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Aya Beshen | Ukraine Galleries: 21
Photo of Aya Beshen


Photo of Aya Beshen
Name: Aya Beshen
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 51kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Professional fashion model

Oozing Lust and Love

Wildly passionate, Aya has emotional fire roaring in her belly. A real firecracker of a personality, there’s never a dull moment.

A professional fashion model from Kiev, she is driven wild by the camera. Nothing gets her more excited. But she has had to wait for her 18th birthday before getting to show you all the assets she is blessed with.

Her body is spectacular: super skinny yet with huge handfuls of joy. She has a figure that makes women jealous and men drool. And have you ever seen more delicious lips? They’re big, they’re hot and they’re full of pure lust.

Just like the leading lady from Oscar nominated Betty Blue, Aya is a free spirited beauty you could never cage. Don’t even try it. Her life is an uncontrollable rollercoaster. Wanna go for ride?

Aya Beshen Galleries COMMENTS

Aya Beshen pear wine | November 2nd, 2014
Aya Beshen pear wine
Chuck United States

Brilliant. That might be the best series ever.

Aya Beshen sun worship | October 18th, 2014
Aya Beshen sun worship
ailefroide Belgium

Aya sun ... Tout est beau, rien n'est à jeter. Sur l'ile déserte il faut tout emporter.

wheeler United States

Aya makes a lovely little garden gnome

Sandy United Kingdom

lovely as usual There is still something about this girl that makes her one of my favourites and although others are negative I think she is sexy. Please show us more of these type of intimate shoots, especially close ups of her clitoris seen peeking out in photo 30

Aya Beshen diva | September 3rd, 2014
Aya Beshen diva
Sandy United Kingdom

Always knew she could do it! One of my most favourite models, who I have always had faith in, starting to come out of her shell! Superb, more of the same please and possibly an erotic massage?

Roger United States

Bravo Aya! Bravo Aya! You have never looked lovelier and I applaud your new openness! Let's just say I am "hypnotized" by photos 4-19! And photo 20 is a gorgeous standing nude! I have always loved your butt, and I don't recall a finer celebration of your lovely sexy round bare buns than photos 29-47! Love your buttcrack! Such a turn-on! Going inside in 55 was the cherry on the cake! Thank you Aya!!

Roger United States

RE: Always knew she could do it! Exactly Sandy! And so glad she did! Bravo Aya!

wheeler United States

patience is a virtue,boys! lol lovely!

Aya Beshen hot in the sun | August 9th, 2014
Aya Beshen hot in the sun
gustavo Chile

bella aya is my fav girl, I hope a sexy video!!

don United States

get the dam fingers off her pussy????

wheeler United States

love what I see!

wheeler United States

love what I see!

Aya Beshen licking sun | July 5th, 2014
Aya Beshen licking sun
wheeler United States

looks like the sun licking aya...lucky sun!

Aya Beshen tanning | June 8th, 2014
Aya Beshen tanning
wheeler United States

another resounding...YES!!!

gustavo Chile

great body!!! i love her!!! i want Aya in live cam and a sexy video :)

Jered Germany

This is Aya's finest set to date, I think. Especially her breasts look absolutely marvellous and perfectly natural, her legs and her butt are exquisite. A real delight!

Roger United States

Aya's Butt I agree with Jered. Aya's finest series and in particular her finest butt series to date!

Aya fantastic figure | April 21st, 2014
Aya fantastic figure
Mike S. United States

Right On! The title of this set of photos is "right on"! Aya definitely does have a "Fantastic Figure". The storyline using the terry cloth towel and robe is also extremely exciting. It allows the viewer to imagine that Aya is fresh from a hot shower and disrobing for him/her alone. Very well done guys!

lember92 United States

The figure is, indeed, fantastic. But Aya's sets would benefit from a greater range of facial expressions.

Chaz4 United States

Aya Aya, why this baleful stare? Lighten up a bit!

Auricman United States

Nice curves!

wheeler United States

all this scene needs is a shower!!

Aya Beshen cream | April 9th, 2014
Aya Beshen cream
I'd Cuddle Her So Hard United States

Beautiful Aya, so glad to see you back. One of the best bums in the world.

wheeler United States

can I help you rub that in???

