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Milena Profile

Name: Milena
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 49kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model, blogger, photographer

Casting a spell on you

Milena has a real calmness and confidence about her. This stunning 22 year old Ukrainian glides through life leaving a little magic with everyone she meets. And how about those enchanting blue eyes? Completely mesmerising!

As comfortable behind the camera as in front of it, Milena is yet another natural beauty to join the team here at Hegre Art. A model for four years, keen blogger and photographer, she has built a huge and loyal following. We’re certainly going to join her fan club.

A close friend of our very own Emily, Milena has the longest blonde hair and sweetest personality you can imagine – a wonderful model to work with and the sort of girl you’d love to spend an evening with. And if you look at that glint in her eye, you can tell she’s sweet but not totally innocent.

We hope she’ll be waving her magic wand for a long time to come…

Milena little miss sunshine February 23rd, 2015
I still vote for bush! but milena is lovely either way! a I've said before, a woman is so much more than a pussy!
Milena - Little Miss Sunshine
I agree with Smooth0001; the aesthetic beauty of the epilated vulva cannot be equalled in my opinion. Of course, some people prefer that the most exquisitely beautiful area of the human body - the female genitals - should be obscured or concealed behind a veil of hair; but at least as many prefer otherwise. However, we must get away from the fallacious notion that appreciation of such a condition is somehow to be equated with paedophiliac or incestuous tendencies. Whether or not to be sexually epilated, and to what extent, is a matter of personal preference - as with faces, underarms, legs, etc - and has nothing to do with morality.
Such wondrous beauty. Milena is an enchanting angel, who is certainly a little ray of sunshine. Superb.
Unshaved = Erotic x 10! Go to the top of the class!!
She's beautiful, but
...I have enjoyed shaved, smooth women in real life and on these pages...there's no goin' back.
Milena !!!
Such a beautiful face and body. Milena has always been my favorite. She is perfection. Please, let us have more of Milena !! Thank You
Milena Ukrainian beauty December 10th, 2014
Milena unforgettable
The best of erotism. Le meilleur de l'érotisme. Unforgettable. Inoubliable.
So Beautiful ..
.. and inviting. Lovely model.
So beautiful ..
and inviting :)
There is never a better combination then a truely absolutely SEXY cute body with an also truley absolutely BEAUTYFULL SWEET face ;)
Milena beauty
La naissance du monde. The birth of the world.
In just one word - perfection
Pubic hair allowed
Milena is, from my point of view, the only model who should be allowed to permantently keep her pubic hair. I am comfortable with it, while I prefer the other models completely shaved, like Darina, or Valerie. From an esthetic point of view, a shaved pussy is much more attractive.
I would like to propose a new film with Milena and a regular middle-aged guy who just happens to be stuck in an elevator with her. I will even volunteer my own time to play the part, if it helps! :)
soooo beautiful!!
Considerations on the photos of Milena
What strikes in the photos of Milena, their beauty but the fact it is not alone that the positions that Milena assumes, appear as not imposed by the photographer, but they appear assumed, shared, participate, create almost wanted by the same Milena, that chooses the most beautiful positions to show the marvelous her pussy. Milena is conscious of the beauty of her pussy and he doesn't intimidate, rather it is proud, to show her pussy to whom looks at her. Million of kisses on this marvelous pussy.
Again and always Milena
I keep on looking at the photos of Milena. A photo is always different from the other and the same photo it is not never equal to herself. I always find some new details in the photo that I look and I discover that the photo is beautiful more and more. really Milena is very beautiful and the small and great lips of his/her pussy, constitute the gold edges of the river bed in which the jewel of its clitoris is guarded. Very beautiful it is her soft-hair that make her more elastic pussy, softer. more sweet, warmer, more erotic
Sudden thought
As should be beautiful way of living with Milena!!!!
Images suggested by the beauty of Milena
once, in the years 1800, the Ucraina was considered the barn of Eutopa, because of his immense expanses of cultivated earth to wheat. Lowlands and hills and hills of earth cultivated to wheat. With his crop he fed the Western Europe. The ears of wheat covered the earth of Ukraine. Here: this way it is Milena and his body it is the new earth of Ukraine where its pussy is the ear of the new wheat that grows. A gilded ear, mature, abundant, flood of grains and ready to the crop: this is the pussy of MIlena that surrounded by her soft-hair gold. it appears abundant, luxuriant and ready to be beloved and the grain of wheat of the ear is its clitoris that sticks out to the outwards among the small and great lips of its pussy and the gilded color and tanned of the skin of his/her body and the meat of his body, it is the color of this wheat that grows on the earth of Ukraine
