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Melinda Profile

Name: Melinda
Country: Hungary
Weight: 50kg
Height: 177cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

A sweet mouthwatering treat

Melinda is a little pot of fresh honey straight from the Hungarian countryside – so good you could eat her. She may be the shy and silent type but she’s so damn delicious you’ll just want to lick your screen.

Melinda is a girl with real soul and the sweetest spirit. And when you look into her eyes you’ll see something raw, something animal. With such an expressive figure, she won’t need to tell you what she’s thinking and feeling. You’ll just know. Her body does the talking and it speaks volumes.

A beautiful flower from a rural village, 22-year-old Melinda left home for the big bad world, knowing she had a special gift to offer.

Naturally athletic, naturally toned, this honeyed body is exactly how nature intended. Enjoy.

Melinda hot as hell part 2 March 24th, 2014
Another superbly erotic set from an equally beautiful model who delivers the goods, it appears to me she enjoyed it to.
Absolutely great!
Magic square
This (double) series (« Hot as Hell” I + II) is quite successful, the lovely Melinda giving us sometimes the impression, when the deep water is dark, that she is floating in space on a 36 boxes magic carpet. The photos, taken last summer, are both scorching and refreshing; the contrast between Melinda’s skin and the blue tones is outstanding. Moreover, in the second series, if the chi structure of her body (photos 64 to 75) is interesting, the quasi-triskelion represented by this Celtic beauty in the photos 5 to 11 is even more remarkable.
the glacier melinda has flooded my house! nice day for a swim!
Melinda asslicious February 13th, 2014
Great model and poses!! Thanks!!
Best ass on the site
Melinda is never disappointing and not afraid to show, what she got.
Lack of Creativity
Melinda is one of the most beautiful girls on earth, should be millions of ways to get beautiful poses, I hope to see her in a different pose
Great Ass!
Outstanding! Thank you Melinda! Way to show that ass!
Melinda full nudes January 23rd, 2014
Melinda's Pleasure
Please, please, please convince beautiful Melinda to "star" in one of your massage videos. The thought of her perfect body being gently and patiently caressed to the heights of pleasure by a skilled and loving masseuse is almost too arousing to take. Her body deserves to experience something so exquisite. Melinda, we, also, would be so appreciative if you would consent to be pleasured beyond your wildest dreams.
Melinda full nudes
Beautiful. Nice contrast between your face and ... your body. 18/20
Melinda is Perfection
Every time that this young woman appears I am completely awed! Melinda's beautiful body is the very essence of feminine perfection. It is like every curve and nuance of her exquisite figure has been designed for the receiving and giving of pleasure. Nothing would be more wonderful than to have her relax for you and let you spend hours caressing and exploring her body. Melinda, you are a true dreamgirl!
Melinda submerged January 1st, 2014
Water of melinda
i am them water that recover all Melinda
nice little tease there! (if WAY too short!!)
Melinda naked beauty December 9th, 2013
Melinda is a natural beautiful woman with an extremely enticing pussy screaming to be gone down on
Best body of them all!
She is way ahead of Victoria R in the race for "best body of them all"!
Melinda naked beauty
Aptly titled 2
Very beautiful and sexy!
In my top 5 !
Melinda is for sure one of my favorite models. She is within my top 5. I really like the way she faces the camera keeping her legs widely open (pictures 49 and 50). Those two pictures are extremely strong, as Melinda's personality, for sure. She looks very professional. The last two pictures are also very interesting. Both are technicaly perfect, relatively similar, but, which one do you prefer ?
In my humble opinion, Melinda should never have to wear clothing because to hide such beauty borders on criminal. The world is a better place when beautiful people and things are there to be seen and appreciated. Melinda, you are like something out of a dream.
Melinda = Magic boobs .... amazing !
aptly titled
In a Word