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Photo of Milena


Photo of Milena
Name: Milena
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 49kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model, blogger, photographer

Casting a spell on you

Milena has a real calmness and confidence about her. This stunning 22 year old Ukrainian glides through life leaving a little magic with everyone she meets. And how about those enchanting blue eyes? Completely mesmerising!

As comfortable behind the camera as in front of it, Milena is yet another natural beauty to join the team here at Hegre Art. A model for four years, keen blogger and photographer, she has built a huge and loyal following. We’re certainly going to join her fan club.

A close friend of our very own Emily, Milena has the longest blonde hair and sweetest personality you can imagine – a wonderful model to work with and the sort of girl you’d love to spend an evening with. And if you look at that glint in her eye, you can tell she’s sweet but not totally innocent.

We hope she’ll be waving her magic wand for a long time to come…

Milena Galleries

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Milena Galleries COMMENTS

Milena angel bath | November 27th, 2014
Milena angel bath
wheeler United States

ooohhh... another tease!! hope she turns on the water next time!!

Bernard Netherlands

Milena, une belle femme naturell Milena is a beautiful natural woman with beautiful blue eyes and fantastic long hair. Unfortunately (for me) too much hair on her vagina……………..

conti pierangelo Italy

The pussy of Milena There is no anything to do and nothing to be discussed.After the vagina of Domenica C, this is the new best vagina of the site. It is the particular her sof-hair that makes her so attractive pussy. A gilded sof-hair, that makes a jewel her vagina. Wonderfull pussy and beautiful clitoris.

Milena lusty | September 19th, 2014
Milena lusty
spokesong-2 United States

a beautiful and alluring woman!

Yum Yum Australia

Love the furry pussy! Milena is ideal for carpet munching!!

ailefroide Belgium

Milena lusty So beautiful. Thank you so much.

TopCat United States

Feast Your Eyes Milena throws a great tail-gate party! Some delicious eating to be had there!

Runkeeper United States

Mile a Absolutely gorgeous! All I can say is the joy it would be to enjoy the sexy scent of a woman. Thanks for these lusty sexy musty I'm sure photos.

zorro United Kingdom

lovely to see such a natural girl. beautiful set.

TopCat United States

Ass-tonishing! Hands down, a bottoms-up beauty!

tony United Kingdom

shaved incredibly beautiful!natural but ass shaved, why?

wheeler United States

"lusty" is a good word for me right now!

pierha_ees Italy

The pussy of Milena Fantastic!!!!The pussy of Milena is fantastic!!!! Perfectly proportionate and perfectly surrounded by that gilded down of his that the extremely erotic rense. The photos 38-39-40 are exceptional. But all the photos in which the pussy of Milena is not hidden from its hands, are fantastic. It proper is the pussy of my dreams.It seems mixed to childish innocence, but it is of an eroticism exuberant. Petter, makes a film or of the filmses with the pussy of Milena!!!!!!

Milena summer time | July 28th, 2014
Milena summer time
spokesong United States

sexy Milena is sweet and sexy as ever!!

michae_w7w4 France

milena she is a real summertime beauty---PERFECTION!!!

suaviter France

Milena for ever My membership comes to its end.The last thing I want to do is to kiss Milena on the back of her neck.Good bye my" adorable little devil".

Sugar1 United States

Milena !! Milena is an absolute delight !! She has such a beautiful face and always has a wonderful smile. I love her blue eyes. Her body is total perfection !! She has it all. Milena has always been my favorite model on the Hegre sight. It always makes my day when Milena comes out with a new photo shoot or video. Looking forward to seeing more of Milena !! Thank You


very cute Lady, but the bush is disgusting.....

Boom United Kingdom

Not a huge fan of the bush down under but Milena is, as always, an alluring natural beauty.

zorro United Kingdom

love the bush!! (and everything else).

Maik Germany

disgusting? WTF!? This word doesn't belong in a comment here, thats just wrong. It's ok if you don't like it, but there is no need to get rude and offend a model. But it was coming from a guy who doesn't even has the balls to type in a nickname. Just ridiculous. This set is lovely and Milena is gorgeous. Enough said.

Zeppelin Germany

Now that we've all had a good laugh Milena can geht rid oft the Bush. For good.

Doc United Kingdom

Milena I have never really liked clothing involved with this sort of art work (it just seems pointless, neither titillating or hiding), but I am a huge fan of properly 'adorned' adult women otherwise, so the bush is very welcome indeed.

Slickwilly United States

Milena Milena is wonderful no matter how she chooses to tend her garden.

Wayne United States

What an angel! I celebrate every woman's differences! I love seeing a little garden, especially on an angel such as Milena. Don't go a changing just for a few men that don't fully appreciate natural beauty!

wheeler United States

and the bush debate continues...ya'll now how I feel! lovely lady! lovely set!

Emily and Milena high key by Alya part 2 | June 22nd, 2014
Emily and Milena high key by Alya part 2
wheeler United States

mmmmm...still a tease! this needs to be a video!

Maik Germany

film There is a great film with our two angels, it's called "Sexual Surrender" and a must-see. Released last year in october it was probably shot during the same sessions as those photos. But i agree, a sequel and some new photo-sessions with Emily & Milena would be great. Great week for me, new images of Naomi and now Emily and Milena. Thank you. And a new Emily film coming on tuesday, fantastic. :)

kolobok75 United States

Emily Milena Please no backlighting for the love of god.

Wil_Iam Germany

Emily and Milena - high key Both girls are beautiful - Emily again hot!!

Milena rocky shore | May 18th, 2014
Milena rocky shore
wheeler United States

lovely! though I wish she'd have lost that top a bit sooner

Maik Germany

MILENAngel Adding "Angel" to your stage-name is a perfect match, it suits you very well dear Milena. I hope you reserve a place in heaven for me. ;)

zorro United Kingdom

another superb set. I love this girl!

Milena white transparent | April 28th, 2014
Milena white transparent
xoxol75 United States

Milena Transparent White Milena doesn't yet have enough clothes. You need to put more clothes on your models.

Funboy Norway

If you like models to wear clothes, you're on the wrong site.

Auricman United States

Natural Beauty Milena is a natural beauty. Let's keep seeing more of her.

ROB2013 Italy

Why?? Why i can't have you, Milena????

wheeler United States

RE: Milena Transparent White I do hope you were being sarcastic!!

SageSailorIX United States

Milena on the Rocks IMAGINE my ecstasy ( as a Sailor)...after journeying thru the four quadrants of the World of find a 'bottomless' non-shaven MILENA standing among the Rocks and 'Shoals' of a sunset-bathed Seashore - Beckoning me to savor the sea-salt flavor of her succulent lips? Merci,...Merci Beaucoup Milena! Merci,... Messr. Hegre for assuaging the vision of a 'thirsty' Sailor!

naturalist India

Milena Rocks Your galleries show beautiful girls against a beautiful background. But the girls are an art in themselves and we would prefer more closeup shots of their gorgeous bodies. Please do oblige.

Milena nude pebble beach | April 11th, 2014
Milena nude pebble beach
fenpedric United Kingdom

Melina Not normally a fan of excessive public hair, but Melina is the beautiful and fantastic exception.

lago United States

A little trim and waxing would garner greater accolades.

ROB2013 Italy

MILESTONE What a kind of world it would be without Milena????

Tom Germany

Milena is fantastic Normally I prefer full shaved. But with her I'll make an exception. But I is really full nature or is it trimmed? How long ago was a last shave.

KOMET United States

MILENA - ALL NATURAL MILENA is exquisite as a Natural Woman. UNSHAVEN. Ohhh, delightful!!!

wheeler United States

I find it a bit discouraging that the only thing most of your members seem to be able to comment on is this girl's crotch! so much more beauty to look at here!

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: It may have something to do with that that is the main part of the anatomy that people join this site for. You are correct and as I have said before she is a very beautiful model but I didn't join this site to see the anatomy of her feet, I did to see natural tits and interesting pussies!!!!

Milena bushy Barbie | March 31st, 2014
Milena bushy Barbie
kalonphile France

Even more Milena ! You are once more generous in showing your treasure ,thank you for that. I wish we had a portrait of yourself showing the back of your neck .I am already delighted with the show of your bun leaving a beautiful neck.That would be a grand premiere !.

kolobok75 United States

Please more Milena. I love every unshaven pore on this woman. How's the song go? "Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the West behind..."

mondo United States

gorgeous bush never, never, never even think of shaving that gorgeous bush. It's perfect.

mondo United States

lovely bush don't shave that perfect bush--please.

