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Emily Profile

Name: Emily
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 47kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Eager for it

Emily is chock-full of vitality and ambition. This ravishing 19 year old from the Ukraine is determined that the world will be hearing about her – and soon.

Hollywood is her goal. That is no idle dream. Currently she is a star student studying feature film acting at university in Kiev. Movies are her passion. Just recently, to broaden her accomplishments, she has branched out into modelling. To her surprise – and everybody else’s delight – she has discovered that she gets turned on by modelling nude. Emily throws everything she has got into this new-found talent of hers. She can’t stop smiling and laughing at the joy of it all. When you match that up with her milky-white complexion and youthful looks you get star quality.

Soon she will be up there with the screen legends that she idolises.

Emily sweet and sexy January 19th, 2015
Lip Licking Good!
Emily is the ultimate decadent dessert - a complex confection of sugar and spice to be savored slowly bit by bit. Yum!!!
Emily is such a delight!
Emily The best and most hottest model of Here-Art
Emily the most hottest and most sexy model of Here-Art Never enough Please don't stop to publish from her Every day looking exciting if she will be the model of the next day Love to see her in all kind of actions: Solo, Girl-Girl, Girl-Boy Love to see Much, Much more about her She is making here-Art worth to have an account for many years, to follow All she is into on this great beautiful website Please go on with her
She is THERE! Beautiful from head to toe with emphasis on her parts. now if only she could teach Tyra and Simone a few of these moves, and get the photographers to co-operate!
Emily~! So beautiful.
Emily is a superstar. Loving seeing her on both the cam and in still photos. More photos, please!
Sweet and sexy. So tender when she shows us her pink bud.
Emily sweet ...
Emily is a member of my "family". Always a pleasure to see you again, beautiful and exciting.
indeed! what to say that has not been said? GODESS!!!
Emily Sweet and sexy
What can, say always sweet and real sexy, you say it ALL!
Emily and Mike magic moments January 8th, 2015
I'd rather see a nice penetration ...
Perfect team, Mike is good contrast to the white Emily. Will they go further? Like Kissing or licking each other? Or massage? Interracial is a good theme here, why not Alex and Valerie? Go on Petter, well done :-)
Love these interracial shoots. Would like to see more with Emily and would love to see Patti.
A very rich and intense week
Patty, Rosie, Marisa, Valerie, and now Emilie and Mike! Woaw, what a week ! Emilie is smiling and open. I didn't know she was able to do the full split. Very strong and beautiful pictures. She is one of my favorite models with Valerie, Darina, Dominika, ... By the way, Mike is a lucky guy ...
How Mike is not completely rock hard, is beyond me!
Emily and Mike
Once more, congratulations to both the model and the photographer
Would love to see a mike/emily set as erotic as the alex/flora sets....
Emily and Mike...
UI have always wished to see these two together...it would be wonderful to see them joined... his hard darkness buried deep inside her soft pinkness...all the way inside her...is this possible???
Interesting pairing, this photo series. Will there be more? (The interracial theme is both beautiful and compelling. Would like to see more au naturel pairings among the models. How about MIKE & ROSIE, MIKE & MARISA or MIKE & PATTI?)
Emily and Brendon from behind December 3rd, 2014
too strongly pretended impression
I like very much your esthetic videos and pics with partners of mixed or same gender. In your massage vids e. g. you can really imagine and see the sexual arousal and feel the sizzling action lying under or in the moments before the taken pics and vids recognizing the flush of the skin and many other signs. Nice examples in my opinion are Flora and Alex or Mike and all her other partners, Charlotta and friend, Fabi with her partners, Zana and her massage partners, Valerie and Mike, Konata or Serena and partner and all the femal-female intimate massages. But in these pics I feel very strongly a lack of intimacy, mutual pleasure and sexual arousal. Maybe - depending on their mutual sympathy - you can let them have real sex or mutual pleasure-giving so the viewer can feel and imagine what is going on between them and it won´t look so much pretended from the first sight as it does here. No need to start close-view penetrating or mutual oral-sucking pics, I mean, but let them do it and it will feel well. It will not be necessary to take pics when having sex if they don´t like it (even though in your usual careful way of filming that could become also very tasteful) but let them time before the session to do it and the outcome of "Emily & Brendon" would be like in your other films and pics - my suggestion.
Wonderfull inspiration. Did tehy or did they not...? Who knows? Great work Petter :-)
Although Emily is gorgeous, any chance of seeing more of Brendon? I have no issue with male nudity, and it would be nice to see more dick.
Emily and Brandon
This is not, for me, the best of Emily, but it is always a pleasure to see her.
Two graceful creatures happily rutting together.
Alya and Emily long live Ukraine November 17th, 2014
Alya and Emily
Alya or Emily alone are great. Seeing Alya AND Emily together makes me happier.
RE: Emily
I remember Emily teasing us about this set back when it was shot. I wonder why it wasn't released earlier, or better instantly, because it was shot in a good spirit and to send a message. Best wishes to all those lovely Hegre-models from the Ukraine. And no way, there is never enough of Emily and Alya.
Ver nice...
..but you should do this set with two russian girls....;))
RE: Emily
never enough emily!!!
I wished you would have shown Alya's lovely backside.
Enough of this Emily already. What is up with that?
Whilst here on holiday in Sint Maarten, I'm enjoying the sweep of this photo set. Alya and Emily are radiance itself when they're fully au naturel. (Frankly, I'd love to see more photo sets featuring Alya sem roupa. She has a beautifully slim, svelte body.) Emily is as bubbly as ever.
Alya and Emily
Looks like a fun shoot. I like it when the models are obviously enjoying themselves.
Emily peep show by Alya November 6th, 2014
RE: wheeler
totally agree. a perfect combination.
Emily - peep show
Well, perfect as always - never been better than now!!
Emily peep show ..Happy to see
Happy to see you again
Pee Show
How about Emily Pee Show by Alya?
one of the better sets from Ms Alya in a while, IMHO! of course, she couldn't ask for a better subject!
Emily peepshow by Alya
I think Emily is the most natural beautiful girl, very talented and a real feast for the eyes. Thanks that we get a glimse of her with the eyes of Alya