Aya young reflection | March 29th, 2014
Aya young reflection
wheeler United States

two aya's are better than one!

r United States

RE: The aya's have it.

United States

so good

I'd Cuddle Her So Hard United States

I think she's beautiful, and credit to her for deciding to pose. Getting naked on camera and having it posted online is a serious thing, it takes some courage and confidence. I love ya Aya, wonderful pert boobs, and a perfect round ass.

Aya super model | March 14th, 2014
Aya super model
wheeler United States

lovely to see aya again!

Roger United States

Aya Beshen Such a girl! Such a turn on!

Aya amazing | February 17th, 2014
Aya amazing
Sandy United Kingdom

maturing I love Aya and I have supported her when loads of others didn't like her. There is something extremely erotic about her to me but can't quite put my finger on it, although there are a few areas I'd love to put my fingers on!!!! She is slowly revealing more and myself can't wait to see her in an erotic massage or other erotic setting

Davian, England United Kingdom

Your obsession with over exposing sets of this gorgeous model does not do her justice.

Aya fiercy figure | January 25th, 2014
Aya fiercy figure
wheeler United States

well, I love her! her "imperfections" make her perfect IMHO!

Roger United States

Figure Study Aya has the appeal of a girl who happens to pose nude rather than a model who is posing for a job. Her natural unaffected "girl" quality makes her all the more desirous or better put "fuckable" Photos 1-6 are a great opening butt shots with a casual hint of butthole. In 35-41 love the way Aya, again casually naturally unaffectedly bends up her leg to better show her full luscious cunt lips! Well done Aya! And thank you for posing nude!

sendmenudz Australia

Love her belly button!

Aya lusty | January 12th, 2014
Aya lusty
wheeler-1 United States

well, I think aya's "imperfections" make her all the more interesting a subject! lovely!

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Aya Lusty As I've mentioned with other shoots, pale skinned models need to be put in a contrasting setting. Since that didn't happen here, several of these images seemed over-exposed. Despite the title, I didn't get any sense of lust in this set.

Roger United States

RE: I agree Wheeler. I've been a big Aya fan ever since she posed nude on her 18th birthday! Gotta love that kind of "Teen Beauty!"

Roger United States

hoto 36: That 18 year old Butt Love photo 36! I could stare at that bare-naked 18 year butt all day! Thank you Aya for showing!

Aya clean serene | January 2nd, 2014
Aya clean serene
wheeler United States

yet another sexy bathroom tease! here's hopin Ms Aya get's a little wet next time around!

Roger United States

Aya Beshen Aya doesn't come across so much as a model, rather she comes across as a girl, a girl who happens to be posing nude. In that way she is all the more erotic. There is a sense of wonder about it all, and that she too is feeling the wonder of a just turned 18 year old girl showing herself without her clothes on. It seems that she too is along for the ride as she opens her legs wide then wider as in photos 51 and 60 and allows her cunt to be seen and enjoyed by all the world. Love her oh so cute yet so very round and delightfully curved 18 year old bottom, photos 24-34. Thank you Aya! Good girl for posing nude!

FRancesco, Italy Italy

I totally agree with Roger

Lion_01 Netherlands

Nubile Oh yes. Ooohhh yes. Here she is again, my ultimate little aphrodisiac. And my god, does she look good. So young, so delectable, so nubile. A fashion model she might be, but like Roger says, she's also just a hot teenage girl, relishing the excitement of showcasing her hot skinny body all naked. And that body, every single thing about it, gets my blood rushing faster than you can say "Beshen". Her figure simply makes me drool. Her smooth pale skin beckons me to touch and caress it. I love her thin long legs and slender arms with those sexy long fingers. The roundness of her bottom, and the way she shows is, is extremely provocative. I am captivated by her starkly beautiful eyes, and the fiercely independent glance in them. There is sheer perfection in the shape of her face, her nose, her lips. And then her breasts... Holy f*ck, as far as breasts are concerned, she's in the same league as Anna S! (Although in my opinion, Anna's claim to Best Breasts of All Time is still undisputed.) What more can I say...? I want her, I want to taste her, every single inch of her. Taste her lips, her skin, her navel, her armpits, her nipples, her pussy. I want to savour in the delicacy that is Aya. My Aya. My little dream teen, my little sex doll...