Doc United Kingdom

Milena A real adult woman with pubic hair, (a rare bird indeed) and very welcome! More please, but the half-worn dress is disappointing, no need for it at all. Like the dressed masseurs in most of your films, clothing spoils the allure.

yola United States

Gorgeous! Beautiful natural hair. Love it! Such a beauty you are Milena!

swplf United States

Lust for More Being new to Hegre-Art I am amazed at what you have accomplished with Milena. I have followed her on the Met Family since she began, you have truely exposed a new and wonderful aspect of her. Her work with Emily is great. More, Please! Is Milena's work behind the camera available anywhere? ?Where does she blog, and in what language. She made my membership worth every dollar. Thanks again to you and, of course, her. ?Do you have any sets shot of her after Wax On - Wax Off?

zorro United Kingdom

absolutely beautiful!

Dan4Hegre United States

Milena's silky treasure... I used to consider myself a connoisseur and admirer of smoothies only, marveling at their visible folds, nooks, and crannies... that is until I had the pleasure to view Milena, with all her stunning and natural God given gifts, especially her long, flowing, and pretty head of hair, and the most exciting pussy to be blessed with the smooth, silky, and abundantly erotic hair ever imagined. Her sweetness is so genuine... great shoot (again).

Zeppelin Germany

for the record: I am the one who doesn't like the bush.

pierhart54 Italy

The bush and the pussy of Milena .Beautiful gallery. The first three images are esemplificative of the beauty of the bush of the pussy of Milena and its pussy it is open that so much that enough to make her attractive and exciting and also its conformation is perfect. The bush of Milena covers its pussy, but it doesn't hide her leaving so possible to see the pussy some open and damp. Very beautiful. The whole gallery is then a series of beautiful images in which the bush of Milena and her pussy are excited at the most of their beauty. Petter, makes a gallery with the alone pussy of Milena as that gallery of entitled Domenica C "Wings of love" where the pussy is always in close up. The color of the sof-hair of the bush of Milena is perfectly erotic and seductive: make the pussy of beautiful and particular Milena even more

wheeler United States

RE: for the record: for the record: I love the woman! not just the pussy!

Doc United Kingdom

Milena See, you can do shoots of women with pubic hair, well done! What a shame it was spoiled by the crappy top she was wearing for no obvious reason. However, I am very pleased to see some bush at last, the way a mature woman should be portrayed (in my humble opinion!). Can you not do shoots of all your models 'with and without', so to speak, that would keep everybody happy!!

SageSailorIX United States

Milena A Sailor's to find in every quadrant of the World a port where resides a Mermaid who welcomes him to her Village....MILENA conjures that vision for me- With her legs wide open and her distinctively 'coiffed' pussy welcoming me back to her particular 'niche' of Hegre-World,...I feel so intimately, and completely AT HOME again!

Milena red bikini top | March 15th, 2014
Milena red bikini top
Dan4Hegre United States

Milena's top.... and bottom Milena always looks so happy-go-lucky, coy and cute, and at the same time so unbelievably sexy and sizzling. I get equally excited seeing her many facial expressions as I do seeing her tight, toned flawless body. Mmmmm.... I like! Neat ending seeing her lose her red top, and a turn-on seeing her open legs inviting the surf to cum in. What a fantasy to be sailing into her welcoming port. ;) Nice shoot.... again.

McNasty77 United States

Milena I'm falling in love with Bush all over again.

Doc United Kingdom

Milena Hurray, pubic hair! (Much) more, please. But why the ill-fitting, pointless bikini top? It makes the whole scenario synthetic, false and unbelievable. A girl with little boobs and no bikini bottom wouldn't bother with a top. A similar shoot with a larger breasted girl, and pubic hair, might do an annoying piece of distracting clothing justice.

Milena Mediterranean | February 24th, 2014
Milena Mediterranean
Dan4Hegre United States

MilenaMed Such a hottie, Milena, and a total sweetheart. Another beautiful and sexy shoot. You look so extremely natural in the outdoors. Although I'll not be fooled by your looks of innocence, I can feel that you are equally quite the devilish turn-on with an insatiable drive for sex in its purest and rawest form, which is also very exciting to see you captured in, as conveyed in some of your previous work. Great job, Milena... great job Hegre!

draco United States

Milena Beautiful young woman, who hides her age incredibly well, and that's the problem - she looks much too young for Hegre....

Sandy United Kingdom

Beautiful but! An extremely beautiful and erotic girl spoilt in my eyes by the unruly and off-putting mop of pubic hair. She has my ideal body on a woman, small natural boobs, fit body and an incredibly attractive face. She would suit an Alya cut if she insists on pubes!!

Milena bush in the air | February 7th, 2014
Milena bush in the air
Benno Belgium

Keep dreaming I still dream about a duo set with my two all time favorite Hegre girls: Milena & Alya...

argus75 France

True Beauty The meeting of a talented photographer and a true beauty make this portfolio a kind of perfect.

Dan4Hegre United States

Bushed... The thought of exploring and wondering through the soft, silky, and naturally alluring bush of Milena, while gently spreading open her sensually warm and puffy labia exposing her erect clit and revealing her wet and incredibly inviting pussy in all its splendor to behold and enjoy creates unbelievable sensations for the ultimate fantasy. Again, you have captured her subtle, but yet very exciting and sexual expressions. Never a disappointment with her as the purveyor of Hegre Erotica, where there should exist no limits, whatsoever. Great job!!

zorro United Kingdom


ROB2013 Italy

WONDERMILENA Maybe the photographer was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci "UOMO VITRUVIANO" that's a representation of idal proportion of human body. But Milena not need to be compared to anyone. She's perfect on her own. I love her.

ailefroide Belgium

Milena bush in the air Beautiful and exciting. Incredible. Congratulations.

Pack United States

Perfect Milena's physique is probably the most perfect natural, fit female ever. What a treat!

pierhart54 Italy

Milena bush in the air Milena bush in the air. Another marvelous gallery of Milena. The galleries of Milena are always a masterpiece. In this gallery the photos n° 9 and n°15 are the most beautiful because they allow a best vision of the bush and the pussy of Milena: In the photo 15 then the body is arched, doing so so that the pussy and his bush couples projecting to the off out almost in close up, showing all of their beauty, both in the carnality of the pussy, and in the color and in the density of the sot-hair of his bush. Beautiful gallery

Milena hippy beach | January 27th, 2014
Milena hippy beach
wheeler United States

Pic 36... Amorica all over again! Could lovely Milena be upstaging Silvie???

pinniped United States

Milena When are we going to see some photos of Milena after she had her waxing. She is a beautiful model and I am one who likes the smooth look and I am anxiously awaiting for those photos.

Androcles Canada

natural I love a snatch that's natural and thick with hair.

Dan4Hegre United States

Natural Milena... This captivating and extremely sexy Milena is always so at home on the beach, or in any outdoor setting. She is so exciting in her natural state feeling her freedom in total nudity while exhibiting her warm smile, signature silky haired pussy, and absolutely killer tight body. It must be heavenly to work with such a versatile, and outstanding model. I'll never tire of seeing this amazing gal...

simon Switzerland

Nice set, but it makes me wonder, what kind of swimsuit is Milena wearing in real life. Just a little trimming for me would do.

Petr Canada

I would like to see that series too. I think she has such a nice wild bush though, maybe a little stylish trim Alya style would be spectacular. Would also like to see her behind the camera, perhaps Milana shooting Alya shooting Milana.... see what develops .LOL

Francesco Italy Italy

RE: Milena I agree with Pinniped. I'm anxious to see Milena clit and lips.

Kevin from Hertfordshire in England United Kingdom

Milena Listen up guys! There are more than enough shaven models on Hegre to satisfy subscribers who want shaven. Milena is just displaying what you all were happy 'to put up with' in the 1980s. Remember it's Milena's choice (hopefully) how she chooses to display her body. Even though nowadays I prefer shaven Milena does remind me of my ex and I never had any hesitation going down there.

ROB2013 Italy

MILENA. A fantastic young woman? A dream? Sweetness and Malice? No, something more, something else, No one like her.

Milena messing with you | January 3rd, 2014
Milena messing with you
wheeler United States

where was this hotel??? I wanna stay in that room, and soak up lovely Milena's essence!!!

GoodSamurai Japan

Help ! I am totally lost in her jungle, I barely found the entrance but no way to find exit. Help !!

Benno Belgium

Supermodel Oh my God, Milena is soooo beautiful. Thanks guys!

Francesco Italy Italy

Angel Milena is an angel, her blue eyes and blond hair are unforgettable. For this reason she would be better smooth. Immagine pics 17, 51 and 59 with no hairs hidding the slit which I immagine tender and pinc.

