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Photo of Mirabell


Photo of Mirabell
Name: Mirabell
Country: Slovakia
Weight: 49kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

Lean, lithe and lovely

Mirabell has got her very own recipe for her perfect figure. The only thing she eats is soup. It works just fine for her.

Her diet is only thing that she is sparing about. With everything else she goes all out for maximum pleasure. She adores being in what she sees as a man’s world. And what kind of a world would that be without gorgeous women? For her it means fast cars and sports of all kinds.

Mirabell studies Economics in Slovakia. It’s a very practical subject for this 22 year old with a mature outlook. Her dream is that one day she will have her own fashion business. She is preparing for that by gathering ideas while she travels. India is her special favourite. It’s an inspiration to her.

Take this economist’s word for it. The upturn has begun.

Mirabell Galleries COMMENTS

Mirabell moaning | October 15th, 2012
Mirabell moaning
umfiki Norway

Mouning? mourning? mounting? moaning?

Joe Canada

Mirabell is simply amazing.She could sit on my face anytime.

penguin United States

OMG OMG, M, you are the most beautiful thing on this Earth!! xxx ooo

Thytte Denmark

Details Mirabell is very beautifull. Looks inocent - she ain´t. The photografer (Petter) should have asked her to correct a few things, as he looked into his sofisticated camera. 1. He could see that she should have shaved before the session. Now that she has decied to be shaved. 2. Her nailpolish looks like something done by a child. These two things would have taken a few moments, and the photos would have beed outstanding, instead of fantastic.

wheeler United States

RE: Details "details" indeed!my,but you are a picky one! looks gorgeous to me!

Thytte Denmark

RE: RE: Details Yahh Wheeler, but would´t it be nice ( remember the song?) to, for once, see the perfect, now we are so close?

Mike Switzerland

Bild Nr. 23 Wunderschön wie die schlanke Mirabelle mit ihren natürlichen Brüsten ihre Beine spreizt und ihre Vagina offenbart...

Candice and Mirabell two in one | September 11th, 2012
Candice and Mirabell two in one

one of these days, you must FILL that tub, Petter!!! nice anyway

Candice and Mirabell naked together | August 18th, 2012
Candice and Mirabell naked together
KOMET United States

MIRABELL et CANDICE What do you get when you place a spark (MARABELL) with a flame (CANDICE)? A RAGING INFERNO. What erotic alchemy!

Zeppelin Germany

Can I get the armchair provided it still carries their scents?

egrise United States

Candice and Mirabell naked together Two gorgeous women, but so cold clinical and formal. Let's have some erotic spontaneity please!

OKCFAN United States

Great models, but I want them to look at each other, not the camera! What a waste... How about some kissing?

Mirabell blinding beauty | August 1st, 2012
Mirabell blinding beauty
penguin United States

#29 -- Those Lips! Wow! Seeing M's vaginal lips just hanging over the edge of the bathtub is just so amazingly sexy! What a great shot!! Wish I could just sneak up and nibble on them!

DrTutti United States

Mirabell, YOU are Epicly Hot! Mirabell you are so dam sexy. Your looks to camera melt me. And seeing your tender pussy lips from behind (the first set of images) are especially a turn on. Epicly hot. So hot I immediately got a rock hard on the instant I looked at your beauty. Thanks for giving us the gift to see your gorgeous nakedness. You are my fantasy embodied. I look forward seeing more images of your gorgeousness. Thank you!

Nav United States

I cannot get enough of Mirabell, and I really cannot get enough of her anus.

Variable-43 United States

Yummy Mirabell has the most delicious looking ass. What I would give to run my tongue around that tight little hole!

Abi France

The gloss on her lips is ugly I don't know who has got the idea for the make up, but the gloss on Mirabell's lips is ugly and the dark pen on the upper eyelid squeezes her look. It's a pity.


RE: Photo number 18 this will satisfy butt-hole lovers everywhere.

Candice and Mirabell femmes fatales | July 26th, 2012
Candice and Mirabell femmes fatales
david-7-2 Malaysia



looks like the start of sumthin yummy!!! :P

Candice and Mirabell pussy show | July 7th, 2012
Candice and Mirabell pussy show
penguin United States

Sexy! Very sexy! Although I wish there were some extreme close-ups. We have yet to see that of M's vagina and anus. I hope soon! ;-)


lovely so far! doesn't seem finished yet! hope there's a part 2! yet another set begging to be a video!

Majormarvel Cambodia

Candice & Mirabell Pussy Show It is very generous of both girls to put their bare asses up in the air and then allow the other to spread their pussy for the camera. I would like the girls to know that this generosity is not unappreciated.

Lion01 Netherlands

Nice nice nice! Both girls are just so delectable. I specially love Mirabell, she is just so sultry and sexy.

Sockpuppet Canada

Nice set Nice set of two incredibly beautiful women, but what happened in pic 16? Having the bedpost in the frame seems to be a rare miss for Petter.

paul United States

Candice and Mirabell Jesus that was hot. Lovely and yummy pussy display, along with shots of the bone tingling anus. I gotta tell ya, Mirabell just knocks me out.

docwally United States

Viva la pu-say

michaelpp92 Ireland

Mirabell & Candice Fantastic photo shoot - but why not make it into a movie?

Candice and Mirabell 69 | June 19th, 2012
Candice and Mirabell 69
wheeler United States

oh,you do love torturing us! dont you,petter???

luv69 United States

69 where is the number? f(x,y)=6x+9y where x=7, y=3...

randyleo33 United Kingdom

lovely set - all we need now is a film

wheeler United States

RE: randy AGREED!!

