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Photo of Melinda


Photo of Melinda
Name: Melinda
Country: Hungary
Weight: 50kg
Height: 177cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

A sweet mouthwatering treat

Melinda is a little pot of fresh honey straight from the Hungarian countryside – so good you could eat her. She may be the shy and silent type but she’s so damn delicious you’ll just want to lick your screen.

Melinda is a girl with real soul and the sweetest spirit. And when you look into her eyes you’ll see something raw, something animal. With such an expressive figure, she won’t need to tell you what she’s thinking and feeling. You’ll just know. Her body does the talking and it speaks volumes.

A beautiful flower from a rural village, 22-year-old Melinda left home for the big bad world, knowing she had a special gift to offer.

Naturally athletic, naturally toned, this honeyed body is exactly how nature intended. Enjoy.

Melinda Galleries COMMENTS

Melinda hot as hell part 2 | March 24th, 2014
Melinda hot as hell part 2
wheeler United States

the glacier melinda has flooded my house! nice day for a swim!

Canchahel France

Magic square This (double) series (« Hot as Hell” I + II) is quite successful, the lovely Melinda giving us sometimes the impression, when the deep water is dark, that she is floating in space on a 36 boxes magic carpet. The photos, taken last summer, are both scorching and refreshing; the contrast between Melinda’s skin and the blue tones is outstanding. Moreover, in the second series, if the chi structure of her body (photos 64 to 75) is interesting, the quasi-triskelion represented by this Celtic beauty in the photos 5 to 11 is even more remarkable.

Akerfeldt Mexico

Absolutely great!

Sandy United Kingdom

scorching! Another superbly erotic set from an equally beautiful model who delivers the goods, it appears to me she enjoyed it to.

Melinda asslicious | February 13th, 2014
Melinda asslicious
Roger United States

Great Ass! Outstanding! Thank you Melinda! Way to show that ass!

PacoEco Mexico

Lack of Creativity Melinda is one of the most beautiful girls on earth, should be millions of ways to get beautiful poses, I hope to see her in a different pose

Peter Germany

Best ass on the site Melinda is never disappointing and not afraid to show, what she got.

Ayugued Mexico

WOW!! Great model and poses!! Thanks!!

Melinda full nudes | January 23rd, 2014
Melinda full nudes
Mike S. United States

Melinda is Perfection Every time that this young woman appears I am completely awed! Melinda's beautiful body is the very essence of feminine perfection. It is like every curve and nuance of her exquisite figure has been designed for the receiving and giving of pleasure. Nothing would be more wonderful than to have her relax for you and let you spend hours caressing and exploring her body. Melinda, you are a true dreamgirl!

ailefroide Belgium

Melinda full nudes Beautiful. Nice contrast between your face and ... your body. 18/20

Mike S. United States

Melinda's Pleasure Please, please, please convince beautiful Melinda to "star" in one of your massage videos. The thought of her perfect body being gently and patiently caressed to the heights of pleasure by a skilled and loving masseuse is almost too arousing to take. Her body deserves to experience something so exquisite. Melinda, we, also, would be so appreciative if you would consent to be pleasured beyond your wildest dreams.

Melinda tropical heat | November 20th, 2013
Melinda tropical heat
wheeler United States

I'm envious of a stone hippo!!!

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Melinda - Tropical Heat Lucky little hippo!.

Lion_01 Netherlands

RE: Wheeler I'd rather be more envious of the sun, as it touches nearly every single part of her devine body... Damn, what a body! Purely statistically, she must be in the top 1% of best bodies in the human population!

Laurie United Kingdom

A Touch of Class Magic moments as water reflections perform the light fantastic on her exquisite form. Stunning...

UglyBunny United States

Found it very repetitive and kinda boring.

pier_hart20 Italy

Milena tropical heat It unbelievable is the beauty of the breasts of this fotomodella and the harmony of the sinuosity of the curves of his body and the perfect color and the perfect density of the meat of his body. To look is her a full appeasement of the sensuality and the senses of the eros

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Melinda - Tropical Heat Pier. In case you hadn't noticed, Melida is a woman, so 'his' is the wrong pronoun for her.