United States

Milena is a beautiful model and I hope that you will share some photos of her in posing like this, only after her waxing. Now that would be the way to start off the New Year. I hope you share with us some new photos of Luba, she is a classic beauty right there with Sophia Loren

Dan4Hegre United States

She's THE reason... This shoot and the unbelievably sexy model Milena, with her warm smile and tight, lithe body is a prime example of THE main reason that I keep renewing my membership here. Don't get me wrong, I do have several other favorite models here, but she is definitely holding the lead right now. Please keep shooting her in all her subtle, but highly erotic style (she could keep a dead man hard). She's a true sweetheart, and a damn HOT one at that!! Great shoot!!!

ailefroide Belgium

Messing with Yes I was messing with you. As a french speaking man, I had some difficulties to understand this title. A little upset ...

zorro United Kingdom

beautiful natural bush. wish more models were like this.

zorro United Kingdom

beautiful natural bush. wish more models were like this.

Moose United States

Hairy Thank you Milena for not shaving or waxing; I wish some of the other models would do the same., but I guess we can't fight the current style.

rathnagel United States

body is really shaping up as she gets older. So fine. What a dream.

Markus Germany

Milena I like her face and body. Love her small breasts. But why she don't want to cut off this absolutely ugly bush? It's a pity!

Milena nude beach | January 16th, 2014
Milena nude beach
KOMET United States

MILENA - A HIRSUTE, SEXY WOMAN WHAT A WELCOME SIGHT TO SEE A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ON THIS SITE WITH A LUSH PUBIC SPOT! A veritable feast for the eyes. (It would be sooo nice if Hegre will feature this year on this site more sexy women who take pride in having a lush, furry pubis.)

Dan4Hegre United States

Milena, Milena... What a refreshing and very exciting shoot to warm me up this morning (especially with it being snow covered now where I live). Seeing Milena's happy and inviting smile, her open (and also inviting) legs, trim and tight body, and completely naked self having fun on that beach really puts me over the edge. Great shoot... great model, subject, and beautiful gal. I'm always looking forward to more of HER!

Nope United States

Definitely not a fan of an unkept bush, it's so unappealing to me. Trimmed and well kept perhaps, but I think someone must have a bush fetishism to like something that Milena has grown out between those thighs.

Mike United States

Milena Geez, what a beautiful woman. But why on earth are most of these shots backlit. It is next to impossible to see her wonderful body and great smile.

bush lover United States

@KOMET I agree. I'd like more of Silvie, too.

pier_hart21 Italy

The pussy of Milena Stupendous it is the pussy of Milena.!!! It is stupendous it is his/her blonde sof-hair, of the same color of the hair, A soft-hair neither too as much, neither too much little. of the correct density, well distributed on the pube and on the pussy of Milena, its hair are of the correct length and the color of its soft-hair it is extremely erotic. Very beautiful they are the photos in which the long and thin and wet locks of its hair, surround the nipples of its breasts as languages that suck the they lick its nipples. Very beautiful it is his clitoris, that sticks out among the small and great lips and from the down of her pussy. The pussy of Milena is a masterpiece of the nature. beautiful gallery.

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: The pussy of Milena Pier it takes all sorts of girls to make everybody happy. I for one am not against hair but only as in the case of Alya and others where you can still see the fruit! I need to have some of what you're on as Milena is completely spoilt by her unkempt pubes to me and you must have had X ray vision to see her clit! I have seen her bald on another site and she has a delectable pussy which needs to be seen.

Emily and Milena private show by Alya | January 11th, 2014
Emily and Milena private show by Alya
wheeler United States

only thing missing is emily's lovely face!

zorro United Kingdom

loved the lighting on this shoot. thought the two girls went together really well. beautifully atmospheric set.

Erekhart Germany

Great idea... Great idea in principle, but the series is too monotonic.

redryder United States

Very Disappointing Two beautiful girls. One very bland photo shoot. Hard to imagine any photo shoot could be this disappointing with these two girls. The only thing worse would be to put them in separate rooms. I guess you could call it art. But it isn't erotic.

Dave France

This is a really fantastic idea photographically. The focus shifts constantly from foreground to background. The models, one close up and one far away, alternately tease the camera and then gaze at each other. As usual difficult to put into words but full marks to the artist for introducing something totally new that I have not seen before.

TheViking Sweden

Magic pictures by Alya Alya, you've made a great serie of photos with two fantastic women. The pictures are magic. Thank you and let us see more of your work behind the camera.

ailefroide Belgium

Emily and Milena private show Amazed. Congratulations. Something new is so exceptional.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Emily and Milena A potentially good idea ruined by a lack of imagination. Some of Emily's poses looked awkward and forced, and I didn't see the point of Milena being sat in a chair in the background. If two people are in the same shoot, one would expect them to interact with each other. No erotic charge. The only chemistry in this shoot was in the photo development room.

windmill Netherlands

RE: Emily&Milena The girls we know are great. Missing the complete view on the face of Emily is indeed a great miss.Half of each picture is out of focus, leaving to uch of all the great and lovely details in the blur. A pitty.

ailefroide Belgium

Emily and Milena private show New and exceptional. Yes, I love Emily face, so I can see it in my imagination. Jean Paul.

Pacoeco Mexico

Congratulations This is a piece of art, amazing the handle of the focus on the deep of field, really artistic, congratulation for all involved in this set, I see the lack of Emily face and interactions more erotic than see them as we have seen many others

Milena French connection | March 7th, 2014
Milena French connection
wheeler United States

merci beaucoup Ms Milena

Puffy Austria

By far Hegre-Art's most exciting model! More, much more of Milena, please, and I'll be a life-time member!

Maik Germany

Milena I agree, please do never stop shooting lovely Milena. Every photo-set and film with her is a true highlight on this site.

ROBAGO2013 Italy

Words are not enough for Godess Milena. Every shot is a new emotion. Again, I love her.

Neosad Spain

Fan of Milena I lov Milena, pease don't stop to make great things like this set... I love it.

Dan4Hegre United States

Milena Sizzling Hot Connection Milena covers and satisfies the entire modeling spectrum... glamour, classic, nudity, erotica, etc. It is always such a huge turn-on to see her in any style, but her perfectly proportioned body definitely excels in its naked beauty. I loved this sultry, but scorching Milena shoot. She is THE perfect gal in every imaginable way. Thanks for presenting her and I pray you never stop. Best wishes always, Milena... ;)

Kees Netherlands

Milena in stockings Great set! I loooooooove girls in stockings.

pierhart54 Italy

Bush and pussy of Milena Milena French connection: here is another beautiful gallery of Milena.His bush and her pussy are marvelous. The photos from the n° 29 to the inclusive n°39, Milena show with the open legs that leave so to almost see a bush and a pussy in close up. Wonder of the beauty.!!!!! And the photos from n° 50 to the n° 56 show Milena with the lifted arms. In this way his body he extends and it becomes, in certain moments, arched, showing so a bush and a pussy even more beautiful.But I repeat, the photos are very beautiful from the n°29 to the n° 39: there is there the exaltation of the pussy and the bush of Milena. And then it is enough Milena that with this bush and this pussy it becomes very beautiful. Beautiful gallery

SageSailorIX United States

French Connexion As a veteran 'world traveler', and a connoisseur of coiffed pussy from Alaska to Zanzibar - I wholeheartedly concur with the observations and views expressed in the comments of the gentleman *pierhart54* of Italy.

Milena blue bath | December 16th, 2013
Milena blue bath
GoodSamurai Japan

Got lost I will be got lost easily in her jungle !!!!

Max Germany

Milena shaved When come the pics of Milena with her shaved pussy?

wheeler United States

lovely tease! hope she turns on the water some time!

rs United States

RE: Milena shaved @Max Personally, I would hope never. I concur with @GoodSamurai. Fur is fun!

Benno Belgium

In love Every time I watch pictures of Milena, I'm in love. And it gets stronger with every set.

Tom Germany

Do not shave @Max: I hope never, too. Her Bush is is just fantastic.

Dan4Hegre United States

Milena in blue Well, she did it to me again. With her natural poise, smooth and nicely tanned skin, tight, flawless body, and super sexy poses, she just leaves me breathless... and wanting more of her. Another very nice Milena set. Mmmmm.....

Dave United States

Milena !! Milena is absolute 'Perfection'. What else can you say ?

Lisbon69 Portugal

Milena's Bush Leave that Bush in peace!

Roger United States

The Curves of her Bottom From the first photo, love the curves of Milena's bottom. Wow! Something so thrillingly voyeuristic about bathroom nudes--as if we are spying in on this gorgeous nude girl! Also love her butt, the butthole peeks, and definitely her luxuriant cunt fur! So refreshingly natural, the sexual appeal should be. Thank you Milena!

ailefroide Belgium

Milena blue bath So beautifull ...

Lion_01 Netherlands

100% desirable I heartily concur with Roger! Furthermore, her flawless skin just begs to be touched and caressed. And then we have her mesmerising eyes... wow... Milena, you are 100% desirable!

Francesco Italy Italy

no bush I support Milena smooth. It's a pity that her slit is hidden under the bush

pier_hart21 Italy

Splendid bush Wonderfull bush that recover one splendid pussy!!!Much erotic!!!!!!

