???:(

michelpascot Francia

Valerie Hi, thanks you Valerie for your beauty. Your body's beauty but also the beauty of your face, your smile and your eyes, so the beauty of your soul. You enjoy me ! Be happy and take care of you !

Jeff Alemania

I adore Kiki but am I wrong or did she loose weight recently? She seems to be so thin and bony.

simon Suiza

Picture #26 background Candice had enough :-)

AM Estados Unidos de América

What an introduction Oh man, I want to go to heaven right now with these women. This is a man's dream coming true. They are both stunning to watch, and they know how to strut their stuff.

Guest Estados Unidos de América

RE: wheeler could be...bathroom break, boyfriend calling, to be continued...

Uncledad Reino Unido

Candice Why did Candice disappear after the first few photographs, she can be seen in some shots walking away would liked her to have been more involved.

UNCLEDAD Reino Unido

Candice & Engelie In images 21 and 22 there is a distance between these girls and they are not smiling, only when Candice is out of the picture does Engelie crack a wry smile picture 23.

abby Estados Unidos de América

Kiki I agree that she looks too thin. I'm not trying to be snarky, but it doesn't look so healthy. Interesting how dynamics shift when so many lovely women are together in one shoot. Overall good stuff even if some unanswered questions!

Jeffrey Estados Unidos de América

That foot tattoo on Engelie left foot is unfortunate, I hope she doesn't add any more.Also no oil again.

Engelie Kiki atracción sexual | May 8th, 2012
Engelie Kiki atracción sexual
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI & ENGELIE: HOT 2SOME Much as I love this photo series, what mars it somewhat is when KIKI & ENGELIE look up at the camera's eye from time to time as if to say: "Is this how you want it shown?" Hegre, give the women the freedom to be wholly natural and lose themselves in the moment. Whatever advice you may have had to give both women would have been better done BEFORE staging the final shoot. I hope you will keep that in mind for future photo series (and videos).

Brent Estados Unidos de América

Fantastic These 2 compliment each other so well, both with different, but perfect bodies. It is a shame about Engelies new body art. It is like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. Her body is perfection and the ink does not make it better.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: KIKI & ENGELIE: HOT 2SOME I think what they were doing was looking at US! kinda like "you want a piece of this???!!!". looks awesome!!! and yet another set that BEGS for a video!

EGON-1 México

i want this on video!!!!! the sexiest gallerie ever

Jeff Alemania

Kiki Very sexy gallery but did Kiki recently loose weight? She is so thin

kidstone Canada

RE: KIKI & ENGELIE: HOT 2SOME To each his own, but I'm incredibly turned on when Kiki & Engelie look out--at me--with their gaze, with their knowing looks. As if they're daring me to look at them and take part in their carnal ecstasy. Intensely orgasmic.

Nakolo Estados Unidos de América

More Intimacy This is what I'm looking for ... more intimacy between the girl models. I hate those pictorials where they "hover" ... zzzzz!!!! This is awesome ... you could go a tick farther, if you ask me.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Kiki she hasn't lost weight.she's just stretched out.

Variable-43 Estados Unidos de América

Oh my. If only Engelie could slip that tongue a little lower and taste that sweet bottom hole! Bliss.

Pete Reino Unido

All praise to 85 what a wicked shot 85 is, great view of Kiki's amazing behind, and I would lover to lick that pussy. Too thin, she;s looking stunning. Never been a gig fan of Engeline but her she looks pretty hot too!

Zeppelin Alemania

Purrfect! I love their smooth new looks. Kiki is perfection in these pictures and i just love Engelie. There is a three second snippet of them in the webcam collage video where Engelie actually eats Kiki. Are we going to see that in full lenght and glory?

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie jardín thai | May 2nd, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie jardín thai
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

A DELICIOUS MELANGE On the whole, a delightful photo series. BUT... two (2) elements are lacking. (1) Where are MURIEL and BRIGI???! They would be absolutely perfect here. (2) Where is the show of passion? It would have been nice to have the women embracing each other, rubbing their bodies together, and hotly sharing a kiss or two. (Hegre, do you have a video version of this particular 4some?)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

simple and sweet!

Laurie Reino Unido

Creative Amnesia The composition of these images is too structured and lack a physical vocabulary. Where's the drama, the interaction and the intimacy. This gallery fails to engage the imagination or touch any emotion on any level...

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

How Long..... such a wonderful view...I wonder how long I could last if I just walked up on them laying in a field like that... If i got lucky enough to be with each one..I don't think I would make it past 2 and it wouldn't matter which two as they are all beautiful and sexy!

Jeffrey Estados Unidos de América

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie thai garden It would have been nice if they were cover in oil,exspecially lying out in the sun.

Kiki enamoramiento | April 19th, 2012
Kiki enamoramiento
Voorimees Estonia

Kiki wonderful girl!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Ah,the artistry,the beauty, the purity of the unadorned female nude! Nothing like pure simple total nudity. Very well done Kiki and Hegre. Photo 50 outstanding.

Guildenstern Estados Unidos de América

The always lovely Kiki--aroused and arousing. In my fantasies, she is one of the women who should do a really hot set with Mike. Others include Valerie, Caprice--do we have other nominees?

starguide Estados Unidos de América

Crush on Kiki Elegant...Exotic...Erotic...Enticing...Enthralling... All apply apply to these intimate images of this remarkable beauty.

blackflash63 Australia

RE: Photo number 70 mmm i love nice pink full puffy lips and this site has them and all the models are beautiful

Damine Estados Unidos de América

Nothing better than the look in her eyes as she connects... and connects... and connects. Somehow, in her interior life, she makes contact with the parts of me that connect - or wishes to connect - us.

Farnorth Australia

Great Poses That's how we like them, full missionary pose and ready to go, less shaving would have been even better! But great poses and a wonderful girl.

Armpitfetish Canada

Perfect poses For me, this set of pics is the most fantastic of all the ones I have seen up to now on Hegre. Magnificent pics with really the most original poses from Kiki.

Kiki masaje estimulación anal | April 5th, 2012
Kiki masaje estimulación anal
Lupo Suiza

Kiki anal simulation massage Die Bildergalerie ist einfach SUPER und die fotografische Arbeit genial. Das Model Kiki ist eine äussrst attraktive Schönheit.

Kiki perfección aceitada | March 19th, 2012
Kiki perfección aceitada
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI - SLEEK & SEXY GRRROWL!!! Hegre, you have done yourself proud today with this photo set. Now, what would be even better is to shoot a photo series/video featuring KIKI & MURIEL (or TEREZA or VALERIE or ENGELIE or NIKOLA) fully nude and oiled-down together. (Any thoughts on staging a video showing 2 fully nude, oiled-down women masturbating each other?)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

kiki never disappoints! wish I could grab her ass like that! lol

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

The shots of Kiki pinching her nipples were off the charts sexy!

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Absolutely fabulous! Kiki oiled up and totally nude. The oil really brings out the beautiful definition and lines in her body. Terrific nudes!

Kiki explícita | March 2nd, 2012
Kiki explícita
wheeler-1 Estados Unidos de América

explicit? not particularly...just right!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América


John Reino Unido

Gorgeous girl... Gorgeous pussy.

finderweb Italia

KikiWow Wonderful!

egrise Estados Unidos de América

Kiki explicit This is more like it. Natural beauty in a relaxed setting. A feet of endurance too it seems!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

I like.

Zeppelin Alemania

I can hardly think of anything more inviting than Kiki's sweet spot. Oh! Actually, I can: Kiki's sweet spot sans landing strip. Kiki, would you please...

Laurie Reino Unido

Very Visual But more passion, some finger fucking and a sticky moistness would persuade me that this gallery could be described as explicite. Mercedes and Engelie have both touched the senses with their arousing eroticism...

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

It is obvious by the pictures, Kiki loves her pussy and umm yeah so do I!!

Raziel Estados Unidos de América

10+ Awesome photo shoot. Great job by Kiki and the photographer. It's shoots like this that set Hegre-Art apart from the other erotic sites.

Pete Reino Unido

Pussy And what a fine one it is too. Kiki has a great body and conveys a raw sexiness in all her shots. Great peice of work

intoit Estados Unidos de América

Sexy as hell Sweet. Love that body, pussy & incredibly sexy look.

Mazungu Reino Unido

Kiki Kiki you can really spread your legs to leave us guys gasping for more

Kiki derrite tu corazón | February 25th, 2012
Kiki derrite tu corazón
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

Kiki melts your heart...YES, SHE DOES!!!

Smarty Estados Unidos de América

Agreed... Kiki & Engelie melted my heart...

PrimeNerdity Estados Unidos de América

Kiki just melted my heart, and some other stuff...

female sensuality Canada

Absolutely gorgeous.....beautiful body, face, and spirit. What mesmerizing eyes. Kiki, your pussy and perfectly groomed pubic hair make me want to see more. Bises. OX

AM Estados Unidos de América

Great title for this set I love the title that you gave for this collection. She does melt everyone's hearts!

davkl17 Canada

My heart too! As much as I often feel a sort of greed for beauty, these range beyond satisfying that. They have some kind of rare emotional intensity. Something sublime and wonderful that does melt the heart. And of course I do love the Canada underwear. A proud moment for us Canadians!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Very edible!!!

Flesharrower Australia

Funny... Funniest thing I saw on the webcams was Kiki dancing around in a private group session session spanking her own ass after typing "I own all you bitches!" She does...she does indeed...

Pete Reino Unido

Landing Strip I would much prefer to see the models shaved but if there has got to be some evidence of bush a subtle landing strip is the way to do it. As always sexy and smouldering Kiki

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

Kiki is a sex bomb, I love her body and her trimmed pussy is awesome!!

Zoran Croacia

nice girl and nice panties :-)

Kiki rosa dulce | February 7th, 2012
Kiki rosa dulce
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

sweet all over! not just the pink!

Smarty Estados Unidos de América

Sweetest Girl... outside and inside!

Flapsy Suecia

Most beautiful girl ever!

intoit Estados Unidos de América

WOW Terrific stuff!

alemof7804 México

Amazing¿ Wow kiki is sooo beautiful ¡¡¡

Pete Reino Unido

Tongue ache My tongue would love to say hello to that sweet lovely pussy


RE: Photo number 32 nice pose to show asshole

Kiki lodo sexy | January 26th, 2012
Kiki lodo sexy
Pete Reino Unido

Kiki Perfect set

Ahmet Turquía

Perfect Kiki, you are perfect.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI A LA PLAGE KIKI: seduisante, luisante, corps celeste, femme belle du mer.

62Twexel Estados Unidos de América

Kiki is beautiful...but does she ever open her eyes?

jee Noruega

Delicious butt! Kiki has the most arousing butt :) Love how the soft tender pussy is nestled between those delicious buns. Too bad it's so hard to get a girlfriend in real-life. And my age doesn't exactly help either. 39 and still an unkissed virgin. Too old for this shit now. At least I have Hegre Art :)

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

that was one of the HOTTEST sets in a LONG TIME!!!more wet and messy stuff, please!!!

Kiki castillo de arena | January 19th, 2012
Kiki castillo de arena
Smarty Estados Unidos de América

Amazing Kiki... "You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart." - Steve Jobs

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Photo 17 Classic Looking over the Shoulder Butt Shot Brava Kiki! Ah the beach and a beautiful nude girl on it! An exquisite series. Appropriately totally nude. Kiki is blessed with such a gorgeous ass and she knows how to show it. Look at photo 17 for example. What a pose! The classic back arched, butt raised in the air, butt shown straight-on shot: Fantastic barenaked round buns, butt crack, full glistening cunt and, most adorable, her tight delicate asshole all shown fully and proudly by eager Kiki. To top it off, Kiki looks over her shoulder with that "Like what you see?" look! Fantastic!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I was actually looking at the castle for a second!lol

jee Noruega

WOW! That's a really nice sand castle :)

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI AM STRAND KIKI exudes a smoldering sensuality and, at times, a raw primalness.

Pete Reino Unido

Kiki Fantastic body in perfect location, fullsome juicy pussy and I'm loving he last image. Great work both

Kiki salpicando | January 11th, 2012
Kiki salpicando
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI AT SEA KIKI emerges from the sea fully nude and resplendent like Afrodite.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

venus rising!!!

Guildenstern Estados Unidos de América

Kiki - always exciting What do we mean by perfection? We could note that Kiki's breasts are asymmetrical--different sizes, shapes, nipples, areolae, or her mouth, etc., etc., yet the total combination is more than magnificent. Kiki is a true beauty, radiating an erotic quality, that makes her a spectacular subject for Hegre art.

A longtime Fan Estados Unidos de América

Keep booking her Petter/Luba, Please keep booking her. If I could get to Europe, I would book her myself. She has an intelligent beauty with a sense of approachability—what more could you ask? I would imagine she is great to work with. Hope you consider some fashion themed shoots. Very much how Luba's select shoots are. It's all about the right clothes. Luba should style it, as I'm guessing her taste in lingerie is second to none. Kudos to you ALL. - A longtime fan

Jeff Alemania

Marvellous Kiki is so cute and sexy

Pete Reino Unido

Kiki Fantastic body and I always think the beach gives the best location for nude photgraphy. Lovely pussy shots. Excellent, well done Petter and Kiki

Caprice Kiki Silvie ninfas | January 8th, 2012
Caprice Kiki Silvie ninfas
Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

Nymphets That last image will become iconic.

