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Olea Profile

Name: Olea
Country: Russia
Weight: 47kg
Height: 165cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Dancer

Ball of Energy

If you are a dancer, if you dream of conquering the world there is no better place for a girl to start in Russia than the illustrious Spearmint Rhino.

IT IS where you go to be seen. It is where the rich go to chill. It's where Petter and Luba discovered Olea like a ball of pure energy flying across stage in a whirlwind of flowing dark locks. The Rhino is the classiest strip joint in Russia and Olea is surely one of the classiest strippers on the planet.

What makes Olea special is her angelic looks and petite girlish body. She could be a gymnast or a ballerina, and even considered both pursuits before she committed herself to modern dance. Petter and Luba fell in love with her youthful spirit and angelic looks. Would she like to pose for Hegre-Art? You bet.

This is Moscow, after all, probably the most sophisticated city on earth.

Lena, Olea, Olga girlfriends October 10th, 2006
Lena's legs
Lena's curvy legs, perky breasts and cute face make her my favorite among this little group of friends; I would love to see her return if she is still modeling.
I almost forgot how beautiful Olga was! It's been so long since we've seen her anywhere other than the archives. Please consider reconnecting with Olga so we can see more of her. thank you!
i understand this is an older set. it raises the question -once more- if there really are no more OLGA solosets left or even some new ones in sight... olga is still tremendously popular and a look at the model-poll shows that i'm not the only one obsessed with her. so: any chance for some more OLGA-solos? cheers
Olea on hotel stairs September 20th, 2004
Beautiful girl, really sexy eyes.
Olea on the stairs March 3rd, 2004
Hello Petter! I would just like to say if this beauty is looking for Mr. Right......My hat is in the ring! Thank you for her!
Olea in a chair October 20th, 2003
She looks naughty...but in fact she is just very nice looking. I was may be expectinf too much frome pretty Olea
Olea on a stool August 9th, 2003
Here's one model I'd love to see featured at the present day superb level of photography / presentation of this site.
amzing young lady...for me, she defines ultimate seductive looks