Sandy United Kingdom

oh dear As I have said before an extremely beautiful girl spoilt by an unruly forest. I'm a little long in the tooth for the mysteries of the female form bit!! To me a girl who doesn't keep it trimmed ( like Alya and others) is like me not shaving, lazy

Milena wet transparent | December 6th, 2013
Milena wet transparent
Benno Belgium

I have a dream... I have a dream. I dream that someday we will... have a set with the two most beautiful girls on Hegre; Milena & Alya...

Dan4Hegre United States

Milena's Wetness... You just cannot go wrong with a Milena shoot. She is such a darling, a super turn-on, and her 'wetness' is the proverbial icing on her cake. ;) Everything about her, from her tight, lithe body, to her long flowing hair, to her soft silken pussy hair is delightful and daring. And, that look she gives off in her eyes, says it all... subtle and yet quite devilish. Another fine shoot....

ailefroide Belgium

Milena wet transparent Your face is so beautifull. Very nice production.

Dave United States

Milena !! Always an absolute delight !!!

Lion_01 Netherlands

Innocent and hot I just love this girl. She's a perfectly innocent girl-next-door, yet sexy and hot as hell, and she knows it well. She's got flawless skin and I just love her small tits, I only wish she would show them more!

pier_hart20 Italy

Milena wet transparent ....and the pussy wet in close up, where is?

pier_hart20 Italy

Milena wet transparent 2° It very beautiful is the idea to make to wear to Milena a skirt of satin transparency white that is very sentimental and how wet it is also very erotic....but the wet pussy in close up where it is? I expected me to also see the well framed pussy, wet, with her dank down of drops of water as dewy drops from a petal of a flower. And instead nothing. I hope for Petter that you make a gallery with these suggestive images.

Pacoeco Mexico

Congratulations Very nice to end up a day watching such a beautifull woman in a very nice set of pictures, congratulations

kalonphile France

Milena for ever Good surprise for us Milena's lovers: we have here images of a bushy Milena.This scene was probably shot before the iconoclastic shaving.Let's have hope ,Mother Nature is at work.

JR United States

MILENA Guys, this is beautifully erotic--you don't need a pussy shot every set. I am the only one loving the beautiful space between her thighs? It's wider than Ayla's!

Sandy United Kingdom

my thoughts An incredibly beautiful girl spoilt by the unkempt forest between her legs.

Emily and Milena high key by Alya Part1 | November 18th, 2013
Emily and Milena high key by Alya Part1
Pogo-1 Thailand


Apropos United States

The two most perfect ravishing angels together again, who could ask for more and yet it delivers even more than one could dream of.

wheeler United States

nice little tease! can't wait to see where it goes!

Lion_01 Netherlands

Wow? Wow?? Wow??? W-O-W!!!

United States

Love these two!

Dan4hegre United States

Kisses These two always sizzle when they are together in front of the camera, and this shoot is no exception. I do hope this continues on to Part II, and then on to one of the sexiest girl/girl vids ever. The electricity and energy generated by their erotic kisses is absolutely unbelievable. Very well done, girls...

Comcast8 United States

Emily & Milena Great set! Good job Alya! The lighting needs to be balanced a little better to emphasize the contrast of Emily's creamy skin with Milena's tan, but still a great set. These two are beautiful separate, amazing together, and they seem to have sexy, fun chemistry with each other.

PJSteve Greece

Perfection ! Please someone tell me that there is a film of this too !

tuzhdop United States

Emily & Milena Sorry ! This set doesn't ring any bells. Repetitious poses. Too bad because models are gorgeous.

Isurus Australia

Hair So much wonderful hair, I love it.

KlerHegr Belgium

Unreal ... They are both so beautiful that it makes this set of pictures unreal. Probably because of the light from behind the models. It looks like those two girls are in love with each other. If they are not, it means they are very good actresses, on top of being stunning models.

ailefroide Belgium

Emily and Milena ... It looks like true love ... Congratulations.

Milena raw hairy nudes | December 27th, 2013
Milena raw hairy nudes
wheeler United States

pic #30 I volunteer if you need anyone to help to work that wind machine!

Letti Germany

Milena raw hairy nudes congratulation! really heavenly pictures. This girl is phantastic. I had seen the film when her hairs were removed. Did they grow so fast or were these pictures taken before? In any case, it's a very naturally, beautiful young girl. I like it!

Benno Belgium

What a girl ! I so much love Milena. Her hair, eyes, body, nose, ... just about everything of her is perfect. Thanks for bringing another set with her.

pier_hart21 Italy

Down and light of Milena The spot of white light that illuminates the body of Milena, had to be centers more in low, because as it is it it illuminates a lot the superior part of the body of Milena and the face, but it illuminates few its pussy. It difficult is to taste in full the beauty of the down of the pussy of Milena and her pussy that surrounded by her down in harmony with the color of the hair it makes the pussy of very beautiful and particular Milena. Only some photos allow to see its complete pussy. And these are the photos that save the gallery. It very beautiful is the harmony of color of the hair of Milena with the color of the down of her pussy.Wonderfull Milena!!!!!!!

pier_hart21 Italy

Suggestions respectable Petter, makes a gallery with the pussy of Milena as you have done with the pussy of Dominika in "Dominika butterflay" or in "Dominika labia" I would like to see a gallery devoted only to the pussy of Milena

Dave United States

Milena !! Milena truly has a face (and body) that could launch a thousand ships !! Her beauty is exquisite and legendary !! I'll take all the Milena that you can hand out !!

Herr Lich Germany

You're cruel! Guys, did you really torture Milena with wax just for the fun of it? Why don't you give us a single hires-pic of the result? That's not very nice. I second the motion about a pussy-gallery but I don't need a spot on the clit. Just give us the smooth gallery you must have in your archive!

zorro United Kingdom

nice. hope the bush continues to grow.

Zeppelin Germany

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow Meanwhile show us the bald pictures

NakedTravel Canada

Beautiful set and model!

ailefroide Belgium

Milena raw hairy nudes Thanks and good luck. Jean Paul.

Sandy United Kingdom

getting better! Milena just gets better now that the forest has been tamed. Just about my limit for hairiness so you can still see the fruit. Just a wee shave around the edges now and .....Perfection of this stunningly beautiful girl

Milena mountain climbing | November 30th, 2013
Milena mountain climbing
Roger United States

Photos 21-25: Thank you Milena! Great series and how gorgeous Milena is. The series reminds me of the series of Ksenia, also climbing the rocks, except that Milena, in those most extraordinary photos 21-25, knows how to show her anus properly! Thank you Milena!

Mangate United States

I absolutely love Milena's furry vag and bottom hole! Don't shave, EVER! I enjoy seeing something so natural, and I can just imagine the musky funk emanating from her special bits.

Francesco Italy

So sweet so cute, like an angel. But the hair on her pussy is out of place

Dan4Hegre United States

Milena's climbing... I have done a lot of rock/mountain climbing and rappelling, but never has it captured my attention more that seeing sexy Milena applying her skills here at naked climbing. Extremely sexy Milena... she is one hot ascender. ;) She is such a turn-on with every move, and her in-shape body is every bit as hard as the rock she is climbing on. I would not hesitate at following her up this rock face... keeping close, of course. Images 28 and 35 would make a great poster size wall hangers. Very nice, very sexy, very hot! Super good idea with this shoot and great job at capturing her like this.

pier_hart20 Italy

The pussy of Milena It splendid is the pussy of Milena that appears when she widens the legs to climb to the wall of rock.Its pussy slightly appears open showing some its inside red meat and her beauty is excited from the being surrounded by a soft blonde down that distinguishes her from all the other models and it makes she the only in its shine.Beautiful pussy!!!!!!

wheeler United States

so this is how lovely milena keeps in such fine shape? keep it up! it works! awesome set!

Sandy United Kingdom

watch out!! Milena is another hot young extremely fit model who I would prefer waxed. I like to see what i'm eating!, anyway you could have taken home some unwelcome visitors in that unruly thatch!!

shredaze United States

exxxremely questionable photography one-eyed , JACK

Milena beach life | November 9th, 2013
Milena beach life
KOMET United States

MILENA - A SIREN SEXY & HIRSUTE This is a wonderful photo series through and through. A sheer delight it is to behold MILENA FULLY NUDE IN THE OUTDOORS, PROUDLY DISPLAYING & CELEBRATING THE LOVELINESS OF HER PUBIC THATCH. (There should be more photo series on this site featuring lovely Women with lush, furry thatches. MURIEL, WE MISS YOU.)

Auricman United States

Shave Please Beautiful girl.....even better if she shaved.

pier_hart20 Italy

Milena beach life Splendid, wonderfull blonde pussy. Splendid wonderfull sof-hair over the pussy.Wonderfull pussy!!!!Splendid meat over one splendid knot body!