Smarty Estados Unidos de América

Love Triangle? photo#27...luv Kiki so much...

wheeler Estados Unidos de América


Estados Unidos de América

My new favorite !

jee Noruega

What's better than a firm, smooth bun. Three firm, smooth buns :)

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Nymphets Terrific set! Shots 33-36 have me absolutely salivating over the ladies' asses and soles. Lord have mercy!

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

Totally awesome!!!

Sandy Reino Unido

I'M A GROUPIE!!! Exsquisite set of pictures with three very sexy models who aren't afraid of showing their stuff. May I suggest a similar set of poses from Ryonen, Tasha & Tereza, now that would be a popular and revealing gallery!!!

Kiki fantasía | January 1st, 2012
Kiki fantasía
Smarty Estados Unidos de América

Happy New Year... to make my fantasy with Kiki come true is not easy...going to gym and library seems to be a good start :) Happy New Year!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

I think Kiki is many a man's fantasy!

Pete Reino Unido

Pillow I really wish I was the pillow in this set. Kiki absolutely smoulders sex appeal.

Sandy Reino Unido

exquisite What a nice surprise for Kiki to expose her clitoris albeit probably not from the best angle. More close up pictures of Kiki's erect clitoris please she is a smouldering goddess.

Kiki princesa en la cama | December 24th, 2011
Kiki princesa en la cama
Smarty Estados Unidos de América

Bedtime Stories... Kiki's bedtime stories are what i'm longing for...

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

in bed with kiki...nice thought!

Luv_Kiki_Forever Estados Unidos de América

Best day... seeing all of Kiki on Christmas eve..."Gallery of the Day", "Massage of the Week", and "Film of the Week"...

Letti Alemania

Kiki pricess in bed Kiki is a dream an seeing her pictures is great gift, thank you Petter

KOMET Estados Unidos de América


Jewel Reino Unido

Happy Christmas Eve Kiki! What a smile... What a body!

kidstone Canada

the gift that keeps on giving It's been a great pleasure getting to know Kiki in so many different ways--and positions. I really appreciate her giving nature, sharing her sexuality with all of us.

finderweb Italia

Kiki - Nice She's very nice ... my compliments!

Pete Reino Unido

Perfection Having just commented on how perfect Valerie is Kiki provides a great challenge which just goes to show Petter has once again assembled a top collection of models for our delectation

steve Estados Unidos de América

RE: Photo number 36 such a lovely pussy!!!

Caprice Kiki Silvie trío tentador | December 20th, 2011
Caprice Kiki Silvie trío tentador
Smarty Estados Unidos de América

Mona Lisa Smile Picture #4...i can't believe my eyes (or Kiki's eyes)...

Pete Reino Unido

Three I cant help comparing models in joint sets. Silvie looks great with her trimmed bush but for me Kiki wins the day. More like this

70sGuy Nigeria

Silvie... gets my vote - hands down! Those mile long legs, beautiful breasts, wonderful ass and well..everything else.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

stunning times three! personally, I could look at them in that see through stuff indefinately!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Re photo 43: Just Woke Up and Turned on Hegre...What a way to three start the day....three bare bottoms...! (Oh yes, Caprice wins my vote for Best Bottom)

hhp Estados Unidos de América

Three is a nice number Caprice is as pretty as the day is long. So composed, lovely eyes and perfectly shaped smile. Her hair is perfect. The legs on Silvie go ALL THE WAY to the ground. Her breasts, ass and legs are world class. Caprice has proportions to die for. So tiny in the waist and cute as can be. The three of them together is a delightful opportunity to compare and contrast the variety and beauty of the female form.

lovejill22 Estados Unidos de América

beautiful how much more beautiful can women be. the hight of sexey

Jewel Reino Unido

Brilliant I hope this is just the beginning of a long set?!

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

All 3 just awesome!!

Bruce Westoby Estados Unidos de América ..that was yummmmy...need more..

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

A HOT & SEXY TRIFECTA SILVIE, KIKI, and CAPRICE are de-lightful!!! Hope to see this theme revisited soon in which the 3 women appear together, from the outset, FULLY NUDE and oiled-down from shoulders to feet. (No shoes, Hegre)

George México

I was there I am proud to say that I was there (in the workshop) when this shoot´s were taken and it is wonderful see this three beautiful girls together. thanks Peter

Dave Suiza

Bone shattering. Would have been nice to have had a shot of all three on their knees, legs apart, bums in the air, showing off their feminine attractions.

Kiki dama en chaleco | December 14th, 2011
Kiki dama en chaleco
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

delightfully kinky! (who's that guy with the camera in pics 44-46?lol)

finderweb Italia

Kiki Sweet and nice, very nice. I like

egrise Estados Unidos de América

Kiki lady in a vest Bravo! Much more to my personal taste, though I note that I am in a distinct minority with my previous criticisms. More twosomes as well please!

5phaedeaux Nueva Zelanda

Kiki The gap from the knee to the pussy, perfect!

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

Kiki I love the pole that lifts her tent in #73.

Pete Reino Unido

Kiki Great set, would love to see her in a twosome with Valerie

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

Awesome, Kiki is total beauty!

lovejill22 Estados Unidos de América

pussy what a pretty pussy, love to see her and caprice eat each other

Penetrator Alemania

Nuder than nude The vest accentuates Kikis pussy in a way that makes her more naked than if she wore nothing...I really like to watch that!

Kiki sombras | December 1st, 2011
Kiki sombras
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lucky neighbors!

70sGuy Nigeria

I Love... Her asshole. Need more shots of it...

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Delivers My goodness Kiki delivers! Such a beauty showing herself appropriately fully nude! Love her unrestrained giving of her beauty: spreading her legs and raising her butt to show all! Thank you Kiki for this most generous gift! Favorite photo: 21. Fantastic straight-on raised butt shot showing the beauty of her soft white round buns, butt-crack, lovely tight asshole and full delicious cunt lips all while giving a coy over the shoulder look as if to say "Well,do you like it??"

Coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Across the street... Love to have been across the street watching this shoot.....but really love the shadows and the light, thats what I love about this site not only nice pictures and models obviously but also some great poses and scenes keep it going...Kiki is so pretty and wonderful body, I envy the photographers... and that rug..haha

simon Suiza

Nice one

Pete Reino Unido

Photography Kiki is undoubedly a stunning model and rapidly becoming my favourite but we also have to appreciate Petter's skill here. The lightining is fantastic, great setting, the expousre of Kiki's eyes portrays all of those suggestions mentioned by other members and that rug is a genius idea, would love to see the juxtaposition with Valerie's tones on that rug. Well done all

Engelie masaje a Kiki parte2 | November 28th, 2011
Engelie masaje a Kiki parte2
Rick Australia

Wow Please tell me part II will also show up on video. And please bring back Engelie with some other partners! Mayuko? Caprice!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

What luscious beauties!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Kiki and Engelie are such beauties! And what asses! So perfectly sculpted and round! Kiki's totally nude with her most lovely tight lined asshole shown fully! Engelie's butt shown but not shown! Oh to pull down her tights! What tits Engelie has and what a face! Get this girl nude...please!

duff Estados Unidos de América

engelie massages kiki part 2 very sexy...i love engelie's breasts...would love to snuggle with those girlies...

kidstone Canada

Awesome! What a complete turn-on it is to see these two lovelies enjoying their session together. The galleries and the video are driving me wild with desire. Thank you so much, ladies. Keep 'em coming and I'll keep coming for more.

panzer969 Estados Unidos de América

Part 3 forthcoming? After Part 1 and then the Massage video I'm hoping there is a Part 3 to this oh so sensual and delightful series. Seeing Kiki in chat and being introduced to Engelie has left me wanting for more and more from this pair. Additional galleries and movies would be most welcome from both of these lovelies, together and individually. Thanks to all involved!

d1dalphamand Estados Unidos de América

Engelie massaging Kiki This was an AWESOME gallery! Kiki is a beautiful star, but Engelie - OH OH OH - She is (in my humble opinion) a freakin' SUPER-NOVA! Please - let us see HER naked and explicit! I want her YESTERDAY!

paul Estados Unidos de América

Kiki As much as I love Kiki`s face and body, the lovely Engelie is driving me freeking crazy. Sure wish she would loose those tighty whities.

Chikko Chile

Would pay double for more of you beautiful !

Estados Unidos de América

These two work well together.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: Engelie massaging Kiki You may already know this but Engelie is naked in the shower at the end of the message video with some great cunt lip views. Hope this helps! (Same message to Paul)

Dave Estados Unidos de América

Kiki and Engelie Simply fantastic. Two wonderfully beautiful women in a great series of shoots and the video. Hope to see more of Engelie and more of these in general, well done!

Laurent Francia

Engelie solo shots Please Peter, bring solos shots of Engelie, quick !

Kiki belleza natural | November 21st, 2011
Kiki belleza natural
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

the goddess on her pedistal again!

Swendal Turquía

Nice Portraits Very nice collection and emotive portraits

Pete Reino Unido

Supreme A supreme body, faultless!

Kiki gato | November 5th, 2011
Kiki gato
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

tooka bit long to get going. but, nice ending. kiki is lovely, as always

70sGuy Nigeria

I thought I'd.. Logged onto "Gentleman's Quarterly"!

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Kiki lovely as always Canada is beautiful, but never seen it as so as this although looks better off than on, but really nice set and sensual, when she looks back over her nice curves makes you feel like you are behind her a wonderful place i am sure, not all nude and I for one enjoy that too I may be crazy but its nice change her lovely face is enough for me, yesterday Nikola today Kiki, oh wonderful...Corey

J. L. Canada

Kiki cat She may be a beautiful model but she didn't show much of herself.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Oh Canada! (to be sung) Oh Canada! Take off your panties! Show us your butt and your cunt Please right now! Oh Canada! Cute panties but take them off!

dick Estados Unidos de América

kiki A little smile and a more relaxed look on the face can do wonders to improve the pictures in this and many other cases!!

willmore Canada

re Canada Canada! love it very nice beautiful model she make Canada look great

mr_nickname Estados Unidos de América

whaa a á .t,t.. a beautiful face requires beautiful thoughts. `` ~ _ - ``

Pete Reino Unido

Great Body Wow what a great body, enhanced by the contract of skin against whie underwear and I think this is a really sexy set. As already stated joint with Nicola or Valerie would be great

panos Grecia

comments nice

Fract Holanda

Mmmmm... You have amazing eyes, Kiki.

twobe1 Estados Unidos de América

That pretty much covers it.

Kiki de cerca | October 28th, 2011
Kiki de cerca
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

loved what I saw.should be a bit more of her lower half,IMHO

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI KIKI emerges like the phoenix from the flames. Would love to see more photo series of her featured fully nude (no shoes) and in a natural setting. She is truly a beguilingly sexy woman.

B Estados Unidos de América

agree with wheeler she is lovely but so is her pussy up close, should be so close you can taste her...

Coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Lovely as always loved the close ups of her face and other parts of course but nice to see her beauty and love her hair, thankyyou for letting us see your beauty again, and thank you Peter for lovely site.

James Michaels Estados Unidos de América

Kiki's abs are so awesome it is hard to focus on all her other fine assets. She is gorgeous.

Pete Reino Unido

Abs Agree wiht James, images 50-57 are imense and it is difficult to focus on anything other than those fantastic abs. Kiki is my model of the moment and would love to see her in joint set with Valerie. Any body else think same?

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Kiki waiting this Monday evening for Kikis film Tuesday... can't wait to see some of her reactions, I can imagine it to be allot like Silvies film of same idea...

Kiki 10 perfecto | October 16th, 2011
Kiki 10 perfecto
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

lovely as ever!

Coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Kiki beautiful again Thank you again Kiki and Peter, you look wonderful Kiki if you read theses the poses and and personality, always nice to see you from the back, love your stomach and your pretty face..thank you again Corey

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Kiki This is excellent! A perfect nude study of Kiki showing off her great body. How beautifully tight and sculpted! She is exhibited perfectly wearing only her heels to put her on a little pedestal, make her more statuesque and exhibit her like swirl of art. Well done!

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

Perfect 10? YES

Focuspuller Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Absolutely fantastic! All time favorite. What else is there to say?

Pete Reino Unido

Valerie Of Kiki Who has the best tight and sculpted body Kiki or Valerie and do they match up to all time favourite Yanna. You decide?

JP Estados Unidos de América

Perfect P.A.N. Perfect Pussy, Ass, and Nipples!

x República Checa

Kiki and the switch Kiki and the switch

D3s1r3u2 Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Rocks Kiki is simply brilliant. I had a chance to speak with her on LiveCam. She's just deadly: Smart, sexy, physical. Her body is delicious. Totally unabashed, self-confident. Just plain fun to talk with.

Engelie masaje a Kiki parte1 | October 11th, 2011
Engelie masaje a Kiki parte1
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

yet another set that MUST be made into a video! cant wait for part two!

Englishman Reino Unido

A professional masseur Well done everybody. It was great to see a new model, a topless masseur and a professional one too. I am looking forward to part 2 and to the film. Kiki -you are a lucky girl

Thytte Dinamarca

Geeeee God was in a good mood the day he created Engelie. Please let us se much more of here, and pretty Kiki as well.

