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Photo de Shako


Photo de Shako
Nom: Shako
Pays: Ukraine
Poids: 48kg
Taille: 172cm
Age: 25
Profession: Mannequin, actrice, chanteuse

Célébrité dernier cri

Shako est déjà en vogue dans son Ukraine natale. Elle a une longue liste de succès.

Elle a acquis une réputation en tant qu'actrice, mannequin et chanteuse. Dans sa liste figure en son nom des films et pubs télé. L'édition ukrainienne de “Playboy”, en couverture. Elle a l'habitude des bons coups.

Que lui reste-t-il à conquérir ? D'abord, il y a le nu qu'elle a accepté d'entreprendre pour Hegre-Art. Comme tout ce qu'elle fait, cela sera fait avec toute sa niaque. C'est bien dans ses projets de devenir célèbre à LA et Miami.

Shako est pugnace et maline. Elle adore Woody Allen, surtout le film “Match Point”. C'est une femme qui sait comment le monde marche.

Vous ne serez pas surpris lorsque vous la verrez sur le tapis rouge.


Shako mouillée et merveilleuse | January 17th, 2014
Shako mouillée et merveilleuse
Dan4Hegre Etats Uni

Sexy contrast... What an enjoyable and very sexually and equally exciting contrast in yesterday's and today's erotic shoots. From Milena's provocative pussy with its silky adornment of soft hair to the ultra smoothness of Shako's adorable pussy and ass region. They both make for such beautiful and sensual arrangements of nudity at its finest. The similarities of these displays are also stimulating, such as the models' pure bliss, glamour, focus, and, of course, the water/wetness has its place, too. Very nice going.....

jd Malaysie

stunningly beautiful Great set! What a great pair of legs this goddess has and the first 2 pics emphasize that in great detail! Thanks for publishing this set and would appreciate more like it!

ailefroide Belgique

Shako wet ... So beautiful. 18/20 ! Thanks a lot.

Shako rêve humide | September 11th, 2013
Shako rêve humide
wheeler Etats Uni

another one that needs to be a video!

Lion_01 Pays Bas

MMMMM a wet dream indeed, her wet legs drive me totally insane... And how I'd love to get a more intimate view of her exquisite anus...

Laurie Royame Uni

Cuntelicious All the evidence, for the doubters, is absolutely clear in these images. Natural breasts flatten when a woman is on her back. Shako's breasts remain stubbornly upright like two halfs of a hard boiled egg. Whatever, 41 is an absolutely cracking image of her exquisite cunt, I could forgive her indiscretions for a few sublime moments of pleasure, mouth bulging with her sensuous flesh...

Lion_01 Pays Bas

Cuntelicious? Annilicious ;-) My god Laurie, barring the natural/unnatural discussion, you have the gift of putting in words exactly what's in my mind. And to #41 I'd like to add: "...and indulging in some rapid tongue exercise with her sweet perineum and inviting anus being the subject-matter..."

ailefroide Belgique

Shako dream When a dream becomes a reality ...

Shako luisant | August 19th, 2013
Shako luisant
Mark Suisse

Give me more... What a pleasure to enjoy the beauty of this body!

wheeler Etats Uni

more sexy naked wetness...still needs a video!

Zeppelin Allemagne

What a joy it is to see natural breasts, natural lips and a natural nose!

shyguy^^ Allemagne

RE: What a joy it is to see totally agree

Ardilaun Suisse

Shako I follow her on Fb.. And the way she poses there is FAR to be as glamorous as here... Once again, Petter, you made my day...

Laurie Royame Uni

RE: What a joy it is to see Have you changed your mind since "American Dream" when you appeared to suggest her breasts were "stuffed". For those of you in denial, her breasts have been augmented

Zeppelin Allemagne

RE: RE: What a joy it is to see @Laurie: No. I didn't mean to praise Shako. I praised Valerie, Alya, Kiki, Anna S., Engelie etc. But this was meant as a comment on Shako. I have written lots of comments about her, all of them without indecent words like 'stuffed' (which I didn't bring up in the discussion you mentioned). Hardly any of them has been published. Picture one of this gallery clearly shows why implants and Petter's no-editing-policy don't go together too well. Shako is a perfect model for Playboy, where she has appeared already. I bet she had been a perfect Hegre-model before the first surgeon's knife touched her and before the first injection went into her upper lip. Shame we will never find out!

Laurie Royame Uni

Hello Zeppelin I concede, it was wheeler who used the term, you were simply quoting him. And I must admit that I had a sneaky feeling you were being ironic in your "What a joy it is to see" comment. Us English do not attribute irony to others, its a characteristic trait we think is not appreciated beyond our borders...

Zeppelin Allemagne

Irony Laurie, Germans love English irony. As long as its not ironic secret service people destroying harddrives ironically. We don't laugh about that one.