Lion01 Netherlands

Mmm wow! Here we have 2 of the hottest little nymphs being naughty together... Just take the plunge and get the girls to engage in true physical interaction, i.e. real kissing, real licking and real fingering. We are ready for it, and i'm sure the girls are either.

Sandy United Kingdom

Nice butts!! Great but too tastefully done for me, I like them more erotic and detailed. Definitely gorgeous models

Mirabell open shower | May 22nd, 2012
Mirabell open shower
penguin United States

Not as big of a set as I would have liked, but still very nice. Thank you, M!

pete United Kingdom

Very very cute Wow Mirabell looks really cute here but again Petter we are being shot changed with an unacceptably short set!

wheeler United States

nice while it lasted! begs for a video!

DocRod United States

Mirabel Open Shower This is an absolutely beautiful young woman. I love the "short" session because it leaves you wanting more...expecting, desiring, tantalizing, admiring, fantasizing...savouring the illusive sweetness of her young flesh...I Love it!!!!!

MojoMa55 Switzerland

Mirabell Shower How does she shower without wetting her long hair?.

Candice Mirabell girl girl | April 23rd, 2012
Candice Mirabell girl girl
wheeler United States

O...M...G!!!nuff sed!!!well...not quite...VIDEO PLEASE!!!

penguin United States

M, you never cease to amaze me, sweetie! Very nice set!

Egrise United States

Candice Mirabell girl girl Wonderful! Utterly convincing and an erotic feast. More, more....!

Starguy United States

Wake Up Call I groggily got up this morning and checked my email. I opened my Hegre newsletter message and... eyes burst open when I saw Mirabell and Candice together. I am wide awake now without even having my first cup of coffee. In fact, I would love to have M&C be my new daily start to the day! Thank you again for wonderful oh so hot images.

RhettL United States

Amazing Mirabell and Candice are amazing. The lighting, the contrast of skin is delightful. Their beautify shines and with such passion.

Mirabell tub games | April 13th, 2012
Mirabell tub games
penguin United States

Lovely Mirabell Oh M, you are so lovely!! And beautiful!!! #71's great!! Only wish there were more pics of your cute feet and toes.

Yu Japan

Very Nice!

wheeler United States

yet another set that NEEDS a video!!!

Nav United States

I'd get her dirty again just to take another bath.

Pete United Kingdom

Cute girl Very , very cute

Mirabell heavy loaded part2 | March 31st, 2012
Mirabell heavy loaded part2
penguin United States

Wow!!! The finger insertion pics are terrific! I love how you can see her white, creamy juice. Mmmm. Want to lick that.

Voorimees Estonia

??? awful!

blackflash63 Australia

Magical Mirabell All i can say is WOW im in lust. this set is one of the best. and yes the fingers insertions and holding the weights are my fav... Such a sweet smlie lovely long hair amazing body sweet lips, total package mmm

Rob Germany

Thanks I waited a long time for the second part and I’m glad to see it. I think a movie would be fine too. Thanks Mirabell for doing this photo-shooting for us.

rasputin United States

RE: Photo number 1 Not appealing to me at all

Zeppelin Germany

I don't get it I don't like it and no, part 3 will not make any difference!

paul United States

Mirabell So damn erotic. She is so fierce. Love it.

lover of lips Germany

as I have written before. That would also look good I think with Dominica C ;)

bigkaz Canada

Mirabell heavy loaded 2 Contrary to some of the posts...I love this set. Erotic, beautiful body... WOW...

griffo Thailand

Mirabell Just not my cup of tea. It is almost mutilation. But whatever turns you on

Jeff D United States

I Hate This! Please stop

x-man Germany

Horrible !!! Mirabell is wonderful, but this gallery is HORRIBLE !!!!!

Nav United States

Exciting Mirabell is wonderful, and this gallery is HOT!!!!!

P MONK3Y United Kingdom

This is just horrific...

SpermAnneke United States

The best serie i have seen I use myself often weights into my pussylips to stretch my pussylips Have also the famous Butterfly look with chains into my rings in my pussylips to stretch my pussylips very wide open as a Butterfly. A good picture serie for here in Hegre-Art

Mirabell massage part 2 | March 23rd, 2012
Mirabell massage part 2
penguin United States

Mirabell's Feet I think there needs to be a set just of Mirabell's feet. She has the prettiest feet and toes in the world!

samurai Japan

RE: Mirabell's Feet I rather prefer between her toes,,,,,,

blackflash63 Australia

Mirabell Wow i love this set. Mirabell is so sweet and stunning, like all the ladies here i cant pick a fav, however, Mirabell is fast becoming one.

richard Thailand


jefferson United States

massage Could I give Mirabell her next massage, I promise to be oh so thorough!

Pete United Kingdom

Tits Exsquiste tits and nipples

Mirabell rain part 2 | March 10th, 2012
Mirabell rain part 2
penguin United States

Mirabell Pt. 2 was worth the wait! Nice!!

wheeler United States

so glad I didn't have to wait a year!(not that it's not worth it)

Meherenow United States

Mirabell rain part 2, second row of pictures; if they had been taken from the back it would have been intense!

hhp United States

Mirabell rain Mirabell is beautiful. I love the mood and other effects of the "rain". The rain, however, is not falling equally everywhere on the set. (Less rain between Mirabell and the camera is a plus.)

blackflash63 Australia

her wetness i have never seen a lady so wet look so sexy

Mirabell heavy loaded part1 | February 29th, 2012
Mirabell heavy loaded part1
penguin United States

OMG! OMG! M, these are simply amazing!! Wow!!!!