Rowdy Thailand

Happy Hippo little Happy Hippo about came to life and licked it...nice

Melinda crisp nudes | November 7th, 2013
Melinda crisp nudes
Laurie United Kingdom

Chic Cool and Fresh No gimmicks, just well observed studies of classy Melinda.

eppitappia Norway

Very Beautiful pictures! hope to see more from this Classy girl:)

Jacky Germany

very... body but - sorry - quite bland face.

Basia Poland

photo 56 the Sphinx!

wheeler United States

RE: Chic Cool and Fresh indeed! such a gorgeous girl doesn't need any help to make a beautiful set of pictures!

ailefroide Belgium

Melinda crisp nudes Very crisp ...

Melinda naked beauty | December 9th, 2013
Melinda naked beauty
Laurie United Kingdom

In a Word Stunning...

wheeler United States

aptly titled

Rico Portugal

Melinda = Magic boobs .... amazing !

schwabpm0250 United States

Spellbinding In my humble opinion, Melinda should never have to wear clothing because to hide such beauty borders on criminal. The world is a better place when beautiful people and things are there to be seen and appreciated. Melinda, you are like something out of a dream.

KlerHegr Belgium

In my top 5 ! Melinda is for sure one of my favorite models. She is within my top 5. I really like the way she faces the camera keeping her legs widely open (pictures 49 and 50). Those two pictures are extremely strong, as Melinda's personality, for sure. She looks very professional. The last two pictures are also very interesting. Both are technicaly perfect, relatively similar, but, which one do you prefer ?

rocket Switzerland

Very beautiful and sexy!

ailefroide Belgium

Melinda naked beauty Aptly titled 2

Lion_01 Netherlands

Best body of them all! She is way ahead of Victoria R in the race for "best body of them all"!

Sandy United Kingdom

natural Melinda is a natural beautiful woman with an extremely enticing pussy screaming to be gone down on

Melinda Ferrari Maranello | October 28th, 2013
Melinda Ferrari Maranello
wheeler United States

I bet melinda is a smoother ride that the car!

Laurie United Kingdom

A very Classy Chassis Melinda, by some stretch, is the classiest Hegre girl. Stylish, chic and elegantly perfect, a high-toned aura that is quite distinctive. Hegre's stunning imagery, the ultimate compliment...

tossoffwriter United States

Auto Show Now that's a perfect auto show model. Thank you!

Jgr Netherlands

MFM gallery The traditional theme 'Woman at Car' pales by the side of Melinda's 'Goddess at Wodan's blazing chariot'. Complete knock out.

geroki Germany

pretty :) what next... a Rolls with Emily on the hood? I would like to take a look at Petter's garage ;)

Rowdy Thailand

Melinda is FAST another FAST rocking pictorial..... what a beauty

KOMET United States


dexter United States

Where did Valerie go??

Splendor France

Modèle et photo remarquablement belles.

Melinda submerged | January 1st, 2014
Melinda submerged
wheeler United States

nice little tease there! (if WAY too short!!)

pier_hart21 Italy

Water of melinda i am them water that recover all Melinda

Melinda classic nudes | October 16th, 2013
Melinda classic nudes
wheeler United States

nice to see where the dress ended up. on the bed, where it should be! melinda is too beautiful to cover up!

fenpedric United Kingdom

Melinda The dress adds to Melinda's beauty and sex appeal. Great poses and photographs.

Rowdy Thailand

Rock on Melinda wow..............stunning

Laurie United Kingdom

Classic Form in Black I'm drawn in by the visual beauty, the sublime distraction of her irresistible femininity...

delavignette Belgium

Melinda little black dresss I hope I'll never forget ... especially your personnality. Je suis séduit par votre personnalité. What makes that you are unique. Ce qui fait que vous êtes unique.

Melinda little black dress | September 30th, 2013
Melinda little black dress
wheeler United States

nice end...her's and the set!

Laurie United Kingdom

Musky Delights Ah! to luxuriate in the sensuousness of her exquisite femininity. Achingly beautiful...

delavignette Belgium

Melinda little black dresss Probably the most amazing slideshow I ever saw. Thank you. Be carefull, Melinda.