KOMET United States

MILENA - A CELEBRATION OF THE SEXY, HAIRY WOMAN MILENA merits a paean in honor of her sexy, pubic thatch, for all too often Beautiful, Hirsute Women are denigrated aqui.

wheeler United States

ah yes! the bush debate rages on! Milena is lovely, either way!

Dave United States

Milena !! In my opinion, Milena is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen !! Her long blond hair, her blue eyes, her warm facial expressions, not to mention her perfect exquisite body !! She has it all. I look forward to any new galleries or films of Milena. Please tell her 'Thank You' for me !!

fpz@tone Australia

Milena is such a hot pretty and so sexy WOW

ailefroide Belgium

Milena Go on being yourself.

Emily and Milena body sculpting | October 30th, 2013
Emily and Milena body sculpting
MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Emily and Milena Interesting contrast between the to models.

wheeler United States

nice start...kinda hoped it would go further!maybe in a video

flash United States

emily & milena body sculpting Excellent lighting, posing another grand achievement, well done!

redryder United States

Terrific Pair These two girls are gorgeous and great together. PLEASE keep more of them coming!!

delavignette Belgium

RE: Emily and Milena I agree with you, interesting contrast ...

jack-3-1 Netherlands

Lovely girl, to bad that there feet en toenails are not so beautiful

noddy3uk United Kingdom

RE: Photo number 64 what2 contrasting cunts wow

Isurus Australia

two roses The TWO most beautiful roses on the planet, in one set, well done. I'm so glad that I don't have to choose one over the other. And the contrast from vampirically pale Emily to sunshine beauty Melina, simply stunning.

ailefroide Belgium

Emily and Milena body sculpting How long did you love you ?

Milena dirty beach bum | October 27th, 2013
Milena dirty beach bum
KOMET United States

MILENA - THE SEXY NYMPH WITH A FURRY PUBIC THATCH This is one of my favorite photo series featuring MILENA. It shows her to fine effect.

wheeler United States

you need help cleaning that stuff off, hun??? :P

Dan4Hegre United States

"Dirty Milena" Milena is so at home at the beach and in the surf... her tight, sexy body is welcome sight everywhere. Total sexiness drips abundantly from her through her poses. Clearly she has so much fun enjoying what she does best... being naked and free. Her hair is so beautiful and silken on the two evident places of her heavenly body.... very nice shoot.

UglyBunny United States

Hmmm I found the set very predictable, I realize that taking photos is hard to do but going back twenty years, put sand on model at beach is really over done allot.

delavignette Belgium

Milena Quand je pense à ... When I thing of ... Merci Milena

ailefroide Belgium

Milena dirty beach bum Mais pour l'amour on ne demande pas Aux femmes d'avoir inventé la poudre ...

Milena hotel California | October 20th, 2013
Milena hotel California
wheeler United States

I bet my bet is a lot more comfy! stop by any time!

Jeff Germany

Did I already say that she has the cutest bellybutton on the site?

KOMET United States

MILENA MAKES FOR A MELLOW SUNDAY WHAT A DELIGHT IT IS TO BEHOLD A LOVELY, NATURAL WOMAN! Milena is soo incredibly sexy with her lush pubic fur.

rs United States

No beating around the bush "You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave." Who would want to?

Zeppelin Germany

Oh my god! For each waxed hair she has grown two new ones!

MarkyMark United States

Seems that all the pictures look the same. Poses. having the model do other poses would be nice. Also most of these pics were out of focus or very soft. Keep the same amount of pictures but different poses.

kidtone Canada

Such a sweetie. I'd love to be her backdoor Santa this year, if I could fit down her chimney.

Snowpig United States


wheeler United States

RE: "I bet my BED..." that was! (you distract me, Milena!lol)

Dave United States

Milena !! Milena is perfection !! Everything from her blond hair and blue eyes to the tips of her toes is a complete 'turn on'. I think she may be the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. Can't get enough of Milena !!

ailefroide Belgium

Milena hotel California Une jolie fleur dans une peau d'vache Une jolie vache déguisée en fleur Qui fait la belle et qui vous atache Et qui vous mène par le bout du coeur

Milena studio nudes | October 10th, 2013
Milena studio nudes
suaviter France

Reality A marvellous dream,but not only.The young woman exists.You can pass her in the street.She is likely to wear jeans.And underneath she has a panty .And inside snuggles the treasure glorified by P H.

Dan4Hegre United States

Exceptional Milena Congrats, again, on a great Milena shoot... the perfect combination in that she knows her modeling moves, and Hegre knows how to capture her natural abilities. She is THE perfect nude model, as she shows consistently in her natural style of poses. Her tight little, lithe and limber body, long flowing hair, along with her silky pubic hair, and warm devilish smile all add up to a very huge turn-on.


I dunno who took these shots but they missed Milena's beauty.

mark12 United States

Milena Another fantastic day of Milena! I can't get enough of her... Please don't shave that bush girlfriend. I'm ready to renew for another 2 years just to keep seeing you.

Tom Germany

Milena Sorry guys, but Milena has nothing that makes it worth to be on hegre-art!

Jim United States

Great Shoot! I've been hoping for a fully nude set of Milena that featured some poses, where I could check out those luscious bare soles in all their wrinkly glory! And this set achieves that. Thank you Petter , milena has exquisite bare feet and I hope to see many more sets in the future showing off those wrinkly bare soles!

KOMET United States

A WOMAN WITH A PUBIC THATCH - HOORAY! What a rare delight to behold a beautiful woman with a yummy pubic thatch!

Brother Sweden

Milena into interracial Its big time for this beauty to go for some interracial scene. The contrast would be fantastic. Mike is ok, but try to find another black man as well that can pose with these girls!

ailefroide Belgium

Milena studio nudes Tout est beau chez elle Rien n'est à jeter ...

Milena sunrise | October 4th, 2013
Milena sunrise
wheeler United States

sexy siren milena has lured me to the jagged rocks with her seductive ways!

Dan4Hegre United States

Milena's Beach Sweet Milena looks so right at home being naked on the beach and in the surf. She is very much in her own environment here, and captured so beautifully at sunrise. She raises the bar for skinny dipping... very nice shoot, and great way to start the day.

westore Canada

Finally! I've been waiting for Milena to be featured outside the studio. She belongs outdoors!

Francesco Italy

sweet Milena Milena is so cute and sweet. Her smile is enchanting. But the bush hides the slit. I hope that not immediatly but later we can see her shaved, maybe with a wonderful movie as Silvie by by bush.

MrMetal Australia

You are so gorgeous Milena, anyway you want to be. I love that you are natural.

Mike_fan United States

Love to see her next to Mike...perhaps fighting over his BLACK cock with another hegre model

ailefroide Belgium

Milena sunririse Smiling as often. Very nice.

Emily and Milena girlfriends | September 8th, 2013
Emily and Milena girlfriends
wheeler United States

I do hope that's not the end???

Rico Portugal

Very intimate , want to see more of this Hegre best friends

Dan4Hegre United States

"Girlfriends" I agree with 'wheeler'... please continue on with Parts 2, 3, 4 and more of these two fun and extremely sexy gals together. I'm hoping this is only the beginning of such a heavenly pairing. They compliment each other so nicely with their smooth, but slightly contrasting skin tones, and their equally sexual/sensual natural bodies. The creative positions and poses were a huge turn-on, like fun time erotica. I do look forward to seeing more of them as they develop their special bonding into even more intimate galleries and films together... and also their individual shoots.

rs United States

The "eyes" have it!

Gil123 France

A suivre... This confirms what I thought about Milena: This beautiful girl attracts light to it: that's what makes all the difference! Cela confirme ce que je pensais sur Miléna: Cette très jolie fille attire la lumière à elle: c'est ce qui fait toute la différence !!!

Rufus United Kingdom

I hope that is a fake tan on Milena, otherwise she (and many of your models) are going to land up with skin cancer. Slav and Nordic people are not meant to be that color.

Laurie United Kingdom

Exquisite Climax The last six images were worth the build-up, but in another sense the intensity was just the beginning.

KOMET United States

EMILY & MILENA - Part 1? EMILY y MILENA: Two sparks in bed smoldering...

Marco A. Brazil

I'd like to see a book with photos of Emily and Milena. I think they have a lot of fans.

Michael United States

Disappointed in the photographer This series is a big disappointment. The singular fixation of the photographer on the pussies leads to a failure to capture the delightful energy in the interactions between these two gorgeous models; it only come out in a few of the images. As a very good photographer, Petter could have.... and should have done better.

