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Aya Beshen

Aya Beshen Profile

Aya Beshen
Name: Aya Beshen
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 51kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Professional fashion model

Oozing Lust and Love

Wildly passionate, Aya has emotional fire roaring in her belly. A real firecracker of a personality, there’s never a dull moment.

A professional fashion model from Kiev, she is driven wild by the camera. Nothing gets her more excited. But she has had to wait for her 18th birthday before getting to show you all the assets she is blessed with.

Her body is spectacular: super skinny yet with huge handfuls of joy. She has a figure that makes women jealous and men drool. And have you ever seen more delicious lips? They’re big, they’re hot and they’re full of pure lust.

Just like the leading lady from Oscar nominated Betty Blue, Aya is a free spirited beauty you could never cage. Don’t even try it. Her life is an uncontrollable rollercoaster. Wanna go for ride?

Aya Beshen Jeans March 15th, 2015
Excellent pictures. But I have to ask about that stool, is there anywhere I can get one just like that? Been looking for one like that.
RE: Mezmerizing..
doesn't look like aya gets too much spaghetti! that tummy gets just the right amount !
Aya's Tits
Always a pleasure to see Aya! Aya has so many wonderful attributes, so pretty and slender, but I never realized what fine full tits she has until this series!
Aya's body is almost beyond description. Perfectly proportioned every where you look. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster she enjoys showing it off! :-)

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Aya Beshen bath February 27th, 2015
more erotism please
Aya is a model I have found curiously sexy since her first gallery and supported her against some of the crueller comments. She may not be the most beautiful model on your site but there is something about her that I find extremely erotic and a big turn on. Love it when she does reveal her cute clit and vulva and to me beats the socks off the poses of the likes of Victoria. Keep it up and reveal some more erotism.
Beautiful girl, but the covered gash is getting old.
Aya Beshen
Wow! Very nice revealing series of the lovely Aya! Well done!
RE: A video please
What about it, Ms. Aya? seems the consensus is that we would like to see your loveliness in motion!
Absolutely STUNNING!
Aya is just breath taking! Any chance of us getting a movie with her?
A video please
Nice to see this model again. She is one of my favourite , because she just looks so natural . Now I'm waiting for her video , if possible where I can hear her voice.
This was an awesome shoot, BUTT~ CLEARLY there was not enough emphasis on her REAR PUSSY VIEWS at all; PLEASE do try to balance the shots out if there is going to be such a long set! REALLY, 6 out of 80 shots and NONE SHOW ANY PUSSY! Give me a break, PLEASE!
WOW!!! How cute and erotic!
Aya Beshen pear wine November 2nd, 2014
Brilliant. That might be the best series ever.
Aya Beshen sun worship October 18th, 2014
This girl fucking AMAZING to me. Just completely mesmerizing!
lovely as usual
There is still something about this girl that makes her one of my favourites and although others are negative I think she is sexy. Please show us more of these type of intimate shoots, especially close ups of her clitoris seen peeking out in photo 30
Aya makes a lovely little garden gnome
Aya sun ...
Tout est beau, rien n'est à jeter. Sur l'ile déserte il faut tout emporter.
Aya Beshen diva September 3rd, 2014
patience is a virtue,boys! lol lovely!
RE: Always knew she could do it!
Exactly Sandy! And so glad she did! Bravo Aya!
Bravo Aya!
Bravo Aya! You have never looked lovelier and I applaud your new openness! Let's just say I am "hypnotized" by photos 4-19! And photo 20 is a gorgeous standing nude! I have always loved your butt, and I don't recall a finer celebration of your lovely sexy round bare buns than photos 29-47! Love your buttcrack! Such a turn-on! Going inside in 55 was the cherry on the cake! Thank you Aya!!
Always knew she could do it!
One of my most favourite models, who I have always had faith in, starting to come out of her shell! Superb, more of the same please and possibly an erotic massage?