Laurie United Kingdom

A Class Act Inspirational Hegre, inclusive and yet simply staged. Breathtaking imagery, aesthetic and deliciously nuanced eroticism, Melinda's classic looks and beautiful figure, exquisitely enhanced by the little black dress. The Ferrari gallery had a certain appeal too, although the symbolism was unnecessarily deferential...

KlerHegr Anonymous Proxy

A real adult woman I like seeing how those beautiful models look like when dressed. I also like when they speak, showing they are not only pictures or videos, but also human beings, with their own personality. Special thanks and congratulations to Melinda for the last ten pictures, from behind. This is how a real adult woman must be able to show herself.

gatorman United States

Melinda Woof Woof ! Absolutely fantastic. What a babe ! Can't wait to see more.

Roger United States

I just love it when she spreads her legs wide open with her feet together. Could you do more of that?

Jgr Netherlands

Melinda Black dress Every time I'm looking this series I enjoy the beautiful free woman Melinda with her personality, power and guts. This is the art of photography I love.

Jgr Netherlands

Balance Looking another time it is the balance in these pictures that surprises me and touches me again and again. At most at the horizontal ones. They are as adagio's at classical chamber music, parts of eternity. Great respect for this wonderful team: model and photographer, beauty and poetry.

Jgr Netherlands

Balance Looking another time it is the balance in these pictures that surprises me and touches me again and again. At most at the horizontal ones. They are as adagio's at classical chamber music, parts of eternity. Great respect for this wonderful team: model and photographer, beauty and poetry.

Melinda Ferrari part1 | September 26th, 2013
Melinda Ferrari part1
Rico Portugal

Hot model with a Hot car !! What can you ask more ... it really is the Sexy american dream :)

geroki Germany

amazing... ...Melinda too ;)

cewe12 Sweden

Melinda you are so beautiful!

wheeler United States

"WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR?" a little more nakedidity, maybe! lol melinda is stunning!

PacoEco Mexico

Breathless This girl and this series is amazing, she take my breath away, please keep posting Melinda

Rowdy Thailand

What a Ride !! i want to Ride !!!! LOL .......freaking HOT

Melinda extreme exhibition | September 22nd, 2013
Melinda extreme exhibition
wheeler United States

another "wow" moment!

KOMET United States

MELINDA SUPREMA MELINDA awakes, finding herself in a large, white room. In her head, she senses the numbed instincts of the panther she had been the night before. "Have I been found out?" she wonders, lying on one side, fully nude, flexing her tired arms and legs.

Roger United States

Wish Absolutely gorgeous! Would love to see her fuck...male or female.

Lion_01 Netherlands

Masterpiece This is another classic Hegre series: a study of physical beauty, uncomplicated, unadorned, and extremely exciting! My god Melinda, I cannot find even a single minor flaw in all of your heavenly body. Your body is a miracle, a masterpiece of mother nature, one that I would love to feel, touch and caress all day, any day!

ailefroide Belgium

Melinda extreme exhibition Extreme ? Perhaps but not new, I believe !

Melinda hot as hell part1 | September 18th, 2013
Melinda hot as hell part1
wheeler United States

hot indeed! I bet that "pool" was a glacier, before melinda stepped into it!

westore Canada

Honestly I don't really like the model. She has a face that reminds me of someone I didn't like in real life perhaps. That said I did enjoy this set. Petter has a way of shooting a model that I may not think is particularly lovely and making a thing of beauty. He did it with Silvie and Erica F and now he is doing it again with Melinda.

Auricman United States

Hot as Hell Melinda is not only hot as hell but hot as the sun! More of her please.

PacoEco Mexico

What a girl I can spend hours looking at Melinda's face and Body, she is super beautifull

Rowdy Thailand

i want to Float that..... I would crawl 42 miles across broken glass... to get on that air mattress with Melinda.... LOL

Melinda bed spreads | September 14th, 2013
Melinda bed spreads
wheeler United States

all I can say is WOW!!! <3

KOMET United States

MELINDA AWAKES MELINDA awakes groggily, arms and legs splayed where earlier fore- and hind legs powered a snarling black panther. Ever since spurning the overtures of a lovelorn fan (who turned out to be a powerful wizard), lovely MELINDA must spend the third and fourth Friday night of every month --- upon the stroke of midnight --- as a panther on the hunt for people with evil intent in their hearts. Only through the dawning of another day does MELINDA become a Woman once again.