Gezza Australia

Disclaimer - "No pussies were harmed while filming this latest Hegre release"

wheeler United States

well, that was...uuummm...different!!!

lemps Estonia

heavy loaded don't like and don't understand

AGONIA United States

IN A WORD - DISGUSTING! Borders on sadism. (This is analogous to placing metal clasps tightly on the penis-head of a male nude model.) You've done much better work than this, Hegre.

Shaq United States

Great pictures! Dominika C should try this shoot some day!

Farnorth2 Australia

Sick Sick, waste of space.

rsmitty Australia

Petter!!! If you make albums like this then everything they say about nude photographers is true!!!!

blackflask63 Australia

what a dream lady wow i love this set. Mirabell is so lovely and suxh a delightlfull charmer. her lips are amazing as is the view from behind. Picture 40 just blows me away in fact the hole set does. yes some may not like this set however, i love it the lady is stunningly beautiful. i cant wait for part 2

Laurie United Kingdom

Female Genital Torture Shame on you Hegre. Even though this is just a slight suggestion of the evil practices that women are routinely subjected to. Some methods are obscene and beyond description, suffice to say they suffer horrendous injuries and are severely traumatised for life, that is, where they survive the ordeal!

finderweb Italy

Original set Good idea, beautiful set .... I like. I like your ideas for show us perfect babes in different set and poses/background. That is good and amazing!

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: Gezza's comment Thoroughly agree, this is a bit of harmless fun. Laurie get a grip of yourself!! Pity we couldn't get some of the other models to be as experimental, I can think of Ryonen for a start, pigs might fly!!! Variety is the spice of life, I love it and why I keep renewing my membership!

70s Guy United States

did U know... The female labia minora are the homologue of the male scrotum? These photos really bring home the point!

slickwilly United States

mirabell And why is Mirabell doing this?

Egrise United States

Mirabell heavy loaded part1 Utterly repulsive. Stuff Part 2 please.

flyinghippo United Kingdom

We all need hobbies I suppose Well we all need hobbies I suppose and I seems that is Mirabell's one :-D

lover of lips Germany

That would also look nice on Dominika C :)

jim United States

Ummmmmmmm........ thank you.

stever United Kingdom

we're all different We're all different and some might like this set, others not. What is crazy is that the 'don't likers' try to spoil it for others by trying to take some kind of moral high ground, as if it's dirty or wrong in some way. I guess it's the same ones who try to convince themselves that they look at 'pretty' porn for arty reasons. Come on guys, who you fooling? we all masturbate to this stuff, get real, if you don't like it fine, but don't try to spoil it for others by suggesting that there is something weird or wrong about it. You get off on your arty lighting and hair flowing in the wind shots, and everyone else will get off on their fetishes. And some (most?) of us appreciate Hegre's beautiful art/porn mix, which for me is what this site is REALLY about. We're not all the same. Live and let live.

Sledge Germany

if you like this ... ... see Sylvie pumping iron shot ... Alex

Sledge Germany

if you like this ... (part 2) have a look for Tina (shoe dance)

Sledge Germany

RE: @ lover of lips: +1

Laurie United Kingdom

we're all different And I am more different than most, thats why i stick my head above the parapet. Its not a question of " dirty or wrong", my point is the suggestive nature of the content, that women can be treated like an object, demeaned. The influence of these powerful images sends the wrong message to the control freaks who dominate and abuse women. I have many female friends whose intelligence and opinions I respect and we are no less promiscuous. In fact the brighter girls are far more sexually adventurous, and yes I love to wank, daily! I would punch Justin Beiber in the face if I didn't

xes999 United States

Look Familiar Do testicles come to mind for anyone...?

Fract Netherlands

Well, to each his own, I suppose. All discussions about taste aside, I just prefer to see the whole woman star in a shoot, not a one-on one between a pair of truck-nuts and some random labia. And I don't know who's starring is the star here. It just confuses me and I have no desire to do soul-searching as to the origin of this confusion. But hey! This site caters for everyone, right? :)

Rob Germany

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful – I waited long for a series like this. I know Silvie did a similar thing. But Mirabell is beautiful too. I want to see more! I think it would be nice to have a movie too… Mirabell dancing with the weights on her pussy lips!

mr.tastefull Netherlands

esthetics mirabel heavy l..... what is this? dry-fishing? quite disgusting waste of beauty

basilc Ireland

RE: esthetics mirabel heavy l..... What is this mindless girl trying to achieve? Does she think labia flapping around her kneecaps will make her more attractive?

VJ United States

Gives a whole new meaning to stretching exercises. Not for me, however.

Art United States


JimP United States

I am a lover of large Labia. I love this set. Mirabell is obviously a free spirit with this and her set in the S&M dungeon. I love her eyes. I love her face. Her flawless beauty. To all the nay sayers out there I ask if you viewed the whole set? If it disgusted you, then why did you go past the first page? I for one recognize Mirabell's open mind and free spirit. Good for her. She will continue to be a part of my dreams for even longer now.

intoit United States

And the point of this is???? I don't get it.

twobe United States

ouch! This kind of stuff used to be seen in carnival side shows, you know, freaks. This is absolutely unappealing.

Timo United States

Mirabel, a weighty subject Yeah, I suppose these photos might look grotesque to some viewers. However, I have a former girlfriend who really gets off on making love doggy style with similar clamps and weight attached to her labia. She says the sensation is very intense, and there's little pain involved, since the labia are not as sensitive as might be expected (don't try this on the clitoris, though!). It's a pleasure she doesn't experience often, though, since too much of it would certainly stretch her labia entirely too much. It was her idea in the first place, so I don't see how it's in any way exploitative or manipulative. As for Mirabel, only she could answer to whether this photo shoot exploited her and whether she was coerced into doing it. To my eyes, her facial expression and body language suggests that she's finding it pleasurable. But I could be wrong. Mirabel?

abby United States

Strangely sexy Speaking as a vanilla-leaning woman, I think this is hot. Somehow, I very much doubt that she is doing this against her will. And they won't end up around her knees. To each their own--if you don't like it, look at another gallery!