Roger United States

RE: Mille Grazie Francesco!

Sandy United Kingdom

come good Aya was a model I have defended from the start as beautiful model who isn't perfect but has a certain something. She had some really undeserved negative comment in the past and to me she has come up with the goods with this beautifully erotic set even giving us a tantalising peek at her clitoris. She certainly gets me going!! more please, a massage would be good.

Aya Beshen restrained part2 | December 15th, 2013
Aya Beshen restrained part2
wheeler United States

well, I like it. but, I can see why one wouldnt

Roger United States

Aya Beshen Outstanding! Excellent bare buns shot in 39 and love the open cunt look of 42-3. Better lighting would have made this even better though. Thank you Aya! Well done!

Bart Germany

Disappointing Too many close-ups and too little light between her legs.

schuppanzigh United States

Aya The last time you had a bosom this sumptuous was Ryonen. Don't listen to the naysayers. This is superb.

Lion_01 Netherlands

Aphrodisiac This girl is my ultimate aphrodisiac. She's extremely defiant, both in looks and in poses. Her raw sexual energy is restrained, but screaming to be released. It just oozes from her very skin, her flawless young skin that comes out brillantly in this atmospheric lighting. It shows in her face, her extraordinary face with those lustful lips and beautiful eyes. She turns me on quicker and more powerful than any other Hegre girl. All I can think of now is sex. Boundlessly hot sex with Aya, my Aya, my little dream teen, my little sexdoll...

irenastevo Australia

Aya Beshen Outstanding! Excellent

diabolisis United States

Aya, even your armpits are sexy!

Aya Beshen top model | November 23rd, 2013
Aya Beshen top model
wheeler United States

lovely! only thing that might help it a bit would be a darker background. since aya is so light skinned!

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Aya Beshen Pale skinned models often look better against contrasted backgrounds.

Roger United States

Aya's Nudes Love the curves, fore and aft, of photo 23, and as a butt-man, adore 24 and 25. Of the frontal nudes, prefer 31. Thank you Aya!

Jeff Germany

Very cute girl... ...but she should see the orthodontist. Like some other Hegre models.

Laurie United Kingdom

Top Model You are having a laugh!

tuzhdop United States

Aya Boring poses...repetitious and lacking in imagination. I, also, agree with MojoMA_55.

gator United States

Aya I just don't see it, Peter. Not even remotely attractive. To me, there's no bigger turnoff in life than a homely woman who thinks she's hot. I believe Aya would fit that description.

Lion_01 Netherlands

Playdoll I maintain that she's a totally delectable little playdoll to me - one that I would gladly have in my life to fill my days with endless fights and my nights with boundlessly hot sex. However, I believe she doesn't readily fit in the traditional Hegre style of nude studies. She needs more imaginative settings or props to really bring out her style and attractiveness. The Restraints series was a good start; lets have her do more of that stuff!

Jean-Pierre Belgium

Soviet smile, why not. Despite all the negative critics, I like the way she looks on camera. Little bit "bored / dull ", kind of post soviet-union style with very few smiles.. She reminds me some of early Hegre models back then. Even if she doesn't show us much of her emotion, the few expression we can see on her face are real, so just let her be as she is.

Aya Beshen teen spirit | November 29th, 2013
Aya Beshen teen spirit
wheeler United States

well, I think it's Aya's "imperfections" that make her perfect! (someone said she needed an orthodontist.)

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Models Models need to have backgrounds that contrast with their skin color because that better valorises their bodies.

checkinitout United States

Aya Beshen This girl really isn't very attractive. Plus, in all her sets, she looks completely uninterested. Why did members get 5 sets of HER this month when he has so many more attractive models to choose from?

checkinitout United States

Aya Beshen This girl is not very attractive. The fake breasts and the completely uninterested attitude make her even worse. Why did members have to see 5 sets of HER this month when there are so many more attractive models to choose from?

Popkasper Germany

In Germany they call it "Hackfresse".

Jered Germany

Aya B. Her body's okay, I think. (There are breasts around here that look more like fakes than hers imho). Still: really not pretty. She definitely needs to see an orthodontist. Now she looks a lot like Aura Dione - not a great compliment; but the german "Hackfresse" is a bit too insulting.