B Estados Unidos de América

That was so sexy.... Englie has great tits, thanks girls

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Kiki very beautiful Kiki and she so nice personally too, plesent and pretty in one person, thank you for nice shoot Kiki and Peter and massuse pretty as well..i agree nice video would be pleasurable to see as well if they should do it.

Robert Lee Estados Unidos de América

bulb lights up Somebody has finally got the message. Give us a lot more of this and I will be a member the rest of my life.

Jeff Alemania

Engelie is so beautiful and has the sweetest bellybutton on the site!!!

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

Massage? Not that I'm going to complain about this at all, quite the contrary; but this is less a massage session and more of a lez-love fest on a massage table. But let me be clear, get Caprice and Valerie and Dominika C playing this game and I am all for it.

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

Enter KIKI & ENGELIE Looking forward to seeing Part 2, in which (I trust) both KIKI and ENGELIE appear fully nude.

Crozzers Reino Unido

Engelie massaging Kiki Back after a while away. Kiki is fabulous, I hope we're going to see lots more of her, but Engelie too!!!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Great pair of tits Engelie has! Welcome!

Jewel Reino Unido


Groblet Australia

Engelie and Kiki The perfect set of shots to compliment the recent Valerie and Lyne sets from Mauritius. Beautiful photography Petter and such sensuous models. I spoke to Kiki recently about a massage shoot and she said she was very excited about it. It shows!!

Groblet Australia

Engelie and Kiki The perfect set of shots to compliment the recent Valerie and Lyne sets from Mauritius. Beautiful photography Petter and such sensuous models. I spoke to Kiki recently about a massage shoot and she said she was very excited about it. It shows!!



Pete Reino Unido

Cutest Kiki is quite simply the cutest model currently on the site nd definately int he Yanna/Thea league. I would love to see a joint set with Tasha or Valerie. Fantastic introduction to Engelie too.

Fischerin Alemania

A shot from Engelies back would have been nice - may be we could have seen her pairs of lips

Wally Estados Unidos de América

Engelie Engelie is beautiful! We certainly need her in a part two video of this either helping poor Kiki or just taking care of herself.

Manneke Jizz Bélgica

a movie please !!

kidstone Canada

Wow! Oh my god, these two are so fucking hot together! Please, please tell me there's video of this. My cock can't stand it!

Sandy Reino Unido

wow wow wow Part 2 please and a movie, what an erotic sight of Kiki's exposed clitoris. Keep it coming and a naked spread of Engelie please. (Engelie must mean angel in English!!!!) Breathless stuff!!

mobetaman Estados Unidos de América

Engelie massaging Kiki part1 When do we get to see ENGELIE on the table!!!!!!! PLEEEEEZZZE! I just can't wait to see what under HER HIPS!!!!!!!!!

d1dalphamand Estados Unidos de América

Engelie massaging Kiki part1 What would it take to see Engelie's AWESOME BODY!!!! Especially her BIG BANGING BOOTY!! PLEASE - What ever it takes, PLEASE!

lovenuru Australia

mindblowingly hot two stunningly beautiful women ... what a session ... can't wait to see more of Engelie too

Sam C Estados Unidos de América

This is a good gallery, and I like seeing Kiki having her legs wide apart throughout the massage. But there is no good reason why Engelie could not also have been nude. There have been many comments for many massage galleries which requested that the masseuse also should be nude. Petter, when are you going to listen? After all, the customer is always right!

herveda Francia

so hot my glasses are all fogged

Mike Suiza

Massage Es ist wunderschön anzusehen, wie Kiki nackt, mit gespreizten Beinen auf der Massageliege verwöhnt wird.

Kiki afelpada | September 19th, 2011
Kiki afelpada
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

MAGNIFICENT!!! Gorgeous Kiki sprawled out, in all her wonderous glory! Twisting and turning in every direction, so that none of her exquisite anatomy is left out! Who could ask for anything more???!!!

letti Alemania

Kiki furry I'm totally overwhelmed, once from Kiki, and second about the way you have set her in scene. Wonderful pictures ! Congratulations !!

stever Reino Unido

Purrfect A great set of a beautiful girl. Beautiful AND explicit.

Coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Beautiful set of pictures, love the setting on the furry blanket, she has such a nice body and will be the apple of many mens eye when they see this photoset, A great set to lure new customers in with..and I love the face shots she is so pretty, thank you Kiki, thank you peter

Robert Finlandia

Top 10 stuff what a photoset, she is stunning

BleuKat9 Estados Unidos de América

Kiki...Kat Nip Beautiful...Exquisite...Magnifique, Purr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!

randomwalk Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Some may say it is not fair that so much sensuality is confined in one young woman. Effortless and pristine beauty such that beckons for release.

Tom Reino Unido

RE: Photo number 91 Stunning

Alex Wilhelm Estados Unidos de América

Kiki and tripods Petter, I assume that you place your camera on a tripod when shooting a set like this, because if I had to hold a camera and try to focus on this subject, my hands would be shaking with the beat of my elevated pulse rate. I have checked over the sharpness of your images that show Kiki's extraordinary beauty and I've concluded that you've accurately captured her down to each shining bead of quicksilver clinging to her lovely lips. Oh, how I long for the web sites of 2200 that would let me taste those images of her.

jim Estados Unidos de América

Kiki peeky Wow. She is the real thing, man. very exotic. I want to meet her.

JonBoi Reino Unido

And God Created Woman! Wow wow wow, an absolutely stunning set of pictures of the gorgeous Kiki, she just looks better and better with every set. Incredible. With those amazing come to bed eyes no one could resist her. More please! Hopefully the Live Cams will be up and running again soon ;-)

Panzer969 Estados Unidos de América

Slide over just a bit... ...Erica F, Olena O, Yanna, Ira, Dominica C and just a few others. There's a new girl in town that appears to have joined you on the top plateau. You are SO-O-O-O welcome here Kiki! Very nice to all involved. What a delight!!! Thanks again, Petter!

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI PURRS KIKI is shown to fine effect here, like the beguiling feline she is.

Tommy Reino Unido

Kiki is perfect. Beautiful face, amazing body, graceful and soooo seductive. Combined with one of the best sets I've seen, it doesn't get any better than this.

kamaloka Japón

RE: Photo number 33 delicious shot !

AlbusSevereus Alemania

new model Kiki I like her so much! Tereza and Ryonen are very sweet too, but Kiki is the best newcomer on this site!)

KOMET Estados Unidos de América

KIKI PURRS Superb photo series. KIKI is feline, sensual, and subtly sexy.

Brad Reino Unido

livecams I spoke to one of the hegre guys and he said Kiki will be back on the live cams on sept 22nd..two days from now..i can't wait to meet her in private again!!!

B Estados Unidos de América

Beyond stunning. She is a goddess.

lars Estados Unidos de América

Kiki is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE girl on Hegre art, EVER! BEAUTIFUL!

Pete Reino Unido

RE: Slide over just a bit... The best set from anybody in ages and pretty much everything has been said below, I agree with Panzer's but would also add Valerie and Thea to that exclusive list. My favourite shot here is 84

myron Estados Unidos de América

sexy i wish i was there with you so much

myron Estados Unidos de América

RE: livecams she is so good in her livecam when she cums it is so sexy

kamaloka Japón

I like Kiki... her ass is very clean and sweet...

Colt 45 Reino Unido

What an equisite bum hole.....


RE: Photo number 37 love to see her asshole high up in the air

J8 Estados Unidos de América

Ass Kiki's ass is so perfect

Kiki sueño húmedo | September 29th, 2011
Kiki sueño húmedo
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

can I wash your back? (or your front)

Coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Wet and Beautiful Great idea and Imagination from someone on the staff, nice to see some new idea, Kiki is sexy, pretty and erotic in this set, I only wish it was a film so I could see, hear and feel her girlfriend use to love our big garden tub and faucet and was always beautiful to see her climax as I am sure it was Kiki..

Samuel Suiza

Poster I like the Poster ;-)

JonBoi Reino Unido

I NEED a bath! Wow, another amazing set from the wonderful Kiki, great photos throughout, this girl is a natural and the camera clearly loves her as much as we do. I need a bath, need for ducks in this tub!

Pete Reino Unido

Kiki The bell of the ball at the moment, excellent set from a real beauty

Kiki diosa | September 10th, 2011
Kiki diosa
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, Kiki didn't have as much room to roam as Nikola!lol But, I like the treand here!

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

pedestal Up on a pedestal, thats where a peice of art should be and thats what she is, wonderful legs Kiki has, love all her expressions on her face, long hair and the intimate views from both ahead and behind Kiki is always a joy to chat with and so very polite while a bit frisky...thank you

jp Estados Unidos de América

cute girl i wish we had sexy girls like kiki in the u.s. Love how her left nipple is bigger than her right nipple.

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Beautiful! Kiki is displayed like a nude work of art. She is a great addition to Hegre. Hope to see much more of this lovely lady.

stardiver Suiza

Very nice model, beautiful pussy AND face - and all the other parts of her body too! Very yummy. You can get the impression that Kiki is getting wet during the shoot, that's pretty exciting..

JonBoi Reino Unido

Wow! Wow, the perfect girl in her rightful place, on top of a pedestal! As has already been said Kiki is a work of art, breathtaking with intelligence and wit to match her exquisite beauty. More more more, please...

DanielDick Alemania

See her on Cam? Did anyone see her on the Live-Cam here?

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

RE: See her on Cam? Yes, beautiful girl..hit and miss on times right now as they set it up fully but she is a delight and plesent chatter as me and others have found out

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

What a stunning body!

Pete Reino Unido

Stunning Some great new additions to Hegre recently and Kiki is simply stunning

Mark Estados Unidos de América

This is probably one of the best sets in a long time. A hot model shot in many different erotic positions, good lighting, good focus, good feelings, 10,000px. Thank you.

Kiki webcam de Hegre art | September 7th, 2011
Kiki webcam de Hegre art
coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful personality Kiki has got a beautiful personality along with a wonderful body, glad to have had a chance to chat to her on the new chat feature and spend some time in private with her she has always been so plesent to chat to and just a great personality and so polite

stever Reino Unido

Too samey Too samey. Pretty boring really.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

cant wait for this chatroom to get some life in it!!!

Bruno Estados Unidos de América

KiKi More Kiki!!!!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

btw... Yes...Kiki is lovely!cant wait to see more!

JonBoi Reino Unido

Finally.....more please Wow, finally some great pictures of the amazing Kiki. Nothing could compare to the real experience of chatting with her but these pictures give you a taste. She has a great sense of humour and a very cheeky smile and is clearly as beautiful a soul as she is a beauty! More please!

Mikey Reino Unido

very friendly This is one girl you just got to get to know. I had a long chat with her and she is everything she promises let me tell you. Very friendly too :) check her out

Bucko Estados Unidos de América

great chat! Gotta tell you Kiki it was great chatting to you just now. I don’t get to meet many girls like you where I live. Who am I kidding? I don’t get to meet any. Period. I’m loving it and I’ll be telling all the guys about you.

SteveieK Estados Unidos de América

two way That was a real heart to heart Kiki. Thanks for all that. I’ll be thinking about you for a long time. It was all the better with the 2 way audio and video. I’m glad I chose that option even if I was a bit uncertain to begin with. It made it much better.

MAx Francia

first time First time for me using two way video. No way I will go back to doing without it. It just made the whole experience so much more natural and human. Thanks again Kiki.

Tyler Estados Unidos de América

The best Kiki is the best. I’ve used lots of chat rooms and Kiki is the smartest girl I’ve met in any of them. This is my new address if you want to get in touch. I want to move in at lol

Pete Reino Unido

Nice bush If a girl does not want to be completely shaved this is the way to do it , very sexy and I love her great tits. Off to live cams straight away

warby47 Reino Unido

Kiki Kiki is so beautiful. With such a gorgeous body on show, i found myself looking into her face most of the time. Stunning.

Fishman Estados Unidos de América

100% awesome babe!

Tom Reino Unido

Wow Kiki is the most beautiful and seductive girl I have ever seen. Amazing.

bobo Irlanda

Great girl Just have to say that I really enjoy chatting to Kiki on the webcam, she is very friendly and I recommend it to all. She also has a beautiful smile and engaging blue eyes, not to mention her gorgeous body!

Tesseract Alemania

first time I'll probably make my first with Kiki

Kiki Películas COMENTARIOS

Kiki La historia de O | April 30th, 2013
Kiki La historia de O
Helmut Alemania

Any more Kiki I like your style with your toys. Have you any more of them to show?

Jay Estados Unidos de América

Spoilt I liked the film but the voyeur effect was spoilt a bit when she smiled at the camera.

Cliffy Australia

RE: Spoilt IMHO it is sexier to know that the girl knows she is being watched and that gets her going more.

Whillan Estados Unidos de América

Classic This book is a classic and so is the way that Kiki is shown reacting to it. She is really into it.

Danny Noruega

RE: Classic Could be taken further by using the ideas and scenes in the book as the starting point for themes in future sessions.

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Great model, authentic lovely from beginning to end.