She is a fantastic model: the way she uses her eyes, lips, entire body to express her sexual energy. An excellent advertisement for the Ukraine (if all the women there were like her I would move there now!)
Some consideration about the body of Milena
dear Petter, this of Milena Ukrainan beauty is among the most beautiful galleries that you have done. Not only the shots are beautiful, not only the pussy of Milena but the it is beautiful everything he is completed by the color and by the compactness of the meat of the body of Milena. A stupendous color that united to the beauty and originality of the pussy of Milena, make of this gallery an untiring masterpiece to continually be admired.
The beauty of Milena
It is never possible being so beautiful? it possible is never that such a great beauty exists?
Correction of the my last comment
I have found a way to taste more the beauty of Milena. I look at her photos with in foundation the music of bach and precisely it is "toccata and fugue in RE minor of Bach. I assure you petter that is a marvelous thing
Answered to Rob_124
Better if the pussy of Milena is not shaved. This way is more beautiful!!!
To taste better the photos of Milena
I have found a way to taste more the beauty of Milena. I look at her photos with in foundation the music of bach and precisely it disperses her in smaller king of Bach. I assure you petter that is a marvelous thing
The amazing Milena
To keep it nice and short Milena is quite simply amazing!!
all natural flavours
Mm-mm, now that is a tasty treat.
glad she isn't shaved...
Love her pubic her!
Again up Milena
I have said only three words....very beautiful....very beautiful...very beautiful....because I don't want to darken or to disturb in any way the erotic sacredness that emanates from these images. More I look her and more they become beatyfull. Milena has a very beautiful pussy.!!!!
Most beautiful girl I've ever seen
I felt in love with Milena from the first second I saw her...
Milena angel bath November 27th, 2014
She is my favorite model of all time. Please can we have her back on Cams? And video and pics...
The pussy of Milena
There is no anything to do and nothing to be discussed.After the vagina of Domenica C, this is the new best vagina of the site. It is the particular her sof-hair that makes her so attractive pussy. A gilded sof-hair, that makes a jewel her vagina. Wonderfull pussy and beautiful clitoris.
Milena, une belle femme naturell
Milena is a beautiful natural woman with beautiful blue eyes and fantastic long hair. Unfortunately (for me) too much hair on her vagina……………..
ooohhh... another tease!! hope she turns on the water next time!!
Milena lusty September 19th, 2014
The pussy of Milena
Fantastic!!!!The pussy of Milena is fantastic!!!! Perfectly proportionate and perfectly surrounded by that gilded down of his that the extremely erotic rense. The photos 38-39-40 are exceptional. But all the photos in which the pussy of Milena is not hidden from its hands, are fantastic. It proper is the pussy of my dreams.It seems mixed to childish innocence, but it is of an eroticism exuberant. Petter, makes a film or of the filmses with the pussy of Milena!!!!!!
"lusty" is a good word for me right now!
incredibly beautiful!natural but ass shaved, why?
Hands down, a bottoms-up beauty!
lovely to see such a natural girl. beautiful set.
Mile a
Absolutely gorgeous! All I can say is the joy it would be to enjoy the sexy scent of a woman. Thanks for these lusty sexy musty I'm sure photos.
Feast Your Eyes
Milena throws a great tail-gate party! Some delicious eating to be had there!
Milena lusty
So beautiful. Thank you so much.
Love the furry pussy! Milena is ideal for carpet munching!!
a beautiful and alluring woman!
Milena summer time July 28th, 2014
and the bush debate continues...ya'll now how I feel! lovely lady! lovely set!
What an angel!
I celebrate every woman's differences! I love seeing a little garden, especially on an angel such as Milena. Don't go a changing just for a few men that don't fully appreciate natural beauty!
Milena is wonderful no matter how she chooses to tend her garden.
I have never really liked clothing involved with this sort of art work (it just seems pointless, neither titillating or hiding), but I am a huge fan of properly 'adorned' adult women otherwise, so the bush is very welcome indeed.
Now that we've all had a good laugh
Milena can geht rid oft the Bush. For good.
WTF!? This word doesn't belong in a comment here, thats just wrong. It's ok if you don't like it, but there is no need to get rude and offend a model. But it was coming from a guy who doesn't even has the balls to type in a nickname. Just ridiculous. This set is lovely and Milena is gorgeous. Enough said.
love the bush!! (and everything else).
Not a huge fan of the bush down under but Milena is, as always, an alluring natural beauty.
very cute Lady, but the bush is disgusting.....
Milena !!
Milena is an absolute delight !! She has such a beautiful face and always has a wonderful smile. I love her blue eyes. Her body is total perfection !! She has it all. Milena has always been my favorite model on the Hegre sight. It always makes my day when Milena comes out with a new photo shoot or video. Looking forward to seeing more of Milena !! Thank You
Milena for ever
My membership comes to its end.The last thing I want to do is to kiss Milena on the back of her neck.Good bye my" adorable little devil".
she is a real summertime beauty---PERFECTION!!!
Milena is sweet and sexy as ever!!