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Purr Profile

Name: Purr
Country: Thailand
Weight: 38kg
Height: 146cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Student


How can you pack a big personality into a tiny form? The woman to ask is Purr because she has cracked the secret of doing just that.

She is the smallest of our models at 146cm (4’9”) and that suits her style. She has made herself an intriguing mix of Tokyo manga and LA laid-back. This Bangkok 23 year old is truly international.

It’s best not to mess with Purr. She may look all kittenish with her big blue eyes set in a baby face. But she can make sure she asserts herself when she needs to. She is studying hotel management and is happy to give a warm welcome. But in her book the customer is not always right. If you rub her up the wrong way there could be trouble. She is a girl who can look after herself.

Purr Thai gold part3 March 5th, 2014
Wow! Amazingly hot! Please make a film of her masterbating with only her fingers.
Sorry but I don't enjoy this model at all =S too different from your other models and a lot of grades below them...
Please ask purr to join the web cam girls
oh yes! been way too long since we've seen this little bundle of joy! more please!
Purr sunset in bed part2 August 11th, 2013
I love this girl.The best petite, sexy, exotic model on the site in my opinion, bar none! - I like everything about this young lady, her short hair, her lovely eyes, hard nipples, bare feet and shaved pussy. We need a video of her masturbating please.
I like to see Purr in this pose, but this gallery is too repetitive, no need to save more than 6 to 8 pictures. Watching Purr play with herself into an explosive orgasm would be an excellent video; Peter missed the proverbial golden opportunity.
still love this little lady! :)
The day after
Maybe it's just me but I'm not a fan of photosets where the model has this look about her. I'm talking about bloodshot eyes and looking for all the world as if the shoot was done after a late night's partying. She looks tired and as if she would rather be sleeping that hangover off. I don't like it.
Purr Thai touch July 8th, 2013
Très jolie Purr
Purr est très belle,elle a un jolie visage et un corps magnifique,quand je regarde ses photos je suis comme dans un rève.
Absolutely Stunning
Purr is gorgeous, small, feminine, beautifull skin, lovely facial expressions ... yes definately need a film .. please, please, please
Purr Beautiful Body
Another beautiful set. Purr is purrfect in every way. Beautiful breast with lovely rock hard nipples, and a beautiful cum soaked pussie. Purr must always be highly turned on doing these shots. Love to see Purr in a video having a nice sexual massage being done by a beautiful naked masseuse.
Another lovely set - and Purr appears to be cumming in a few of these shots? Would love to see a video / film of her masturbating please?
creme de la creme
The Purrfect hors d'oeuvre, simply delicious...
Wow, love seeing Purr's excitement.
Purr Thai silk June 10th, 2013
I love this set of Purr. Her pussy is a welcome sight indeed! More please and soon.
The glistening of her greasy bottom hole is quite alluring...
Most explicit Purr gallery yet! I like to look at Purr posing this way. And I have a fondness for exotic East Asian ladies.
Purrfect Pout
Imagine the musky scent of her engorged vulva arousing your senses, the taste of her sultry sex as your mouth swallows her sticky sensuousness. Your tongue seeking ever deeper decadent pleasures...
Purr Bangkok pool May 13th, 2013
Fucking Purrfect
I would love to nibble her exquisite nipples...
Purr Beautiful Body
I am so in love with Purr. Such a beautiful body. Beautiful breast and stand hard nipples. Hope that there will be a video of her soon.
More Purr please!
naked wet purr...what could be better??? only a video!!! looks like she got a little chill there on pic #53!