Moose Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Thank you Kiki; you are willing to share so much with us. It is appreciated.

kevin Estados Unidos de América

Story of O Perhaps Hegre's wonderful talent could be used to re-create some of the scenes from Story of O in all their intensity.

Kiki 50 sombras de Gray | March 19th, 2013
Kiki 50 sombras de Gray
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Kiki - 50 Shades of Gray Another sensational performance. More, please!.

Kurt Alemania

Act out Kiki I like the way you act out what the books says like you do with your nipples at 6.00. I want to see more like that.

Tanya Estados Unidos de América

Turns me on I have got a great kick out of reading along with Kiki. Doing it together with her turns me on.

Tarrant México

Highlights There are three volumes of this book. I suggest that the girls take it in turns to read highlights from them all

Guest Estados Unidos de América

RE: Kiki - 50 Shades of Gray hard work...for kiki & us watching...

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

thanks for the subtitles lol

Erekhart Suiza

SO hot! This is so ULTRA-HOT! The whole idea!

Jean-Pierre Bélgica

good stimulation for my ear I like Kiki's ukrainian accent. More video of this kind please, where I can hear girls speaking English with their native accent, or even in their own language with english subtitles.

adam Estados Unidos de América

RE: Turns me on So what did you do ?

Starscout Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Reads Unreal...breaktaking...bringing the art of erotic literature to a whole new way of being ..."erotic theater" of the mind (and body)...bravo to Kiki and all involved...

Erekhart Alemania

More! Please, give us more films in this setting, with some of the other girls!

p742 Reino Unido

Wonderful!! More like this please!!

Fleagle45 Reino Unido

dear god very nice

Hot hot hot Reino Unido

RE: SO hot! wow

Fleagle45 Reino Unido

you are kiddng me fantastic my dear

fleagle45 Reino Unido

RE: she is a beuty

superwurst México

provoking thoughts excellent video concept and idea. hegre you are seriously improving your technique, compared to the launch year of your site. bravo!

buller Dinamarca

RE: More! I am totally agree

tilc-y Alemania

A dream This is only a dream. Tell me: ist it only a dream? Or is it true that there is a world where angels can read? H. has created something new in the world of erotica we never thought it would be possible. And Kiki: I'm speechless! One of the most sexiest motion pictures I've ever seen...

TinkBell Dinamarca

More of this, much more of this!

Kiki cama de rosas | January 22nd, 2013
Kiki cama de rosas
MojoMa_55 Suiza

Kiki - bed of Roses Kiki has a beautiful vulva that she seems proudly happy to shew to the world.

Cosworth Alemania

Kiki - Bed of Roses One of the best films I have seen here. Kiki is very erotical, beautiful body, she shows me what I want to see - great film.

benjomy Italia


Robbie Reino Unido

Sensational This is just what I want to see. When she licks her finger like she does Kiki is sensational.

Marlow Estados Unidos de América

Touches herself I could watch Kiki all day and all night. There’s something about the way she touches herself that gets me every time I see it.

Lee Canada

Prettiest ass Kiki you got the prettiest little ass I seen ever.

Leo Canada

Get more excited I would like to see Kiki getting more excited than she does in this film. How about her letting us in on her very private fantasies?

Michael Australia

RE: Get more excited I think Leo is right. I’m sure all the girls have their own things which turn them on. Let’s see them act out their own fantasies.

racor Australia

kiki this is one of the best i've seen for quite a while, just love the way she strokes herself and offers that gorgeous ass to the camera/us

Leon Francia

Like H. Newton Yes, the only comparison possible is Helmut Newton, such an erotic movie ! All models from Peter should do this kind of exercise, think about Coxy doing the same for example, or Orsi, Thereza, Tasha, Jula hey! But Kiki is really inspired. Thanks to all the team

kikilicious Estados Unidos de América

wow all i can say is wow. kiki just astounds me. perfect

SeyTina Reino Unido

Amazing This is a stunning film. Love the clips that show her beautiful feet in them. She has a fantastic ass, pussy and stunningly beautiful soft soles. I would love to see more films hi-lighting all these ladies soft beautiful feet

peron Estados Unidos de América

luscious This is the most amazingly sexy video imaginable. Your sweet pussy open like a flower, but also your sweet tight little anus. Wonderful job Kiki

Karmatraveller Malasia

Speechless! This must be the most amazing, visually stimulating and beautiful solo video I have EVER watched anywhere. The intimacy,anticipation and self love/pleasure expressed by Kiki and caught by the angles of the camera is simply fantasctic. It brings the viewer to such proximity to the emotion of Kiki that arousal of the viewer is just inescapable. The entire video simply captures the core of the viewer's attention, imagination and excitement. It left me awed and mesmerized... Congratulations to Kiki and the director. Hope to see more (if ever possible) such exquisite work in future..

Mark Estados Unidos de América

Kiki This film just floored me, how gorgeous! Kiki revealing her most beautiful parts. She looked so amazing. I have to admit that in watching this, all I thought about was how I would love to ejaculate my sperm into her perfect butthole.

Variable-43 Estados Unidos de América

Kiki is such a treasure. This is a fantastic film. I can only dream of licking and sucking on that delicious looking asshole!

D3s1r3u2 Estados Unidos de América

Awe and Respect If you have ever spoken with Kiki, you realize that there's an immense amout going on there. I've also watched a number of her films out of sheer awe. That she can be so normal, so human in front of a camera that will be in front of tens of thousands, is worthy of respect. I once had a friend who owned an adult film company -- her boyfriend said to me once, "could you drop your pants in front of everyone here and not only sustain an erection but also have an orgasm?" No, I doubt I could. This is what makes Kiki so special. That she is capable of sharing these moments. I don't know what that makes us... Desperate? Shopworn? Shallow? At the very least, admirers of someone who is not any of these.

luvlips Estados Unidos de América

Love the model. Beautiful! Not impressed with the camera work... Every time Kiki gave yo a perfect spread shot the camera was either zoomed out after a second or clipping half of it out- camera work was way to busy! Focus on the goods! LOL

cadfael61 Reino Unido

beatiful lovely

JP4 Estados Unidos de América

Kiki WOW! I like shaved, but that was just enough fuzz to draw your attention to a fabulous pussy. Tons of money can be made with a bod like that one. More of the same, please.

Mike S. Estados Unidos de América

Kiki, Please Come Back It is hard to put into words how much I miss this beautiful, sensual, and special young woman. Kiki, please return to Hegre-Art and resume providing us with so much viewing pleasure. You are truly missed.

Kiki orgasmo suicida | July 24th, 2012
Kiki orgasmo suicida
Tarrant Estados Unidos de América

Genius There is nothing more exciting for me than watching a woman masturbate. Kiki is a genius at it.

Kevin Irlanda

Goes for it I like the way she uses her fingers AND a vibrator. She really goes for it.

Piet Sudáfrica

Shriek and moan When Kiki starts to shriek and moan with pleasure that’s when I start to take notice. I reckon there should be more of this on the sound tracks of the movies instead of the background music.

Tamsin Reino Unido

RE: Shriek and moan I have noticed that lots of guys get turned on when I start to make loads of noise. For me I can’t help doing it anyway but it is nice to know it is appreciated.

Roger Canada

RE: Shriek and moan I agree about the background sound remarks. I would go further. There’s lots more noises going on besides any moans etc. Let’s hear them.

niceguyp7i Nueva Zelanda

I love the way she masturbates ... she has a truly lovely clitoris ... and I really really love the way she writhes in such intense sexual ecstacy when she orgasms ... I sooo want to insert my penis into her beautiful vagina ... and I want to cum inside her at exactly the same moment as she does!! Every time I watch this video, I ejaculate within 2 or 3 minutes!!!

kasey22 Reino Unido

Kiki is certainly my favourite girl here. Her body is so beautiful. Please make her sweat like that again. For me there's nothing sexier than seeing a girl drip with sweat.

HJ Reino Unido

imagine Imagine walking in on her, head thrown back, 'KIKI, have you seen the remote'

Maggie and Pete Estados Unidos de América


KyMoonshine Estados Unidos de América

Perfect KiKi has the type of body I came to this site to see...I love sexy beautiful girls..not "Pornstars"....I love the way she is built and I think I am going to love this site...more KIki

d3s1r3u2 Estados Unidos de América

Hegre's Progression It's interesting being a part of this site for some time. One sometimes wonders if Hegre has sacrificed some of his original style -- what made him unique -- in order to win the crowd. Kiki reminds me that Hegre is still pure to Hegre. There's something entirely innocent and yet knowing about this woman and filming, while a bit "propped" is still very real and comfortable. Aside from the incredible body that Kiki possesses -- it's her ability to share her mind that most amazes. How unbelievable comfortable in her own skin. That is Kiki. But that is also Hegre's gift.

Hans Dampf Alemania

You should show the pussy-contractions while the orgasm. That would be interesting!

kasey22 Reino Unido

I can't stop watching this video. The way her face shows feverish desperation when she's close to orgasm makes me even more turned on. The only way to improve on this video is if she was in a sauna; she sweats nicely here but I would love to see her beautiful lean body completely soaked. Please make her sweat more next,so erotic.x

Pixie Reino Unido

There a few things in life better than watching a young lovely pleasure herself to orgasm. Kiki hits the spot!

Casper Dinamarca

luv kiki My favorit Hegre girl! i just adore her, i can't stop looking at her photo's/film, she's amazing!! hope to see her soon in a cam show<3

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie 4 sirenas | July 10th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie 4 sirenas
Wynand Sudáfrica

Best view Great idea to shoot from underneath. That’s the view I like the best.

Charles Reino Unido

Too short This movie is way too short. Since they can get into pretty much any position you can think of when they are in water why not take more advantage of that? They could do a lot more. Sequel please.

Akiyo Japón

So much I like the shots when they turn around and swim away again. They show so much.

Tyler Estados Unidos de América

Do not know What I want to see is a lot more of these movies which are like the models do not know they are being filmed.

Robert Estados Unidos de América

Re: Do not know I agree with Tyler. For me there is nothing more exciting than being a voyeur. How about more movies showing the models doing all kinds of everyday things? Nude of course. And they could genuinely not know they are on camera.

smarty Estados Unidos de América

very nice film to find out who is who without seeing these girls' faces i need to know all body features of them...very interesting film and nicely done!

Lion01 Holanda

Underwater Voyeurism This is a truly fresh approach you've taken here Petter, well done! I would say this is only the beginning! Of course I'm only speaking for myself, but I think it's pure sex to see the girls move under water. The bubbling of their butts, the shaking of their thighs, the weightlessness of their breasts... This underwater voyeurism turns me on unspeakably, much to my own surprise I must say. I can only express my hope for more videos like this, many many more!


well, it would be hard to make it so they really dont know they are being watched! but, I agree... videos/pics of the girls doing everyday stuff (as I've said before: "just hanging out") are awesome!

Mon Australia

good good film, like to watch girls naturally naked, especially when they ack like no one filming them.

Engelie y Kiki comparten orgasmos | June 12th, 2012
Engelie y Kiki comparten orgasmos
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, that was just lovely! more like that, please!

smarty Estados Unidos de América

Kiki&Engelie Perfect couple forever...

Cosworth Alemania

A really great film. I love it. Please more.

Apropos Estados Unidos de América

Simply excellent

Vinny Reino Unido

Lost for words I’m lost for words. Kiki and Engelie – you are fantastic. You’ll never know how much you do for me with a film like this one.

Jenny Estados Unidos de América

Not just for men I just love this. So often girl-girl movies look as though they are made with just men in mind. But this one me and my GF can identify with all the way through.

Piet Sudáfrica

Sniles What a beautiful ending. You both have such lovely smiles. They say it all.

Willem Holanda

More build-up needed This is a great movie but I did think that it could have done with a bit more of a build-up. For me part of the excitement is seeing the girls becoming gradually aroused. Here they are straight at it. Am I the only one who likes to take it slow?

Robby Canada

RE: More build-up needed I see your point but I think that the idea here was to show that Engelie and Kiki are so into each other that they could not wait a moment longer. I’ve got no issues with that.

stever Reino Unido

Fair bit of fumbling Nice film, I liked it, but there was a fair bit of fumbling going on, they didn't seem to be very tuned in to each other. Perhaps that was the fun?! More please! and with blokes doing it to the gals too...

Guildenstern Estados Unidos de América

Beautiful Set A truly beautiful set. The obvious affection of Kiki and Engelie for one another shines through and makes this film absolutely superb. There is passion combined with delicacy, and one can see the little touches that take place during the love-making, such as Engelie fondling Kiki's hair, that give a ring of authenticity to this splendid film.

Jeff Alemania

wow Very cute and hot but way to short!

Timo Estados Unidos de América

Toys! A very stimulating film. And it seems like the girls genuinely had fun, too. I've noticed that Kiki has an affinity for sex toys. I'd very much like to see more of that action!

Zeppelin Alemania

Three words Oh my god! If there's one thing missing for complete and utter perfection, then it is the tongue that fits their lovely anuses which seem to be completely unattended in this video. But, dear Petter, do not despair. I know a tongue that perfectly matches both rear ends. Gimme a call or email me and it will be in the next video of Kiki and Engelie. No, it will be in both of them.

abby Estados Unidos de América

terrific together! Kiki and Engelie are absolutely fabulous together like this. Very hot!

blackflash Australia

Engelie and Kiki truely amazing. these two lovely ladies enjoy each others company very much. and i feel honored to have been able to watch their friendship grow, long and loud.

finderweb Italia

wow Very exciting ... wonderful video, my compliments.