Jeff D United States

Hate it I hate this immensly. Sorry.

mva2 South Africa

Miraell To those who don't like full labia just remember ther are plenty who do and Mirabell ahas a gorgeous set. Would absolutely lve to see Dominca C do a similar set, she is perfection.

maxopaxo United Kingdom

RE: did U know... Just to keep the anatomical science correct - the female analogue of the scrotum is the labia majora, derived from the embryological labioscrotal swellings. The male analogue of the labia minora is the ventral surface (underside) of the penis, derived from the urogenital folds. Interesting photoset nonetheless and apparently not everyone's cup-of-tea, but the fact that some don't like it shouldn't prevent the rest of us from making up our own mind.

Laurie United Kingdom

RE: Strangely sexy I'm puzzled abby, correct me if I am wrong. But doesn't "Vanilla" mean straight normal sex without any deviation. And certainly not kinky, fetish or strangely weird!

abby United States

RE: RE: Strangely sexy Laurie, yes, you're right. I don't usually go for kinky or fetish, so it IS puzzling that I find this so sexy... I guess that's the beauty of seeing new things once in a while, you never know what's going to turn you on!

pyalive Australia

sorry, dislike She is perfect already without that Lead thing, dislike the lead thing hanging there, not nature for me to keep this collection. Sigh!~~

Lickalotopuss United Kingdom

Liplover I am a big lover of women with large pussy lips and this just looks sooo sexy. As someone has quite rightly pointed out before, it would be amazing to see Dominika C doing something like this. Or what about a 2-girl movie with Mirabell AND Dominika C - playing with each others huge pussy lips... now that would be something special! Mr Hegre - you are a master of the visual erotica!!

Billy Canada

I just don't get it Sorry Peter, I just don't get it..... Pass

Andi Germany

disgusting, I really hate meat curtains

Rob Germany

I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found many new comments. Again, I like the set very much, it is very erotic. I like the variety of Hegre-Art. No one must download this that. Maybe there are some economic reasons Mirabell does this set of pictures. She seems to be a student at maybe she needs the money. But her expression in her face tells another language. I don’t think the pictures a degrading her. Mirabell is a wonderful women and I’m waited a long time for are set like this. I hope we see the second part soon!

Voyeur United States

Intresting, bu not my thing

Art1st United States

I find things like BDSM very arousing. Have you not tied your woman down and tried something new before? This set speaks to those desires. BDSM is in fact quite popular and I hope this isn't the last we see of it. That being said, I think the effects of this type of playing are as important to show as the playing itself. We need to be shown the red stretched labia and the lingering marks from the pinchers. These after effects are, in my opinion, the reason for this demonstration in the first place. Mirabell and any other model to partake in such demonstrations, would be thrilled, I'm sure, to show these off. Thank you

Fishman United States


Pete United Kingdom

RE: we're all different Well said and totally agree with your comments. Mirabell is very attractive and there is no way she is doing this against her will, the body language would be a lot diferent, adn those hwo suggest she is must have a very low view of Petter's professional credentials. Also agree that the "arty" brigade will always try to take the moral high ground and justify anythng because it is art. For me there is nothing offensive her, in fact its very very erotic. Live and let live, its really very simple, if you dont like dont look, but dont try to deny others the opportunity to look.

JimP United States

Her Eyes I keep coming back to this set not only to see Mirabell's eroticism, but I find myself staring into her eyes. I find her eyes and mouth the two most erotic things about her. I can not help but wish to spend hours kissing her lips. Both sets....

AC Australia

Its hot but could be better Almost had me reaching for the tissues. Would have erupted if there were some gaping shots.

paul United States

Mirabell Loved this set. From the look on her face , it seemed Mirabell was totally enjoying her sweet little self. Nothing wrong with that. Oh, and those shots of her pulling apart her ass cheeks were out this world. WOW!!!

criton United States

WOW now this is just what i was looken for...I just would like to replace them weights with my the ass so much it made me pull some skin too thanks Mirabell lets feel better now oh yes more


What's wrong with Ya!!

Damine United States

The contrast... the contrast between her sweet, innocent face - the calm enjoyment beneath her evident passion - and those weights. Wow. What tension, Petter, what drama! I think it's great that you and Mirabell can play with people's own drama, that you heighten the tension in a pose to such a level that it's uncomfortable -- for us. You take us, and Mirabell herself, to the limits to see what we can handle and let us just squirm there. We have to wonder at our feelings perhaps. Like those photos of Diane Arbus (and others)... It's almost grotesque, Mirabell's serene beauty and yet those doggone weights... playing with my ideas of pain and passion, how closely they accompany each other when aroused. (And thanks to Part 2, we see Mirabell's aroused and that heightens my own, in what we share.)

CptNemo Canada

Each to their own. Not my cuppa. Some BDSM is fine, but for me, distorting or marring a human body in all its inherent beauty is twisted. Like I said, though, each to their own.

SpermAnneke Netherlands

Weights from Mirabell I am a famous Dutch pornstar Love this weights on Mirabell her pussy love to have the same for in my movies / pictures Anyone knows where i can buy this kind of weights Can also put them in my pussylips piercing rings Als have in my 6 pussylips piercing rings chains for the famous Butterflye look with my pussylips very wide tight open like a butterfly

Mirabell rain part1 | February 21st, 2012
Mirabell rain part1
penguin United States

Sexy!! This is the sexiest set of pics I've seen on yet! Wow!! M, as always, you were amazing! Love you, baby!