Roger United States

Overwhelming! Stunning! Simply stunning! What gorgeous girls and what a pairing! I agree with Dan4Hegre that their contrasting skin tones are most complimentary. Agree with Laurie regarding the lovely intimate photos at the end and hope for more. I also applaud Emily and Milena for not holding back and showing all their beauty! And it is a good thing they do because what absolutely gorgeous cunts and adorably cute anuses these girls have! Such a joy to see! Bravo Emily and Milena!

Sam C United States

Emily and Milena should have a video together. It could be one of Petter's best ever.

incognito1 United States

Satisfied One of the best aspects of this photo shoot is that the photographer was able to capture 2 erect and fully aroused clitorises, showing both girls were very much into the shoot. Awesome!

ailefroide Belgium

RE: Emily and Milena Perfect.

ailefroide Belgium

Emily and Milena girlfreind Is it love ? I thing yes.

BClair United States

Contrast I love the contrast of skin tones. It is beautiful!!! Hegre is a photo genius!

Milena first set | August 29th, 2013
Milena first set
Benno Belgium

Welcome Milena ! A very warm welcome at Hegre for the most beautiful girl on earth ! Thank you Hegre... and Milena :))) You made my day !

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Milena As usual with Hegré models, Milena is a very beautiful young woman.

wheeler United States

yet another stunner! can't wait to see more!

KOMET United States

THE EMERGENCE OF MILENA Out of the mists of the primordial forest at dusk emerges a WOMAN, sexy, resolute, naked. She walks with a calm, assured manner. C'est MILENA.

Philippe Belgium

Milena For the first in a long time: a real, natural, unshaven and happy looking beauty without silicones or botox.. I wish her all succes

Laurie United Kingdom

Another Beautiful Waif Escapes the grim reality of The Ukraine. I dare say we shall the have the usual outcry from the control freaks about her rather stylish trim. Very attractive, I would love to taste that delightful garnish...

Roger United States

Yes, Welcome Milena! Another stunning beauty! What a bold opening set! Yes it is clear she has modeled before. Brash, confident poses and, of course, appropriately fully nude! And what a grand finale of closing shots! Thank you Petter and Milena!

jbruins156! United States

Milena Peter, where do you find these women! Absolutely gorgeous!

MM United States

A brand new model and she's already posing with her arms stretched high overhead. Very, very nice. Milena has a tight stomach, which is always sexy. She is a welcome addition to the Hegre model fold. Bravo!

van Australia


Gumball Germany

Milena ist das hübscheste Modell das ich in den letzen Jahren gesehen habe. Und jetzt ist sie hier auf dieser genialen Site. Nice Many thanks

Laurie United Kingdom

Hot Totty Lovely eyes and a lusciously generous mouth are an instant attraction. Hot little breasts boasting exquisite nipples and a very desirable furry quim. Hmmm gorgeous...

simon Switzerland

A bush is back! Welcome. And nice we have some variation.

Moose United States

Milena I really love Milena's work! I look forward to Peter portraying Milena's beauty in future sets.

bomomo France

jolie Milena Milena est très jolie model cette première série de photos me donnes envie d'en voir d'aventage

Variable-43 United States

Lovely, young and fresh! I just adore the unkempt look of her bits, with the hair around pussy and anus. Fabulous!

Fract Netherlands

Eternal beauty Privet zaika! So wonderful to see you here. I am insanely curious to see where Petter takes you, artistically speaking. And no matter where, I will look forward to every set that features you. Did I mention this is the best surprise ever?

John United Kingdom

Lovely, lovely girl. Does she have a small hernia though?

Gil123 France

another beauty is born! " ELLE A TOUT D'UNE GRANDE" !!! In a year or two, it will be absolutely GORGEOUS! By cons, it needs to depilated hairs from buttocks, even if she wants to keep.

Dan4Hegre United States

MILENA It is so refreshing and very exciting to see and be able to view what seems to be (and I truly hope it is) an endless display of unbelievably sexy and beautiful young models that Petter features. Each one is absolutely flawless in their own ways, and Milena is certainly no exception. She has so much to offer as she approaches full bloom. Her individual style is so subtle, but yet sizzling. I look forward to following Milena on her erotic travels. She is such a sensual treat to behold.

littletomy United States

...this lady needs to open her labia and show us some BUTTERFLY!!!

Awesome United States

Squating Photos I LOVE THE SQUAT. that is awesome, I LOVE THE HAIR. this is awesome, keep them coming

Blackman Sweden

Milena for interracial Wow this is a real special very young looking nice girl. She looks absolutely fantastic! She just has to do some interracial scenes with Mike or any other black man. The contrast would be beautiful. He would lift her up, make her do splits and showing her of as much as possible. She meanwhile would look fantastic making the black cock hard, stroking and maybe sucking it as Flora does. I would renew my membership endlessly if you start setting her up for that explicit interracial scenes!

Sandy United Kingdom

subjective comment Yet another stunningly beautiful model which you can only dream of being near to let alone explore!! I like to think I only submit subjective comment but usually only the positive ones are posted which disappoints me a little.

denman2000 United States

model Milena is my favorite model and is the reason I chose this website, if I had to choose one model and one alone to view it would be Milena. love you girl keep up good work!

ailefroide Belgium

Milena first Naturel and happy looking. I agree.

Milena la petite fille | September 27th, 2013
Milena la petite fille
Dan4Hegre United States

Sweet Milena Milena is an epitome of THE true sweetheart... a very sexy and talented one, at that. Her innocent, but devilish smile is killer. She's a great looker with unlimited 'best features', knows her modeling moves, is subtle yet sizzling, cute and delightfully naughty. Her petite and flexible build adds so nicely to her shoots. I get lost in her eyes, and admire her long golden hair framing her beautiful face, along with the silky smooth and attractive hair on her adorable pussy. Milena has been, and WILL be in demand for a long time... nice shoot.

wheeler United States

I think Dan just about covered it! lol gorgeous lady!

Max Australia

Agree Hot, Hot, Hot

Fract Netherlands

RE: Sweet Milena Yep. Dan nailed it. Milena bring dynamism to her shoots. And boy do we love that!

kalonphile France

Milena's bush At her début Milena had kept her important pubic hair.On a picture for "We are hairy "she shows two similar and symmetrical loks on each side of her labias. What an adorable devil!

ailefroide Belgium

Milena jolie fillle Grande et jolie fille ...

Milena bushy beauty | September 21st, 2013
Milena bushy beauty
Fract Netherlands

My word, this lady is beautiful. I think I am about to fall in love with that smile she wears so well. Wonderful attention to detail in this set: every angle of her fingers, every position of her legs, even Milena's hair is posed perfectly!

Dexter United States

This girl is hot! Finally, you have another girl here that can keep up with Valerie. Please include them together in a set. Also, what happened to the sets with Valerie an Mike together? Those were the best.

Dan4Hegre United States

Sexxxy Milena Milena is a sizzler!!... plain and simple. She, along with her tight little body is THE absolute fantasy. She comes across and through with everything there is... she covers it all, so naturally and so very erotic. And then, the job you do in capturing her like this is unbelievable. Great job... super great modeling! I'll always be UP for more of Milena. I am also anxious to see of her work from behind the camera, as I read that she is starting. From her experience as one of the hottest nude models (which I have seen a lot of her previous photo shoots and vids) to ever hit the scene, that should carry over nicely in her role as photographer, too. I can't wait for more of Milena...

mark12 United States

Milena Add another vote for "This girl is hot"! Milena is all that and then some. Give her a week of daily photo's. Milena's sport's the best bush ever!

Marceinrich, Deutschland Germany

Milena Buschbeauty Milena begeistert mich! Besonders begeistert mich aber ihr hübscher, natürlicher Busch! Bitte so lassen, nicht rasieren!! Ihr habt wunderschöne Mädchen! Könnt ihr nicht einige zauberhafte Mädchen dazu motivieren, dass sie ihren Busch wachsen lassen? Dann bitte zeigen! Danke.

wheeler United States

beautiful! and, as it turns out, quite the contortionist!amazing that she can do some of that! please don't throw your back out on our account, sweetie! lol

Benno Belgium

Strange request This might sound weird but I would love to see more close-ups of Milena her angelic, beautiful face. She is so cute and pretty...

Moose United States

Milena Great set! Thank you Milena. I like that you are not shaved. Beautiful.

Galadaria Germany

Perfect So lange wie ich MIlena aus dem internet kenne gibst nur ein Word Fantastisch Weiter so

robroy16 United States

Awesome Beauty You have a knack for finding beautiful women. Melinda validates my point.

pier_hart20 Italy

Bushy and pussy of Milena i am spechless: stupendous pussy in marvellous soft-hair blonde bushy. truely beauty and erotic

pier_hart20 Italy

Milena and his soft-hair blonde Your splendid smooth hair and blonds already anticipate the blonde beauty of your bush and the splendid his surrounding blonde a marvelous dense and compact pussy. Thanks Milena for your beauty that you offer us.

