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Victoria R

Victoria R Profile

Victoria R
Name: Victoria R
Country: Brazil
Weight: 49kg
Height: 173cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Model

Sexy, Seductive and Spectacular

Victoria loves to dance. With a passion for ballet, she sees her body as a physical instrument. She’s tight, toned and tantalizing.

Victoria is a true Brazilian beauty – the perfect combination of powerful seduction and raw passion. And with that ass, there can be no doubt about her heritage.

Victoria likes to be naked – which is good news for everyone. At just 19 years old, she is totally comfortable in her own skin. In fact, we think Victoria would walk the streets naked if she were allowed.

Make sure you’re sitting down; this unique body is simply incredible (even by our high standards). If you and God could sit down together and create the perfect female body – this would be the result.

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Victoria R Galleries

Victoria R effortlessly sexy November 16th, 2014
Victoria R smiling
Last picture ... needs more like this one !
Fantastic but.......
I think the photographer needs to give up his hold on her. Quite frankly, as beautiful and effortlessly sexy as she is, they are the same photos over an over again. I've seen them all I believe, and Mr. Hegre, you need to take the reins and pull something more from her. She can no doubt be sexier. She certainly has the material to work with.
lol at that last pic! that's how I feel looking at victoria! ( I meant that in a good way! lol)
real lady but ....
Victoria is a real lady. But the stubbles are really unaesthetic
Victoria R
She is simply "Drop Dead Gorgeous." Those eyes and the looks you capture in her face, make me melt. Not to mention a supreme body and especially that ass. Nothing better on here, than her.
the enlarge works so great
I can easily pick up on all the details from the peach fuzz on the skin to the chip missing on a toe nail to the details of the fingernails it is all there in your photo's! Think what a masseuse could do with stimulating those tiny hairs on the skin, someone who is a master of her trade? Love is so much better than cheap porn and you seem to capture it all in your photo's! Maybe it is an acquired taste!
wow it is all there
It is stunning to click on the enlarge to pick up on all the detail captured in your photos from the shine and contrast of her hair to the details of her lips to her eyes it is all there!
Fake nails
You show both on your site but sometimes it accents the hands to achieve a particular detail you are trying to achieve I love the fact you display your models to their best advantage.
RE: Photo number 33
This is a lovely girl. The pictures were taken in such a way that the great traits of her body really came out. She has a fantastic back line that extends over her butt. this photo is a near master piece and shows off this line better than any other. Way to go guys.
Sie ist sehr schön. Wunderbar!
So beautiful....
but these fake nails....! Hegre-Art should impose a ban for all fake nails on its models.
Victoria R sexy student by Jon October 13th, 2014
RE: A+ Student Body
nice bit of Freudian typing there! study body...eeerrr...uuummm...buddy!!! and I very much agree, in both counts!
A+ Student Body
Wouldn't mind having Victoria for my personal study body. Would love to brush-up on my sex ed. with her. No doubt she could teach me a thing or two. She's definitely a Valedictorian Vixen!
RE: RE: RE: La belle étudiante Brésilienne
You interpreted my comment quite correctly Roger, and yes we are fortunate!
RE: RE: La belle étudiante Brésilienne
Kel, if I interpret your comment correctly, you and I share a powerful appreciation for Victoria. Pretty much every time I see her, this set no exception, I am stopped in gaping admiration of her. In a nutshell, Victoria overwhelms me. How fortunate we are indeed that she lets us see her nude!
RE: RE: La belle étudiante Brésilienne
Yes, I know, it was a beauty massage, but not a erotic massage with a climax. This gorgeous Brasilian girl deserves a long hot erotic massage.
RE: La belle étudiante Brésilienne
Hint - Check her profile. Already a massage there....
RE: La belle étudiante Brésilienne
I agree 100%..this is something that NEEDS to happen! As for this set..come on, look at her! She almost seem to be hand-crafted. If the movie Wierd Science was remade, Victoria would be the creation that emerges. She looks incredible from start to finish, and speaking of finish, the last picture is just amazing..that is a smile that could any room, anytime, anywhere. Pretty obvious by now I love this set. Very well done!