Roger United States

Aya Beshen Aya Beshen is Extremely attractive. She has that newly nude 18 year old girl quality which is irresistible. Also her "imperfections," as is true with most women, only make her more adorable. Great cunt looks in this series with her buns peeking in from below! I love it that this 18 year old girl decided to pose nude! Thank you Aya!

gatorman United States

AB Teen Spirit I just don't get your fascination with this model. She is not even remotely attractive. Please do not subject your loyal subscribers to any more of her photo sessions. You have plenty of far more attractive models that you could do four or five sessions in one month than this one.

Jean-Pierre Belgium

Attractive girl with real tits and unique face If her tits are fake they would always keep the 360° circle form, even at the moment when she pulls off the shirt. Plus you will see a scar of operation at her under breast. Just compare US-Playboy model's tits ( mecca of fake boob) and her's. You'll see the difference ! About her teeth, well that imperfection makes her original. And she has other excellent elements ( eyes, skin, long legs, hips etc) which compensate her teeth, so honestly I don't care about it. This girl is so unique, wow !

Herr Lich Germany

sexy vs. elflike beauty With that frown in her face she is not attractive at all. This should be fine art, not gonzo! Cheer up, girl, and everybody will love you!

Lion_01 Netherlands

Aya Intoxicating Spirit I think Aya may be affected by this wide-spread notion among young girls, that fashion models need to look gruffy and flinty to be taken seriously. But given her age and heritage, she can be forgiven. If you look past it, like Petter does, you see a uniquely beautiful and wildly attractive young girl. Physically, she's blessed with some huge handfuls of delight that sure make me drool like a lunatic. She's young, she's hot, she's independent; yes, she truly is a teen spirit; one that intoxicates me every single time!

Sandy United Kingdom

a little unfair Aya I think you are gorgeous and I feel some of these comments are a little unfair. Yes your breasts may be different but I don't think they are fake, anyway I wouldn't notice munching on your nether regions!! Please let us see more of your pussy, in focus and preferably spread. You are young and beautiful and that 'is in the eye of the beholder' which is me!!

Aya Beshen Fashion Model | November 17th, 2013
Aya Beshen Fashion Model
Jean-Pierre Belgium

Tricolore I like the contrast between white ( her skin and the background) ,violet/pink (her top, her lip) and brown (her eyes and her hair) . I guess this photeserie is based on her very white skin and it wouldn't work with a model of more tanned one. ( For Milena, maybe a brown sofa ? ) As a bottomless fan, it makes me even smile more :) . Simple compact photos with a very attractive model. No superfluous decoration. Yes, that's the Hegre Art I have subscribed for !

Roger United States

Aya's Bottom As a bottom fan, love photos 61 through to the end! what an adorable little 18 year old bare bottom! Well done and thank you Aya!

Lion_01 Netherlands

Aya's eyes I just love the defiant look Aya throws us, and I find myself irresistibly drawn to her dark and beautifully shaped eyes. That is, until she turns her back on us... Yes, her adorable little 18 year old bare bottom is worthy of a series of its own!

Roger United States

RE: Aya's eyes Her eyes are indeed extraordinary as are her lips, her face, her hair. And what extraordinary full tits she has, especially for such a slender girl. All in all an extraordinary girl, and how lucky we are she has decided to let us see her nude!

davian, England United Kingdom

Yet another set spoiled by over exposure and peculiar skin tones.

Aya Beshen restrained part1 | November 10th, 2013
Aya Beshen restrained part1
wheeler United States

this could turn into something extremely delicious! (even more than Aya already is)

Canchahel France

Freedom for Aya Let her go!

Lion_01 Netherlands

My Aya... She writhes violently, twining her tight and fit young body on the sheets that crease under her at every vigorous jerk... As I come nearer, stroking the whip in my eager fingers, she gazes up at me with eyes that scintillate with raw sexual desire. As I make a swift feint, I glimpse a slight fit of panic in her eyes, but it evaporates ever so quickly and is followed by another forceful jolt on her restraints. She slightly parts her lustful lips, and as she bites her lower, a mischievous look appears on her face and she stretches her maddeningly hot body before me. She lifts her hips in lustful eagerness, and throws me a defiant look so powerful as to stop me in my tracks. I take a moment to savour the image in front of me. Here she is, my Aya. Bare and naked, the sexual energy oozing from her very skin. The young and flawless skin of a dream teen girl, the skin that envelops the hottest body I could ever wish for. My aya. I want her. I need her. My Aya. My desire for her burns ferociously inside me. I struggle to regain my focus, to pick up where I left off. Yes. I feint no longer. I surrender to my most carnal desires, to the irresistible allure of her lecherous body, to the wildly arousing look in her eyes. In the morning, I am completely and utterly spent, yet satisfied and blissful as I have never felt before. As only she can make me feel, my dream teen, my little sex doll, my Aya...