LuvYou United States

WOW... when is your live chat room open? I've saved a lot of credits for you already :) can't wait no more!

wheeler United States

another nailbiting wait for part 2!!!

wheeler United States

RE: WOW... it's open!!just click on the red link up top! of course, when the girls are there is another question! click theirprofiles and look at their schrdule!

paul United States

Mirabell Would have loved this set even more without the water. She knows how to work that ass. Love it.

penguin United States

RE: RE: WOW... I think he meant a chat room for Mirabell. I hope she does; she's good at that!

blackflash63 Australia

rainy day women again Mirabell you are stunning. Maybe for part 2 you could go out into a park in the rain. beautiful lady

Mirabell massage part1 | February 16th, 2012
Mirabell massage part1
wheeler United States

major hand envy here!

penguin United States

Mmmmm Mmmm ... very nice. Can't wait for pt. 2!

Lion01 Netherlands

Mirabell's body is of ethereal beauty! White as porcelain, smooth as silk, and sensual beyond words thanks to the glistening massage oil. And, of course, the subtle exploration of her femininity by the hand of the masseuse is the icing on the cake!

Roger United States

The Uncovering of the Buns Photos 1-17 are a most lovely uncovering of Mirabell's glorious soft white round buns! A very artistic cresendo leading to the climax of wonderful photo 17. Well done Hegre and of course Mirabell!

blackflash63 Australia

mirabell oh my what a delight such beauty, charm every part of this lady is amazing, such a nice firm butt and long legs mmm

Mirabell sado cellar | February 10th, 2012
Mirabell sado cellar
petrel United States

Amazing!! These are amazing pics of an amazing woman!! Mirabell, you are beautiful!!!!

KOMET United States

MIRABELL - SLEEK & SERPENTINE Mirabell is at once feline and reptilian with her seek, oiled body. And fully nude as she should be.

Gerald France

Incredible ! Congratulations Peter ! These are the most artitic explicite pictures I have ever seen and Mirabell is gorgeous. Keep on

Luv69 United States

Still... need to meet your parents...can't believe my eyes!

wheeler United States

super smokin sexy HOT!!! and, I like that "sado" in the title! gives me naughty ideas!!! :P

Scofield United States

beautiful What an incredibly sexy woman! And, Petter, this is one of your best lit series in a long time. I love the dark tones with the top light and the oil. Such great drama.

e_hunk Egypt

This set is just perfect. Love the looks of ecstasy on her face while she pleasures herself

simon Switzerland

Refreshing set Wow. After a while of similar style pictures, this feels like spring time. Really cool. Hot model and artistic pictures.

penguin United States

Mirabell Mirabell, you are the most beautiful girl in this world to me. In many ways. :-)

paul United States

Mirabel Such raw in your face sexuality. Some of the best ass shots ever. Want to lick that so bad.

samurai Japan

Action ! She is really in action. Not just POSING NASTY but in real masturbating action in front of few people shooting pics and not many girls get turned on under the environment, except she is enjoying as an exhibitionist. The only concern is, Peter, why no close up setting this time ?

Pete United Kingdom

Wow Only the second set from Mirabell and this looks and feels like and established Hegre model. First set she looked bery cute, second and she is very hot and naughty. More more, more!!!

Voyeur United States

This set will go a long way to establish Mirabell's sexuality (understatement of the year)

Lion01 Netherlands

Wow, wow, wow! What a ravishing and flagrant display of sexuality! Wow, wow, WOW! The lighting is both dramatic and non-flattering, but her delectable body holds up to it very well, very well indeed! What a delightful and fantastic series! Bravo Mirabell, bravo Petter!

aaalltanned United Kingdom

Mirabel The way Mirabel exposes and plays with herself shows a woman who loves her body.... And so do I! Beautifully oiled body, wonderful shots of her self pleasure and presented in a simple setting it makes for an erotic feast!

silentwings New Zealand

mirabell sado cellar Just beautifully letting go and being in the moment, they are special times for anyone........thanks for sharing. Peter. New Zealand

Lars Switzerland

Nr. 29 I love Mirabell's breasts and shaved armpits

Mirabell first photos | January 27th, 2012
Mirabell first photos
wheeler United States

another sexy acrobat!cant wait to see more!

Cokebutter Canada

Amazing eyes.

Sunburst Netherlands

She is REALLY beautiful! :) you're welcome, Mirabell! :)

finderweb Italy

New Entry Beautiful young model, I like. I'm sure for good shooting in the next future .... I like!

Luv69 United States

Meet the parents... Amazing lips, eyes, and body...i need to meet her parents to make sure they are all real :)

Nate United States

Terrific new model! And she appears to be smiling in virtually every photo!!

kidstone Canada

And so it begins... Ah, another Hegre beauty who will drive me to distraction with her seductive charms!

colpatt United Kingdom

Mirabell Lovely looking girl... lithe, horny, sexy eyes. Just a slight shame she doesn't have some pubic hair (albeit trimmed).

JimP United States

I spent minutes staring into her lovely eyes. I can only think about how soft and warm her kisses would be with those wonderful lips. Her flawless beauty. I will surely awaken with you on my mind for some time to come.

Zeppelin Germany

nice While we're at it: where's Anna S.?

paul United States

Mirabell Beautiful, sweet, sexy and confident. Gotta love that. Love especially her face and ass. Sweeet!!! Also starting off the set completely nude, for a first set was great. Thanks Mirabell.

petrel United States

RE: Photo number 1 This girl is special. Inside and out. :-)

Mark United States

Mirabell A wonderful completely nude introduction to beautiful Mirabell. This is how each new model should be introduced. Totally unclothed and untethered from head to toe, it is the best way to appreciate her beauty.