Laurie United Kingdom

Ravishing Exposure Oh my! Melinda what a cracking spread. Wickedly sensuous, deliciously arousing and breathtakingly raw...

LoverBoy United States

Inviting that is one incredibly inviting anus. Great lighting!!!

Jacky Germany

Her look... ...on photo 27....just gorgeous

kamasutraman India

Ribbed she has displayed the most delicious looking ribbed hole tongue is twitching to roll into her luvly anus

jfwilly Canada

Melinda's ass Being an ass man this shoot was super tantalizing. More like them please. Melinda is beautiful!

Rudi Germany

beauty She is such a beauty ! Perfect skin and face ! I'm in love with the wrinkles on her divine soles ! Pleeease more close-ups of her feet !

Jim United States

Beautiful Bare Feet! I concur with Rudi 100%. Melinda's wrinkly, bare soles are incredible! Pics 39 and 40 are some of your best work and my favorite pose of all time. I just wish that you would provide a couple sets of all your models with this pose. With you producing so many sets of each model, there's no reason you cant take a couple pics of this exact pose. So us lovers of your models beautiful bare feet can appreciate an up close detailed view of those wrinkly bare soles! Provide this and i'll remain a subscriber for life.

Jgr Netherlands

stunning beauty

ailefroide Belgium

Melinda bed spread Very nice contrast between your face and your provocant attitude

Klermont Belgium

Lovely Melinda From my point of view, this is the best set of pictures of our lovely Melinda. Pictures from 45 and beyond are just stunning, and incredibly intense. Congratulations to both the model and the photographer

Melinda introduction | September 9th, 2013
Melinda introduction
wheeler United States

WOWSERS!!! yet another stunner!!!

jake Netherlands

topgirl thanks

Ronny Cyprus

Melinda This is definitely a 10+. Personality + beauty + elegance and style. A warm welcome to Melinda.

KOMET United States

WELCOME MELINDA!!! Like Afrodite, a beautiful woman is born of air and water, arising at dusk from the depths of the wine-dark sea. Her hair, brown and shoulder length with wide-open eyes, firm breasts, body slim and shapely, and graceful derriere. Her name: MELINDA.

Laurie United Kingdom

Sculptured Beauty A rare occasion indeed when I'm thrilled by the complete gallery. The simplicity of the set, the luscious imagery and breathtaking beauty of the model. The delicate curve of her chin, cheekbones to die for and a body so utterly stunning tis beyond description. Melinda is simply extraordinary...

Zeppelin Germany

nice Can we get Anna S. back?

Philippe Belgium

I'm afraid this is another not so natural young lady

Pinniped United States

Melinda Grata shoot, hope there are more of this beauty

Jacky Germany

Am I cross-eyed.... ...or does she have one natural breast and one with an implant?

Basia Poland

Philippe! not natural? natural breasts, hair, eyebrows, she has just a drop of makeup but WITHOUT makeup on the lids and no mascara... how a girl could be more natural?!?!??!

Rick United States

Mmmmmmm I like her....looking forward to seeing her on the table....

wheeler United States

RE: Am I cross-eyed.... the real thing tends to be not perfectly symmetrical. nature ain't perfect! and, that, IMHO, is what makes her perfect!

styles United Kingdom

They look fake to me but it's hard to tell. Kiki has similarly "odd" breasts: often one of her nipples is "awake" while the other remains stubbornly "asleep".

Laurie United Kingdom

RE: RE: Am I cross-eyed.... Well said wheeler, I've been deliberating about joining the debate but I could not have said it better. Both sides of the face are never equal, neither the legs and in this young ladies case her delightful breasts. And quite simply many of the other girls also display small differences.

Lion_01 Netherlands

I fully agree with Laurie. And image #31, holy f**k...

Laurie United Kingdom

Lion_01 Yes, she has the cutest little quim, and I can imagine the ecstasy as it absorbs my hot little cock and leaves me utterly wasted...

Peter Germany

GREAT Perfect model, also nice tan skin. Hungarian girls are the best. Can't wait for more of her!!