Laurie Royame Uni

RE: Irony Hello Zeppelin, Here in the UK and the US paranoia is reaching hysterical levels and when a respected, open and faithful Guardian, is menaced by Murdoch and now intimidated by state intelligence it beggars belief. You are right, its no laughing matter...

ailefroide Belgique

Shako One year later, another happy man ...

Shako Playboy lapin | August 8th, 2013
Shako Playboy lapin
wheeler Etats Uni

lovely! To continue my conversation from shako's last set, I have my own selfish reasons for liking and disliking implants. I must say, that as only your typical, testosterone induced, horny, perverted male pig, I am glad to see this product. I just don't understand why girls that had naturally what most would KILL for do that!!! I've seen women in magazines, and on these sites (Mirta, for instance) that have gotten them later. I DON'T GET IT!!! Ladies! if you have been in these mags and sites, then you ALREADY look PHENOMENAL!!! Why the fuck you wanna fuck it up is beyond me!!!

Letti Allemagne

Shako Playboy bunny Shako is very beautiful, it is a pity that you get the impression she don't like posing this way, she looks so stern.

delavignette Belgique

Shako This is my first comment. Your slide show is one of the very best I ever saw. Ceci est mon premier commentaire. Votre diaporama est un des plus beau que j'ai jamais vu.

Wookie Etats Uni

One of the best galleries I've seen in a long while. Love the rear poses, great looking back, excellent shape!

rama France

not natural She s nothing but natural. Not only her expressions, but also her body, so far this is the 1st model i see with unnatural breasts.

Jamesrjs Etats Uni

Beautiful, but not natural You can immediately see the influence of Playboy here; Shako is drop-dead gorgeous in every way--every aspect of her--but this is the first breast-implants set I've seen in a long time. Playboy doesn't seem to think any woman is complete without a few extra pounds of silicon added--whether they need it or not. Fine, I guess, for those obsesses with enormous chemical orbs, but I for one would much rather see the beautiful Shako with her natural breasts; I don't care about size. This kind of crass excess detracts from her natural beauty. (Even so, still very beautiful and a beautiful set.)

Shako le rêve américain | July 28th, 2013
Shako le rêve américain
wheeler Etats Uni

a dream, indeed! it would be nice if we had girls like that in america!

KOMET Etats Uni

SHAKO - A TRIBUTE TO LAS NALGAS Au contraire, Wheeler! We have women here in the States like SHAKO. Cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Orlando, and San Francisco come readily to mind. You'll find 'Shakos' there in abundance. Smile. (You might want to plan a move.) ROCK ON, SHAKO! What a yummy-looking derriere!

Rico Portugal

She is indeed a dream girl ... in any country :) . Sexy bumbum !!!

Laurie Royame Uni

Irresistible Imagery My inclination is to snub Shako for her affectation. That apart she is stunningly beautiful and thankfully remains mostly covered which intriguingly enhances her exquisite sexuality. These are breathtaking images, simple, sexy, Hegre at his very best. 19 and 62 are appealingly sensuous...

pier_hart19 Italie

shako Perfect body and splendids tits

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: SHAKO - A TRIBUTE TO LAS NALGAS most girls I've seen in california are full of plastic! American men tend to be breast obsessed! which makes women want to make them more noticeable. and, they think that stuffing them is the way! sad but true!

Laurie Royame Uni

American Dream I think the clue is in the title. Wheeler admits that Americans are breast obsessed and Shako's unnatural appearance, sad but true, would attest to that obsession.

KOMET Etats Uni


Zeppelin Allemagne

RE: SHAKO - A TRIBUTE TO LAS NALGAS @wheeler: So you dislike stuffing but like Shako. Well, don't take a closer look then. You will be disappointed.

wheeler Etats Uni

RE: SHAKO - A TRIBUTE TO LAS NALGAS I've seen the real thing that didn't look like it before. (Yara comes to mind.) I'll judge when I see her in motion. RE: komet: from what I've seen in brazil, most of the women aren't women! I dont wanna get close enough to find out!

Shako culottes American Apparel | July 7th, 2013
Shako culottes American Apparel
Erekhart Allemagne

I really like... ...the way Shako's pussy lips show through the fabric of the panties on photos 10, 11, 12.

Shredder Royame Uni

RE: Photo number 1 When is this amazing model going to make us some movies?

Shako séductrice | June 27th, 2013
Shako séductrice
Laurie Royame Uni

Shades of Kira Delightful set of images of this beautiful young woman, but her breasts remain an enigma. Otherwise Shako is really quite delicious...

wheeler Etats Uni

that first pic brought me back to star trek! lol Shako is lovely! :)

John Royame Uni

Er... Falsies? Shame, as she's otherwise a stunning young woman.

gvmffx Belgique

shako what a body...marvellous !

Billiethekid Belgique

Shako Again I see talking about Shako's breasts enigma, but why not trust the photographer ?

