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Nataly N | Belarus Galleries: 8
Photo of Nataly N


Photo of Nataly N
Name: Nataly N
Country: Belarus
Weight: 45kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Model

Hard edged and stripped down

Wild, independent and alternative, Nataly is not mainstream or girl-next-door. Her style is pure punk rock. And you can forget boring, too – this girl is exhilarating.

Her dream is to hit the road with the Rolling Stones. As the ultimate rock and roll groupie, there’s no doubt she’d fit in. Wild horses could not hold her back. And she’s guaranteed to give you satisfaction.

This skinny, blond 24 year-old Belarusian has ravishing milky white skin. And somehow her posture and body speak with attitude. You can tell she is one street savvy bombshell.

She loves the fast-past buzz of New York City (her tough girl image is a perfect match). And despite how confident she appears in front of camera, this was her first nude photo shoot.

So be warned: Nataly is a fully loaded sex pistol ready to blow your mind.

Nataly N Galleries COMMENTS

Nataly N gorgeous groupie | July 24th, 2014
Nataly N gorgeous groupie
rmondial United States

Nataly N gorgeous groupie Wow! Now your getting some really sexy pictures of the great Nataly N! I just love her eyes! and her "between the legs." What a bod!!!

Nataly N White White Russian | June 23rd, 2014
Nataly N White White Russian
geroki Germany

sorry Petter... the light setup makes the whole scene look very ehmm... flat. and the shoes... omg. usually you do better ;)

wheeler United States

I agree...nataly is too white herself for such a white background! (and, she still looks like she want's to kill me!)

rmondial United States

Nataly N Nataly N, and Valerie, of course, my two favorites!

Slickwilly United States

In my opinion Nataly looks alarmingly undernourished.

lupus Belgium

Is this Petter work?

Nataly N pink panties | May 14th, 2014
Nataly N pink panties
swplf United States

Almost Scary Nataly has refined or should I saw sharpened her Bad Ass Bitch persona to a razors edge. Doubt she has EVER been a sub. How about a Mistress Nataly set with Emily as her sub.

Victor Double Canada

Was she locked out on that balcony or what? :)

wheeler United States

this chick is too gangster! loose the gloves and gain a smile please!

twobe1 United States

Nataly, grrr How come she always looks like she wants to beat the shit out of you?

Sandy United Kingdom

Too many panties! Would have been a better gallery if the panties had come off by photo 10! Something about this model but she needs to loosen up

Nataly N Leopard woman | April 18th, 2014
Nataly N Leopard woman
wheeler United States

will wonders never cease? she almost smiled!!! and, I do love that leopard print!

Nataly N river view | March 22nd, 2014
Nataly N river view
franki France

sourire !!!!!! plus sourire coquin sur vos photo ! merci !

wheeler United States

hmmm... looks like a step back from the "don't mess with me" set. smile please, dear!

curvature1 Norway

Absolutely wonderful. Great images.

twobe1 United States

The Nataly look Looks like she's about ready to slug the photographer. "Say cheese," dear Nataly.

rasaa Germany

???What was that?

Lago United States

RE: I'm with Rasaa on this one. Exactly my sentiments.

Nataly N bed nymph | December 21st, 2013
Nataly N bed nymph
wheeler United States

ah! so she can be a good girl! would love to wake up with Ms N

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Lighting - Natalie N A beautiful girl, but the lighting for this shoot could have been better. Too many shadows in the wrong places.

Lion_01 Netherlands

Deliciously skinny This girl has my undevided attention! There's loads of spirit in this little nymph and the series is just great. The natural light and shadows accentuate her beautiful features when she stretches her deliciously skinny body before my devouring eyes. I specially like nrs. 3, 43, 47 and 52. Oh and may I suggest we add #3 to Roger's Butt Appreciation Dialogue ;-)

Lion_01 Netherlands

Oops... It is of course not picture #3 but #9 that qualifies for inclusion in Roger's Butt Appreciation Dialogue!

