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Emily Profile

Name: Emily
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 47kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Eager for it

Emily is chock-full of vitality and ambition. This ravishing 19 year old from the Ukraine is determined that the world will be hearing about her – and soon.

Hollywood is her goal. That is no idle dream. Currently she is a star student studying feature film acting at university in Kiev. Movies are her passion. Just recently, to broaden her accomplishments, she has branched out into modelling. To her surprise – and everybody else’s delight – she has discovered that she gets turned on by modelling nude. Emily throws everything she has got into this new-found talent of hers. She can’t stop smiling and laughing at the joy of it all. When you match that up with her milky-white complexion and youthful looks you get star quality.

Soon she will be up there with the screen legends that she idolises.

Emily table fantasy May 18th, 2015
I would be more than happy to sit down at my table and have a large helping of Emily. She truly does look good enough to eat !!! She has a perfect body !!!
Emily Table Fantasy
Thank you MA for not photoshopping her. I love every pore on every cm of her body.
You are great, very sensual and horny with your pretty pussy already opened claiming for our love. You get it!
Fine Dining!
Emily is the ultimate decadent dessert. Bon Appetit!
Emily table fantasy
Emily is really unexceeded, unique, and all so natural!

Gallery Tags

Emily Sexual May 4th, 2015
That is the prettiest pussy in the whole world
Bold Beauty!
Emily, your unabashed wide open display of your exquisite sexual charms is quite exhilarating. Thanks for baring your soul and your sweet spots for all to savor!
What a great lesson of sensuality, of beauty. What can we expect more? YES give us even more of you, Petter is great too, What a marvellous duet!
Simply Irrisitable !
Oh my... Emily. Oh my ! Beautiful and sexy all at once!
Emily seems like Eve in the Garden of Eden (before the Fall).
Emily sexual
Very very sexual indeed. Why not ?
Emily perfect beauty April 9th, 2015
Emily perfect beauty
yes she is! and, judging from those first 20 pics, quite the contortionist!
Emily is quite literally physically perfect!
Playful Perfection
Emily's extraordinary physical beauty is only exceeded by her enchanting charm. This sinfully sweet seductress is "the total package." Completely captivating!
What can I say - sheer beauty
Emiliy's natural style, the relaxed, humorous way she presents herself in front of the camera is just stunning.
Emily is my No. 1 model, and you could bring a new gallery every day with this stunning beauty. She has a flawless body - seems to be ivory or simply moonshine. Emily's face - her eyes and wonderful smile - all is perfection. She is totally unihibited and gladly opens her legs to show us her pink youth as her lips part. Please, give us more galleries with this Godess!
Perfect Beauty
Emily perfect beauty
You are such a treasure of a model and a girl.
Emily and Brendon sensual touch March 30th, 2015
That is hot!!!
How can he stay flaccid with that level of stimulating input??!! Ah, I understand....
nice, nice, where is the video¡
Emily electric March 13th, 2015
Shocking Sweetheart!
Emily is definitely a high voltage vixen. Sparks fly whenever she flashes her megawatt smile and her amazing amped up ass. Would love to plug into this passionate powerhouse!
Always breathtaking!
Emily electric
Ce qui me fascine chère Emily C'est l'étrange contraste Entre votre sourire inoubliable Et l'audace de votre anatomie lLa plus intime et provoquante.
Now *thats* an electric chair to sit in :D !!
Emily I love you
you are the best girl ever in hegre!
Sheer temptation
I must say, I seriously doubt that I will ever be "Emily'd out"! she is STUNNING!!!