Cronoxs Puerto Rico

Amazing I love this video. Definitely one of the best.

osmosis Canada

I am a newbie to this site. I am in love with these girls. Wish I were a woman.

DocRod Estados Unidos de América

Engelie & Kiki Twelve minutes in heaven. I even love the pimples on their buns, how genuine, natural and spontaneous!!! Happy ending for everyone!

Softcleft Isla el Hombre

Wow! Beautiful and natural moments of intimacy. It seemed so un-staged I felt like an intruder at the end.

big pony Singapur

best film ever. thanks for showing us what intense orgasm these 2 angels have.

Lion01 Holanda

These girls are at their peak of their lives, both phisycally and sexually. I'm so happy they don't mind to share this with us. And i'm so happy about the all-natural setting of this video. Two young natural goddesses, giving real pleasure to each other. I specially love the kissing (around 7:40) as it shows so much tenderness and affection. It doesn't get any better than this! The only wish i have left, is to have much much more like this!

Guest Estados Unidos de América

Enjoy while you can often things in real life are not as rosy as they appear...enjoy while you can and move on to the next big dream without regret...lovely couple!

Vashti Australia

RE: Fair bit of fumbling If that's fumbling, I want to see more of it - they seem to me to know precisely what pleases each other!

Vashti Australia

Lovely film - I must say I would like to see some more close-up oral sex, if the girls wouldn't mind it being shown; it really is after all the most intimate act, and the most beautiful?

Topper Estados Unidos de América

Orgasms Thanks so much for this video. I enjoyed it.

herveda Francia

This movie is a collector's item. I can't tell you how much I learn about women here. So incredibly hot! Kiki is pure dynamite and Engelie is simply an amazing women. There is so much about her that shows through the movie.

byron1820 Australia

As above Absolutely delightful film. I suppose the truith is what one would really like to see is a girl as beautiful as either of these and a really handsome guy sharing an orgasm . . . hey, it may come, in time!

Mike S. Estados Unidos de América

Genuine Tenderness I find myself watching this beautiful film over and over again. I just love the genuine tenderness between Engelie and Kiki. These two incomparably beautiful ladies adore each other and their love is evident throughout the film. The camera angles are perfect and do not intrude into their lovemaking or force them to assume unnatural positions for the sake of the filmographer. The opening scene is nothing short of breathtaking with Engelie gently oiling Kiki's body and Kiki becoming immediately aroused and ever so appreciative. From there is gets better and better. Thank you Petter for providing us with such a genuine and totally natural exploration of the love between two young women. Kiki's orgasms are without equal and Engelie's are not far behind. This is eroticisms of the highest order.

KM4Wolf Canada

Orgasm Delight I am very bi curious!! I would love to have this kind of experience with a woman!! Absolutely outstanding the quality of orgasms with both women are out of this world looks like they have had a lot of loving intimate fun!! Very well done!!

schmidtum Alemania

More of Engelie Please, more Videos with Engelie

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Billar desnudo | May 29th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie Billar desnudo
Marky Estados Unidos de América

Best game This has got to be the best game ever. If only it was like this down my local bar.

Sharon Canada

Guys as well How about another movie with some guys playing as well? That would be good news for us girls.

Seb Reino Unido

Just a pool game I was hoping that all this would lead on to some more sexy action between them all and not just be a game of pool.

Linton Estados Unidos de América

Doing their thing Relax Seb and let the girls do their thing. In my book they are so great to watch I could hang out with them all day

Malcolm Australia

Re: Just a pool game. This game is the perfect way to show off their breasts when they lean over the table. That’s enough justification for me.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Bouncing Tits What a joy to watch four naked beautiful girls relax and enjoy themselves without the strain of having to please the viewer. To watch girls nude as they do something else is so voyeuristically erotic. The nudity is simply there, free and natural for us to enjoy. Same quality in the Muriel Elliptical Cross Trainer video where a beautiful naked girl is doing something else. Oh yes...I love how the girls' tits bounce every time they hit the ball!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice to see the girls just hangin out and goofin off!cool video!

anonymous Estados Unidos de América

With four women in this video, couldn't one have pubic hair? This was an opportunity to accommodate the preferences of many subscribers.

mon Australia

cool please make more of this kind of film, love it so much!!

Hedonist Estados Unidos de América

this film poorly edited the women are all gorgeous and a delight to see -- if we could only get 5 seconds of lingering on a girl to give you time to take her all in. this film cuts and jumps so quickly between the women it is annoying as hell. It's the worst kind of tease - it never gives you a chance to appreciate any of the varied body shapes and curves before it jumps perspectives again. I hate this style of film edit. Come on, Petter - you can do wayyyyy better than this.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: this film poorly edited It Is a great film, I love watching four beautiful naked girls, and the rapid editing gives a certain tantalizing "Porn-Lite" quality, but Hedonist has a point. How about a "Part Two" with slower pacing and longer shots? What would be great would be a lot of slow up-from-slightly-below straight-on buttcrack shots that show the cunt lips peeking out from below. The extraordinary, but all too brief shot at 2:11 is a perfect example. Just do a lot more of that and make them longer pans. (Especially of Engelie!) After all, the girls Do have to bend over to hit a pool ball! We might as well enjoy it! Again thanks to Petter and all the girls for a great film.

Philip Reino Unido

Hey, Anonymous! They probably didn´t have time to grow it.

Master Penetrator Alemania

RE: RE: this film poorly edited I fully agree with Roger.

Max Tailandia

Snookered I agree with Roger, a Pt.2 would be great if only better edited and less hurried. There was ample opportunity to get some better close ups. Good to see the girls having a lot of fun without too much posing.They all looked great.

libertat69 Polinesia Francesa

like J'apprécie ce thème, particulièrement ce voyeurisme ou des filles s'occupe à leur tâche ou loisir, nues ou vêtues d'un soutien gorge quand je peux admirer leur intimité, avec pourquoi pas, des boules de geisha, spéculum, gode ou tampon.

manny Estados Unidos de América

no one really cares about the pool game anyway see above

schmidtum Alemania

Ssecond Part? I want to see what the Girls do after naked billiards!!!!!! But not only 3 minutes of action

Justplaying Estados Unidos de América

It was short and hurried, but as always, the lady's were fantastic. Thanks Lady's

Kiki, ninfa acuática | May 1st, 2012
Kiki, ninfa acuática
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, that was interesting! nice! I liked it!

Vernon Estados Unidos de América

Tranquil She is so peaceful and tranquil just lying there, almost like unconscious. I think that is really erotic. She is in my power when she is like that.

GregS Estados Unidos de América

Real pretty Kiki looks gorgeous when the water goes over her bush. It reminds me of underwater in the sea when the seaweed is disturbed. Real pretty!

Let’s see more Holanda

Willem It’s a shame there wasn’t more of Kiki touching herself in this film. Yes, there is a little bit but that just gets started when she stops. So come on Kiki, let’s see more of you in action.

Ryan Reino Unido

Every pore That’s a great effect when there are frames of her pussy just under water (at 1:00 for example). The water works like a magnifying glass. I can see every pore on her skin. Lovely.

Mirren Canada

Shock Kiki is so convincing in this movie at being in a trance. It is a bit of a shock when she opens her eyes and looks straight out at you like those street artist “statues”.

Rick Estados Unidos de América

Untortunately not enough elegant good videography BUT: Need more sound/ moaning and finger play What is this a PG rated site!!!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Untortunately not enough well, originally, it was an ART site. (hence the name)

pierhart11 Italia

Water of KIKI As I would want to be the water that bathes the body of KIKI!!!!!!

pierhart11 Italia

the art in water nymph Finally Petter you have succeeded in uniting art and sensuality. The delicacy with which KIKI stirs in the water is sweet and sensitive. Here the eros, the art and the beauty meet him completing theyrself each other

frankiki Francia

merci !!!!!! merci à ceux qui on créé cette vidéo :)

Kiki Balcón Francés | March 20th, 2012
Kiki Balcón Francés
Liam Irlanda

Heart-warming What a beautiful scene. You are ravishing Kiki and seeing you so natural like this is heart- warming for me.

Charles Reino Unido

Risk I kept thinking that it would have been good if Kiki had run the risk of being seen pleasuring herself by people in the street. Have you any plans for films that show the girls almost being caught at it?

Carly Estados Unidos de América

Right there The way that Kiki looks straight at you, like at the beginning, is great. It makes it seem that I am right there with her. If only.

Nathan Estados Unidos de América

Breasts Let’s have much more of Kiki playing with her breasts. They are perfect.

Vin Canada

Re: Breasts I agree with you Nathan but I would say let’s have much more of Kiki period. This movie is too short to do her justice

Coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Room to let next door very sensual body, love the long looks at her legs and torso, the glide over views of her body are incredible..makes me wish I could let the balcony next door...but I may be accused of peeking over, so many views and so much to view thank you Peter and Kiki for letting us see her body up close...

Smarty Estados Unidos de América

Love it... amazing Kiki on the amazing new iPad3...

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

wonder if my head's in the gutter, or am I the only one that gets nasty thoughts looking at that stuff sprinkled on her in the beginning?

simon Suiza

RE: I couldn't agree more with wheeler. That's a little too far an does not do justice to wonderful Kiki. The last 30s are awesome. More of that please, or maybe Kiki can be convinced for a massage.

Abby Estados Unidos de América

RE: kiki Kiki bukake was how it looked before she rubbed it in

stever Reino Unido

Brilliant detail Amazing film. I love the detail, the close up of her goose bumps and the sweetness of her private parts. Maybe you could linger on those risque shots for just a little longer. She has such a lovely rear..

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Very beautiful film. Kiki has the most exquisite anus. Beautiful photography and appropriate pace and music.


She really knows how to look into the camera:-)

Herminator67 Alemania

Sperm or cream a wonderful girl. All is perfect. But one question. Is it sperm or cream on her body?

Tom Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Kiki rocks. And I liked the beautiful piano music, it lended class to an already great video.

Starscout Estados Unidos de América

Everything erotic... I continue to be amazed how Hegre (along with exquisite models like Kiki) can open my senses of sensuality in so many new and different avenues. This should be the first of many such films...something so special...hard, as always, to find the right adjectives...simply put, it makes me think the entire universe is erotic if we just take the time to immerse ourselves in it.

Compilación de la cámara salvaje de Hegre Art | February 7th, 2012
Compilación de la cámara salvaje de Hegre Art
Ben Sudáfrica

How to Thanks for this. It is a sort of “how to do web chat”. It has given me a better idea of how the whole thing is to take part in. Now I will definitely be going online this weekend to join in.

Arnie Estados Unidos de América

Confusing I thought it was a bit too “busy”. I mean that there were too many screens and it was confusing. About half as many would have been good.

Ciaron Irlanda

Re: Confusing Arnie, would you complain that an orgy was “confusing”? The more the merrier I say.

Mary Estados Unidos de América

Girls talk I’m loving the ways these girls talk. They are so sexy with their accents. I’m halfway there just with listening to them.

Janie Reino Unido

I want This is what I want to do. My guy was online the other night when I walked in on him. I think he was a bit confused when he saw I was getting turned on but now he is all for it. I keep thinking about it. How do I start?

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, I must say, that was interesting!loved that we got to hear voices (though, I wish I knew which was which!), and glad I wasn't staring at schlong through the whole thing!

Rick Australia

Wow! 13:30 was the best thing I have seen on this site! Let's devote a whole video to it.

Flesharrower Australia

I'm about 100% certain I was jerking off online with Valerie there and probably twice with Stretch! Another time with Agnes...haven't managed to catch the Dominika C/Agnes combo or the Kiki/Engelie combo yet either...

lovenuru Australia

awesome awesome video ... love the webcams ... watching this compilation gets me as hard as when I cam live ... fantastic!

Las vibraciones navideñas de Kiki | December 13th, 2011
Las vibraciones navideñas de Kiki
Jurgen Alemania

Sexy and funny Great movie Kiki. You have it just right. Sexy,funny and intimate.

Benjie Estados Unidos de América

Penetration Are her toys in her or aren’t they? I could not make out whether they were. I wanted to see her use them for them penetration. That’s what they are made for and I think that is what is missing from this movie.

Dominic Francia

Wild This is my favourite sound track of the year at the bit where she cries out at the end. She sounds wild.

Bernard Reino Unido

Toys Kiki has a good time with these but there are lots of other things she could play with. Can we have another film please with her trying out all kinds of different toys as well? That’s what I want to see.

Roland Suiza

The most beautiful and sexiest This is the best and the sexiest film I have ever seen. Kiki has a real and strong orgasm! So are so beautiful.....!

Pierre Suiza

So fucking sexy... This is the sexiest film I have ever seen. Great and strong climax! You are so sex and beautiful Kiki. Love you....

Not_so_smart_Smarty Estados Unidos de América

I'm the luckiest here...have seen live and a even stronger one...luv kiki forever!