Kevin from Radlett in Hertfofdshire in England United Kingdom

Nataly N To be perfectly blunt, there are too many pics where you can't see her cunt. See, I'm a poet and I don't know it.

simon Switzerland

O.k. Maybe I have not yet noticed the new trend of low light indoor pictures, but too me it's about the same as video's in portrait mode. Some pics are o.k. In 'natural' light, others feel like ?!?

JR United States

Nataly Can't believe some of the comments. Great photography and very sensuous woman.

pier_hartt21 Italy

Ligth in the photos It misses the light in the most beautiful photos. For instance the photos n° 23-24 where the model is with the legs well you widen, but the zone of the pussy, even if in close up, is in the shade and he cannot be seen well the pussy. It needed to illuminate with the well assembled artificial light of a spot on the pussy. However the breasts of the model are splendid

Franco Italy

Truly gorgeous. I’ve enjoyed this galley, as far as I’m concerned her best one issued so far. I’ve always been fond of this girl and honestly I joined again the side as soon as I noticed her entry but watching these photos I really appreciate the Nataly’s appeal and her fabulous figure. On my side there is no doubt she is extremely gorgeous and I thank her to be here.

Erekhart Germany

No. 6 is my favorite I like no. 6 best, it's got such a nice voyeuristic edge to it!

Sandy United Kingdom

Lovely Can't get enough of this beauty. She is gorgeous and I would love to taste her nectar if I could. I have supported her from her first shoot and along with a few others would like to see more of her interesting pussy.

Nataly N dont mess with me | November 25th, 2013
Nataly N dont mess with me
wheeler United States

from rock n roll to don't mess with me! we have a little rebel here! smile, dear!

Lion_01 Netherlands

Yes... F*ck you...? That's right girl... That's exactly what I wanna do to you! I don't care what the others say... That pussy is mine, along with the rest of you... And I'll start with... your legs ;-)

Laurie United Kingdom

Mind-numbing She bores the tits off me...

twobe1 United States

Nataly N Naked isn't necessarily sexy. Case in point...

Herr Lich Germany

Don't mess with me I won't, I promise. Next one please!

vigizant4 Canada

Wow! I don't know why the guys are so tough on her. As a bi girl, she's one of the sexiest rebel in here. Love.

Roger United States

RE: Mind-numbing I feel the same Laurie, and I don't even have tits!

Nick United States

Nice!!! I'd give her a tongue lashing she would never forget. Beautiful.

wheels United States

she is fucking gorgeous!

Sandy United Kingdom

unfair I think she is gorgeous to and she has a pussy you wouldn't get sick of exploring and licking! She could molest me to her hearts content any day. I think she gets rather unfair comments, try some more sexy and erotic poses to win these doubters over

Nataly N Rock N Roll | November 15th, 2013
Nataly N Rock N Roll
Martin Germany

Nataly She looks ill! Give her something to eat, please. And smoking is not cool - it's idiocy!

will Spain

Sick & Sexy - sick and sexy... that is all that comes to mind...

linemstr United States

Nataly Rock & Roll Any time a photographer and / or model choose to include a cigarette in the mouth of a beautiful model takes all the enjoyment out of a shoot for me when I view the results! Is shouts "STUPID" instead of "BEAUTIFUL!!" to me!

stardiver Switzerland

This is not healthy. 45kg and 1,71 m results in a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 15.4!! Below 17.5 is definitely ill, normal is 20.0 to 25.0. That means, Nataly's weight should be between 58 and 73 kg, below 51 kg causes damage to body and health. From the 30 top rated models, only 10 (Dominika C (my favorite!!), Muriel, Caprice, Konata, Maria, Orsi, Melissa, Patricia, En and Tereza) are NOT ill. The worst are Marlene, Thea, Erica F and now Nataly, they all are below a BMI of 16. So I can only hope, the indicated weight is not correct...

Henrik Denmark

Darker background Pictures overexposed? Would have prefered a darker background. Silly motives.

Philippe Belgium

Lovely girl that doesn't look sick to me. Better a bit to little as to much fat..

Rez United States

No smoking I agree with Nataly about the smoking. It totally took away from the gallery for me.