The delight of Victoria
It is difficult to pick what is more wonderful: The beauty of Victoria's face, the delightful juxtaposition of a bespectacled good-girl student doing her studies while just happening to be nude, or the overpowering beauty of her butt in photos 16-22. My goodness! Victoria's buns just go up and up and up! Where oh where did she get that Ass?!
RE: La belle étudiante Brésilienne
I agree Bernard. Victoria is gorgeous and I hope to have more erotic series of her including massage. P.S. Every time I see her ass I am overwhelmed!
La belle étudiante Brésilienne
I'm a big fan of the erotic massages on this site, so it's time that these gorgeous woman gets a delicious long erotic massage with many heavy Brazilians orgasms. I can't wait to see it. Please Petter make a long sensual massagefilm with this Brazilian beauty.
A Day In the Life of Supermodel Victoria R September 23rd, 2014
Great model would be better if she was unshaven
She is great model, with a nice ass, she would look better if she was unshaven just a little bit of bush.. Bush is Beautiful..
Victoria R
Please victoria r grow a beaver and wear black thigh hi-stockings with black shoes - my wish xx
beautiful! and, so nice to hear your sweet angel voice, milady! (what does that tattoo say? it's driving me crazy! lol)
Did Jean Luc Godard direct this film? So many jump shots I thought I was watching "Breathless." Of course Victoria makes me breathless in another way!
Victoria R never fails to impress me.
My oh my! I cannot get enough of Victoria and I can never get enough of her Ass! She has that special curve to her lower back that sticks her butt way out there! Komet, you are right, the last moments are the best! Please keep showing more of Victoria!
A Boring Day in the Life
Until the last three minutes of this film, it was just a sequence of non sensual show-offy routines - not much to stir the juices. We know the dullness of everyday life. A woman brushing her teeth doesn't provoke my romantic side. The final minutes though, provided some reward. Victoria's moves were tense and charged. The music added to the intensity. The heat rose, lust surged, passion swelled. That's the fantasy, that's what we're looking for, the perfect woman, perfectly sexy, perfectly unattainable.
Massage with happy end
A very beautiful girl from Brasil. She already got a Brazilian beauty massage, but when she gets a real sensual massage with a very long happy end?
VICTORIA R REIGNS SUPREME IN THIS VIDEO. I especially love the scenes in the latter part of the video in which she divests herself of all her clothing and boldly strides across the hotel corridor. One look in VICTORIA R's eyes will tell the viewer that she is fully in control --- and loves it.
Victoria R dominatrix part 2 by Jon September 13th, 2014
"boring" is a tad strong. but, I agree. a few full butt shots would have been wonderful!
RE: boring
Dexter, we all agree that Victoria is gorgeous with a stunningly gorgeous ass the photographer needs to celebrate in total. 52-61, for example, are fine kneeling nudes but the camera should have been brought straight behind her as well. A missed opportunity!
It is nice to see that Victoria loves to model: see photo 34
Beautiful model but, boring. Why doesn't she like showing her beautiful ass. Every gallery is the same.
She is Wet!
Great to see Victoria wet! Look at photos 5 and 34! Love it that she is turned on by posing nude!
From the first photo, the delightful curve of Victoria's buns, then by 5 a stunning straight-on butt-crack shot, 9 a lovely standing frontal nude with her lovely cunt lips well shown for all to see. Ah so good to see Victoria Nude again!
not wanting to offend someone, but... I'm not very happy with Jon's light setup. All his studio shootings look sort of flat, like taken with a circular flash on the lens.
Victoria R garden girl part 2 by Jon August 4th, 2014
gives me goosebumps too! hehehe
The Right Idea
In photos 9 and 10 lovely Victoria has the right idea. If only the cushion were lower!
Victoria looks great. Her tits are amazing. But I recommend her a brazilian waxing instead of shaving her pussy.
I'd would love some time in my life to attend a very luxury party with Victoria R wearing a very luxury dress, in a very luxury car and enter with her on my arm Congratulations, she is beautifull
Victoria looks beautiful and cold (goose bumps). But it's good to see her with her clothes off.