Shako salle de bains érotique | July 18th, 2013
Shako salle de bains érotique
wheeler Etats Uni

yet another set that must have a video! at any rate, I cant wait to see this lady in motion!

Paulo Bento Norvège

For me, the best lady in this website! I just love all the sets from her! And i agree with wheeler...we must have a video from Shako

Shako couverture Playboy Ukraine | June 15th, 2013
Shako couverture Playboy Ukraine
Laurie Royame Uni

Bewitching A classy timeless portfolio of images appealing posed by the achingly stunning Shako...

KOMET Etats Uni

SHAKO: MAJESTICALLY NUDE Keep SHAKO free from a tirania da roupa!!! She stands out so well, like a sexy and beguiling Siren sem roupa.

John Etats Uni

Shako Very nice indeed. Keep'm comin' Peter.

tuzhdop Etats Uni

No cigar ! beautiful photos of a beautiful girl...but without legs ? no cigar !

diabolisis Etats Uni

She manages to make even sweating armpits look sexy!

Shako célébrité nue | June 7th, 2013
Shako célébrité nue
Erekhart Allemagne

Great beginning! I especially like the opening shots of this series. It is a really sexy idea to start the series by having Shako present her pussy like this: standing, from behind,... great! My other favorite from this series is no.39, where we can look deep into her eyes and admire her breasts.

Rowdy Thailande

half way off the BED !! wow... i like that Hanging half way off the Bed !! sweet !!

wheeler Etats Uni

#48-53 that looks painful!!!hot, though!lol

tuzhdop Etats Uni

Shako Good advertisement for underwear.

Shako jarretière et bas | May 27th, 2013
Shako jarretière et bas
wheeler Etats Uni

shako does look a little too good to be true!but, like yara, I guess we'll find out when/if we see her in motion!

Snowpig Etats Uni

Beautiful. Great ass but would like to see more of her face.

Rowdy Thailande

the Bedroom Look !! Shako has got the Bedroom Look Down !! goodness.. u want to jump in there with her !! great work

Shako boudoir | May 19th, 2013
Shako boudoir
Laurent France

Are those boobs natural ? A very nice new model addition with great face and body. But is she really 100% natural ?

wheeler Etats Uni

yet another lovely addition! cant wait to see more!

wheeler Etats Uni

two lovely additions in 3 days! you're on a roll! cant wait to see more!

KOMET Etats Uni

WELCOME SHAKO! Shortly before dawn, a flash of light and VOILA! A woman, fully nude, emerges from the smoke and finds refuge in the boudoir. There she sleeps til dusk, when, yawing, she arises, walks, arms outstretched, to a window looking out on a sky filled with stars. Feathers bloom across her skin. Moments later, a falcon takes flight.

Snowpig Etats Uni

If only she had a rug to match the drapes!

rowdy Thailande

Smoking Hot Shako Shako... wow........ looks like there is room on that green sofa for the 2 of us..... HOT !!

Gil123 France

Sourire! Smiling please!!! Please gentlemen photographers prospective of this young girl full of promise, DO THE SMILE! S'il vous plait messieurs les futurs photographes de cette jeune fille pleine de promesses, FAITES LA SOURIRE !!!

michael Etats Uni

shako boider Whats not to like

Jean-Pierre Luxembourg

RE: Are those boobs natural ? Yeah you are right Laurent, I guess it's fake. Well, we europeans we are more sensitive about silicon boobs than most of our american friends who don't even care. Though she has nice presence on camera I must say.


Shako Paris By Night | September 3rd, 2013
Shako Paris By Night
wheeler Etats Uni's official. Shako has been augmented. I thought you said you weren't going to use girls with implants anymore, Petter? I guess it is getting more and more difficult to find natural girls, sadly. anyway...that aside, awesome video! love the slow-mo and the extreme close-ups!

Sandy Royame Uni

dizzy Movie of an extremely beautiful girl spoilt by endless cutting of scene which made me dizzy. What happened to continuity and scene fading as with previous posts? Lost it's erotic effect by stopping just as it was looking to get interesting for me, and where did the American flag bikini come from in the middle? Not up to usual Hegre quality I'm afraid

Rez Etats Uni

Steamy and Seductive indeed This film put me in a trance. Shako is a joy to watch. i want to see many more films of her. Love her beautiful smile.

flyer12345 Etats Uni

No one does erotica & art like Hegre Totally sexy

kalonphile France

model and cameraman My comment would the same as Sandy's from UK.

Chris Suisse

Wow, just incredibly erotic with those slow motions, beautiful underwear... great woman, great cameraman! Wanna see more of those!!

Ivancito Etats Uni

Vid Great video...really nice high class nude vid.

ailefroide Belgique

Shako Paris ... The colour of your eyes, your glance, your face, ... are amazing. 18/20 ! Thanks a lot.

ailefroide Belgique

Shako dream I don' know why. Why I love so much this film. See you again ...