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Lynne | República Checa Galerías: 7 Masajes: 1
Foto de Lynne


Foto de Lynne
Nombre: Lynne
País: República Checa
Peso: 49kg
Altura: 167cm
Edad: 18
Ocupación: Estudiante

Casi demasiado

La talla 0 ha muerto, viva la mujer de verdad. Históricamente, los artistas han admirado las sensuales curvas de la figura femenina. Éstas son sinónimo de la belleza femenina también en nuestros días. Aquí está Lynne para satisfacer esa necesidad.

Esta tímida chica de la República Checa da cuerpo a este ideal. Su piel clara es gloriosa como el mármol. Su figura sería perfecta para una escultura que dominaría fácilmente una galería de arte renacentista. Sus pechos voluptuosos tienen la abundante riqueza que Rubens inmortalizó con sus modelos. La diferencia ahora es que podemos capturar la dimensión extra del movimiento.

Somos afortunados de que no sea una fría estatua. Ella es una mujer vital que permite que la cámara capture su belleza.

Lynne Galerías COMENTARIOS

Lynne bomba rubia | July 13th, 2012
Lynne bomba rubia
Variable-43 Estados Unidos de América

If only Ryonen could learn to pose like this. Who cares? Lynne is exquisite!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Great to see Lynne again in all her nude glory! Such a pretty girl, great figure, and those tits! Photos 5 10 and 35 excellent. Pity no butt shots. Thank you Lynne!


lynne is lovely...hope there's some water coming!

peterpan Alemania

what a cutie.. still I'm wondering if on some pic she gets bioth of her nippels hard....?

Fishman Estados Unidos de América


Ebenezer. Reino Unido

Nibble. Has a pussy ever looked so perfect for nibbling and licking?!

len Bélgica

one of my favorite she has a wonderfull skin and she's very pretty!!!

Nav Estados Unidos de América

Pics #29 & 33 are stunning.

Joerg Alemania

Lynne hat ein Engelsgesicht aber auch eine wunderschöne Vagina...

Lynne rubia y atrevida | May 30th, 2012
Lynne rubia y atrevida
gooz Estados Unidos de América

Blond....apparently Bald....pretty much Bold....not bloody likely!

hihi India

A Shiny Delight untamed beauty wrinkle less nice photography

AM Estados Unidos de América

What a goddess That is a goddess right there. Such magnificent poses and elegance featured. She is an angel!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

RE: What a goddess My thoughts Exactly AM: What a Goddess! How lucky we are that beautiful Lynne shows herself nude! What a face! What a body! And what Tits! Love her right tit in photo #5. The only criticism of this series is that it is in arrears in one asspect: we are not treated to looks at Lynne's voluptuous butt. Nevertheless, thank you Lynne!

Lynne and Valerie masaje íntimo | May 24th, 2012
Lynne and Valerie masaje íntimo
KOMET Estados Unidos de América

VALERIE & LYNNE - A SLOW BOIL WHY IS THIS PHOTO SERIES SOO SHORT?!!! It would have been better to have made 100 PHOTOS to fill out this series, Hegre.

Guest Estados Unidos de América

Hmmm... chocolate vanilla...medium large, please! :)

blackflash63 Australia

Lynne and Valerie love the contrast of black hands on soft white skin. 2 beautiful ladies hoping there is a video cumming later...

JerseyJoe1 Estados Unidos de América

Love this gallery. Agree it is way too short. 100 photos, followed up by a massage video and full satisfaction by two very beautiful women.

AM Estados Unidos de América

RE: I agree. It is something I love to watch, and it definitely is way too short. Fear not, I am sure they will have an upcoming set to follow.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Naked Lynne on Display Gotta love this Lynne...I mean, c'mon, look at those tits: plump, full, milk-white 18 year-old tits, not to mention her pouty full cunt lips...oh my...Thank you Valerie and Lynne!

bobbob Estados Unidos de América

Wow! Welcome Lynne, what a sight for anyone's eyes. Please, please, please make yourself comfortable on the massage table; oh, the joy that would bring the world.

Pete Reino Unido

RE: Lynne and Valerie Yep. agree the contrast is good but Valerie has the classy body here and set is again too short to give her an opportunity to display herself

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

nice tease...PLEASE dont tell me that's the end!!!

rsmith Australia

Why is Valerie not looking at us?!?!? Her power and dominance were so strong in her shoots with Caprice, but here she looks anxious and insecure because she's looking where her hands are. You don't need to look at your hands; you can guide them by feel like you did with Caprice. And you're Valerie; don't need permission to feel and squeeze her most sensitive parts; they're yours! Lock that camera in your eyes and OWN the place!!

