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Emily Profile

Name: Emily
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 47kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Eager for it

Emily is chock-full of vitality and ambition. This ravishing 19 year old from the Ukraine is determined that the world will be hearing about her – and soon.

Hollywood is her goal. That is no idle dream. Currently she is a star student studying feature film acting at university in Kiev. Movies are her passion. Just recently, to broaden her accomplishments, she has branched out into modelling. To her surprise – and everybody else’s delight – she has discovered that she gets turned on by modelling nude. Emily throws everything she has got into this new-found talent of hers. She can’t stop smiling and laughing at the joy of it all. When you match that up with her milky-white complexion and youthful looks you get star quality.

Soon she will be up there with the screen legends that she idolises.

Emily studio sitting July 20th, 2015
Sitting Pretty
In my eyes, another example of why Emily sits atop the field of fantastic female flesh displayed on this phenomenal forum. Her "body of work" definitely elicits a "standing ovation" from me!
Emily studio
Soft shooting. So beautiful.
never enough!
Emily and Serena Vicious Vibrator July 14th, 2015
I need this toy and both girls.
"exactly" which one? lol
RE: Emily overload
what don't you understand??? the fact that she's smokin' fuckin' hot???
This did nothing for me. Sorry. From the very first forced giggles, I was completely turned off.
Emily overload
I don't understand this obsession with Emily. Too much Emily.
Vicious Vibrator
A fun film. It might seem ungracious to cavil when Emily and Serena were obviously enjoying themselves, but why didn't they remove their bikini bottoms?. It could have been even more interesting to have seen them completely nude, especially if they had been full frontal, as well as face-to-face on the machine, for some of the time. I also think it would be great to see one of your girls, full frontally naked, riding a Sybian whilst another operated the variable controls until they changed places half way through the film.
Le vibrateur vicieux est fantastique!!!!
The girls have a lot of fun. It’s a pitty that they are not totally nude, because I want to see the pussies after playtime. What a fantastic vibrator, it’s new for me! What is the name of this vicious vibrator and can you buy it in shops?
Where to get the vibrator?
Where can I get the vibrator? :-)
Well, that was just lovely, from beginning to end! we even got to hear Serena's sweet angel voice at the end!and a little of Emily's. and, I could swear that thing was alive at the beginning! lol My only little teeny tiny little gripe (you just can't win with me! lol) is that I wish these ladies had lost their panties at some point!
Great video, I think we need to see Serena in a massage video.
So tense
I have the feeling, when orgasms come, it last permanently till both girls lay to caress gently each other. GREAT& Splendid

Film Tags

Emily exposed by Alya July 3rd, 2015
RE: Emily Exposed
I DO SO hope that was sarcasm! 4 of my favorite things in this set: bottomless girl, aerial view, mirror, and heels! ...make that 5 favorites... and EMILY!!!
Too far from the camera :(
What the heck was this photog thinking? Or where they? This set in my opinion was a disappointment.
Elegant Emily
Bottomless with shoes is an excellent combination. Emily is very elegant, the high heels suit her very well. It might be worth seeing how such a beautiful young lady looks like when dressed. A tight blue jeans with high heels, for instance ..., or assistant of the director, with glasses ... and then fully naked again
Emily Exposed
Can clothe Emily even more? She's one of my favorites so I want to see her dressed from head-to-toe. An overcoat and Wellies would be brilliant.

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Alya seducing Emily by Alya June 24th, 2015
Alya seducing Emily
I'd say it's the other way around! lovely, either way!
Aiya and Emoly
Slideshow too short. J'airais tant aimé que celà dure plus longtemps. So beautiful. Vous êtes si belles, Alya et Emily. Merci.
RE: A-hem
I could not agree more.
So sweet together
Alya and Emily are always so sweet together. In this set Alya show us how skillful she is in composing pictures. She really knows how to work with curves and lines when they pose with each other and the bathroom. I only wish we could see Alyas face better, but I really loves her heart-shaped pubic hair, it's so feminine.
That is called picture taking not "SEDUCING". Please increase your vocabulary.
Emily Self Loving June 16th, 2015
I can understand obsession with Emily! I am too! but, I do agree that, if you're gonna have these girls masturbate, I would rather hear their natural sounds
Emily film
Congratulations. A moment of great pleasure. Thank you.
Emily you make me blush. The frank open and explicit display of your beautiful body in arousal, excitement and complete satisfaction is a unique pleasure. I am happy to be able to see this. Would you be willing to share your images and fantasies when stroking and touching yourself like this?
For me, it's Charlotta and Flora forever!.
Very good, I like this kind of natural presentation. But it would be better to hear the original voice and breathe instead of the sound.
Disappointed as to some of the comment posted here. Emily is a fantastic model who because she is comfortable with her body tends to be one of the few models here that break new ground or are at the erotic end of submissions. I do agree with some of the other comments that we need more models doing similar galleries/ movies. I would be a member for life if the likes of Victoria, Tyra, and quite a few others gave us similar submissions!!!!!!!
Emily is great
I love that sequence, too short according to me. Emily is nice, natural and I spent with her 6 mn of pleasure. I hope to see more from her.
my thoughts exactly. Shes beautiful. But I would love to see some new faces and different bodies
Please no more music. Where is the sound?
too much Emily ?? How to maintain freshness
I agree with some other guys saying "too much Emily video". Well she is a cute girl so nothing against her personally, but still.. What about videos of other cute models like Aya Beshen , Serena, Naomi Swan , Kasia etc ?? The next time you put an Emily video, please post a "Naked Interview Video" of her (like Olena O, Stasha , Dominika C did years ago). She can also speak in Russian and we can read on subtiltles. Since she has already appeared in so many videos , so it would be corrrect if we (the subscribers) can discover more of her intimate side as well .Otherwise it will be like any other Emily video and it will become boring.
please give us more girl/girl-films with emily
puh, can't get enough of her!!!
Emily Saturation
This is turning into the "Emily" website. Your obsession with this one model is getting a bit obvious.