twobe1 United States

Aya Loved the moodiness, the directional lighting of this set. It recalls old noir movies and would probably be excellent in black and white.

Roger United States

A new Golden Age With newcomer Aya Beshen and Victoria tomorrow this is turning into a new "Golden Age" for Hegre! After an outstanding first series, Aya has shown a very favorable progression into more revealing photos! Delightful!

Laurie United Kingdom

Just a Kid She does not appeal or touch my emotions but I would refrain from questionable comments such as MarkyMark's on her introduction...

maggie and Pete United States

Your lighting failed you here, Petter

harry Germany

Aya she is certainly not my cup of tea ... simply don't like the face (especially the teeth). Nice body but that's not enough

Lion_01 Netherlands

RE: maggie and pete On the contrary, the lighting is excellent here! It's actually what makes this series so atmospheric and beautiful (well, apart from the subject matter, that is!). The directional lighting helps to bring out the shadows that accentuate Aya's hot young features. Also the fine texture of her skin is not destroyed by harsh direct lighting, as we have seen in some other recent series. So keep them coming Petter; I for one am dying to see part II!

Sandy United Kingdom

RE: Aya She is my cup of tea with a captivating face, unfortunately other areas of interest were always out of focus, hopefully part 2 will address this.

Aya Beshen 18th birthday | November 3rd, 2013
Aya Beshen 18th birthday
Erector Singapore

Oh yeah baby! Oh yeah!

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Aya Beshen Overlit; not enough contrast.

Lion_01 Netherlands

Delectable Holy f*ck... I could go on about how she awakens all sorts of carnal cravings deep inside me, but that might be bordering on the inappropriate... So just tell me something. Look at her, look at this rediculously delectable girl. Look at her exquisite figure, her intrepid expression, her flawless skin... Look at her luscious lips, her succulent breasts, her heavenly legs, her perky ass... Tell me that this little girl is not a total aphrodisiac, tell me that you can look at her without thinking about savage and boundlessly hot sex!

Wildman United Kingdom

Wow! What a start to your career as a nude model! Happy 18th Birthday Aya Beshen!

wheeler United States

happy birthday to me!

Canchahel France

Winy birthday Yes, Aya’s face is interesting: something, specially her mouth, from the French actress Beatrice Dalle (when she was young, of course) and, in lesser measure, from the wonderful former model Michaela Bercu. I don’t know yet if Aya has the same personality as the unforgettable Engelie but she already makes a change from the Russian dolls. One question: was it necessary to highlight her eyebrows?

Jo-2-1 France

Stuning body. I hope we will soon see more of her !

Herr Lich Germany

Speaking of Birthdays How about a 26th birthday celebration on Christmas Eve? The birthday of whom? Have a guess!

Nice window Netherlands

RE: Back to school, girl !!

SecondDay Belgium

Speachless Except for "OMG"...

Roger United States

RE: Delectable Lion, Outstanding comments! Thank you! How refreshing it is to read such an in-depth and psychological analysis. I am stunned by the miracle that this ridiculously delectable girl has allowed us to see her nude!

MarkyMark United States

RE: Aya Beshen your right, no contrast, called HighKey light. last time i saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it

Roger United States

A Second Look Looking over this series a second time (a worthy pursuit!) it struck how extraordinary Aya's tits are for such a slender girl! Oh yes, and what a face, figure and shapely bottom too! Thank you Aya for celebrating turning 18 the way you chose!

Laury Luxembourg

Why she must wear these ugly boots when posing straight? She's having a very fine body, but i'd like to see it without bleeding shoes, means with bare feet. Shoes are for the street, not for nude photography!