Comcast8 United States

Nataly Some girls just have skinny bodies. A slender woman's body is very feminine and youthful. Some people appreciate seeing a girl without a muffin top. Nataly is beautiful - as beautiful as any model on the site.

Laurie United Kingdom

Ghosts and Waifs Dull, dreary and utterly uninspiring, the recent trend in pallid models is less than persuasive when considering my membership renewal next month. The cigarette, bottle and shoes simply reveals the paucity of imagination. Utterly wretched...

shaky54 Austria

Nataly Sorry, but unfortunately this girl is not my taste. She's too thin and too white, the background is too bright, and both the cigarette and the soda bottle are no matching benches Accessories. For me so far the worst series of photographs of Hegre. :-(

Sandy France

Give her a break!!! I for one like slim models,( the closer the bone the sweeter the meat) and she floats my boat. She could do what she wanted to me any day. The props of the booze and fags may not be to everyone's taste but it's a fact that more & more youngsters smoke today. I found it more disappointing when I visited the webcams and found one of my most favourite models just about chain smoking. Give her a break, she is beautiful, erotic and in my eyes sexy and slim (healthier than being fat!!), hopefully we will see much more of her

Dave United Kingdom

Smoking is not sexy.

delavignette Belgium

Nataly N Sorry, but, please, don't smoke ...

twobe1 United States

Nataly Can't all be winners, not everyday but this set is dreadful in many ways, the lighting, the smoking, the skid row bottle, the cheap underwear, and the uninspiring poses. It's the antithesis of chic and alluring. It's dull, contrived, and base. Nothing beautiful here, no dream to pursue.

Vigizant4 Canada

Perfect As a girl, we all dream of being slim and slender as Nataly. As a Bi-girl, I simply find her very sexy.

Felperriv Mexico

My Opinion. Too Skinny.

MarkyMark United States

the overexposed/high key light just doesn't work well. Smoking doesn't work well. And,? cant you get the models to do different stuff? more props. Let me be the photographer, I have a great imagination. All the pictures look the same. It seems a bunch of shots but only 4 different looks.

Grazy United States

A bunch of fat ass dorks dissing on a cool thematic shoot. This is as close as you can get to something prime. For now, she is forever young. Just enjoy it.

wheeler United States

must agree about the cancer stick. not sexy IMHO.

Boom United Kingdom

There are few things more of an instant turn off in an otherwise beautiful woman than to see her with a cigarette between her lips.

Jean-Pierre Belgium

Welcome to the reality Well, actually many young girls smoke, more than we think. When we have stress, we guys we just drink beer and we'll feel better. But as many girls don't like beer or don't drink alcool at all, they have more tendency to go for cigarettes... So don't be disappointed if you see your favourite girl with a cigarette one day.

Lion_01 Netherlands

Controverse Interesting to see the kind of controverse this series (and girl!) provokes. I concur with Comcast8, Philippe and Sandy that skinny girls like Nataly have a beauty of their own that one must learn to appreciate. She is far from unhealthy; whether you like it is a matter of personal taste. I for one would love to take her home after a night in the pub for some more intimate fumbling ;) However I do agree with the comments about originality; I too feel that this series is a bit uninspired and doesn't maximise on its potential. Also the harsh high-key lighting is just too much for this blond and pale-skinned girl. Room for improvement there!

wheeler United States

RE: Welcome to the reality maybe if she's stressed, she shouldn't be here? just a thought!

Isurus Australia

sMiley Interesting set, reminds me of Miley Cyrus. I just wish we could have had some porn at the end................

Franco Italy

Grace and sexiness. Honestly as soon as I noticed Nataly I had to joined again the site. No doubt here you can enjoy the best flowers of the Earth and I am unable to stay away so long but Nataly is a flower of the Heaven. She doesn’t look sick at all, sickness is not appealing but this girl is so sexy and graceful I really hope she’ll allow us to appreciate her elegant figure many and many times.

Mojo55-7 Switzerland

Nataly N Overlit causing lack of contrast that ruined the effect.