Dave United States

Milena Milena is the ultimate. She is the most attractive and sexiest woman I have ever seen !! Please give us much more of Milena !! Thank You

ailefroide Belgium

Milena bushy beauty Beauty ... full !

pierhart54 Italy

RE:Milena bushy beauty Milena:bushy beauty: I have seen this gallery again because it is splendid, but You Milena widens more some your pussy, as you has done in the first ones and last photos of this gallery. You have a splendid pussy, widen her more, it will be beautiful and interesting and erotic even more

Milena the american dream | September 15th, 2013
Milena the american dream
wheeler United States

ukrainian wearing an american flag...she's welcome here any time!

Fract Netherlands

Nailed it! Awesome set, very dynamic and lives up to it's name. I am somewhat familiar with Milena's other work, and this set brings out a new, refreshing and very attractive side of her. I love this combination of the classic youthful beauty combined with strong poses. Oh yes.

Dan4Hegre United States

Milena Milena is so versatile and alluring in her many poses. She is a total sweetheart... and a very sexy one at that. Through her photos, her radiant personality shines in rare form. Her petite tight body is truly a dream. Great job!

westore Canada

Milena is a great natural beauty. In fact she is the reason that I finally joined the site. So I'm happy to see a set with her in it. She looks as beautiful as always and the posing and composition are great. But I am disappointed in the lighting. The harsh light spot lighting means that her upper body and beautiful face are one big blown highlight through the full set. Milena is definitely worth waiting for--quite possibly the most beautiful model Petter has ever shot--so I guess that I will just wait for her next set. Hopefully I will be ecstatic instead of just pleased when it comes out ;p

Isurus Australia

Milena Milena is so beautiful but this set did her no justice at all. Dull.

Tom Germany

Hairy Too much pubic hair. Please teach her to trim or shave it!

Lover Boy United States

C'mon Hegre! This model is gorgeous, but this shoot was cold and harsh. A single spotlight in the concrete corner. She definetely didn't want to get on her knees and crawl. Treat this girl right, make her comfy!

Blackman Sweden

Sweet This has one of the cutest faces of all the white females here. She needa got on a set with Mike or some other black man. It would be a lovley contrast to see her young body with a black mans. Your interracial scenes is the reason I joined, and I hope you get this beauty into it as well!

ailefroide Belgium

Milena american dream Kisses !

Nikoma666 Italy

I am so happy I'm not the only one with a serious American Apparel fetish here...too bad for the latest video, too few shiny more with it, way to go!!

Milena Films COMMENTS

Milena Wax On Wax Off | October 15th, 2013
Milena Wax On Wax Off
muv Switzerland

Deplorable For once you had a woman on your site and not a teen. Deplorable.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Milena - Wax On, Wax Off If waxing is thought desireable, or essential, it might be less painful to shave the area first.

wheeler United States

DAMN!!! that was painful to watch! lol I think "bye bye bush" might have some competition here!

DutchGuy Netherlands

Sad day... A little trimming around the edges, OK. Remove it all, BLAH! Ohwell ..

Canchahel France

Poor Milena! The film is interesting, of course, but hard to see because of its sadomasochistic touch, even if Fabi is as skilful as ever. But why didn’t she use simply shaving foam instead of wax? Has Milena done a bad thing?

Tom United States

Sad, I really liked Milena's hair! It was a nice change. Sad!

ThoRn United States

WTF I watched...will never again. Milena, as with Sylvia, pushed to submission...I suppose. And for what? I too will miss her more natural look. What's next...eyebrows...eyelashes...heads...I hope not. Maybe a strong warning ...for the non-sadists...would have been appropriate. I had been able to overlook all the "baldness" here...after this film, I will never see bald the same way again.

Fract Netherlands

No worries! C'mon people. It'll grow back on, for everyone to enjoy for some years more :) This was.... different. And special.

incognito1 United States

1 Less Bush Totally worth it!

Rick United States

Much better Now if we can get someone to lick it......

Tom2 Germany

That hurts But, who wants to be beautiful must suffer? I'm almost a little sad that the hairs are gone. But they grow back ... Nevertheless, thanks for this Milena. Thank you that you have taken this pain on you. :-)

Mia United States

Pleasure? Really? I subscribed to this website to see the incomparable Milena and her natural bush. I could've handled a shave, but I do not find wax and blood to be erotic. In fact, I was a little nauseous after seeing this.

ANonymous United States

Tragic The bush was lovely.

simon Switzerland

Semi trim preferred This was indeed a new experience to watch. I would have stopped a few minutes in. Why can't we have more of the Alya kind of bush?

Zeppelin Germany

Naaah! My woman gets waxed, too. There's no blood (she bleeded when she shaved for the last time). As someone already put it: the hair has to be much shorter for waxing! Yet: 12 hours later there's pure pleasure where there was pain.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Milena - Wax On, Wax Off Epilation does not have to be painful. This film was just a demonstration of one of the possible methods, possibly the most uncomfortable. I'm sure that Milena volunteered for the treatment, (which was very brave of her), but if she decides to keep the look she will probably choose one of the less painful alternatives.

Tom Germany

Waxing I visit a depilation studio to remove my pubic hair with wax regularly a month. It's an special experience, but I love it! The skin feels absolutely smooth. Try it!

Colrich United Kingdom

this is the most brutal treatment of a woman's beauty, so insensitive and not for me.

KOMET United States

ANTI-HIRSUTE & DISGUSTING Another video showing clearly the ANTI-PUBIC HAIR/FUR bias (no matter how sparse the hirsute spread some models dare to display from time to time on this website) Hegre-Art has. I did NOT like this video at all. YUCK!!!

Maxin Thailand

RE: Milena - Wax On, Wax Off I agree shave the bushy bits first then move in with the waxing. This looks like torture!!

Donie Denmark

Milena Well, I like how she looks after, even more than before : )

Jean-Pierre Belgium

Well done After all ,a shaved pussy fits way better with the slender body type of Milena. And I like her voice when the masseuse pulls away her pussy hair. Seems like she is having a small orgasm. In my point of view, the hairy pussy is something more for a big-boobed voluptuous models you often see in 70's / 80's nude magazines, rather than for a modern slender girl like Milena.

kidstone Canada

Thumbs down on this. It's criminal to remove any of that beautiful pussy hair. Thankfully hair grows back.

roger Netherlands

Next time body shave? Hi Peter, great to see her getting dehaired. You would make a killer video if next time you get a girl to receive a total body shave (legs, armpits and pussy). And then shave the hairy pussy with clippers before shaving wet

Marceinrich Germany

Milena Hot Wax PROTEST!!! Katastrophe! Wie könnt Ihr Milena nur so quälen und verunzieren? Macht das nicht noch einmal! Ich komme und mache das mit Pettre und Euch Männern. Ich überlege, ob ich Mitglied bei Euch bleibe !? Liebe Milena, bitte wieder wachsen lassen! Ich finde Deine behaarte Muschi wunderschön und so natürlich!! Ach übrigens: Wo ist Domenika? Ich habe lange nichts von ihr gesehen.

kalonphile France

And now ? For years Milena has enjoyed a juvenile beauty together with a fine and thin pubic hair.She offered us a rare and delicious sight . And now she has joined the thousands of shaved"teens"that we can see everywhere on the net. Well,Nature is so generous that Milena's bush shall grow again. Let her keep it then. (see "we are hairy" archive for Kate/Milena's glorious bush when she was in her début :already a dream.)

Paul Canada

Wow Glad all that hair is gone but boy that look painful. Would an amazing model. As for the massage at the end, wow!!!

david8_jw United States

nice smoth vagina I love to see a nice hairless vagina it so sexy

KOMET United States

SAY "YES" to A WOMAN'S FURRY PUBIC THATCH It would be so nice if a few videos were shown here with nude models in which their HAIRY/FURRY pubic thatches were celebrated. Have a masseuse come into a room where a beautiful nude woman with a prominent hairy/furry pubic thatch is on a massage table. The masseuse then proceeds to apply ample amounts of scented oil to the model's body, with special attention given to that sexy thatch. THAT would be wonderful!

andreyevich Australia

That is a different taste but she looks sweet.

suaviter France

Bushy or not bushy : a debate Milena's historical bush was unique on the net. I miss it. May be it appears again after a few weeks of mourning.

Ben Gunn Germany

RE: SAY "YES" to A WOMAN'S FURRY PUBIC THATCH Totally agreed, this constant celebration of little bulimic shaped, silicon corrected, full blank models gives me a feeling of getting pushed into the kiddy porn corner. Back to the wild furry times of fun! Stop torturing the girls!

agentx United States

Beautiful...but painful! Milena, I love your new "look" - although it looks like it was a painful process. Never a big fan of pubic hair. Milena looks even more beautiful without a bush!

frankiki France

merci merci !!Thank you! :)

Christian France

Humm epilation tres sympa ce film... moi je me fais épiler toutes le s4 semaines... testicules, base de la verge.. sillon fessier fesses.. malheureusement ce 'est pas fabi mon esthéticienne

Pipo Switzerland

Boyzilian Beautiful movie on a sexy brazilian bikini. Love the new look. Could we see this done on a man?