Pete United Kingdom

RE: Mirabell Great new talent, what a cute face and stunning body

siauwhayce Indonesia

porcelain great white porcelain skin, combine with such an innocent face..... heaven!!! petter, please give us more with this beauty

Damine United States

Absolute Eyes What an amazing girl/woman. In every photo her eyes grab and hold onto me, and don't let me go. She's able to say more with her eyes than most models can do with throwing their bodies around. Such layers of sensuality and passion... understated beauty. Sometimes there's just a softening, or a hardened focus, and I realize minutes have passed, I'm melting within her. Your art and beauty stun me, Mirabell. Thanks, Petter, for helping her bring it out to the world.

Petr Canada

Wonderful form, happy , perky and flexible. Would love to see a yoga series, maybe sun salutation by the beach.

Mirabell Films COMMENTS

Mirabell Slipping And Sliding | June 26th, 2012
Mirabell Slipping And Sliding
Dev United States

Pussy lips I keep on replaying those shots of her where her pussy lips are spread out against table. That is fantastic to watch.

Alice United Kingdom

Her look Thank you for this beautiful film. I admire Mirabell and it is her look and her style that I am trying for.

Patric Canada

You are wonderful Did anyone else see that bit about 4 minutes in when she touches her pussy then rubs her fingers across her mouth? Mirabell - you are wonderful.

Jurgen Germany

More time This is one movie that should have been much longer. Mirabell all oily and touching herself is a theme that deserves much more time.

Zak United States

Re: More time You are right about that. I was disappointed that this was one of the shorter movies. I think we should have a sequel soon picking up where this one left off.

penguin United States

I was hoping for something a little more explicit. Like longer shots of M's vagina (w/ lips spread open preferably) and her masturbating, and also her anus (also spread open preferably). But it was still very nice. And the background music was beautiful. Than you! for you, M. ;-)

penguin United States

I was expecting something a little more explicit. Like longer shots on M's vagina (w/ lips spread preferably) and her masturbating, and also her anus (also spread preferably). But it's still nice. And the background music's beautiful. So thank you! to M! ;-)

Igacat Belgium

compact is good Despite some critics, I prefer a short film like this. Mirabel is a very beautiful spicy girl , and a good camera work too, who shows some pussy , but not too much ( which leaves imagination for us viewers). Well done .

wheeler United States

O...M...G!!!! nuff sed!!!

Fract Netherlands

RE: compact is good Seconded! A video should speak to me and I should able to hear what it is saying. And this lady says it all. Outstanding performance!

v Australia

Editing Beautiful (of course; all Hegre's films are beautiful;) but in this case I thought the editing too bleak, the shots too shot. One simply wanted to see some of them at leisure.

Mirabell Massage COMMENTS

Orgasmic Oily Anal Massage | March 27th, 2012
Orgasmic Oily Anal Massage
Jennifer United States

Pleasantly surprised This is something I had not really thought about before because it seemed to me like it would be awkward even if it was not painful. But with plenty of oil I was very pleasantly surprised.

Mort United States

Ass fingered I’m loving it. Seeing her getting her ass fingered like that is right up there with the most erotic things I have ever seen.

Carlo Bahamas

Best way I think we should have a whole special category totally devoted to anal pleasure. I know that I am not the only one to think that it is the best way.

Mark United Kingdom

Re: Best way It is up to you what you like Carlo but I think this is something that is best in small doses if at all. Perhaps someone could explain the attraction to me?

Eddy Jamaica

Thanks After I watched this I managed to persuade my partner to give it a try. To her surprise she loved it. Now she is the one asking for it this way. Thanks guys.

Attami Netherlands

Amazin scene, loved it! Anyone know who the masseuse is?

derek Australia

beautiful, once agian, and the masseuse she is gorgious, am still waiting when the hand goes towards the masseuse and starts to touch her, i know i would..thanks again for another beautiful massage video

peterswiftt United States

anal LONG OVERDUE!!! We should have thos incorporated in every massage. Not only is it sensual it is primal

blackflash63 Australia

orgasmic oily anal... What an amazing massage. i understand that anal may not be everybodies idea of pleasure, but im an open minded guy and i for one enjoy the responses from my partners when we engage in any tthing anal. watching this massage i learnt a few new tricks, as lets face it guys we dont know everything when it cums to pleasuring a woman. i love all the massage movies i have seen here. and i visit a lady who does the most amazing massages. well done to the cpl who watched this and tried it and now they use it in their love making.

larrybirdkjs United States

who's the actress?

Den United States

Interesting Massage Three fingers in the arse...hmmm that's interesting I guess. More seriously, the masseuse's fingers going back and forth between this beautiful girl's anus and vagina is going to give her one heck of a yeast infection...not a good idea, folks.

Smee United States

RE: Re: Best way I agree Mark. I actually find anal to he a major turn off. I won't disrespect anyone who likes it, I mean to each their own, but it's just not my cup of tea. Seeing as we only get one video a week, I'd prefer it if we keep the anal massages to a minimum.

Laurie United Kingdom

Anal Fisting I became gorgeously aroused as the masseuse came so close to fisting the girl. The ultimate turn-on would be anal fisting, I have seen it performed and its unbelievably decadent and near impossible to restrain one's impulse to orgasm. Go for it Hegre!

penguin United States

RE: The model is Mirabell, the best model on here since Anna S.! Kiss for you, M. ;-)

anonymous United States

RE: RE: Re: Best way I completely agree with your comment. The anal orifice is not a turn on for me. Some parts are nice to enter. Others are not.