Abi Francia

Happy Valerie don't look at us ! I am happy Valerie don't look at us (to answer to rsmith) ! The main photographers' mistake is to tell the models to watch the camera. It lead to artificial pose we don't believe in. It's like saying "I do it because I am a model, I do it, but this is fake, I do it because of the business", so we don't see or feel girl's pleasure in what she does because it is business and not real sexual attraction. Let's be honnest, the body of a girl is much more beautiful and sexually attractive than the lens of the camera. So if a girl look at the lens of the camera, it means she does not see what is beautiful before her very eyes, and it means "I do my job" which is properly a non-erotic atmosphere.

Lynne princesa bonita | May 1st, 2012
Lynne princesa bonita
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

pretty princess indeed! lovely!

Fract Holanda

Lovely Lynne It takes a hot-blooded woman indeed to make blue eyes (which normally are a little cold for my taste) come across as warm and inviting. Even the catch-lights in her eyes are brighter than with most other models. What I'm really looking forward to, is seeing her right nipple go from 'innie' to 'outie' mid-set. That would be awesome! Until that time: you go girl! You're beautiful!

quickstepper Estados Unidos de América

Lynne Perfectly gorgeous.

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Lynne I do miss Lynne, her youthful big tits and white marble ass.

Lynne belleza rubia | April 22nd, 2012
Lynne belleza rubia
Fract Holanda

Lynne looks so innocent and sweet, yet that glint in her eye seems to ask: 'You think you can take me on?'. What a sexy girl!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

oh yes!much more of this little gem, please!

drummer boy Estados Unidos de América

uncomfortable Lynne doesn't seem to seduce the camera at all. don't get me wrong, I am seduced by her beauty and nudity alone, but where's the energy? does is girl need to be outside in the sun or in the water?

kidstone Canada

Beautiful and seductive. And such a sweet ass. Any man would be lucky to come inside her.

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: uncomfortable well, I think being outside in the sun or in the water would help ANY pictorial! there's nothing quite like natural light to enhance natural beauty! and, granted, a smile would be nice! but, I'm sure they'll get to it, eventually.

Farnorth Australia

Lynne's lack of life Great figure but expressionless & lacking in oomf

finderweb Italia

NiceLynn Nice and beautiful teen; I like her lines. Sweet face, perfect body!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Nude Beauty For those who doubt the validity of nude female art, they need look no further than photos 26 through 35 in this glorious gallery of gorgeous Lynne. Starting with 26 with her milk white soft 18 year old buns, we rotate arond her ass to the climax of photo 35 where Lynne, as any good 18 year nude model girl should, pulls her buns wide to open her asshole for our viewing pleasure. And what a full cunt she has, with tortuous twisting hills and valleys lips. Thank you Lynne! You are gorgeous.

Lynne escena en la ducha | April 11th, 2012
Lynne escena en la ducha
wheeler Estados Unidos de América

ooooo...I gotta say it...video please!!!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

Lynne I'm in heaven! I missed her debut so I am a little "behind." Always a treat to welcome a new girl to Hegre, and particularly so with Lynne! Such a beauty: so great to see a girl nude in the shower, so natural. Oh, what a lovely face, great full tits, cute little round butt and only 18 years old!! Love photo #3. Good girl Lynne for joining Hegre and showing your nude beauty! And thank you!

Roger Estados Unidos de América

What a Joy What a joy to see a beautiful only 18 year old girl fully nude as she enters her shower, tests the water as we watch. What joy! So natural and pure. Nature's eros!

SageArcherII Estados Unidos de América

Lynne's Shower... On film...preferably in slow-motion? I'd love to see Lynne's Lovely Labia thru the lens of cascading water-droplets!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

RE: Lynne's Shower... why didnt I think of that???lol

Tania Francia

Beautiful set .... but those nails... they're really awful, it's very frustrating.

Lynne primera sesión | April 1st, 2012
Lynne primera sesión
findereb Italia

Welcome! You are welcome, Lynn!

wheeler Estados Unidos de América

another stunner!cant wait to see more! (maybe fill the tub next time?)