Basia Poland

I like photo 26. beautiful.

ailef Belgium

Melinda I am happy. thanks.

Melinda Films COMMENTS

Melinda Slow Sensual Scenes | October 29th, 2013
Melinda Slow Sensual Scenes
o Norway

what a lovely rear view!!!!! and loved the shaking!!!! nice movie!!

Laurie United Kingdom

A Flawed Beauty So refreshing to see Melinda in reality, enhanced, in my eyes, with the randomness of beauty spots, gifting an irresistible allure. The "unmissable" orgasm was completely beyond the range of my eyesight, I accept your word Hegre. I'm arranging to have my eyes tested!

achiro United States

this is why I love hegre...Melinda is amazing.

Jean-Pierre Belgium

Wanna her her voice This video is almost good, say 9 of 10. If I could her Melinda's voice, a small interview or a short behind-the-scenes like the video of Milena and Emily, it would have been perfect.

incognito1 United States

she is just begging for anal sex!

uglybunny United States

where is the DL ????

webmaster Spain

RE: Downloads Hi! the downloads are still where they use to be. simply clicl the <-> arrows above the board and you'll see them as before :)

Lion_01 Netherlands

Carnal desires A sexual sculpture, indeed! My god, she awakens all sorts of deep carnal desires in me... Is she ever going to be available for private sex chat? I'd empty my bank account for 1 session with her...

Tonio France

Sorry but to skinny! is she eating enough?

frankiki France

encor plus ! s'il vous plais plus de regard intense de sourire pour la caméra ; et des zoom sur leurs visages et leurs corps !! merci :)

walpar Belgium

sculpture Perfect!

pier_hart20 Italy

Melinda slow A splendid model for a splendid film. Everything in the model is well proportionate. The meat and the adipose fabrics are well bistribuiti on the bony architecture of the model and the meat is soft, soft, sensitive to the tato and its color it is a perfect color. Its abundant and soft breasts, hang from its breast as two drops of water from the point of a leaf and the perfection of its breasts it prolongs him in the perfection of its abdominal muscles, made to jump from the wise use of the light that makes petter. When then the model him move like a cat on the bed, the whole harmony of its body explodes in a sweet hymn to the carnal beauty of the sex and the sensuality of his soft and elastic pussy. The harmony of its body extends him from the breasts to the pusy without solution of continuity.It is a continuous beauty that always marvels and it never gets tired.My look slowly proceeds along all of its body and doesn't find motive to stay if not to taste the beauty of this model deiforme. Beautiful film and beautiful model

frankiki France

et oh !! vous ete un site geniale ! mais pitier plus de mis a jour dans vos video merci :)

schwabpm0250 United States

Melinda - Pure Perfection I was totally enthralled with every moment of this gorgeous film. Melinda is an example of utter perfection in female form. Her beautiful face with those deep brown eyes, the soft hair, her natural firm soft breasts, her soft flat tummy, a navel to get lost in, a yoni so beautiful that it takes your breath away, and those long silken legs all are proof of what I am claiming. Falling in love with her would be oh so easy. You now need to make her the lucky recipient in one of your massage films lasting at least an hour and where a very skilled masseuse brings her to the very height of pleasure many times. She deserves no less. Melinda, thank you for sharing your wonders with us and I wish you nothing but happiness and love.

ailefroide Belgium

Melinda sensual scenes Great music, I love the piano, ... not only the piano !

ailefroide Belgium

Melinda slow sensuel ... The most sensual scenes I ever saw. In terms of beauty, pleasure, erotism, film. Exceptional is the right word. Take care of you. Jean Paul.

Mike S. United States

What Hegre-Art is All About This beautiful film (and, of course, Melinda herself!) represent the very best of what we have come to expect from Hegre-Art. I especially like that there was no retouching of any of the visual imagery and we were allowed to enjoy Melinda's body as it actually is. Her skin is so incomparably beautiful and that beauty is only enhanced by its many subtleties and exquisite nuances. Any person (man or woman) that did not feel an intense desire to caress and pleasure Melinda's wondrous body while viewing this film is simply not alive.

zaqwer Hong Kong

GREAT BODY GREAT MUSIC same as the title, btw who knows the name of last piano???