Magnet United States

Orgasmc Oily Anal Massage I understand that anal play (sex, touch, massage, whatever) is not everyone's cup of lube, but some of us (and our female partners) enjoy it. I found this and related videos here to be very erotic. I think that the site balances the subject matter pretty well: I wouldn't want anal-play videos too often, just as I don't want the videos to focus fully on any single subject.

PD Lortz United States

JUst a suggestion......... I have enjoyed most of the massage videos but would REALLY like to see a "Soapy" massage". I have done quite a few massages and the ones that seem to be the most sensual and erotic ones I have done of late were where I lay'd down Tami-Lynn on the table on her back, wet her down with some warm water, then took two bars of Pink Dove bar soap that had been soaking in hot water for an hour, then took one in each hand and started rubbing them allover her wet body. She cooed with pleasure. Then covering her whole backside with soap, I started massaging every inch of her. The soap lathered well during the massage so no need for oil. After rinsing her off making sure to get all the soap off, i had her turn over, re-wetting her, I started all over with the bars of soap starting from her feet and working up. YES, i spent extra time on her pussy, massaging her lips too and on her breasts and nipples. Tami moaned and groaned so much that I KNOW she was enjoying herself. She had FIVE different orgasms. So now when she's had a long day I give her a another erotic and VERY soapy massage. "I" believe that others on your site would LOVE to see one of your models having a sensual, erotic and VERY soapy massage. What do you think?

shinyribs United States

Personally I enjoy the anal penetration. But I understand it is not for everyone. What I did not enjoy is how the model seemed almost comatose for the first half of the video.

Nav United States

Excellent; I would trade places with the masseuse in a heartbeat. Every part of the body is an erogenous zone.

gife11 Spain

RE: Interesting Massage Completely agree with you!!

Francisco. Mexico

Excellent! Facinating!

Pedro60 Australia

Anal/vaginal penetration While the performance was wonderfully sensitive and erotic, it appalled me for this reason: as presented, the penetration of the rectum was followed by immediate vaginal penetration with an unwashed hand, thereby transferring harmful bacteria from rectum to vagina; this is strictly not to be encouraged due to risk of serious pelvic infection. Pedantic? Maybe, but too many may try to copy the film and end up with raging pelvic or urinary tract infections. OK, how do you do this and preserve antiseptic conditions?

pete United States

RE: Anal/vaginal penetration The answer to that Pedro is an enema.

sojurn United States

The model seemed zoned out in complete erotic bliss. A fantastic video of a beautiful young woman.

williamj United States

Music I love the music where do I find it?

Dino United States

Who is this terrific model?

Barbara United States

Mirabell I'm new to Hegre's site, a lesbian who has always needed and been most deeply satisfied by anal penetration. My life in Europe caused me to accept and embrace the practice that's very widespread there. European women - and I think more American ones than we realize - adore a.p. when it's done lovingly and with deep understanding of how it causes the receiver to feel. Mirabell's reaction to an experience she obviously craved has moved me to tears each time I've watched that video. Her expression and orgasm told me that the oily massage was a dream come true for her. How I wish it had been done to me by the knowing hands of that gentle woman who knew exactly how to please her client. I'm sure Hegre thought it was a daring, edgy shoot when he did it, but I love him for reaching out to me and to the exquisite Mirabell who is my archetype for O, an open-minded woman who understands the level of ecstasy anal caressing and play can give. What a shame it's such a profound taboo for so many. Thank you Petter.

Ease77 Denmark

Wow, thát was a peak, very intense and beautiful, to All models, masseurs and other crew, thanks for beeing and sharing, God bless....

Ease77 Denmark

-Truly beautiful moments, it doesn't get any better....

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Oily Anal Massage Well, she certainly enjoyed that experience!. It got so close to it, that I wonder if she would have had equal, or more, pleasure had it included a full vaginal fisting massage?.

Dave Czech Republic

Mind blowing girl Mirrabel is an absolutelly stunning goddess... untruly beautiful body and such a sweet pussy and cute toes.

dexter United States

Is Valerie next? I am sure Valerie wouldn't mind a massage like this. Please make a video like this of her. That would the best video on here.

Triple Big O Massage | January 31st, 2012
Triple Big O Massage
HenryJames United Kingdom

Poetry Simply wonderful...........

Fischerin Germany

Triple? I can count to four, I do!

Kyle United States

G-spot The masseur knows what she is doing alright but whatever happened to the G-spot we used to hear such a lot about? Seems to me it is getting neglected. Admittedly there is some fingering but IMHO not enough of that kind of penetration.

Sven. Sweden

Detail The way she grips the hand of the woman massaging her and the sides of the table says it all. That is the kind of detail that makes the difference.

Thytte Denmark

Amazing. She is so petit and gets gigantic orgasm's. Wish I could have as many in so short time, and so intense. Why was i born a man :)

Bobby Joe United States

Close-up The close-up shots in this movie are great. The ones at 17:30 and 18:50 in particular are just what I want to see. Keep them coming.

Carl Canada

Strange It looks strange to me when I see a nude woman having all these orgasms and the woman giving them to her is dressed like she would be in some public place in her usual clothes. I would rather see her in something more revealing.

Stuart United Kingdom

Re: Strange That totally misses the point Carl. The whole idea is to have this exciting contrast between the cool detached masseur who is so precise about every move she makes and the nude girl on the table who is receiving all these wild sensations.

greg United States

erotic I think finally the type of orgasms that you would see from such an intense and sensual massage. This massage had one purpose in mind and that was to get her/model off, and very sexy to see that as well. I love these massage films because can just fantasize about being the one touching or being touched. You talk about a happy ending. Half the fantasy is that there is very little interaction is some of the massages, just the model receiving. Unless it is a tantric massage or lesbian massage I do not care if the masseuse is naked. The models are good enough for me. You would not get too many skilled sensual massage therapist for these videos if they were asked to be naked or show their face. But you always get some bozo commenting/perseverating on naked masseuses or some massage genius talking about g spots, anal play and critiquing massages. Just shut your brain off and enjoy the show. I know I did.