Wildman Reino Unido

Perfect curves A stunning first set. A real beauty. Cant wait to see more.

simon Suiza

What a fabolus start.

Fract Holanda

A total stunner! That cheeky smile, those luscious curves and sublime charms, and those eyes that that can barely hide the 'geared for love' mind that is inside. All wow! Luckily her bio is slightly off: at 49 kg, she can hardly be called a 'Rubens-model'. Thankfully so! I hope her affiliation with the site will be a long one indeed.

70s Guy Nigeria

A wonderful... Pudendum and accompanying landing strip. Just need more close-up of spread labia next time.

blackflash63 Australia

Lovely Lynne An amazingly stunning lady, with eyes that hold me in, and the hint of a sweet smile. hope to see more of Lynne a beautiful young lady.

Guildenstern Estados Unidos de América

Stunning Lynne What an absolutely magnificent young woman! No ice princess, she involves herself fully with the camera, indeed, even her arousal is plain to see. While it can be off-putting for the model to stare directly at the camera, Lynne manages it with aplomb and a fine measure of professionalism, despite her amateur status. More, more more of this wonderful and beautiful model.

UNCLEDAD Reino Unido

LYNNE Absolutely fabulous want more NOW!!!!

AM Estados Unidos de América

What an introduction What an introduction. I have one adjective to describe this set: SPELLBOUND! I love it. Can't get enough of it! Can't wait for more excitement from her.

bigkaz Canada

Lynne First Session Very beatiful...thank you for sharing. :)

Voyeur Estados Unidos de América

Snother wonderful find.

Zeppelin Alemania

Nice Btw will we get any more Anna S. one day?

the beaver Canada

Lynne Superb lady and very naturel

Felperriv México

Massage. She really deserves a massage. This could be her first movie !!!!


Girlfriends Massage | October 28th, 2014
Girlfriends Massage
Hardhead Estados Unidos de América

New massage videos in months!

radarq Corea, República de

long time no see...

John Australia

No interaction Absolutely gorgeous girls but unfortunately not a great video (IMHO). Lynne look as if she is passed out on the bed. What makes the massage videos interesting is the passion and interplay between the two parties. In this case Lynne doesn't look physically aroused or even vaguely interested in Valerie (at odds with the back story). Compared to the ultimate penis massage of the last couple of weeks this unfortunately does not come close. Key to a successful video (IMHO): Gorgeous people At least one sexually aroused and preferably both A sense of interplay (or sexual attraction) between the two parties Preferably some form of orgasm

Bernard Holanda

Finalement un nouveau film de massage I’m very happy. At last a new massage film, thank you Petter. It’s a pity that Valerie is no professional masseuse, because I prefer Lynne gets one or more sexual eruptions. The combination black skin with the white skin is nice.

Mojo55-7 Suiza

Girlfriends Massage A gentle, slow, sensuous massage between intimate friends. As such, enjoyable to watch.

Jeff Alemania

Finally... ...a new massage film! Thanks! Why did it take so long?

archcon212 Estados Unidos de América

Lynne Lynne has a PERFECT BODY, FLAWLESS SKIN and a BEAUTIFUL FACE. I am in love !!!! What I wouldn't give to give her a massage like that, only longer and to give her a happy ending. AWESOME !!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL.

guy Estados Unidos de América

RE: Finally... exactly...

lupus Bélgica

These are the same scenes as form a photo series from a few years ago. Recycling material thus. No problem, however, the video quality has been improved over the years.

Gary Estados Unidos de América

tenderness It is what is so lacking in most porno films if you pay careful attention you may notice the nipple erection or the spreading of the vaginal lips the photographic detail says it all the girl giving the massage was getting off more than the girl being massaged you saw it in her nipple erection. Great filming!

Gary Estados Unidos de América

They say you know it when you see it What separates art from pornography, the loving touch that is so missing in our lives today! Your films are done with love and taste the porno films are all about the cum shot and who really cares about that? We so need love in our world today this really touches our hearts with the tenderness shown between the people you are portraying. It lets me know the whole world has not gone crazy when you see this kind of love great job THANK YOU!

Gary Estados Unidos de América

nipple erection Nice to see the girl giving the massage is getting off on it too, it displays the love involved in giving this kind of pleasure to another person and it is something so missing in our society today with everyone being so up tight, it is so nice to let go of all the tension and just relax and renew our senses.