Grundy Mónaco

Switzerland Heh looks like Pierre and Roland climaxed together in Switerland. Have fun boys!

lovenuru Australia

Santa came early OH Kiki, such a beautiful girl ... such a beautiful moment ... thanks for sharing your orgasm with us, Merry Christmas to you too, hope we see more of you in the New Year!

lovejill22 Estados Unidos de América

climax kiki loved the verbal climax you had

Nightcall Estados Unidos de América

Question Kiki what is the vibrator that you are using?

Squirrel Estados Unidos de América

Wow I was not expecting her to vocalize at the end there! =) I love watching genuine orgasms not fake ones.

intoit12345 Estados Unidos de América

The real deal! Absolutely wonderful. Great work.

lovejill22 Estados Unidos de América

to pretty to have sex with kiki i have never seen a girl that turned me on like you. u are almost to good to have sex with. but if it were possible i would do anything u wanted.

lezly Estados Unidos de América

RE: Penetration that is realistic...women spend a lot of time on the outside in real life, that's were the O button is. trust me.

basilicum Irlanda

Contractual obligations !? Kiki you are absolutely stunning! This is a great movie showing an intimate moment of a gorgeous girl. However, was there something missing? As a medical student way back in the sixties, I remember our Professor's contribution once when, after an Anatomy lecture students were heatedly discussing 'women faking orgasms'. With a knowing smile the old boy said: "strong, visible and rhythmic contractions of the anal sphincter usually proves the occurrence of orgasm for both men and women." End of story! At the moment of truth, there were glimpses of Kiki's neat anus sans the aforementioned contractions. Perhaps Mr Hegre will bring us evidence of the 6 to 9 contractions at some time soon!

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Maybe I'm just not with it, butbsurecseem like a real orgasm to me.

MOUNTAINGOAT Estados Unidos de América

PRODUCT PLACEMENT Let's hear it for product placement in movies...Hegre movies that is.

Mick Estados Unidos de América

RE: It was a small o, not her usual. Note the hardening of nipples and slight flushing of the chest and neck.

Jean-Pierre Luxemburgo

one year ago please Kiki, gain the wait and become like this again. On this video, you use to have the ideal body !!

Pixie Reino Unido

Nice Video There few few things more beautiful than watching a young girl like Kiki pleasure herself to orgasm. Really erotic to share this with her. Thank you.

eckimai Alemania

Kiki Christmas Vibrations Thank you for the close-ups of her sexy mouth!!

roberto Alemania

Orgasmus Wenn man einen Orgasmus schon vorspielt, dann bitte auch richtig!

Dirk Estados Unidos de América

Christmas Vibrations I really liked the video, and Kiki is so cute. I thought going through numerous toys before getting to the vibrator was a little tedious, but it was worth the wait.

johnnyp Estados Unidos de América

RE: Penetration I agree, when Kiki finally seems to have inserted the pink one, we get to see the side of her leg. C"mon, cameraman, we need to be confinced the vib is in that pretty pussy, where it ought to be. Quit the deception

Kiki hazlo por mí | November 1st, 2011
Kiki hazlo por mí
Michael Reino Unido

I like to watch This movie and the other one that is similar with Caprice are exactly right for me. I never make any secret of the fact I am a voyeur. I just love to watch other people women and men having sex. Whatever floats your boat is what I say. I think that is just as OK as all the fetishes that other people go for but some people seem to think I should apologise. Not me.

Vincento Estados Unidos de América

Just who I needed Thanks Kiki for being there for me a couple of days back. I know that maybe I am just another guy to you but you are very special to me. You were just who I needed the way I felt when I talked to you.

Vaclav República Checa

Slow down Kiki seems a very busy girl. It looks to me from this movie that you do not get very long with her. I like to take my time more than these guys look like they are doing. How about another one where there is more build up?

Declan Estados Unidos de América

Made it easy All I want to say is that after watching your film Kiki I finally got around to using a website just like the one you have. I do not know why I have not done it before because it is something I have often thought about trying. When you showed how it all works it made it easy for me. I will certainly be chatting again. Maybe next time it will be with you.

Oliver Estados Unidos de América

Safe sex Ain’t the internet marvellous? I bet whoever thought up the phrase “Practise safe sex” did not have Kiki in mind. That’s exactly what it is though without all boring stuff with condoms. Long live webcams!

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Great video, bet she turned allot of guys on, I know I cum when i see her body, love these sessions all three models have done and hope Peter does more just wish I was a lucky participant haha. Thank you Kiki

dr. s Estados Unidos de América

less dick I love these girls, but I'm not into the guys jacking off. lets just see sexy girls dancing or playing please

DocDave Suiza

The idea is okay. But I do not completely understand, why we can see male orgasm only this way with bad movie-quality. Peter is an artist. I think he is able to show male orgasm better on the screen than this - sorry - quite primitive way. A real artistic, erotic male orgasm with an attractive guy and one of the wonderful models would be much more beautiful ! I think Peter is the only guy that could make such a shooting/film without it will become pornographic. I hope he will do it once.

John Estados Unidos de América

Assembly Line Eroticism Interesting video, though I didn't find it that arousing (I get no enjoyment out of watching other guys masturbate). I never really thought about the girls moving from one guy to the next, getting them off, and then doing it all over again. Sort of like assembly-line sexuality.. Kiki is simply AWESOME though... Every time I started getting in to her though, they showed another guy's dick. Ruined it for me.

Igacat Bélgica

Contrast I totally agree with your opinion. The art is a contrast between light and shadow ; between something beautiful and less beautiful ( or even ugly). Sure, to see an erected dick ejaculating is not everybody's taste, but if you mixed it up with a hot girl like Kiki, it will become a good cocktail made by Hegre Art !

rd4664 Estados Unidos de América

Laptop sex The excitement in this is seeing the montage of the model's beautiful body, her requests, the reaction she causes and her response. Caprice's film was more interesting for me because you saw the men cum and her reaction to it. Fascinating and highly erotic. In Kiki's show the men weren't as prominent - when she said "Good boy" to one guy I would have liked to have seen what it was she liked. I love the concept - keep these coming Petter.......

PHIZZ Brasil

"Show me your friend" "I´m alone"...DISCONNECTED. Lol.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Contrast "a good cocktail" LMAO!!! nice little pun there! I must agree, though. guys cumming is just gross! And,again, I must comment on how the art seems to have more or less gone out the window since changing the name of the site to "hegre-ART" (ironic, ain't it?)

Michelle Estados Unidos de América

That was fun and very exciting.

Farm1 Estados Unidos de América

RE: RE: Contrast I don't believe the "Art" has gone out of the site. I like pretty much everything on here. Very tasteful, very artistic. great job, Petter.

chrysomallos Suiza

Great film! I like the fully natural and uninhibited way of Caprice in front of the camera. Films like these make hegre-art less boring and are a great asset to the collections. Petter is keeping up with modern times - and still going strong.

Fract Holanda

I actually like these movies. Never saw anything even remotely close to them. Maybe I'll hang around that site for a while and see if I get lucky! 'Show me your friend.' 'I am alone.' pwned!

d3s1r3u2 Estados Unidos de América

Interesting experience I first saw Kiki in her Christmas video, which is an amazing experience --she is so genuinely enjoying herself. So I visited with her via webcam in a private session. She's a remarkably poised and warm young woman, who is very frank about who she is and what she is doing. Her directness is quite admirable. She's very down-to-earth, but clearly the lights are turned way, way up. I enjoyed the mental stimulation as much as the physical stimulation of watching her move and touch herself -- and she has a tremendously infectious smile and laugh, more so because she is so genuine.

maggie and Pete Estados Unidos de América

The Dick We like the cock you show along with all the fabulous women -- Beautiful girls are wonderful, beautiful boys, too. Don't let the uptight commenters limit your range. It's great to see both. It's even more sexy!

kanobi Estados Unidos de América

kiki cum for me This is one of the hottest videos I have ever seen. Seeing her watch himwas very hot. I could go on but everything about this was hot. I hope you do more!


Masaje del Orgasmo de Poder | March 12th, 2013
Masaje del Orgasmo de Poder
Bradley Estados Unidos de América

So sudden It was amazing when Kiki cried out like when she cummed the first time. It was so sudden.

Marcia Estados Unidos de América

Get one I have a vibrator just like this one. I can definitely say it was worth every cent and more. You guys should be getting one for your g/f’s.

Andreas Sudáfrica

Her cumming Don’t miss the close up views of her cumming at about minute 19. More of these please.

Kev Canada

Sound could be better The sound could be better. The noise of her pussy needs to be louder and longer I think. It is too faint.

Kilmer Reino Unido

RE: Sound could be better I reckon that pussy noises on their own are the best sound track you could get.

MojoMa_55 Suiza

Power Orgasm Massage Excellent. Kiki certainly seemed to enjoy the whole experience!. (And so did the masseuse). When such machines are used it might be preferable, because of the strong orgasmic convulsions, to restrain the receiver's limbs. At one point, in the first part, the table almost collapsed as she orgasmed!.

J Estados Unidos de América

Wow Kiki is looking very hot! More! More!

Frank Austria

It was wonderful! It was great, when she shows with her hand, how she wants to be masturbated.

Henrico Suiza

Orgasm Wonderfull how she is crying and enjoying her orgasm between 28:41 - 29:07

krullmaster Estados Unidos de América

This is what Heger-Art is all about! Wow!!! This is amazing stuff...for the first time, we see some much needed interaction between the model and the therapist...more please! Fantastic!

abby Estados Unidos de América

nice but.. Wow, on one hand I'm thoroughly impressed with Kiki's ability to tolerate that much stimulation from the Hitachi Magic Wand. That's the cadillac of electric vibrators, but it can be too much and make the whole region numb pretty quickly also. Kiki has lovely orgasms, though, so the masseuse definitely has skills in that area. I was repeatedly distracted by how skinny the lovely Kiki is, however. Her arms are like toothpicks, skinny to the point of alarming. I know Petter favors skinny girls, but lets not promote an anorexic figure.

Rob Estados Unidos de América

RE: nice but.. Kiki is the reason I joined Hegre. Please don't change a thing. Keep her gloriously skinny body cumming! :)

Josh Estados Unidos de América

Nice But... I agree with Abby here. Kiki always rocks! She is beautiful and it's amazing how willing she is to share so much intimacy. But I have long suggested that the first thing I'd do if I ever met her was to take her out for a good meal! Lots of pasta! Thin is attractive, so long as it fits a person's body type and is healthy. When I see Kiki I worry that she has crossed the fine line on health.

Padme36 Estados Unidos de América

A BOND OF WOMANHOOD! Makes me thank God I am a woman. I am not down with the lesbian things that people say about these videos that are gear towards lesbians. Men don't understand the bond between two women. I personal don't have anything against lesbians. I am very heterosexual and yes I do like the connection that a woman can have when another woman touches her down there! It is a bond of womanhood. A woman knows what woman wants. This was beautiful!

Tony07011967 Estados Unidos de América

Much like Engelie, Kiki is so beautiful. Her face and body are a perfect 10. I want to see more of her really soon. It has been 3 months since she has had a massage. Next time both Kiki and the masseuse can be naked!

tandrus Estados Unidos de América

Hair How about a bush now and then....

WHR1968 Estados Unidos de América

KiKi Wonderful natural exhibition of womanhood, I am a BiSexual and KiKi hits every button for me. Before I joined the group my definition of the Beauty of Woman would not be anything like KiKi but know I am going to have to go back to the re-write table! Her Orgasms seem so real, so powerful that I am not sure if it was her or me. The Power of her Orgasms and mine are so alike that I am not sure that I do not have another daughter

Masaje del orgasmo del grito del volcán | May 22nd, 2012
Masaje del orgasmo del grito del volcán
karlotto Austria

playing with fire oh, it is one of your best! her face seen from bottom up is very exciting - as well as the whole action. congratulation pettar!

Louis Alemania

Wow! It's one of the best... <3 Kiki is one the girls i would marry on the spot. Every time I see her, i would fall in love again. And now this erotic movie. Thank you! A very gentle but extremely addictive massage. Thank you Hegre for making this movie and thank you Kiki for sharing us your beauty and intimate feelings. You make my whole body tingle and tremble. Just only with this video. <3

John Test Estados Unidos de América

Writhing in ecstasy.... Fantastic video! I love watching her abdominal muscles writhing in ecstasy when she comes. I also loved it when, just for an instant, she opened her eyes in mid-orgasm and stared into the camera. Without doubt, the hottest massage video so far.

finderweb Italia

Orgasm Very exciting ... she's beautiful and sexy. Love that session, I like Kiki. I hope for see the same massage with EN. Ciao

I looking for girl Indonesia

good oh. new update. Now I downloading. I can't wait.

Raymond Reino Unido

Downy hair The way the light glistens on her skin and highlights that downy hair like at about nine minutes in gets me going big style. It’s a fantastic effect.

Dino Estados Unidos de América

Enjoyment I’m loving the way she shrieks at the end when she has her orgasm. I like it when a woman lets her enjoyment show but my gf seems kinda shy of that.

Lynette. Reino Unido

Re: Enjoyment Thanks for that Dino because it’s what I do when I come but some men I know are embarrassed by it. It’s good to know that some men enjoy it and why shouldn’t I do it my own way?