Adrian Spain

no one mentions the new flying cam? it takes it all to a whole new level!

Roger United States

Oh yes...Come girl come

Shawn United States


Wayne Belgium

RE: erotic absolutely agree with your opinion. It's not important if the masseuse is naked or if she touches enough the g-spot bla bla .. I like the massage series because you don't just see a hot girl getting a massage naked, you can listen to her voice too when she gets an orgasm. A real one , not a fake. Fantastic !!

Alex Wilhelm United States

Counting There are way more than 3 Os here. Way more.

Mikesch Germany

Great movie, luv it - but I still don't know ... who is she?

Fract Netherlands

RE: erotic Most definitely agree with Greg. This is the one type of erotic movie where I am not thrust into the action, but taken along gently by the hand to a most sexual crescendo. This way, it's not just a visual but a total sensory bliss. And yes, that includes my brain as an erogenous zone, too :)

Mikesch Germany

RE: OK got it - it's Engelie, right? Simply beautiful!

frogman79106 United States

RE: RE: erotic OMG!!!!....unbelievable!!!!....beautiful girl, beautiful body and beautiful orgasm's!!!!

Rondidon United States

RE: She is the new model Mirabell

twobe United States

What sweet song thy beauty sings - and a major tip of the cap to the fabulous masseuse for her incredible stamina.

Ahmet Turkey

Interesting Technic I will try at the earliest opportunity.

Sydb55 United States

RE: This is why I joined. Only one complaint, and that's the sky cam or whatever you want to call it. I've never liked it, not in sporting events or anywhere else. I would rather be watching at eye level, but again I loved this massage.

petrel United States

Mirabell's Os There's nothing in the world like Mirabell cumming! The best feeling on Earth! OMG!

Den United States

Fantastic! Wow!!! Simply amazing...probably among the most erotic things I've been fortunate enough to witness!

cokebutter Canada

She has the most amazing eyes.

Ella United Kingdom

Absolutely gorgeous. Would love someone to give me a massage like that, although I'd need more gspot massage to make me cum hard.

Alex Wilhelm United States

O O O O O ... Well, Mirabell it is. I've watched this video a couple more times, and what a debut performance. Likewise, I can only imagine that the masseuse had a wet spot in her panties since, first, she clearly has done this before, and second, she taps that pussy like she means it. If that was my job, I'd love to get a client like Mirabell, someone who gave such wonderful feedback instantly for every stroke. Can you imagine what the masseuse got to feel inside of Mirabell while every part of her was quivering like that? If it had been me, I'd have squirted in my pants about the time that Mirabell was screaming her head off there at the end. Mind you, I'd have been tempted to take the chance of loosing my job by slipping in more than a finger or two as well. We'll all have to get together again some time and do this again real soon.

visual_42 Netherlands

very nice clip. sadly the masseuse isn't wish is that someday you will make a video like that were the masseuse is also naked. many thanks already ;)

Ahmet Turkey

RE: Counting Just 2 Os but second one was very intense cause of several incomplete OS.

jb United States

triple O's with Mirabelle Excellant. Truly erotic and very exciting. More, More, More

xyartlover India

Orgasmic Massage - Male Triple Big O is a wonderful treat !!! When can we have some thing similar with a male ?

kay Switzerland

O O O einfach irdisch-himmlisch fantastisch!!!

kay Switzerland

BETR: O O O O O ... fantastisch, excellent, himmlisch...

intoit United States

Mesmerizing Just spectacular. One of, if not the best yet. These films may be doing more for the female population than anything else on the web. Is there anyone who isn't trying to take what we see here and please the woman in their life? Never get enough of these.

bobbob United States

A+ to both Wow,Mirabelle is outstanding in every way.Not only can she have a great O, she knowe how to make it last! Lucky her, lucky us. However,THIS masseuse deserves a big bonus for her skills as she really knows when to pick up the pace and stay with what she is doing when Mirabelle starts singing. MUSIC TO OUR EARS!

Love Switzerland

.....a real orgasm is so beautiful!!

TK United States

I am a woman. this is an erotic video, but a tip for guys out there.....that scratching up and down motion the masseuse uses over and over again on the clit is actually quite painful when repeated for so long and so many times and had me cringing in my seat. A much nicer and even more orgasm friendly alternative is to use a flat finger (or fingers) and rub back and forth (left and right), not a curved finger scratching up and down. Otherwise, the rest of her technique is spot on. And for the record, Mirabelle puts her hand on the masseuses hand to get her to stop.....

Vincent Netherlands

Oil Does anybody know what oil is being used?

Eric Lee Taiwan, Province of China


joe Germany

She is so beautiful!

taylor Singapore

really nice

2012Dean United States

I felt her sexual energy I'm loving watching the orgasm build. Yoni massages rule!!!

United Kingdom

I have just joined. That has to be one of the most amazingly erotic vidoes I have ever watched; nothing crude or exploitative about it. I am amazed at the dexterity of the fingers of the female masseusse. Gents:if you want your wife/girlfriend to be truly orgasmic, watch this.

Carlo Germany

Es ist wunderbar wenn sie anfängt zu stöhnen und zu jammern - und man weiß, sie kann dem Orgasmus nicht entkommen.

japa Japan

sorry i prefer rial orgasm. but a lot of fake orgasm. i want to see her genuine orgasm and contractions. please. i don't want to regret a purchase