Pipo Switzerland

Would be nice to see a similar experience on a man...

king_p Germany

Awesome! Great to see such a procedure in HD! Really interesting and really hot!

tony United States

manzilian amazing video you should do it on a man as well

king_penis Germany

Great Just awesome! To see this real intimate but beautiful procedure is great! And the result is amazing!!! Please more videos of that kind, I thin Hegre-Art is the only site on the internet with content like that in a asthetic way!

Mix_Bit Italy

The art of smooth There are other videos of shaving, and if the model agrees to do it, no problem. But I do not think it is correct to impose it as a form of greater beauty. I would leave the decision to show the models as they like, with or without hair.

Diane United States

Brave Girl Speaking as someone who's undergone the painful procedure of having my pubic hair waxed off before, I KNOW that it hurts! Milena is very brave to go through with this and she didn't need to smile on my account. Having your pubic hair ripped out by the roots is PAINFUL and if Milena wanted to frown or grit her teeth or grimace, that would totally be fitting. There's no need for her to smile for the camera and pretend that this doesn't hurt. As far as I'm concerned she can be honest about this.

Serge Switzerland

Milena's shaving Milena is really one of the 2 or 3 cutest model at Hegre. I don't like bushes, but well, it's a question of each one's taste. This said Milena chose to - most of the time - keep her bush and I'm really happy to see her changing this for a while. She has a figure, a look, a style, that make her much more sexy and beautiful once shaved, contrasting with her very long hair. Now that she made it (the painful way !) I really hope to see a few photo and video session of her ! That she did not suffer for nothing ;) Another hot session with Emily (massage, body-body, tribbing ?) would be the nicest gift you can do to us !

Justplaying United States

I don't think either of them are having much fun. It's on TV all the time. The NONO a painless hair removal device. The lady in white should rethink panties under pants like that. Milena should feel free to scream.

hongjiang United States

RE: Humm epilation would you want to do it by me.hehe

Emily And Milena Sexual Surrender | October 1st, 2013
Emily And Milena Sexual Surrender
MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Emily and Milena Beautifully done; and both girls obviously enjoyed themselves.

wheeler United States

well, that was just lovely!!! (and, LMAO!!! I do love bloopers!!!)

Michell Portugal

It is very interesting .... what a delight for my eyes !!!

o Norway

69 loved the way she slipped her finger into Emily without her knowing while laying in 69.....

burner69 United States

Totally AWESOME!!! Like to see more videos like this. Thanks Petter!

Laurie United Kingdom

Sublime Absolutely sensational, overwhelmingly emotional and sexually charged. Bravo girls, that was utterly irresistible...

Nick Malaysia

It's Playtime! Hot, Real, Satisfying Performance by two lovely girls.

anotherfan United States

So beautiful. Yes, more like this.

Mike_Fan United States

Good film....better if Mike joined them

Simonas United Kingdom

Emily & Milena Great film; these girls are so relaxed and love to have fun - and clearly know how to make each other happy; I really liked the bit at the end (which otherwise might have been an 'out-take')when they were laughing and teasing each other after the shoot was over.

Dan4Hegre United States

Sexy Playmates No denying it, these girls had a great time that was full of sensual sensations. I enjoyed Milena in her subtle mood, taking the lead and not letting up on Emily, and the 69 was fantastic. More films like this will keep me cumming back for more...

bobbob United States

Thriple treat Emily has it all; very pretty , a body that is out of this world and has orgasms that are truly unbelievable! She can come and come and come some more. Lucky her and lucky us. Wow, what a sight for our eyes. MORE PLEASE!

rosco_336 United States

It's Hot...........but It's hot, but she is more vocal laughing, than cumming or building up to cumming. These films, to me, are better with the vocal part of panting, moaning, etc. and cumming, as well as the visual. If she would let go vocally, it would be 10x better. With this? It's just very average. See vocal parts from DomincaC and others in massages. Now THAT, is hot!

Erector Singapore

Nice job of putting the behind the scene footage after the show

Me&Emily United Kingdom

One of the best Hegre movies in a long time. These two girls really know each other well, so natural and so hot. Really intimate. More of these two please... more more more.

DolbySpencer United States

No other film quite like it I can only think of good things to say about this film. From concept to photography -- calls for a series.

rigobert Canada

Emily & Milena SUPERBE

suaviter France

hot duo For yours truly,the most pleasant part of the film is the "behind the scene" where we see two beautiful young women spontaneous and showing their joy of living after the routine of another shot...True,the web abounds of embracing girls and pussies fingered -eventually in close up. And let us remember that those scenes are just for fun and nothing else .

Tecnocratic United States

This is perhaps the most erotic and beautiful piece of film I've ever seen. It is simply beyond compare.

Gil123 France

Wouh!!! It's the BEST ONE of your movies! Oh la la lalalala.......... ONE MORE TIME PLEASE!!!

Donie Denmark

New film... Awesome. Surely one of the very best movies yet, anywhere...

redryder United States

These two girls are absolutely the best. More. More. More.

RedRyder United States

Absolutely the BEST!!! Wow, these girls are terrific together. More please!!

lovegirls35 Australia

The best Please more films of Emily...she is the most erotic girl I've ever seen! Thanks Petter!!

ailefroide Belgium

Emily and Milena ... Love and perfect beauty Suggest eternity L'amour et la beauté Suggèrent l'éternité

djg32503 United States

Very sensuous Very artfully done and two beautiful young women! I hope all is well for them in the Ukraine and that they stay safe. Emily you make my heart ache!!

Justplaying United States

Perfect. I especially liked the contrast in Emily's pale skin vs Milena's darker complexion. Lady's you were fantastic. Thank You

Dexter United States

Emily and Milena Please tell me there is a part 2 of this with Emily eating Milena's pussy.

Milena Massage COMMENTS

Erotic Beauty Massage | September 24th, 2013
Erotic Beauty Massage
o Norway

bush love her bush! ..and man would i like to see my wife in her place :))

Canchahel France

From shadow to light "Mysterious masseuse"? Come on! It's Zana the First. The One.

Dan4Hegre United States

Erotic Milena Milena is perfect for receiving such a such a subtle, but sizzling erotic massage. She is so into it, as she builds up for her ultimate pleasure from her artistic masseuse's talented finger movements. Damn, it's such a treat to see Milena being 'over-cum' by her inner sensations. Lots of credit to the masseuse for hitting the right chords in Milena's 'hot spot', and to quality videography in capturing Milena's release. Very nice...

susuman United States

BUSH! That was a great video! Love the bush! A woman look's better with som hair on that pussy! More videos with natural woman!

Uwe Germany

Dakota Hey guys - you should see Dakota. think she should be here modelling...

Paddy Australia

Orgasm? Can someone tell me when Milena achieves orgasm? A few sighs and that's it. When my wife reaches orgasm you know about it. I understand that it must be hard for the models with cameras and people around but some heavy breathing cannot be described as an orgasm. One of the most disappointing in this regard is Valerie. For those of you who like genuine shudders I recommend Dominika's film 'Orgasm', Kiki's amazing shrieks and En's beautiful clutching of the sheet whilst being massaged by a woman seated on her bed.

alex Germany

intimate examination wow.greatest pussy i have seen here at the last films.please more natural,hairy pussys.i will seen woman not teens.thanks.

Dan4Hegre United States

Re: Dakota I agree with 'Uwe'.... Dakota is HOT! Would love to see her in a Hegre shoot. ;)

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Orgasms - Erotic Beauty Massage It is certainly more exciting to see strongly overt orgasmic convulsions, but not every woman is like that. It was clear to me, from the movements of her body, that Milena had an orgasm, albeit understated. Much of the pleasure I derive from these videos/films comes from the naturalness and mutual enjoyment of the models and masseuses/masseurs. So I wouldn't want models to exaggerate responses merely for effect. I think that would devalue the aesthetic integrity of the occasion.

Rolleston44 Australia

RE: Orgasm? My thoughts exactly!! Some bumping and grinding, a few oooh's and aaaaah's, does not an orgasm make!!! IF, and that's BIG if, a model actually reaches climax, her masseuse rapidly wipes the evidence over the models' body. Amandine is the only exception, where, in one of her massages, she remains on the table and stimulates her clit for four beautiful minutes until she climaxes. The evidence is there for all to see,

United States

RE: BUSH! I couldn't agree more. Silvie is the best!

ailefroide Belgium

Sensual massage Bravo l'artiste. Tenderness is great.