Paolo México

Useful Picked up a useful tip from this movie when the masseur grips and squeezes the outer lips together and fingers her at the same time. Thanks, girls

Clyde Canada

Strange It was strange getting those shots from under the massage table through the breathing hole. I can’t say exactly how but it looked a bit weird. What does anyone else think?

krullmaster Estados Unidos de América

Intense! Wow! Let's see more like this...spectacular! Petter once again has outdone himself...thank you for this.

Fract Holanda

Big Bang! It's amazing how her body collects all this orgasmic energy until her whole Universe exploded, giving birth to a new one. The tension and apprehension in this video is enough to send anyone over the edge. Amazing stuff!

Zeppelin Alemania

My wife wants Kikis diet-plan and her exact workout schedule. She adores Kikis body as much as I do!

Scofield Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful! Watching her move and hearing her cum reminds me of my former mistress. I loved nothing better than making her scream, the louder the better. God, I miss her!

Jeff Alemania

Wow On a recent Kiki Gallery I said that she is very, almost too thin. But in this massage I must admit that her tight body and her abs are veeerrry hot. Absolutely hot video. Maybe even the hottest....

blackflash Australia

screaming toe curler all I Can say is WOW, this is a great how to please a woman video. also just watching her move in response to the touches. the way her lower back ripples in time with the touches was amazing. and the way the hands moved faster then slowed down after the peak of cumming. like other comments i too enjoy it when a woman screams at her pleasure. i hope everybody who watches this video learns as much as i have. now to find a woman to practice on...

stever Reino Unido

as good as it gets Just amazing. Sexy and beautiful by the bucketful..

Kiki Lover Estados Unidos de América

Kiki rocks, her job is tougher than the massues's. This is the content that will keep me from leaving the site. My wife wouldn't react in the same way, and I wish she would.

Edouard1964 Francia

Does not ring true Well....somehow I don't buy it. Her face has not changed, no blushing, no glimmer in the eyes, no sign of an emotion on her skin, just a blank face.....and I would say such a prolonged massage of her tender parts with no variation whatsoever in rythm or touch would induce a numbness and remove any orgasm possibility. But then, I am not a woman. My wife loves masturbation from me, but she would never reach anything pleasurable if I did it that way....

Jeronimo Suiza

The most amazing orgasm ! This just a stunning moment that Kiki gave us here! So fantastic and beautifull! Thank you for all you do Kiki! You are the best.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

well, it worked for me! the shower at the end was a nice touch!

adorer Suiza

RE: Does not ring true you are absolutely right. 30 minutes the same action. quite boring. there were others much better like "multi orgasmic massage" and "explosive orgasmic massage (5stars)". the mentioned ones turns you really hot (also my wife) but not this video.

Jeronimo Suiza

RE: The most amazing orgasm ! I would add that I had the chance to meet Kiki on the web cam and I know her way of coming and that is just great! Kiki, you are a good girl....

djdos Estados Unidos de América

hmmm amazing orgasm, boring lead

archcon212 Estados Unidos de América

Kiki What an amazing girl, beautiful face, slim, tight body, great muscles, great breast and nipples and an amazing orgasm. Kiki you are my fantasy !!!!!!!!!!

Lion01 Holanda

I'm seeing this only now, and i'm stunned. Totally, completely and utterly stunned by the devine creation that is Kiki. From now on, i dare only to refer to her as a goddess of errotica. Watching this goddess from all those angles, watching as she braces herself for the orgasm, watching the youthful strength of her devine body absorbing the waves of pleasure... The goddess is ready now, as i am, ready for more, ready for a steaming hot game of sex...

bobbob Estados Unidos de América

great follow up Wow! Great body and SUPER orgasm; way to hang in there Kiki and let the masseuse keep the action on your "rosebud" during and after your scream of joy. All models and masseaues should watch your video before entering the arena. Wow again!

bliksem Bélgica

playing with fire omg, this is heaven: great body indeed, nice massage work and extreme orgasm. Waiting for next vid from Kiki !!!

d3s1r3u2 Estados Unidos de América

Such Intrigue Kiki is a wonderful woman. I have spoke with her, I've read her writing, exchanged thoughts and so forth and I find her very down to earth -- perhaps somewhat surprising given her amazing abilities; then again perhaps not. She's as fit as piano wire, but I always have this desire to want to feed her steak for a week. If she looks this thin on film... Men and women are different creatures and goodness knows I couldn't manage what she does in front of a camera, even if I had the looks she has. Still, why is it that her orgasms always seem to come from desperation and not from depth? I've spent my life with plenty of different women, but none seemed to have to fight quite so hard to have an orgasm. Of course, none did so with a camera over their head either.... I respect the emotion she brings to her efforts.

Love to Love Estados Unidos de América

The Art of Orgasm I have always thought that Kiki and Valerie are two of the most gorgeous woman on the planet. Indeed, Valerie was the reason I have joined and remained a member of this site. This is not just a massage, it is the art of massage taken to the next level of ultimate pure pleasure given and received. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of art that I have ever seen. The climatic orgasm is well worth the wait but whatever you do, do NOT miss the shower scene at the end! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you Kiki! Bravo Hegre Art!

chetbaker Suiza

sensual massage May 22nd hey girls and gents still one of my most favorite massage moments on Hegre. I just came home again from a Champagne infused house party with many gorgeous looking girls at place......being 40, this means many girls you don't want to be looking at, you just do. long story short.....this movie, I so die to have the girl that does the massage get massged once too. I am in love with her amazing breasts, and I am dreaming of the idea some women gets her off...... dear Hegre, please make that happen.... I guess I am not the only one that is so turned on by the massaging women. if she has a video on, that I may have missed so far. please let me know. à votre santé et sexualitée. Merci*

Peterb713 Estados Unidos de América

roaring volcano sensual massage I would have loved to be there, with the lady, and given her more of a massage and kept at it for a longer period of time.

Blatch_wg8 Australia

Orgasm Interesting. Kiki does take a time to bring off - is she this slow to orgasm when actually being fucked? A rather worrying prospect if that's so - but maybe it's not. (There would be only one way to find out, and I guess we won't be seeing that for a while!) When it comes the orgasm is simply beautiful - but while the last ten minutes of the film are great, there is only so long I can watch a pussy being stroked and probed before I begin to get a bit - admit it - bored. It's a nit of a problem, and I don't know what the solution is - certainly not a series of ten-minute massage films, I guess. Having the masseuse naked, as so many say so often, would be a great help in keeping up the interest. But don't want to sound grumpy! - thanks again for a remarkable experience.

CCRiderr Estados Unidos de América

Thank You Bravo to all involved!!!! Being able to share this moment of pure ecstasy was a privilege not soon forgotten. Stunning model !! Thank You

KM4Wolf Canada

RE: The Art of Orgasm I joined because the messages are tasteful and well put together this is one of Hegres finest!!

KM4Wolf Canada

RE: Thank You Absolutely riveting wasn't it love this site!!

KM4Wolf Canada

RE: Orgasm Being fucked well only 25% of women actually orgasm by penile penetration alone!! That leaves a huge majority that need direct clitoral stimulation to orgasm this film depicts fantastic clitoral labia massage to get her there!!

oakley1972 Estados Unidos de América

Very arousing and artfully done!!! I very much enjoyed this tasteful massage video of a very attractive and sensual women. I would love to see all of the women on your site participate in these exploratory and orgasmic videos. Well Done!!

dandom Alemania

KIKI Kiki is the best Girl Please moooooooooe

WHR1968 Estados Unidos de América

KiKi Each time I see the combination of Petter and Kiki you take me to a place I did not think others knew about. My Orgasm are pretty extreme. I do not know if you would look anything like Kiki, but that vision is exactly how I feel Thank you to you both and we can never get too much of this combination

turner1988 Estados Unidos de América

This video is the reason I joined Hegre Art This video is the reason I joined Hegre Art. I had seen a lot of Petter's photoshoots, which are superb, but I also found them to be readily available enough throughout the web not to feel the need to join. However, once I saw even a small portion of this video, published as a an advertistment, I absolutely HAD to see the whole thing! Imagine my delite to find that there were many more where this one came from! Still, having watched a large majority of them, this one still tops my list. Combine Kiki's beauty, the perfection of her nude body, and her willingness to let go like this, and you've got a recipe for something never before seen in erotic film; pure, authentic, unadulterated, orgasmic bliss! And like others, in addition to finding it unbelievably stimulating myself, I've also found it to be one of the greatest educational videos I've ever come across. Put this kind of time and care into pleasing your woman and she'll be screaming your name from the roof tops! Thank you to Kiki and her masseuse for allowing themselves to be so intimate on film!

toga Estados Unidos de América

Dynamite!! Her orgasm was like a volcanic eruption. She just let it all out. I loved the way she covered her ears.

Masaje histérico de enema anal | December 20th, 2011
Masaje histérico de enema anal
Smarty Estados Unidos de América

Just Once... If I could do that to Kiki just once, my life would be...

wowsa Canada

finally Good stuff - as is the pleasure of commenting first. Now, can we get a few more guy/girl massages? Gracias!

Todd Estados Unidos de América

New category Way to go! This is what I have been waiting a long time for. Maybe there is scope here for a whole new category of movies to go along with massages etc. Enemas!

Paul Reino Unido

Unsure I think this film is unsure where it is going because only about half of it is about the enema. OK maybe there are practical difficulties shall we say and it is not for everyone. But they do not have to watch if they don’t want to.

Jean-Pierre Canada

Changed her mind At last I found a way to persuade my G/F to try this. Long time now I have been sort of hinting at it and she was not at all keen to say the least but when we watched this together it changed her mind. Thanks a million.

Jan Holanda

Lots more The ass play and penetration with these two is fantastic. It’s definitely something to show lots more of. Go for it.

Spiro. Estados Unidos de América

RE: Unsure Think positive Paul. You got two movies for the price of one. The enema one and the oil massage too. No problem there that I can see.

w Estados Unidos de América

well, that was...different!next you're gonna get guys asking why you didnt show her on the toilet! (rolling eyes)

Roger Estados Unidos de América

A natural progression of the Erotic Art of Hegre. Very beautiful and well done.

peterswifttt Estados Unidos de América

About Time!! This one is pure "ART" plain and simple. Way to go. My only comment would be, "prolong a DEEP diget in the anus during the entire relief process". Withdrawn S L O W L Y as the subject hits her final crescendo. Other than that Petter, WAY TO GO, and thank you.

Sunny Island Japón

Very beautiful work. Pretty anus. Her reserved smile after the satisfaction. More anus related happiness of hers would be appreciated in the next work.

skywatch51 Canada

fantastic Finally! This is magic! Need more of it!

lovejill22 Estados Unidos de América

climax love to hear more screaming climax's. watching a beautiful woman haveing an orgasm, is the ultimate fantasy

bobbob Estados Unidos de América

Wow! Great video, well done with a beautiful model with a 10+ body. Sorry, but I do not know who the model is ? HELP PLEASE !

Durvman Estados Unidos de América

No Room for Negative Comments on Thie One. Comments like that of "W" are inappropriate and uncalled for. This video is not only Art, it is Poetry, end of descussion, plain and simple. Do these soothe sayers read the repeated requests in the "Members Comment" section where they post? enough said. Thank you Petter Hegre this one was past due but WEll RECEIVED.

intoit12345 Estados Unidos de América

Well, that was fun Not sure I get the enema gig but it sure was fun to watch. Took a while to get her going - like 20 minutes with finger in the ass, thumb in the pussy & fingers furiously playing with her clit while she laid like a stone - but once she got going was HOT as hell. Good stuff.

Sirdurv Estados Unidos de América

Thank You!!!!!!!! We have long awaited this one and the film was worth every secound. I watched it over and over with the wife and it sure payed off. Now if you could find it in your schedual to add in the model tasteing her glistening white juices from the masseuse's fingers we will be on our way to greatness!! Thank you again Petter.

stever Reino Unido

More women on men with cumshots! I like this video. But your records show that the most watched video is 'Japanese penis honouring'. My personal favourite is 'Penis massage' where the guy is clearly brought to an explosive climax by the masseuse - no half hearted, 'did he or didn't he come' scenarios, just pure, 100% climax fun. Other similar vids do not show any strong evidence of the male climax. So, PLEASE can we have more massages where the guy is brought to climax by the girl (or girls!). Thank you!

lovenuru Australia

thank you Kiki Kiki, thank you for sharing this amazing moment with us ... it was beautiful, erotic, stunning ... love watching you!

billy79 Suiza

I soooo wait for tantra and nuru massages... And lingam massages!!! So much more for us girls to learn in a esthetic way...

Thirsty Estados Unidos de América

RE: More women on men with cumshots! Yes, having the woman gettin it done AND liking it is 100 times more powerful than just watching the motions

maggie Estados Unidos de América

More Men I can only echo what the others have said. The women are totally sexy, but more balance please! I know many many of your members would love to see a beautiful man's body, including his beautiful penis, massaged to climax. The one time you did it, it was stunning. Thanks

Henry Estados Unidos de América

RE: More Men I disagree with the opinion that more men are needed in these videos. What is so unique and erotic about these videos is how different they are from the typical porn fare that is available. The massage videos are peaceful, sensual, women-centered erotica that are better for not having men, cum shots, and all the other stereotypical things that make mainstream porn so boring. Women massaging women is the essence of this genre and why it is so different and erotic. China

Anus erogenous zone I refer to screaming enema triple climax---This is the first that I have seen combining the anus as an erogenous zone together with a naked masseused with a bit of interplay from the subject feeling the masseuse---Come on guys this should be built in to all pelvic massages ---WITHOUT having to go as far as an enema This is a massive feminin climax trigger zone & erotic build up area Lets have LOTS more teasing of the anus

stephen Estados Unidos de América

i disagree with those wanting to see more men in these. keep it to the models :)

Dino Estados Unidos de América

Screaming anal massage Terrific girl and terrific film (great concept). Who is this model and is she featured anywhere else on this website?

Lion01 Holanda

Kiki is the absolute goddess of Hegre, and though other models might look more explicit, this video re-affirms her status as the most erotic and sexual creature on Hegre-Art!

otterman Estados Unidos de América

That was absolutely beautiful, It was just wonderful to what her slowly but surly come.

d3s1r3u2 Estados Unidos de América

Lost the plot I think Kiki is great. She's smart, gorgeous, willing to explore her limits with others -- perhaps in a way that few can. Still, I suppose there are limits to what I need to see. I truly admire Kiki. But this does not really do justice to her as a woman. I know there are some women who enjoy this. And ultimately it's all a matter of personal choice: Choice in what to display and choice in what to watch. This simply doesn't work for me.

Otter Estados Unidos de América

Kiki Kiki is insanely beautiful, and this message is absolutley the best.

Dex Estados Unidos de América

Ok, Now it's Valerie's turn. Okay, that was a nice massage video with Kiki. Very sexy. Now let's see a video like this with Valerie. I'm sure most of your members would agree with me. It is due time. Valerie needs an anal massage video.

Masaje chica chica | November 22nd, 2011
Masaje chica chica
HenryJames Reino Unido

Poetry KIKI lies there naked, but you can't take your eyes off those white pants. A perfect video; fun, sexy thanks.

jpl59610 Francia

superbe de sensualité, de beauté et de chaleur.... les 2 modèles sont magnifiques, la masseuse à elle seule est le summum de l'érotisme

eluiscabrera España

Kiki seems so shy....

Rusty_hp Estados Unidos de América

RE: Two friends having fun. This is one of the most sensual Videos you have made to date. Without inserting fingers, They got somewhat turned on. I partictularly like the mutual touching. It's something I do with my bride when she is doing me and like wise when I am going her. So it seemed vary natural and a very nice turn on for us all. I love the film and the ladies. Please send our love to them both. I would love a Tantra Massage with either or both these women. Mum mun good. Love Rusty_hp

coreysurfer Estados Unidos de América

Wonderful Lovely to see Kiki again, so nice a set, nice massage and wonderful massuse, watching her masage Kikis body and nice buns was a treat there is erotic and there is sensual and this was a little of both, the massage of Kikis body was a treat thank you to Peter and the models for giving it to us on this wonderful site!

Nans Francia

BRAVO !!!! Une vidéo de toute beauté ! Sensualité, érotisme sont au rendez-vous. L'une des meilleures vidéos du site. Que du bonheur !

Dynamo02 Estados Unidos de América

That masseuse was beautiful! I enjoyed her the most.

kidstone Canada

oh my god! Just oh my god! The chemistry between these two is so intense. It's a beautiful thing. Seeing these two in their photo set last month gave me a jones to see the video and now that I've seen the video--I'm still not satisfied. These two need to get together for a full on make out session--that would make them and me both happy. But thanks for this. It was a real treat.

Hellno Estados Unidos de América

Who is the masseuse?! What is her name?

DocDave Switzerland Suiza

Wonderful My favorit massage film you've ever done Peter ! Kiki's wonderful body and her 'intelligent erotic'. I chatted with her once here. She's a a wonderful mind ! Not only a perfect body, but also a really nice young girl ! She seems to be a little shy in this movie, I agree with the comment from spain ! But in my opinion that's what makes it even ore erotic. It's real live, not played ! Please show us also more from this wonderful masseuse ! Her breasts are just perfect ! And her ass - especially in this fantastic white leggins - fantastic ! Even Kiki wanted to touch this ass !

Raul Estados Unidos de América

Sencillamente! Sencillamente perfecto! Simply perfect!

Jules Reino Unido

So passive! This is another classic - two exquisitely beautiful girls, one giving pleasure, the other receiving. Bit as with nearly all of them, the girl being massaged is so quiet, so passive, so undemonstrative. She must be really turned on but you would almost not know it she is so still most of the time. In other massage videos you can sometimes just about tell when a girl is coming, sometimes you can't. Let's have a bit more mutual lovemaking, with passion, not so cool!

Igacat Bélgica

Engelie the Pick up artist Man, I like the way Engelie flirts with Kiki at the shower scene. She doesn't worry too much if Kiki prefers boys rather than her. At first, Kiki showed some sign of rejection, but Engelie just did "her thing". She can lead a girl like a guy. Maybe better than we guys actually do ??

ThatGuy Estados Unidos de América

Massage Videos I must admit that these massage videos are superb. Every time I think they can't get better, you guys prove me wrong. Keep up the good work.

bobbob Estados Unidos de América

This very good video with great MoDELS would be even better with great mOdels; somehow the big Os don't matter and that's to bad.

rb Estados Unidos de América

The masseuse is Engelie. I think she is amazing and hop to see a lot more of her, too.

Macy Estados Unidos de América

Been waiting This is what I have been waiting for. A masseuse who gets into it herself. I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits when she leaned over.

Chester Estados Unidos de América

Behind the scenes First time round watching this I was not sure if it worked at the end because it looked like it had been tagged on at the finish and was so different from the rest of the movie. But now I have seen it again I have changed my mind. It’s a sort of behind the scenes look when the models relax and can be themselves. That’s a sort of sneak peek.

Aretha Estados Unidos de América

Great Me and my partner are into this movie in a big way. We thought that it would be great to enact it ourselves in our own private version. So we followed it move by move. The first time was great and I’m tellin ya the second time was even better.

Vernon Panamá

Sexy I’m loving the way the girl getting massaged touches the masseuse. It’s such a light touch but incredibly sexy the way she runs her hands over her ass like that.

Rick Reino Unido

Close up views Superb close up views of a well oiled pussy. What more could any man want? Or I suppose any girl either judging by this film.

Sue Estados Unidos de América

The missed Boat! I am a woman, with a woman's prospectice and a feminine outlook. I love a good thorough massage. I fully understand what this anal fuss is about. If (to coin a phrase) you want , or want to give her an orgasm that will "rock her world", penetrate the subject anally as she nears the hight of her first orgasm. then slowly withdraw the digit as she comes down off her final one. The finger should be well lubricated and inserted all of the way to the hilt. The longer the better as it will achieve a more lengthy removal as she comes down from the sensation. This maneuver will escalate the orgasmic sensation and if it is coupled with two vaginally juicy fingers in her mouth, she will never forget the positive rush and she will think she has died and gone to heaven. Both the butt and the mouth moves should be administered with out pre-knowledge as it tends to add humility to the one who receives it rendering them totally helpless to the waves of pleasure.

Robert Estados Unidos de América

Beauty This film was poetry in motion, but I feel compelled to add that I would enjoy seeing our model penitrated anally and I would like to taste he juices my damn self but to see the Masseuse's fingers placed in the subjects mouth would drive ME wild.

shekin Hong Kong

Engelie Engelie more of her

69expert Estados Unidos de América

Breathless WOW ! SO SENSUAL AND ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL !!! I am still catching my breath. I LOVE both of these ladies. You really hit the mark with this topless, loving masseuse....just right. Amazing.

D.L. Estados Unidos de América

Quite literally the best video that I have ever seen. So I think I've been looking at pictures and videos of nude women in erotic situations for about 16 years... I have seen a lot: met, play boy, those hustlers, pent house along with countless smaller, independent soft and hardcore content producers and sites. And while I have seen awesome stuff, this is by far the most pleasurable video I have ever watched in my life. It gave me everything I love: ass, feet, spandex... That girl's tits were about the best I'd ever seen in my life. After the half hour of teasing, I was already on the edge but then you caught them in the shower and they were both naked. The girl in the white leggings also turns out to have had a spectacular ass, and a juicy pussy. Then, right after they showed off their sexy feet, they shared a kiss. And not just on the lips. A moist one. That really pushed me over the edge. There's almost nowhere to go from here. This is truly the greatest and every time I ask myself why I don't cancel my subscription, videos like this are EXACTLY why. In a phrase: Oh My God. Thank you, Hegre Art.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

to rim or not to rim? that is the question!did y'all stop to think that maybe the girls THEMSELVES dont wanna go there just now???

chrysomallos Suiza

RE: DARK SECRETS Thanks for having spoken this out so clearly. We have arrived in 21st century and should not continue to be plagued by unreasonable inhibitions, either side of the camera.

Mikey Estados Unidos de América

juices Yes, Wonda...I agree totally. There is absolutely nothing sexier than licking those sweet juices from fingers...great idea!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Yes! Love this massage video! Love everything in it! Kiki and Engelie are such beauties. Such a joy to see Kiki show her naked beauty so well. Love her raising her butt. Love Engelie's tits: best on the site since Muriel. I too most strongly endorse anal penetration, this video simply calls out for it. Anal penetration is so erotic and long overdue on wonderful Hegre-art.

Rex Estados Unidos de América

YES! Roger, thank you. You hit the nail on the head.

Sunny Island Japón

It would be nice if you could release a new video featuring the anal massage, massage both on the surface and inside, that would lead to the oagasm. Young lady's pretty anus for that inclination will be appreciated.

Anthony Canada

In my opinion, one of the best parts of this video was the last couple minutes at the end when Kiki and Engelie were naked in the tub together. I would definitely like to see the two of them naked together in a hot make-out session. What I wouldn't give to see these girls in a 69. That would be hot!

colpatt Reino Unido

Engelie Fab, but... we must see Engelie bottomless, this is Hegre art, we expect to see her fully nude and enjoying herself; what's the delay?

Peet777 Holanda

[peet777] I agree: The last part where Engelie was flirting with Kiki and that Kiss! Awesome!

sugar1 Estados Unidos de América

Engelie I hear that Engelie (the masseuse) is going to have a new massage video coming out. Does anyone know when this will be? I think Engelie is hot !!!

michaelp1992 Irlanda

girl girl massage Very sexy! Could we have one of Anna S and Kiki together, please? Or even Anna S getting an erotic massage by this masseuse would be fine too!

Daniel1 Estados Unidos de América

Yoga Pants Wow, those white Yoga pants are AMAZINGLY hot!

female sensuality Canada

Engelie is incredibly sexy and sensual. Her face and body are gorgeous. I'd love to receive a massage like this from her : ) I recently chatted with her in VIP chat and she did not disappoint. An intriguing, intelligent, and extremely sexy woman......

Greg Estados Unidos de América

ATF These two girls are my all time favorite massages girls to watch. I like the sensuality and sexuality of the energy they produce. I would love to join in.

Francisco. México

Suggestion. It would be nice to see some oral action here, nevertheless, very good video!

Lion01 Holanda

Wow, wow wow. I can only confirm what has been said already in every single comment that has gone before. I have only this to ask: Petter, when will go live ? Where we can have daily updates of these two, just these two, only these two, forever!

Frank Estados Unidos de América

A voyeur's dream; great closeups of two beautiful women, expecially of special areas of interest (breast, nipples, pussy and anus). Hard to make it through the entire video without spurting

Harmony Estados Unidos de América

oral sex As a woman, I love to see two women together.The women in your videos are stunning to look at. In several videos you elude to the fact that they are having oral sex but never do you see the a tongue actually licking the beautiful pussy she is presented with. There is always a shadow, pubic hair (ick) or something else blocking the view. Such a shame. All you other videos have the most amazing view of the full engorged lips just begging to be licked or sucked on. This particular video is so erotic with the nipple play. I love it when the model reaches over and starts playing with the masseuses breast. I wish the masseuse would have brought her to orgasm and performed some oral sex on her. Sucking her nipples would have been wonderful too. I love it when they focus on her very aroused pussy and would love to dive in. Please, you show the women performing up close and personal oral sex on the men and even ejaculating. Please show some beautiful up close shots of the beautiful and erotic oral sex between two enticing women.

parknike Suiza

Engelie gorgeous video. and I would so love to see it, Engelie getting massaged by another women. that would make my month.

cunnilingusjones Reino Unido

RE: oral sex yes I agree with ever word you say.i am a bloke and would love to get my tongue between those engorged pussy lips it is beautifull

Starscout Estados Unidos de América

Bloke member Well sign me up for Bloke Membership! I kept thinking that if I were Kiki, I would have kept massaging Engelie's breasts and slowly removing her bottom garment (Bloke doesn't know what it's called). Through unspoken words, Engelie would have got in a 69 position on me and... ...and Harmony is very right no...this great video deserved a more climatic oral ending... ...I obviously liked the video but feel a little bit "taken" with the unsatisfactory "nonfinish".

walpar Bélgica

sensual massage 29.45 is a superb moment.

dugly Canada

massuse love the massuse too

Mike Costa Rica

Mouth-watering Those nipples , that pussy, love it!